The Great Lou Dobbs Outlines a Moment The DOJ Went Wrong – Durham, FISC and Barr Seemingly Concur…

Lou Dobbs doesn’t suffer fools easily; he prefers to cut through the filibuster and get to the heart of the matter.  That approach is one reason his show is highly successful.

Within a similar outlook… Where we are now is the direct result of bad decisions where we came from. Going forward on the same corrupt path only takes us further in the wrong direction. This natural truism is the current dilemma for AG Bill Barr.

During his show tonight Lou Dobbs takes the audience back to a very specific decision by the DOJ; a fork-in-the-road decision that put the department on path traveling further and further away from justice. The specific moment outlined was the DOJ decision to bury the intelligence leak by SSCI Security Director James Wolfe.


However, amid all the chaff and countermeasures there is good news. When you realize that continuing forward on a path initiated by corrupt decisions only takes you further and further from the truth; you realize there are signs showing the DOJ is indeed reversing course back to the moment when the wrong path was selected.

♦ U.S. Attorney John Durham is reported to be going back to the origination of the Russian Collusion conspiracy. The reversal of a corrupt path taken.

♦ The FISA Court has asked the DOJ to identify and sequester all of the downstream consequences to the fraudulently obtained FISA warrants. A reversal of a corrupt path taken.

♦ And, importantly, there are reports AG Bill Barr has asked a Saint Louis U.S. Attorney to go back through everything surrounding the prosecution of Michael Flynn and re-evaluate the path taken.

I would be remiss if I did not point out the reporting about AG Barr bringing in outside prosecutors to review conduct in prior investigations, happened almost immediately after the FISC deadline for the DOJ to inform the court of their sequestration efforts….

…A subtle (as a brick through a window) connection not identified in media…. Yet.

Perhaps the connection between the FISC required DOJ “sequester” efforts and the DOJ “outside prosecutors” should be just kept between us, ok.

FEBRUARY 14, 2020 WASHINGTON — Attorney General William P. Barr has assigned an outside prosecutor to scrutinize the criminal case against President Trump’s former national security adviser Michael T. Flynn, according to people familiar with the matter.

The review is highly unusual and could trigger more accusations of political interference by top Justice Department officials into the work of career prosecutors.

Mr. Barr has also installed a handful of outside prosecutors to broadly review the handling of other politically sensitive national-security cases in the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington, the people said. The team includes at least one prosecutor from the office of the United States attorney in St. Louis, Jeff Jensen, who is handling the Flynn matter, as well as prosecutors from the office of the deputy attorney general, Jeffrey A. Rosen. (more)


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305 Responses to The Great Lou Dobbs Outlines a Moment The DOJ Went Wrong – Durham, FISC and Barr Seemingly Concur…

  1. bullnuke says:

    President Trump like Lou. Sundance, you’ve probably got the presidents attention too (probably before this).

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    • Really doubt that PDT and his staff don’t follow.

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    • VoteAllIncumbantsOut says:

      Damn straight!

      SUNDANCE is the best I’ve ever read for past 5 years.

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    • SpotTheSpook says:

      “During his show tonight Lou Dobbs takes the audience back to a very specific decision by the DOJ; a fork-in-the-road decision that put the department on path traveling further and further away from justice. The specific moment outlined was the DOJ decision to bury the intelligence leak by SSCI Security Director James Wolfe.”

      OMG SD yer killin’ me! ROFL

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      • Bogeyfree says:

        My question and maybe Sidney is reading tonight…..

        If Barr reviews the Wolfe case and finds improprieties, can the case be reopened and new charges filed?

        Or has that train past?

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        • WSB says:

          I am going to take a plebeian shot, since the FBI never filed charges on Manafort and then did…so yes?


        • H.R. says:

          I’m no lawyer and didn’t sleep in a Holiday Inn Express last night, but I’m pretty certain that Wolfe’s plea agreement made sure everything was permanently swept under the rug.

          But… anything they missed, like spitting on the sidewalk and dropping a gum wrapper, leaves him subject to additional charges not covered by the plea deal.

          So leaking classified information might be water over the dam, but expensing the motel where he hooked up with the reporter on his government credit card (thin air right quick made up example) might get him some time in the clink after all.

          Better yet… go after their pensions. We saw how McCabe freaked out over his pension.

          Many, many of these people are looking to collect 6-figure pensions while the rest of us are carefully calculating if we can swing a trailer on swampland outside of Mobile Alabama and still have enough in the budget for mac ‘n cheese and hamburgers… or if we’ll just have to slide by on Alpo Beef ‘n Gravy and dandelion green salads. (OK, class. Compare and contrast.)

          So, if nothing else, Go for their frickin’ pensions!

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          • zekness says:

            I would like to fine tooth comb the plead order.

            I wonder if there is an “insurance policy” written in it?

            it’s common.

            basically, here are the charges…we will allow you to plea down to perjury with
            condition XYZ are satisfied. Something more than just reciting some apology to the court and being contrite.

