Day One – Senate Impeachment Trial – 1:00pm Livestream…

The U.S. Senate Impeachment Trial of President Donald Trump begins today at 1:00pm Eastern.  The first series of anticipated events includes the framework for Senate rules for impeachment which will come in the form of a final resolution for Senate vote.

The formation of the impeachment rules, and any amendments therein, will likely take up the majority of the afternoon in the Senate.  Anticipated start time 1:00pm EST.

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1,890 Responses to Day One – Senate Impeachment Trial – 1:00pm Livestream…

  1. Reserved55 says:

    Congress nor Vinny set foreign policy.

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  2. RC23321 says:

    Did Lofgren just say that Trump needed to release the calls to Zelensky? What the hell is wrong with these people?

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  3. ncbirdnwrd says:

    Can they invoke the kill switch yet?!!

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  4. Reserved55 says:

    Here com the nukes.


  5. Bogeyfree says:

    Why do I get the feeling that before this is all over there is going to be some potentially incriminating leaks, or images or documents regarding “one of these Crazy” Democrats and possibly additional breaking evidence on those who participated in Ukraine money laundering schemes.

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  6. paintbrushsage says:

    Where is the ICIG transcript, Zoe?

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  7. islandpalmtrees says:

    MSNBC misquoted Trump on Thursday morning’s edition of Morning Joe: “The President of the United States says, ‘Article II gives me the power to do whatever I want to do.’ That’s actually — that’s what [Russian President Vladimir] Putin would say.”

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    • booger71 says:

      Besides, he was at a rally it is called a joke…but Progs don’t have a sense of humor

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      • 1stgoblyn says:

        And that is not the full quote. Just like everything else where VSPGPDJT is concerned, they edit to make him look orange man bad. I think I have heard that POTUS said he can do w/e he wants b/c of Article 2 about 10 times already today. Hope his defense team tears that apart soon.


  8. Bogeyfree says:

    When is Sekulow going to say…………

    Um, you all do know that abuse of power and obstruction of Congress IS NOT a crime anywhere in our legal system.

    So tell me again, why we are here?

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  9. islandpalmtrees says:

    Zoe Lofgren and Schiff have repeated this lie three or more time!! Defend your client – President Trump!

    MSNBC misquoted Trump on Thursday morning’s edition of Morning Joe: “The President of the United States says, ‘Article II gives me the power to do whatever I want to do.’ That’s actually — that’s what [Russian President Vladimir] Putin would say.”

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  10. LIG says:

    I paused c span as to avoid Shiftty and then had the most amusing thought when I hit fast forward: his fingers pointed from left to right to left like a little dance and I hear
    “ ah ah ah ah stayin alive stayin alive” by the BeeGees from Saturday night fever.

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  11. Dances with Wolverines says:

    The goal of both political parties, the three branches of government and the administrative deep state is to make sure a regular American citizen, who has never been in politics, will ever want to run for the Office of President again.

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  12. butch cassidy says:

    Trumps lawyers are going to have a field day with their replies to Lofgren. I don’t believe she showed a video of one fact witness. I thought this was going to be boring, it’s turning out to fun to watch. This is just like the Kavanaugh hearings, they want to talk to everyone. Ain’t going to happen, Jeff Flake is not here.

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  13. islandpalmtrees says:

    Use this open lie against them as an example of what they are hearing from the Socialist now.

    MSNBC misquoted Trump on Thursday morning’s edition of Morning Joe: “The President of the United States says, ‘Article II gives me the power to do whatever I want to do.’ That’s actually — that’s what [Russian President Vladimir] Putin would say.”


  14. Somebody's Gramma says:

    I’ve been listening to every word. Thoughts so far: Shifty Schiff – on my what an orator, what a lawyer, what a twister of words… LOL. He’s a hopeless narcissist, believing his own words regardless of whether they are right or wrong. What they want is all the documents that the President has executive privilege regarding, only to hope to catch him in a process mistake that they haven’t yet been able to find. But, most importantly, THEY ARE TRYING TO PROTECT BIDEN!!! LOL. And trying to protect all of their own quid pro quo activities. They keep mentioning Bolton, thinking that Bolton would betray the President. Eh, maybe they’ve got something on Bolton. I’m not so sure about that, even if Bolton is butthurt over leaving the Administration. And they’re pissed off that their spy Ambassador from Ukraine was recalled. LOL. They’re after everyone who is behind or associated with the President. Still, the President has done nothing wrong, and they’re desperately trying to find something. It’s good to listen because it makes you realize how corrupt all these “lawyers” are, and the realization that these are our representatives in the highest offices in the land. That’s the real crime here. Vote the bums out.

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  15. Eaglemom says:

    This has been the longest hour ever!!!!!

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  16. Eaglemom says:

    There is no way these 80 year old senators are keeping up with this drivel!

