McConnell Agrees With Bill Barr – President Trump Not Using Political Filter Enough With His Tweeting – Too Much Honesty….

Senator Mitch McConnell appears on Fox News to discuss his view on AG Bill Barr’s frustration with President Trump’s honest tweeting of opinion.

Leader McConnell agrees with AG Barr that President Trump is not being political enough with his communication.  President Trump is delivering too much honest information and direct opinion in a DC system that relies upon a purely political filter.  The absence of that political filter is creating a problem for all operational systems in Washington DC.

McConnell says the President “should listen to the Attorney General” and ignore the expectations of the American people who hired President Trump to be brutally honest as an anti-politician and disruptive influence in DC. DC-Based Brett Baier guides the conversation to stay focused on attacking President Trump for not being political enough.


And Brett Baier is a human Cabbage Patch doll.

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375 Responses to McConnell Agrees With Bill Barr – President Trump Not Using Political Filter Enough With His Tweeting – Too Much Honesty….

  1. Bob says:

    Translation- Trump not being a professional politician doesn’t know how to lie to the public to conceal what a bunch of dirts bags, thieves and criminals like me run our government.

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  2. Doug Amos says:

    “A man is known by the company he keeps” : Aesop


  3. plane of the ecliptic says:

    So the largest scandal in American History. Coup attempt perpetrated by President O, FISA Judges, FBI,CIA, State Dept, Foreign Intelligence of multiple Nations….AND Bill Barr is worried about tweets? Oh, ok.


  4. Theckman says:

    Just think about it. Even with all the voter fraud that’s been put in place Trump should win in 2020.
    If Trump does not, it’s because his own party set him up.
    Trump has as many enemies in Republican Party as dem. and the most powerful on both sides.
    Imagine getting a conventional president after Trump?!
    The ability to stay up to date, involved and feel we the people have an integral role will be gone!!!
    Trump is not replaceable and the foolish republicans will rue the day they rN their golden goose out of DC.
    Good riddAnce to them all!!!
    My pride, patriotism, sense of community will take a nose dive once Trump leaves office.
    That’s what the Republicans should be focused on!!
    Trump is such a gifted, one of a kind leader.
    If the Republicans at least we’re grooming someone, I would feel some confidence in the supporting characters around Trump.
    The fact that they at best tolerate Trump making it difficult for Trump to even get anything done, with even his own party shows how out of touch And plain stupid all the establishment politicians are!!!!!
    Just cuz Trump isn’t doing to their way they want him gone, the sooner the better. This is the Republicans I am talking about!!!!
    Trump 2020, but what next?????!!!!!
    We the people better decide because the Republicab sure as hell won’t have any good ideas!!
    Just picture no tweeting, no blunt off the cuff remarks, no putting MSM in their place.
    Back to spoon fed fake news and carefully worded speeches by a generic president. Ugghh, I won’t be participating, back to no interest in politics.


  5. arsumbris says:

    According to the book ‘Secret Empires’ by Peter Schweizer, McConnell is owned by China through his wife, whose family owns the biggest shipping company in China. The minute the Turtle upsets China, all his families assets are frozen and they become paupers.

    A puppet of China is the Senate majority leader.


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