Another Carefully Timed National Security Council Leak? – John Bolton Book Manuscript Leaked to New York Times…

The timing, purpose and narrative engineering here are transparent in the extreme.

Tonight the New York Times (Schmidt and Haberman) write an article claiming to have exclusively gained portions of a transcript of a John Bolton book manuscript that was given to the White House National Security Council for pre-publication review.

Of course The Times attempts to frame the narrative around the need for John Bolton to testify in the Senate Impeachment Trial… all too transparent in motive. Timed to work around the House fraud; impeachment article construction without Judicial review for subpoenas; and timed to bolster House managers’ unconstitutional demand for Bolton as a Senate witness.  ADD: POTUS Responds:

However, setting aside the nothing-burger details of the book as leaked, the leak itself might now reconcile an earlier event.

Remember the issue a little more than a week ago when the National Security Council senior director for European and Russian affairs, Andrew Peek, was escorted from the White House grounds and is said to be under a security-related investigation?

On Friday January 17th, 2020, the National Security Council senior director for European and Russian affairs, Andrew Peek, was escorted from the White House grounds and is currently under a security investigation.

There are few details about why Peek was physically removed and is under a very serious investigation; however, some of Andrew Peek’s professional background details tell a story.  The connection to Gen. John Allen is a MASSIVE warning flare.

Andrew Peek, the senior director for European and Russian affairs at the National Security Council, has been placed on administrative leave pending a security-related investigation, people familiar with the situation tell Axios.

First the Daily Mail:

[…] Peek had been in the NSC role for just two months, after most recently working as a deputy assistant secretary of state with responsibility for Iran and Iraq.

[…] Peek had been expected to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland next week with Trump and other top aides. However, he is currently on leave pending a security-related investigation, people familiar with the situation told Axios.

[…] Peek served as a U.S. Army intelligence officer who worked under General John Allen in Afghanistan.

[…] Prior to joining the Trump administration, Peek served as a U.S. Army intelligence officer who worked under General John Allen in Afghanistan.

[…] He was also a national security adviser to Senator Gordon Smith, an Oregon Republican, and Senator Mike Johanns, a Nebraska Republican.  (link)

From a Bloomberg article:

[…] Peek previously served as a deputy assistant secretary of State for Iraq and Iran, and he was seen as an ally of Robert O’Brien.

As we shared at the time:…

[…] Andrew Peek came from the State Department.  Because the appointment happened in the past two months, it would appear Andrew Peek was recommended by the Dept. of State and accepted for the NSC post by National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien.

Here’s how it looks:  Andrew Peek was a mole.  A resistance spy sent into the Trump administration as part of the allied deep state resistance effort.  Someone caught him attempting to access something, and here’s how CTH can tell (keep reading).

Suspicious Cat remains suspicious…

The message from Bolton’s publisher:

The House motive here, the forethought within the design, is very important now because it explains why they are vociferously demanding witnesses in the Senate.  The House plan was always to work around the ability of the executive branch to go to court. The managers are now attempting to execute that plan, along with a manufactured political talking point, in the Senate trial.

The House crew intended for this to unfold exactly as it is happening.

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484 Responses to Another Carefully Timed National Security Council Leak? – John Bolton Book Manuscript Leaked to New York Times…

  1. rcogburn says:

    This is a leak trap. I don’t know how bitter the separation with Trump, but Bolton was no friend to the NSC anti-Trump resistance, who are all McMaster loyalists (remember McMaster even made Ciaramella his personal aide). Fiona Hill, for example, was one of several McMaster-ites who were pushed out when Bolton came in. And partisan hacks like Alexander Vindman were certainly not on John Bolton’s Christmas card list.

    Beyond that, it’s the simplest explanation. They knew: 1. Bolton was writing a book that would cover Ukraine (well publicized); 2. when Bolton’s manuscript went to the NSC for review; 3. that Alex Vindman’s twin brother would see it, along with whomever else. Simple tagging of the manuscript would make it easy to track (+different marked versions could have been given to different people). The leaks would be rapidly identifiable, as indicated by Peek’s rapid firing.

    For example, let’s say it went to Vindman’s bro, who leaked it to Peek (and maybe told his brother about it, who helped him leak it to Peek), who sent it along to someone else, who got it to the NY Times. Now the entire leak crew is rolled up and the NYT is out there pushing a nothing burger. Trump gets his leakers – Bolton gets a ton of free publicity for his book (as well as nailing a few NSC staffers he surely despises).

    The alternative is either A. team Trump is completely asleep at the wheel (I don’t buy it – Peek was fired within weeks of the manuscript arriving – someone is paying attention), and/or B. Bolton deliberately conspired with people like Vindman, Peek, etc. to leak his manuscript to enable the Dems to force a witness vote that would enable him to testify. Unless I’m missing something, that just seems too far fetched to be legit.

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    • Jay Currie says:

      Normally I would dismiss this as optimistic speculation. But the WH has done this before.

