President Trump Celebrates National Champion LSU Tigers at White House – Video and Transcript…

Earlier today President Trump honored NCAA Football Champion LSU Tigers with a celebration at the White House.  [Video and Transcript Below]


[Transcript] – THE PRESIDENT: Well, this is an exciting day in the White House. We have very exciting days — more than most Presidents, I would say, times 10. (Laughter.) We like to keep it that way. The coach likes to keep it that way. But we really do. We just had a — I was just telling the coach; I said, “I know I just made some additional money. We just had another all-time high for our stock market. Just hit.” So that will be 149 times in less than three years. That’s not bad. Coach, that’s good, right? (Applause.)


THE PRESIDENT: Steve, that’s good. We’ll take that, Coach. Right?


THE PRESIDENT: But today, it’s about the coach and the team and that unbelievable quarterback, unbelievable players.

It’s really my great privilege to welcome to the White House the College Football National Champions: the Louisiana State University Tigers. (Applause.)

And, Coach, we have a lot of politicians out there. So many I won’t really mention all of them. Well, there’s one I have to. Hello, Bill — your senator. But we have a lot of great politicians out here and some football players. The politicians — I have — I really respect the football players a lot more — (laughter) — to be honest.

We’re joined by many loyal fans of the purple and gold, including Ambassador Robert Lighthizer, who just did our great deal. Where’s Robert? Just did our great two deals. We just made the two largest trade deals in history: one with China and the other one with Mexico, Canada. (Applause.) And with China, we’ll be taking in $250 billion a year. And with Mexico, Canada, we’ll be taking in hundreds of billions of dollars a year, Bill. So that’s pretty good, right? And it makes our country stronger and better.

And you did a fantastic job. You could almost stand up here. Mentally, you could; physically, I don’t think you have what it takes, if I must be honest. (Laughter.)

And again, Senator Bill Cassidy. Bill, you’ve been a tremendous supporter of the team and your state. And we appreciate your being here very much. Thank you very much.

Steve Scalise, a special man. Got a lot of courage. You know, I went to the hospital. (Applause.) Coach, I went to the hospital. He had a problem — you know that problem. And I went to the hospital and the doctor was saying, “It doesn’t look good, sir. It doesn’t look good.” And he looks better now than before the accident. (Laughter.) It’s a hell of a way to happen, but Steve Scalise got a lot of guts, I’ll tell you that.

COACH ORGERON: Fights like a Tiger!

THE PRESIDENT: He’s a tiger. He fights — he “fights like a Tiger” is right. (Applause.)

And Mike Johnson. Mike, you’re around here someplace. Mike? Good, Mike. Thank you very much for being here. And Garret Graves. Thank you very much, Garret. Thank you for being here.

Also here with us are Louisiana’s Attorney General — terrific guy — Jeff Landry, and Secretary of State Ardoin. You know that, huh? (Laughter.) Where is — where’s — where are you? Yes. Thank you very much. Thank you, folks.

To all of the incredible coaches and players and — this team, your head coach. I watched him on television. I said, “Man, that guy is all — he’s all man. He’s a big, strong-looking guy.” (Laughter.) I didn’t know if he had laryngitis or was that his real voice? (Laughter.) It’s true. I think it was a combination of both. It was tough to start with, and then he had a little laryngitis. But, man, whatever the hell it was, Ed Orgeron — and, Ed, it worked. It really worked. You did a job that few people will ever be able to do again. The team is said to be one of the greatest teams — maybe the greatest team in the history of college football. Right? (Applause.) And that’s pretty amazing.

As well as interim President of LSU, Thomas Galligan. Where’s Thomas? Thomas?

MR. GALLIGAN: Right behind you.

THE PRESIDENT: Behind me? You’ve done a good job. Interim. I think we got to make him permanent. Forget about it. (Laughter.) That’s a hell of a job you’ve done, Tom.

MR. GALLIGAN: Thank you.

THE PRESIDENT: Pretty good job.

Your football program has inspired countless fans across the country, and it’s not just for what you have done on the football field — which is true.

In the face of a heartbreaking tragedy, you rallied together behind Offensive Coordinator Steve Ensminger. Where is Steve? Steve? Come up, Steve. (Applause.)

MR. ENSMINGER: (Inaudible.) (Off-mic.)

