Trey Gowdy Discusses Impeachment Trial – President Trump Adds Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz to Defense Team…

Trey Gowdy appears on Fox to discuss the anticipated points and counterpoints, accusations and defenses, and strategy within the upcoming impeachment trial.

Today it was also announced that President Trump’s defense team added Ken Starr, Alan Dershowitz, Robert Ray, Pam Bondi and Jane Raskin.  Those five will join Pat Cipollone and Jay Sekulow who are the primary defense lawyers.

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299 Responses to Trey Gowdy Discusses Impeachment Trial – President Trump Adds Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz to Defense Team…

  1. “… and, sonofabitch, they did it.” Having gotten what he wanted, VP Joe Biden then took the billion-dollar check out of his pocket.

    And he confessed to doing all of this on camera, while utterly relaxed, laughing and cracking jokes, and his audience laughed right along with him. It didn’t seem to matter to anyone that this man was the Vice-President, nor that he had directly implicated the President as a co-conspirator and “heavy,” nor that both of them had just confessed to breaking several American laws.

    So, somehow we’re now supposed to listen to a roomful of Deep Staters who are going to try to tell the Senate that, somehow, “President Trump did this awful thing” when: (a) we have direct evidence to the contrary by the two people who were talking; and (b) “sonofabitch, it didn’t seem to be nearly so bad when Joe Biden and Barak Obama were doing it, now did it?”

    The Senate needs to cut this whole thing terribly short: these so-called Articles of Impeachment are fundamentally Unconstitutional. They do not accuse this man of any “crime” that exists in the United States Code. He does not face “indictment, trial, conviction and punishment” for anything. And, finally, the Articles are a “Bill of Attainder” by every classic definition.

    Any Court is entitled to reject and to refuse to hear any case which is invalid – and “Unconstitutional” is the greatest invalidity of all. The Constitution stipulates specific reasons, purposely excluding “maladministration.” And it expressly forbids Bills of Attainder not once but twice. “There are reasons for this!” And, right here they are. This attempt at impeachment, unlike every other one that preceded it, does not meet the Constitutional standard.

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    • Yep, Mike… yep. It’s bad enough that they are pulling this unconstitutional scam of imCOUPment, but to have actual video footage of creepy @$$ quid pro joe literally bragging about actually bribing Ukraine “officials” to do his bidding for his SON with a billion dollars of American’s money while NOTHING is being done about that is infuriating, likely as it is intended to be.

      Like howdy gowdy’s purple tie crap, it’s IN YOUR FACE by design. If he’s not a derp stater, then he is even hella weirder than he comes across with that goofy hair, crooked elongated head and strange manner of speaking.

      But, Term Two… not only do I believe it will be EPIC, it HAS TO BE EPIC. Surely none of us think all this crap is going on unnoticed by our VSG President!?

      And surely none of us expect him to just “let it all go”. That’s not the way of a Law and Order President! Apparently, at this point, we are gonna need a couple miles of hemp neckties and necklaces.


    • hitgirl18 says:

      Can I just say the stupid senate acting as if this legit, is like a trip to the twilight zone! What the hell is wrong with these people? No wonder our country is such a mess, the republican are more concerned with process than law! They should tell the house to f off! The cowardness and stupidity is beyond comprehension! These idiots are destroying our constitution! I’m damned mad and sick of this shit! They are all idiots in our congress, both sides!

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    • hitgirl18 says:

      Yes, it was illegal process in the house and the senate is acting like its legit!!!!! Are you as mad as me? All these freaks need to be thrown out on their ass!

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  2. Magabear says:

    Our team of seven Trump the dimms unmagnificent seven. Pun intended. 😁


    • hitgirl18 says:

      And who’s paying for this illegitimate clown show? Us! I understand the president’s perspective but this fake illegal crap should have been thrown out last week! Their doing this trial because no one in congress wants Trump there! He makes them all look bad! We have been screwed by our elected officials and intel agencies forever! And without Trump exposing them all, we would have never known!


      • Magabear says:

        Of course it should’ve been dismissed outright, but we have more than a few weasels on the R team who screw the pooch for us all too often.


  3. DaveR says:

    i can’t get passed Trey’s purple tie. Same shade, same color as Hillary (and Bill) wore when she gave her “concession” speech ( a day late). To these people symbolism means everything, and Trey is wearing a symbol, I wonder why?

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    • sysconfig says:

      I caught that heck of a fashion statement…Its like a Shout out to the soros purple team with a horrible used car salesman plaid jacket ltoo boot. Just ike the crowdstrike entire team wears..they must be next on the news agenda directly..:D


    • hitgirl18 says:

      I think and have always thought gowdy is a weiner!


      • hitgirl18 says:

        Let me continue, gowdy is a weiner! He did nothing about bengahzi, but shoot off his mouth! Hes an arrogant jerk! Dont hire him pres Trump-he sucks! gowdy always acts like he is smarter and knows it all, but in truth he’s weak and never did anything to help American citizens! He is typical rino with a big yapper! Talk big do nuthin…

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  4. Waymore says:

    Senator Graham was on the Hannity radio program today, and said that “for the first two days, the Democratic House Managers will present their case, and then the Senators get to ask questions.”
    If this is true, then it’s basically an un-refuted two day opening statement by the Democratic House Managers. This seems unfair. At least the house republicans could cross examine the witnesses after each were presented. The House Managers should be cross examined or asked questions after each of their respective presentations. And the Senators ask the questions? What about the President’s seven attorneys, don’t they get the opportunity to cross examine these clowns?

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    • hitgirl18 says:

      Grahamnesty is the same as gowdy! He cant be on tv enough flapping his yapper! He promised last year to investigate and call witnesses and what did he do- nuthin!!!


    • SHV says:

      I think the procedure will be the same as the Clinton trial. 2-3 days of the House managers presenting their case, then 2-3 days of the PDJT team presenting the defense followed by 2 days of Senators questions. Senators aren’t allowed to speak (yeah) and must present their question in writing to the Chief Justice who then reads them.

      Following this, Mitch will make a motion to dismiss for lack of merit….a vote will occur. I suspect that at least four Rethugs will vote with Dems and trial will continue with vote on calling witnesses.


  5. Doug Amos says:

    You are not acting like Deplorables; shake your heads! 17% of Republicans think President Trump should be impeached. The average American has an attention span of 3 seconds, that is why the media has them by the throat and they do not even check their bank balances. This is an opportunity to uncover and expose new truths and lies and President Trump’s team must act accordingly. The Deplorables will be watching.

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    • dilonsfo says:

      There is that poll thing again. President Trump has a 95% approval rating among Republicans. Yet, 17% percent of Republicans want him impeached. So, which poll is correct or, are neither correct? It is all BS. Only Democrat nuts and TDS people claiming they are the “real” conservatives want to see President Trump impeached. Every one else would like to see the entire Congress thrown out and replaced with regular working folks and no lawyers allowed.


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