The Sentencing of Michael Flynn Represents a Very Big Problem for AG Bill Barr…

For the past week CTH has been outlining some lengthy research, highlighting key issues to help understand the background of what is evident.  If you’ve followed along, in this outline the individual pieces will all come together.  Bill Barr has a very big problem…

Andrew McCabe cannot be prosecuted in 2020 for the same reason James Wolfe could not be prosecuted in 2018. When we understand why we realize the problem that Michael Flynn now represents to U.S. Attorney Bill Barr.

United States Attorney General Bill Barr was not around in 2017 or 2018 when the DOJ was faced with the issues resulting from an investigation of intelligence leaks and Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) Security Director James Wolfe.

When the prosecution of SSCI Director James Wolfe was being considered, AG Jeff Sessions was recused; the Robert Mueller probe was ongoing; and as a consequence Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and U.S. Attorney for DC Jessie Liu were decision-makers.

I’m not going to repeat all the issues, you can re-read them HERE; however, the baseline is that Wolfe could not be prosecuted without running the risk of collapsing key institutions of the U.S. government. The consequences of a Wolfe prosecution were beyond the capacity of Rod Rosenstein, or the DOJ to handle.  There would have been massive constitutional crises created and the literal definition of ‘sedition‘ was at the center of it.

Accepting the 2018 objectives from Rosenstein; and factually I doubt Jeff Sessions would have made a different decision even if he was not recused; when AG Barr takes the helm in February 2019 he is forced to carry-over those same objectives.

In essence, regardless of Bill Barr’s outlook or opinion of what took place, he had no alternative except to defend the previous decisions.  As a result Barr has no option except to protect Rod Rosenstein.

If former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe was ever to be prosecuted the same issues that surfaced with James Wolfe would surface again.  The actions by DAG Rosenstein in 2017 merged with the objectives of Andrew McCabe at the same time. {SEE HERE}

It can be debated whether Rosenstein collaborated with McCabe purposefully, or whether he was blind to the prior year corrupt activity within the DOJ/FBI and fell into a trap.  It doesn’t really matter what Rosenstein’s 2017 motives were; the facts show Rosensteins’ actions facilitated the goals of McCabe and the corrupt actors within the DOJ/FBI.

Those actions had consequences, very serious consequences, and those consequences are what matters.

There is no way of prosecuting Andrew McCabe without putting Rod Rosenstein into the same crosshairs of consequence. {Go Deep} Rosenstein facilitated the FBI operations being run by Comey, McCabe, Baker, Strzok, Page, Clinesmith, Pientka and eventually culminating in Robert Mueller, Andrew Weissman et al.

When you truly understand this context you also understand why Joseph Pientka III has a blanket protective order over him.  The all-encompassing protective order is as much about preserving and protecting the institution of the DOJ as it is protecting the fulcrum of corrupt activity Supervisory Special Agent One, Joseph Pientka III, represents.

The DOJ had to throw a bag over Pientka or eliminate him.  Thankfully, and not surprisingly, they chose the former and now he’s under protection.

DAG Rosenstein could not prosecute James Wolfe without exposing ‘seditious‘ activity within the U.S. government itself.  Not pretend sedition or theoretical sedition, but an actual pre-planned subversive operation with forethought and malice.

Likewise AG Bill Barr cannot prosecute Andrew McCabe without exposing the same ‘seditious‘ activity; which also encompasses the activity of Rod Rosenstein.  Whether Barr wants to protect Rosenstein is moot; if Barr wants to protect the institutions from sunlight on two years of actual seditious activity, he has to protect Rosenstein.

It’s the underlying activity that cannot be allowed to surface; the institutions of government are not strong enough, nor are they set-up to handle, prosecutions that overlap all three branches of government. [ex. read former questions]

However, that said, now AG Bill Barr is facing a downstream and parallel issue within the prosecution of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.  How can Michael Flynn be sentenced for lying to the FBI when the DOJ is necessarily refusing to prosecute Andrew McCabe (at least what has been made public) for the exact same behavior?

Against this dynamic, the DOJ has two options: (Option A) go even harder at General Flynn using additional charges that are not as comparable to McCabe.  (Option B) find a way to drop the prosecution.

This dynamic is why the McCabe prosecution was not resolved in 2018.  This issue explains why there has been such a delay in the McCabe issue(s) since Bill Barr came into the picture in February 2019.

If Flynn just took the plea, everything would have been easier for the DOJ.  There would have been nothing to compare between the two, and time would have created distance to avoid any real comparison.  But Flynn reversed position and backed away from the plea.

So what do we see?

We see McCabe given an institutionally necessary free pass, and now Barr bringing in another federal prosecutor from St. Louis to reevaluate Flynn’s position.  The two options are again being debated: Crush Flynn on other matters; or drop it.

Take the totality of all these issues together.  Think about them for a while…

…Now do we see why AG Bill Barr needs President Trump to shut up?

Rod Rosenstein essentially protected James Wolfe because he saw no way the institutions of the U.S. government could survive the potential evidence in a trial.  Setting aside opinion on Rosenstein’s enabling of the sedition; enabling underpinning seditious activity; the decision makes sense.  [Consequences too big to jail]

Bill Barr is essentially protecting Andrew McCabe, and as a consequence Rod Rosenstein, out of a similar necessity.  From AG Barr’s perspective, there’s no way the institutions of government could survive the potential evidence at a McCabe trial; and McCabe would call Rosenstein as a defense witness.   [Consequences too big to jail]

At the heart of the matter, in the real activity that took place, there was a multi-branch seditious effort to remove President Donald J Trump.  From the perspective of those charged with the actual administration of justice – there is no way to put this in front of the American public and have the institutions survive.  What we are witnessing is a dance between increasingly narrowing rails and the DOJ trying to find an exit.

All of this 2020 angst is a downstream consequence of the 2018 decision not to prosecute James Wolfe; and the specific reason why they made that decision.

Those who framed the sedition recognize Bill Barr’s outlook on institutional preservation is an opportunity to weaponize against him. That is why four prosecutors could so easily defy his authority and set Barr up with the Roger Stone sentencing recommendation.

The Lawfare team know Bill Barr is trying to navigate away from exposing seditious  corruption the same Lawfare team helped facilitate.  The Lawfare group know Barr cannot prosecute McCabe; and they know exactly why. The Lawfare group can also see Barr protecting Rosenstein; and again, they know the reason why.

The corrupt crew saw what the DOJ and FBI did when they had the opportunity to expose it all in 2018.  DAG Rosenstein was afraid.

In 2020 AG Barr’s value for the institutions is also why AG Barr is afraid…

The seditious group filled the DOJ fire truck tanks with gasoline, and then they lit the House on fire.  General Flynn is trapped on the roof…. The neighborhood is shouting at fire Chief Barr “put out the fucking fire you idiots“, and wondering why everyone is just watching the House burn. Meanwhile, there’s several firefighters who know what’s in the tanks, and they are standing, smiling, hoses at the ready, cheering-on the angry shouts from the crowd…

Washington Post Article Here


President Trump says: Point the compromised firehoses at the smiling firefighters while making them hold the Zippo’s… then watch what happens.