THE PRESIDENT: This guy. This guy. Come up here. Come up. Okay.

I mean what — your whole story — the whole — tragedy, and yet, so incredible the way you handled it. And the coach said you never wavered. The coach was just talking to me about it. You never wavered. So I want to thank you very much for being here. Thank you for everything you’ve done. Very inspirational, Steve. (Applause.)

This team showed the world what it means to look out for one another. And Steve is a real case study in that. But I want to thank you.

Three years ago, when LSU needed a head coach, they considered choosing someone younger. You’re a pretty young guy, right? Younger? That’s discrimination. You could sue them for that. (Laughter.) See, nowadays, you sue if you hear that. They want younger? Let’s sue them. (Laughter.) They made the right choice — that, I can tell you. And some might say a little bit less gruff. Does that make sense? And yet, to me, if I was casting a movie — I told him today, that’s my football coach. (Laughter.) There’s nobody in Hollywood that can play the role better than this guy. Right, Coach?

Instead, they put their faith in a hometown boy from Lafourche Parish. (Laughter.) Ed Orgeron did not let Louisiana down in any way. And today — Coach “O”, as they call him — you may well be the most beloved coach anywhere in the land. And we have some great coaches. (Applause.) We have some great coaches. And you played against a great coach, who was here last year. He’s a great coach. But we have great coaches. But the job you’ve done is incredible.

On the road to the title, this team overcame a brutal schedule. And I had no idea how brutal until I looked at these numbers: You defeated seven teams in the top 10, four in the top 5, and beat the national champions of the past four years. So what did you do? You get the schedule and you look at it. What did you do when you first saw the schedule, Coach? You weren’t happy.

COACH ORGERON: “Hopefully we have a great quarterback.” (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT: Now, think of that for a schedule. You know, you get your schedule and you say, “Wait a minute. Every team is like a great team we have to play.” You didn’t have too many easy weeks.

But your explosive offense pushed every opponent from the breaking point and to the breaking point. And for the first time since the legendary Coach Paul Dietzel — a name we all know — and the Fighting Tigers of 1958, LSU had a perfect, undefeated season. So rare. (Applause.) It’s really rare. And it’s amazing how seldom you see that, Coach, right? It’s really — it’s a hard thing to do.

But your opponents did not make it easy for you. In late October, number nine Auburn — really great football school, great school — headed to Death Valley, as they say, hoping to put a stop to the LSU juggernaut.

It was all tied up at the start of the second half when Auburn took the lead for the third time that game. An LSU touchdown in the third quarter put you on top. And from that point until the championship, you never trailed again for a single second in a single game. Although, I must tell you, in the championship you did. I was getting a little bit concerned. (Laughter.) You were a little behind there. I said, “Hey, what’s going on over here?” Must be a pretty unusual feeling, right? He didn’t — he didn’t know that feeling.

The next game, I was in the stands in Tuscaloosa where you beat your archrival Alabama in another great game — (applause) — and that was for the first time in eight years. Alabama also, great coach, great team. LSU was unstoppable, and soon you faced Oklahoma in the opening round of the playoffs. And Oklahoma had a great season.

You shut the Sooners down from the very first drive. LSU held Oklahoma to their lowest total yards in a single game since 2015 — I’m sure they weren’t happy — as wide receiver Justin Jefferson had 14 receptions for 227 receiving yards and four touchdowns. (Applause.) A college football playoff record.

Where is Justin? (Applause.) He’s going to be so rich. (Laughter.) Oh — we’re looking at money. (Laughter.) And this guy, Chase, wherever the hell he is, he was catching — (laughter) — where the hell is Chase? He was catching balls all over the place. You guys are going to make so much money. (Laughter.)

And I don’t think your quarterback is going to do too badly, Coach. I don’t know. (Laughter.) Right? I don’t think going to do too badly. You beat Oklahoma 63 to 28. That doesn’t happen to Oklahoma.

Then it was on to New Orleans. You needed one final big win against a truly great team. And one last time, LSU learned that its star quarterback, Joe Burrow, was something very special.

After breaking a bone in his hand playing at Ohio State, Joe sat on the bench and wasn’t happy about it. I heard he was not thrilled. (Laughter.) That was not your happiest moment.

MR. BURROW: Not my best one.

