Army Announces They Will Not Investigate Lt. Col Alexander Vindman…

President Trump mentioned the likelihood the military would take a look at the conduct of Lt. Col Alexander Vindman in the wake of his leaking classified information to construct a fraudulent whistle-blower complaint with CIA ally Eric Ciaramella.

Today Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said Vindman will not be investigated for his role in breaching national security protocol, fabricating claims and breaking chain of command.

WASHINGTON DC – The Army will not investigate Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, the former National Security Council staffer who testified in the president’s impeachment investigation, the service’s top civilian said Friday.

Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy made the announcement at an event just days after President Donald Trump said he imagined the military would “take a look at” whether Vindman should face disciplinary action for the “horrible things” he told House investigators about the president’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky last July. (link)

When we consider that Lt. Col. Vindman was carrying out what he believed to be his role; and when you overlay his military purpose; and when we accept Vindman was assisting CIA agent Eric Ciaramella in constructing his dossier to remove President Trump; and when we stand back and look at the aggregate interests involved; and when we consider there was ZERO push-back from the ranks of military leadership, specifically the Joint Chiefs of Staff; and when you accept Vindman was simply allowed to return to his post inside the White House – where he remains today; well, the alarming aspect increases in direct proportion to the definition of the word: “coup”.

Beyond the debate about the optics of the “coup“, within the testimony of Lt. Col Vindman, the NSC witness readily admits to understanding the officially established policy of the President of The United States (an agreement between President Trump and President Zelenskyy), and stunningly admits that two weeks later he was giving countermanding instructions to his Ukrainian counterpart to ignore President Trump’s policies.

The coup against President Donald Trump went from soft, to hard. Consider…

The testimony from Lt. Col. Vindman is available here. [SCRIBD pdf below]

Borrowing from Roscoe B Davis, here are some highlights:

Representative John Ratcliffe begins deconstructing Lt. Col Vindman, while his arrogant attorneys begin trying to interfere with the questioning.

This next section is very interesting, and very important.

Congressman John Ratcliffe begins questioning Vindman from the perspective of an Article 92 violation {READ IT}, coupled with an Article 88 violation {READ IT}. President Trump, is Lt. Col Vindman’s superior. President Trump sets the foreign policy.

Any commissioned officer who uses contemptuous words against the President, the Vice President, Congress, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of a military department, the Secretary of Homeland Security, or the Governor or legislature of any State, Commonwealth, or possession in which he is on duty or present shall be punished as a court-martial may direct. [Article 88, UCMJ]

Two weeks after President Trump has established an agreement with Ukraine President Zelenskyy, and established the policy direction therein, Lt. Col. Vindman is now giving contrary instructions to the Ukranian government. Vindman’s lawyer recognizes where the questioning is going and goes absolutely bananas:

Here’s the Full Transcript:


A reminder from the CIA “whistleblower” attorney. January 30th, 2017, ten days after President Trump’s inauguration: the “coup has started”

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543 Responses to Army Announces They Will Not Investigate Lt. Col Alexander Vindman…

  1. 94corvette says:

    I guess it would be too much to ask to have our military be citizens of just one country, the USA.

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    • Redzone says:

      Deep State is making their move/sending PT a message:
      1. 4 prosecutors resign from Stone case. “PT colluding with Barr” will be ongoing narrative;
      2. McCabe Innocent, while all PT associates charged with displaying lack of candor for phony charges;
      3. Vindman cleared, sending the message “we can do what we want;”
      4. Ongoing tweeting from other conspirators cheering each other on in support. “No fear”, just like McCabe.

      Deep State letting everyone know who’s in charge.

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      • Redzone says:

        Forgot about:
        5. Barr interview basically telling his boss to back off, I’ll do what I want.

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      • dbobway says:

        Some of the players will fall. Even a big one or 2.
        Justice will not be served in the attempted coup of a duly elected President.
        Only our overwhelming vote could change this outcome.
        The Congress is the deep state. It will take a decade to get the Congress cleaned up.
        Our vote is still the most powerful defense of our Constitutional Republic.
        We have to deliver this November.
        Find a friend who agrees with us, but doesn’t vote. There are million’s of them.
        If we all find just 1, we will overwhelm the election.
        Go find one!

