DOJ Corruption – The Fork in The Road Few Noticed – What Bill Barr Needs to Explain to Everyone…

Foolishness and betrayal of our country have served to reveal dangers within our present condition. Misplaced corrective action, regardless of intent, is neither safe nor wise. The intelligence apparatus was weaponized against our candidate by those who controlled the levers of government. This is what AG Bill Barr needs to explain to the nation.

The position of Bill Barr today is a direct result of decisions made by the DOJ in the Fall of 2017 & Summer of 2018. The events surrounding the leaking of the FISA warrant used against U.S. person Carter Page, and the 2018 DOJ decision not to prosecute SSCI Security Director James Wolfe for those leaks, was the fork in the road moment for the DOJ.

Attorney General Jeff Session was recused, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein was in charge and the Mueller investigation was ongoing. That was when the DOJ made a decision not to prosecute Wolfe for leaking classified information. DC U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu signed-off on a plea deal where Wolfe plead guilty to only a single count of lying to the FBI.

If the DOJ had pursued the case against Wolfe for leaking the FISA application, everything would have been different.  The American electorate would have seen evidence of what was taking place in the background effort to remove President Trump. We would be in an entirely different place today if that prosecution or trial had taken place.

Three 2018 events revealed the Wolfe issue:

EVENT ONE – On February 9th, 2018, the media reported on text messages from 2017 between Senate Intelligence Committee Vice-Chairman Mark Warner and Chris Steele’s lawyer, a lobbyist named Adam Waldman.

EVENT TWO – Four months after the Mark Warner texts were made public, on June 8th, 2018, another headline story surfaced.  An indictment for Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Security Director James Wolfe was unsealed on June 7th, 2018.

EVENT THREE – Slightly less than two months after release of the Wolfe indictment, another headline story.  On July 21st, 2018, the DOJ/FBI declassified and publicly released the FISA application(s) used against former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page.

♦ Later on December 14th 2018 a fourth albeit buried public release confirmed everything.  The FBI filed a sentencing recommendation proving it was the Carter Page FISA that was leaked by Wolfe:

HINDSIGHT – What we didn’t know at the time, simultaneous to the decision-making regarding Wolfe, was another (a second) DOJ cover-up effort was taking place surrounding the origin of the Russia-collusion fraud.

To further understand the decision-making of Rosenstein/Liu, as to why they hid the James Wolfe leak it is important to note the DOJ in the Eastern District of Virginia was creating the cover-story to block sunlight on the origin of how Wikileaks gained the leaked DNC emails.

On April 11th, 2019, the Julian Assange indictment  was unsealed in the EDVA.  From the indictment we discover it was under seal since March 6th, 2018:

(Link to pdf)

On Tuesday April 15th 2019 more investigative material was released. Again, note the dates: Grand Jury, *December of 2017* This means FBI investigation prior to….

The FBI investigation took place prior to December 2017, it was coordinated through the Eastern District of Virginia (EDVA) where Dana Boente was U.S. Attorney at the time.  The grand jury indictment was sealed from March of 2018 until after Mueller completed his investigation, April 2019.

How does this all connect?

What does it mean?

James Wolfe was confronted about his leaking by the FBI in December of 2017.  At the same time the FBI were investigating Wolfe and the SSCI, the FBI was also investigating Wikileaks and Julian Assange.   This matters because it shows what the mindset was within the DOJ in late 2017 and early 2018.

In both examples, Wolfe and Assange, the actions by the DOJ reflect a predisposition to hide the much larger background story:

• A prosecution of Wolfe would have exposed a complicit conspiracy between corrupt U.S. intelligence actors and the United States senate. Two branches of government essentially working on one objective; the removal of a sitting president.  The DOJ decision protected multiple U.S. agencies and congress.

• A non-prosecution of Assange would have exposed a complicit conspiracy between corrupt U.S. intelligence actors and a host of political interests who created a fraudulent Russia-collusion conspiracy with the central component of Russia “hacking” the DNC.  If Assange were allowed to show he received the DNC emails from a leaker, and not from a hack, the central component of the Russia interference narrative would collapse.  The DOJ decision protected multiple U.S. agencies and Robert Mueller.

As soon as Robert Mueller was going to release his Russia report, the EDVA shut down Assange with the DOJ indictment; in a similar way the DOJ shut down Wolfe with a weak plea agreement.

Again, the key takeaway here is the timing.  Both DOJ operations were taking place at the same time (Fall 2017 through spring/summer 2018).  Both hold a similar purpose.

What we can see from both DOJ operations is an intentional effort by Main Justice not to expose the epicenter of a multi-branch effort against the White House.

Some people within the FBI were obviously participating along with people within the DOJ.  However, not all Washington DC FBI agents/officials were involved.  We know there were genuine investigators, at least in the Wolfe case, because their investigative evidence shows Wolfe was leaking classified information.  If they did not present the investigative evidence that proves Wolfe leaked, quite simply we wouldn’t have it to show you.

Unfortunately, in hindsight we can see something internally within the DOJ happened because the FBI evidence against Wolfe was buried. Some high-level group inside the DOJ in Washington DC, in the Summer of 2018, was making decisions on what NOT to do.

These two events highlight corruption within the DOJ that existed despite the presence of AG Jeff Sessions, and apparently with the participation of DAG Rod Rosenstein.

The decisions in the Wolfe case are critical.  That’s the fork in the road.  If the Wolfe prosecution had continued it would have undoubtedly surfaced that key government officials and politicians were working together (executive and legislative).

The ramifications of the Wolfe case are stunning.  Had the prosecution continued it’s very likely a seditious conspiracy would have surfaced.

♦ I often field a question:  If you know this; if all of this information is in the public sphere; then why didn’t any member of the media cover it?

Here’s the answer: They couldn’t…. At least they couldn’t cover it and still retain all of the claims they had been making since March 2017 when journalist Ali Watkins gained a fully non-redacted copy of the Carter Page FISA application and first renewal.