THE PRESIDENT: He didn’t like it. I heard stories. He was going a little crazy. Then the coach took charge and took a chance and brought him to LSU.

Joe soon became the best quarterback in all of college football — and not close — because he set an NCAA record with 60 touchdowns — I’ve never even heard of that, 60 — in a single season, averaging a touchdown every quarter, and won the Heisman Trophy by the largest margin in the history of the Heisman Trophy. (Applause.) That’s incredible.

And as he received the trophy, Joe fought back tears. I don’t know, I don’t think he’s ever cried in his life. I don’t believe it. Did you actually fight back tears?

MR. BURROW: A little bit. (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT: A little bit. (Laughter.) It’s like the coach: If you told me he cried, I — I don’t believe it. Maybe when he was a baby, but I doubt it. (Laughter.)

He dedicated it to the kids in his beloved hometown of Athens, Ohio — a great state. Within weeks, Joe’s heartfelt speech raised over a half a million dollars for the Athens County Food Pantry. Thank you. (Applause.) Thank you, Joe.

And, Joe, I want to say, on behalf of the country, that you make our country very, very proud. You’re really an inspirational talent and all of that. But you’re an inspirational player and you’re an inspirational person. And you have a heart that’s incredible, and you have a team that respects you so much.

With Joe quarterbacking, and a team of unrivaled talent right alongside him and beside him, LSU had to beat the reigning champions — a team that was here last year, and nice guys and they were very large. (Laughter.) You know, we served them a lot of food. They ate so much food, we didn’t know what the hell to do. (Laughter.) They kept eating and eating. A team that had not lost a game in 741 days, the Clemson Tigers. They really are really special, right? Amazing.

Before the game, the First Lady and I were honored to walk out on the field escorted by the ROTC cadets from both schools. We then joined tens of thousands of proud, patriotic Americans to watch the battle of the titans. This was a great game. This was a tremendous game. And, Coach, they had tremendous ratings on television. The ratings came in, they were — not surprisingly, but they were tremendous — beyond what normally would be for even a championship game.

On your first drive — I think you might have had something to do with that, (inaudible), I don’t know. Although these two guys maybe too, but you had a lot to do with it.

On your first drive, the celebrated LSU offense was pinned back at your own goal line. I watched it. I’ve never seen — I bet you haven’t been pinned back that many times, because every time I saw you, you were on the three-yard line like — (laughter) — what happened? It was just, like, constantly. But you kept doing just fine. You did just fine, Coach.

COACH ORGERON: We were rope-a-dope —

THE PRESIDENT: You were — right, that was a rope-a -dope. (Laughter.) That’s true. The first time you got the ball — and then you made that great play and they called it back, as usual. You made the great pass. He’s all over the place. He’s — he was going to be tackled four times, like, on the first play.

And you threw the ball and everybody was excited, and then they said, “There’s a flag on the field.” Too many flags, Coach. Right? (Laughter.) Too many flags. You know, the referees, they want to get themselves in the limelight, but — (laughter) — that was a play that should have not been called back, but that’s all right.

You punted after a rare three and out, and soon Clemson struck first with a touchdown and for the first time. All season they were behind. Then, Ja’Marr Chase — that’s the man; I was watching him — caught a 52-yard bomb from Burrow to tie it up. By the end of the game, Ja’Marr had nine catches and two touchdowns, setting a playoff championship record with 221 receiving yards. That’s phenomenal. (Applause.) Come here, Ja’Marr. Come here. (Applause.)

I said, “You got to say something.”

MR. CHASE: How y’all doing? How y’all doing? I’m just happy to be in the White House, to be honest. (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT: That was very good. (Applause.)
Hey, Coach, if I practiced, could I beat him in a race? What do you think? Could I beat him in a race? (Laughter.)

COACH ORGERON: You may need — may need a little head start. (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT: (Laughs.) A little head start, right? I think I might need a head start.

Midway through the third quarter, it was a tight three-point game. You increased your lead with a touchdown. Then in the fourth quarter, Terrace Marshall stretched out and caught a beautiful 24-yard pass in the end zone, and LSU went up 42 to 25, and all hope of a Clemson comeback — and they were used to winning games. It was — they won, I think, 28 in a row or something, Coach. It’s a pretty unusual feeling for them too. Shows how great a team you have.