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  2. Lactantius says:

    Vindman is a puke. The impeachment coup is chock-full-o’ pukes. However, The Commander in Chief decided not to take summary judgement on Vindman and handed him over to the millstones of the Army Gods of Justice. Apparently, the Army has looked at the Puke and can find neither rhyme nor reason to charge Vindman with violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. An Article 134 for “various offenses that prejudice the good order and discipline or bring discredit upon the armed forces” have not been pinned to or even strictly implied on Vindman.

    He was against Trump’s use of words and he testified against Trump concerning his (Vindman’s) opinion of proper Presidential conduct.

    Velvet Revolutions are full of creeps and oozing discord. Vindman may well be (or highly probably) a Democrat coup sympathizer. But if he is put on trial for what the prosecutors reasonably suspect, is the evidence against Vindman strong enough to convict him beyond a reasonable doubt? No.

    The Trump appointed Secretary of the Army can not find enough probable cause to investigate Vindman in search of such violation. So, Mr. President, the ball is back in your court.

    Charles Dickens created perfectly styled villains such as Fagan, Uriah Heep and Bill Sykes. But his real genius was in “Jarndyce v. Jarndyce” played out to near total frustration in Bleak House where the villainy is within the system: “The one great principle of the English law is, to make business for itself. There is no other principle distinctly, certainly, and consistently maintained through all its narrow turnings. Viewed by this light it becomes a coherent scheme, and not the monstrous maze the laity are apt to think it. Let them but once clearly perceive that its grand principle is to make business for itself at their expense, and surely they will cease to grumble.”

    We watched the Jabborwocky charges against Trump in the recent impeachment charade and wondered how simple reason had eluded that impeachers. Vindman is likely a political player, but as such, he is and will be politically defended. The “cause” against him may be so weak in fact and statute that pursing him is a zero sum game.

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    • How’s this? “I, as Commander-in-Chief, hereby order Lt. Col. Vindman to be reduced to the rank of Private and dishonorably discharged from the US Army.”

      Would that wake up any of the Army Brass?

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    • stripmallgrackle says:

      I’m not sure how Dickens would have put it, but there are bigger fish to fry. Joe Walsh put it this way:

      “Take the big ones home
      Let the little ones go
      Far away”

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    • mr.piddles says:

      “wondered how simple reason had eluded that impeachers”

      Oh, they are well-reasoned. It’s their unmitigated desperation to hide The Truth, and the consequences of not doing so, that makes them not only appear irrational, but be irrational.

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      • Lactantius says:

        I agree that they “knew what they were doing.” Sadly, they knew that the bulk of the media and way too many casual onlookers came to see mud-wrestling and the truth be damned. These are the days when the Republic has finally reduced itself to bread and circuses and don’t piss me off. The “principled” aspects of the French Revolution soon enough devolved into a crap-storm and the world got Napoleon as a result. Imagine Elizabeth Warren, Corey Booker of Amy Klobuchar as dictator of correctness. To paraphrase Mark Twain, “It’s a terrible death to be hectored to death.” Especially in vindictive “woke” blunderbuss ambushes.

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    • rjones99 says:

      Maybe question his ass. You think?


    • California Joe says:

      Funny how nobody in the Army ratted out Vice President Biden when he was using Hunter shaking down Ukraine and threatened to withhold American military aid unless they fired the prosecutor investigating his son and Burisma??? Where were all the Army Officers who were duty bound to report that extortion, illegal order, violation of the law???

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      • dallasdan says:

        “Where were all the Army Officers who were duty bound to report that extortion, illegal order, violation of the law???”

        They were contemplating their mortgages, college tuition for their children, their own career advancement, and the ****-storm that would rain on them for doing so. Intimidation of potential adversaries is a highly effective tool of the DS.

