Today is Brexit Day – The U.K Formally Departs The European Union at 11:00pm…

I think it is fair to say: no individual has worked harder for this day than Britain’s Nigel Farage. Without his relentless work to organize voters to remove the U.K. from the European Union; and then to organize again -three years later-  to break the Brexit stalemate in Parliament; this momentous day would not have arrived.  [Tweet]

(Via Daily Mail) Boris Johnson will deliver a plea for the country to move on from Brexit as the UK finally leaves the EU tonight.

In an address to be broadcast shortly before Britain’s departure at [11pm U.K. / 6pm U.S. ET], the Prime Minister will insist that Brexit marks ‘not an end but a beginning’.

And in a sign of the new Government’s changed approach, he will convene a symbolic Cabinet meeting this afternoon in Sunderland, the first city to declare for Brexit when the 2016 referendum results came out.

Tonight he will stress his belief that the referendum was a vote not just to leave the EU, but also for lasting change in neglected areas of the country. Mr Johnson will describe Brexit as ‘the moment when the dawn breaks and the curtain goes up on a new act’.  (Read more)


In honor of Brexit Day, it’s worth remembering one of the funniest moments in the history of Twitter that occurred June 2016; on the day the U.K. first voted for freedom:

Many of us stayed up that night in June 2016 to watch the Brexit referendum vote returns from polling stations across the U.K….  The establishment shock was incredible when they realized the majority of U.K. citizens voted to leave the European union.

The European shock was only second to a similar American establishment reaction five months later when Donald Trump won the November 2016 presidential election.

It has been a long, stressful and challenging path for Brexit supporters, filled with ups and downs.  However, today is a day for all U.K. citizens to enjoy.

Bold new opportunities await…


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182 Responses to Today is Brexit Day – The U.K Formally Departs The European Union at 11:00pm…

  1. woohoowee says:

    Congratulations, Great Britain!

    Way to go, Nigel 🙂 You Brits finally have your Independence Day! Let’s see some Fireworks!

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  2. Vince says:

    Nigel Farage is the only person who fights as hard as President Trump. Congradulations UK.

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  3. Les Standard says:

    The EU will die in poverty and anti-humanity filth. Good riddance toxic parasites

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  4. Countrywatch says:

    Thank you, Sundance, for your tribute to one amazing individual, Nigel Farage. Thank you also all the well wishers in the USA. We will be celebrating in style tonight in the UK, but there will need to be vigilance with Boris. We still need Nigel Farage. Also, President Trump has been, and is continuing to be, profoundly significant in saving the UK. Heartfelt gratitude to President Trump.

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  5. Perot Conservative says:


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  6. dcnnc says:

    Happy Independence day, Britain. And welcome to the FRONT OF THE LINE.

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  7. trapper says:

    You can see it in her eyes, in her smile. The Queen genuinely likes our Scot.

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  8. donnyvee says:

    I’m happy for the Brits and also very happy that the globalists are decidedly sad. I hope their pain is great and long lived.

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  9. Dutchman says:

    On todays AmericanThinker, there is an article on Brexit, Nigel Farage leaves with a florish?
    It has a link to a video of Nigel Farage making his final speech to EU Parliament.

    I don’t know how to do links, but you GOTRA see this. Makes scene in Animal House look prescient. He gives a classy, robust FU to EU, and they look petty, chickensh*t and impotent in responce.

    Many great lines, but one part of his 4 minute speech stands out;
    Its worldwide, Globalism vs Populism,..and funny thing about Populism; its pretty popular!

    Anyway, strongly reccomend you watch the 4 minute video, and if anyone knows how to post it here, that would be great!

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    • Maquis says:

      Shall we give it a go?

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    • Eileen McRae says:

      I watched it and was clapping all the way through. When the UK flags came out the the woman presiding told them to put their flags away or they would have to leave, that took the cake. His reply was priceless!

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    • YY4U says:

      Dutchman — I watched it. It was FANTASTIC. Nigel Farage is a TREASURE. The best part was when they all brought out all their little British Union Jacks and started waving them an the petulant jerk running the EU parliament meeting CUT OFF HIS MIKE and told him he hadn’t followed the rules. Waving a country’s flag was AGAINST THE RULES. That said more about how malignant the EU is than anything Nigel Farage could have said.

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      • Dutchman says:

        Her final comment WAS instructive, however. Farage CLEARLY said that he loves all countries and people, fair trade, free movement is fine, but he HATES the EU, which is a political construct that is anti-democracy.

        She comes back saying HATE is terrible when directed at other people, blah blah.
        Just shows so clearly, the difference between globalists and populists, just as we see here in U.S.

