Nevada Officials Worry Caucus Results May Be Delayed – Stacy Abrams Wants VP Position….

Nevada Democrat Club officials are warning voters the results from the caucus may be delayed due to “technology glitches” in the planned use of “custom Google calculator” that will be deployed to calculate the results.

Yeah, nothing suspicious about Big Tech working with Big Club party bosses, at all.  Move along, move along… Trust them Bernie, it’ll all be fair and stuff, swear.

(Via The Hill) The party announced Thursday that it planned to use a custom Google calculator accessed through a “secure Google web form,” which will be uploaded to 2,000 newly purchased iPads to help tabulate votes, and that precinct leaders would also track votes via paper backup sheets.

[…] With early voting set to begin Saturday and run through Tuesday, and the official Caucus Day to follow on Feb. 22, the Nevada Democratic Party has had a short amount of time to turn around a new vote counting system. (read more)

Meanwhile ‘The Reconciler‘ has resurfaced today during an appearance on The View.  In a transparently planned appearance message Ms. Stacey Abrams says: “of course, I would be honored to run for vice president with the nominee.”

“As a woman of color, especially a black woman — this is an unusual position to be in for someone to be considered possibly the next vice president. And it would be doing a disservice to every woman of color, every woman of ambition, every child who wants to think beyond their known space for me to say no. Or to pretend, ‘Oh no, I don’t want it.’ Of course, I want it. Of course, I want to serve America. Of course, I want to be a patriot and do this work, and so I say yes.”  (Video link)

This is one of the unusual aspects to the 2020 Democrat presidential campaign, the VP nominee is more predictable than the top of the ticket.

You might remember the quiet discussions between Club reps for Joe Biden and Stacey Abrams last year.  That was back when the DNC Club was considering Biden as the best hope to block the AOC-Bernie movement.  Since then Joe has collapsed and is now unlikely to go further than South Carolina. [Biden will lose Nevada and SC].

If the Club is successful in blocking Bernie; which at this point is increasingly unlikely; and if the Club can find a way to get a non-Bernie candidate into lead position; then Abrams is absolutely guaranteed to be the VP candidate regardless of who the non-Bernie top of the ticket might be.

Abrams is the VP nominee for a NOT BERNIE candidate.  However, if Bernie wins the nomination then the likelihood of Abrams as a VP nominee slightly drops.

If Bloomberg (or other) is the nominee Abrams is 100% guaranteed to be the VP.  The plan would be to use Abrams to heal the fracture created by the Club blocking Bernie Sanders from the nomination.

However, if Bernie winds the nomination Abrams as VP drops to around 80% likelihood.  In the Club’s logic – in the Sanders atop the ticket scenario – Abrams is used to offset Bernie’s radical nature and generate a ‘movement‘ vote for the identity crowd.

We keep watching…

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358 Responses to Nevada Officials Worry Caucus Results May Be Delayed – Stacy Abrams Wants VP Position….

  1. trapper says:

    They are just being considerate, giving everyone a “heads up,” letting everyone know well in advance that they expect it will take MUCH longer to screw Bernie in Nevada than it did in Iowa. So don’t wait up.

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  2. Julian says:

    Putting Stacey Abrams on the ticket would be pure Democrat genius – she would drive Black Men towards Donald Trump.

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  3. The Devilbat says:

    It is simply unbelievable to me that so many Americans would vote for a communist.

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  4. says:

    All I’m seeing on the Democratic side is nothing short of first butt hurt losers. Come election night.

    There is no second place just first place losers!

    Not really going to comment on Stacy Adams other than the words Ridiculous in many different ways.

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  5. trumpetter says:

    I heard that these calculators were programmed using Common Core math. Of course it takes much longer to come up with an answer.

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  6. rcogburn says:

    Stacy Abrams is another controlled globalist shill, cloaked in a diversity blanket. She’s already been vetted and pre-approved. If Bloomberg ends up with the nomination, won’t be at all surprised if she’s the veep.

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    • rcogburn says:

      And if she is, it will take all of a few weeks to expose her as a fraudulent, inauthentic puppet.

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    • Sherri Young says:

      Yep. Stacy Abrams and Claire McCaskill both attended Bilderberg last year.

      In 2008, Obama and Hillary both attended Bilderberg. Right after that, Hillary dropped out of the race. Apparently, the Bilderbergers worked the deal at their meeting by promising Hillary that she would win the presidency in 2016.

      Oh well…

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  7. trumpetter says:

    Trying to calculate if Stacy Abrams will have paid back her back taxes. I believe she agreed to $75 a month, for $50k. Just curious.

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  8. MD says:

    She couldn’t win governor in her own state. I think the Dems have TDS so bad that they think black voters won’t see through this. News Flash Trump’s approval among black and hispanic voters is way past what any republican candidate has ever had. They think the voters are stupid, that’s the take away from this!

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    • p'odwats says:

      Exactly right. The Democrats can’t keep pulling a fast one on people of color in this country. Results matter and wherever Democrats are in charge things are an absolute mess.

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    • 1nikao says:

      Democrats think everyone is stupid. That is the definition of the elitist mindset. Hence, all of virtue-signalling social justice warriors who believe they’re going to win when they’ve only ever won participation trophies. They have never struggled with the reality of their own existential failures. The situational ethics committee has crippled the masses.
      This may be a small part of the reason the weak Republicans were able to ride the wave of exceptionalism into November 2016. Heck, they did so by “holding their breath.” LOL!