      If it is a leak trap it was very well baited. This is exactly what the Dems wanted to hear. [I’d argue that it is actually inconsequential as the P has a perfect right to ask a foreign friend to investigate shenanigans going to an early election and if the Bidens are by-catch, well, that’s a bonus.)

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    • Sherri Young says:

      IMO, Bolton went Vindman hunting and came back with two scalps. This leak trap precisely targets those guys. We’ve known for a few months that LTC Vindman was a leaker and was almost certainly the one who leaked to Eric Ciaramella.

      One entertaining thought is that this planned leak trap may be the reason that LTC Vindman has been allowed to persist at the NSC. If so, there might not be a need to clean house because rats may scurry away.

      I really do not think Peek had anything at all to do with this. He wasn’t working at the NSC while Bolton was there. If he was a leaker, he hadn’t been one while Bolton was around. He is said to have lost or lost control of his secure laptop and secure iPhone possibly at the same time he experienced a loss of zipper control according to a link I posted upthread.

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      • stenwin77 says:

        Bolton is an attention whore. Of course he wants to be the one who takes down Trump. He’s a POS.

        Trump sure can pick ’em.


      • rcogburn says:

        And this particular leak seems to directly implicate his brother Eugene, who may have been (certainly should have been) under a microscope since the 7/26 leak, as he was involved in it from the start:

        Vindman testified that Eugene is, “my most trusted person in my life besides my wife.” Re: the 7/26 call —

        Q Okay. After the caIl, did you have any discussions with Mr Morrison about your concerns? [his new boss Tim Morrison, who had recently replaced Fiona Hill]

        A After the call I — per the exercise in the chain of command and expressing concerns, I immediately went to the senior NSC legal counsel and shared those concerns.

        Q Okay. Back to John Eisenbeng?

        A Yes.

        Q Okay. Who was in that meeting?

        A It was my twin brother and I and then —

        Q How did your twin brother get there?

        A Because I also pulled him in.

        Q Okay. You picked him up on the way to Eisenberg?

        A It’s roughly adjacent offices. A couple offices in between.

        Q Okay. So you have a meetlng with your brother, Mr.Eisenbeng. Anybody else in that meeting?

        A At some point Michael Ellis, the deputy, John Eisenbeng’s deputy joined.

        Q Okay. You didn’t have any discussions with Morrison prior to engaging Eisenbeng’s team?

        A I didn’t.

        Q Okay. The call ended, I think, at 9:30 in the morning, 9:33?

        A Uh-huh.

        Q How soon did you make youn way to Eisenbeng’s office?

        A It was probably, you know, within, I would guess it was probably within an hour I was talking to Mn. Eisenbeng.

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        • Sherri Young says:

          The more I think about this, the more the untouchable corruption appears to be of Vindman vintage. The Vindman twins have a big brother who is an investment banker / money man dealing in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. All three Vindmans and Big Bro’s business dealings need to be investigated.

          The way I envision their ever-so-sweet scheme is this:

          — Big Bro Vindman communicates with LTC Vindman to agree on what would be of benefit to his investments and what would be possible,

          — LTC Vindman writes up what he wants to see in policy and arranges interagency buy-in,

          — LTC Vindman passes his work product over to their other brother, Lawyer Vindman for a favorable opinion / seal of approval,

          — LTC Vindman pushes his package forward for POTUS to rubber stamp and take ownership.

          LTC Vindman’s issue is that POTUS went off script. Timing of the flow of funds had become central in this story. Well, of course. Timing of cash flow can mean a big win or a disastrous loss to a money man who is using leverage.

          That the corrupt Bidens are out there swing in the wind under a bright spotlight must seem like a gift from God to the Vindmans. That aspect actually have emboldened them to leak again. Too comfortable hiding behind Biden.



          • rcogburn says:

            I forgot about big bro & you’re absolutely right. He worked at Unicredit, a bank that was fined $1.3B for illegally processing hundreds of millions in payments to skirt US sanctions for Iran, Cuba, Syria, etc. Wonder what he’s up to these days?

            The scheme probably began when Vindman was working on Russia issues for the JCS, and grew as he was stationed in the Ukraine embassy, then onto the NSC.

            It is probably a two way street:

            -Banker Vindman communicates his needs to LTC and Lawyer Vindmans can push them internally –

            – LTC Vindman observes a river of highly classified intelligence involving US policy towards Russia & EU, as well as classified information involving billions in trade and deals.

            -Lawyer Vindman, as an “ethics” lawyer, has his own window into classified intelligence, US policy, and intentions.

            -Vindman twins communicate info with “banker” Vindman, who uses that info guide his corrupt business dealings – steering him towards promising ventures and guiding him away from problems.

            -Lawyer Vindman provides legal counsel o both ends, so nobody gets caught.

            -Lather, rinse, repeat.

            During the 2014-2016 Biden years (w/ Ciaramella in there, btw), the gravy train was overflowing. Then PDJT gets elected and overturns the apple cart.

