Zeldin, Jordan, Ratcliffe and Meadows Debunk Media Spin…

Unfortunately, one of the necessities of this ridiculous impeachment effort is to have fact-based advocates who can debunk impeachment lies before the narrative engineers (media) has a cycle to run with them.  That’s one of the reasons why Lee Zeldin, Jim Jordan, John Ratcliffe and Mark Meadows are so important.

In this quick media briefing, the truth tellers quickly debunk the narrative (story) being spun within the upper chamber by Adam Schiff’s lying House Managers.  John Ratcliffe hones-in on the timeline and rattles-off the dates as an experienced litigator.  WATCH:

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55 Responses to Zeldin, Jordan, Ratcliffe and Meadows Debunk Media Spin…

  1. Genie says:

    Hard to hear it on my shoephone, but worth the effort.

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  2. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “In this quick media briefing, the truth tellers quickly debunk the narrative (story) being spun within the upper chamber by Adam Schiff’s lying House Managers.”

    I bet the time devoted to this by the MSM (if it is mentioned at all) will even be quicker, probably measured in seconds.

    Of those seconds, most will probably be bits and pieces of what was said, carefully selected in the editing suite to minimize the impact of the Lie.

    John 8:44 KJV
    Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

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  3. Trumpstumper says:

    Ratcliffe’s voice is shaking with righteous indignation…

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    • ILOT says:

      I have a lot of respect for the restraint these gentlemen are showing. I’ve said at least 100 times in the last few months that I simply do NOT know how you witness a co-worker like schiff, nadler, pelosi et al do what they are doing, then go into work the next day or week and actually get beyond it and work with them. The dems are meeting the only goal they can possibly have and that is to continue the fundamental change obama promised. They are literally changing how we will be governed and In this case a clear erosion of the co-equal branches and separation of powers. There is no other conclusion because they know PDJT is not being removed from office. Scorched earth.

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      • GB Bari says:

        ^^^^ “Like” x 1,000 ^^^^

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      • scrap1ron says:

        This Congressional crime against the institution of the President and the sanctity of the Constitution, even though it is doomed to fail, is meant to send a message to any future candidates for President. Defy the Uni-Party and this will happen to you.

        I don’t know any other person who could not only stand up to these bastards, but thrive in doing so. I see the hand of God working through President Trump. He reminds me of that old Irish curse:
        “May those who love us, love us;
        And for those who don’t love us,
        May God turn their hearts;
        And if He doesn’t turn their hearts,
        May He turn their ankles,
        So we will know them by their limping.”

        I see a whole lot of gimping going on.

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  4. RC23321 says:

    I like them all but let’s not open with Zeldin any more.

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  5. drg13miami says:

    Heard it well. Ratcliffe and Jordan completely shut down what shift proffered. adam is brilliant to weave these lies so seamlessly. But when facts are introduced, he’s toast.

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    • Janie M. says:

      drg, $chitt (for brains) fancies himself as a Hollywood worthy “script” writer. He resides within his own fantasies.

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    • GB Bari says:

      Schiff is not brilliant. Schiff could say the moon is made of green cheese and the press would ignore it or defend him from any rebuke.

      He, Nadler, Pelosi, Waters, AOC, Omar, Tlaib and many more would have all been laughed out of office long ago had we had a national press that practiced anything resembling real objective journalism.

      Schiff doesn’t have brains or integrity. He has the press to cover up his deceit and stupidity.

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      • H.R. says:

        GB Bari: “Schiff doesn’t have brains or integrity. He has the press to cover up his deceit and stupidity.”

        That right there is the plain, unvarnished, honest truth, GB.

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        • TarsTarkas says:

          Ever since Watergate the Press and what is now called Deep State have felt that they should be running things. Even though without Mark Felt Woodward and Bernstein would have ended up just run-of-the-mill reporters. Because they are right and just and because they are the experts. Wilsonian rule-by-self-appointed-experts gone amok.

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  6. Ackman419 says:

    Man, those are my boys right there.

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  7. Cathy M. says:

    Love those guys!

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    • Raptors2020 says:

      Factual, intellectual arguments. Since the enlightenment, nothing has diminished the primacy of objective truth. Leftism remains the realm of superstition and blind ideology.
      They read minds, they assume motivations.