The only way I can see out of this mess; the one crack in the current lock box; is the FISA court order for the DOJ to present the identified downstream consequences from fraud upon the court.  The FISC might actually be the ladder truck here.  With the DOJ and FBI currently assembling the investigative consequences, ie. the sequestration material, Flynn’s current legal status might be identified as an outcropping of fraudulently obtained FISA warrants.

Let’s hope those on the sequestration mission can return the information prior to the flames reaching the roof…

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1,327 Responses to The Sentencing of Michael Flynn Represents a Very Big Problem for AG Bill Barr…

  1. nimrodman says:

    … and today’s Sundance-radio-silence period ends

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    • nimrodman says:

      … with a big drop, as per usual

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      • The heaviest doses of truth are much more than necessary, they are by the very nature of what SHOULD be the Free Republic, a DUTY, and Sundance of all people does it best.

        Keep bringing the heat, never let up.

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        • grlangworth says:

          I like it. Turn it up.

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        • Cam Heck says:

          Someone needs to explain the downside to me because I’m dense:

          Barr, if he does the right thing and takes down the DOJ, FBI, CIA – all the way to Obama,will become the most consequential AG in American history- in the long term. Yes, the short term will be a sh*t show that will shock 50%-70% of the country. People will finally go to jail, the institutions will be razed, POTUS will be vindicated once and for ever, and when re elected, can rebuild the institutions with hand picked staff.

          ……and that’s a bad because????

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          • Tall Texan says:

            You answered your own questions with the reference to 50 to 70% of the country. The fear is the “country” can’t handle the truth.

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            • Charlie says:

              Thank you public school/university indoctrination, safe spaces, diversity and media ALL working to dumb down America.

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              • J says:

                I was watching one of those reporter on the streets segments the other day. The reporter had a picture of Lincoln and asked the guy, a black guy, what war he was President for. The guy answered “world war”.

                That is how stupid the people in this country are. A black guy doesnt know which war the President who freed the slaves led. That is the measure of our Citizenship.

                Despite all the noise that is playing out now, I still believe once the People have given the President an overwhelming mandate next November, the hammer will fall. One of the priorities after this happens MUST be education reform.

                When I graduated HS in 1984, we had the requirement of 1 year of Government and 1 year of American History to graduate. My Bachelor of Engineering required neither. These classes were nothing more than basic overviews and few people flunked these classes because the administrators were loathe to withhold graduation over such an issue.

                This must change. We need at least 1 year on the Constitution, with an emphasis on the Federalist Papers in HS, in addition to the normal overview of Government as a whole. Every college degree should require a year of study of the Constitution. (This is a requirement to graduate from Hillsdale College in Michigan.) How can we hold on to our Republic with such ignorant Citizens? It makes it easy for the treasonous filth to destroy the Republic.

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                • littleanniefannie says:

                  Problem is that when the class is taught by a radical leftist, it has all the radical leftist lessons in it. Seen that before!


            • betseyross says:

              This BS that the public can’t handle the truth is just and excuse for kicking the can down the road. This is so frustrating to me. The truth shall set you free. Bring it on!

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            • huecowacko says:

              Isn’t it great that “they” think of us and protect our sensibilities?:-(


          • islandpalmtrees says:

            Note: this just my opinion.

            I don’t see how Barr, can prevent Andrew McCabe from being taken down by the FISC court since he signed a warrant? When McCabe, is indicted, I expect him to talk. I think Andrew McCabe is a walking dead man. And, all Barr can do is to buy a little time for them both.

            I must be wrong because it would be in the best interest of the Lawfare team to helped Barr manage this instead of watching the flames grow higher.

            Sundance Writes:
            “Bill Barr is essentially protecting Andrew McCabe, and as a consequence Rod Rosenstein, out of a similar necessity. From AG Barr’s perspective, there’s no way the institutions of government could survive the potential evidence at a McCabe trial; and McCabe would call Rosenstein as a defense witness.”

            Andrew McCabe, needs to very badly to call a News Conference and tell the complete story, before he ends up like Epstein.

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          • boomerbeth says:

            Barr is CIA, THE KING FIXER. Don’t know why he resurrected himself, unless he was blackmailed to do so.

            HE WAS INSTALLED TO “INSULATE” THE COWARDLY CRME FAMILY CRIMINALS & Their extended assets. ( Mccabe Comey et al.)

            He is the MOAT between Good & Evil.
            THEY ARE MOST FRIGHTENED OF A COURT OF LAW (except one in DC).

            While Trump was playing MONOPOLY all these years, Barr was protecting the LARGEST RACKETEERING CRIME SYNDICATE SINCE THE FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE.

            He is “A chargé d’affaires”, in which he operates, rather than as the head of state, and acts in the absence of the head of his mission.

            IN WORLD HISTORY, He will be known as the “Devil with the out of jail free card”.
            His appointment was premeditated to keep Trump’s nose out of the REAL “affaires de state”.

            WONDER what RUDY KNOWS about Barr? He can’t be ignorant….


            • Firefly says:

              Comey screwed up then Mueller brought in. Mueller is brought in on many historical hit jobs. Mueller screwed up and Barr brought in. Barr is upset because Trump put the spotlight on the doj corruption. Barr is trivializing the corruption by calling it merely due to overzealous prosecutors. Barr is protecting the corrupt doj not fixing it- hence it’s getting worse. Now ex AG Holder is brazenly calling for doj people not to resign and do more “whistleblowing” on Barr.

              Barr can’t just sit on the fence- he has to choose which side of the fence he’s on.

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              • It’s like ‘bad meat in the refrigerator’.

                It’s not gonna get any better; you’ve just got to go in and deal with it now. Everyday that you wait, it’s gonna be worse.

                Waiting, and sitting on the fence, especially when everyone else knows why you’re delaying, is a pretty foolish choice. Fix it now!


  2. Carrie says:

    So many things have been leaked without repercussions- can’t someone please leak all of the Page/Strozk/McCabe emails? Those smug idiots really deserve to have it done to them. It would blow up the Flynn case too. Catherine Herridge has them!

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    • BobR says:

      U1 takes out Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein. Guess that’s why nothing moving forward on that deal. How can anyone vote democrat, Trump should win 100 million to 1.

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      • islandpalmtrees says:

        All signers of the Carter Page FISA warrants must be indicted and prosecuted. So from my point of view Barr is running the risk of being taken down with the fraudulent actions of those who signed the warrants.

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        • Beau Geste says:

          The crooked FISC has already refused to withdraw the fake warrants, or discipline the liars and withholders of the DOJ/FBI. Any honest court would already have done this.
          The FISC can’t be relied on to protect civil rights of US Citizens, which was the only reason this court was created. The FISC appointed a pre-biased amicus to “assist ” them… So how could they be relied on to do anything honest?

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          • islandpalmtrees says:

            Are you saying none of the signers of the Carter Page warrants will be prosecuted? It’s already a pre-determined outcome?