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    • EnoughIsEnough says:

      Bolton’s attorney put out a statement that “he only shared a manuscript with NSC and not a single outside or other person”, giving your theory strong credibility.

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      • rcogburn says:

        Good point. The NYT reported Bolton was passing around multiple drafts at the same time he sent it to the NSC for clearance, “Mr. Bolton’s explosive account of the matter at the center of Mr. Trump’s impeachment trial, the third in American history, was included in drafts of a manuscript he has circulated in recent weeks to close associates. He also sent a draft to the White House for a standard review process. Yet the NYT article does not mention either possessing or having seen a copy, and the article is extremely vague on sourcing.

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      • John Nolte says:

        Will Schiff fall for it and trade Bolton for the ICIG testimony and the whistleblower?


      • dbobway says:

        John Bolton is an American. He has values.
        Not everybody can cross the line of immoral malfeasance.
        Everybody whose picking losers and winners in conservative circles,
        Believes, John Bolton wouldn’t throw his President under the bus, to get even.
        Why? Because Bolton would have to lie to make a difference in the impeachment.
        The Democrats don’t care if he tells the truth.
        The media can ‘spin angel food cake’ into ‘mashed potatoes’.
        December 30th was when Bolton’s book went to the NSC.
        Plenty of time to cook this up.
        Another tidbit, most op-ed writers I read seem to think,
        The Senate doesn’t want any witnesses, on either side of the crooked aisle.
        ‘But’ the Democrats want to leave another worm hole to crawl down, to attack the President.
        That justice was never served.
        It’s ironic, President Trump likes keeping the media, sludging down these worm holes.
        It keeps them busy.


    • jeans2nd says:

      Alternative #3 – Buy-My-Book Bolton leaked it himself and is lying to his publisher.

      Why on earth does anyone trust Bolton, of all people, not to leak?

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      • Alison Wilson says:

        I will tell you why I trust Bolton. Above all else he is a patriot and has proven that many times. He was a great UN ambassador and really gave it to THAT swamp.
        While I can see that he and Trump may not have necessarily got along, he would not do damage to a sitting president. I don’t believe it is in his nature.
        When he was fired I was immediately suspicious and may have posted so here at TCH.
        For my money I would bet that this was a sting. A true genius sets up a sting that takes down many and not just one. Ask yourself, if Bolton was disgruntled, why would his book only have this bombshell? And if this only one of many, why did the Times not publish the rest? The Dems are looking to begin impeachment hearings again and would use this to do so. There is nothing preventing them from beginning again in the House. As far as I can tell, they aren’t doing anything right now…….(or ever).

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      • noswamp says:

        Unfortunately Bolton is the snake in Trump’s poem.


      • rcogburn says:

        Buy-My-Book Bolton leaked it himself and is lying to his publisher…

        …and is lying to the American public, via his lawyer, blaming the NSC for corruption and accusing the NYT of falsely reporting he was circulating multiple drafts while awaiting a classified review from the NSC.

        It’s possible. This would mean the NSC worked the way it’s supposed to, which is a good thing, and Bolton has truly disgraced himself. Is Bolton that bad? I dunno. For now, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt over the NYT, but no way to know for sure until we see how this plays out over the next week or two.


    • Seneca the Elder says:

      R cogburn- I sure hope you’re right. Otherwise out President Trump is surrounded by traitors.

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      • scrap1ron says:

        The traitors do have President Trump surrounded, the poor bastards.

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      • rcogburn says:

        Seneca, I hope so too! If this leak came out of the NSC and nobody knew it was happening, the NSC is completely out of control. I am no 4D chess/trusty planner, but the idea that John Bolton’s manuscript could have been submitted for classified review, landed in Eugene Vindman’s lap, and been leaked to the NYT without anyone tracking it just seems incredible to me. If that’s the case, half the NSC needs to be summarily fired. As for Bolton’s involvement in a leak investigation, it’s very possible it was conducted without his knowledge.

        It is possible that the NSC is blameless. Bolton leaked it himself (or his agents, lawyer), then, via his lawyer, lied about it and specifically blamed the (in this case innocent) NSC as corrupt. In that case, Bolton is a true scumbag of the first order. I’m not ready to go there yet, but if that turns out to be true, I’d feel better knowing the betrayal came from an embittered ex-staffer with an axe to grind than an out of control NSC.


    • swal106 says:

      I agree. I can’t seem to find it in me to think that Bolton would’ve had anything to do with causing the President harm in this. I do however, wonder why he was fired though. Also, WHY couldn’t he wait a couple more months to release this stuff in the beginning? It would’ve given the Senate time to settle this crap by then. A lot of unanswerable questions in this….


  2. thehawkeyehoneypot says:

    If bolton testifies id like to hear the full tape of adam schiff requesting the naked photos of trump. Also schifty using the russian word komprimant?