      America is to be a nation of laws, a republic, not a government of men. If you want to be ruled by the likes of Adam Schiff, the Democrat Party is the place for you.

      There’s nothing new under the sun. The Democrat Party is the place for atavistic people who crave a return to feudalism: the rule of superior people. Government by principles or government by whim. You choose.

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      • Judith says:

        Their New World Order obviously does not recognize our Constitutional Republic. That’s because the cornerstone of Globalism is Totalitarian rule. Individual freedoms, like freedom of speech and peaceable assembly, freedom from persecution and unreasonable search and the freedom to form militias against a tyrannical government, simply cannot take priority over their collective.

        Globalists are attempting to shame us through climate “emergencies” and such nonsense, to give the appearance that we are being shortsighted and selfish to defy their hive mind.

        The Enemedia will continue to harass us, from within and without, until we relinquish our individual rights as a free and sovereign nation.

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  8. Battleship Wisconsin says:

    Under the Senate rules for the trial, are Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler under any kind of oath to present the truth in making their own arguments for conviction? Is there any prohibition whatsoever against them telling what are blatant, provable lies in the course of presenting their arguments?

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    • cboldt says:

      Our legal system is “adversarial,” and while there is a myth about getting to the truth, the advocates have no duty to the truth. They are supposed to spin but without making any statement that is technically false.
      See Comey’s conduct, Clinton “I did not have sex with that woman, not one time.” That sort of presentation is prized and rewarded.
      The truth fares even worse in the political realm than in the courtroom.
      The advocates are not under any oath. The House managers job is to get a conviction. It is up to the defendant to counter all the misrepresentations. And too, many of the witnesses are liars in their own ways.

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      • littleanniefannie says:

        So now we know why the leaders in the 💩show are Schiff and Nadler. Neither recognizes much less is capable of speaking truth. There is Hakeem Jeffries towing strongly the RRrope of the Democrazies. You know—Russia and Racist.Accusations of racism have virtually rendered the word moot. It cannot be hurled hundreds of times a day with an expectation of outrage or horror. Russia is almost as good. After all, President “Tell Vladimir I will have much more flexibility after my re-election” and Madame “Here, push my reset button” sure played buddy-buddy with the Russians. Ditto with the Iranians (and other Shia Muslim countries). We won’t even talk about Ukraine’s gifted “war blankets” and “war MRE’s!
        The simple fact is 1) they hate Trump as a businessman, 2) they hate Trump for reducing unemployment to historic levels, 3) they hate Trump for bringing China to the economic table, 4) they hate Trump for supporting the Second Amendment, 5). They hate Trump for opposing abortion, 6) they hate Trump for getting people off welfare (aka the Democrat teat), 7) they hate Trump for undoing pen & phone orders, 8) they hate Trump for his success, and 9) they hate Trump because he has fundamentally changed the lives of many Americans of color (job, no food stamps needed, no welfare needed, home ownership, return of men into the family).
        Their hatred is irrational—based on jealousy, fear of loss of power and ill-gotten wealth, getting caught weaponizing government agencies, a shellacking in 2016. They are childish and pathetic.

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        • scrap1ron says:

          They hate President Trump because he refuses to play along to get along, and he refuses to be bought. Failures of personal integrity and moral strength that they have in abundance.
          Even those with the best intentions get caught up in the con game of corruption. Once you are tempted to participate in even the smallest indiscretion they set the hook and will ruin you if you try to back out. That’s how cons operate.


      • Jarhead Hoosier says:

        What is missing is character and integrity. Most of us would be unable to lie about important issues to the level that the house dems are. We couldn’t live with our selves if we did what these people are doing. But it doesn’t seem to bother them in the least… they have no conscience or character

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    • thedoc00 says:

      This is not a court of law. Rules of evidence are non-existent and congressional critters have lee way to lie in the utterances. “Truth” is not even part of the oath administered by Justice Roberts.

      Also, the managers are “technically” not testifying.

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      • littleanniefannie says:

        Schiff and Nadler are following the Harry Reid model—why use any truth when a perfect lie gets you what you want? No one has ever asked him point blank to declare the proof positive he alone seems to possess. If Schiff wants to guarantee removal, all he needs to do is lay out that proof positive!

