The Washington Post (CIA) is Very Worried About The Big Russia Lie Being Exposed….

The media PR firm for the FBI and DOJ objectives is the New York Times.  The media PR firm for the State Department is CNN.  The media PR firm for the CIA is The Washington Post.  This pattern has existed for several years.

The Washington Post is very concerned about a growing possibility the investigation into the origin of intelligence community work may expose the fraudulent nature of the entire ‘Russian Election Interference Collusion-Conspiracy‘ narrative.  Very concerned.

The WaPo/CIA express concern by stating that President Trump is attempting to “rewrite history”; disingenuously skipping the part where Trump isn’t attempting anything.  For more than three years President Trump has simply pointed out the obvious. It is is the media and the intelligence apparatus that set up a fictitious narrative for political needs.

WASHINGTON POST – […] As his reelection campaign intensifies, Trump is using the powers of his office to manipulate the facts and settle the score. Advisers say the president is determined to protect his associates ensnared in the expansive Russia investigation, punish the prosecutors and investigators he believes betrayed him, and convince the public that the probe was exactly as he sees it: an illegal witch hunt.

[…] Last week alone, Trump called the Russia investigation “tainted,” “dirty,” “rotten,” “illegal,” “phony,” a “disgrace,” a “shakedown,” a “scam,” “a fixed hoax” and “the biggest political crime in American History, by far.”

He argued that the probe into Russian election interference was based on false pretenses, despite a recent report from the Justice Department’s inspector general stating the opposite even as it criticized the FBI’s surveillance of a former Trump campaign aide. And he claimed, again without evidence, that Mueller, a former FBI director regarded for his precision with facts, lied to Congress — which happens to be one of the charges Stone was convicted of by a jury last November. (read more)

The Washington Post/CIA are very worried about where John Durham’s investigation is going. Simultaneously they are worried about President Trump being proven right (he was); and by extension the entirety of the media narrative around Russia will be shown as a political effort by the U.S. intelligence apparatus (it was). This is the real motive for their current defensive narrative.

CTH has previously outlined how the December 29th, 2016, Joint Analysis Report (JAR) on Russia Cyber Activity was a quickly compiled bunch of nonsense about Russian hacking; assembled in the aftermath of the November election to undermine the incoming administration.

The JAR was followed a week later by the January 7th, 2017, Intelligence Community Assessment. The ICA took the ridiculous construct of the JAR and then overlaid a political narrative that Russia was trying to help Donald Trump.  In its most essential form the ICA was the justification for “Spygate” ie. Crossfire Hurricane and all of the preceding intelligence surveillance upon the Trump campaign.  Intel ass-covering on steroids.

The ICA was the brain-trust of John Brennan, James Clapper and James Comey. While the majority of content was from the CIA, some of the content within the ICA was written by FBI Agent Peter Strzok who held a unique “insurance policy” interest in how the report could be utilized in 2017. NSA Director Mike Rogers would not sign up to the “high confidence” claims, likely because he saw through the political motives of the report.

(JUNE 2019 – New York Times) […] Mr. Barr wants to know more about the C.I.A. sources who helped inform its understanding of the details of the Russian interference campaign, an official has said. He also wants to better understand the intelligence that flowed from the C.I.A. to the F.B.I. in the summer of 2016.

During the final weeks of the Obama administration, the intelligence community released a declassified assessment that concluded that Mr. Putin ordered an influence campaign that “aspired to help” Mr. Trump’s electoral chances by damaging Mrs. Clinton’s. The C.I.A. and the F.B.I. reported they had high confidence in the conclusion. The National Security Agency, which conducts electronic surveillance, had a moderate degree of confidence. (read more)

Questioning the construct of the ICA is a smart direction to take for a Durham review or investigation. By looking at the intelligence community work-product, Durham could cut through a lot of the chatter and get to the heart of the intelligence motives.

Apparently, if media reports are to be believed, John Durham is looking into just this aspect: Was the ICA document a politically engineered report stemming from within a corrupt intelligence network?

The importance of that question is rather large. All of the downstream claims about Russian activity, including the Russian indictments promoted by Rosenstein and the Mueller team, are centered around origination claims of illicit Russian activity outlined in the ICA.

If the ICA is a false political document…. then guess what?

Yep, the entire narrative from the JAR and ICA is part of a big fraud. [Which it is]

(Read ICA via pdf)

When you understand this operation, you understand exactly why actors within the DOJ, FBI and Intelligence Community needed to throw a bag over Julian Assange.

Assange would have exposed a complicit conspiracy between corrupt U.S. intelligence actors and a host of political interests who created a fraudulent Russia-collusion conspiracy with the central component of Russia “hacking” the DNC.

If Assange were not controlled he might show he received the DNC emails from a leaker, and not from a hack, the central component of the Russia interference narrative would collapse. The DOJ decision to target Assange protected multiple U.S. agencies and Robert Mueller.

As soon as Robert Mueller was going to release his Russia report, the EDVA shut down Assange with the DOJ indictment; in a similar way the same DOJ shut down James Wolfe with a weak plea agreement.

What took place then, and where we are now, is all connected to the original decisions by corrupt government officials.

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240 Responses to The Washington Post (CIA) is Very Worried About The Big Russia Lie Being Exposed….

  1. billybob says:

    Anybody arrested today ?

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    • I Will Not Comply says:

      Anybody arrested today ? That’s a big fat no!

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      • J.Thomas says:

        For these Obama CIA loyalists to run this kind of bold interference with the Durham investigation, they have to have proper stimulus. They are afraid Durham is further along than they thought and he is digging in the right dirt.

        To find where they believe Durham is headed, just play out their narrative to its conclusion in some future date. If they have shifted from “there’s nothing there” to “Barr is a Trump toadie” to “Get ready for Trumps revenge prosecutions”, then they fully fear that someone is going down.

        I’m pretty sure that Durham has Brennan by the gonads.

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        • Amy2 says:

          He’ll need a rubber glove to get them at this point. Brennan has to be sweating it by now.

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        • Robert Smith says:

          I’m sure some don’t like Durham because of the CIA torture investigation, but one thing definitely results from that… Durham knows very well how the CIA works.

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        • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

          Appears they are quite literally boldly telling the narrative…
          of what they know Durham has already found.
          They are just trying to attach a different meaning to it.
          NYT article said: CIA hid evidence and manipulated intelligence

          (FBI blaming CIA per SD’s PR rules above)
          The ultimate conclusion to this narrative…their Alamo…if necessary will be:
          “OK we broke a bunch of laws but we did it to protect America from the tyrant Trump”
          Lee Smith called it Extinction Level Event and he may be even more right then he knew.

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      • Dutchman says:

        While this lays out the details well, in stateing how Durham “could” unravel the whole false narrative, and Wapo CIA may or are worried that thats what Durham is doing, I fear this is just hope-porn.

        McConnell and the Republicons confirmed Barr. Barr appointed Durham. Therefore, Durham is a headfake, as no way the Republicons want the coup exposed.

        Therefore speculation on what,Durham is doing is just that; speculation. Actually, fantasising.