    • Yy4u says:

      Which is probably why CBS has HER (Herridge).

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  3. WE THE PEOPLE have a Constitutional Crisis and it is DERP STATE CORRUPTION that affects all of our lives.


    If there is no rule of law for “them”, there is no rule of law, period. It’s FAR past time… and I am talking in decades.

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    • Jerry Joe says:

      Interesting analogy using a house on fire and a crowd watching it burn. Now if that house were owned by of these seditionists and Flynn was in the crowd, one wonders what would they be screaming to Barr…


    • John Comnenus says:

      It is highly possible Barr is simply not in control of the DOJ just as PDT is struggling 2 gain control over key bits of the Executive Branch.

      If Sundance is right then here’s a Barr exit strategy. Barr makes sure Durham brings charges against key ppl involved in the FISA predication.

      Barr is then shocked by what he finds & recommends a special counsel to look at everything. Barr resigns at end of Trump 1st Term & appoints someone like Radcliffe or Powell as new AG.

      With the house, senate & WH, POTUS can really drain the swamp including impeaching some corrupt judges.

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      • dawndoe says:

        Not unless we gain a house full of Jordan’s, Ratcliffes, Zeldins, Collins types. What we have now will not cooperate.

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        • dawndoe says:


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        • littleanniefannie says:

          We’d better get a crop in the Senate. That is where there are more deep seated “graft”ers. There is where we have the most entrenched and most serious pocket liners. They are, for the most part, long termers, with deep lines of hidden bank accounts. Not only do we need to keep the White House, we need to retake the House with honest, God-fearing Conservatives, and clean out the Senate of the scumbags. This will be no easy task. Every Obama holdover must Be removed from the government, no matter how far up or down the totem pole!

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          • This whole debacle started because Rookie Rod Rosenstein was trying to PROTECT Senators who’d violated the law– Richard Burr and Mark Warner. Let those motherf*ckers go up in flames.

            Put the heat right back on them, and make it their problem. Turn a flashlight on the entire Senate, and I’d bet you could find quite a few dirty Senators who could be ‘convinced’ to help Bill Barr out of this predicament.


    • Bravo!

      PDJT has already been unleashed after the corrupt impeachment hoax. After 3 Nov PDJT will be completely unleashed.


    • Les D says:

      I like TheHumanConditon comment above. It has been decades in the making. The old, old timers who were D atty’s that I have talked to over the years seemed to agree the seminal point was RFK going after unions and organized crime. Makes sense, Eisenhower was the previous administration, elected in ’53 when TV came out until JFK.

      Three Fed judges in my district in the 50’s, now 29. Almost all criminal activity was tried in state court except the occasional Tax Evasion, think Capone in ’31. Much smaller criminal US code, now volumes. Slowly better electronics, bigger US Atty offices, growing FBI. The old mail Fraud statute revived into high gear. RICO passed in 1970–kaboom, bigger FBI/IRS/Treasury Agents, the drug stuff in full bloom already so DEA, ATF.

      More and more money thrown at the “War Against Drugs” and law enforcement in general. All of those agencies getting better at their crafts, most for our betterment, but also partly evolving over 60? years, give or take, into the impunity we see in our DOJ/FBI.

      All greatly, greatly assisted by more and more new Federal judges who morphed into faux prosecutors. Without most of them forfeiting an impartial judiciary, this would never have happened. If anyone is the blame, I’d blame them. My bro was one, he’d say “There’s nothing wrong with the FBI as long as you are the FBI.” haha.

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    • boomerbeth says:

      This is what you mean, Correct?


  4. Mike in a Truck says:

    The main problem for Barr is PDJT isnt going to shut up. Xin Loi.

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    • Michael says:

      “In essence, regardless of Bill Barr’s outlook or opinion of what took place, he had no alternative except to defend the previous decisions. As a result Barr has no option except to protect Rod Rosenstein.”

      I smell bullsh*t.

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    • Philip Faustman says:

      Nor should he! Just because it will destroy the publics trust is no reason to cover it up! Expose all the traitors! If it takes dumping all the classified documents DO IT! Self educated smart people already know we can never trust our Government, DOJ, FBI again already anyways.

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    • Tl Howard says:

      Obviously Barr and Trump must have talked about Spygate at length when Barr came on board. One wonders if Barr looked POTUS in the face and said, “Mr. President, I will do all I can to trace how this all happened, who was responsible for it. However, I must tell you, there might, and in fact probably Will, come a time when revealing how you were framed. (if that happened) and by whom (if we are successful in determining that) will be too dangerous to the health of this Republic. I want you to know, in that case, that I will choose to save the Republic, sir, and I hope you will as well.”

      If he didn’t, surely POTUS knew it anyway.

      I would ask Mr. Barr, if I could, “Sir, if those who seek to overthrow a duly elected President, are able to escape the shame of being revealed to all, if they are able to escape justice, then sir, WHAT will prevent this from happening to one POTUS after another?

      “After all, there are few human beings, I am sure you’ll agree, who have the fortitude to have survived what POTUS Trump has survived physically, emotionally, professionally, spiritually, etc. This would have broken other mortals. Escaping justice will only see to it that your revered institutions, including the DOJ, remain the province of scoundrels.

      “What say you, sir? I don’t envy your position.I know you are a bright man. You believe the Republic cannot survive the revelation of the truth. I say it cannot survive rot that now resides within it. Like any cancer that does not receive treatment, that rot will kill the patient, the Republic.”

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      • jimboct says:

        What is real sickening (like all of it already is!), a free press is supposed to be a check and balance on tyranny. The msm is chin deep in this with the deep state Dems. This all coming out would be an awakening and loss of public innocence not seen since the jfk assassination. I’m glad President Trump is keeping the pressure on AG Barr. This cannot be let to happen again.

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      • MAGA Minuteman says:

        T1 Howard, I fully agree with everything you posted. Great comment!

        As you stated, AG Barr is an intelligent man and knows full well what’s at stake. I have a different take than Sundance on this one. Let’s walk this down the road a bit…

        The highest potential crime they have on Stone and Flynn is lying under oath or to the FBI even if it’s a very weak case for each. That same crime, lying under oath or lack of candor, is the very lowest crime they have on Comey and McCabe. Just because Comey and McCabe are not being charged with these lower crimes, doesn’t mean they won’t eventually be charged with other higher crimes.

        It is pretty clear after this week with the walk out of the four attorneys in the Stone case that Barr is dealing with some bad actors in his own agency. I believe that act was a last gasp for those four individuals who knew the end was near and their case was going to blow up big time. Their act was a desperate attempt to misdirect and throw some bad light onto AG Barr and away from them.

        In the Flynn case we have our hero Sidney Powell doing God’s work trying to seek justice for her client. That case is clearly not going well for the prosecuting attorneys as it has been delayed again and again and now indefinitely (hopefully awaiting sunlight). In both of these cases, we are starting to see the rule of law taking hold as the bad actors and bad actions are exposed. This is a very positive turn of events and should not be overlooked.