            I would like to know what condition xyz was ?

            I would also want to know if no such condition x exists? the implication that the prosecutor handled the case in a peculiar and extraordinary manner deviating from standard prosecutorial practice and that wolfe was allowed to plea down with no conditions whatsoever….that would be very non-normal!!

            I would like to believe given the high level attention (politically and with a recent firing/retirement/screw you of jessie liu, the wolfe case is due for a review to see if it was handled incorrectly, or to determine if there were irregularities about it? She might even provoke it, if she dares to start making the media rounds claiming racism…or trump hates me act 5, scene 30.

            I would also want to know that if wolfe has spoken to the press or held any interviews during his investigation, trial, sentences, while in prison, and after.

            I would want to know if anything he may have stated can be a means to to elevate this case back to fair and equal justice and study him a little more

            I look on this man’s face…in every photo and all I see is quiet fierce rage….or a really serious bottle habit…or both…he’s been humiliated having been caught exchanging state secrets for some horizontal action….Family dude….

            I think he got sold down the river, got took, was played, and spit out of the machine being caught doing what he was sanctioned to do for years….

            he probably has a lot of pent up anger about how his handlers told him “you got to take this one for the team…we’ll take care of you when you get out”….

            he probably realizes they have no intention of doing anything for him…and is forever trapped with this stigma his entire family will have to bear.

            druggie or not, he’s had 60 days to sober up and contemplate how to gain some revenge.

            maybe someone might want to stick a microphone in front of this guy and get him to talk about his life in the SKIF…

            maybe he needs new friends.

            friends that aren’t going to sell him down the river.


    • rjones99 says:

      I hope he reads the comments. There is a message.

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    • johnnybiface says:

      God Bless Lou Dobbs, Maria, SD, CTH, Rudy, our great President and the other diogenes and just law seekers!

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  2. Bogeyfree says:

    So with these brilliant threads by Sundance pointing to the fork in the road for Barr, I thought it appropriate to go back and read Barr’s infamous speech from the Federalist Society.

    I found this section from his speech absolutely incredible and frankly incendiary to use Barr’s own word.

    “Immediately after President Trump won election, opponents inaugurated what they called “The Resistance,” and they rallied around an explicit strategy of using every tool and maneuver to sabotage the functioning of the Executive Branch and his Administration.

    Now, “resistance” is the language used to describe insurgency against rule imposed by an occupying military power. It obviously connotes — It obviously connotes that the government is not legitimate.

    This is a very dangerous — and indeed incendiary — notion to import into the politics of a democratic republic.

    What it means is that, instead of viewing themselves as the “loyal opposition,” as opposing parties have done in this country for over 200 years, they essentially see themselves as engaged in a war to cripple, by any means necessary, a duly elected government.”

    So Barr points out the “resistance” and what most of us call a coup, as very dangerous.

    But where is Barr’s same outrage of the resistance conducted by the DOJ and FBI against the President and the fact that this resistance has continued from many who currently work and have worked under him??

    I find this statement amazing and almost laughable.

    Is this hypocritical?
    Is this DOJ/FBI blindness?
    Or is this just needing more time?

    Well, we are a year in and I do find it hard to accept this statement knowing that he clearly sees the resistance but yet:

    1. The Flynn case continues when one should be able to determine if exculpatory evidence was withheld and if Flynn was framed?

    2. That the DOJ even with 4 counts against Flynn declines to prosecute.

    3. Even with the evidence of the Carter Page FISA Leak, the two people who orchestrated the plea deal for the leaker, face no legal action.

    4. Then we have the orchestrated Assange indictment to shut him down via jail.

    5. And finally with full authority to declassify EVERYTHING including Uranium One, HRC Server, DNC Server, Wiener Laptop, Hammer Hard Drives, FISA Abuse, Lying to FISA Court, Fake Dossier, FIB Contractor Abuse, Seth Rich Murder, massive DOJ/FBI leaking, Epstein, impeachment WB and Ukraine we have zero crimes and zero indictments.

    But hey, resistance is “very dangerous” as Barr so eloquently said.

    Now if only he would back up his speech with real justice against those who see “themselves as engaged in a war to cripple, by any means necessary, a duly elected government” to quote AG Barr again.

    Frankly what Barr says just above sounds a lot like Seditious Conspiracy – 18 U.S. Code § 2384 to me.

    And we assume Mr. Barr, that this applies REGARDLESS if they work or worked in the DOJ and FBI!

    It is time for accountability, truth and justice for all Mr. Barr!

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    • Bogeyfree says:

      Small side note..

      When your read the transcript of Barr’s Federalist Society speech he talks about the framers including Hamilton and Jefferson and their intention with the Constitution.

      The funny part is no where did I see where the framers or Hamilton and Jefferson inserted a two tier system of justice by our government.

      Maybe someone can ask Barr about this?