        • Well Dman, there is always a ton of “speculating/fantasizing” going on around here, along with “assured correct” tellings of the future, sort of like this comment you just made.

          And, oddly enough, the one “thing” all the fortune-telling, fantasizing out loud, and repetitive Eeyore postings in general always leave out is the most important part of this entire Spygate fiasco.

          President Donald J. Trump.

          And he might just Trump them all. Period.


          • Dutchman says:

            Well, THC,
            Something we are in total agreement on, your last paragraph.

            I THINK he WILL “Trump them all”, so, theres that.


            • The Demon Slick says:

              Durham hates Mueller. When he was tasked with investigating the Whitey Bulger Boston fbi mess he wanted to prosecute Mueller and Weld but his superiors at the time wouldn’t let him. Mueller is his big one that got away. So there’s that.


              • Dutchman says:

                Sorry, can go either way. That history is interpreted that way but A) whats to say it won’t happen again B) whats to say he didn’t actually make it LOOK that way, while actually taking a ‘dive’?


    • Daniel M. Camac says:

      I usually keep my composure from comments like this but I just can’t do it tonight.

      billybob………… Really?

      Why don’t you round up all the bad guys by yourself and hang’em high!

      I’ve been on cold anger mode for over 3 years now but I do see positive signs of restitution being unveiled.

      That said, I still have dry powder and will use it when VSGPDJT makes the call.

      LIke Sundance quotes from OUR PRESIDENT, “COMPLICATED BUSINESS, FOLKS!!”

      Sorry to deviate from the post but we know the Wash Pan Post is a plethora of lies twisted into another lie that belied what lies ahead. HAHA

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      • sickconservative says:

        Have to support billybob as I’m in the when is anything going to happen at this point.
        We have been down this path many times and nothing happens.

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        • lcsteel says:

          agreed…Although corrupt Mueller showed us all how long it takes for arrests when someone with the power is serious.


        • Linda K. says:

          Trump has to keep quiet about this legal speculation now. He only helps them by giving them an out, “Trump taints jury pool”, when he calls them out be name.


        • Robert Smith says:

          Yeah, but each time more and more gets exposed and the whole house of cards becomes more tenuous. I’m calling that progress. We’re getting there.

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        • Sugarhillhardrock says:

          Given the facts we know, and the facts that are obvious but not yet proven, should AG Barr’s nerve fail, he will have to answer to us.
          Keeping powder dry for now and watching how Barr performs. There will be no safe haven for any of the Swampsters if justice is not fully delivered.

          Patriots get the final say, if the contract is breached, at 3100 feet a second. I trust the AG does not mis apprehend his responsibility to his constitutional duty.

          Capice swamp?


    • simplewins says:

      Day ain’t over yet.

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  2. I hope the worries are founded.

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  3. Carrie says:

    I think we found Mr. Lou Dobb’s next big story for his show. Now we need someone with cojones willing to interview Assange.

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    • Snellvillebob says:

      That would be kinda hard in a UK prison. Most likely he is not allowed visitors except MS6, the CIA and FBI.

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    • If Assange suddenly commits suicide, or otherwise passes…

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    • DonaldsonLJ says:

      The Assange extradition case hearing is set for 24th February, listed for 5 days in the court attached to Belmarsh Prison (so the authorities will not risk even moving him !) This is more a case management hearing from what l read. Unusually the extradition case is split into two parts, with a three week hearing scheduled for late May which is about when Assange’s sentence for breaking his bail terms comes to an end. Assange’s defence is that the extradition is politically motivated in order to get into the exceptions in the UK-USA extradition treaty but of more intrigue, is the claim by his legal team that the embassy security staff provided by a Spain based sub contractor bugged his living quarters in order to listen to his conversations, on behalf of another international client. Assange was holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy from 2012. All sorts of cards in play here.


      • zekness says:

        the hearing will involve two matters:

        the “absconding ruling” that extended his jail period made by a UK judge after he completed his failure to appear conviction and penalty (that ended in oct 2019 if I am not mistaken and he has been held indefinitely subject to the US-UK negotiations about his potential extradition) This ruling is likely going to be challenged by his defense team (they are pretty solid teams helping him out). I think the UK magistrate will likely allow him to go to some monitored program out of jail as they await extradition orders.

        the extradition matter….I don’t have public open source about what the US has decided but it’s clear they have vaulted past the espionage charge (dropped it) to avoid the unavoidable extradition refusal UK has on the books for any crimes that can result even in theory with a death sentence. So it’s possible there will be some formal official agreements made legally between the two countries that assange cannot be tried for any crime of which a death penalty is an option, whether exercised or not. There is a possibility they will conclude this extradition during this hearing simultaneous to the “absconding” ruling above. If successful against assange, he will depart prison in UK and immediately go to the US in custody. But this is where it gets really tricky for the US prosectutors…whereas in the UK there are far less options to fight legally indefinite detainers under “absconding orders”…that does not exist here in the US. He can seek bail…and I would think this would be likely successful at least compared to what he has available to him in UK law.

        the worst case scenario for assange is that he continues to rot in prison in terminal infinite detention, having served his penalty for failure to appear, but held for some future extradition. I think this is possibly what the corruptors who have the most risk of holding an actual trial and the possibility of bail here in US federal courts. They only see downsides of having assange actually extradited here and the potential of him getting bail and and a lengthy trial…give assange opportunities he has never had to defend himself in the public venue….something I am sure he would take advantage of. That does not exist in his present incarceration state in the UK…So I would expect the DOJ to act like extradition is still actively but not formalize in…just keep talking about it to “force” the UK to continue the “abscond” order and keep him locked up.

        I hope I am wrong, but I sense this is how it will play out for the only person who can actually be a fact witness about russia is coming fraud….at least the most crucial elements of it.

        this is the case worth watching with great care.

        the democrats wants witnesses.

        ask them what they think about getting assange as a witness to talk about the DNC “hack”…

        and watch them go absolutely berserk!


    • Val says:

      Glenn Greenwald. He seems to know a lot about it. But, I’m afraid he may want to bargain some pardon for his buddy, Snowden.


  4. TarsTarkas says:

    Amazin’. Simply amazin’. How the purveyors of the narrative can boldly claim their target is the one who is creating a narrative.
    And IMO if they hadn’t included the pee-pee tape claim, they might have gotten away with it. That was just so over the top it couldn’t pass believable muster. Just like the rape-train in the Kavanaugh hearings.

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    • RedBallExpress says:

      It’s called blaming the victim. The really evil are masters at it. I watched a really crooked Pastor skillfully and successfully place the blame for his thievery on the members that caught him.

      The term blaming the victim is often foolishly used with:
      Robberies that are the victims fault since they didn’t lock the door.
      Sexual assaults because the woman was attractive.

      Evil geniuses exist and we are up against their purposeful skill at blaming the victim.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      They even really need to try that hard because the media refuses to call attention to other media outlet’s errors and false claims. Nor, of course, do they highlight Trump highlighting those plot holes.