Politico, The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC and The Washington Post are all implicated in the James Wolfe leak to Ali Watkins.  They had the FISA information since March 2017, yet those media outlets were disingenuously falsifying their reporting on the actual content of the FISA application despite their actual knowledge.

Remember all of the media denials about what Devin Nunes wrote in the “Nunes memo”?  Remember the media proclaiming the Steele Dossier was not part of the FISA application?

How was the media fifteen months later (July 2018) going to report on the Wolfe leak to Watkins without admitting they had been manufacturing stories about its content for the past year-and-a-half?

It was in the media’s interest NOT to cover, or dig into, the Wolfe story.

Additionally, from both the DOJ and Media perspective, coverage of the Wolfe leak would prove the senate intel committee (SSCI) was, at a minimum, a participating entity in the coup effort.  That same SSCI is responsible for oversight over the CIA, FBI, DOJ-NSD, ODNI, DNI, and all intelligence agencies.

Worse yet, all officers within those agencies require confirmation from the SSCI (including Chair and Vice-Chair); and any discussion of the Wolfe leak would highlight the motive for ongoing corruption within the SSCI in blocking those nominations (see John Ratcliffe).

Stunning ramifications.

There was a clear fork in the road and the DOJ took the path toward a cover-up; which, considering what the DOJ was simultaneously doing with Mueller and the EDVA regarding Assange, is not entirely surprising.

Was that decision wrong?  Oh hell yes, it was corrupt as heck. .

Were the decisions done with forethought to coverup gross abuses of government? Yes.

Where the DOJ is today is directly connected to the decisions the DOJ made in 2017 and 2018 to protect themselves and internally corrupt actors from discovery.

It is often said: “the coverup is always worse than the crime.”  This is never more true than with these examples, because where we are today… now miles down the path of consequence from those corrupt decisions… is seemingly disconnected from the ability of any institutional recovery.  That’s now the issue for Bill Barr.

If Bill Barr wanted to deal with the issue he would not be telling President Trump to stop talking about the corruption; instead he would be holding a large press conference to explain to the American people about that fork in the road.

That type of honest sunlight delivery means taking people back into the background of the larger story and explaining what decisions were made; with brutal honesty and without trepidation for the consequences, regardless of their severity and regardless of the friends of Bill Barr compromised by the truth.

Here’s a big reason why Bill Barr should take that approach: We Know.

We know; the DOJ trying to hide it doesn’t change our level of information.

Regardless of whether Bill Barr actually admits what surrounds him, there are people who know… We know…. You know…. AG Bill Barr shouting ‘don’t tweet‘ into the microphone like the Wizard of Oz doesn’t change the fact the curtain has been removed.

Turn around Bill, it’s time to come clean.


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894 Responses to DOJ Corruption – The Fork in The Road Few Noticed – What Bill Barr Needs to Explain to Everyone…

  1. Tashs Office says:

    Let me hold my breath while Bill does something.


  2. iSapiens says:

    Sundance says Barr to come clean is because ‘we know’ of the whole plot. He’s right – we know, I know, you know.

    But how many of us know? 100? 1000? 10,000?
    Even if 300,000 of us know, it’s still 0.1% of the country and irrelevant to the politics of the day.

    Will Barr come clean and make any changes that any reasonable people would want to see?
    Not if 99.9% of the country doesn’t know and there simply aren’t enough mediums to carry the word.

    While I read Sundance’s articles.. these are long, complex, convoluted… how many people actually get to the end of such articles?
    There has to be a simpler way to expose this. As years pass, fewer and fewer people would actually keep caring as life pushes on. It’s what the Deep Staters want, and probably it’s what they’re going to get.

    I, frankly, don’t see a solution unless Pres Trump comes full out. That would lead to an open war of sorts, and he’ll probably be removed quicker than we can count to 10.

    Sundance has said – the people can vote… yes they can. But how many RINOs got challenged in this year’s primaries? How many of McConnell’s clique will be removed in 2020?
    There simply isn’t any organization to deal with the Senate or the House…

    This is a slow moving train wreck. We see it coming, some actions are taken, few and far between. Some people are calling out the facts we see the train is about to jump the tracks…

    Trump is the conductor of the Train. He’s telling us the train is not in a good shape, but can’t really jump into the fray, or he’ll be pushed off the train. He’s a ONE man show, with literally thousands against him. The Deep State, Barr, et al, can wait even another 4 years. Once Trump is gone, there won’t be another with that kind of reach. The Deep State will remove anyone who’d stayed in their way and they’ll go on as if the previous 8 years didn’t happen. Further they’ll be taking full advantage of Trump’s own good economy.

    It’s been almost 4 years and there is not a real unbiased social media that took off to replace Twitter, FB, etc… I think people are too shy, too hands off to make any moves to really make a stand (politically).

    This Cold Anger will freeze over. It’s the (left-wing) activists that are having a field day. This minority is visibly winning because they fight for their cause. While we just have our Cold Anger…..

    Rant over. Roger. Roger.

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    • I would say these are detail-oriented sharing of information blogs, and while the actions of evildoers are complicated causing a need for lengthy reporting of them, these writings are in no way “convoluted” to me.

      Those who don’t make it to the bottom of them might need to try harder! If one doesn’t get the details because they fail to continue to read the article, that’s on them. Is it that hard to read an extra 500 words to actually learn something important?

      We’re talking about the restoration, or not. of our Republic!

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    • iSapiens. I tend to agree with most of what you said. On the other hand I have seen more than a few miracles in my life, the election of our President Trump being one of them.
      It is also I believe, Divine intervention that we have a scribe/warrior like Sundance who has emerged on the field to brilliantly fight the good fight. I mean this from the bottom of my heart. I literally don’t know what we would do with this work, this documentation that he provides throughout the day, along with the Lord’s prayer to remind us where we get our strength.
      Yes, we know, and we can’t un-see what we’ve been shown, as horrible as it is. But we are not without resources and more and more people are getting awakened to what is happening around them and to our country.
      We have to get up every day, just like our President, and do all the work that we can to crush these Satanic bastards. I have to believe that the forces of Good will prevail. If God is with us, no man can stand against us.