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    • WSB says:

      Exposed again.


  3. willthesuevi says:

    And to think, there are still people out there thinking there are going to be military tribunals.

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  4. Blind no Longer says:

    It’s a Deep State pile on. Message to all career government employees that attempt a coup….
    CARRY ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. Summer says:

    No coincidence Kelly resurfaced with his critical comments, no coincidence Bolton felt emboldened to appeal to “conservatives”. No coincidence the DOJ announced no prosecution of McCabe. No coincidence the military announced no investigation of Vindman. And may I add, no coincidence Barr gave that interview to ABC. All within 1- 2 days. Expect more.

    This is a full blown coup d’etat. The Swamp is desperate.

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  6. Right to reply says:

    Could Vindman have gotten off because he was following orders of someone more higher ranking?

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  7. Old Dawg says:

    The fact that the military displays this level callousness to the standard set forth in the UCMJ and hundreds of years of adherence to ‘good order and discipline’ greatly disturbs me. It says that the military has become an arm of the banana republic efforts to run things. Dangerous is too tame a word. Burn the whole thing down, President Trump!

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  8. Bert Darrell says:

    Isn’t it true that former President O’Zero Cokeuser purged the military and promoted a bunch or hard left specimens, including accommodating men and women who remain to-date?

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  9. ggmppv says:

    So the left has totally destroyed the military as well. That’s pretty much it. They have destroyed schools and universities, Hollywood, the legal profession, music, sport, the FBI, DoJ and every other government department, at least 10 states. Heck, they even destroyed the GoP, but I always the military would survive.

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  10. “Chief of the Army, you are now retired (or fired as you wish). Next!”

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  11. Dukeroyal says:

    President Trump, as Commander-in-Chief, should order the Army to investigate Vindman.

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  12. cantcforest says:

    A word of caution to all (me too) who believe that PDJT would overwhelmingly win re-election: The news of the last few days strongly suggest he will never get a chance. How are you preparing for that eventuality?


  13. rigst4 says:

    And I just thought about the thing with the Navy bending over backwards and openly defying President Trump in the Eddie Gallagher case. None of the upper level admirals gave a rats ass what the President of the United States ordered. So, again, in this Vindman situation, we get open defiance of the President. I wonder when this will turn to an actual, armed and shooting military coup since the soft coup attempts have so far failed?? The United States has reached third-world banana republic status.

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    • We are very close..But for God…


    • Randolph Scott says:

      You are very right in your observations of what has happened and will happen.


    • MustangBlues says:

      You write with conviction: ”The United States has reached third-world banana republic status.”’

      Nope; not at all. If so happened, then the opponents of the President would be daily 3rd worlded, meaning purged, murdered, imprisoned, drowned in the ocean, and other.

      Meaning they are lucky they are not in a real 3rd world hell hole dictatorship, and just say it because they can play the victim in safety. If the fit hits the shan, there will no protesting and posturing as morally superior, because they will be godfathered a minute after the hammer falls.


  14. rjones99 says:

    The Joints Chiefs need to be replaced. Immediately. Just incredible. what a bunch of fvcking traitors. Sickening our military is debased by these sob’s.

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  15. hoosiertruthfan says:

    Nothing to see here folks. Move along now. Shiny object over this way, please.
    With the news about McGabe and now Vindman, it’s a good day for the Deep State.

    There is a steady build of disbelief and frustration by many Americans following this swamp critter coup attempt. If things don’t start to happen to indicate there is a semblance of blind justice, I suspect we are heading to a civil war. What option do you have when justice is so obviously skewed? We had a revolution to escape a similar kind of tyranny.

    As prescient as our Founding Fathers were, no wonder they didn’t set up the equivalent of the CIA and/or FBI. I’m going to have to pull out the Federalist Papers and Articles of Confederation again for a looksee.


  16. Cavt says:

    Sure, why not. This is all dem/libs get off free day. Keep it going. Throw Avenatti into the mix and Shiff’s joke committee can give him a pardon–


  17. Jim says:

    So discouraged by all the news today. I know God has us in times of despair and today I cling to that.