But all hope of a Clemson comeback came to an end when LSU forced a fumble. The ball was picked up by a true freshman cornerback who had spent the game shutting down Clemson’s offense — that’s for sure — on his side of the field: Derek Stingley, Jr. Where’s Derek? (Applause.) That was a good feeling, Coach. With that play, the game was over.

With an eye-popping 628 yards, the most passing touchdowns in a playoff championship game, and the SEC’s first-ever 15 and 0 season, LSU became the College Football National Champions.

And Coach Orgeron said after the game, “God had a plan…All I did was follow the plan.” The fact is God had a great coach here. This is a great, great coach. I really mean that, too. (Applause.) And the truth is, with a great coach, an outstanding quarterback, an entire team filled with heart and skill and hope, and courage and passion and strength, and unbreakable will to win — that’s what they have; they have an unbreakable will and confidence. They went into that game against a team, 28 and 0. They went into the game; I don’t think they had a doubt about what was going to be happening, I don’t think. Did you ever doubt?


THE PRESIDENT: Not even a little bit? (Laughter.)


THE PRESIDENT: Huh? (Laughs.) That’s — oh, he’s going to be so rich. (Laughter.) Looks sort of like a young Tom Brady. Does that make sense to you? We call him “young Tom Brady.”

This LSU team will long be remembered as one of the greatest in college football history. And I just want to say congratulations, and go Tigers! (Applause.) Go Tigers. (Applause.)

So, Coach, there’s another coach that I respect a lot. His name is Bill Belichick, right? Do you respect him? Yes. Everybody respects him. He has a lot of respect for you. I talked to him; he has a lot of respect for you. And he thinks you’re a great coach, and we know that. The results speak louder than anything — or anything I can say.

I just want to congratulate you. It’s great to get to know you. You have a real friend here.


THE PRESIDENT: If I can ever help you with rescheduling, like next year, where we give you a little bit easier schedule. What do you think? (Laughter.) Bill, we’ll work that out. But let’s have the coach say a few words. Boy, does he deserve it. It’s great to have you in the White House. (Applause.)

COACH ORGERON: Thank you, President Trump. What an honor to be here at the White House. I speak on behalf of our football team and our great assistant coach and staff. I do have the best organization in the world. One team, one heartbeat.

This is a player-driven program. It’s about the men behind me and the men in front of me. You guys did it. You guys set out on a plan, last year, January 17, that you were going to win the national championship. You never talked about it. You went about it through hard work, dedication, and you did it. And we’re so proud.

I’d like thank my wife Kelly, and my boys and my family, who are here to be with me. (Applause.) And all the coaches’ wives. I’d like to thank Scott Woodward, (inaudible) the administration, for all the great things that they did for us. One team, one heartbeat. Go Tigers! (Applause.)

At this time, I’m like to bring up our interim President, Tom Galligan.

MR. GALLIGAN: Thank you, Coach. Good morning.

AUDIENCE: Good morning.

MR. GALLIGAN: On behalf of everyone at Louisiana State University and the entire LSU Tiger family, I want to say what an honor it is for us to be here today at the White House representing our great university as national champions.

Now, while a trip to the White House is traditional for national champions, Mr. President, I don’t think you have ever had a team quite like ours visit before. The achievements of Coach O and these young men are truly historic. If I were a poet, I would say they are absolutely epic. This group will forever be known as one of the best to ever take the field in college football.

Now, as I’m sure you’ve heard and seen, there is no group of supporters more passionate and dedicated than LSU’s. And I can tell you that our entire university, our community, and our state take immense pride in what this team and what you all have done.

At LSU, we are champions on the football field, and we are champions in the classroom, in the laboratory, on the stage, in the art studio, in the Moot courtroom, and more.

Our state gives much to this great nation: from commerce, to culture, to cuisine, and always character. Now we have given the country what we believe is the greatest college football team ever. (Applause.)

Mr. President, Coach O and this team represent not only the best of LSU, but the best of Louisiana. Thank you, and go Tigers! (Applause.)

It’s now my privilege to introduce — originally from Athens, Ohio, but now we claim him in Baton Rouge, Louisiana — the most decorated player in college football history, the Heisman Trophy winner, and a man who is already rich, because he is a recent LSU graduate, Joe Burrow. (Applause.)