  5. unmaskreality says:

    His name was Seth Rich. Durham/Trump needs to get Assange in front of a grand jury.

    Julian can set the entire record straight and single-handedly expose the entirety of the lie.

    Truth will prevail. This assault on our electoral process is too large to die. Our Republic is at stake.

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    • Caius Lowell says:

      While we’re addressing 0bama’s weaponized against Americans D0J, FB!, and C!A, let’s revisit the Vegas attack too

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    • Someone or some agency from “our side” needs to rescue Assange before they kill him.

      By all reports, he is not doing well in prison and might not survive much longer. He has so many answers, knows where so many bodies are buried. Long past time for him to be brought in to testify freely under protection. He is too valuable an asset to lose.

      What the hell is wrong with the so called “intelligence” community that supposedly includes at least a few people who are supportive of our President Trump?

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      • GB Bari says:

        Yes, where are the “99%” who are (repeatedly, by everyone in the MSM and Congress) alleged to be decent law-abiding agents in the FBI???

        Not a single agent willing to spill the beans on the real reason Assange is being persecuted? Even anonymously like “deep throat” a la Watergate?

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        • GB Bari- EXACTLY. I too am sick and tired of hearing about the 99%. Utter BS.

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        • Snellvillebob says:

          They are driving the deepstate getaway cars for the coup plotters knowing that it makes them just as guilty of the crimes by the plotters. This makes them complicit. So they do what all government criminals do, they try to erase it from public memory. This worked well with Anthony Scalia and Seth Rich. Threaten their families to do just what you want. This was a tried and true KGB tactic. Oh, and on weekends they can call President Trump a fascist.


    • CM-TX says:

      They must also be worried about Assange’s upcoming extradition hearing…

      A week out & Twitter was said to have locked Wikileaks out of their account. 🤨

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Assange has this issue where because his sources are supposed to be protected he brought everything to this position. He could have ended this a long time ago.


      • zekness says:

        assange’s principles were aligned as both a published and an activist against corruption…namely those that existed with US military force and operations and also clinton.

        Assange weighed heavily the matters of source secrecy and his solution was providing unsalted falsifiable raw documents. this is why he is a threat and it explains why the need to establish sources is actually moot.

        he PROVED that technologically PROOF of misconduct could be provided without the need or the risk of or even the supposition that a source is required.

        the documents literally and totally stand alone on their own merits.

        this was perhaps the first time in US history (arguably globally) that this type of journalism was conducted. It was masterful, genius and effective. The results he expected to achieve however, were less than desirable. It’s very likely, with assange as with snowden, the greatest regret is that the THE PEOPLE were not more moved to act against the state. He was democratizing the free press..the actual REASON the founders created protections for it. Reporting corruption within the state must be protected. It’s a special safe guard when every thing else fails.

        Some say, assange is more of a patriot to the truth than most any American.

        this is why he has threatened the deep state. The media cannot tolerate falsifiable information that upset the narratives they spend enormous energy composing. It’s not just humiliating…it’s an existential threat to the business of idea and information modeling happens by the media. It creates tension and anxiety that the financial rewards to selling news to favorable shape news is threatened. In this case, is also implicates the media as complicit to a very corrupt deep top down conspiracy that has likely got the footprints of more than just the employees and owners..but of foreign interests that hold sway as major shareholders. this state of “modern” media was the threat that assange attacked directly by releasing the kraken..the truth..the monster the media has told us does not exist.

        but this monster does exist..they created it…they have become very wealthy ginning up fake news. It’s the art of psyops…learned and then taught by the most “talented” CIA operational genuses..who happen to have a full boogie tilt toward a fascist state.

        Assange continues to be a champion…He current state of imprisonment indicates his real power.

        he was celebrated a hero one day and then made to be a zero the next…by the same fraudulent group. we just can’t have him publishing less than positive information about our dear hillary clinton…but by all means, US military helo pilots shooting some innocent people…we can applaud that. dazzling lack of journalistic principles.

        Assange has an insurance policy….I do not want him dead, but when that happens…we are all going to get him final gift.

        I would hope we actually do something with that information and create needed changes in the country…for if we fail that, we aren’t just simply ignoring his work or refusing to honor his sacrifices…we would be laying down as mere rugs for the state.

        I am not going to lay down.


  6. billmonnie says:

    Julian Assange did not kill himself……..

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  7. redroostertail2003 says:

    I know about all the crimes, I want to see perp walks!! Military trials!! Life sentences!! EXECUTIONS!!!!

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  8. Why doesn’t Assange just put the info out there — either through his attorneys or through one of his private citizen allies (with whom he has sometimes been allowed to visit)? I wonder if he views the info something of a bargaining chip, and that’s why he’s keeping it under wraps. Or…does he feel he already gave as much confirmation of his source as he could through Ellen Ratner? (If so, why didn’t the Ratner revelations properly open the can of worms that would unravel the Dems’ Russia scam).

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    • Somebody's Gramma says:

      His life is on the line. Yes, he needs a bargaining chip. I pray for his safety. If Hillary had her way, he’d already be dead. Hateful, spiteful, evil woman she is.

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      • Max Tadpol says:

        He must have a Dead Mans switch, otherwise it might have been over by now.

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        • zekness says:

          he does indeed. And the beauty of it, is that is is fully falsifiable…’s pure unaltered unsalted raw documents that show the facts. An enormous amount of it….for several distinct corrupt unlawful acts by the US and many other nation-states.

          I want to address the issue of source.

          Assange has made it part of his total strategy to reconcile and curate data based SOLELY on the tested and demonstrated veracity of the material.

          Assange’s genius by not revealing source is to trap the media to show itself as it is: corrupt…in the absence of source, the media will claim the information is not reliable…but that was always the point for Assange..He KNEW the media would make this common complaint…because without a source, the media could not effectively null the facts of the documents..they NEED a source in order to create a narrative the material is not legitimate.

          Assange knew this…he observed it. So he made this a big function of his strategy. He would create a situation where any the media would expose its habit of corrupting true journalism. The media will tell you repeatedly to consider the merits of material based on who collected it….it’s an argument fallacy and it works (for the slow people)…called “authoritative argument”..I have a degreee, some letters behind my name and attended an ivy league school and I work for a major “news” network..therefore, by my “credentials” my opinion will lead narration.

          Assange was having none of that. the very thing the media depends on is “credential arguments” to present a higher level of believability.

          Assange does not interview sources. He does not call in a panel of experts.

          he makes an open call: this is the place you can send information worthy of release. I will verify it’s authentic using premier and accepted technology principles that go far far beyond the stupid nonsensical “17 IC” attribution “assessments”…if the material recieved cannot be verified (and curated to prevent real human damage) assange never published…not once!

          assange wikileaks presented THE GOLD STANDARD journalism we never knew possible.

          here is some stolen material that shows real dirt of corruption…end to end…and here is the methods we used to determine authenticity and atttribution…all open source….for anyone to falsify….now, you get to decide what you want to think about this material…the rest is entirely up to you….

          there has never been one single page, paragraph, sentence, or word that has ever been disputed as factual attributed data. not one. From gigabytes of texts, images, and videos.