        We are a nation of laws not of people. If AG Barr wants to be seen as someone who is guided by the rule of law, then I can see how the timing of a tweet would bother him as it would give the appearance that he is being guided by a person and not by the rule of law. In this case even when that person (our VSGPDJT) and the rule of law are in agreement. Personally, love the tweets as it gives us unfiltered access to our President.

        Make no mistake, I went out to my shed to inventory my pitchforks just in case, but I think for now hammering away with the sunlight Sundance and the rest of the good guys are providing is doing wonders.

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  5. The Devilbat says:

    Mr. Barr should come clean and indict every one of the seditionists. Forget covering it all up. Coming clean is by far the best course. The American people will accept this outcome and they will have future trust in the agencies involved once the criminal element has been outed.

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    • By all rights he should be forced to do so Devilbat. If not him, then the next AG should be brought in “soon”.

      We The People are dying for The Reckoning, more of us than Barr can imagine, thanks to Donald J. Trump, 45th President of these Untied (for now) States.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Barr has to understand that Trump’s enemies will destroy him also as the will try to frame everyone who is in the Administration as one huge corruption machine – i.e. what the DeepState/DC is.

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      • boomerbeth says:

        Barr IS DEEP-STATE.and TRUMP’s ENEMY!! A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.
        Accept that.

        The criminals will,try everything to fix the election ( black box voting).
        If Trump,prevails, BARR will be gone.
        Trump will be unleashed .

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    • vladdy says:

      That is so right. I cannot see any other course that would protect the country. We have a lot of couldn’t-care-less-too-busy-with-life-to-pay-attention (like the Iowa caucus voter who said “You mean he’s gay?” just after handing in her “Pete Caucus Card”) but it also has plenty of people who DO pay attention — and this cannot be swept under the rug without too may seeing that huge bulge and wanting it revealed.

      We can never see seditionists as “too big to jail” — because they WILL keep right on (as they are at this moment—nothing has stopped)— and we’ll end up with a duly elected president removed at some point, whenever (and whoever) that may be. The big reveal CAN happen, but their success at overthrow and nullification (plus gloating and urging on their “street army” to take it out on us while they’re ahead) cannot be allowed to happen..

      Corporate media’s been talking about “no guardrails” lately? Well, this would mean there really are no guardrails – no protection against the ultimate overthrow. As the Human Condition says below, more of us than Barr can imagine are invested in this now.

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    • Give Rudy the AG spot after 3 Nov. Jeanine DAG. And Justice will get done.

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  6. Judah says:

    Sundance, I cannot thank you enough for all that you do.

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  7. Sharon says:

    “,,,, the institutions of government are not strong enough, nor are they set-up to handle, prosecutions that overlap the three branches of government..

    So apparently the only way the Republic can survive (…or extend its life a bit….) is to deny the existence of crimes that overlap the three branches of government.


    The safety of Three-Branch Criminals is apparently assured. It’s a whole new iteration of Stockholm Syndrome.

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    • That scenario cannot be how this “ends” Sharon. These “institutions” have FAILED us, and must pay the price for doing so.

      There cannot be such absolute power with no checks and balances as these “institutions” so obviously intend to enjoy.

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    • lumoc1 says:

      Based on human history no “Republic” has yet survived even if some have had their life extended a bit. So, what would be the reason to deny the existence of crimes that overlap the three branches of government and save the thoroughly corrupt enterprise. 😦 😦 😦

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    • ABN says:

      “…the institutions of government are not strong enough, nor are they set-up to handle, prosecutions that overlap the three branches of government…”

      I am not sure I buy “the institutions” argument. Each branch of govt has some very corrupt people who have been identified. We even know most of what they did. Barr and Durham can just do it; clean house. POTUS will back them and so will a majority of Americans.

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    • cantcforest says:

      Sharon, do you remember the air traffic controllers’ strike in the 1980’s? Do you remember President Reagan’s solution?
      IMO, President Trump will likely have a similar solution on Jan. 22, 2021.


  8. TarsTarkas says:

    The people in the various institutions are NOT the institutions themselves. They are not synonymous. I cannot believe Bill Barr doesn’t understand it, he is brighter than me. He cannot allow the people misusing the institutions from escaping justice, or in the end they will be held to justice, one way or another. I really really do NOT want to go there.

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      IMO the institutions will survive, if the less-culpable people lower down are willing to help clean out the Augean stables. But the decision must be made and the will has to be there, or bad things will happen.

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      • zorrorides says:

        Regardless of where Hannity puts the decimal point, am I right, Tars T?

        Whether the “honest, brave, patriotic members of the FBI” weigh in at 9.99%, or at 99.9%.

        The less-culpable people lower down must expose and punish the coupists and all their fellow travelers. The institutions of the USA are not the people in them. The People will never trust the institutions and the federal government itself unless the honest employees inside rise up, and expose and punish the coupists.

        Senators will be respected after senators expose and take down the cabal.

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        • GB Bari says:

          Those who present evidence that will “take down” the corrupt, guilty seditious Senators and Deep State Coup Clan, better have hard irrefutable evidence. NOT the kind of he-said / she-said rumor relay chains they tried to use against Trump in stirring up the Ukraine hoax.

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        • littleanniefannie says:

          The less-culpable people lower down must expose and punish the coupists and all their fellow travelers.

          Maybe the people lower down are content being known as seditionists, cheats, liars, and criminals. Otherwise, why are there no whistleblowers in the “Justice tentacles”? Is it because the whistleblowers seen to date are all liars and focused on protecting the coup? I just find it hard to fathom what has gone on. If Barr is protecting the institutions, he is playing one helluva game of Jenna. One wrong move and the whole thing comes tumbling down. Honestly, saving the institutions for the sake of continuity is not exactly the right thing to me. It allows the judicial double-standard to fester like a boil. In this case, it is a boil festering on humanity. If we sit back and let those who have used the laws and the Intelligence communities to subvert the people and government, then we are no better than they are. Donald Trump was elected to drain this swamp. To date, he has faced a ridiculous amount of opposition from the political class and their enablers (the MSM).
          In what free world does justice include imprisoning Flynn and Stone while allowing Wolfe, McCabe, Comey and Brennan run free? In what free world does President Trump face constant impeachment’s while Obama received praise and even a Nobel for selling out the country? In what free world do members of Congress put personal profit and gain above the citizenry they were elected to protect and the Constitution which they took an oath to defend?
          At least we know why Barr is sitting on all the declassified documents. Do we necessarily believe that prosecuting the seditious behaviors will destroy the country? My question—Will taking down the seditious parts of our government (CIA, FBI, DoJ, etc) destroy the government? Considering that the Democrat field is driving at breakneck speed toward Socialism, is it possible to do any more damage to the country by exposing the coup and their efforts? If we truly want to save the republic, I don’t think protecting the coup is reasonable, especially if those who were tricked and lied to are convicted of far less than the coup members. Flynn, Stone and Manafort have been broken financially while Comey, McCabe and Wolfe (whose crimes were infinitely more egregious) have become enriched, largely because of their corrupt activities!
          What is the right answer? What lessons do we want our children and grandchildren to take from this sordid situation? Time will tell.

