John Ratcliffe Explains Why Corrupt Senators on SSCI Would Never Allow His Nomination – And Why a Senate Impeachment Trial is A Risk…

Representative John Ratcliffe is one of only three republican members of congress [the only one remaining (Gowdy, Goodlate gone)] who has seen all of the classified material evidence behind the FISA application and the intelligence abuses in 2016.

In this interview Ratcliffe outlines the scale and scope of the abuses as well as what they mean in the context of corrupt and illegal DOJ and FBI activity. WATCH:


The takeaway from this interview with Bartiromo is exactly why senators who participated with the intelligence operation to remove and eliminate President Trump blocked Ratcliffe’s nomination to the position of Director of National Intelligence.

The SSCI controls who is allowed to be CIA Director, NSA Director and Director of National Intelligence.  The nominees must pass through this committee.  Senator Burr and Senator Warner are the Chairman and Vice-Chair respectively.  Both blocked Ratcliffe.

The SSCI is compromised.  One example of their compromise was how they worked with SSCI Security Director James Wolfe to leak the Carter Page FISA application to the media.  Other examples include how Vice-Chairman Warner was communicating covertly with Christopher Steele and back-channeling information to Robert Mueller. There are dozens more specific examples if you use the “search function” on this website.

Keywords: “SSCI” and “Warner” and “Burr

Because of their direct role in confirming the officials who would have access to the evidence of their compromise, the SSCI can block anyone who would be a risk to them.

President Trump nominated John Ratcliffe for the position of Director of National Intelligence (ODNI).  Senator Burr informed the White House that nominee does not align with their interests.  President Trump withdrew the nomination.

The intelligence apparatus is a key part of the rogue administrative state that operates in direct alignment with a rogue state department and politicians who use their influence to gain material wealth from sales of policy.  It is a synergy of DC interests.

In the larger context this reality also explains why Lt. General Michael Flynn had to be eliminated with extreme prejudice from National Security Advisor to President Trump.  In 2017 Michael Flynn represented the same type of threat to the SSCI that John Ratcliffe represents in 2019….

The office of the presidency cannot overcome that institutional power dynamic; the only thing President Trump can do it attempt to work around them.

♦ Ipso Facto:  If you accept the intellectual honesty behind the process issues above; and if you accept how the SSCI will only permit nominees that are not a risk to their interests; then it becomes of greater importance to consider who they *did* permit:

√ CIA Director Gina Haspel was not a threat to the corrupt state.

√ CIA Director Mike Pompeo was not a threat to the corrupt state.

√ ODNI Dan Coats was not a threat to the corrupt state.

√ NSA Director Paul M Nakasone is not a threat to the corrupt state.

Using a process of elimination, my evolving contention is now that State Dept. Secretary Mike Pompeo is handling President Trump by giving him advice that keeps the United States President oblivious to the danger around him.

Secretary Pompeo will allow President Trump to work on his economic agenda and will not attempt to interfere because that would expose Pompeo to getting fired.

There is also a massive overlay of corrupt political enterprise, that’s where Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is controlling the valves.

Similarly it now appears AG Bill Barr was recommended by those within the intelligence apparatus (who control the administrative state) to have some control over the outcomes.

With no demonstrable action to highlight any other intention, Bill Barr is now positioned as the corruption monitor with an agenda to mitigate any damage to the institutions.

AG Bill Barr talks a good game with the purpose of keeping President Trump’s supporters from recognizing the real threat his presence represents.   The only action Barr will ever take is when there is overwhelming, incontrovertible, evidence that breaks through to the public spotlight by independent exposure.  Otherwise the objective is to hide the rot and protect the institutions.

On all issues of the domestic and foreign intelligence apparatus: FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, ODNI, Dept of State, etc the office of the presidency is being managed.

Feel free to dispute that assertion; however, dispute with demonstrable facts to back up a counter argument -not trusty planning- try to keep the outlook grounded in provable facts.

An example of fact:  Senator Burr was confident a month ago


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554 Responses to John Ratcliffe Explains Why Corrupt Senators on SSCI Would Never Allow His Nomination – And Why a Senate Impeachment Trial is A Risk…

  1. Pokey says:

    Here comes the whitewash. Trump will be cleared in a no witnesses trial that lasts less than a week in the Senate. In exchange, everybody drops the whole matter, at least until the Dems come up with another impeachment closer to the election. Trump will accept the deal because Barr and Warner will turn enough Repugs to vote for conviction if he doesn’t. Lindsey will push for this because he is up to his own ass with Ukraine corruption and will lose what is left of his pathetic career if witnesses get called. Murkowski and Collins can be counted on to vote for conviction. Barr will turn and any of the other Repugs on that slimy committee can be easily turned by him. Mittens will vote to convict because he thinks sanctimony is his path back to prominence in the RINO wing. It will become apparent to Trump that the only way to be sure to survive will be to take the quick resolution that McConnell is offering. There are others in the weeds and Trump doesn’t know who he can count on. Most of this is conjecture, I hope, but I will assert that no Democrap will ever go to trial for any of this treasonous crap. Especially not Holder, Lynch, Obama, Comey, Jarrett, Rice, and …… the list is too long.