MR. BURROW: I’ll keep this short and sweet, because I’m sure Mr. President has some more pressing matters to get to. (Laughter.) But, no, I just want to say it’s truly an honor to be here. And thank you for having us so soon after the game so the seniors could be here. That means a lot to us. This is a moment we’ll never forget, and it truly does mean a lot that you — that you did that so soon. So thank you.


MR. BURROW: Um, yeah, it’s so awesome to be here. It’s a moment we’ll never forget. It was a great season, but this is a great way to cap it off. So thank you so much. And we got — we got a little jersey for you right here. (Applause.)

THE PRESIDENT: Oh, I thought he was going to give me the Heisman.

MR. BURROW: Sorry, you can’t have my Heisman. (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT: I thought he was going to give me the Heisman Trophy. (Laughter.) He’s just giving me a jersey.

(A jersey is presented.) (Applause.)

So, Joe, I just told the coach, we don’t normally do this, but I’m doing it for this team: Anybody who would like to come with me to the Oval Office, we’ll take pictures in the Oval. It’s a special place. There’s no place like the Oval. They come from all over the world, they have their own big offices and everything; they go into the Oval and they say, “There’s no place like this.”

So, Coach, if you’d like, we can take whoever wants to come to the Oval Office. We’ll take pictures behind the Resolute Desk. It’s been there a long time. A lot of Presidents — some good, some not so good. (Laughter.) But you got a good one now, even though they’re trying to impeach the son of a bitch.

Can you believe that? (Laughter.) Can you believe that? Got the greatest economy we’ve ever had, Joe. We got the greatest military. We rebuilt it. We took out those terrorists like — like your football team would have taken out those terrorists, right? But we’re doing good.

So we’re going to go to the Oval Office with some of the players — and all of the players, I guess.

And again, I want to just congratulate the team. I want to congratulate your great representatives, all of you. You’ve been fantastic all season long — before they went on this big streak.

And it’s an honor to have everybody at the White House. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Thank you. (Applause.)

[End Transcript]

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61 Responses to President Trump Celebrates National Champion LSU Tigers at White House – Video and Transcript…

  1. WSB says:

    I watched the entire presser!!!!! What a blast!!!!! TY, Tigers! TY, President Lion!

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    • bertdilbert says:

      Trump over delivers and takes them to the Oval for pictures after the ceremony!

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      • WSB says:

        Cool!! I just rewatched the part where PT spoke about the Resolute desk. The black players behind him had stoic faces so as not to tip off any support, but when PT uses the word, “Son of a Bitch”, the one player on the left had to lower his entire head as he obviously was laughing out loud!!!!!

        Cute as all get out!!!

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      • huecowacko says:

        He goes back and talks about LSU teams from the late ’50s, the only thing he didn’t mention was the “Chinese Bandits”; simply amazing.

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      • Deplorable Incisor says:

        I cannot express how happy this video makes me.
        My favorite football team wins the CFP National Championship and goes to the Whitehouse to visit my favorite President. Not only is this the best LSU football season of my life, we have the best president running America of my 55 years on this earth.
        President Trump told me that I would WIN so much that I would grow tired of it and beg him to stop. Well he was only wrong about the begging part.
        Keep it up POTUS!
        Not tired yet. Maybe in another five years? 🙂

        GEAUX TRUMP!

        PS – Thanks for the HD pic Sundance, it will be framed and hung on the wall of my Tiger Den.

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    • I cannot describe the feeling I have watching this video.
      My favorite team wins the CFP and goes to the Whitehouse to visit my favorite President.
      President Trump said I would get tired of winning. All I can say is how could anyone get tired of this?
      So happy for Coach O and this team and I cannot say enough about this President, He is one awesome dude. Hopefully POTUS will win his Heismann this November by as large a margin as Joe won his this year.


      Thanks for posting that great picture Sundance. That one is getting framed and going on my Tiger Den wall.

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    • hitgirl18 says:

      Trump is so awesome! He is so fun to listen to in these kind of events. He loves people and he is so positive and optimistic! It amazes me how he functions at all with all the crap he is forced to deal with daily, under an environment of the most vile evil scum and liars imaginable in power and government! Thank God because I dont know anyone else who could deal with the incessant lies, betrayals, abuse, insults and lawfare nonsense, and keep working for the good of Americans, despite all odds!