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    • Is he TarsTarkas, is Bill Barr brighter than you?

      Think about it…


    • Rock Knutne says:

      I wish someone with expertise in going there would go there and bring along a bunch of friends with plenty of experience in plucking out rats from what they think is an unreachable hideout.

      Removing them one by one…

      I don’t need to know the details.

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    • frances says:

      I agree, these people are only actors on a stage, they are not the stage, the govt is the stage and is perfectly able to survive the outing and conviction of these clowns. Do not give them a power they do not hold, see them for what they are, they are only employees and bad ones so FIRE THEM Barr. What are you waiting for, or are you simply one of them?

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  9. Jade says:

    I would like to hear from Sessions. He needs to reveal who talked to him and what was said to him to make him recuse himself. He needs to come clean with the American people.

    As for the institutions, the people who started this coup destroyed them. I would never trust them again.

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  10. lettruthspeak says:

    Rubbish. It’s a crime, they are criminals, and they need to be brought to justice. They tried to take down the president with their evil deeds, so are Rosenstein, McCabe, Mueller and all the rest more important than the presidency. They’re not even elected and need to be thrown to the ash heap of history. I’m sick of hearing about how the American people can’t handle the truth. The American people are begging for truth and justice, but the cowards put in charge will have none of it.

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    • NJMAGA says:

      Exactly. That we can’t handle that there are criminals in the institutions is nonsense. What is worse is if they get away with it their crimes will be even bigger next time. God forbid a Democrat wins the Presidency, they will bring the same crew right back in with big smiles on their faces. I never heard of anything so ridiculous that to save the institutions the criminals must get away with their crimes. Barr is using that as an excuse because he refuses to indict his friends.

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    • GB Bari says:

      I believe Sundance is writing from Barr’s perspective as to “what he cannot do.” I believe Sundance does not agree with Barr’s choice, but is presenting Barr’s assumed defense of his choices.

      We (probably rightfully) believe that Barr’s thinking / reasoning has been conditioned by his long tenure in The Swamp. He has no intention to venture into uncharted waters by arresting and prosecuting the top level management of the FBI, DOJ, State Dept., CIA, DOD, corrupt FISC judges, and the former Obama Administration management and staff while simultaneously exposing long term, highly respected Senators and Congressmen as having participated in sedition. As Sundance described, this coup involved all three branches of government.

      Because so many participated in the sedition, Barr could well be thinking that there are far more guilty than can be replaced by established election, appointment, and approval processes, and we cannot go without leadership in most of these positions for very long – maybe a few days at most for many – without some serious ramifications. Yet the guilty seditionists know this too, and by threatening to bring so many others down with them if they are called on the carpet, they intimidate Barr from doing anything.

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      • candyman says:

        Lets first seperate the DC swamp from the rest of America. No way indicting 30 unelected career swamp dwellers will have any effect on any institution of this great country of 350 million people. Trials will be the equivelent of TV game shows with people sneering or cheering at the screen. A bonanza of good ratings would mean 35 million viewers with networks vying for airtime, Vegas will start a betting line and office pools will have brackets with winners surviving, reminiscent of old Roman games with the accused fighting it out in the amphitheatre now call courts. In the end the democratic party is renamed and Trump achieves sainthood as the final gavel falls and Howard Cosell sings KAG.

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    • Mark L. says:

      Me thinks there are too many cooks in the kitchen. The DC gravy train is leaving the station, all aboard.


  11. CopperTop says:

    Things that start with T – Trump, Treasury, TNT.

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  12. Parrot says:

    But even if the corrupt prosecution of Flynn is dropped and he walks, the DoJ State remains unreformed and emboldened and ready to use its power to prosecute against its political enemies.
    Truly the Untouchables.

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    • rayvandune says:

      But if Flynn walks, he does what they targeted him to prevent… blows the whistle on the international corruption in the Obama admin generally and Obama intel community specifically.

      I don’t feel an ounce of sympathy for Barr. He decided to lay down with a pack of mangy dogs, so why is it anyone else’s fault if he is infested with fleas? And these institutions must be protected to protect the American people? Protect us much more, and we will come and burn your goddamn whorehouses to the ground!!

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    • vladdy says:

      “Truly the untouchables” is right. No guardrails if they all walk.


  13. AnotherView says:

    Remember–McCabe said he would ‘sing like bird’ if anyone tried to charge him. I imagine all the top tier scumbags have plenty on each other.

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  14. Zydeco says:

    I’m trying to come to grips with the End of the Republic. At this point getting an indictment on one or two coupsters is the least of POTUS’s worries. This weekend is the Saint Valentines Massacre if the Latter Day Patriots of the Dying Republic.

    Not only do we lose the Republic we have to live the rest of our lives listening to the very criminals of the coup virtue signal to us, call us crazy, and celebrate their “exonerations”.

    Live free or die?

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  15. Publius2016 says:

    Drop charges and release the Rosenstein Memos, Strzok Texts, and Original FISAs…

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  16. JohnCasper says:

    I can play the pipes and I can sing
    When its all said and done, I won’t have prosecuted a single Deep State thing
    You all should know by now, it is my King

    – Bill Barr

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  17. Thesokorus says:

    I realized today that Lincoln (personally not a fan) is an interesting parallel for trump.

    Lincoln had to search long and hard to find a man willing to wage the type of war he wanted. The others just wouldn’t do what it would take and then he found Grant.

    Trump is in the same spot. Barr is a man capable of doing what is required but he probably isn’t willing.

    Personally, I hope Trump finds his Grant soon. I think it is Kobach, but Trump never mentions him…

    PS. This is nothing, not even a fraction of the US Civil War. It’s just a fear of the press in my opinion.

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    • Brutalus says:

      Bill McClellan?


    • James Carpenter says:

      Senate will NOT confirm anyone who would bring the walls down around them.
      Fire Barr and turn a “bulldog” loose? And exactly what can one “bulldog” do when it is the bureaucratic inertia and self-preservation that does the daily work, informs their every move? Bringing a box of donuts to work isn’t going to win friends and influence anyone. Nor are tantrums, news conferences, interviews on Lou Dobbs.
      We, the people, are proved impotent and the laughter we hear only gets louder the harder we struggle.
      A tectonic shift in Congressional membership would do the trick.
      So might the appearance of benevolent aliens who arrive and take over.


  18. starfcker says:

    So taking all this at face value, Bill Barr has about the same lifespan as Jeff Sessions. He’s gone after the election. In the meantime, the steady drip drip drip of public awareness never stops. The steady departure of seditious characters from positions of power also continues to drip. 2020 is not going to be the year we all hoped for. But that doesn’t mean that year is not coming.

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    • gda53 says:

      To be replaced by who? Another (worse) Deep State sycophant?

      Now we know why they have not allowed recess appointments.

      And they are not going to do that in his next term either, no matter how sweeping his victory. PARTICULARLY if its a landslide..

      Barr was/is the “good” Deep Stater. It’s all downhill from here.