    This is all sickening.

    Love all my fellow Trump loving treepers.

    Thank you Sundance for all you do.

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    • 7delta says:

      Remember, the Revolutionary War was an English civil war. Once it started, the Continental Army had a very bad go of it. Looked quite dire. People prayed, had faith, did their best and refused to give up. As it turned out, all those losses, intercepted communiques, betrayals, etc. were like dominoes that when hitting a block, fell in another direction. That direction led to victory. Think of these setbacks as a guide to direct us to where we concentrate our energy and prayers next. It’s the map to victory.

      Today has been disappointing, but in the fullness of the overall view, these losses are small skirmishes that determine nothing. The wrongdoers only think they’ve gotten away with their crimes. Justice is always served. Natural Law ensures it.

      I do trust the Plan. God’s Plan. He doesn’t lose. Stay the course…keep praying and trusting in the One through whom all things are possible.

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      • I do trust God and do keep praying. He is with us and wants our prayers, our faith and our standing w Trump and for the truth! I’m in!!

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        • 7delta says:

          Sometimes, I have to remind myself that this is a war and it’s really a spiritual war. I think one of DJT’s most prescient statements is when he said “they” really hate us; he’s just in the way. One step further into that revelation is that it’s not really us they hate, though they do. We’re insignificant to them, as people, but representative of what they hate and must destroy.

          Whether they realize it or acknowledge it, it’s God they work to take down, so they can rebuild the world in their own image, where they assume His place and authority. What most of them don’t grasp or believe for a second is that they too, are only representatives of God’s adversary and are even more insignificant and disposable than they think we are. Their master is the father of lies, the author of “by any means necessary.” They are merely means, blinded by their own base lusts and consumed with hate for anyone or anything that doesn’t worship them (through the disguise of government.) 

          An independent people who rely on God’s Grace and Guidance cannot be owned or ruled over by the selfish and perverse whims of man. Ultimately, He’s the One in the way.

          You’re right. He does want us to seek Him, to trust Him and His Plan and to stand firm on The Rock for what is true and good. “Fear not, for I am with you, even until the end of the world.” God really does have this. We just need to seek to align ourselves with His Will, to pray for it and to expect it, no matter what happens. It’s tough, sometimes, to see through the chaff, but I think that’s when our faith is strengthened.


      • WSB says:

        May God bless you 7delta.

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    • gda53 says:

      You’re discouraged that Barr is looking into the Flynn case? Or that they caught the 4 Horsemen trying to railroad Roger Stone?

      Or about the expanded news of the Durham criminal investigation?

      Sheesh. I would at least call today a draw.

      Vindman is nothing and we knew he would skate. It was fairly obvious that the long delay in dealing with McCabe meant they were not going to pursue “lack of candor”. You think getting fired was not a penalty? Do we want him serving probation for 6 months or getting off from a DC jury? Or do we want him indicted for the coup and serving time?

      Don’t despair, be assured that Barr/Durham will be bringing RICO indictments in the next few months.


  18. chojun says:

    At this point, if there is no investigation into Vindman then it’s because Trump doesn’t want it. I suspect it’s because Vindman is a distraction and Trump has much bigger fish to fry.

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  19. Parrot says:

    The Admin State is getting impatient.
    The quicker it can make the plebs understand there is no other way, the quicker this Trump disruption will end. McCabe is the final “see, we can do what we like because we own DoJ”.

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  20. DiogeneseVindicated says:

    Obama corrupted the military. I remember once thinking ‘whaf harm could a community organizer do?”. Well now I know.

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  21. Dwayne Diesel says:

    Yeah, imagine that…

    Meanwhile the sailor in jail cuz he took pics of the engine room for his fam is wondering if he could be treated the same?

    Of course not. Two tiered justice…

    We are not a free people.

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  22. joeknuckles says:

    What is this, some kind of half-assed truce?