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  17. OMG; just how long is Zoey gonna blather on?
    Anyone really believe her constituents are watching her now and cheering her on?

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    • Mr e-man says:

      Oh, her constituents are probably considering her heroic to go up against the Dictator Trump.

      The consider her very brave. They still know she is stupid but such a brave woman protecting the Constitution, the rule of law, and doing the work of God.


    • 1stgoblyn says:

      She didn’t use up her entire amount of time her first go-round. She has 8 more minutes and is giving a rebuttal.


  18. Reserved55 says:

    By quoting the Bezos Blog and The Slim Slimes Lofgren is using,

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    • ncbirdnwrd says:

      Don’t want to burst your bubble, but if you watch the beginning of this video from a more complete source, you’ll see that she is describing what she thinks Republicans do. Not excusing her, since we know how well the Dimms project and you can bet they invented the technique.


  19. Nick the Deplorable says:

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  20. bullnuke says:

    If you have to rely on anonymous news articles you have no case. This woman lost her audience a long time ago. The senate is being tortured.

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    • jbowen82 says:

      Who’s going to tell Schumer to stop the madness?


      • Wethal says:

        He might not have much control over House managers, as they were appointed by Pelosi. He might have to go to Pelosi to ask her to tell them to move it along because the older senators are falling asleep.

        And she has really not been in control of this (except maybe for the ridiculous delay in sending the articles over) runaway impeachment train.


    • Somebody says:

      Well let’s not be too hasty, some of the senators deserve to be tortured 😉

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  21. Watchman says:

    My earnest prayer is that all the liars, deceivers, and lawless lawmakers, have a swift and pathetic end that exceeds that of Ahab and Jezebel. May their names become a hiss and a byword for treachery and treason.

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  22. winky says:

    I have turned these CRIMINAL DEMOCRATS OFF…..I cannot take these lying snakes one more minute…..IT IS MAKING ME NUTS


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  23. David says:

    “Lateral Thinking” with indirect and Creative approach needed in All Wars.

    Tom Fitton (Judicial Watch)… PDJT (Legal Staff) if witnesses are called, the CLINTON GANG should be called including Strzok and Page…he expressed if they want to go down this path…call everyone. (Not exact words).

    Jay Sekulow implied he will bring forward facts of the last 3-years (coup).

    Impeachment is a “Continuation” of the 3-year coup and can be proven very easily.

    We are witnessing today right in front of our eyes the U.S. Constitution battle the Globalist Constitution by their consistent pattern of ignoring the Rule of Law the shield that protect the U.S. Constitution.

    If the coup impeachment is going to be allowed, to call witnesses than PDJT should subpoena Hillary, Comey, Brennan, as many of the alleged coup as strategically possible.

    To protect the Constitution the Senate should dismiss the case; if they go down the path of calling witnesses, it could be an opportunity to expose the coup (all of it).

    This impeachment is a “Continuation of the Coup” that is trying to destroy the Rule of Law and the Constitution. For 3-years the coup has been trying to prevent PDJT from implementing Justice that would destroy the coup/criminals and globalist and save this republic.

    PDJT legal team should easily destroy this impeachment. If there is an opportunity and they go down the path of witnesses; question as many as possible in this coup.

    Lateral Thinking should be used, as used in All Wars.

    This impeachment has no basis of Law or doesn’t reflect the U.S. Constitution; it is based on a Global Constitution. The house is being used (motivated) by the Coup/Criminals/Globalist to destroy this Republic by eliminating the Rule of Law and the Constitution that started in July 2016 or Nov 2015 by (1) Hillary allegedly motivating top management of the FBI/DOJ to allegedly not use normal investigative/prosecutorial policies and procedures in Hillary emails (communicator to C.F.) investigation and the Clinton Foundation, a subsidiary of the Globalist Universe, AND to allegedly frame PDJT of Criminal Acts that they allegedly did .

    This is the first time PDJT has had an opportunity to take control of his defense, to go on the offense and to display to the American People the corruption of the coup by applying the real criminal laws, facts and the Constitution to the coup’s fake laws, fake facts and a Globalist Constitution.

    This is a Legal Civil War by definition.

    PDJT has had many opportunities (paths) to destroy the coup and has many more options to destroy them and win this Legal Civil War when ready. As a result of the coup’s 3 years of unsuccessful attempts to block PDJT from implementing Justice; PDJT strategically used the 3 years to allow the Coup/Criminals to destroy themselves. In the past 3-years PDJT has set up many perfect stages for easy prosecutions and the current pouring out of mountains of paper/digital trails and testimonies (conflicting statements) to easily prosecute the coup.

    PDJT can easily win this impeachment because he has the criminal codes as written (Rule of Law) and the Constitution.

    PDJT can easily prosecute the coup/criminals and globalist because he has the written criminal codes (Rule of Law) and the Constitution.