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    • islandpalmtrees says:

      If President Trump was going to come “full out”, as you said, he would have already done so.

      The answer to this problem is also the most unethical.


    • amjean says:

      One does the right thing (in this case follow the law) because it is the right thing
      to do, not because people know about it.

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    • Rob in Oz says:

      Trump has recently twice said “I caught them all”.
      What prevents people from believing and trusting him?
      Did Trump do all the investigatory work? Of course not. Rudy did some of it, and has given it to Barr. Barr’s team have done some.

      Look at everything that dropped last week. Things are heating-up. Wow! Isn’t the timing impeccable for an election in Nov?

      Gee, I dunno, maybe somebody has been “planning the work and working the plan” for quite some time. After all, Trump has somehow survived and thrived amongst the Swamp critters in and outside the Government. I trust that Trump has EXCEPTIONAL people on his planning team. In truth, we on the outside know diddly squat of what is and has and will go down in this war against the Swamp.

      IMHO, Barr is being suitably cagey, as the heat builds.
      These things really do take time, unfortunately for impatient types.
      Go Trump! The greatest Leader in my lifetime of 68 yrs.

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      • islandpalmtrees says:

        What prevents people from believing and trusting him? I suppose, indictments.

        But, our President has been known to be overly enthusiastic at times.


    • X XYZ says:

      We must wait until the next election to see how this plays out. Right now, Trump must focus on his being re-elected. Otherwise, if not, then it will be ‘game over’.

      After being re-elected, he will have nothing to lose by pulling out all the stops. He can only serve two terms. Hey, if Sundance knows this information, Trump surely does know it, and much more.

      In Trump we trust. He’s one man standing tall against a well organized, entrenched and corrupt gang.

      Then when the time comes, there will be the moment of “Go ahead – make my day!”

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    • TreeClimber says:

      I agree with every word you said. Been saying some similar things myself recently, if not as succinct and pointed. But what do you suggest we do about it?


  3. babrightlight says:

    Why doesn’t someone with sufficient twitter following tweet this article out to Maria B @Fox, Catherine H @ABC, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sheryl Atkinson, Tucker Carlson, @Redstate, @Townhall @ AmericanThinker , @Federalist, etc. etc. and let them help expose it? Everyone can’t be in the tank…can they?

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  4. DeWalt says:

    If he comes clean. He can then declassify. He is the only one holding the tigers tail.

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    • I wonder if it’s making sense to others by now that our VSG President gave the declass OK to Barr when he did, and leaves it still, in Barr’s hands… yep.

      😀 Our President has some masterful ways of getting things out in the public eye.

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  5. JohnCasper says:

    ” The intelligence apparatus was weaponized against our candidate by those who controlled the levers of government. This is what AG Bill Barr needs to explain to the nation.

    It is far past time for “explanations”.

    So then, by their fruit you will recognize them.
    – Matthew 7:20

    Weren’t we told that Barr’s wife goes to Bible Study (with Mueller’s wife)? Maybe she read this in Bible Study and could pass it along to her hubby Bagpipes Bill.

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  6. rmramerica says:

    What is very alarming and frightening, how could someone like Tom Cotton not know or suspect? He raised questions about Waldman’s texts to Warner, and yet nothing happened. Are all the Republicans on this committee afraid of Richard Bur and Warner? Or was it all hidden from them? Trump should call them all out on this and let Barr sort this out. Then it would be a matter of public record and some ‘splaning’ would be in order. Otherwise this just goes by the wayside. Or, do we hope for Durham to find the answer on this too? Awful lot of “hope” on one guy’s shoulders. (Remember, the reason it’s called “hope” is that 90% of the time it doesn’t work out well.)

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    • Les D says:

      That’s a good q I could never figure. Chmn Burr is in the tank on this case, a given, though he always votes the right way on the Floor. Rubio is on the committee but a RINO as are a few others. Cotton not being a pain in their ass always fooled me. I suspect the way a Majority Leader keeps his caucus in line would eventually get us the answer.


  7. Bogeyfree says:

    Now that Sundance is showing many that the mission seems to have been ignore, deny and protect, then will we most likely see the spring/summer report summary confirming out of all of these incredible “incidents” there were no crimes, thus no indictments but a need for policy and training enhancements.

    Thus the media has a huge narrative leading into Nov and the DOJ can close the book saying they look and found nothing.

    So my question is what does PT do knowing this is their path and direction?

    1) Does PT sit tight and wait for post Nov and with a new AG try to over come the DOJ report from Spring Summer and reopen everything?

    2) Does PT try to head off this Spring/Summer report by declassifying everything and show it all to Americans and hopefully embarrassing Barr and Durham?

    3) Does PT appoint a Justice Czar (Sidney) to shadow Barr and Durham while also having full declass authority to read and review all documents, texts, emails and phone calls and share with PT.

    4) Fire Barr and elevate Rosen as the temporary/acting AG

    IMO #4 is problematic as it carries a huge narrative negative spin by the media.

    I personally like #3 and let the Czar uncover the truth by having declass authority and uncovering if there is any plan to ignore and bury everything because it is to big to expose.

    And if this is uncovered, then PT would have the necessary ammunition to fire Barr immediately and share the Why with all Americans plus this approach would end their Spring/Summer coming narrative of no there there.

    American would know and see the truth BEFORE Nov

    And IMO the first thing PT should order is a total new investigation into the Carter Page FISA Leak.

    So I’d like to encourage Sundance to do a thread called……..

    If ignore, deny and protect was the plan, what comes next and how does PT put them in Checkmate?

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    • DeWalt says:

      If they don’t come clean before the middle of Trump’s second term, I look for him to leave D.C. in flames.