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  2. Matthew LeBlanc says:

    Best thing I’ve seen since LSU beat Clemson!!! Geaux Tigers!!!

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  3. MFM says:

    I’m all about Bama (RTR), but today its all about the Tigers, congratulations! And, Thank you Mr. President, your a terrific host!..MAGA/KAG 2020

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    • Remington says:

      MFM…Tide fan as well😀. Nothing but kudos to LSU. PDJT had a blast. You could sure tell the democraps have him shaking in his boots. Our President is at home anywhere and with anyone.

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    • MfM says:

      He was a great host, and yes MFM and MfM are two different people.


    • Ivehadit says:

      👍👍👍, Yes we were all Tigers today (RTR forever however)
      It was a great ceremony and a great day for LSU and the SEC and best of all it was a great day for our beloved President!


  4. Mark Charpentier says:

    What a great President with an amazing sense of humor. Oh I thought you were going to give me the Heisman … and o got a jersey.

    Lol lol

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  5. FrankieZee says:

    What a class act by the LSU coaches and players. Truly inspiring to see. They will never forget that visit. 40 years or so from now, they will be telling their grandkids that they won the National Championship and by the way, we got to meet the Greatest President ever.

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  6. wendy forward says:

    I think President T and Coach O each have a new pal. So great.

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  7. mopar2016 says:

    This president is so cordial and relaxed.
    Nothing phony about him, he’s the real deal. Best president ever.

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    • delighteddeplorable says:

      Yes, Mopar. Relaxed and confident, not the trembling, cowering prey the subhuman media wishfully portray.
      ”I caught the swamp. I caught them all.” Helicopter presser on 11/08/19. He did and we’re seeing it play out in all its delicious glory.

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  8. MustangBlues says:

    Wonderful moment for America and college football, and LSU. President Trump is so good with people and engages everyone with attention and respect. Perfect meeting; I hope they did go to the Oval Office for the pictures. Superb, great, fantastic president.

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  9. Curtis Gomes says:

    Honestly, This president is the most animated, interesting and outright fun to watch of ANY ;resident I have ever seen. In the middle of this insane and illegal impeachment fiasco he genuinely is having fun…….
    God Bless Donald John Trump

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  10. sundance says:

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    • Val says:

      Let the pearls clutching begin!!

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    • Landslide says:

      He always knows his audience!! Comfortable in every type of setting and with every type of people. 👍🏻🇺🇸👍🏻🇺🇸 (and is so adept at diffusing tension with humor)

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    • bethabcd says:

      Our President has a great sense of humor! I LOVED seeing this video of POTUS today showing him in a relaxed, joking mood even in the face of impeachment drama!

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      • Irish19Kilo says:

        When you are true to yourself and have nothing to hide this is the result totally natural and unscripted behavior. It’s quite obvious that our great President is not concerned with what is going on over at Congress because he knows he is innocent of the charges. If he was guilty then he would be acting like most Democratic Congress people. Uptight and way too serious because they are trying too hard to look professionally innocent.

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    • Alligator Gar says:

      I had an uncle who pastored in Acadiana. Let me tell you……’Ti Jean jokes reek of blue fog!

      The one where the teacher asks him who signed ‘Dem Declraramate de Independence’ is a sidesplitter.


  11. He’s the greatest President ever!

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  12. Sue says:

    I’m wondering if President Trump served the team fast food as he has done with other championship teams that visited the White House.

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  13. StanH says:

    President Trump is a man at ease. Incredible man with an incredible football team.

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  14. zekness says:

    That was really super to watch.

    two times in the same week, President Trump recognizes real people who have accomplished real things. First Steve Gleason and now the LSU Team!

    This makes me feel so good. It’s just a real treat to see the most powerful person on planet earth, reach out and take the time to show some really down to earth good natured respect where it is deserved to be noticed. There are young boys and girls right now, watching this..and many of them will be acting and performing to become betters of themselves. This is what sports is’s the nature of the human condition that we become inspired by super performers…and why college ball is so accessible and influential to these young people. They see this and say “that guy..that girl..they are only ten years older than me! And he did it…so I can too.