    This impeachment, coup/criminals and globalist has nothing; fake facts, fake laws and a fake Constitution.

    PDJT knows exactly how/when Justice is going to play. Many people know (many do not) and understand the reality of this Legal Civil War; Justice has to happen for the Constitution and the U.S. to continue.

    PDJT has many paths to implement Justice.

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    • Bogeyfree says:


      There comes a point when one has to decide if Barr and Durham are truly ever going to expose the truth while securing justice for all or is this just another Huber type operation where for example it’s alleged that they never spoke to either of the Uranium Whistleblowers?

      And to that point has Durham spoken to first hand fact witness, Julian Assange yet?

      Has Pompeo provided the communication documents regarding Ukraine from the prior administration in 2016 that Graham requested 10 weeks ago yet?

      So why not make this impeachment case all about the fraud, the frame job and the coup to take down a sitting President via Russia Gate, Spygate, Ukraine Gate and now Impeachment Gate for the sole purpose of hiding their sins?

      Even if it takes 9 months, if PT thinks Barr and Durham will never expose the truth then I wish he would use this impeachment trial to expose the DS corruption, their fraud and the 2 coup attempts by ordering the declassification and unredaction of every text, email, voice communication and bringing forth witness testimony covering all of the following:

      1) Uranium One
      2) the Hammer Program under Clapper
      3) the documented FISA Abuse
      4) lying to the FISA Court
      5) the FIB Contractor using the NSA to surveil on millions of Americans
      6) the Wiener Laptop
      7) the HRC 33k
      8) the DNC Server
      9) the Seth Rich murder
      10) Mifsud phones and him always being a known western agent
      11) Evidence of Halper also always being a known western agent.
      12) the Ukraine money laundering of government funding back to Americans
      13) the fabrication of the Ukraine WB charges

      Expose all of this to the American people once and for all which will prove their real motive and purpose of “Getting Trump” at all costs while exposing their true sins.

      The odds of us getting justice and then convictions in DC is slim anyway so IMO use this national forum to expose it all.

      From this exposure of evidence, Americans IMO will demand massive changes to these agencies such as massive downsizing and massive new les/restrictions on the use of surveillance of Americans and then Congressional term limits.

      So let’s flip the script and name and bury all of these perpetrators under the massive amount of evidence so Americans can finally see the truth and the real crimes that our justice system seems to ignore.

      Then let the outrage from the American people decide the perpetrators fate and the fate of their agency/institution via their voting power.


      • David says:

        IMO- If PDJT thought there was only a 99% chance instead of a 100% chance that Barr/Durham was going to indict/prosecute, and certainly we need a 100% guarantee because we can’t live with a 1% chance that the Constitution and the United States would be turned into a 3rd world country…than PDJT (legal team) should use this impeachment to Subpoena everyone strategically, if witnesses are used. This would apply additional pressure on Barr/Durham.

        Having Hillary, Brennan, Comey, Clapper under oath will allegedly destroy the entire coup immediately (game over) because of the alleged; conflicting statements, prior testimonies, and millions of pages of paper/digital trails of evidence. The perjury charges may be greater than the actual criminal acts.

        IMO-This impeachment battle will be another PDJT Victory…As Always.

        The final battle will be implementing the criminal codes.


  24. bullnuke says:

    Trump team should start out with “are you still awake?”

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  25. Reserved55 says:

    The House did its job, but you the Senate must do the House’s job.

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  26. TwoLaine says:

    Do we have a drinking game yet? I vote for “cover-up”.

    So she has not seen any evidence yet and already he is guilty. No bias or seriousness there.

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  27. mauiis says:

    I feel like I just drank a six-pack of wet sand.

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  28. minnesotamike55 says:

    Overwhelming and uncontested evidence! But almost everything dems are talking about is the need for more evidence. They truly think the American people are idiots. They talk and talk and talk the same outlandish theories, and I think they truly believe them. Quotes out of context, partial statements, exaggerations, and even veiled threats aimed at the senate!

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  29. Jim Comey is a weasel_Doug says:

    I’m not watching this shampeachmunt
    Working today.
    I went to a customer house just now and she was watching MSLSD and Bugeyes was talking.
    I asked her how “the show” was going and she says, “a bunch of lying BS”.
    This is an MSLSD viewer!!

    No one is buying what Bugeyes is selling!!

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    • stenwin77 says:

      Hallmark and HGTV for me. Can’t stomach the Faux-Peachment.


    • Your Tour GUide says:

      Jim Comey………

      Good story. Also this is one for Treepers to put a prayer
      in over. I’ll have to put in a bit of a disclaimer on this one.