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        • Esperanza says:

          She looked at the Union Jack like it was dirt and then said should love nations lol. They hate nations, the want to abolish them.

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          • Dutchman says:

            Yes, that is EXACTLY what they want to do. Like Farage, I HATE EU, the construct, while liking the western european countries and peoples.
            IIRC, You are also not a fan of EU.

            Populist/Nationalism is a natural responce to Conmunism, in its new iteration (‘Globalism’) and a natural defence against it.

            Like any CON, it goes thru a periodic makeover, in order to take in a whole new generation.
            “This is NOT a ‘Pyramid scheme’! As you can see by this diagram, ours is a TRAPEZOID!”

            Same old wine, brand new bottle. Globalism IS Conmunism. And EU IS Conmunism, its just Conmunism lite,…and its going d
            And I couldn’t be happier!

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  10. Caius Lowell says:

    I dream of the day America breaks free of 0bama’s globalists and socialists, but that day ain’t today…

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  11. 4EDouglas says:

    I and my wife are quite the Anglophiles- she’s got on her mom’s side a real princess that almost became Queen. Sophia of Hanover. The Mother of the House of Hanover. (I’m descended form
    Scots Highlanders that came over to America to avoid getting hung by one of the or the other of the King Georges) . Read that some commentator said: “This is the second “Battle of Britain”
    and the Germans came a cropper (Merkel) again.”
    Love it..

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    • Maquis says:

      I thought it quite fitting that the German EU president Van Der Leyden(sp? who cares?) was the scornful harridan to scold the brilliant Nigel as he joyfully bid the EU goodbye. ‘Twas a joy to see. I prayed for Brexit as I have for MAGA, and for every people striving for Freedom worldwide.

      Contratulations Cousins!

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      • Magnum 38 says:

        Just to say thank you to our American cousins for your support, we return it with our support for MAGA, A small correction, but an amusing one………
        The Irish politician who went viral after cutting off Nigel Farage’s microphone in the European Parliament says some of his party colleagues disagreed with his actions.
        Fine Gael MEP Mairead McGuinness, who is First Vice-President of the European Parliament, turned off Mr Farage’s mic mid-sentence during a speech about leaving the EU this week, for disobeying parliament rules by waving a Union flag.
        Ms McGuinness can be heard saying: “Please sit down, resume your seats, put your flags away, you’re leaving.
        On whether she would miss Mr Farage in the parliament, Ms McGuinness said that Europe should be worried that this is not the end of Mr Farage.
        “I don’t think I’ve seen the back of him,” she said.
        “Because I think he’s going to continue, just not in the European Parliament.
        “If you listen to what Nigel Farage says, he’s not going to stop now, he’s not retiring, he’s going to keep going not just in the UK but right throughout the European Union, so the challenge we face might be greater from a European perspective.

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        • Maquis says:

          That the “challenge” of peoples uniting behind their flags to regain their sovereign right to Freedom confronts every despot on the Continent and around the Globe is my prayer.

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      • Esperanza says:

        Don’t think that was her. She was actually very gracious, the EU doesn’t like her much. That woman had an Irish accent.


  12. 13wasylyna says:

    I remember despairing that the UK would leave when Delay to Stay May was installed. This day was hard won….dont blow it Boris.

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  13. Troublemaker10 says:

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  14. TheLastDemocrat says:

    Back in the 190s, we started hearing talk of “EU,” and a unified currency. My mind had already been spoiled by having attended a class or two in regular “economics.”

    Having been lectured well on Adam Smith, pondered, “what a dumb idea. One country will strive to create wealth, which will boost the value of the currency. At the same time, another will fail to support productivity, will do deficit spending, will buy votes with programs and welfare for a constituency, and all will be in a shambles”

    I thought surely people smarter than me would decline the opportunity to tie their cart to such a horse.

    Greece is in a shambles. And for no good reason. What are they lacking? They have great people. Warm-water ports. Strong agricultural base. And, some commercial products and services that can really boost average income by demanding prices far beyond production costs, and with exclusivity. Tourism: Greece is beautiful, and has great historical sites. Bam. Agriculture: you can produce cheese, olive oil, wine, and a few other things, slap a “Made in Greece” label on it, and get far more than $3/pound for cheese, more than $10/bottle of wine, more than $5/bottle for olive oil. Bam. Greece is limited in natural resources relative to some nations, but still should be able to be performing swimmingly as yet another sovereign nation.

    Some of the problem has been well-documented: Greece got into deficit spending that it could disguise in various ways, due to the nature of the loans. That is half the story. I believe the other half is that Greece was tempted to satisfy budget demands by overspending, supported by too much borrowing, AND knowing that financially Greece could only fail so hard since “their” currency could not fully fail: the EU would rescue them.