      • Based on his own book and track record in life, I don’t see President Trump waiting for anyone to come clean for 2 1/2 more years.

        And I think that many of “us” might snap if he did!

        I don’t look for him to leave D.C. in flames, but rather to have along with those that are truly behind him in his circle to have rebuilt that which had to be burned to the ground, with something other than simply similar yet new dangerous “institutions”.

        Meh, hotels would be ok!

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      • Les D says:

        DeWalt, good point, but i also agree w/ Human Condition on your point–PT ain’t gonna wait too much after jan 3 2021.

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    • gda53 says:

      Spring/Summer report? What’s that?

      There IS no Spring/Summer report. There ARE (supposed to be) Spring/Summer indictments.

      Personally, I’d like to encourage Sundance to do a thread called……..

      “If ignore, deny and protect was the plan, why appoint Bill Barr to emerge on the scene blurting out the very thing Deep State was intent on ignoring, denying, and protecting. And not just initially, but saying and doing things at total odds with that intent even up to the present day”

      Did he not get the narrative memo?

      Happy to be put on the right track here. Please elucidate. I keep asking for an answer, but keep getting ignored.

      If Bill Barr is Deep State, he’s either a “white hat” or he’s lost it.


  8. jinghis says:

    It is impossible for the DOJ and Intelligence Community to redeem themselves. They are not capable of investigating and prosecuting their-selves.

    These agencies are in a no win situation. If they were to prosecute a few bad apples, the whole Government apparatus would blow up. The end game would be Obama and Hillary taking a perp walk behind half the Senators and Congress critters. Barr is desperately fighting to prevent the system from going down. Barr is the coverup expert, as his past history proves.

    The other option is to see the Agencies neutered or eliminated and possibly their surveillance access eliminated. Realistically that is the best option.

    Another Scenario is Barr slow walks everything until after the Election and Bloomberg buys the Presidency. If that happens, all the Deep States problems go away.


  9. robert van brunt says:

    Put a Walter with one bullet on Comeys, Warner’s & Brennans desk and call it even


  10. Mike in a Truck says:

    Barr isnt lookin so good these days. He looks like a beaten man. Too bad. He could have gone down in history as a great patriot.

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  11. As a Man Thinkth says:

    I think the media will be shocked by the massive support that will turn out next week during Trumps California appearance …His poll numbers are much higher than reported…most folks know better than to air out political opinions over the phone with a stranger…

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  12. Loggerman says:

    Why won’t Nunez expose the senate committee?

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    • Issy says:

      What proof does he have other than what has been made public? We know who leaked the fisa warrant. We know the evidence the fbi had. We know Wolfe made it known he would call SSIC members as witnesses. We know who at doj made the plea deal. What’s there to expose? Who has oversight over the doj? Who has oversight over the committee?


    • jebg46 says:

      I’m pretty sure there are House rules about how they deal with the Senate.

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  13. Troublemaker10 says:

    It’s quite possible that taking the right fork in the road is exactly what Barr intends to do, but has to wait until Durham is done with the criminal aspect.

    He hasn’t been shy stating in the past that he believes Trump campaign was spied on. He has been bringing in lawyers from outside DC (Ukraine evidence, Flynn case, and Durham looking into origins).

    The Democrat/lawfare group are trying to force him to resign and attacking him pretty hard which makes me think he is over the target and are worried .

    There were real crimes (fisa abuse). There were past injustices (spying, Carter Page, Flynn, Papadopolous, etc). And there was unethical and perhaps illegal activity related to attempts to remove Trump from office. They may not be able to indict, but there is a shameful story to expose and inform the public about (weaponized intelligence for political purposes), to deal with the fallout and implement whatever institutional reforms are needed.

    Time is running out, though. That much is true.

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    • Snellvillebob says:

      Nevertheless, until that occurs, if it occurs, Bill Barr is driving the coup plotters getaway cars, which means he is just as guilty.

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    • Rhoda R says:

      If nothing else, exposing the whole mess might cause enough public outrage that the FICA court and the entire process is disbanded and the massive data base is ordered destroyed, both by an act of Congress.


      • cantcforest says:

        Rhoda, the key is “exposing”: getting the breadth and depth of corruption outside DC and the media so that the Trumpian masses rise up and demand the razing of DOJ/FBI/CIA, a long,long recess of the thoroughly corrupt Congress, and the resignation of the top three levels of the military.


  14. JohnCasper says:

    “Hwever, not all Washington DC FBI agents/officials were involved. “

    And not all KKK (created by Democrats) members participated in lynchings.

    Are we suppose to award those who didn’t commit crimes (at least not too many) the Croix-de-Guerre? Even the French have higher standards than to do that.

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  15. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “HINDSIGHT – What we didn’t know at the time, simultaneous to the decision-making regarding Wolfe, was another (a second) DOJ cover-up effort was taking place surrounding the origin of the Russia-collusion fraud.”

    And what has been taking place that we do not know about?

    How many more cover-ups do we have to tolerate?

    If they can get away with this, what is next?
    Internment camps for dissidents?

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  16. Bogeyfree says:

    So here is a what if question for Turley, Powell, Digenova, Dershowitz and Sekula.

    If we know, and they know and more importantly IF BARR knows the FISA leak was covered up AND doesn’t do anything to rectify it is that a violation in anyway??

    Would love for a legal beagle to address this what if question.

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  17. Bogeyfree says:

    I wonder if this potential liability and this pickle if Sundance is correct is starting to get to Bill and thus why he went public on PT vs a polite and private conversation?


  18. JohnCasper says:

    Expecting Barr to simply do his job has become like expecting wreath fields to spring up on the moon.


    • Dutchman says:

      Good one. But, there are SOME commentors who will say;
      But MAYBE they WILL spring up??

      Working through denial, and accepting that what you WANT to be true,….ain’t takes time. Its a PROCESS, ….