          I would say having a perfect record is something to be very astounding.

          you don’t need a source to tell you the material is bona fide.

          it stands alone.

          and sadly, ironically, the very thing that assange has worked so very hard to achieve…he is being held locked up indefinitely and being asked to give up some sources.

          we KNOW WHY he is being asked sources….it isn’t about wanting to know the truth.

          it is about how to move the goal posts and re-install a new narrative, the same old narrative, that will be as corrupt and dubious as the first round:

          we want this to be russians…so damn it…it’s russians….can’t you see?

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    • billinlv says:

      Let’s face it……Assange is all alone and he doesn’t have jack shit. By the way, why does President Trump and his team continue to play by the rules the traitors and their media enablers set?


  9. iswhatitis says:

    Well, they are right about one thing: They called it “the narrative that had been meticulously documented by federal law enforcement and intelligence officials”.

    That is indeed what it is – a giant, fake, B.S. narrative.

    They speak the truth when they think it will be “read” with a different meaning inferred from what it really means.

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  10. Somebody's Gramma says:

    What they are doing to Assange is CRIMINAL! It makes me so sick and angry. All these media elites mouthing off with their constant lies and narrative engineering. I want to see every single person the Democrats have destroyed free and restored! And I want to see every traitor in GITMO or worse. We need to make hangings great again.

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  11. sarasotosfan says:

    What has yet to occur publicly is a break in the front that ran this scam on us. The WaPo/CIA real worry is Durham turning a player on the cabal.

    If that happens, Trump will no longer be the “corrupter of history”. And then the MSM ia out of ammo.

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  12. If paid-for media sources such as The Washington Post were to be believed, then “of course” Hillary Clinton would have won “by a landslide” in 2016. The entire tidal-wave which upset their very-precious apple cart simply would never have existed.

    🤷‍♂️ “Lo, how the mighty have fallen.”

    … but I will not waste my time mourning for them. They are, as always, free to publish whatever they like. And I, as always, am equally free never to read it.

    This is your corporate business. Therefore, you are absolutely free to conduct it as your Board of Directors pleases. But I would just offer this one caution: “Whenever you publish an article, don’t believe it, yourself.” Pretend that you are writing for a mythical, non-thinking audience which can nevertheless be counted-upon to buy papers … and, if any such audience actually exists, proceed with my blessings. But, do not pretend that any of your words are actually true, nor that many hundreds of actual American citizens (a number that entirely dwarfs your subscription count, I am quite sure …) will deign to give you the time-of-day. “You are preaching to the choir.” And, if you have concluded that this “choir” still buys your paper, “🤡”

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    • IGiveUp says:

      “The media PR firm for the FBI and DOJ objectives is the New York Times. The media PR firm for the State Department is CNN. The media PR firm for the CIA is The Washington Post. This pattern has existed for several years.”

      Let this really sink in. This doesn’t mean that those particular agencies generally run to those particular newspapers in order to try to get favorable press. It means those agencies CONTROL those media outlets.

      Maybe the lede should be how the secret police agencies and rogue State Dept control the US media.

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      • Uh huh … and as long as the captains of these media outlets are content to let their entire output to be utterly controlled in this way … “lo, how the mighty have fallen!” No one can pick them up. No one can rescue them if their Board of Directors simply wants to keep suckling the Government teat. And, if these various Government agencies consider their “dark dollars” to be “well spent” in these pursuits … well-l-l-l-l … “I guess they’re just clueless, also.” 🤷‍♂️

        “I can try to save you, sir. But I cannot save you from yourself, and I am not going to even try.”

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      • billinlv says:

        The media has seized the high ground by claiming they are protected by the first amendment. They claim they have carte blanche. Over the course of history, evil perverts the good and the good becomes evil. Unless and until the media is brought to account for its sedition/treason/malfeasance, it is business as usual. The unelected bureaucratic state and the lawfare crowd use the first amendment to justify what they do and it works like a charm every time it is tried. The Bill of Rights was not meant to be a suicide pact but that is exactly what it has become.

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      • GB Bari says:

        Look up “Mockingbird Media”

        As I always recommend, of course, do NOT use Google or any search tool that relies on Google’s search engine as your search tool if you want the best, highest quality results.

        I currently use either or as my search engines of choice.


        • zekness says:

          there are means to use the google search without the risks of privacy, security and surveillance collections….it’s a little more involved than most people have time or energy, but it can be done. This also applies to the ad revenue click profits from using it.

          the reason I mention this, is because while I do use DDG (really the same thing as startpage..same engine)….google search still remains the premier means to search obscure or low relevancy or low popularity content.

          spoiler: run linux, install chrome APK, AND behind a decent hardware firewall (pi-hole).

          and of course in a non-admin or guest account on a public wifi…or if you can afford it..a tor/onion proxy.

          yes, it’s much more involved, but there still remains pretty reliable ways to escape the google ecosystem (and other less than desirable networks)…like maybe running dns through your isp or worse defaults to google 8888 is not such a good idea. I’ve had good experiences with cloudflare.

          interestingly…your bandwidth and performance experience tends to be much better…all that ad content is such a drag.


          • GB Bari says:

            That’s all well and good zekness, but the vast majority of folks here do not have the technical credentials to know what you are talking about much less actually do it. When you have to run a different OS other than Windows or Apple, you’re automatically down to about 3% of the computer-using population.


  13. JohnCasper says:

    Whenever anything went wrong [FBI, DOJ, CIA interference in elections and coup attempts] it became usual to attribute it to Snowball [The Russians. In fact many of the claims begin to sound ridiculous to the objective mind that has any grip on reality. Of course, Squealer’s [the Washington Post] mission is to keep everything subjective [misdirected] in the minds of the other animals [the Sheeple] as they are lead to slaughter.

    Right out of Orwell’s Animal Farm.

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  14. Bogeyfree says:

    So with these brilliant threads by Sundance pointing to the fork in the road for Barr, I thought it appropriate to go back and read Barr’s infamous speech from the Federalist Society.

    I found this section from his speech absolutely incredible and frankly incendiary to use Barr’s own word.

    “Immediately after President Trump won election, opponents inaugurated what they called “The Resistance,” and they rallied around an explicit strategy of using every tool and maneuver to sabotage the functioning of the Executive Branch and his Administration.

    Now, “resistance” is the language used to describe insurgency against rule imposed by an occupying military power. It obviously connotes — It obviously connotes that the government is not legitimate.

    This is a very dangerous — and indeed incendiary — notion to import into the politics of a democratic republic.

    What it means is that, instead of viewing themselves as the “loyal opposition,” as opposing parties have done in this country for over 200 years, they essentially see themselves as engaged in a war to cripple, by any means necessary, a duly elected government.”

    So Barr points out the “resistance” and what most of us call a coup, as very dangerous.

    But where is Barr’s same outrage of the resistance conducted by the DOJ and FBI against the President and the fact that this resistance has continued from many who currently work and have worked under him??

    I find this statement amazing and almost laughable.