    And they also see this president…whom presumably everyone seems to want to hate on in the news..and they see something different. They see an old dude who still enjoys the sport.

    now, think about what the democrats offer: can you imagine any of these candidates acknowledging any sport, much less have actually thrown a baseball or driblled, or kicked a ball..? It’s hard to even think they could….

    and THIS is why Donald Trump resonates while these others simply don’t.

    God Bless America

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  15. Reserved55 says:

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  16. This was so good, I think I’ll watch it again!
    And what about that band?

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  17. Texian says:

    I know the secret..

    Coach “O” knows it.. and this Tiger Team knows it.. I saw it from the beginning of the season.. Because I Know it.. I recognized it.. And if they knew me.. they would without a doubt know.. that I Know..

    Another reason I Know is.. I also was coached by a Coach that knew the secret.. And they most certainly know of him as well.. He’s in the Football Hall of Fame.. who even coached some others who are in the Football Hall of Fame..

    Coach “O” did it the old-fashioned way.. It’s the old-fashioned secret..

    The Heart of a Champion..

    Coaching from the Heart.. and by coaching them using this old-fashioned secret.. you can make most anybody a Champion.. they just have to Believe..

    Way to go Coach “O”.. You the Man.. and way to go Tigers.. You the Team.. Undefeated..

    Coached to Believe.. and to Believe in themselves.. You are who you think you are.. and who you want to be.. A Champion..

    And I have no doubt that every one on this LSU team will be a success in Life in whatever they do..

    Because they Believe..

    The Heart of a Champion..

    Liked by 2 people

  18. Truthfilter says:

    Other championship teams have declined to visit the White House but our Louisiana boys were gracious and respectful. Very proud to live in Louisiana. Our New York President IS a Tiger in more ways than one!

    Geaux Tigers! Geaux Trump!

    Liked by 6 people

  19. TonyE says:

    Trump is simply brilliant. He ignores the “rules of how to be a politician” and is himself.

    The kind of guy you’d want to do business with, to work with/for, to have next to you in your time of need and who you’d love to have at your next BBQ.

    I mean, he is a natural. He puts people at easy and respects them.

    And he is funny.

    I would have love to have seen him doing deals with other investors, the unions and City Hall. I’ll bet Trump does just as well with the Union Steward as he does with the Queen of England.

    Liked by 2 people

  20. cliffaheadwolvesbehind says:

    I thought the players looked uncomfortable.
    Like they shouldn’t relax and enjoy it.
    Hope my interpretation is

    Liked by 1 person

    • cplogics says:

      Barrows, the Heisman winner directly behind the President look particularly uncomfortable. I suppose he is thinking about the draft. Sad state of affairs for our country.


      • cplogics says:

        Joe Burrow, not Barrows. Good looking kid and great QB. He looked very constrained, but that’s okay. He will spend his lifetime talking about this day.

        Liked by 1 person

        • BigEasy says:

          Once it became known that President Trump would be attending the LSU/Alabama game, Joe Burrow commented that “no matter which political party you support it’s really cool to be playing in front of the POTUS”. I just don’t believe Joe could have said that had he been a true liberal Socialist Democrat. Perhaps not many know this but Joe is basically low key and rather shy (off the football field).


        • hudsonthedog says:

          He was probably nervous because he knew he would be making a speech at the end. For many people this is very difficult.


      • bayoukiki says:

        He looked uncomfortable waiting for the announcement at the Heisman Trophy award ceremony too. He’s a humble kid. Afterward in an interview he said how great was the visit and how he felt so much love coming from the President


    • zekness says:

      these are young men, never having seen the limelight before…a first for ALL OF THEM…on top of the world…a world also decisive about some pretty basic norms. Norms most of these young men were taught to respect both on and off the field. So, it’s expected they would not be as comfortable..and be That shows they understand and respect the moment.guarded. They understand the guarded. guarded. The brutal media too and as many of them are looking at the very beginning of their professional careers, they have been instructed, properly, to keep things tight and held back.