  19. trapper says:

    They are also caught in a catch 22. Remember, the Carter Page warrant application that someone disclosed was for a FISA warrant. And they were possibly encouraged and assisted in that disclosure. Foreign INTELLIGENCE SURVEILLANCE Act. That’s national defense and that’s a violation of the Espionage Act by anyone who disclosed or assisted in the disclosure. Bad stuff. Ten years in prison.

    On the other hand, if there wasn’t a national security or defense issue involved, and therefore NO violation of the Espionage Act, then why were they in front of the FISA court for the warrant in the first place? They either violated the Espionage Act or defrauded the FISA Court. Not much of a “pick ’em.” F’d if you did, screwed if you didn’t.

    So the answer is, do nothing and hope it just goes away, a common human response to particularly vexing problems. Just put it off. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow…….

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    • Dutchman says:

      Not “someone disclosed”; Wolfe disclosed. Right after transporting it to a scif, where Warner viewed it.

      And, Wolfes attorneys made it clear they would be subpoenaing Warner for his defence.

      Its very clear, if you follow Sundances research on this, that Warner and probably rest of SSCI violated National Security and Espionage act.

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      • trapper says:

        Exactly. Unless there was no predicate for the warrant, they knew Page was not a Russian asset, and the whole thing was just political spying, in which case there is no national security/defense issue so no Espionage Act violation..But then the ones who obtained the warrant defrauded the court. But they were all on the same “get Trump” side. Somebody goes down, either for defrauding the court or for espionage. Catch 22.

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  20. JonB3 says:

    Write Bill Barr’s and tell him what you think and know … I did !

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    • AnotherView says:

      Good idea……think I’ll ask him why the DOJ is the department of “just us” because he and his cohorts are obviously exempt when it comes to prosecution for crimes. He should save us all a lot of emotional upset if he’d simply put out an alphabetical list of criminals in our government who’ll never see daylight through bars. Of course his name would be right at the top, with Wray at the bottom. How fitting.


    • sticknca says:

      Thank you for the link. Very easy to do. Drop down menu has an option of “Send a message to the Attorney General” . Painless and I have to admit a bit soothing.


    • scrap1ron says:

      Message sent.

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  21. Richie says:

    In other words…Obama succeeded in fundamentally transforming America into a third world crap hole. How many years did it take the Roman Western Empire to go through its decline phase before it collapsed entirely?


  22. cheryl says:

    On every comment section I’ve been reading, everybody is sick of Bill Barr and want him gone. What has me stymied is why Trump hasn’t tweeted his disdain like he tweeted all the time about Sessions. He’s only had good things to say about Barr.


    • trapper says:

      I am not sick of Mr. Barr and most definitely do NOT want him gone. He’s doing his job on his own time schedule and I’m happy to let him. PDJT’s tweets may make it harder for him, but Mr. Barr must also remember that PDJT is not a traditional politician. He openly expresses his frustrations, which almost always echo those of his supporters (count me in that group), so it’s just part of the current administration Mr. Barr signed onto. Presumably he was reading the papers before his nomination, so none of this should be a particular surprise to him. And now that’s over, back to work.

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      • amjean says:

        What about US citizen’s time table and the justice time table?
        Should we wait until the statute of limitations has expired?
        Should we wait until President Trump is out of office? Should
        we wait until Hillary is deceased? What the heck should we wait for?


      • gda53 says:

        A pearl amongst swine indeed.


      • X XYZ says:

        This reminds me of the pithy old advice given about marriage and a contemplated divorce.

        “Are you better off with him, or are you better off without him?

        If anyone is capable of making a dispassionate judgment about such matters, it is Trump.


    • JohnCasper says:

      DJT also had only good things to say about Sessions … … … … until he didn’t.

      Sessions was clearly in over his head at DOJ, it all being mostly alien to him. But Barr was there before and should have felt right at home from the start. He should have been able to “hit the ground running” and yet, to this day, is an utter failure at being any kind of justice bringer. Now for long enough to surmise he doesn’t even want to do what is right.

      Liked by 2 people

      • amjean says:

        Just remember this:

        1) Sessions recused himself without discussing it with the President first.
        2) AG Barr went on a television show and criticized the President, his boss,
        for tweeting; ostensibly in his opinion making Barrs job harder.

        That’s all folks; all you need to know. Everything else is just excuses and
        window dressing.


      • Komrade Retslag says:

        Yes, it would seem that AG Bill Barr would feel “right at home” as head of DOJ, since he held the position before. But, this DOJ was far too corrupted and weaponized by the Obama Administration.

        The agency is totally different from what he expected. It seems that he is facing real resistance and chaos, like nothing he had ever seen.

        AG Barr’s only option is to do the best he can to clean it up. And, Sundance is right, he should explain this situation, and the “fork in the road” to the American people. It would help him fight the corruption.

        Liked by 2 people

    • Les D says:

      Cheryl, PT has no choice, can’t absord the turmoil in this election year of another Mal-relationship with his AG. In about 310 days, Barr will be gone on his own or not. Inauguration Day. IMHO.

      Liked by 1 person

  23. Bogeyfree says:

    Another question…..

    Again if Sundance’s writings are accurate and If we know, and obviously the DS knows what happened and if Barr knows but doesn’t speak up, does that suggest the DS will have some type of leverage on Barr and the DOJ going forward?

    In tennis there is a place called NO Man’s Land that you never want to get caught in.

    Is that were Barr is right now???

    Man, I hope this thread gets to Rush, Sidney, Lou, Bongino, Tucker, Don Jr. PT and all of PT’s Attorneys.

    What did our Dad always tell us growing up?

    Honesty is the best policy!