    Is this this hypocritical?
    Is this DOJ/FBI blindness.
    Or is this just needing more time?

    Well, we are a year in and I do find it hard to accept this statement knowing that he clearly sees the resistance but yet:

    1. The Flynn case continues when one should be able to determine if exculpatory evidence was withheld and if Flynn was framed?
    2. That the DOJ even with 4 counts against Flynn declines to prosecute.
    3. Even with the evidence of the Carter Page FISA Leak, the two people who orchestrated the plea deal for the leaker, face no legal action.
    4. Then we have the orchestrated Assange indictment to shut him down via jail.
    5. And finally with full authority to declassify EVERYTHING including Uranium One, HRC Server, DNC Server, Wiener Laptop, Hammer Hard Drives, FISA Abuse, Lying to FISA Court, Fake Dossier, FIB Contractor Abuse, Seth Rich Murder, massive DOJ/FBI leaking, Epstein, impeachment WB and Ukraine we have zero crimes and zero indictments.

    But hey, resistance is “very dangerous” as Barr so eloquently said.

    Now if only he would back up his speech with real justice against those who see “themselves as engaged in a war to cripple, by any means necessary, a duly elected government” to quote AG Barr again.

    Frankly what Barr say just above sounds a little like Seditious Conspiracy – 18 U.S. Code § 2384 to me.

    And we assume Mr. Barr, that this applies REGARDLESS if they work or worked in the DOJ and FBI!

    It is time for accountability, truth and justice Mr. Barr!

    Sundance feel free to add to this if you wish.

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  15. Bruce_Dern's_Finger says:

    From the article: “[…] Last week alone, Trump called the Russia investigation “tainted,” “dirty,” “rotten,” “illegal,” “phony,” a “disgrace,” a “shakedown,” a “scam,” “a fixed hoax” and “the biggest political crime in American History, by far.””

    The above is second fiddle to the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the citizens of the USA.

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  16. Kudos on the Lou Dobbs mention Sundance & Team

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    • JohnCasper says:

      The forests will sing, the oceans will cry
      Eagles will soar through every sky
      Brother Lou will carry the flame
      While Sundance throws down the lightning and rain
      The Deep State Monster they will assail
      The American battle-call will wail !

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    • Rhi says:

      Yup, saw that, Lou gave big props to Sundance and Theconservativetreehouse and dedicated the entire show to what Sundance posted above re the fork in the road at the DOJ with guests Sidney Powell, Tom Fitton and Rudy Giuliani.

      Hopefully some treeper will post the entire show, worth the watch. Looks like Sundance has pushed this finally into the mainstream. Thank you Sundance, your hard work has not gone in vain.
      God bless you Sundance!

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  17. “Last week alone, Trump called the Russia investigation “tainted,” “dirty,” “rotten,” “illegal,” “phony,” a “disgrace,” a “shakedown,” a “scam,” “a fixed hoax” and “the biggest political crime in American History, by far.””

    Our President could be a real journalist if he wanted to. That was a very accurate list.

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  18. pastorduke says:

    So why would the CIA be “worried if Barr is covering up for the institutions? Last night it was Barr needing to come clean. Tonight it is the CIA who are nervous nellies because of Durham/Barr. I love this website. I just find it incongruous at times.


    • OhNoYouDont says:

      In an unusual move on Sunday, Judge Amy Berman Jackson, who is overseeing Stone’s case, called for a “scheduling” conference call with attorneys in the case on Tuesday, ahead of the sentencing hearing set for later this week, according to court documents.

      The court did not provide additional details on what would be discussed on the call, and Jackson has not yet formally acknowledged the withdrawals.

      Tonight on the “Mark Levin Radio Show”, near the end of the second segment of the first hour, Mark explained the effort behind the “New York Slimes” column published yesterday claiming 1100 former prosecutors and other DOJ officials want AG Barr to resign.

      Mark explains the effort has elements of associates with Adam Schiff, Evan McMullen, Lawfare, “code pink republicans”,….. and other retrobates.

      Levin ends the segment calling William Barr “one of the greatest Attorney Generals in American History”


    • Komrade Retslag says:

      Whether or not the Washington Post believes Spygate perpetrators will be indicted,
      they still want to convince as many people as possible that Trump’s Russia Collusion was a valid concern. They want to justify the actions of Brennan, Comey, and Clapper in starting Crossfire Hurricane.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “I love this website. I just find it incongruous at times”

      I don’t know how long you have been around, just “trust the plan” /sarc


    • Tom says:

      It could be that they know Barr is on their team, and by attacking him now, it buys him time with our side to run out the clock.


      Barr is actually doing the right thing and conducting an honest investigation with Durham as lead, and when the SHTF, they have already built the narrative that he is nothing more than Trumps henchman.

      Time will tell.


      • OhNoYouDont says:

        The focus should be on the investigator, US Attorney Durham.

        Durham Investigating If Obama Admin and CIA under John Brennan Hid or Manipulated Evidence of Russian Meddling.

        The first internal Obama administration squabble, described by the article in vague terms, related to restrictions placed upon yet-unknown foreign intelligence by one intelligence agency, speculated to be the CIA directed by John Brennan. Other agencies, speculated to include the National Security Agency, wanted access to the material. One source suggested that the CIA wanted to mask American identities in the data set before allowing the NSA to view it.

        The second squabble was about the White House preventing the FBI from viewing U.S. emails hacked by the Russians but obtained, copied, and given to the United States by an unnamed foreign intelligence service. The Russians had hacked the Obama White House and State Department — as well as Congress — in 2014, and the FBI wanted to examine the reproduced emails to understand the Russian active measures campaign in 2016.


        • Rhoda R says:

          If this is true, it’s the first leak that I know of out of the Durham investigation.


          • OhNoYouDont says:

            Durham’s lecture, delivered along with a PowerPoint presentation entitled “The Use of Informants: A Cautionary Tale,” contained hints of his own restrained approach to investigations. Using criminals to gather information about other criminals is a necessity in cases where the average citizen is justifiably scared but, at best, is a “double-edged sword,” Durham said.

            Informants should be used as an investigative starting point, Durham said, and the information they provide should be corroborated through other means or used to convince a judge to authorize wiretaps in which a defendant’s own words (during secretly recorded telephone conversations) can be used to build a case against them.


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        • Strangely Accurate says:

          This story really shines light on how ineffective the Obama Administration may have been in proactively dealing with cyber threats. They were incompetent… just shuffling along waiting to have his library built.

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          • OhNoYouDont says:

            The Obama Administration Intelligence Communities assessments, December 29th, 2016, Joint Analysis Report (JAR) on Russia Cyber Activity and the January 7th, 2017, Intelligence Community Assessment are documents that normally require 12 to 24 months to compile and complete a vetting process.

            Remember, Durham is conducting a criminal investigation on the predicate of these documents.


    • TreeClimber says:

      No one knows what Barr’s doing – our side or theirs. My personal favorite theory is that he’s playing Minesweeper and just waiting until it all goes away.


    • Robert Smith says:

      One of the things the CIA does is create confusion in all directions so that you can’t rely on anything.

