President Trump and First Lady Melania Welcome President Lenin Moreno and Mrs. Rocio Gonzales De Moreno to the White House – Video…

Earlier today President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump welcomed the President of the Republic of Ecuador and Mrs. Rocio Gonzales De Moreno to the White House.

Ecuador is a key country for stability in central America.  A key topic of discussion between the two leaders will be Venezuela.  Ecuador is suffering firsthand the effects of Nicolas Maduro and his dictatorship in Venezuela with waves of economic migrants from Venezuela arriving through Colombia to Ecuador.   The refugee crisis represents a fiscal strain and also a security threat. There are 400,000 Venezuela refugees in Ecuador.

Counter-narcotics and a trade agreement are also a priority for this meeting. The United States and Ecuador are very close to a free trade agreement. USTR Robert Lighthizer has held a successful round-one negotiation for trade and investment with the Ecuadorian Commerce Ministry; and a second round is likely very soon.


Ecuador and the United States are working toward an energy and infrastructure framework agreement under America Crece.  Brazil is likely to join in March and they will join Panama, Chile, Argentina, Jamaica, Colombia, El Salvador, and hopefully Ecuador.

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43 Responses to President Trump and First Lady Melania Welcome President Lenin Moreno and Mrs. Rocio Gonzales De Moreno to the White House – Video…

  1. 17CatsInTN says:

    Ok, gotta say it…these two first ladies look stunning together. Love the matching stilettos shot!

    And now back to trade agreements, drug trafficking clampdowns and other matters of great foreign and national import.


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  2. J says:

    Maybe a little chat about Julian Assange too?

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  3. GB Bari says:

    Great strategy from VSG President Trump to warm up and put the Trumpian Gold Touch on the relationships with as many South American governments as possible – to build a strong coalition against Maduro.

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  4. FL_GUY says:

    I tell you, President Trump is the greatest! He actually represents We the People as the founders intended when they formed the USA. You can see other world leaders, not the lefty idiots of course, respect President Trump. He has done more to boost the respect of the USA than any President in my lifetime and doing it with literally the entire world network of Globullists and the domestic traitors working against him.

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  5. thesavvyinvester says:

    Think out of the box. Lithium for Lithium-ion batteries, Ecuador is one of the South American Lithium power-players.

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  6. Is Mrs. Gonzalez his wife? I love that skirt, with the black lace on the bottom.

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  7. Graham Pink says:

    I’d be suspicious just because the guy’s first name is Lenin.
    Who names their kid Lenin?

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    • skipper1961 says:

      Graham Pink,
      Since June of ’19, I have had the pleasure of the company of a “visa lottery” winner! (And I would love to inform President Trump [anecdotally] that there indeed ARE very good people coming here to our glorious country. By day ten, after her arrival she had a LEGITAMATE driver’s license, and Social Security card, and by day 20, she {a college graduate, speaks 4 languages} was declining job offers, as she was already employed! Upon seeing her w/her first pay stub, I welcomed her to the ranks of the American Taxpayer)
      Nastya isn’t very impressed w/Moreno, as he was in a previous, corrupt administration, and allowed a quasi-exiled President to return to Ecuador. We are both hopeful that President Trump can show Mr. Moreno the way to his country’s prosperity. She LOVES President Trump, and faithfully watches OANN with me, and listens to me go on and on about American politics. Her appreciation for ALL things American, is a pleasure to witness. She left a somewhat comfortable living/lifestyle (accomplished parents), to emigrate to Our Shining City on the Hill, and reminds me daily, how fortunate we all are.
      If anyone can “cajole” a state leader, it our Very Stable Genius!!
      Godspeed, President Trump!!!! MAGA !!! KAG !!!

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      • skipper1961 says:

        P.S. Please Help Make Ecuador Great Also!!!!


      • jonhabart says:

        Sometime America “wins” with regards to the Visa Lottery, nobody would honestly expect that everybody granted immigration status thru this program are all going to be potential problems for America.

        But without a strictly merit based system in place it leaves the door open for unproductive, or destructive individuals to be allowed to legally immigrate to the country.

        It’s wonderful to hear that Nastya is doing well, she sounds exactly like the type of people that would be selected by merit under President Trump’s proposed immigration reform legislation requirements.

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        • skipper1961 says:

          Thank you for your open-mindedness. Nas assured me that she was first vetted, just to become a candidate, then investigated again, upon “winning”. I doubt ALL countries are as thorough as Ecuador, but I’m glad to have played a part in her American Dream. Very rewarding, indeed.
          God Bless,


    • Reulen says:

      Trump meets Lenin… 😬

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  8. Beth says:

    I wish Minimalist Melania would forget the coats & cardigans when she really doesn’t wear or need them the6 way her down. Where’s her stylist?

    This pathological narcissist Ecuadorian 🇪🇨 potus is no better than Comey/Holder/Brennan. He destroyed Assange.

    I wonder if our potus was briefed?
    He should be persona non grata.


  9. OW21 says:

    Why is he in a wheelchair? Sorry, but I don’t know much about the guy.

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  10. corimari2013 says:

    Wonderful photos of the two lovely, classy, and graceful First Ladies.
    They are both superbly well-dressed, in my opinion.

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  11. Pat Childs says:

    The Pacific Trade Alliance is an amazing savior for South and a bit of Central America. While it has few members, it has had wonderful effects on these members.


  12. ploome says:

    LENIN Moreno?


  13. Roger Duroid says:

    Ecuador is energy independent with oil EXPORTs and 3 hydro dams for power, plus by law No GMO seeds and crops allowed.

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  14. skipper1961 says:

    Roger Duroid,
    Interesting you should mention “hydro”, as Nastya’s father is THE MAN who engineered several of Ecuador’s hydroelectric plants, and is a professor of such, in Quito. Very impressive family indeed. A pleasure to have made their acquaintance. With all of that, they are SO THANKFUL for the opportunity extended to their daughter. I’m sure she is/will be a model citizen for the rest of her life in our beloved country.


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