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      • Merle Marks says:

        Differ….Democratic politicians think Democratic voters are stupid…that’s why they propose and get away with such idiotic pitches….Democratic politicians know conservatives aren’t stupid…that’s why they hate us and fight us….

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  9. Nan says:

    Now Stacy brings a lot to the ticket and I don’t say that lightly. I just don’t know where she is going to find time to campaign, after all, being Governor of GA and author of romance novels takes it out of you. However, she fits in with the Democrat crowd, which also lives in non-reality.

    She and Biden would be a formidable duo (in more ways than one). I am sure President Trump is lying awake at night laughing at what a joke this would be.

    Sent by a Georgian who. knows. her potential!

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  10. louche9 says:

    A Bloomberg / Abrams combo would make for interesting optics; it would be like Stacy and her lunch. I’d love to have a camera in the back seat of those limo rides.
    Stacy: I thought Atlanta had a downtown. This is a downtown! Look at these skyscrapers. Are we gonna pass that omelette place on the way back?
    Bloomberg looks silently out his window and rolls his eyes.

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  11. Right to reply says:

    She’s $250,000 in debt. WHO THE HELL would TRUST her with OUR money!

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  12. namberak says:

    How’s Stacey going to find time to run for VP when she’s busy with her duties as Georgia’s … huh? Never mind.

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  13. Why can’t these idiots count the ballots manually? Good grief.

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  14. The prospect of having an incompetent dilettante like Stacey Abrams as VP made me want to throw up.

    WHAT (besides arrogance and stupidity) do Democrats look for in a candidate?

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  15. Little Berkeley Conservative says:

    The sole campaign yard sign I pass on the way to town is for Bloomberg.

    It showed up a day ago.

    I was thinking of delivering daily offerings of fresh produce?

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  16. deplorableelhavlco says:

    Stacey’s $170k credit card/student loan debt and $ 54k IRS income tax debt (total $ 224k) was reportedly paid off in full within the past two years.
    Unclear how she managed this, because Stacey “loaned” $ 50k to her failed 2018 gubernatorial campaign…unless she charged the campaign a whale of an interest rate!

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  17. John Anthony says:

    Shush! Never get in the way when the enemy is destroying itself!

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  18. Little Berkeley Conservative says:

    We rent my moms condo to a black family in Atlanta.

    My mom was going on and on about how great Stacy Abrams is.

    Our tenants eyes rolled and glazed over!!!

    Stacy has the little old, Democrat for life, 24/7 cnn fed, brain dead vote.

    The same people that voted for Hellary.

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  19. Patchman2076 says:

    Looks like Stacy sees the same dollar signs as Joe Biden

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  20. Magabear says:

    Mini mike is giving Bernie some huge sticks to beat him over the head with. Is Bernie smart enough to know how to attack mini mike over his plethora of ingnorant statements or is Bernie going for another big cash payout again? 🤔

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  21. Sammy Hains says:

    Stacey Abrahms can’t be on the ticket.

    hiLlARy is already measuring the coffin… I mean curtains.

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  22. jx says:

    Could be a ploy so that when things run smoothly they can claim to be heroes.

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  23. Minuteman says:


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  24. kleen says:

    “Approximately 17,000 people turned out to see Bernie Sanders Monday night in Tacoma, Washington.”

    It’s getting good, apparently Mini Mike is already launching attack ads against Fell The Bern.

    Ohhhhh this is good!

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  25. Liberty ONE says:

    IF Ms. Stacey aka “Buckwheat” gets the nod, I can see her saying…”Imus be my lucky day”!

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  26. graficgod says:

    the keywords here being ‘custom google calculator’…
    umm, hmmmm, yehhhh – sure

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  27. Santiago 1314 says:

    So, who Coughed Up the Money for 2,ooo Laptops.???… Mayor Cheat of Oligarch Bloomberg.!?!?!?… Get the Popcorn Out, it’s gonna be another “ALL NIGHTER”.!!!… Or should I say “ALL WEEKER” with NO Winner… Got to Save Joe for South Carolina.!!!

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  28. Santiago 1314 says:

    So, who Coughed Up the Money for 2,ooo Laptops.???… Mayor Cheat of Oligarch Bloomberg.!?!?!?… Get the Popcorn Out, it’s gonna be another “ALL NIGHTER”.!!!… Or should I say “ALL WEEKER” with NO Winner… Got to Save Joe for South Carolina.!!!

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  29. distracted2 says:

    Nevada was one of the worst offenders in the 2016 election. The results took a month to be certified. The polls closed at 7pm and they allowed them to stay open for hours after. They bussed in immigrants in the dead of night to vote in a remote location. Clark County was one of the worst offenders.

    Nevada is projecting a chaotic caucus because they cheat. And Arizona isn’t much better.

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  30. Sammy Hains says:

    Just keep in mind that every Democrat taking Bloomberg’s money is destroying their credibility. Forever.

    Just like every “journalist” that pushed the Russia hoax destroyed their credibility forever.

    None of them will be able to escape the record they are creating for themselves.

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  31. Conservative_302 says:

    2nd in line would be Abrams? No way. She is a certified but case. Her on the ticket would be slower from the start.

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  32. judgeroybean says:

    The only races Stacy Abrams can win are to the buffet line and to the bathroom.

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