    So, the politicians bought votes, the business people were happy, and Greece went into major financial turmoil circa 2010, with EU being the responsible older brother.

    When I started the Dave Ramsey, and started listening to his radio show, I was struck that people making three times what I was making were in far worse financial shape than I was. It really hit me: it is the ratio of income and outgo, dummy. Some times, you can borrow your way out, or depend on “family” to bail you out.

    This is what EU set up: some countries are the enablers, and some are the deficit-aholics. The enablers want and need more resources to sustain the deficit-aholics. But it is not a true need: as I note, Greece has an excellent set-up for prosperity. [I have made this same case in the cases of Puerto Rico, and Mexico – Mexico by many indicators should be ruling the world].

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    • palafox says:

      Well put, TLD.

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    • GW says:

      There was a documentary produced in and about Greece in the early/mid 1960’s. It was on TCM a few months ago which is how I know of it.

      It was about the radical youth changing and demanding reforms and embracing socialism verses the older generation, mostly still in power, who also suffered the depression and prior world wars. My wife is Greek as usher entire family so I watched it. Clearly it was the beginning of their socialist downfall. And a younger Soros helped it along.

      The parallels to this country today are eerily similar.

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    • bruzedorange says:

      Wait. Did you say Greece, or California? (and, yes, I believe its ruin is intentional and tactical)

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    • WSB says:


      Germany’s second WWII without one bullet fired.

      Now, let’s take it all down.

      Greece will be far better off with a US/Greece Trade Deal, and they could pay for themselves within a couple of years.

      And you are correct. It’s the ratio that counts. Socialism just does not work. Nearly killed our first pilgrims.


    • Esperanza says:

      Also on Greece, they were given loans to buy GERMAN goods, Merc buses etc. So in actual fact, Germany not only enabled, it drug pushed so to speak.

      If you look at the EU, everything it pushed has disappeared. Started as steel and coal. Gone. Fisheries, gone. Agriculture, going France’s farmers are committing suicide in droves. Free movement, gone you can’t walk down the street without risking life and limb in big cities.


    • Marc says:

      Culture matters. The Greek culture simply doesn’t have the work ethic that others in their position do. PR and Mexico have the same issues. Not to mention all the illegal alien African migrants flooding their ports.


  15. Bloody good show, Nigel is a man among mice but this is true evidence that courage can be contagious, love of country can make backbones stronger and the desire for freedom is an unstoppable force for those that stay the course.

    I do have this sneaking suspicion that this celebration would not be happening today if it was not for some fellow named Trump. Many Brits see Nigel and The Donald as the solid rocks in a sea of change.

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    • SouthernTrumpette says:

      As I always say…Trump gives them ALL courage. Farage does the same. May the freedom they dare to embrace spread to all countries.

      Congratulations to Farage and the British. Wonderful day.

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  16. The Boss says:

    You think maybe the framework of a US-UK trade deal will be announced around dinner time tonight?

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  17. Blind no Longer says:

    Wakey, Wakey…LOLOLOL
    Nigel, you did it! This is your REAL independence day!

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  18. upstate909 says:

    Congratulations United Kingdom!

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  19. 2016 was a fraught year.

    The Brexit vote (yeah!!!) was the first hope I had that possibly we too could win in our efforts to elect Donald J. Trump and yank free from the clutches of the globalists. What a thrilling moment!

    And now, reality. Pray that it is not too late to make England England (apparently John Cleese thinks that it is as he moved away, saying “England isn’t England anymore”).

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    • hoosiertruthfan says:

      I thought he said London wasn’t really an English city any more. Maybe I’m wrong?
      He supported Brexit the last I heard and decried that London supported staying in the EU the most of English cities.


  20. Eileen McRae says:

    I hope this serves as a warning to every nation who would subordinate their sovereignty as a nation to a globalist cabal!

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  21. sundance says:

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  22. Donnavans Trigger says:

    Dear Brit Cousins-

    Congratulations! Hooray! Three Cheers! After a long struggle to break free you return to your place as free Brits. Biggest event across the pond since the fall of East Germany. Can’t wait to see the explosive trade deals we will do together. Let’s make it an even bigger celebration by getting Nigel to endorse Alberta as 51 !

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  23. Nick the Deplorable says:

    The EU just removed Great Britain’s flag.

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    • YY4U says:

      I read that the British have called only three prime ministers affectionately by their first name(s): Winston (Churchill), Maggie (Thatcher) and now Boris (Johnson).

      The British saved Europe by standing firm against the Nazis taking over Europe in 1940. Eighty years later, the Brits are standing firm against the EU taking over Europe. In the first case the USA came to Britain’s aid. Fingers crossed we will do the same this time, too.