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      • JohnCasper says:

        I’m more than beginning to think Barr considers that to be just an oversight on their part.

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      • YeahYouRight says:

        Bogeyfree, All, I don’t understand how we can reasonably expect Barr to show up and start putting people in jail. Knowing something happened and proving it, and using that knowledge and proof to find the rest of the coup us not a quickie task with quick results.

        This is a big, deep conspiracy. It requires methodical thought. Conspirators are not lined up waiting to confess.

        A year would be awfully fast to see results. He is reversing some trends, but it must be done carefully. He only gets one shot, can’t miss, can’t just get a few conspirators.

        And let’s not forget who the opposition is. Lawfare, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, et al. Lawyered up lawyers who were carefulwhen they set upthis coup. This is a monumental task, I am prepared to wait longer before bailing.

        In another year if nothihas changed, fine. But let’s see how it plays out before stringing him up as just another deep state cover artist.

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        • Michael J. Alexander says:


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        • MelH says:

          YeahYouRight, the mountain of evidence gathered by Devin Nunes and Sundance, to say nothing of the dozens of others who have been sleuthing as well, isn’t,hidden, secret or unavailable. There have been investigations galore. I’m curious what you think a year more could possibly provide besides unmitigated hell for President Trump.


        • KMD says:

          Excellent point,
          I do respect the thoughtfully prepared posts here that are critical of those now in positions for power in our government. After all, we’ve collectively been taken advantage of, lied to, and summarily been betrayed by certain our of own elected ‘officials’, as well as their appointees…
          This level of betrayal & egregious behavior undermines our constitutional republic, we here realize it! And rightfully so, this knowledge then gives way to feelings of anger, mistrust, exasperation, retaliation, etc. Naturally, these feelings become directed toward those who SHOULD be fixing these problems!

          But, we do need to remain clear minded with regard to how justice can ultimately be served. We need to appreciate the gravity and scope of corruption that has spread throughout our govt institutions. We here, thanks to Sundance (and many thoughtful comments), know how deep the rot has spread. It’s bad, and it’s deep. Thankfully, many of the bad actors have been outed, and daily sunlight is consistently exposing more!

          Consider the legal timeline for a simple criminal case, involving one individual. It can easily stretch over months, to become years….before justice is served.

          Now again, realize the scope & depth of the illegal activity that has transpired in this coup plot, and how many people were/are involved. Do so without allowing frustration & anger to cloud your sound judgement.
          Try to appreciate that any single action will not magically allow justice to be broadly and fairly served upon EVERYONE involved. Realize that there must not be allowed ANY of these conspirators to escape justice. And remember POTUS: ” I caught them ALL”…

          Don’t allow feelings that whine for reassurance, via an arrest here, or an arrest there. A declass here, or there. Be logical, and realize that the systematic dismantling of institutional corruption simply cannot occur in such a haphazard fashion…

          Thanks to patriots like Sundance, Mr. Dobbs, and others, we are on the correct path toward exposing this mess to mire of the public. Take those feelings of frustration & anger, and divert that energy toward sharing in the daily truths that are being exposed!


      • zekness says:

        you don’t want to look too closely on how justice was actually met out during that period of this young nation. the “gallery of greats”…the 10 founders were all involved in some way shape or form in criminal activity …but were never called to justice. And they were also responsible for some rather low handed abuse of the legal system against their dissenters, competitors and even members of the same interested political body….it wasn’t a neat and orderly and fair as most people never really want to examine it to hard.

        it really is a miracle given these same people would eventually carve out the most monumental living document to guide our government. One really has to acknowledge something very special happened during that period of time that otherwise seems impossible to conceive of.

        I understand your’s valid…but if arguments rests on how some of the more powerful people were handled versus ordinary citizens back in “the day”…it will annoy you to know the only difference is that our existing installment of elected officials aren’t wearing fake wigs…pretending it gives them royal bluster. the bluster we have now doesn’t require a wig…it’s just the natural state when any of these “gallery of jackwagons” open their maws.


    • KevinK says:

      I suspect the “dangerous resistance” the AG referred to was resistance to the illegal and corrupt deep state. I have no faith nor trust in Barr until the day I see the top coup leaders doing the perp walk.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      I would prefer that Barr do it willingly but if he does it after being maneuvered to do the right thing that is fine by me. My guess is if he does a thorough scrubbing of the DOJ he can be around to see his handiwork. Barr will otherwise be discarded as soon as opportunity presents – at most right after the November election.


      • donna kovacevic says:

        Who on Gods’ green earth are these 2000 former whatever that signed for Barr to resign? No wonder everything is so zajebano, too many that are useless idiotic tools, and I am not a Barr lover at all. Houston there is a Yuge problem in Amerika, as we say, God Bless PDJT, and all the true American patriots. Boze Pomozi, means God help us. Sundance a quick story to you, many people that I talk to believe I have a special relationship with you, which sincerely I do, but they keep hearing me mentioning your name numerous times, and are wondering, whats up with you and Sundance? Much respect and admiration to you God Bless.