      I think it’s wayyyyy worthy of prayer that those watching
      the opposition (MSNBC) start catching on to what is really
      going on. The disclaimer? YTG has a huge amount of skin
      in the game on this one. My parents watch MSNBC all
      day long. My mom actually has Rachel Madcow’s new book
      parked next to the TV. So if there’s some other MSNBC
      viewers that are starting to slowly wake up, maybe it can
      happen to the hard cores. Like my folks.


  30. islandpalmtrees says:

    Listening to Lofgren. an example of prosecution by half truths. One that we have seen a great many examples of by now. Corrupt DOJ lawyers on the Flynn case for example.

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  31. moe2004 says:

    What do we know about Patrick Philbin?

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  32. Senators bend the rules by wearing Apple Watches to Trump trial –
    Enough – Full body scans on entering the Chamber. If found with banned devices, it is confiscated, a $500,0000 personal fine is assessed, and a full body strip search and deep cavity scan is performed. Fail to agree, you are banned from the Senate Chambers until you comply. The same goes for all personnel participating an any Senate Trial activies. Oh – and by the way – a 1 (one) foot section of railroad track is sitting there, and a “blacksmith” to dispose of “illegal paraphernalia confiscated while you watch.

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  33. Pew-Anon says:

    Finally! Philbin is saying some of what Cippilone and Sekulow missed. Thank you.

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    • Publius2016 says:

      we get 24 hours each…INSANE! takes less than 2 hours to read transcripts, review charges, laugh out loud and then vote…Mitt better vote acquit btw!


    • butch cassidy says:

      Pew, I think he’s mono tone and has no fire and hasn’t rebutted any of the nonsense Lofgren was spewing. And just for clarification I’m sure we are both on the same team and want the same out come. We got about 20+ minutes left I hope someone else comes out and throws some bombs.

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      • butch cassidy says:

        Good news for us Pew is it appears that we have the votes to table these resolutions so it won’t matter much what we think of our sides presentation.That’s good news, so far.


      • Pew-Anon says:

        Philbin’s “fire” is the legal facts about the subpoenas that were passed over by both Cippilone and Sekulow. The kind of demagoguery the House arguments are devolving into might play in a court room, but does not, or should not, play in the US Senate. Much more of Philbin’s factual analysis and much less of Cippilone and Sekulow’s rambling is exactly what I want to see.


  34. RC23321 says:

    Who is this guy?

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  35. Niagara Frontier says:

    It should be clear by now that the House team will appeal to emotion and the President’s lawyers will appeal to logic.

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    • Mr e-man says:

      Interesting take.

      Logic should always beat emotion in a criminal proceeding. And beat it soundly.

      So reality doesn’t apply here and the outcome will then be decided by the media spin.


  36. gsonFIT says:

    We want Nadler. Bring on the Penguin!

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  37. RC23321 says:

    Lofgren comes back up and IMMEDIATELY lies. lmao

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  38. RAC says:

    If listening to Schiff whining has given you bellyache here’s something to put a smile on your face.


  39. OmegaManBlue says:

    I think this woman has committed a crime. I want her to give me evidence of that crime. If she doesn’t I want her convicted.

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  40. booger71 says:

    This cow Zoe almost knocked Shifty down getting to podium…lol

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  41. Nick the Deplorable says:

    What happened the dems got a hour and the GOP got 15 minutes.


  42. OmegaManBlue says:

    A real trial would have prosecution turning over all Brady material oh wait….


  43. Reserved55 says:

    Sullivan hasn’t been hauled out in handcuffs. Pencilneck lying again.

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  44. 335blues says:

    The President’s representatives portray intelligence, logic, preparation, delivery,
    the words and meaning of our Constitution, and our laws as they exist.
    The representatives of the communist democrat party portray fear, non-sequitur, and statements that are in defiance of reality, our laws and our Constitution.
    The supposedly mighty “lawfare”, and their lead clown Lawrence Tribe are a joke.
    Their presentation smacks of one purpose only: to challenge the separation of powers built into our Constitution that is the basis of both its brilliance, and its strength.
    And they are failing miserably, of course.
    To hell with the democrat party.

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  45. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    On the bright side there’s only about 9 more hours left of this socialist-progressive gobbledeegook in the Senate. Hopefully they’ll go all day and into the night then the president’s defense will talk for a couple of hours tomorrow. After that McConnell will ask for written questions from the sitting Senators.


  46. The Akh says:

    Just for optics. The Schiff team table is disorderly and covered with stacks of paperwork. The Trump defense table, is neat with small stacks of documents. I am laughing.

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  47. The Dems needed to add Robert DeNiro to their team. Even the PBS Newshour isn’t as boring as these Dems.

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  48. bullnuke says:

    Shifty is getting angrier. Calling a brief by the White House a diatribe is not a good look for him.

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  49. Eaglemom says:

    The dems are going to use every bit of their time. Why aren’t we?


  50. Ray Runge says:

    Where is ICIG Atkinson’s testimony, Mr. Useless piece of Schiff.

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