President Trump Daytona 500 Grand Marshal – 2:30pm Livestream…

President Trump is the first president to serve as the grand marshal for NASCAR’s  Daytona 500 today at the Daytona International Speedway.  The president will announce “Gentlemen start your engines”.  Videos and Pics below:







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  1. Troublemaker10 says:

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  2. treehouseron says:

    If any of you didn’t get to see the whole thing, it was really interesting. First of all they showed Air Force One flying over the track, he buzzed the crowd (the plane actually lowered towards the track, then climbed again after it flew over), the place was going crazy. The announcer said that the 46th President had arrived (a slip of the tongue, but funny none the less). They then mentioned that other President’s had attended the race… it kind of sounded like they were trying to make an excuse for it in case some morons try to boycott.

    So then they were doing some interviews with drivers on the track, and one of them mentioned he just got to meet the President and it was awesome…. The crowd is chanting USA and Fox mentions that the crowd is chanting USA but didn’t mention why, they must have showed the President on a screen or something on the track.

    So then they show a short clip of the Presidential Limo driving onto the track (this was just Trump arriving, many people thought that was the ‘lap’ and were upset Fox only showed a few seconds of it)

    Later, they very respectfully presented President Trump to the crowd, he and Melania got out of “The Beast”… there were two “Beasts” there parked near each other. A Children’s choir sung “God Bless America” and Melania and President Trump stood their smling, it was very good, the crowd goes crazy.

    Then a military woman sang “The Star Spangled Banner” and the place went crazy, there was a flyover I believe during this part as well.

    The President either here or later (can’t remember) says welcome to America’s race, Gentleman, Start Your Engines! and the place goes crazy, is chanting 4 more years, USA, USA, etc. There is I believe the second flyover at this point.

    So they go to commercial, and when they come back, they do an interview with President Trump with Melania standing beside him…. he says he’s been 4 times to the Daytona 500 and he likes the race because he sees it as very patriotic, and also that the drivers are very brave. He says if he can figure out a way, he’s going to jump in one of the cars and get out there on the track!

    I’ve got all this out of order probably… but the radio announcer (in the drivers helmets) says “President Trump and first lady Melania, will you do us the honors of leading the drivers onto the track” in a cool c.b. radio type voice piped into everybody’s helmet… the frieking beast starts turning, and leads out onto the racetrack with the pace cars and such, and actually leads everybody on a full lap. The announcer says “He’s actually going to drive The Beast out onto the track… well, he’s the President, I guess he can do whatever he wants!”

    You can see Melania waving through the window, and the fans are leaving forward and waving as they go by. USA USA chants of course.

    Jeff Gordon, retired, famous driver says people ask him if he misses driving and being a part of it, and he says he would have loved to be in the Daytona 500 today (an obvious reference to President Trump)…. the announcer says who wouldn’t want the President of the United States leading the start of the Daytona 500?

    They then play a tape of one of the drivers talking to his crew over the headset and he says “Is he going to come out on the track with us? You’ve got to be kidding me! This is so friekin’ cool!”

    Later they play President Trump talking to the drivers over their helmet radios saying “Drivers, this is President Trump and it was an honor to open the Daytona 500, have a phenomenal day, have a great race, be safe, God Bless you, we love you”

    The whole thing, in my opinion, was very respectful to President Trump… there were a few ‘excuses’ made by the announcer to kind of cover if any of the haters were watching, but it was all pretty cool. I just wanted to mention that in case anybody wasn’t able to actually watch it, Fox didn’t do anything wrong they were very respectful and fair in my opinion.


  3. Caius Lowell says:

    Outstanding job Mr. President!


  4. KaweahKid says:

    “I’m proud to be an American…!”


  5. Janice green says:

    Proud he’s our President. It was great looked like a Trump Rally at the 500


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