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      • OhNoYouDont says:

        John O. Brennan @JohnBrennan
        Former CIA Director (2013-17). Nonpartisan American who is very concerned about our collective future.

        His last tweet…


        • Robert Smith says:

          I deeply respect veterans for their service. That said I don’t understand why that should insulate them from criticism.

          And whatever John Kelly did for me, I am sure Trump has dine more to uphold the US Constitution and the Republic. So Kelly can GTFO. And thank you for your service.


          • OhNoYouDont says:

            I am a Veteran. 4 years US Army. 15 months in 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault).

            It’s a job, like any other of the numerous jobs I have had in the US government.

            The focus should always be on defending the Constitution as we swear an oath to.

            Everyone knows that politics is a political endeavour in which criticism is expected


  19. JohnCasper says:

    The Nazis blamed The Jews! for all that went wrong, even though it was all mostly their own doing.

    The FBI/DOJ/CIA/Washington Post/NY Times blame The Russians! for all that goes wrong, even though it is all mostly their own doing.

    It is a remake of the same movie just with a different cast, but not really all that different.

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  20. i see twitter has basically locked wikileaks account.and the extradition hearing for assange is this convenient..if they do extradite i hope to god they don’t put him where epstein was.
    off topic but i see victoria coates just got booted from the white house.more good news.

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  21. JohnCasper says:

    The Jews were the Nazis scapegoat. The Russians are the Deep State’s scapegoats.

    Same show just under a different tent.

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  22. Elric VIII says:

    Our Grand Master Troll, President Trump, seems to be calling the IC’s bluff, and they are not amused. Watch for more obvious squeals from the IC and probably a few significant mistakes. I know President Trump is also a Master Showman, but for him to keep stringing it out this long borders on the cruel. Oh, well! Might as well grab some popcorn.

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  23. peace says:

    Send this to Mr. Barr at the department of justice.

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  24. Alex Pazzo says:

    Durham doesn’t need a staff. He just needs to read CTH and maybe a few others, get a grand jury and drop it all.
    It’s so freaking obvious there is a panic going on inside the beltway.

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  25. jbrickley says:

    The only thing to be done is to shine a very bright spotlight on these crimes and make it all very public. Do this after you have snared all the criminals first. Don’t give them any warning, scoop them up all in the same evening as quickly and quietly as possible. Indict them. Then have a massive press conference by the DOJ the very next morning detailing the evidence in clear and simple terms that cannot be mistaken. Follow that up by a media blitz, much like Hillary and Obama had Susan Rice perform for that silly YouTube video they blamed for the embassy attack and murder of our Ambassador. But this time it’s going to be all too real and not a dog and pony show. Fast track their arraignments and trial dates with trustworthy judges. Put the whole thing on TV. Declassify everything.

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  26. OMG- Lou Dobbs gives a MAJOR shout out to the Conservative Tree House and highly recommends! I hope I copied this link correctly.

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  27. Paul says:

    they should be. this may turn out to expose a newspaper as a subversive vehicle for the enemym of the USA. Imagine that, journalist commies facing a firing squad.

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  28. Texian says:

    Oh c’mon.. you’re kidding me.. this is what this whole thing is all about?

    Sophomorish at best..

    This was borrowed from Comey’s Niebuhrean Marxist college thesis project.. wasn’t it..


  29. Zorro says:

    In a less gentil time, the WaPo words are fighting words.The audacious words and actions of the coup plotters, from Lisa Page to Johnny “Appleseed” Brennan and the fruit of his poisonous tree, and everyone in between, would be clearly moving the nation toward a civil war, if we weren’t so civil.


  30. JohnCasper says:

    What good does it do to have the most powerful military on the planet if we also have the most corrupt government on the planet? This would give Jefferson and Madison nightmares.

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  31. doofusdawg says:

    “proof of the justification”… and the cover up is always worse than the crime… or at least it gets you caught.


    • doofusdawg says:

      And the ICA might get them caught. Guess it’s hard for them to stop the political engineering when it’s all they know and all they do. No wonder Trump is such a threat to them.


    • Rhoda R says:

      Doofusdawg: Cover up is worse than the crime? Depends on the crime.


      • zekness says:

        the cover up IS ALWAYS “worse” than the crime.

        it is..yes…it is.

        one can do some harm but not realize the true harm

        we have all probably done this a time or’s inevitable..humans eh?

        but when you cover it up, you are committing FOUR (03) harmful acts ALL at the same time.

        1. you are considering the value of not telling the truth…this is harmful (not legally) but in a more mental health and moral judgement aspect. If one is so disengaged from the simple act of realizing a bad deed and engages in “gaming”’s and con’s of truth or dare…this is’s perhaps the worst kind of the self. this is a form of self mutilation
        2. you are refusing to accept responsibility for creating that harm. this is a type of theft.
        3. you are creating ANOTHER harmful deed to avoid responsibility. this is the coverup…it’s the fiction created to deflect responsibility. this is the trachory to others.
        4. by covering up, you are not giving justice to someone else who is harmed….this is a type of theft. You have the responsibility to restore the person whom you have harmed. Intentionally avoiding that, you are harming this person TWICE…

        telling the truth is simple..and it is very healthy…probably the most healthy thing a human being can do. right up there with drinking pure water. It’s honorable in every sense to tell the truth. It builds character, reputation and trust. In self and from others.

        harmful deeds are destructive….it’s unnatural….”gaming” how to navigate out of responsibility and avoiding responsibility or downplaying harm when it becomes clear this has been done is building a negative behavior in both thinking and in self image…inventing deceit and manufacturing more wrong behavior to cover the first harmful deed, whether it be speech, behavior, trade, or relationship is training the mind and the soul that harmful deeds are acceptable as long as the result are successful…

        I have never done the math, but I would imagine the amount of energy to tell the truth versus a full blown coverup is on the order of 1:10 ratio of energy spent.

        be efficient…tell the truth….it’s the right thing to do..

        saves the whales too.



  32. The Devilbat says:

    I was and still am convinced that a lot of what WAPO is putting out is to protect the communist usurper (Obama) from his many high crimes.

    Alan Dershowitz just released a bombshell concerning the usurper and one Mr. George Soros.

    Quote from Alan Dershowitz:
    “I have some information as well about the Obama administration that will be disclosed in a lawsuit at some point but I’m not prepared to disclose it now…about how Obama personally asked the FBI to investigate someone on behalf of George Soros who is a close ally of his.”

    I thought that the usurper has been a bit quiet of late. If it is true and Obama doesn’t put a hit on Dershowitz to silence him then Obama and Soros may be in some very deep doo doo.

    My money is on Mr. Dershowitz’s sudden demise. Why do people always make the mistake of making things public before acting on them? A number of people who threatened or were due to expose the Clinton’s ended up dead in short order. My guess is that Obama is cut from the same cloth a the Clinton’s.

    read about what Alan Dershowitz said here:

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    • Bogeyfree says:

      Please let it be Donald J. Trump!!!!!!!