    If the Broncos were worth more than a tinker’s damn, I could relax and watch football until this is over with.

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    • ShainS says:

      “Trump will accept the deal because Barr and Warner will turn enough Repugs to vote for conviction if he doesn’t.”


      Respectfully disagree. Convicting Trump in the Senate would be the obliteration of the Republican Party. ALL those traitors would lose their seats and get us one step closer to Civil War II.

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      • Alfred Barnes says:

        Agreed, but the uniparty masters don’t give a wit about either party, they win either way, and there’s no alternative except unaffiliated voters. Then the American people will have the same problem as Trump, finding qualified candidates to fill positions.

        Someone else mentioned sending in the Marines is plan Z. Removing Trump may play well on the world stage, and would represent plan Z for the satanic world order, which make no mistake, exists and is led by the devil, whose end was written at the beginning. It will take no less than Christ returned to remove him from his lair, a hook set in his jaw to cast him into the pit for a thousand years.

        In the meantime, Johnson wins in the UK, and national populists have won everywhere elections are held. This is an unprecedented time in world history, but the enemy will not surrender, nor give quarter. Trump is too important to the US for the senate to remove him, and thus far, he’s been unimpeachable in his conduct, ably avoiding traps and being boxed in, so much so that I’m convinced he’s being divinely guided.

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      • GenEarly says:

        They, the Deep State……very likely penetrated throughout by Chicoms since the Bubba Clintoon presidency Chinese funding days, Does Not Care if there is a CW II.
        That will reduce the U S A internationally. Sadly, reluctantly, that may become Our only option If Trump is removed. This is already a War, but also possibly President DJT can thread the needles to continue Winning on All Fronts, some areas are very difficult, but We either Win or Succumb to NWO Elitist Bankster Crony corporists Chicom type democRat Tyranny.
        Whew!!! I think that included most of the rats involved!!!

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        • Linda K. says:

          Trump wants to realign our global trade relationships and he is succeeding there it seems. I guess the deep state does not mind that happening if they can still make money laundering work.
          At least Trump is making America great again, by restoring jobs to this country.He needs good, smart people to restore justice to our legal system and bring honor to our foreign policy.
          I would add, that AG Barr is at least not pretending that spying did not occur. He is not denying reality, so he must intend to correct the problem somehow. Trump may know the limitations of what Barr can do, after all, Trump is a deal maker.

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      • scorpion99man says:

        Agreed. Convicting Trump would be suicidal for the Republicans, but whoever accused the Republicans of being sane? People like Mittens constantly do the “high road” suicide thing every four years without fail.

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      • Pokey says:

        I hope you are right, but I have seen almost no victories for Republicans in the Legislative branch of our government for over 50 years. I am just being influenced by the trends, I hope.

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      • dd_sc says:

        But they don’t actually need to convict. If the vote is 55-45 to convict, it fails, but Dem’s and RINOs can say there is bipartisan support for the president to resign. In some ways, the political version of asking a CEO to resign.

        I think that’s why the idea of a secret ballot was floated a few weeks back. The usual RINOs will get blamed, and some senators will retire. The rest of the Uniparty prepared for 2020 elections.


      • Mark Smith says:

        Likewise Mitch McConnell would never be Senate Majority leader, would be defeated for his seat in Kentucky. His entire source of power is his position in the Senate. He will not risk that seat by convicting the President. What should happen is that Mitch and the President should run the Senate trial together, if they decide that a long trial is warranted.


    • jwmson says:

      IF, and I’m not of the opinion it won’t, occurs expect everyone on this website and true conservatives to know, the country is lost and never to be regained. The uniparty in DC and the deep state has total global control of the world and our beloved country. I’ve for a long period thought the above was in-play and we just were not aware, informed. Until DJT was elected, it didn’t have to show its ugly head and how hostile and how much effort would be shown to keep ‘things in order’. However, since 2016, look at all the occurrences of corruption in an effort to keep DJT curtailed and the R/D party intact. There is ONLY ONE party in DC….ONE…and until DJT came along, it was ebb and flow. Dems controlled 4/8Y, then R’s for 4/8Y and ‘all’ were happy. NEVER turn on each other and let the $$$ flow…..