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      • Nothing to stop Trump from firing Barr and appointing a temp AG thus avoiding senate approval. The temp AG can hold the post for 210 days (+/- 7 months). An awful lot can be achieved in 7 months.

        I don’t know if an acting AG can be replaced by another acting AG. But if so, then theoretically, and providing Trump can get everything in sync, the swamp could be drained if not by a single acting AG in 7 months, then a series of them. All without the input of the senate and with the delighted accompaniment of seized pacemakers, apoplectic splodey heads and soiled comforts over in the house.

        Change my mind.

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  19. gnome says:

    You’re reading Barr wrong. Barr would like to go where the law will lead him, but Trump has stated his reverence for the Office of the President and won’t let Barr go anywhere that would lead to the indictment and imprisonment of oh bummer, however well deserved.

    It makes Barr’s job very difficult.


    • Publius2016 says:

      44 would never be charged as Presidents can label anyone “An enemy of the State”

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    • Gosh, I wish I had all the inside information you guys must have. You seem to know so much more of the inner workings and private conversations than the rest of us, or well, me.

      I had no idea that President Trump thinks maobama should go scot-free just because he pretended to be President of this nation!

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Remember how scared everyone in DC seemed to be when the original Nunes memo was? There are many times where we came close to that point but nobody crossed that line. It is so manifestly corrupt that once that there is no defending it if one governmental link breaks.

      For a lot of people hardest word to say sometimes is “No.”

      But once you do – you can’t take it back. The DeepState has marshaled and exposed much of their pieces and their methods. I can all crumble if that first step is taken decisively.

      The thing is if there was ever a great bargain and I don’t think there is, it would be broken because they want Trump’s head as a lesson to all.

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  20. Gadsden says:

    Sundance needs to do a deep dive into Barr’s history. Are the reports of him being involved in Iran Contra, Mena, Arkansas CIA drug smuggling with HW Bush and Clinton credible? If so, we are screwed. Really, really screwed.


    • UncleGrumpy says:

      Bill Barr was a key figure in the Ruby Ridge disaster.
      Perhaps he’s a better person now.

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    • The Deplorable Tina says:

      This article was in the comments of one of Sundance’s posts yesterday. I didn’t get all of the way through it, but what I read made me sick to my stomach. It is from 1992.

      “A federal judge accuses the Justice De­partment of trying to “shape” a case in­volving illegal loans to Iraq. The House Judiciary Committee blasts federal attor­neys for compromising their reputation for impartiality in the investigation of a com­puter-software theft. CIA officials charge a deputy attorney general with advocating the suppression of evidence in a sensitive sentencing hearing.

      To even the most avid scandalmonger, these may sound like the ravings of a fe­vered Orwellian imagination. But in fact they are all part of a litany of wrongdoing leveled at George Bush’s Justice Depart­ment in the past two months alone. And at the center of the criticism is the chief artic­ulator of Bush’s imperial presidency, the man who wrote the legal rationale for the Gulf War, the Panama invasion, and the officially sanctioned kidnapping of, foreign nationals abroad — Attorney General Wil­liam P. Barr.”

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  21. Reserved55 says:

    Send In The Clowns.

    Screw the “Institutions”.

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    • JohnCasper says:

      The first thing I want to teach is disloyalty [to institutions] till they get used to disusing that word loyalty [to institutions] as representing a virtue. This will beget independence [and justice] –which is loyalty to one’s best self and principles [and country], and this is often disloyalty to the general idols [institutions] and [institutional] fetishes.

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  22. JohnCasper says:

    I never had the pleasure of personally knowing Justice Brandeis, so I can’t honestly say he was actually a friend of mime, but still I know this much – William Barr is no Justice Brandeis, not even a pale imitation.

    Decency, security and liberty alike demand that government officials shall be subjected to the same rules of conduct that are commands to the citizen. In a government of laws, existence of the government will be imperilled if it fails to observe the law scrupulously. Our Government is the potent, the omnipresent teacher. For good or for ill, it teaches the whole people by its example. Crime is contagious. If the Government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.
    – Justice Brandeis, Olimstead v. United States 277 U.S. 438 (1928)

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    • willyeye says:

      Never thought I’d see the day that America is more corrupt than Mexico, but that day has most surely come. It’s really a scary thought. I just hope that Barr sees the light. If he lets the evildoers skate just to protect his dumb institutions, he will literally be the cause of Civil War II. Hear that Barr? You will be responsible for the death of millions of Americans, half of whom are good and decent people. May God have mercy on your soul AG Barr!


  23. Debra says:

    Are those squealing sounds I hear?

    Whee. Wheeeeeeeeeee. Wheeeeee!


  24. warren matha says:

    Either destroy the individuals who perpetrated all of this or undermine the institutions forever. The fallacy embedded in the claim that the institutions cannot survive the prosecution of individuals is the thought that the institutions can survive only so long as the evil perpetrated goes unpunished and concealed from the people. In so doing, Barr will undermine the very institutions he hopes to protect.

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  25. Do stop thinking about tomorrow says:

    The question is once the fire reaches the roof will he ise the declassification parachute to jump away from the fire. Will he allow congress to impeach him or will he bring the house down? Will President Trump grow tired of while thing and appoint his own Special Counsel? So many questions so little time? 5 years is no that long!

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    • Nope, 5 years isn’t “that long”, but it’s not “that short” either, especially measured against what our VSG President has done in three years while under constant attack.

      If President Trump put out the word for all of us to come to DC, who among us is already ready to go?

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    • Robert Smith says:

      The easiest way for DC to resolve this is to impeach and convict Trump. Everyone will get paid their pieces of silver and then some.

      Yes, we’ll be pissed but if you are going to tell me we’ll see some version of continuous riots in the street or even demonstration like HK, I don’t believe it. Because at the rate things seem to be getting more extreme in terms of limiting Trump’s power, just getting to the 2020 election seems awfully far away.


  26. Clara says:

    All true. However, the institutions, in the manner that they currently operate — as political weapons of the left — are not worth saving. So, burn them to the ground, if necessary, and start over. Painful as it may be, that’s the only alternative to becoming a third-world banana republic.

    Bill Barr can’t do it because he has long and deep ties to the DOJ. Someone from way outside DC would have to be brought in to do it.

    That’s why I knew Barr would not be the answer to this crisis. He acknowledged during his confirmation hearing that he was good friends with Mueller. He goes way back with many of the key players in this coup attempt. There was no way he was ever going to clean up any of this mess.

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    • He doesn’t have the strength of character to do it; a weak man.


      • gda53 says:

        He doesn’t have the strength of character to bring down the Republic?

        The guy who saved PDJT from Mueller and certain Impeachment?

        Seriously, you’re calling the guy who shut down Mueller and SAVED the President from Weismann’s nefarious plan a “weak man”?

        Barr is the very best we could have expected in the circumstances. PDJT knows that. Nunes knows that. Both of them trust Bill Barr.

        You think they are weak men too?

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        • Jim in TN says:

          Where does all this ‘Barr shut down Mueller’ crap come from? That is flat out untrue. Barr let Mueller wind down at the time Mueller chose. To be more precise, it was at the time Pelosi chose.