    Liked by 3 people

  24. Curt says:

    Well, we’ll soon know for sure if Barr is for real or just another cover up artist. Durham’s probe, set to be released in the spring or summer, will tell us categorically if Barr is just another deep state player or an honest broker. If Durham has taken no definitive action, then we know the fix is in. If he comes up with some half way solution, we know the fix is in. He’s had plenty of time to convene grand juries and present obvious damning evidence for indictments. Kevin Clinesmith is beyond an indisputable slam dunk. I believe there’s good chance this government will be taken over by the deep state leftists if this conspiracy is given a pass by the DOJ. Historically, they have despised the voting process anyway. Hopefully, Donald Trump will be re-elected. The deep state players know this quite well and know the peril they face. I would be very suspicious of vote counting and election tampering in 2020. How did we get here? One of the big reasons are low information Americans who see these radical democrats as some insane Improvement over the system we now have. How many election cycles did it take for the rust belt states to realize that the democrats were going to destroy their jobs and economy? How many times do people have to learn that socialism does not work? I was in Venezuela in 2002 and it was truly a beautiful functioning country. They voted in Chavez on promises of a utopian society….. It happens over and over!! I’m amazed at how many Americans have bought into this insanity after seeing what history has already proven.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Dutchman says:

      PLEASE read the guidelines on the home page! Amongst other things, they spell out how you should break up your post, like this.

      It makes it MUCH easier to read, especially on cell phones.

      Second point is everyone has there own ‘test’ for “if Barr is for real”, but I suggest we should also test ourselves.

      If we keep moving the goalposts, thats a sign we are in in denial.

      If we keep saying “well, MAYBE,…” and then suggesting some complicated scenario where Barr is ‘playing it cool while he gathers evidence to make an airtight case”,….yeah, well MAYBE we just WANT that to be true.


  25. Why prosecute Wolfe for anything if it was a cover up?


    • Mortimer says:

      It seems that some honest people got the goods on Wolfe so Jesse Liu and company could not simply ignore it. Instead they hatched a plan to cut a deal and let him off easy.

      Liked by 2 people

  26. TradeBait says:

    Thank you for saying in more tactful terms what we know to be the truth. “Know” is the operative word. The DOJ and FBI stalls and delays have actually worked in our favor for gaining knowledge of the truth. However, we know and have known. There has been nothing more obvious than the treatment of Assange. If B2 doesn’t have the cajones for this he needs to resign from an unexpected heart ailment of something. He acts big and talks big. He needs to learn from the best – PDT.

    Tell. The. Truth.

    Prosecute. The. Criminals.

    Burn. It. Down.

    Build. It. Back.

    Do. It. For. America.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. Bogeyfree says:

    The perfect follow up thread to yesterday’s.

    I hope this thread and Sundance’s thoughts go viral.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Zy says:

    The Wolfe case exposed a dirty Deep State politician Warner, a Russian connection that had nothing to do with Trump, and conspiracy with the media in Watkins. That was a huge bonus to expose those tentacle of the coup. Very explosive.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Mortimer says:

    I sure hope that someone is on top of any applicable statute of limitations that apply to all of these crimes.

    We already had the statute expire on:

    1. The Hag
    2. Brennan lying to congress.


  30. MaineCoon says:

    Glad Sundance exposed that We know, He knows We know. Personally I don’t believe Barr is of the character that is needed to stand firm for truth, because, he hasn’t and backtracking would mean implicating himself at this point.

    No Barr will do nothing and exit and dump on President Trump in the process.

    I repeat myself, yet again. Lawyers never prosecute lawyers.


    We’ll see what Durham does. I’m not holding my breath.

    Oh and Barr getting outside counsel to review Flynn’s or was it Stone’s case. No matter. That’s a crock too.

    POTUS will have to pardon or communte their sentences.

    I still think he should bring in Acting AGs. Don’t bother going through the confirmation process. Bring in diGenova to shred Doj/FBI. literally just start firing everyone from the top down. About 7-10 levels down. Who gives a darn if they sue. Joe could get in and get out. Make Victoria Acting DAG. She can help with the pink slips. Just. DO. IT.


  31. alonzo1956 says:

    If Barr continues the cover up for ONE MORE DAY, he needs to be fired. Put Steve Bannon up as the next AG and when Warner and Burr pull their obstruction, expose their treachery for all to see. It doesn’t have to be Bannon, it could be anybody not from the swamp for that matter. If Barr continues the cover up, he either goes or we are through as a Nation of free people. It really is a fork in the road.

    Liked by 1 person

    • coolmamie says:

      Oh sure. Let’s just see how fast the Senate confirms Steve Bannon.


      • alonzo1956 says:

        Warner and Burr need to be exposed for their corruption. Bannon would need to be confirmed by them and their corruption would need to be called out. Drain the swamp. Their corruption needs to be exposed one way or the other. Rosenstein could have exposed it if he wasn’t part of it.


  32. beach lover says:

    Such a great summation, Sundance. I’m reading this and listening to the Mark Levin show on FDR at same time and thinking…this is how it’s done. Truth can be known but it takes a truthful media to keep the powers in check.

    Knowing the truth and telling the truth to the people are 2 very different things. Most will put on those rose colored glasses and say, leave it alone.


  33. AnotherView says:

    My cold anger turned to rage over the Wolfe business. That one was key to getting the corrupt senators. He should have been nailed to the wall and made an example.

    Liked by 2 people

  34. islandpalmtrees says:

    Today we have the Socialist calling for Barr’s head and a good many of the Republicans have already been looking for a similar effect. Like to sides of a boiled egg being compressed together the results would seem predictable and messy. Either way, Christmas cards don’t look good so far.

    More Than 1,100 Ex-DOJ Officials Demand Barr Resign, Call For Current DOJ Officials to Rise Up, Report Abuses, Withdraw From Cases That Involve ‘Misconduct’
    February 16, 2020, by Cristina Laila

    Liked by 1 person

  35. TheWanderingStar says:

    We have all now been “Barr-ed”: A peremptory exception to a proposition. There is no effect of law. Fitting name for a Scottish turd.


    • Les D says:

      341 more days. That’s how long PT is stuck with Barr. Inauguration Day. PT can’t absord the sure turmoil of doing the deed while heading into Nov 3rd.