        • Rhi says:

          Lol Donna!
          I think we all have a special relationship with Sundance. Thanks for spreading the word, I constantly try to steer people to Theconservativetreehouse. Bless you, all the treepers and the inimitable Sundance. Great team effort lead by our General Sundance!


    • dow40kby2024 says:

      Weiner Laptop……….Been waiting for three years for that to make Dems squirm. Where is that critter??

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    • B Woodward says:

      Unfortunately AG Barr had a significant error in his speech to the Federalist Society.

      Barr said:
      “The fact of the matter is that, in waging a scorched earth, no-holds-barred war of “Resistance” against this Administration, it is the Left that is engaged in the systematic shredding of norms and the undermining of the rule of law.”

      What Barr should have said was that in waging a scorched earth, no-holds-barred war of “Resistance” against President Trump, the Congress, Judicial Branch, and usurper Obama’s deep state.are engaged in the systematic shredding of the Constitution and undermining the rule of law.

      Apparently AG Barr lost the last page of his speech–the page that states that he is going to bring justice against those who conducted the illegal coup to remove President Trump and claw back the President’s Constitutional powers–indeed the Constitutional Republic itself.


    • Rhi says:

      Small point Bogeyfree,
      “2. That the DOJ even with 4 counts against Flynn declines to prosecute.” – didn’t you mean Mcabe?

      Second time I’ve read your excellent post, both times had to scratch my head.


  3. Sammy Hains says:

    Just imagine if all of this had been 3 years ago instead.
    Trust Stealthy Jeff Sessions! LOL

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  4. Gary Lacey says:

    I watched the show. hmmm, I wonder….is Dobbs reading the CTH?

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    • Bogeyfree says:

      Is Sundance Dobbs?

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      • Snow White says:

        Nope bogey. SD is from sunshine state not the swamp.

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        • Bogeyfree says:

          Near Mar-a-Lago??


        • john says:

          So they say. But have you ever seen both men in the same room at the same time? Ha! Proof!!! Kidding aside, it is interesting that SD posts an article and the next night Dobbs is repeating it on the newscast. Lou has got to be reading SD’s work or they’re friends who chat. Seems to be more than a frequent coincidence. I’ve learned more from these two men in the past few years than any other source.

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          • zekness says:

            sundance has gained the attention of this administration and some actual real investigative journalists. in my view, this is a good development…with the highest odds this will continue to expand in readership among people who are in positions that can make a large difference…and not merely the media…locally…business…and especially the evangelical orgs.

            this is what happens when excellent journalism happens… see it, you read it, and you can’t resist the heightened sense of enlightenment. Considering the years of echo chamber built on controlled narration by the corruptors..this is like taking a hot shower and getting the first real cup of joe you’ve ever had and feeling clean …really clean

            it also helps that the members of this CTH vehicle are active about being a noisy bunch of patriots who don’t take no for an answer.

            the truth seeks and installs itself. there is no selling required.


    • Terry says:

      Hey, did you not here Dobbs give credit to the CTH.

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    • YeahYouRight says:

      Yes, Dobbs has shouted out to The Conservative Treehouse a few times that I have seen, and I don’t watch super-regularly. He watches.

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    • GGHD says:

      Show prep for Dobbs is reading TheConservativeTreehouse.


    • warrprin1 says:

      Lou Dobbs began his show tonight with a statement giving full source credit to “The Conservative Treehouse” in relation to the material which encompassed the totality of this evening’s program and guest interviews: Sydney Powell, Tom Fitton, and Rudy Giuliani.

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    • Gary Lacey says:

      Imdeed, Dobbs does mention the CTH,……..I missed it


  5. amjean says:

    All these stated mishaps, mistakes, lies, etc. mean little because the path of corruption was paved decades ago and ignored by those in power. Those who got away with corruption and sedition, etc
    were enboldened to continue along with others who realized protection was in place. We need to disband these departments/agencies and start over with true justice our forefathers would be proud of.

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  6. AnotherView says:

    I have to say this was the BEST show I’ve seen Lou put on. Fabulous guests & commentary. And I’m so thrilled Lou gave Sundance a shout-out. Well earned & deserved. I’m so happy for you Sundance!

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    • Remington says:

      I was saying just the other day that the research done by Sundance is superb. But we needed to have someone like Lou to bring it to the masses. Voila….I just hope this is the opening salvo from Lou.


  7. William Schneider says:

    Again I must wonder is Lou Dobs the face of our Sundance?? Or is Lou reading Sundance info..

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  8. gary says:

    ‘whats fusion gps?’ bob mueller.

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  9. Payday says:

    As I posted, this has been my thinking since these US-As were announced. I don’t have the analytical abilities of SD…but it just didn’t make sense to me that this wasn’t significant. Who knows where it will lead. Again, I suggest Bongino’s podcast today for further insight into this.