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    • MGB (@MGB59) says:

      Barr and Warner, or Burr and Warner? Either way, all this corruption is very troubling, to say the least!

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    • Smack says:


      Republicans are as corrupt and inept as the Democrats but even they know that voting to convict Trump would be the end…the absolute end…of not only the party, but likely the republic.


    • swal106 says:

      And this kind of crap is precisely why I have stated here, and other places that I have ZERO trust on ANYBODY in authority in ANY of the DOJ/FBI/State Department. All they care about is covering for one another’s crimes…

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  2. rjones99 says:

    Based on what has happened to now I agree this is a decent take on the chess board. Barr is convincing but the FISA report is an embarrassment and just added more delay into what has been a ridiculously period to bring closure. It’s all great talk, no action with preposterous circumstances, most especially impeachment. Barr’s 100% senate confirmation is sort of the icing on the argument cake for me. I’ve wanted to hive Barr the benefit of the doubt because he’s really been our only hope, but I think with the evidence piling up, we have to admit reality. For crying out loud, FOUR separate FISA judges went along with the get Trump scheme.

    So, a couple observations:

    1/ There is a controlled opposition out there, especially on twitter, which purports to be helping uncover what’s going on but is also tamping down expectations at precisely the right time. I view them sort of like National Review 2.0. Always say the right things but then when rubber meets road, the football is yanked and we’re always Lucy.

    2/ An impeachment trial IS indeed a major risk. All that’s needed is some unexpected new narrative to pop up, lots of confusion, and a quick vote. Right now Mitch is all buddy-buddy, you can trust me, we’ll fo it any way you want. Right. The impeachment judge is the HEAD OF THE CORRUPT FISA COURT. Trump/Rudy are posturing like they have relevant Ukraine corruption evidence but right now it all seems contrived and weak.

    3/ Trump has half the country on his side. If the other half wants to play the banana republic way, Trump had better get ready to play banana republic also. To win, our side needs to be ready for a quick trigger pull. It’s hard to plan, but the more public the planning, the more likely it is that the other side will be forced to make moves to cast us as crackpots.

    4/ Much depends upon how much Trump knew he was in this box early and planned for it versus only becoming aware over time. I have no doubt that if a Clinton found themself in this situation, Scalia wouldn’t be the only one having a strange, unexpected heart attack. The problem is that to survive, you must be willing to sink to the same depth as your opponent.

    5/ Trump needs and hopefully already has a Trump loyalist/ally with access to all the JE Hoover dirt, and that dirt needs to start leaking. AreJustice Roberts and Sen Warner homo lovers? Who is Sen Pedo? Time for this stuff to start dropping. Dems took help from 5eyes. start squeezing some cajones to get help or drop dirt on them also.

    6/ Wash DC needs to start feeling some heat from we the people. Im willing to pay the price but it needs to be a massive show of force on the ground. Sniping from behind trees os stupid.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      3) & 5) I believe you are right here. If and when it comes down to a do-or-die event actions must be sure, fast and multifaceted. There is little doubt in my mind that straight corruption is not what binds everyone to silence. So there are likely more salacious reasons why they keep in line.


    • Kaco says:

      Justice Roberts and Sen Warner homo lovers? Was that tongue in cheek or is something really rumored?


    • jingosam says:

      I definitely agree. Something needs to be released … and long before late spring or early summer of 2020. Too late to go on offense when the game is lost. President Trump gave Barr the OK to declassify. He hasn’t. Why is this? Does he think he knows better? Has he put himself above his President? Or is the answer given in this article?


  3. bulwarker says:

    It cannot be understated that the DOJ has a policy of not prosecuting cases perceived as political during presidential election years. If Durham doesn’t deliver soon Barr will likely adhere to this rule to further protect the institution.

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  4. Patience says:

    Friday or Saturday (on fox) Trey Gowdy (basically) said that senate/congressional investigations are a waste of time, and that Trump shouldn’t try the corrupt via his rallies.
    > He seemed to imply that the way to get to the bottom of the corruption is via the law.

    Judges are quite important to President Trump.
    Police and law enforcement –in general– is important to President Trump.
    Regulations/deregulations are important to President Trump.
    US Military (as a force & the individual human soldiers) is important to President Trump
    National security is important to President Trump.

    I would guess that there is a multilevel strategy that has been/is being slowly implemented to get
    hold of the DOJ/FBI and Intel.
    >Multi-level chess player

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  5. valuethetruth says:

    Several weeks ago, President Trump said to the assembled press, “I caught the swamp. I caught them all. …Nobody else could have done it but me.” Based on your belief in the man, you either believe him or don’t.

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    • Rynn69 says:

      It could be both. He caught the Swamp, but there will be no punishment.