          That is right, Mueller chose to wind down at precisely the time Nancy told him to wind down, and he delivered his report almost on time with her investigation schedule set up in her rule changes made in early January.


        • What the heck is wrong with going back to the scene of the original crime… James Wolfe was only charged with lying to the FBI. He was never charged with ‘leaking confidential information’ in the form of FISA warrants which he divulged to Ali Watkins in exchange for sexual relations. Charge him, and when Mark Warner and Richard Burr start protesting, then charge them, too– because they aided and abetted the leaking.

          Go back and clean this thing whole thing up– and that’s the end of Barr’s dilemma. Next, arrest McCabe for lying to an FBI agent, and if he wants to squeal, let him– and arrest who ever he fingers in the fallout. If Rotten Rod Rosenstein goes down, well, he deserves to be punished for this debacle. Then, address Strzok, Page, Rybicki, Wray, Brennan, Comey, HRC, et al—-> 0zero and whomever else may have dirty hand prints. Burn it down. The Swamp will forever own you and blackmail you, if you don’t eradicate them now while there’s a chance.


    • vikingmom says:

      Agreed – so, Sundance, any suggestions as to WHO could actually come in and do the job that needs to be done?

      I am not asking a facetious question – I really wonder if there is someone who is strong enough AND disconnected enough, that they could come in and REALLY clean house!! I know there are members of the President’s staff (or possible family) who read this blog and I think they are probably looking for a name they could contact on the DL that might be able to undertake such a Herculean task!!

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    • JohnCasper says:

      ” He acknowledged during his confirmation hearing that he was good friends with Mueller.”

      There are three way by which to tell a man: his eyes, his favorite quotes and the friends he keeps.
      – unknown

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    • olddog35 says:

      Then the captain can go down with the ship.


    • Robert Smith says:

      Question – can an interim, non-Senate approved AG do these tasks?


  27. vikingmom says:

    “Not pretend sedition or theoretical sedition, but an actual pre-planned subversive operation with forethought and malice.”

    And that sedition includes NUMEROUS current and former members of the United States Senate, including Di-Fi (and her Chinese spy), the gruesome twosome of Warner and Burr, the late (but definitely NOT great) Senator Songbird, and the SoS duo of Senators Clinton and Kerry, who simply moved to Foggy Bottom to continue their pilfering of the US Treasury at a faster pace.

    This is why both Cocaine Mitch and Miss Linda are desperately trying to wait it out but are very worried about having their role in covering up the corruption exposed! I think Rand Paul knows most of it but unless he has HARD evidence, he knows that he, and his family, are in real physical danger if he shows his cards too soon,

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    • The complexity is delicious. In a thousand years this will be one of the greatest stories of intrigue ever told.


      • James Carpenter says:

        Stories that are buried, witnesses succumbing to depression and accident… leaves a blank spot, no complexity in a hundred, much less a thousand years.


      • Rhoda R says:

        It will be one of the greatest stories ever told IF, and only IF, the good guys win. Else, it will be buried so deeply that archeologists from a millennia in the future won’t be able to dig it up.


    • zorrorides says:

      Anyone who comes into the fray and scores strong results for the American side will be loved and forgiven by the people.

      Mitch McConnell is such a man. “When I first had thought I could actually beat the Swamp by adding my small strengths and skills into the fight, I first made a plan then told the President I hoped I could add my assistance. And then I acted, and you see now what the People and President Trump can do.”


  28. Neil M. Dunn says:

    Prosecute, convict, jail–that is what should happen to these criminals.

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  29. Bill Barr and the swamp may think that somehow no one can survive without their sacred institutions, but I do believe I can. Who needs them…give me a break. Not to worry, new ones will crop up most likely much too quickly.

    It would be so nice to be free of a few of these corrupt institutions and the corrupt people sucking off of them…can we include the SSCI and a few other Senate committees which are nothing more than money laundering operations for the corrupt Senators.

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  30. PinotNoir says:

    Purging corruption is what the electorate expects the DOJ to do. Preserving institutions, whatever the good intentions, is useless. I invest a lot of money in making wine each year. Last year it was bad and I dumped it. Cost a lot but I cannot afford to be known as a vineyard that sells bad wine.

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  31. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “Meanwhile those who framed the sedition recognize that AG Bill Barr’s outlook on institutional preservation is an opportunity to weaponize activity against him. That’s why four prosecutors could so easily defy his authority and set him up with the Roger Stone sentencing recommendation.”

    These are kind of people we are dealing with. They would not think twice about killing us.

    Ecclesiastes 8:11 KJV

    Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.

    Romans 13:1-4 KJV

    Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. [2] Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation. [3] For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same: [4] For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.

    President Trump is correct. This can never be allowed to happen again in our Republic.
    Punish the offenders and deal eith the fallout.

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  32. Dude, I never metaphor like that Fireman Metaphor before.

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  33. Phflipper says:

    “The all-encompassing protective order is as much about preserving and protecting the institution of the DOJ as it is protecting the fulcrum of corrupt activity Supervisory Special Agent One, Joseph Pientka III.”

    When I lie I must continue to lie. When the government lies, the same same. I might try to involve others in my lie, unbeknownst to them, but I started with a lie, I must continue.

    What I know to be the Deep State, is in my mind, the STATE – we are in a world of hurt because the State is deep, and it must lie.

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  34. CNN_sucks says:

    A few good men. Barr ”You can’t handle the truth.” We can. Or else get out the way. Drain the swamp.

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    • littleanniefannie says:

      Democrats can’t handle the truth. They don’t do their own research. They trust their friends at Fake News. Truth in journalism? Seriously?


  35. xcontra says:

    Logical but depressing. It neans none of these criminals get the perp walk, and it makes perps of everybody else that opposes them. As George Smiley said, there is a a last clever knot at the middle, and Karla has pulled the Circus inside out. And it looks like our Gerald is named Rod Rosenstein. But where is our Smiley?

    I think I will reread it, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

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  36. The Boss says:

    Rubber meet road. What exactly about the institutions needs protecting? People like Rosenstein, McCabe, Comey, Wolfe, Liu, the SSCI leadership and certain FISA judges are NOT institutions. They are co-conspirators and pollutants of the institutions they “work” in. Man up Barr!

    Meanwhile, anyone can see how WaPo is spinning the DoJ situation into another impeachment “inquiry”. This too will backfire, and will result in the very exposure Barr is trying to prevent.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      Please please PLEASE can we have another impeachment “inquiry”. We need to find a way to make that happen. The last one was so effective… for VSGPDJT.

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      • So true mr.piddles.

        The last impeachment sent Pres Trump’s approval ratings sky high and he scooped up a record number of donations.

        The Dems looked like morons strutting around spouting gibberish.

        So please, please send us another impeachment inquiry Pelosi, PLEEEEESE!


        • littleanniefannie says:

          Except this time, ask the questions. Call the coup. Filibuster with Adam by constantly asking about his contact with the whistleblower. Wear him down.

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  37. String theory says:

    Barr should just burn it all down. I don’t buy this too big to let the conspirators go free as they will only do more next time. This has to be dealt with left his country is done.