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  3. dufrst says:

    This again shows why the Deep State’s first target was Gen Mike Flynn, who was going to come in and clean out the NSC. There has been so much mischief out of the NSC. When this is all said and done, the NSC must be thoroughly reform for this president and future presidents.

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    • sDee says:

      Such a gang with such a purpose cannot be reformed by its very nature.. It must be removed.

      The NSC has placed itself above the People, above the law, and above the Constitution. It is clearly self-serving and self-fulfilling – one tentacle of the permanent ruling and bureaucratic structure that pulls the stings of whoever the People elect (especially the President).

      Donald Trump has proven that if we, the People, manage to elect a truly capable leader, and executive who puts us and our nation first, he can assemble the teams he needs to carry out his strategy. Such teams will corrupt and must never remain in permanently in place. This is the deep state model.

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    • The Akh says:

      I forget who, but I saw an interview where they talked about how Reagan had a handful of advisors on NSC. That number ballooned post-911, especially under Obama into the hundreds. That, right there is a huge problem if they sit around entrenched for years.

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    • Snellvillebob says:

      Remember when President Trump put Steve Bannon on the NSC and your could hear Pelosi Hiss? He should have fired everyone on the NSC he inherited.

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      • YeahYouRight says:

        I recall he wanted to, and tried, but Flynn felt bad about it and didn’t want to clearcut the poisonous forest.


        • beach lover says:

          I would bet if you asked Flynn now, he would have a different answer.

          Who knew back then.. right after the election, that the swamp would work this hard against a new administration? Especially if they thought it would be successful. I know there were bad feelings, but Trump tried to set the tone of commamaderie. No one President has ever had to deal with a government this tainted with evil conviction.

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    • Yes! And the ‘twin brother’ routine has got to go….almost as if someone had unearthed it from some neglected Marx Brothers or Three Stooges Script?
      The Two Stooges??

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  4. MD says:

    The republicans in the senate don’t want witnesses and the dems only want a select group if any that fits their narrative. If a bunch of witnesses start being called there is a chance their money laundering of foreign aid will come out. That’s a can of worms they don’t want opened.

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    • dow40kby2024 says:

      I believe you are right. The million pound elephant in the impeachment sham is the effort to keep all House and Senate kickback schemes covered up when it comes to this “Foreign Aid” wink wink thing. I think an investigation of how much of the previous four years of foreign aid actually purchased weapons and material and how much went into certain folks’ pockets…….. Million pounds that big critter is.

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      • A massive Senate trial focused on foreign aid corruption is simply ludicrous. It could engulf the entire US government in a raging inferno that would leave charred remains in its wake, and having civil war and world war as possible dangers.
        This hot impeachment mess was dumped on the Senate by a rogue government conspiracy perpetrated by actors from the House of Representative. Therefore, the Senate’s exercise in jurisprudence should, given this crisis, meet a standard of strict, legal and CONSTITUTIONAL scrutiny. They should recall that there will be no judicial review of their decision, consequently, their ruling should, in every regard, be able to stand the test of time.
        Currently, the Senate hearings are fact-finding in nature. The next phase should go to the threshold issues of constitutionality of the House proceedings and the actual articles and their purported evidence, and counter-evidence. Dismissal of these articles should be a real option after this initial fact-finding.
        The worst case scenario would be for the Senate to now compound the villainy of the House by adding their own personal intrigues by trying to cut the baby in half, i.e. offering the House managers an opportunity to prove that an unimpeachable offense might actually become an impeachable offense if the House is allowed the opportunity go on an open-ended, unconstitutional fishing expedition to remove the 45th President of the United States!
        Is this what historians will write?


    • De Oppresso Liber says:

      Precisely — if Lucky Pierre Delecto votes to call witnesses, one of them most certainly should be Joseph “Cofer” Black……followed closely by Paul Pelosi, Jr.

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  5. swamph8er says:

    I can’t fathom Bolton gladly joining the swamp. I’m leaning towards a leak trap for the NSC and a witness surprise if it goes that far during the impeachment.

    Trump is the only person in the government I trust to tell the truth.

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    • teaforall says:

      Totally agree 🙂


    • thedoc00 says:

      I was going that way as well until I see indications that the book is going into pre-order stage.

      Consider the president’s remarks about the Bolton firing, during one of his interviews after the firing and Bolton was mouthing off. “John did a very bad thing”. That bad thing likely involved getting caught gathering NSC materials for his book.

      Plus, Bolton knows the NSC still leaks like a sieve.

      Nope, until Bolton makes some sort of public statement to counter this article, he is part of the leak for profit.