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      • chuckyschmucky says:

        Well, at least Roberts is satisfied that they’re lying, presenting fraudulent evidence and railroading the President politely and congenially.


    • ILOT says:

      schiff and nadler have taken more liberties with the Speech and Debate Clause than I even care to list. It’s disgusting…

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  9. John Obidienzo says:

    It is my hope that Jim Jordan and John Ratcliffe–go man to man coverage on Schiff and Nadler. They were there. They experienced the lies first hand. They were fabulous during the House inquisition. It is my hope that we see them speak at the Senate Dais.

    The results: Full Nelson Takedown of Schiff and Nadler. Short Sweet and off their feet. Make the Smackdown loud so the fall is heard through the Capitol and the media.

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  10. Best result of all this is the discipline and resolve demonstrated by these gents, for the benefit of those RINOs needing examples of intestinal fortitude, and disciplined messaging with integrity.

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  11. TradeBait says:

    Once the cabal and Soros of the world cease to breathe air, the white hats can accelerated the truth telling and take down of all evil institutions.


  12. Tiffthis says:

    I didn’t hear anyone tell the press that the burden of proof is on the accuser- that would have been nice for the low info voters to hear

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    • GB Bari says:

      Exactly! Especially that nit-twit reporterette who was asking why the President doesn’t turn over “all the documents.” I immiedualtey wanted to just lean over to her face and say –

      “Young lady, you need to go and study American jurisprudence a bit more. In THIS nation, ever since its founding, the plaintiff, or prosecution, has to prove its assertion that a defendant is guilty. The defendant on the other hand does NOT have to prove that he/she is innocent. It is sorely apparent that you and a lot of your young and inexperienced colleagues do not yet understand that very basic principle.”

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    • gabytango says:

      I agree with you Tiff, and wish they would have the quick memorable soundbites needed for the low-info voters. They are being bombarded by the Democrat’s’ lies and need specific phrases to combat. These men have done a phenomenal job defending our President, but I wish they would tell these reporters in answer to their very Lib-Lies-laden-questions that they expect better from journalists and to please do their research into BOTH sides of each story and their questions, to find the truth instead of accepting the Democrat lies.

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  13. T2020 says:

    That was strange. What more is there to say? The Dems make baseless accusations that the media pushes as fact. SHUT IT DOWN ALREADY!!! Justice Roberts is a deep state d-bag if he lets it continue.

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    • Chimpy says:

      Justice Roberts doesn’t have the power to end this. That’s the Senate’s role.


    • G. Alistar says:

      Yes…but perhaps the longer this rolls, the more damage to the dems and their fake news media friends. As I listened occasionally, I was appalled at the deceit, lies and dishonesty. While I give the dems that their base buys into the lies…I find it hard to believe that they are NOT damaging their party, especially in November 2020! Sure, five years from now, this will be forgotten but for now, digging a hole they can’t dig out from.

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  14. MelH says:

    If SpyGate had been prosecuted first…….

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  15. DesertRain says:

    Brace for impact…. Peter Sweitzer’s new book just released.

    Profiles in Corruption
    Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite

    Author did an interview with Glenn Beck tonight. Look for 1/22 podcast on his website, iHeartRadio or BlazeTV

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  16. gda53 says:

    Interesting developments in the Ingraham show tonight – Lee Smith again involved.

    State Dept emails showing concern over Biden/Burisma surface – from April 2019! Whistleblower involved!

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    • LouisianaTeaRose says:

      That’s been the crux of this whole thing, and why I have said before that Biden HAD to get in…cover for his running the Ukrinian Laundromat. His campaign is chaff and countermeasures for so many slimy pols. And Hilly has the goods….that’s the familiar screech in the background…

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  17. gringz says:

    Too funny. Meadows” as predictable as the end of a Hallmark movie. LOL I didn’t know men watched Hallmark movies.

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  18. NoFixedAddress says:

    I wonder how long before Hasbro releases the “Impeach Trump” board game?

    Can you imagine the “Get out of Jail Cards”?

    Why not take the DNC to court to take away the name Democrat?!


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