It Begins – Senate Leader Mitch McConnell Receives Articles of Impeachment and Structures Schedule…

Sickening.  Earlier today Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a media event signing ceremony complete with commemorative pens for dozens of her Democrat colleagues, and initiated the parade ceremony for the march across the Capitol with the articles.  Upon arrival at the upper chamber of congress, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell accepted delivery and began the process of organizing the procedure through a series of rules by unanimous consent.

[McConnell] “A few minutes ago, the Senate was notified the House of Representatives is finally ready to proceed with their articles of impeachment. So, by unanimous consent, we’ve just laid some of the groundwork that will structure the next several days.”

  • We have officially invited the House managers to come to the Senate tomorrow at noon to exhibit their articles of impeachment.
  • Then, later tomorrow afternoon at 2:00pm, the Chief Justice of the United States will arrive here in the Senate. He will be sworn in by the President Pro Tem, Senator Grassley.
  • Then the Chief Justice will swear in all of us senators. We will pledge to rise above petty factionalism and do justice for our institutions, for our states, and for the nation.
  • And then we will formally notify the White House of our pending trial and summon the President to answer the articles and send his counsel.

‘So the trial will commence in earnest on Tuesday.

‘But first, Mr. President, some important good news for the country: ‘We anticipate the Senate will finish the USMCA tomorrow and send this landmark trade deal to President Trump for his signature. A major victory for this administration, but more importantly, for American families.

‘Let me close with this. This is a difficult time for our country. But this is precisely the kind of time for which the framers created the Senate. I am confident this body can rise above short-termism and factional fever and serve the long-term best interests of our nation.

‘We can do this. And we must.’

~ Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell


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805 Responses to It Begins – Senate Leader Mitch McConnell Receives Articles of Impeachment and Structures Schedule…

  1. scslayer says:

    Our tax dollars at work!


  2. scottzybdek4400 says:

    A day that will live in infamy.
    I am so ashamed of my country today.

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  3. LULU says:

    Dims like Schumer, Harris, Coon and others holding a propaganda presser. What a sorry lot…


  4. swissik says:

    Does anyone remember that Obama did the one letter at a time signing, and subsequently handed out the several pens he used? Pelosi is simply practicing what she expects to do after she is president. Go ahead and laugh, as I am crying over this entire charade.


  5. Scrapiron says:

    We are watching really sick, demented people. It is a sad state of affairs.

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  6. Mr e-man says:

    How about this? The House Managers present their case> The Trump lawyers present their defense. The Senate votes. 2/3rds is not reached. The president is acquitted. It can be done in a day or two.

    Then the Senate starts investigations into Burisma and the Bidens, as well as the so called whistleblower, Atkinson, and Schiff.

    Meanwhile the House impeaches Trump again on other spurious charges, which will then be summarily dismissed each time they bring it.

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  7. X XYZ says:

    “Meanwhile the House impeaches Trump again on other spurious charges, which will then be summarily dismissed each time they bring it.”

    From your mouth to God’s ears! Permanent GRIDLOCK. Gotta love it!

    Nothing gets passed, nothing gets done. Look on the bright side. It’s limited government, just as all true conservatives want – as provided by God. 😉


  8. X XYZ says:

    Time to order another case of pens that say: IMPEACH 44! – and send one to each member of congress.

    (Sigh.) Is it too late? Maybe it’s not too late… to send the pens.


  9. gearhound99 says:

    Nancy Pelosi is mentally insane. She is fully incompetent and should be removed from office.


  10. shipley130 says:

    Pancy Naglosi is so upset about this grave situation about impeaching President Trump that she had fancy pancy pens made up to sign the impeachment articles. She really is that mean girl from high school…still.


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