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  38. DiogeneseVindicated says:

    Mr. Barr;
    America is stronger than you are giving it credit for. Light the match, we’ll cover you. Let it burn, the rot must be expunged.

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  39. Gary says:

    Trump doesn’t give a flying ____about these people. When push comes to shove,he orders the investigation into Wolfe and the ssci. Same day he declassifies. It’s coming.

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  40. Santiago 1314 says:

    If McCabe is “too Big to Fail”… Then Brennen, Clapper and Comey are “Untouchable” and The Republic is LOST… Rome crumbled from Within and same is Happening to USA… If Institutions are too weak for “Bleach Bit” and ReBoot, then the Constitution is Not worth the Paper it is written on.!!!… The Institutions(Bureaucracy)are Nothing; The Rule of Law, must be Applied Equally to ALL or None will Follow IT.!!!

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    • coastermomohio says:

      Exactly right! Our Republic WILL be lost if this sedition is allowed to stand. It’s almost lost now. We either have a valid Constitution and rule of law, or we have nothing. I won’t deny it may be painful, but in the “end”, it will be worth it, if not for us, then for our children and grandchildren.

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  41. Pew-Anon says:

    The institutions will survive. The individual criminals within should not. We can replace the criminals tomorrow. Yes, even the Senators. So this concern for institutional integrity is a canard on Barr’s part. I don’t buy it.

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    • Rhoda R says:

      State governors can replace senators quite quickly even if they have to be confirmed by a vote later. Same with Reps. The Good God knows that we’d be better off without the corrupt judges even if they are never replaced.

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      • J says:

        Ya I really want Gretchen Whitmer choosing my senators. And NY really wants Cuomo choosing theirs. And California needs Newsome choosing theirs.


    • littleanniefannie says:

      Amen. And if the institutions don’t survive, it will be because the coup members destroyed it. They are the criminals—low level, top tier, Senate, administration. Whatever!


  42. mr.piddles says:

    “There would have been massive constitutional crises created and the literal definition of ‘sedition‘ was at the center of it.”

    I’m a strong believer in the Rip-Off-The-Band-Aid method. It’s hard to do… you got all that hair all stuck under under there and whatnot… but it’s gotta be done. So you do it.

    The Republic CAN ultimately survive if SOMETHING is done about the cancer eating away at our Federal Government. The Republic CAN NOT ultimately survive if NOTHING is done about the cancer eating away at our Federal Government.

    It’s really that simple. Doing nothing is simply kicking the can down the road. But at some point you run out of road. At some point you gotta admit to yourself that that Band-Aid ain’t just gonna fall off by itself.

    For perspective… the country has survived…
    * A Civi War
    * Two World Wars
    * A Great Depression
    * A near Great Depression 2.0
    * A catastrophic Mass Casualty Event by foreign terrorists
    * A catastrophic Mass Casualty Event by domestic terrorists
    * Assassinations of Presidents

    I say we’re doing OK this many years on. Crises averted. Does D.C. think they are SOOO IMPORTANT to the very survival of The Republic that it’s best just to hide the problem, no matter the downstream consequences? Seems they do.

    Liked by 9 people

  43. Payday says:

    My opinion is…he has to do the right thing and expose it all. Too many innocent people are being hurt…and not doing so will just embolden more of it. Individuals are not institutions. The institutions will only fall if he fails to do so.

    Liked by 6 people

  44. sDee says:

    I believe the country can survive the complete exposure, demolition and the rebuilding and/or permanent elimination of these institutions.

    Freedom will not, can not, survive letting them stand. There is no other Donald Trump waiting in the wings so our time to act quite short. What will it take to re-aim that hose and light the zippo?

    Liked by 7 people

  45. TradeBait says:

    Truthfully, We the People have been prepared for the incineration for a couple of years now. It’s the seditionists and their leftist supporters that are hanging on with the help of the establishment. Time for them to jump from the building and die. B2 can jump with them if that’s who he wants to defend.

    Have the US Marshalls step in to keep law enforcement going. The Treasury has SS headed their way to secure it. Just let ‘er rip. The military will protect us from global enemies. Corporate American will not miss a beat. Time to be the Republic that the Constitution says we are.

    Liked by 9 people

  46. dan says:

    He is in a fishbowl. Anything he does will draw unwanted attention, and the only way out is to do the right thing whether he wants to or not.

    He may or or may not realize it, but any other course of action will only multiply his problems. Realpolitik is dead and the internet killed it.

    Liked by 5 people

  47. Now we have businesses too big to bankrupt, banks too big to fail, government institutions too big to prosecute, and politicians too big to indict.

    Liked by 5 people

  48. Yy4u says:

    Time for Barr to make like Solomon.

    Half the people know how corrupt the whole USA government is, so it cannot be swept under the rug.

    Yet to admit ifvwas all a hoax to the useful idiots who continue to be fooled by the media might bring down the governmenta

    Thus Barr’s dilemma.

    Answer probably will be to find a scapegoat or two which is the usual default..

    Barr us an honorable man whose first loyalty is to the government which to those who serve the government IS the country


  49. Cheese says:

    It’s to complicated to ever get a jury to convict.


    • No problem. Indict some of them on the no brainer process crimes (lying, leaking, etc.) and some will flip and implicate the bigger fish for lenient sentences. Let the Senators off with forced resignations and total loss of pension and benefits or they can go to trial.

      Liked by 1 person

  50. Newhere says:

    Wow. Eternal gratitude to Sundance.

    And quite the teaser at the end ….. because what I was thinking reading this was, okay, so Barr (and before him Rosenstein) were cornered by a forced calculation to save the institutions; but where stands the President?

    He was, after all, elected for the precise purpose of letting house burn down (to extend the metaphor) if that’s the only way to remove the rot besieging it. He wasn’t elected to save the institutions. He was elected to expose them, come what may. At some point a republic can’t stand when the corruption runs so deep. If the President’s election stood for just one thing, it’s that collective pronouncement that we’ve reached that point.

    So, not AT ALL clear that the president’s assessment matches AG Barr’s. And he is still the President. He can declassify and expose the information whenever he likes. The president can replace Barr; his hands are tied by whom the Senate would confirm, but he also can make use of the “acting” capacity, which he’s done before.

    Not to say this also isn’t a difficult dance for the President, including because it’s clear the media will do everything it can to memory-hole and obfuscate the truth. I’m beginning to think THAT is the single biggest reason he hasn’t just declassified everything once and for all. After all, Nunes revealed much of the plot years ago, but with the media ignoring it ….. crickets. If the entire apparatus is determined to invert fact and fiction ….. our President may have few options. At the same time, the tweet reminding everyone (and particularly Barr) that he’s the President and can involve himself in criminal enforcement whenever he wants sure seemed like a veiled way of saying, “if you don’t do it, I will.”

    I have to figure the President’s calculation isn’t the same as Barr’s, and what leverage/moves he has to direct the outcome. QUITE an interesting tweet about killing the king ….

    Liked by 2 people

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