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  10. TradeBait says:

    B2 – Your fellow American citizens deserve the unvarnished truth regardless of personal relationships and fears of institutional collapse. We can handle it and will have the backs of patriots who are honest with us. Are you a patriot? Waiting impatiently…

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  11. Old Lady says:

    Sundance, sir, you have done a lion’s share of work. I thank you from the top to the bottom of my heart. You should sleep well!

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  12. Blind no Longer says:

    The fork in the road has just made a Trump BOOMERANG!!!!! We love you Lou and most of all Sundance…your brilliant research, reporting and deductive reasoning are a sight to behold!!!!

    So glad I’m a treeper!!!!!!

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    • Robert Smith says:

      I expect Sundance to be raided by a full FBI SWAT team because they’ll say he couldn’t get this analysis with access to classified information etc.


    • warrprin1 says:

      Remember, the majority of the country remains willfully blind to everything that we are learning as a result of SD’s work. This does, indeed, feel like the crossing of the Rubicon, but there remain miles to go before the Resistance zombies raise the white flag.


  13. Linda K. says:

    Lou Dobbs gives you all credit Sundance! Well done.

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  14. ElTocaor says:


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  15. Minuteman says:

    The seed planted to grow the Carter Page FISA warrent was a seed of a poison tree. A tree that produced copious fruit. Now the tree must be chopped down and it must be burned, and its fruit collected and destroyed, and the planters, growers and harvesters of this evil tree turned into fertilizer of justive to nourish the tree of liberty.

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    • WES says:

      Minute:. Don’t forget the roots! If you don’t kill the roots, the tree will just grow back stronger than ever!

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      • TarsTarkas says:

        Like a banana plant. Cutting off the top bearing the fruit doesn’t kill it, it just starts growing back immediately. Takes freezing or digging out or burning down to the core of the root to kill it.
        Wild hogs can do a number too.


  16. Genie says:

    That Sundobbs guy is brilliant!

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  17. WES says:

    Hope is not viable if no action occurs.

    Barr ??????

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  18. RobD says:

    I don’t think it’s Barr’s demeanor to be outraged and publicly show it! I’m pretty sure he is outraged, but he has to appear neutral at all times!
    I think bringing in outside prosecutors to look through everything is a great move!
    And I like Sundance’s article here. It highlights some of Barr’s maneuvering here. Gonna make the DC swamp pit sweat a lot! Hehe

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    • WES says:

      RobD:. Or the work of a competent “do nothing” cover up artist!

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      • Robert Smith says:

        That’s fair.

        I am sure Barr knows both sides will hate him before it’s done. I give him credit for killing the Mueller SC, but yes, what have you done for me lately? Especially when the House Democrats are on a impeachment roll.


      • RobD says:

        Sure, maybe! But I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. Barr has one shot to get it right! Can’t go after one or two guys and expect to bring down the whole cabal. He’s going to need solid evidence against ALL involved.

        It may seem like he’s doing nothing, but I don’t think that’s what’s going on! Bringing in outside prosecutors!!?!? C’mon, man! You need to give Barr more credit than that and be patient! POTUS wants results. And I think he is going to get them!

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  19. Modi says:

    Jeff Jensen seems to have an accomplished past and definitely not suffering from TDS. I hope that he was chosen because of his distinguished FBI career so when he lowers the hammer no one would be able to accuse him of having a problem with the the FBI (not that it’s going to stop them from trying to besmirched him)

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  20. JohnCasper says:

    “a Moment The DOJ Went Wrong “

    Has there even been a moment when they went right? I can’t remember back that far.

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  21. terry says:

    I remember when Barr said Durham would be done late spring or early summer .

    How would he know if it is an ongoing investigation?

    I believe Durham has informed him that they already have found prosecutable offences so that would mean there will have to be indictments before the summer so as to not interfere with the upcoming election. It’s standard DOJ policy.

    Let’s hope anyway.

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    • WES says:

      Terry:. One worry is Barr said Durham would issue a “REPORT”!

      That doesn’t sound like indictments! The two don’t usually happen together.


      • terry says:

        Yeah but K T Mcfarland mentions the Durham report.
        She says he has empaneled a grand jury and will
        bring charges against some people.

        We will see by the summer anyway.

        This from a few days ago.

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        • donna kovacevic says:

          K. T. Macfarland mentions Gen. Flynn was set up, when did that light bulb go on? Most of us knew the minute the “Lovers” texts were released saying “first we f…k Flynn, then we f…k Trump. It took these Nikola Teslas’ till now to figure this out, plus Comey bragging how they ambushed the General. Good grief this is insane, I pray for General Flynn and Sidney.


        • CharterOakie says:

          Powerful. Thanks for posting it.


      • Robert Smith says:

        Barr said a report in reply to a reporter who asked. He said I don’t know, maybe. I don’t think that was his primary aim.

        Barr wants the DOJ to get back to normal operation and I am pretty sure that isn’t prosecutors issuing reports.