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    • zekness says:

      one practice I have noticed among the very powerful (or those compromised, usually the same exact group as the venn diagram indicates a near perfect eclipses), is that usually the veiled threat is presented as a type of insurance policy.

      I have alot of evidence to show …you are hereby reminded if I have a mutually assured destructive device set to ignite if you decide to get silly.

      The reason I put this here, is because we are talking about dersch…The guy has no compunction representing some of the slimest villains of our era. and getting handsomely rewarded for doing so.

      you are welcome to research some of the cases and how he argued and the extraordinary efforts he created in and OUT OF COURT to clear some of these absolutely vile repugnant jackwagons of our time into mere ruler swats across the knuckles and in some cases, perfect acquittal.

      Dersch represents the ugly side of the “justice system”…

      and there is quite a bit of evidence he has been a very bad boy at least more than a few times in his life.

      Yes, I don’t believe him. When you constantly loitering in the barbershop, eventually you are going to get a haircut. Dersch locates his company professionally and socially among some of the most loathsome unwholesome characters known.

      he got the haircut…I don’t believe him.

      he’s signaling again..and protesting much….not a very good actor.


  33. Hmmm... says:

    I think there maybe a secondary and perhaps even more important reason for the necessity of this line to hold for the bad guys. I was listening to a podcast that featured top level experts from both the CIA and the NSA discussing cyber security. One comment from the discussion really stuck out to me. The NSA guy made the remark that they had a much different obligation to the media and certain others in that they could not directly lie about their activities. The CIA on the other hand can legally lie when it is deemed a part of a legitimate operation.

    If I were a bad guy in the intelligence community then the easy way to make myself almost bullet proof would be to wrap my actions into a semi legitimate operation. Leaks to the media with false information become a part of the operation. Damage to my enemies politically just would be an operational side effect legally instead of the intent. I think it’s very likely that some version of this exists and is protecting not only the bad guys but also the media participants who are using this as cover for their repeated false stories and lack of coverage of FISA abuse for example.

    It seems like it would be fairly easy to construct semi legitimate operational activity that would match some of the stories we’ve seen the past few years to combat Russian interference or obfuscate the source of this “intelligence”. With a little creativity and nefarious motives this could be an easy platform to use to launch political torpedoes with legal protection. As long as the premise of the operation continues to be legitimate of course.


  34. inspectorudy says:

    Look, we all know that these crooks are like wet eels and are extremely slippery. Durham has to have slam dunk evidence on them before he shows his hand. If not, we all know what will happen within the DC court system. If the evidence is without any doubt then the DC court system MAY find someone guilty of some minor offense. Do not expect a big name to go down with big time. It ain’t going to happen. I pray daily that my sarcastic and doubtful attitude is wrong but in my heart, I have no confidence in our justice system any longer. To top it off, the left is proud of the fact that they openly applaud the miscarriages of justice in their favor! When fairness and truth are no longer the products of the DoJ we are doomed.

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    • Phil says:

      As Sundance posted Saturday night, this whole thing is too big for a career bureaucrat like Barr. None of these weasel will take the fall to protect the others…they never expected to get caught. So if McCabe is charged then he’ll roll over on Rosey, who’ll squeal on Comey, who’ll tell about Clapper, who’ll roll on sitting US Senator Warner, who’ll give up Loretta Lynch, who might give up Obama. Barr can’t go after the little fish because he doesn’t want to have to try Hillary and Obama and sitting US Senators and Federal judges for the crime of conspiracy to overthrow the US government. Few people in the world have enough courage to do something like this, such as Trump and Rudy. No one who thrives in a government bureaucracy has that kind of courage.

      The best we can hope for is a truth commission in 2021 in the House under Jordan and Nunes, where everyone gets immunity from jail time if they tell the truth. Expose everything. Spread the Cold Fury, and use it to gut the federal government, and return the power to the states, per Mark Levin’s book, The Liberty Amendments.

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      • Reserved55 says:

        No, the best we can hope for is incarceration for ALL seditionist conspirators. America Patriots defeated King George with bullets, the Communists can and should be defeated with the Constitution.


  35. The Boss says:

    Of course they’re worried. ANYONE with whom Durham or his staff has interviewed is reporting in…probably to Lawfare…which is deducing the end game. Kind of like the Journolist in reverse.

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  36. lcsteel says:

    Is the timing just after the appointment of the Missouri Federal attorney to investigate the Flynn case of any relevance?

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  37. islandpalmtrees says:

    My understanding is on Lou Dobbs tonight he said “we know that four FISA applications are fraudulent”. Does this mean the root of the poisonous tree applies to everything that happen down stream? If so, then the Muller Report and everyone he charged should be released. And, a number of DOJ, FBI officials should be charged to include FISA Judges?

    Little wonder then, that Russian interference in our election could not be found by Muller Team therefore the ICA is a lie.

    Therefore the following statement contributed to President Trump must be true:
    the Russia investigation “tainted,” “dirty,” “rotten,” “illegal,” “phony,” a “disgrace,” a “shakedown,” a “scam,” “a fixed hoax” and “the biggest political crime in American History, by far.”

    And, yes the FBI, DOJ and CIA should be worried!

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  38. akaPatience says:

    This must be why last night’s 60 Minutes broadcast tried so hard to resuscitate the Russian and Ukraine Hoaxes. It was full of disinformation, among which it was stated that it was acceptable FBI practice to rely on Crowdstrike’s conclusions. Since when is lack of chain of command in a criminal case acceptable? Since when is it acceptable for the victim (the DNC in this case) to deny law enforcement access to perform forensics? Etc., etc., etc. The whole segment was one-sided. It’s truly amazing how the MSM/Democrats can be so dismissive of even hard evidence to the contrary. Anything that doesn’t support their narrative is deemed a conspiracy theory. The degree of gaslighting seems to have no limits.

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    • GB Bari says:

      Yes. I still find it troubling that Catherine Herridge, as good an investigative reporter as she was, significantly lowered her scruples to accept a position with that leftwing propaganda organization (CBS) that masquerades as a News Company. She should put a LOT of daylight in between herself and the 60 Minutes Fake News muckrakers.

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  39. FTP:

    “ CTH has previously outlined how the December 29th, 2016, Joint Analysis Report (JAR) on Russia Cyber Activity was a quickly compiled bunch of nonsense about Russian hacking; assembled in the aftermath of the November election to undermine the incoming administration.”

    In regards to the “Russian Election Interference” TAKE NOTE OF THIS:

    I would like to know more about exactly WHAT she “leaked”


  40. iswhatitis says:

    My guess is that nothing of significance will occur until maybe after the General Election.

    (Between now and then, we’ll be “tik-tok’ed” to death).

    If President Trump wins re-election, it is possible that good, swamp-draining, events will occur.

    If he does not (I anticipate massive vote-cheating, massive; so I don’t consider re-election a forgone conclusion); then it will all get covered up pronto, and there will be a fresh slew of political “criminals” indicted and put away.

    Our country is dancing on the razor’s-edge. Not sure which way it will go…

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    • lcsteel says:

      I agree with you on the vote rigging. It will be like nothing the country has seen before. We should all sign up as poll watchers/workers and watch the dem districts in particular.