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  6. Retired IG says:

    Have been going through the process of the 90 Matriarch of my maternal family just having passed away. Quick and mostly painless.
    This might be really, really rotten for me to write but I’ve wondered lately if there is really SOMETHING terminally wrong health wise: – mental, and or some other lethal disease)with Schiff , Pelosi, and Nadler (captain obvious).. I cannot attribute their actions over the last few years to anything else. Can’t figure why they would want their obituaries to even contain a reference to this FAILED impeachment crap!
    And Bolton’s book: I predict it will be a DUD. He’s been a warmonger since the day he was born. And the NYT fork you too. You just can’t shut the fork up pushing the MIC agenda. “Leaking” John Boltons book now. What a bunch of forking low lifes this “paper of record is.”
    I think the NYT has a SERIOUS INCONTINENCE problem. A hard cough, or a sneeze sends them into a LEAK spasm. They are SICK and need some serious pelvic floor therapy.

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    • sDee says:

      “I cannot attribute their actions over the last few years to anything else.”

      The vast majority of our politicians rose to their stations, bought and owned by the globalists and their henchmen. Be it greed, bribery, compromise or purely evil, they are in a cult they cannot leave. Chits are being called in.

      “Please allow me to introduce myself
      I’m a man of wealth and taste
      I’ve been around for a long, long years
      Stole million man’s soul and faith”
      (Rolling Stones; Sympathy for the Devil)

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      • Revelation says:

        The loony wing of the internet talk about Adrenochrome – a substance harvested from aborted fetuses.

        I thought this was absolute nonsense.

        Pelosi and Biden’s precipitous and calamitous mental decline has made me think twice.

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        • Janet says:

          Trump has blocked the flow of many of the child sex trafficking chains around the world and in our own country, i.e. Arizona (notice Jeff Flake and McCain are no longer senators).
          Adrenochrome is no longer as available as before. Notice the sudden aging of Clinton and Jim Carrey, for example. Many celebrities wonder if the Trump admin knows they partook and want him out of office before they get in trouble.
          Perhaps Schiff and Pelosi want him gone before their own crimes are exposed. They’re all thinking “It’s either him or me.”

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  7. Sherri Young says:

    We could try to be charitable and blame Fukushima for Schiff and Nanzi, I guess.


  8. Troublemaker10 says:

    Meaning in History Blog posted this when the report about Peek came out:

    “I’ve seen speculation that he [Peek] was brought over to the NSC from State because it would be easier to nail him at the NSC.”

    After that he updated his post with Sundances article and commentary when someone posted cth article link in comments.



  9. Troublemaker10 says:

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    • paintbrushsage says:

      Bolton has avoided linking to it on his social media yet. Coward.


    • NJMAGA says:

      I mean really…who’s was going to buy and read his book? He needed this buzz to sell his book to the dumb Dem “resistance” crowd and that crowd is desperate with their Hate Trump insanity. He probably realized prior to this stunt, no one on the right or left is interested enough to buy his book.


  10. Troublemaker10 says:

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    • paintbrushsage says:

      Yup. Charles Cooper’s (Bolton’s attorney) letter to Ellen Knight (Records Management) at the White House stated that they did not think pre-publication security review was required but were doing it out of an abundance of caution.


      • paintbrushsage says:

        The editorial and publication schedule for the manuscript was time sensitive…has me wondering if Bolton and the Democratic House team had a deal to not call him in the House and pressure the Senate call him as a witness. Mitt’s a big fan of Bolton’s.


  11. Guyski says:

    Why doesn’t someone at Fox Business just ask Liz Peek what her son did? What he was up to? She has been on ‘Mornings with Maria’ quite a bit since her son was ‘escorted out of the White House’. Maria Bartiromo can ask her. Or is this a


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    • Guyski says:

      …and four days ago President Trump tweeted a quote by Liz Peek:

      “This is all about undermining the next Election.” Liz Peek, @FoxNews


    • Guyski says:


      Andrew Peek made the news, but not in a big way. It seems that the Lame Stream Media would make a big stink that the son of a MAGA supporter got caught. Especially if she appears on Fox.

      If a Russian hooker rumor is floating around, wouldn’t the LSM cover it? They don’t do facts, they have no problem dealing in rumors. A rumor is enough for the LSM to scream Russia, Russia, Russia.


  12. Sherri Young says:

    BTW, the Vindman boys have an older brother who is an investment banker doing business in Eastern Europe and Ukraine.

    Mighty darned handy if your older brother wants to trade on insider information.

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  13. hawkins6 says:

    Trump’s legal team gained some valuable ground on Saturday, so of course the very next day, a (2 week?) delayed article about “Breaking news” excerpts from Bolton’s book is released and a few Sunday show Dem hosts argued vociferously with their prey that impeachment does not actually need a crime after all.

    The “Framers” and/or Founding Fathers wrote a masterful, amendable Constitution that has survived World Wars, a brutal Civil War and numerous other internal struggles for 243 years. But, the Constitution might be facing its greatest threat yet from the bumbling Dem House and their party’s “framers” or frame up specialists. The corrupt Democrats and their numerous stooges have been actively trying to frame P Trump and his associates for crimes for 3 plus years.

    It might take a few years to learn how successful they’ve been in making impeachment just another political tool to weaken and attack your vulnerable Presidential opponent.