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      • gda53 says:

        Barr never said Durham would issue a REPORT.

        Pete Williams (the interviewer from NBC) asked about whether Durham would issue a report after he talked about “obviously he would have a Grand Jury”, and Barr was non-committal – in fact he NEVER mentioned the word “report”, despite the fact that Williams was pressing him about whether a “report” would be issued.

        Reports are not issued by the DOJ after Grand Juries bring down indictments. Not their practice.

        I do wish people would stop spreading this false narrative – even those who know better, and normally are on par here, seem to keep repeating this falsehood.

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    • Bradley says:

      He’s going to have indictments before the elections. Barr, in my opinion is on a mission to clean up the DOJ to the degree he can and restore accountability and trust.
      If he wasn’t going to do it, he had several junctures where he could have backed out. But he went to Congress and he said Trump was “spied on” and he made it his purpose to send Durham after the origins. He could have washed his hands after the Mueller report and said it is over. He didn’t.
      There is no way he is going through all of this abuse at this stage of his life just to take a chance that an election washes it all away.

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  22. Bogeyfree says:

    Me thinks Sundance and Lou are talking?

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  23. VegGOP says:

    Congratulations, Sundance!!!!!

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  24. iSapiens says:

    Barr does have a choice to make:

    1. Chose to be a Traitor. He would be remembered forever as the William Barr in the same way we all know who Arnold Benedict is. Two centuries in the future our children will talk of the William Barr of old.

    2. Chose to be a Hero and Patriot. At this junction in history his decisions will forge the next one hundred years. He might not be remembered as The Barr, but the country would become everything our ancestors ever wanted.

    It should not be a tough decision.

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  25. Gadsden says:

    Whoa – you’re getting shout outs on the Lou Dobbs show? That means you indirectly have the ear of POTUS! Well done brother – congrats!

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  26. TwoLaine says:

    Thank you again Lou!
    DO NOT let this die!

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  27. trnathens says:

    Could Sundance be changing his tune about Barr?

    That’s my take after reading this post.

    Example: “I would be remiss if I did not point out the reporting about AG Barr bringing in outside prosecutors to review conduct in prior investigations, happened almost immediately after the FISC deadline for the DOJ to inform the court of their sequestration efforts….”

    Since WHEN would Sundance be “remiss” about “REPORTING ABOUT” Barr bringing in outside…

    Sundance has been relentlessly skeptical of Barr, but now he’d be remiss if he didn’t mention reporting about Barr bringing in…

    The tone and tenor are slightly off, as if this is being presented as more of a ra-ra for Barr, which is NOT the position Sundance HAS taken, on an almost daily basis for months.

    Plus, remiss was in bold.

    I’m not saying it’s a bad thing at all. I believe Barr is a white hat. May be over his head, but a white hat nonetheless. I was just pointing out that Sundance’s voice seemed different here.

    Liked by 1 person

    • JohnCasper says:

      “Sundance has been relentlessly skeptical of Barr, but now he’d be remiss if he didn’t mention reporting about Barr bringing in…”

      Some would call it damning by faint praise. Or, more specifically, in Barr’s case, damning by few and far between praise.


      • WES says:

        John:. Yes!

        Today SD is giving Barr the carrot!

        Yesterday SD was giving Barr the sharp end of the stick!

        As for tomorrow, it is up to Barr to decide; will it be SD’s carrot or the stick!

        Liked by 1 person

    • Robert Smith says:

      You can be deeply skeptical about Barr, yet note that there are positive signs. But also no confirmation that anything has yet happened. Hope isn’t a bad thing only if it is without any basis.


    • livefreeordieguy says:

      Given the enormity of this scandal — this treasonous attempted coup — is there anybody who would NOT be over his/her head as AG? Since the day Barr was nominated, we knew Bill Barr would be the most consequential AG in American history just by simply doing the job he swore to do…. or not.

      Liked by 4 people

  28. bacillus says:

    In my opinion, none of this truly is going to end until an end is put to George Soros, his rackets, and his money. It will just come back sooner than later in a new form with new corrupt puppets.

    Liked by 7 people

  29. WSB says:

    So glad to see the hat tip…and Warner’s and Wolfe’s names FINALLY connected to Steele and Watkins.

    Thank you both…Lou and SD.

    Liked by 8 people

  30. Ira Berkowitz says:

    congratulations SD. Lou gave CTH direct credit for all of your good work.

    Liked by 7 people

  31. bessie2003 says:

    Excellent show tonight. Am watching the re-run right now.

    Liked by 2 people

  32. kleen says:

    Fox must be trying to figure out how to get him off the air.

    The truth is not supposed to be on MSM.

    Liked by 4 people

  33. Garrison Hall says:

    Once again you frame important events by placing them in the right and proper context. Not many people can do that, Sundance, but when you do it you make it look easy. Lou Dobbs is not easily swayed by the usual talking-points BS that gummint’ “spoksmen” use to create smokescreens around questions that they really, really, don’t want to have to answer. Doesn’t work with Dobbs and it doesn’t work with you. Which, of course, is why we all come here.