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  23. Greg1 says:

    Anyone in the military can now use the “Vindman Defense” for any similar type of behavior. The precedent is set. Lawyers will line up to make a name for themselves.

    No, I could not have gotten away with anything even remotely close to what Vindman did when I was in the Army.

    And, no, I would not have wanted to try.

    And that punk will get to keep his clearance.

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    • CountryDoc says:

      Can anyone here offer a rational reason why this is being let go?

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      • WSB says:

        THIS may not be done yet, IMHO.


      • WRB says:

        My guess (for what it is worth) is that Vindman is not in line for promotion, and is due to retire from the army in the near future, and “they” are taking the path of least resistance. In other words, some may wish to prosecute him, some may be on his side, and they all want the problem to go away. Thus the system defaults to “let him go away quietly.”


    • Dwayne Diesel says:

      Same here when I was in the Navy. I had friends thrown in the brig and Big Chicken Dinnered over less I subordination.

      What a crock. This is getting out of control. No one will be held accountable. No one. Abd the latest blog by Sundance further process no one.

      We are not a free people. We are given the allusion of freedom now. We have more laws limiting stupid personal decisions than places I visit for work.


  24. Rock Knutne says:

    Where’s the guys in the military that are willing to stand up for their Commander in Chief?

    Did president rspect co-opt every single one of them?



  25. Raised on Reagan says:

    Looks like the only hope we have is if Vindman’s troops frag him.

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  26. freepetta says:

    Let’s see NO McCabe indictment and no investigation of Mr. Vindman? What kind of 💩 is this?

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  27. Gunner says:

    Constitutional Republic? At one time, yes. No longer. I’m still stuck in new blue Virginia; and the bastards are coming after this retired Marine because he exercises his 2d amendment right. Vindman, McCabe, et al… seeing all of you real soon, I’m afraid.

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  28. Conservative Foundations says:

    Of note:
    Donut boy MFer is showing up at the Army War College in Carlisle. This was a front page article celebrated by Pennlive that donut boy was coming to town. This is a damn promotion. IT is an honor, or at least it used to be, to be selected to the Army War College. This also means he will make full bird Colonel.
    One pissed off Seabee.

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  29. Have Gun Will Travel says:

    Among warriors this clown is known as a rat-@&$!#% and worse – a Ranger School chow thief – someone who stole his buddies scarce food while they were near starvation in the Army’s Ranger School. He squirmed by on that and he just squirmed by on his role in this conspiracy.
    If there is any good side to this it is that he will never get to be in command of Soldiers and extemely likley he won’t see any further positions where he can significantly harm national security. And the President is the one who approve’s any future promotions for him.
    He is unfortunately one of many of his type who were groomed during the obama years.

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  30. Admin says:

    Don’t go getting outraged over this, our resident barometer boogywstew will tell us when we can or cannot be pissed off over this type of crap. I mean afterall, he seems to way cool with all of the news coming out today.

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  31. swamph8er says:

    You mean the same military leaders that hired Halper through the ONA to spy on Trump are conspiring with Bolton (military industrial complex champion) who direct hired the Vindman (Ukranian) twins?

    …and now they want us to let the whole thing go?

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  32. clodfobble says:

    I guess “commander in chief” is just an honorific.

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  33. Zydeco says:

    Saint Valentines Day Massacre.

    Deep State Slaughters Latter Day Patriots of the Dying Republic.

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  34. coldanger says:

    McCarthy is another 0zero holdover that must be removed! This is not rocket surgery FGS!!! The left will never stop until they are eliminated from power…

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  35. lcsteel says:

    Between this and the Air Force decision today regarding Hijabs etc. Trump should be firing a few generals.