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    • beach lover says:

      Wonder why they leaked it yesterday when if they really wanted to mess up the hearings, they would do it after today at least… right before the vote for witnesses. Now the lawyers for Trump can tear this thing apart for what it is.. a ploy to call for witnesses. The motive is so transparent.

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  14. Troublemaker10 says:


    The attorney’s statement stopped short of confirming the contents of the Times’ report.


    I’m confused about one thing. What did Bolton’s lawyer mean when he said, “information has been disclosed by persons other than those involved in reviewing the manuscript”? What makes him think that? How would he know who leaked it by what was leaked and whether they were authorized to review the manuscript or not?

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    • RAC says:

      ” It is clear, regrettably, from The New York Times article published today that the prepublication review process has been corrupted and that information has been disclosed by persons other than those involved in reviewing the manuscript,”

      It depends on how you read that statement. If one starts with the idea that persons reviewing the manuscript would be honest. Then ” persons other than those involved in reviewing the manuscript,” could mean that some thing had been made up and added.(by the leak hunters?)


  15. Troublemaker10 says:

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  16. “I ain’t no ways tired…”

    Actually I am.
    I’m long past tied of reacting, of always playing defense, of responding to somebody else asking the questions.


  17. pyrthroes says:

    We expect Pres. Trump. the esteemed object of our affection (EOOC), to transcend this mere mundanity as he always does, with a subtly powerful riposte sinking ye Deep State camarata ever deeper. As for Bolton, we’re very disappointed… though he had much to contribute, he let rigid attitudinal preconceptions govern his relationship with Trump, who immediately pierced the veil.

    Thanks, as ever, to Sundance for explicating this NSC crapola in context.


  18. Jenevive says:

    From what I would gather John Bolton has been around
    a long time in DC as an Ambassador and then working for POTUS.
    Why would he trash his reputation and become a “rat” now?
    He may not like POTUS at the moment because they didn;t leave
    on good terms but why trash any chance of ever working in DC again.
    Who would trust him after this if he in fact “ratted out” POTUS.

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    • dd_sc says:

      Bolton is 71 and started with the Reagan administration. Been a war mongering globalist for quite a while now. If the plan was for him to become a rat, I’m sure his pay masters have a nice golden parachute – including a best selling book – lined up for him.


      • beach lover says:

        so who is his book audience? If he brings down Trump, I seriously doubt any of the Dems, he might be appeasing are going to buy his book. He’s gonna pi$$ off those on the right because they think he lied.

        They USE people and discard them. Bolton has been around long enough to know the game.

        I think this is just a ploy making up schiff. According to his publicist, the manuscript was sent for approval for classification review, but didn’t think anything was in it would be seen as detrimental to the President. Then it was sent!

        So, someone is either embellishing, or it was a set up to catch the leaker. We will know soon enough.. everyone is screaming for Bolton to testify now.. even Lindsey canceled his appearance this morning. If it’s a set up, they will expose it soon… they have to.


    • stenwin77 says:

      He doesn’t care if anyone trusts him. If he brings down Trump, he’ll be a hero to the RINOs.

      Liked by 1 person

  19. Elle says:

    “Bolton’s attorney said he submitted the book on December 30 to the National Security Council at the White House for review and clearance of any security information.”

    Interesting they are making the point that it was Bolton’s ATTORNEY (and not Bolton himself) who submitted the book. Also, intuitively, the date of Dec 30 is also an important detail as written.


  20. tav144 says:

    Peek was removed due to a honeytrap. His government issued phone and laptop came up missing after he was involved with a Russian gal and the investigation was ongoing prior to him being detailed to the WH.

    Vindman’s brother is who leaked the Bolton book transcript details.his brother’s job is to clear publications by NSC officials.

    Liked by 2 people

  21. Merkin Muffley says:

    “In his August 2019 discussion with Mr. Bolton, the president appeared focused on the theories Mr. Giuliani had shared with him, replying to Mr. Bolton’s question that he preferred sending no assistance to Ukraine until officials had turned over all materials they had about the Russia investigation that related Mr. Biden and supporters of Mrs. Clinton in Ukraine…”
    So the Times admits that Trump’s concerns about Ukraine were based on issues of corruption and not politics.


    • Ellis says:

      Corruption from 2016.

      Liked by 1 person

    • OlderAndWiser says:

      Thanks for posting this. I do not read the NYSlimes.
      So, EVEN if their reporting is correct, the allegation is that the President “…PREFERRED sending no assistance…”. DOES NOT MEAN HE WANTED/ORDERED no assistance.
      And EVEN if HE ORDERED it, it was legal because he was pursuing corruption.

      I’m not a lawyer, and I can blast holes through this. The President’s defense team should have real fun with this.