      For many MANY of us, what we witnessed with the MSM and the sports networks was an obvious bias toward the LSU team..and also for the Saints team. They just did not cover the teams or the players…We understand WHY they would not cover them with the respect they deserved (most of these players and coaches DEFY the grift of the progressive narratives…so they are just not covered. This was very obvious to many who watch a lot of sports and follow the overall coverage. They will spend so much time on this team, that coach, this franchise…..see, it REQUIRED that LSU and the Saints actually set the absolute team, league, season, division and championship RECORDS OF ALL TIME, to get their attentions..and even that, was brief and way short of what they deserved. Many of these teams, and the people that support they identify with President Trump…They identify with politics that are conservative and have strong feelings about the fake news and fake politics in the current state of sports as a whole. So they don’t cover these sorts of people. It’s really sad…that the polarization and politicization of the sports media, is beholden to owners and management, whose simple minded narrow views about sports and their favored narratives disallow them to respect really super team and performers who represent something else they don’t care about. This pettiness annoys the common sports fan..and I am sure it has some effect on the players too.

      These young men were coached by a MAN who understands their predicament….the lure of the temptations and dangers with being too exposed at the personal level. This coach has seen the lowest of the lows in his career, both as a player on the field and as a top coach and every level in between. Coach Orgeron is the epitome of of the players’ coach. They respect him because of who he is…Nothing put on, nothing postured. It’s all very real and accessible. So they trust him and each other. This is a diverse team from all backgrounds that define TRUE AMERICANS. They understand the significance of this victory and what it really means to be representing the great state of Louisiana…a proud, defiant, free, and caring state that embraces many of the common values of a GOD fearing and obedient society. They all walk this way, because they respect what this occasion, their lives, their performance, and what example that Coach Orgeron has blessed them with his leadership and example. None of them are perfect…But they are blessed…and they know that, and they are walking in that rare air of excellence with a reserved humility that is to be admired and respected…

      THIS IS ANOTHER reason why this President is so awesome.. HE gets it.

      the press and the sports networks will not give these young athletes the respect they deserve: fine! We’ll just invite them to the White House and celebrate them on the true top level world stage. Trump wins..and Americans win, as THE GOAL!

      Touchdown, Donald Trump.

      Thank you and we appreciate you…And we will be voting for you in record numbers and fighting for the common cause that makes us all better players in life!

      Liked by 1 person

    • noswamp says:

      I noticed the same thing. Black players especially. I have no idea why. I imagine they are confused and trying to deprogram themselves from the lies that their families have told them about Trump. (He’s a racist and a Nazi). Just my guess. Also, all of their friends hate Trump, so they can’t look too comfortable.


  21. Bob Parker says:

    What an absolutely WONDERFUL ceremony!! What a fine group of young men. Very worthy NCAA champions. And I am just stunned how our wonderful President can make light of the impeachment proceedings as he did!!

    Our President shines now matter the situation. I watch & love his rallies, & I LOVE his ceremonies too!!

    Geaux Tigers!! Geaux President Trump!!
    Geaux USA!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  22. ivoted4palin says:



  23. noswamp says:

    Most of the players were fine though. Especially that stoic black player that seemed not to want to be there, but then gushed and smiled when Trump forced him to talk at the podium. I suspect that most black players were like that guy. I mean what are you going to do? Stay in character as long as possible, until they force you to admit that you enjoy being there.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. Troublemaker10 says:

    “He Showed So Much Love” – LSU Quarterback and Heisman Trophy Winner Joe Burrow Praises Trump after White House Visit (VIDEO)


    And following the ceremony Joe Burrow told Bloomberg reporter reporter Jordan Fabian,

    “He showed so much love to everyone on our team. I don’t care if you’re a Republican, Democrat, don’t care about politics at all, that was an awesome experience for everybody.”

    Liked by 2 people

  25. Rynn69 says:

    Proud of the respect shown of the men on this Team. Their families are probably bursting with pride. National Champions, incredible!

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Anon says:

    So happy for Ed Orgeron – especially after what happened to him at USC, couldn’t wait for him to show the world who the better coach was.


  27. Gipperguy says:

    Wow, so glad I took the time to watch this wonderful ceremony. Our poised President was so cool and calm, hard to believe the “malarkey” going on up capital hill. You listen to the names, games and history rolling off his tongue and compare that the the fraud before who couldn’t name a single White Sox player after clawing they were his favorite team!


  28. HellInAHandbasket says:

    QB should have given Trump a shirt that said:

    TRUMP #46

    Would have sent the lefties into a tailspin!


  29. Congratulations to them boys, but I do feel like they wished they could met someone else instead e.a the Flotus lol


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