      Here’s to Britain. When the chips are down, you always come through.

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  24. MitchRyderDetroitWheels says:

    Now that the Brits have the ball and the home court lets see what they do with it. Never trust the bankers in London. That would be a big mistake.

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  25. Bill Dumanch says:

    Congratulations to England
    On your new freedom.
    Liberty from a distant and un-elected chamber of despots.

    We know.

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  26. Monadnock says:

    Not long now!!! WooHooooooo!

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  27. Troublemaker10 says:

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  28. Sammy Hains says:

    Hopefully Scotland will declare independence now.
    With Scotland out of the UK, the Tories will rule Britannia for a thousand years.

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  29. Arrest Soros says:

    Those BREXIT MEP’s (Members of European Parliament) like Nigel Farage, voted to lose their jobs. Well paid tax free jobs to boot.
    This is rare selflessness from politicians. Literally unheard of.

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  30. SouthernTrumpette says:

    Farage was celebratory on Bannon’s show this morning. He also discussed Huawei.

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  31. Pete says:

    Nigel Farage will be known in his country’s history as the father of the New Great Britain. His name will be compared to the names of the founding fathers of the United States. Congratulations!

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  32. alligatriot says:

    Congratulations to the restoration of THE UNITED KINGDOM !!

    To borrow a phrase from one of your former colonists: “Let Freedom Ring”.

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  33. CM-TX says:

    Just passing on a Brexit Live Link I came across…

    “Leave Means Leave – Brexit Party at Parliament Square”

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  34. Troublemaker10 says:

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  35. Monadnock says:

    FREEDOM! Congratulations my brothers!

    Here comes the trade deal!!

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  36. Countrywatch says:

    Farage speaking at Brexit celebrations in Parliament Square from about 22 minutes in:

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  37. It’s official… they’re OUT!

    NOW the US needs to forge mutually beneficial trade agreement with the UK that will PROVE to other EU members that AN EXIT IS VICTORY for each one of them!?

    Can I get a “Frexit”? How about “ITALEAVE”?

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  38. WSB says:

    I have never seen that photo of our President and the Queen at the dinner table. They look like two scheming kids!!!!!!

    Trade Deal away!

    Congrats Britain!! Congrats! 🇬🇧


  39. VandalizeDuhMastuhsAlgorithms says:

    Congratulations to our dear English freedom-loving Patriots…

    Thank you for the great blessings of shared history, especially of freedoms worth fighting for, even with terrible cost

    Recently, I learned your champion of Freedom, Winston Churchill, requested a song special to many Americans, to be sung during his funeral.

    I almost have tears in my eyes.

    The Battle hymn of the Republic. From our blood-stained struggle to ensure freedom for all would not perish from the Earth, it also served as and tribute to a man who did much to ensure the freedom of the English nation and likely ours as well.

    Please skip to about 2:20 in this video clip to catch it…

    I pray for many more shared blessings of freedom in the years to come.

    My country, ’tis of thee,
    Sweet land of liberty,
    Of thee I sing;
    Land where my fathers died,
    Land of the pilgrims’ pride,
    From ev’ry mountainside
    Let freedom ring!

    Our fathers’ God to Thee,
    Author of liberty,
    To Thee we sing.
    Long may our land be bright,
    With freedom’s holy light,
    Protect us by Thy might,
    Great God our King!

    Switch out a few of the graphics and I think it’ll work just fine… You already know the tune!


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  40. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    Brexit supporters celebrate as U.K. leaves the European Union

    “….Top officials also gathered in Parliament Square for patriotic songs and speeches, including Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage, who lead the countdown to the official British exit…”

    Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage celebrates during a rally in London, Friday, Jan. 31, 2020. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein)

    “…On the so-called ‘Brexit Day,’ the British flag was removed from the EU council building in Brussels.

    The formal celebrations of the day concluded with Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s evening address to the nation.

    “This is the moment when the dawn breaks and the curtain goes up on a new act. This is the dawn of a new era in which we no longer accept that your life chances, your family’s life chances, should depend on which part of the country you grow up in. This is the moment when we begin to unite and level up.”

    – Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister


  41. Troublemaker10 says:


  42. Re-Farmer says:

    Congratulations, Great Britain! You have won your freedom! You are an inspiration. I hope that Western Canada soon follows your lead. ❤


  43. hoosiertruthfan says:

    There was a hilarious video (with strong language) posted on CTH when the British left the EU.
    This is by the same person and speaks of his 10 reasons for supporting ditching the EU. I heartily recommend it.
    Many of the principals are relevant to our struggle here in the US and dealing with overreaching government.


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