      And if this is what was leaked, then I would suspect it’s a leak

      Liked by 1 person

  22. John Obidienzo says:

    The Democrat/Lawfare ploy was to have the President stand vulnerable before the Senate–branded impeached–wounded by the power and severity of a one sided process. They deliberately created a false urgency to call witnesses before the Senate, witnesses who should have been rightfully called and rebuffed under an executive privilege challenge by the House of Representatives before he was tagged an impeached President.

    Part of me believes that Roberts must be insulted to have these Democrat Managers carrying on unashamedly about the need for witnesses–crying grievance caused by their own doing–right there in front of him. He is potentially being dragged into the Democrat scheme, and may be asked to preside over and participate in ending a presidency and possibly future presidencies by not upholding executive privilege.


  23. Santiago 1314 says:

    I Trust TRUMP on this… He was Proven Right on Spy Gate, etc… Because; He knew his OWN Actions on all these matters… So if he says he didn’t do it; Then I Believe him… We know for a FACT, NYT Lies.!!!

    Liked by 5 people

    • Conservative_302 says:

      I trust him, too. Trump will come out victorious. God is on his side. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
      Ephesians 6:11 KJV


  24. TwoLaine says:

    Has ANYONE seen the alleged video of the alleged conversation between President TRUMP and the snake Parnas?

    Or are we still going with the doctored audio made up from rally clips where Candidate or President TRUMP says get her out? As he almost always does for disruptors at rallies. The only part they left out is, “And take her coat.”

    Liked by 1 person

  25. Kevin O'Shea says:

    I suspect Romney was in on this


  26. TwoLaine says:

    ICYMI: Bongino interviews Tom Fitton

    Tom talks about how the TRUMP State Dept is stonewalling his FOIA requests on all matters Russia, Ukraine, Biden, etc.

    Liked by 3 people

  27. convert says:

    People saying that, oh Bolton would never help the Dems, etc. have obviously forgotten all the House and Senate Republican leadership, the Bushes, the staff of National Review and the Weekly Standard, etc.! Those people vehemently reject most of the Lefts ideas and policies and know full well what awful people Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, AOC &her cabal are, yet they would do anything to hurt this President and get him out of office.

    No, I don’t believe this is a leak trap, sorry. I believe the same old conspirators continue the coup attempt in broad daylight, unfazed and unimpeded… Bolton’s motive is a. Cash b. Ego– the President stomped him good, no doubt, for undermining his stated objectives and strategy.

    Liked by 4 people

  28. dwpender says:

    This “information,” whether accurately summarized and reported by the NYT or not, originated OUTSIDE the US Govt.

    How many employees at the publisher had access to the draft(s)? At the DC law firm representing Bolton? All the NYT — perhaps through intermediaries — needs is one obsessed pink-kitty-hatted Resistance type, even a low-level one, to get access.

    The Ciaramellas, Vindmans, NSC Resistance types on the inside surely know by now that their every move is being watched.

    I’m not convinced yet that this leak came from within the US Govt.

    Liked by 2 people

  29. Rob says:

    The book’s Amazon page went live the night of the article. It may have been a marketing strategy by his publisher.

    Liked by 3 people

  30. Lactatantius says:

    NYT: “WASHINGTON — President Trump told his national security adviser in August that he wanted to continue freezing $391 million in security assistance to Ukraine until officials there helped with investigations into Democrats including the Bidens, according to an unpublished manuscript by the former adviser, John R. Bolton.”

    I am not buying it. John Bolton knows a heck of a lot of secret information. His life has been built around his knowledge, his advice and his integrity. Truth is the backbone of integrity. People who have to keep the truth under wraps have staked the value of their usefulness on being competent at keeping secrets. For people in Bolton’s trade, breaking the “code of silence” is a career wrecker. It is the plot of every espionage novel ever written.

    Why would Bolton run his career into the rocks for such a puny leak? Suppose he flips enough Republican senators to oust Trump. Where does Bolton go? Flipping burgers at Five Guys? Is Bolton is so mad and so stupid to do that?

    Bolton is far more likely to be participating in a trap. He has been in and around the core of mystery too long to all of a sudden think it is time to go full blabbermouth.


  31. Ellis says:

    Bolton’s allegations, if true, amount to nothing. He is still irrelevant to the impeachment*. This is just a desperate ploy by the left with no merit nor meaning. It’s just another bureaucrat’s opinion that is easily disputed by facts.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Exemplary sample specimen of the hairy hominid species Neoconicus Maximus


  33. Conservative_302 says:

    If you need a laugh this morning, watch this. Trump Versus Dean Wormer | Power Line


  34. stenwin77 says:

    Why do we allow people who “serve” in government to write these books? If you serve, you don’t write the tell-all book for 5 years. They are profiting from their “service” and constantly mucking stuff up.

    You’d think they are writing the Holy Bible the way the media responds. It’s a BOOK. You can lie all you want to in a book. You are not under oath when you write a book.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. H. Hawke says:

    Check who was responsible for clearing publicagtions for release?