    Liked by 3 people

  34. Anyone who starts to seriously read the works of the incomparable Sundance knows that he is the real deal. Any reporter or news personality like Lou Dobbs realizes what a treasure trove SD’s work is and uses it as we are seeing.

    There is no other blogger /journalist out there who is doing the research, writing, analysis and presentation that he does on a daily basis. His work output is prodigious especially considering that he probably has minimal assistance.

    Forget about the accolades, I want Sundance to get some M-O-N-E-Y for what he does.

    I hate to be crass, or maybe I’m wrong, but someone out there should hire him at an outrageous salary, like at least 7 figures, give him whatever he needs for research, and let him spend the foreseeable future unraveling the Gordian knot.

    Liked by 18 people

    • Garrison Hall says:

      Agreed. I’ve come to expect Sundance to be several steps ahead of those 7 figure talking heads. I don’t mean to denigrate them, it’s just that he’s just that little bit better.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Peoria Jones says:

      Wholly deserved! And he should be able to keep his team of choice, and work independently.

      Liked by 1 person

      • PJ- thanks for your comment. I think you understand where I’m coming from, and hope that others do too.
        I truly hate to even mention money and finances but I would guess that most of us who post here have these concerns in our lives.
        Sundance is giving us his ALL. Even if he has some help, he seems to be working non-stop, around the clock, responding to every nuance of every ever changing situation.
        He is one of the people who will be most responsible if the evil Cabal is ever brought to justice.
        He shouldn’t have to worry for one minute about financial matters. That’s where I’m coming from. Simple.


        • Peoria Jones says:

          Absolutely. I imagine that many of us here would give more if we weren’t already struggling for ourselves. Hopefully those who can afford to do more, will. SD (and the team) have more than earned it. Some yuge funding for massive independent research (and the required tools/personnel) would relieve a lot of stress, I’d imagine.

          I also worry for SD’s safety, and think about the measures needed to ensure protection of his work product, his sources, and himself. Think of the powerful people and institutions he’s exposing. Scary.

          Liked by 1 person

          • PJ- Agree. Especially about the financial struggles many of us face in our own lives and Sundance’s safety.
            He is up against the Deep State just as much as our President Trump, but without the protection. There are some really evil people out there who seemingly will stop at nothing if their power is threatened.


    • lokiscout says:

      When someone hires you with a 7 figure salary they own you. That’s not Sundance’s gig.

      Liked by 1 person

      • lokiscout- I agree. What I meant by my post was simply that I wish and hope that Sundance can do his incredible work without having to worry about or be distracted by financial concerns.

        He is giving this his all, working tirelessly and non-stop for our Country. There’s a special place in Heaven for him, but meanwhile….

        Liked by 1 person

        • lokiscout says:

          I couldn’t agree with you more!
          I wonder what the total would be if all of us in the Tree House would contribute say $5.00 (a “sawbuck”) every month to the cause. There must be what 50,000 of us benefiting from SD’s hard work? That would get into the 7 figure bracket pretty quick and not a one of us could ask for any special favors. Not that any Treepers would! 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

  35. TarsTarkas says:

    Citizen investigation at its finest. And an ability to convey findings in a manner both eloquent, descriptive, and cogent.

    Liked by 3 people

  36. Lee Moore says:

    A tactical point for Mr Barr and friends.

    It’s plain that the Lawfare gang have a great liking for the tactic of ambush. We can see it every step of the way :

    (a) the ambush of General Flynn
    (b) the ambush of Sessions (into recusing himself)
    (c) the ambush of the Kavanaugh confirmation with Blasey-Ford
    (d) the ambush of Barr by the Mueller report team
    (e) the ambush of O’Shea over the Stone sentencing

    No doubt folk with better memories can think of plenty more.

    The idea is to get someone who’s new to the job and overwhelm them with something out of left field. We all make better decisions if we have time to think in advance and are prepared. Lawfare aims to spring ambushes on you and so get within your OODA loop. So you need to be prepared.
    If you (ie Trump or Barr etc) are hiring someone for a new job that Lawfare will be interested in, you gotta warn them – they are going to spring something on you before your butt hits your office chair. Don’t be scared of taking that to your boss and asking advice on how to deal with it. It’s not aimed at you, it’s aimed at your boss.

    And vice versa. When Lawfare are playing defense it’s delay delay delay. You don’t get to get inside their OODA loop.

    So you gotta understand tempo. Or you’ll lose.

    Liked by 5 people

    • jx says:

      Yes. Exactly right.


    • Paprika says:

      Perzactly! Lawfare Legalism uses the same methods as the MSM and journalism “gotcha” methods. One uses twisted and flawed legal pronouncements to catch you off guard and the other does the same with twisted, pointed reporter questions. Both use false premises and skewed interpretation to “catch” anyone off guard and force a “soundbite” mistake.