      Did you notice PT’s comments a few weeks ago about appointing “Acting” Dept heads–he said “I like that–Acting–I like that” After he finally wisened up to how to get rid of Rosy w/Acting AG Whitaker.

      Rino Lazy Graham threatened PT not to fire Wray because he wouldn’t get another appointed when Wray first showed his swamp skin. That won’t be a problem in 341 days, Wray will be in the same Limo headed to Dulles Int’l with Barr.

      Like the Cajuns say: “Garonteeeeed”.

      Liked by 1 person

  36. cliff says:

    Sundance anon is arriving, independently and through brilliant research and reasoning, at the same place q anon is describing through presumed first hand knowledge, “we have it all”. This is a fantastic and necessary conjunction of related information from unrelated sources which may allow a critical mass of outrage to develop. I know it does in me.


  37. Bogeyfree says:

    Note to Don Jr………

    Just like that 18 year Daytona driver, Hailie Deegan, who wanted your Dad to sign her helmet.

    We need your Dad to speak with Sundance @ CTH ASAP about the thread below. Very powerful!

    Can you help make this happen? It literally could save our Republic?

    Now, I don’t tweet but feel free to use this verbiage along with a link to this Sundance thread and maybe, just maybe lightning will strike twice.


  38. Mortimer says:

    This is easily the most aggravated tone I can remember coming from Sundance. I think more of that (from many people) is exactly what we need.

    Liked by 1 person

  39. Martin says:

    The abandonment of righteousness weakens the seat of government and the stability and security of the nation.

    If we have a government that doesn’t obey the Constitution, we have an outlaw government-literally acting outside the law.
    Are we going to bequeath to our children an outlaw government or a constitutional government?

    Are we going to relinquish our “government of the people, by the people, and for the people” through the neglect of duties of citizenship?

    Are we going to let this all continue? The answer is inside ourselves.


  40. Mean Old Man says:

    Trump should come out and tell anyone everyone no-comment on Barr..

    Barr may be guilty of what Nancy is accusing him of or he may be guilty. He no longer comments on legal matters.

    Barr, the coward, wanted to pawn his weak DOJ leadership off on Trump.. I say shove his own recommendations down his throat.

    Let Barr account to the Rupublican base himself… Only reason he’s been given as much slack as he has with the lack of action is TWITTER!.. Oh.. but no twitter when it exposes me or I’lll stab you in the back…

    Let Barr drown in his own sewer… NEXT AG.. Done with this guy..


  41. coltlending says:

    “We would be in an entirely different place today if that prosecution or trial had taken place.”

    Yea we would.

    But the Big Club was entirely opposed to the Rule of Justice.

    They govern by the Rule of JustUs.

    And lest not forget:

    What’s the first Rule of The Big Club?

    Nobody goes to Jail in the Big Club.


    • jx says:

      > “We would be in an entirely different place today if that prosecution or trial had taken place.”

      And we’ll be in an entirely different place tomorrow if prosecutions take place today.


  42. Robert Kern says:

    Sundance, I read and enjoy your articles on a daily basis…but I am missing something here. I agree that it is outrageous that Wolfe got off so easily….And I agree that he had leverage over his Senate committee as he had years of dirty laundry to air if necessary…But if it had been revealed that FISA was all or nearly all of the Steele dossier, how does that indicate a giant coverup? It all came out with the IG report anyway. I am missing the evidence of Burr’s active complicity-other than being a RINO. Warner is just a partisan Dem, nothing unusual….To me, it seems more likely that Wolfe was undercharged because of other issues..not to keep the FISA under wraps…


    • Beau Geste says:

      Robert, letting Wolfe skate for disclosing topsecret scif material to a concubine-reporter-for-sex is very bad. But it is even worse if “Wolfe was undercharged because of other issues”.
      An honest DOJ doing its duty of investigating and enforcing the law “with equal justice for all” must indict Wolfe for any major crime relating to intentional release of topsecret material HE WAS ENTRUSTED WITH AS A SECURITY OFFICIAL.
      Wolfe’s attorneys say “we’ll tell on the crooked senators if you press these charges (and Wolfe knows a lot)”
      THIS IS A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY FOR DOJ. They do not need to get a FISA Warrant on the criminals, when one of the criminals rats out the others. Prosecute Wolfe, and let Wolfe “out” the crooked senators with whatever he knows.

      What the DOJ did is like catching a drug dealer in the act of selling illegal drugs. The drug dealer says if you prosecute me, I will out the drug importers, and all the city aldermen and police and governor I pay off to have my drug business….

      The DOJ is absolutely corrupt if it declines to prosecute clear, major criminality, to protect criminality by senators.

      That is on top of the corruption of political corruption of urging 7-9 years imprisonment for Stone compared to the “equal justice” of its 2-month Wolfe buddy-sentencing.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Robert Kern says:

        Thanks for your response…I agree wholeheartedly with your comments— I was wondering if I missed a direct Russia Hoax link to Burr or the rest of the Senators on that committee beyond Warner and apparently I did not. Warner was all in with the Russian Hoax, but the rest-including the republicans from what I can tell- are just passive.
        As an aside, the multi-tiered justice system will become even more clear with the Flynn review. Once the outside prosecutor sees that the 302s were altered, the Flynn case will likely go away to protect the FBI. It would of course be great to see it hung around Weissman’s neck but I hope for too much. Of course, Clinesmith could squeal….possibly taking both Weissman and McCabe down from another angle already outed by the IG. Again, I probably hope for too much


  43. Fatima says:

    Surprised to see how many people are saying it is hopeless. This very article is spreading reality. Follow suit. Force the issue. Raise awareness.

    Millions of people already know. Here is another reality, there’s been a silent war going on for several years now. Maybe I’m the only one that picked that up from reading Sundance?

    Here is another reality, we are not that far removed from impeachment, but impeachment is finally over. The road is substantially wider for maneuvering now.