    ” it turns out that Lt. Col Vind-Bag’s brother, Yevgen,y is the person at the NSC in charge of clearing publications before they’re released. No conflict of interest there, right?”


    Liked by 1 person

    • H. Hawke says:

      Need more coffee. Must fix.

      Check who was responsible for clearing publication release:

      “It turns out that Lt. Col Vind-Bag’s brother Yevgeny is the person at the NSC in charge of clearing publications before they’re released. No conflict of interest there, right?”



  36. Beth says:

    GOP never plays chess; merely “catchup” or tail chasing.
    They anticipate nothing.
    Amazing, watching the Sunday propaganda, they only react, never control the topic.

    Time to drain the GOP deer-in-the-headlights swamp, burn the refuse, & create the UNITED ADVOCATE PARTY.


  37. Git-R-Done says:

    If the President does go down it will have been totally self-inflicted. The guy who became famous for saying “You’re Fired” has in fact fired almost nobody that should have been fired immediately when he took office. And as for “I only hire the best”….we’ll we won’t go there.


    • trialbytruth says:

      I sent him a letter tell me my him your observation git her done. I immediately got a call back from Jared. He told me to have you pack a bag the limo would be at your house in an hour to take you to the airport and then on to DC. They need people


  38. Catherine says:

    John “Benedict” Bolton … A huge disappointment.


  39. Bogeyfree says:

    IMO, the 20 Brutus’s in the Senate needed more in order to vote PT out so thus another plot to take PT down.

    This is now at least 3 attempted Coups IMO to take down a sitting President

    Coup #1 – Russia Collusion and the Fabricated Dossier

    Coup #2 – The Ukraine Call and the fabricated WB

    Coup #3 – The leaking and fabrication of a manuscript.

    How can so many be so willing to ignore truth and justice and forgo their integrity to sell out this Republic and it’s Constitution?


  40. H. Hawke says:

    Liked by 1 person

  41. H. Hawke says:

    Liked by 2 people

  42. H. Hawke says:

    Is Bolton’s impending book release the reason Poopsie delayed the trial for 33 days?

    The release is slated for March 17. St. Patrick’s Day

    .BREAKING: John Bolton’s book, “The Room Where it Happened,” is tentatively slated for release on March 17. The Amazon page just went live

    Liked by 1 person

  43. Bogeyfree says:

    So IMO we are finally nearing the end of this 4 year game of Coup.

    Either this is a sting operation and PT meant what he said when he mentioned we caught them all and the trust the plan players win.


    This manuscript leak was not a sting but another attempted coup on the President and the non trust the plan players win.

    So if it is the latter, IMO at this point there is only one course of action for the President and that is to order the immediate declassification of EVERYTHING before it is too late

    PT knows this very second, if this was a sting and he also knows if it wasn’t this may just drive many Senators to hear from the Dems witnesses thus allowing the 20 Senators enough cover to vote him out.

    It’s do or die IMO and if PT knows this was not a sting then he MUST declassify and show the American people this has ALWAYS been a planned coup and it is wide spread throughout DC with both R’s and D’s deeply involved IMO.


  44. warrenjay13 says:

    When trumps team starts calling witnesses, how will go? Lol 😂


  45. CTH Fan says:

    The President’s remarks and conversations with NSC leadership should be sacrosanct while the President is still in office. To write books describing those conversations, good or bad, should be considered by the executive branch as being a national security breach. The ability to conduct foreign policy has been blunted and therefore our country, as a whole, has been endangered.

    IMO John Bolton writing this book is a direct indication that he thought this latest coup attempt in the form of a bogus impeachment would succeed. Not only that, in light of the contents, wants to willingly participate in it.

    It seems to me that the NSC should be considered a rogue organization. It has done so much harm to national security with leaks. Lt. General Flynn was onto something. No wonder they framed him to stop his audit.

    I would also like to point out that John Bolton’s entrance into NSC brought the North Korea talks to a halt.

    Liked by 2 people

  46. bessie2003 says:

    I thought that in the first days of the Trump Administration there were stories that all of the President’s cabinet, inner circle of advisers, etc. had signed a legal agreement to not write or disclose information from their time serving in the administration until 5 years after the end of their service.

    Was that a fake news story, or are people like Bolton, Omarosa, and others in breach of that contract?

    Liked by 1 person

  47. Don says:

    C’mon— this is a no brainer…. another #metoo scenario with dollar signs attached……..
    The guys just tryin’ to make a buck…. heck … Bolton sees all of these other government officials with their hand in the pot…lining their pockets…. so why not…. EVERYONE WRITES A BOOK !
    Why should Bolton pass on that opportunity….. and again….. at this point its all about an alleged leak…… Squeezing all the juice out that they can……


  48. Don says:

    Oh, and…. Scooter Libby is still Incredulous….. again…..


  49. doohmax says:

    How can Senate Democrats running for President not recuse themselves? They get to vote to remove their opponent from the race? Isn’t that the reason Trump was impeached?


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