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  41. “And he claimed, again without evidence, that Mueller, a former FBI director regarded for his precision with facts, lied to Congress — which happens to be one of the charges Stone was convicted of by a jury last November.”

    The WaPo article is crammed with so many head-fakes, half-truths, appeals to authority and bad-faith agit-prop, I’m not even gonna bother Fisking it, except to say this:

    When Bob Barr called Roger Stone’s conviction “righteous” the other night, that was only true in the narrow technical sense. Stone probably did get scared and lie, even though there was no underlying crime. And he probably did ask his friend not to contradict him, if you call that “witness tampering”. Leave aside that Adam Schiff just lied to Congress and tampered with the Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella.

    Roger Stone never should have been put in that position in the first place. Andrew Weissman only targeted him for one reason, and no, it wasn’t because of his politics per se. Weissman used Roger Stone as human Obstruction Bait. He was trying to get the President to pardon Stone so he and Mueller could charge the President with Obstruction of Justice. That’s all Stone was to Weissman; a piece of meat to put in a trap.

    It’s malicious prosecutorial misconduct for sure, but even worse, it was done in the service of seditiously overthrowing a presidency, You don’t f*** with a man’s life like that. That’s not “righteous”. It’s Evil. Pure Malicious Evil from the Pit of Hell–and Andrew Weissman’s dirty name is all over it.

    And Bob Barr should know better than to dignify such a disgusting Constitutional Crime Spree with the word “righteous”.

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  42. Phil says:

    The whole impeachment fiasco was because Trump mentioned Crowdstrike on the call with Zellinski. The Biden angle was just the excuse.

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    • Oh, no … it was a manifestation of fear of exposure. Biden, Obama, Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, yes many more, have all been “hip-waders deep” in Ukranian corruption. As the Americans now know, and as the Ukranians also now know.

      None of these corrupt officials were really concerned about Trump: they were frightened by what he said. And, they’ve already been frightened by the ascendancy of a new government in Ukraine which is focused on fighting corruption. 😱

      “The guilty run when not being chased …”

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  43. Bob says:

    Trump should pardon Assange in exchange for all of his info. Find a way to bypass the DOJ. Give it to the DNI maybe.

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  44. Brutalus says:

    Honestly, from what I’ve seen with Stone, Manafort East Coast juries, it’s going to be very difficult to get convictions even with a super tight Durham case, but there is value in indicting, arresting, and trying these seditious bastards as the media will have to cover it (biasedly) and the coup will seep deeper into the public consciousness….my fear, however, is even getting indictments in these venues…my question is there another route to get indictments other than grand juries, like a preliminary hearing in front of a judge (like what happened in the state O.J. Simpson case) or for Federal cases is the grand jury the only way to get an indictment?

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  45. 335blues says:

    Every morning I wake up and immediately check websites that I trust
    to see if any of the coup perpetrators have been
    or arrested,
    or have disappeared,
    or have sought asylum in a foreign country,
    or have committed suicide (or committed ‘Arkancide’).
    These are the signs I look for as a signal that the seditious traitors might
    actually be held accountable for their crimes against our Republic.
    Every morning for over 3 years I have been disappointed.
    I keep hoping, and praying, for my children’s sake,
    for our Republic’s sake, that one morning,
    things will change in America.
    That those who wish to ‘transform’ this country
    will begin to sleep very badly.

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    • Komrade Retslag says:

      Well your unfulfilled hopes can take pleasure in this consolation: Every morning for three years, every liberal has immediately checked websites, and the Fake News media to see if Trump has been thrown out of office. Maybe the left is just as frustrated with their expectations as we are with ours.


  46. joebkonobi says:

    In a closely related topic on debunking Russia’s supposed hack of the DNC server, GP has an article today that makes a good case for an investigation into Crowdstrike’s involvement in promoting the Russia Hoax. If Russia didn’t hack the DNC server, as Assange claims, there is no Russian interference in the in the 2016 election and Mueller’s entire report is a lie. Since Barr seems into assigning outside prosecutors these days, maybe he should recruit one to investigate Crowdstrike. Fairly lengthy article but work reading.

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    • iswhatitis says:

      joebkonobi says: “If Russia didn’t hack the DNC server, as Assange claims, there is no Russian interference in the in the 2016 election…

      That assumes that the only so-called “interference” was via the so-called “DNC server”.

      For example, I thought there was also talk about Russian “ad buys”.

      In any case, wasn’t there more than one factor that they point-to as being evidence of “Russian interference”? If so, it could not be concluded that because one particular factor can be held up as lacking that there was then not any so-called “Russian interference”.

      Maybe I’m wrong (I’m not claiming to be an expert on this); but I think there were multiple factors; which, if correct, means that that conclusion cannot be drawn based on the failure of a single one.


      • Rhoda R says:

        The failure of the single one is important because it is THAT aspect – hacking the DNC server – that they’ve tried to tie to Trump and/or his campaign. Anyone can buy campaign ads – they don’t need permission from the campaign or candidate – therefore whether the Russians bought ad or not isn’t a usable issue for the left.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Jim in TN says:

      Frankly, it doesn’t matter who hacked, or if it was hacked. All the evidence was destroyed by the accuser. And the accusation was paid for. They even redacted the report they gave the FBI. No evidence, no crime.

      Yes officer, I would like to report that my neighbor broke into my house, pistol whipped me, and stole my TV.
      He broke in through that window, the one I replaced and cleaned up. He stole my TV, which I also replaced. I destroyed his pistol, melted it down. My wounds? I let them heal completely before calling you. When? Oh, this all happened last night. And the officer took my neighbor away that very day. My neighbor never knew why. Teach him to let his dog pee on my trees.


  47. alonzo1956 says:

    Hang them, shoot them or put them in prison for the rest of their sorry lives. I don’t care how the rats are dealt with. What is of utmost importance, is that every single person who is guilty of even sneezing improperly MUST FACE JUSTICE! I have personally been set up by Law Enforcement before, so I have a legit grudge against those folks. There isn’t anything they have done to President Trump that is one bit surprising to me. Get rid of the alphabet agencies and if they need to be replaced, replace them with something that isn’t corrupt to the core.

    Liked by 1 person

  48. islandpalmtrees says:

    Good News: Lou Dobbs tonight gave credit to The Conservative Tree House – Well done Sundance!

    Liked by 6 people

  49. AJ. says:

    Thanks to this website, I learned that back in 2017, “California’s Dana Rohrabacher asks for pardon of Julian Assange in return for evidence Russia wasn’t source of hacked emails.” Would President Trump be aware of this? Wouldn’t that have cleared much of this up? I’m having a hard time reconciling all of this… Does Brennan still have his security clearance? If the president continues to be strong armed against his own best interests why does he keep speaking out? It’s like they want us all riled up or something… It’s all very bizarre.

    Liked by 1 person

  50. Mark L. says:

    Sundance, maybe it’s time to add another picture in your illustration, George Soros.

    Liked by 1 person

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