    Liked by 1 person

  44. It has been years since I have experienced the urge to say “Right On!”, but you nailed it Sundance with these words; “We Know”. This crap goes waaaay back, and we have been witness to current and past crimes by the DOJ – When Christopher Wray was assistant AG, he appointed Weissmann to head the Enron task force which ended up destroying the lives of thousands. So the history is long and the problem deep. AG Barr has a huge task ahead, if he chooses to take that path. If he does not, we have lost the Republic. My current measure of Barr is that he has the desire, but I don’t know yet if he has the persistence (read: Grit). Fingers crossed.


    • Les D says:

      Not just lost their jobs, many Anderson employees got jail time, and Anderson–the largest an oldest public certified cpa firm in the US, thousands of employees, shut down, went out of biz.
      And then the Enron/Arthur Anderson convictions finally got to the Supremes 3 years later and were all reversed 9-0, with a majority opinion that was specifically critical of Weissman. He’s been doing outrageous stuff all over the US as part of DOJ Strike force for years, reversed too many times to mention, and beefed on by D atty’s just as many. And even after that sickening record, Wray praised years later, knowing of course what happened, after he was FBI director, said Weissman did a good job in the Anderson case. WTF? I almost fainted when I saw him say that on TV. That was Wray saying Beep You to the reporter who knew the story and asked this DOJ swamper the q. That spoke volumes to me and I’m sure to hundreds of attorneys around the US that know this POS.

      Liked by 2 people

  45. dcnnc says:

    Throughout this ordeal, there has been a tremendous focus on undermining POTUS’ support, all of which have so far failed. Given the unwavering support and the amount of discovery of this plot that has been fed into the voting populace (we know etc.,), perhaps a change in tactics to erode POTUS’ support was needed.

    One way to do that would be to trot out a White Knight that pays lip service to what took place and promises to get to the bottom of it (Barr), and have him delay and obfuscate, and then reel off a series of disappointment after disappointment (decline to prosecute) during the election year to deflate the energy of his base leading up to the election from the Trump side (instead of from the Democrat side: media smears, impeachment, show trials etc.,) Obviously that could backfire in righteous anger at the polls, but what other choice do they have at this point? Just a thought….


  46. TrustyHaste says:

    Yes, we all know and we are watching with eyes wide open. Mr. Barr, we all die, as you said. We all have to answer for our conduct. Let the chips fall.


  47. AnotherView says:

    As usual, you’ve spelled it out so well for us, Sundance. But I still keep thinking about the documents. Why in God’s name did Trump give them to Barr???


    • Beau Geste says:

      Why does PDJT keep them secret, even though there is no justification for keeping government records secret merely to prevent embarassment or criminality of the DOJ/FBI?
      Why does PDJT refuse any information from Assange that Seth Rich was the DNC email source, not crowdstrike’s claim it was the “russians”?

      VERY perplexing.


  48. dwpender says:

    Who ran the March 2017 “sting” operation that changed the date on the Page warrant application DOJ supplied to SSCI? Am I even correct in thinking that it was DOJ who provided the doctored document?

    Comey was still at the FBI. There’s no Special Counsel and no Rosenstein oversight. Sessions had recused himself from all matters “Russia”? Boente was Acting AG on such matters. Did Boente know about or approve the “sting”?

    Whoever was running the operation presumably knew very quickly that Buzzfeed, NYT, WaPo, etc got their dossier-info from the SSCI. How long did it take them to get Wolfe’s texts and figure out he was the direct leaker?

    Liked by 1 person

  49. VVV VVV says:

    “Turn around Bill, it’s time to come clean.“

    Why would he? There’s no reason for him to, nothing will happen if he takes no action. And if he does, who’s going it back him up that has any real power? It’s clear PTrump has no power to put these people away so why would Barr stick out his neck, what does he stand to gain at this point? Explain that to me.


    • Les D says:

      VG point, he’s just going to continue to keep the lid on the stench emanating from DOJ, for some even allows the clock to run out. He knows PT won’t fire him until Inauguration Day, can’t take the turmoil this election season.


  50. William the Comptroller says:

    To help get the ball rolling from another direction, as I have commented before, why not interview the jilted spouses of Strzok and Page and, yes, the dysmorphic Romeo Wolfe. Unlike other contemporary politician/ celebrity adultery scandals (e.g. Petraeus) where the media camped outside the front yard of the jilted spouse for juicy scoops, there has been not ONE single interview with neither Melissa Hodgman (of the SEC), Mr. Page, nor Mrs. Wolfe. Not one. I am sure they might throw their cheating halves under the bus. Its not that hard to locate their homes. (Especially, with the startling number of texts composed per day betwixt Creepy Eye Strzok and Princess Gingiva Page, you know that they have had to send each other a bunch of naughty photographs on their PRIVATE (and unsearched) cellphones… would be a shame, if, you know, someone got ahold of those and released them onto the interwebs…..) That’s how the wider public might become interested, sad to say, rather than read this less-prurient website. Remember the tragic killing of Chandra Levy in Rock Creek Park in the Summer of 2001?; it was on the national news for months because a politician (Condit) was maybe connected (before 9/11 shook us from that tired story) ! It has been admirable for Dean Cain and his acting friends to do dramatic readings of the Page-Strzok lovenotes but that audience is too small to make a wide impact. It’s time to put the “sizzle” on that steak!


    • YeahYouRight says:

      Love it! Princess Gingiva! Hilarious!

      Jilted Mrs Crazy Eyes Strozk is the one who released the lovers’ text to get this ball rolling! Big time counterintelligence officer can’t keep his phone (or zipper) locked down. Ha!

      You are right, though. Where’s the news stories about these people’s families?

      Liked by 2 people

    • steph_gray says:

      It’s quite a clever idea. Didn’t it turn out that the release of the Strzok/Page texts was the action of the angry spouse of one of them (I forget which)?


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