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  36. JohnCasper says:

    A standing army is one of the greatest mischief that can possibly happen. Without standing armies liberty can never be in danger, nor with large ones safe
    -James Madison

    There are instruments so dangerous to the rights of the nation [any nation], and which place them so totally at the mercy of their governors, that those governors, whether legislative or executive, should be restrained from keeping such instruments on foot, but in well-defined cases. Such an instrument is a standing army.
    – Thomas Jefferson

    In the days following the American Revolution, Jefferson became increasingly concerned about two tendencies he believed were intrinsically connected: the concentration of power in a centralized government [bureaucracy such as the bloated pentagon], and the establishment of a [career class] standing army.


  37. technoaesthete says:

    From the post:”Vindman was simply allowed to return to his post inside the White House – where he remains today”

    Say what? I thought Vindman was escorted out of the White House. Did I miss some recent news?


  38. WhiteBoard says:

    Vindman’s excuse of going out of the chain of command was National Security Policy Memorandum 4 (NSPM-4) that returned the attendees to meetings to obama’s previous wayssss… Trump initially used Bush’s to minimize the role of the DNI and chaiman of joint chief of staff – however someone talked him into it in April 4 2017 returning the DNI and CJCS into the fold for vindman to report to out of the chain of command

    CJCS was Dunford; DNI was Coats

    Dunford background (PEtraues coup and afghan war fraud):

    On October 10, 2012, Dunford was nominated by President Obama to lead U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan.[17] After an investigation into inappropriate communications from the commander in Afghanistan, General John R. Allen, was opened, Secretary Panetta requested that Dunford’s nomination be acted on promptly.[18] Dunford assumed command of the International Security Assistance Force and U.S. Forces Afghanistan (USFOR-A) from Allen,[2] who had since been cleared in the Pentagon’s investigation involving his e-mails in the Petraeus scandal, on February 10, 2013.[19]

    On June 5, 2014, Dunford was nominated by President Obama to be the 36th Commandant of the Marine Corps. His nomination was confirmed by the Senate on July 23, 2014, and he became Commandant on October 17, 2014.[20] On January 23, 2015, Dunford released the 36th Commandant’s Planning Guidance.[21]


  39. Bob, Esq. says:

    Do we know who offered Vindman the position of Ukrainian Minister of Defense three times?

    Has anyone ever asked three-time-near-Ukrainian Defense Minister Lt. Col. Vindman what he thinks of “Mirotvorets” – a doxing/hit list, established by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry for citizens and journalists who dare not worship the genocidal/neo-Nazi government Victoria Nuland installed?

    Does Vindman consider the President a “Ukrainophobe” like Elena here?

    Did Vindman consider the President’s remarks to be “Anti-Ukrainian propaganda?”

    Soft coup?


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  40. WVPatriot says:

    Please pray every free minute you are able. Pray for a continuing miracle to save America.

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  41. JohnCasper says:

    From just today alone, I think we should all be able to “put to bed” any notions that simply being in the military should automatically get anyone any respect.

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  42. Gary says:

    Reads to me like the military brass is at the very least not a fan of Trumps…Maybe some bad left over feelings regarding the former Secretary of the Navy affair…Hopefully not active & willing participants in the take down DJT fiasco….Then again…


  43. JohnCasper says:

    Clearly the Democrats and the “Sewer State” (which include the US Army) does not like uppity Orange people and better than they like uppity Black people


  44. Robert Hope says:

    A conspiracy theory guy said that those fully vested into the nyne something something thing have absolute immunity. Cannot be prosecuted. They can, and have been eliminated, but no prosecutions for those who have a level of knowledge sufficient to blow up a very specific narrative protected far more diligently than any other lie within Satan’s swamp.


  45. cliffaheadwolvesbehind says:

    Well President Trump has given billions to the military and has constantly praised them again and again.
    They just bit the hand that fed them.
    They deserve an Obama and this time not a taxpayer dime to help them “rebuild”

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  46. M. B. Lamar says:

    How many understand at this point that the government of the United States has been overthrown by Communists? What else to do but revolt?

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  47. LFOD603 says:

    After the last 2 days might as well fill the clown car … any day now it will be HRC to the rescue. Thanks Uncle Bill!!! (Insert bagpipe solo).