      It works, but only if you don’t think it through and take the time to dismantle the false premise and logic–and of course you can’t do that in a 10 second soundbite!


  37. doofusdawg says:

    Damn Sundance! I said take them there but geez!

    Liked by 2 people

  38. alliwantissometruth says:

    What honest and true journalist wouldn’t like and appreciate Sundance’s work? All they have to do is read. Sundance has already done the heavy lifting for them

    Liked by 6 people

    • Lee Moore says:

      Sundance has already done the heavy lifting for them

      I am reminded of an amusing incident a long time ago. A friend was the CEO of a big division of a large conglomerate. That division had not been doing well, and he had been moved over to sort it out. He had diagnosed what he thought was wrong, and had devised a detailed plan for sorting it out. But senior managment was not convinced. They hummed and hawed and refused to let him go ahead with his plan.

      Eventually – the final insult – they called in management consultants to advise. (Who happened to work for the same organisation that I worked for – though I was not involved in the project) Mostly young fresh faced twentysomethings not long out of college who just went round asking people questions with clipboards.

      $4 million in fees later, they came up with their report. It was almost verbatim what my friend had told them – diagnosis and plan. The Board gave the immediate go ahead. My friend was furious.

      “I told them that months ago ! And now they go ahead on the basis of these kids’ proposals which they just copied down straight out of MY mouth. What the hell was the point of spending $4m to copy down what I told them to do !”

      I smiled. “But your plan is now going ahead. Isn’t that worth $4m ?”

      Doing the heavy lifting a la sundance, and having a megaphone that folk will listen to are different things. Both useful though.

      Liked by 3 people

  39. davidberetta says:

    Full Blown CORRUPTION of OUR Nation is not nice nor desirable. WE need to end this madness and I do not know where to begin. Anybody have a legitimate game-plan?

    Seems corruption is extremely severe in Congress and these “Courts”…both are absolutely useless for the Citizenry of the USA.

    Liked by 1 person

  40. kleen says:

    Sundance needs a five o’clock show on Fox. Primetime teevee

    Liked by 1 person

  41. icthematrix says:

    Good to see sunlight cast by Dobbs while following Sundance. Important to gain leverage against an immense tide.

    I strangely sense some of the challenge Barr is facing. Barr simply assigns a couple of US attorneys to review existing work others did that is problematic (rightly so), and it ignites the hoards into mass protest with calls for his ouster. 2000 former DOJ say it is blasphemy! Current DOJ foaming at the mouth but not making it public (yet), but certainly fueling their resistance internally. No matter who you are or the power you hold, this makes it extremely difficult to lead.

    No doubt Barr is navigating the waters carefully. I’m not prepared to declare him a lost cause deep state hack yet. No doubt he swims with all the other fish, but sometimes the facts are too big to ignore. Also feel sure that we will never get the justice we seek, nor our nation deserves, relative to all the evil perps. I just want some key people get led to prison, which a story of the truth that vindicates our President.

    Liked by 3 people

  42. geoffcsaltine says:

    That was a nice shout out to Sundance.
    Keep it up. The work you do does not go unnoticed.

    Liked by 4 people

  43. rjones99 says:

    To me, the outside prosecutors coupled with sequestration of info gained thru the CPage FISA is the path Barr is going to use to undo Flynn and PapaD and Stone. I dont see how this will result in anything but slap on the hand of corrupt DOJ.

    This is not draining the swamp. it’s basically cleaning up a few turds the swamp creatures plopped into it.

    President Trump…WE PREFER YOU KEEP YOUR PROMISE. Here’s my promise to you…no indictments, no votes in 2020. And I’m not alone in that POV.

    A lotta work for nothing if you ask me. BFD, Trump won’t have to pardon.


  44. Drogers says:

    Day in and day out L. Dobbs reflects my concerns and while asking the questions I would if I had the platform.

    Liked by 3 people

  45. nerveman says:

    When I started reading here in 2017 I knew I found a special place. How I missed it for so long I don’t know. I don’t know anything about Sundance and who helps. When I share the articles I get comments such as “Right Wing Nutjobs”. and such. TY for all your service Treehouse and Treepers

    Liked by 4 people

  46. john says:

    Hmmm…. Mount Rushmore II. Trump, Sundance, Dobbs, and Q?

    Liked by 1 person

  47. kleen says:

    The truth is out.

    Prediction: Barr will resign.


  48. Seneca the Elder says:

    If the DOJ starts changing course, rest assured that it will be at least in good part because of our hero, Sundance.

    Liked by 5 people

  49. dallasdan says:

    “Going forward on the same corrupt path only takes us further in the wrong direction. This natural truism is the current dilemma for AG Bill Barr.”

    SD is intensifying the spotlight on Barr and the pressure on him to administer justice. Bravo!

    Liked by 5 people

  50. jx says:

    If the seditionists were working with foreign powers would that be treason?

    Liked by 2 people

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