Jim Jordan: “Adam Schiff’s ‘Abuse of Power’ is What The Founders Called ‘Separation of Power'”…

Representative Jim Jordan appears on Fox News to discuss the latest day of impeachment trial proclamations, noting: “what Chairman Schiff calls abuse of power is what the founders called separation of power”.  So true.

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38 Responses to Jim Jordan: “Adam Schiff’s ‘Abuse of Power’ is What The Founders Called ‘Separation of Power'”…

  1. vikingmom says:

    This quote, about the responsibility of the Senate to follow the Constitution, needs to be repeated EVERY single time anyone from the President’s Defense team is interviewed. There are always going to be a minority of people who will scream “Orange Man Bad” until the day they die but MOST Americans will recognize the truth of how poorly, and even illegally, this was handled from the outset and might even start to look at things in a different light!

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    • MelH says:

      I’ve searched for a reason there is not a soul indicting the person in charge of the illegality of this Impeachment, from the start. Why do the Republicans even begin to participate, given the illegality? Why didn’t they file a suit instead of just bitching endlessly about how illegitimate the process is?

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      • David says:

        Because it is a political process and not a legal one. No court would touch the suit. The courts know there is a remedy and that is an election in November. The voters can affirm the impeachment or vote for some new blood to reject the impeachment.

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      • bentley1blog says:

        Mel…my thoughts exactly. Something is radically wrong with this setup. The turtle has something up his sleeve and don’t trust him one iota. Why give those hideous monsters more time to spew their hate and lies while we are sidelined to wait over the weekend when the audience is going to be sparse and disgusted with this sham?

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  2. WES says:

    Sadly, Miss Lindsey is going to investigate this matter.

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    • Sherri Young says:

      Trey Gowdy agrees. (Forgive me for exposing my fellow Treepers to unnecessary Hannity.)

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      • LouisianaTeaRose says:

        I can’t say for certain whose toybox the Trojan Horse pull toy has been found in the most, but it has been played with till the wheels are falling off, and its beyond wobbly, just near falling apart.

        But this is what I DO KNOW: Trump is gonna throw it into the dumpster, and play with his brand new remote control monster truck.

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    • tommylotto says:

      This is a rotten take. To “open the door” is to make relevant something that was not previously relevant. The legitimacy of the request to investigate the Bidens was ALWAYS relevant, central to the entire case even. How can you charge someone with abuse of power without showing the use of that power was illegitimate? As far as I am concerned, showing that the Bidens’ dealings in Ukraine were corruption free is part of Schiff’s prima facia case. Unless Schiff affirmatively established there was no legitimate basis to request an investigation, his case should be tossed out on its ear. It is Schiff who needs to call Hunter and Sleepy Joe.

      Look at it this way, anyone who claims the Bidens shouldn’t have to testify has to be able to argue thusly: “Let’s assume the Bidens were corrupt. Hunter was taking bribes. Burisma was laundering payments. And Sleepy Joe was using $1b in US foreign aid to extort the Ukrainians to stop the investigation into the Bidens’ corruption. Assume it ALL for the sake of argument. NONE OF IT MATTERS. Trump still committed an impeachable offense for daring to ask about any of it.” Unless Schiff can make that argument with a straight face, his claim that the Bidens are not relevant is a joke.

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      • Joe says:

        The Democrats’ claim amounts to stupidity on stilts. The Bidens are invoked by clear implication in the accusation against the president. So how on earth can they be removed from his defense? It’s absurd. Furthermore, the Democrats have lodged an impeachment that is simultaneously specific as to who the accused is but generic as to the offense he committed.

        There is a good reason that Article III courts are explicitly enjoined by the Constitution to try only “actual cases and controversies,” not abstract disputes, be they civil or criminal. The entire impeachment should be dismissed as constitutionally infirm.


  3. joeknuckles says:

    Bloomberg says his life would have been completely different if he had been born black. Yeah, his dad would have been pretty damn surprised, too.

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  4. BL says:

    Need a 2nd opinion
    Am I hearing this all wrong or is Lindsey someone to worry about…again


    • tommylotto says:

      Look solid to me. The only thing I would quibble with is his poopooing of the Crowdstrike DNC server thing. He accepts uncritically the IC conclusion that the Russians hacked the DNC computers even though he knows no one in the IC examined the servers and they just accepted a report from DNC contractor Crowdstrike. But that is to be forgiven. I do not expect Ms. Lindsey to cross the IC. They have six ways to Sunday to get back at her. Other than that, I thought all of his points were good. He is not going to vote for witnesses and the is going to vote to acquit.

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    • DSP2 says:

      Lindsey Graham. The gatekeeper to all the corrupt Senators. He will be the Republicans monkey wrench to duck up this entire impeachment.


  5. Jeepers Treepers says:

    According to the Dems’ way of thinking, is the House guilty of obstructing the Executive Branch.


    • SteveT says:

      So Miss Lindsey at 02.45 mins says, …. in 2014 President Trump gave Joe Biden responsibility for Ukraine.
      He’s obviously not thinking straight – but was it just a slip of the tongue or was it a Freudian slip of the tongue? He clearly should have said Obama.


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  6. IMO, it is the House Dems who are guilty of Abuse Of Power. The launched a totally partisan impeachment scam simply because they COULD.


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  7. amwick says:

    Separation of Powers is something so fundamental to our government, Congressman Jordan nailed it. I took liberties with a graphic that SD provided a long time ago… because this is where we are right now..

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  8. Sentient says:

    I like Jim Jordan. I hope he becomes Speaker. His rapid-fire style of hammering rehearsed points reminds me of Shaun Hannity. Hannity is a multimillionaire, and I guess you can’t argue with success, but that nonstop recitation of talking points makes me tune out. If Jordan is part of the president’s defense in the senate, I hope he slows it down and catches his breath.


  9. Gov Jay says:

    Headline should read… “Adam Schiff’s ‘Obstruction of Congress’ is What The Founders Called ‘Separation of Power’”…


  10. Adam Schiff reminds me of having a bowel movement when there’s always one little “piece” that just will not go away regardless of the number of times you flush.

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  11. Ha ha. We don’t have to pay other countries to hate us. They will probably do it fo free. So true, Mr. Jordan.

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  12. Spryte says:

    My brain cannot imagine the complete unhinging of the left in November when our boy gets re-elected. This sham is going to look like chopped liver. This will be our lives for the next term but Trump will continue on keeping his promises and the Dems will turn into zombies and eat their own.

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  13. DanJ1 says:

    I’ve commented on this point several times. This is not all about Trump. It’s about the House trying to render the presidency toothless for generations to come. Trump is just their last ditch effort. They could, I suppose, swing the Judiciary back to the Left but not as long as Trump is in there. Look for them to start arguing that an impeached president should not be allowed to seat justices.


    • Mr e-man says:

      It’s about Schumer becoming Majority leader so they can stem the tide of Judicial appointments and keep Roe V Wade intact. They must be able to kill unwanted babies at all cost.

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  14. Raised on Reagan says:

    Succinct and to the point, Jordan is like a laser pointer to the root of truth in this House produced clown show.


  15. Snellvillebob says:

    This impeachment is what happens when a governing body is given immunity from their word and actions. Absolute Power corrupts absolutely.
    In Virginia the Legislature is creating a bill to make critizing them a crime.


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