  48. Mac45 says:

    Vindman committed several violations of the UCMJ; violation of a direct order given by a superior officer in the US military, undermining the official policies of the USA, the unauthorized release of classified material and bypassing the established chain of command. He has also violated several civil criminal laws. Now, if he committed these acts in a war zone, he would be sitting in the brig waiting to stand before a general court marshal.

    Now, it an be understood why the military is not going to press any charges against Vindman. They do not want to antagonize members of the Congress, particularly liberal Democrat members. Most likely, Vindman will simply be passed over for promotion and forced to resign his commission. This can be justified based upon his last evaluation, which was devastatingly negative. They hope that this will just all go away.


    • Bob, Esq. says:

      So you don’t think the military has been compromised?

      Because if it hasn’t, the Posse Comitatus Act would not bar the JAG from prosecuting current and former bureaucrats for fraud against the United States and related crimes.

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      • Mac45 says:

        Of course the military has been compromised. But, the upper level of the command structure of the US Military is all political. There are two types pf military politicians. Those who are looking at retirement and want to move into cushy civilian jobs and those who are still service oriented and play politics to protect the service and their position in it.

        Now, what Vindman did is the cardinal sin of the US military. He not only disregarded the order of a superior officer, the CINC, but he actively worked to undermine that order. It is not only contrary to good order, but undermines the basic rule of military service, that subordinates obey the orders of their superiors, in the military, This is a career ending action.

        Going to the war college is irrelevant, in this case. While completion of the War College is a must for promotion to general officer, Vindman is only a light bird and has a full step before he is even eligible for general officer status. In this case, this keeps Vindman away from sensitive assignments as well from any command assignments, for which he is eligible. Vindman is a darling of the Democrats in Congress and making it look as though he is in danger of repercussions is not desirable. Remember, nothing is exactly what it appears in DC, except maybe Trump.


        • Bob, Esq. says:

          Fair enough.

          Hypothetically speaking, let’s say you found jurisdictional grounds for the Judge Advocates General to prosecute all those responsible for the Russia collusion hoax. And let’s say you want to make sure your legal papers stay out of the hands of officers sympathetic to the deep state. Got any tips on how to avoid the military equivalent of a Christopher Wray or Rod Rosenstein putting their finger on the scale to protect the deep state?

          Put another way, got any suggestions on how to ensure the legal argument gets into the hands of a JAG officer guided by this?

          “For justice exists only between men whose mutual relations are governed by law; … This is why we do not allow a man to rule, but rational principle, because a man behaves thus in his own interests and becomes a tyrant. The magistrate on the other hand is the guardian of justice, and, if of justice, then of equality also.” — Aristotle.

          The honor and discipline of the U.S. Military we trust every second of every day with protecting us from nuclear war is all that remains standing between the perfidious deep state and its establishment of an absolute tyranny over the American people. The U.S. Military is our only remaining hope of restoring rule of law by punishing the deep state for their betrayal.


    • Redzone says:

      Did you miss the part about War College?

      Liked by 1 person

  49. Rock Knutne says:

    Unfortunately, and even though President Trump has managed many Judicial placements, what’s becoming rapidly apparent is the ability of the former, ’preezy of the united steezy’ to entrench thousands and thousands of his demonic cockroaches into places of leadership and influence that one man fighting the swamp while living amongst them cannot possibly eradicate by himself.

    Unfortunately the scoreboard reads like this.

    ovomit – 1000
    PDJT – o


    I hope he burns it to the ground in his 2nd term. It’s his and our only chance for a reset.


  50. Bob, Esq. says:

    Alexander Vindman – Why Diaspora Ukrainians are Driving Sedition

    “Alexander Vindman’s ties to Ukraine should have made him disclose a few large conflicts of interest before being assigned in the capacity he has.

    — Vindman had business interests in Ukraine which would suffer if the relationship between both countries was jeopardized.
    — Was it Vindman’s American patriotism or Diaspora nationalism that led him to share the Oval Office transcript with Ukraine’s president?”

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