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      • The Demon Slick says:

        I’m not going to list long well reasoned arguments about why I think Sundance is partially wrong here. Mostly I just feel it in my gut. Wheels within wheels. President Trump is in a strong position. Unless The Demon Entropic shows up we should be ok. And I have it on good authority he’s pretty busy with Iran and China right now. Barely even getting to the EU.

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  6. hokkoda says:

    Eight days ago, if anybody had said with absolute certainty that the IG Report would contain specific, actionable, recitations of FBI misconduct to include once-and-for-all stating that the dossier was the central argument behind the FISAs (Comey et al lied), that Carter Page was in fact a CIA asset while in Russia (lots of liars involved in that one), that the FBI knowingly doctored evidence while withholding volumes of exculpatory facts which should have led them to close down Crossfire Hurricane before the election, and that everyone who signed off on those FISAs signed untruthful warrants, I think everyone on here would have said “Yeah, right, IG will cover it up, paper it over, nothing to see here”. As a cynic about politics, I was among those people, but was willing to be pleasantly surprised.

    I was pleasantly surprised.

    But the IG went even further by confirming everything in the Nunes Memo from 2018 as 100% factual and true, and everything in the Schiff Memo as 100% false and a lie. All 7 “points” in Schiff’s memo are a 100% lie. Nunes? Vindicated. And, the IG confirmed once and for all the funding sources for the dossier (Clinton), and even included a very brief statement “the candidate is aware” of Steele’s activities. So it wasn’t just Clinton money, it was Clinton activity, and that is not a small problem for her if she wants to run again. Can you imagine her on stage with Trump, and he can hold up the IG Report and state, unequivocally, “If you want to know who made up the Russia hoax, and put the country through a living hell of lies, you’re looking at her.”

    It is also worth noting that much of the FBI senior leadership in place at the start of the Trump Administration has been fired, demoted, reassigned to nonessential positions pending investigations, or otherwise moved out of the DOJ. I think we’re up around two dozen people now, maybe more. The purge continues. I think a whitewash would have more disciplinary memos in people’s files and far fewer firings/demotions/resignations. A criminal investigation, however we think that might progress from here, is in progress…not an administrative review. And, simultaneous letters from Barr and Durham the day the IG Report was released stated, unequivocally, that they disagree with Horowitz’s statement that Crossfire Hurricane was properly predicated. They didn’t say that to placate guys like me. They said it, I believe, because they think they have a pretty good case. Oh, and that criminal probe has extended out into the IC and DoD as well as duration (not just pre-election, but trans and post election…at least up to Mueller).

    The Mueller Report is now about two heartbeats away from being shown to be a complete fraud. Last summer, Trump was saved because it was clear Mueller was a figurehead, and Barr had done an excellent job cutting through 500 pages of Andrew Weissman’s temper tantrum to point out there was no crime and there was no obstruction. The IG Report all but burns Mueller to ashes because while Horowitz says the FBI properly started Crossfire Hurricane, he also unequivocally points out that the investigation should have ended within a few weeks or months at the most because ALL of the evidence they collected was exculpatory. Mueller, of course, owns that final Page/FISA application, and will have to answer for a Flynn prosecution that increasingly looks like it was based on the same FBI and prosecutorial misconduct as the FISA applications…and run by many of the same faces. If Flynn’s prosecution gets blown up, stick a fork in Mueller, and Papadopolous’ conviction will get thrown out too.

    I don’t think these are small things. Are Burr and Warner up to no good? Of course they are. They’re United States Senators. Put some robes on those guys, and Beware the Ides of March. That’s to be expected.

    What these Senators are not used to is a POTUS who can put pressure on them personally. You think a trip to North Carolina by Trump to tell MAGA voters there to get Burr off his ass and approve a nomination would be ineffective? Ratcliffe, Nunes, and others are sort of mini-heroes of the anti-Resistance. What has Burr done besides cover his own ass? You think that message wouldn’t come through in resounding fashion in NC? You think those voters wouldn’t call Burr and read him the riot act given what we know now. If I’m Trump, I would send Ratcliffe’s name back up for ODNI, but not before I called all my pals over at FNC and Talk Radio and said, “Here’s the guy I’m going to nominate, and you’re going to help me put pressure on Burr to get the job done. Get his voters calling him every day to yell at him.”

    You have to play these guys on their turf, but you use your own rules. Last month, Corey Gardner in CO got flaky about Trump/impeachment. Within 2 days of getting blistered by phone calls, he had signed on to co-sponsor Graham’s bill.

    Voters still matter, but you have to be willing to fight, not make it sound like it is hopeless. Getting this right means we acknowledge the corruption that exists, and then we lay out an executable plan to destroy it. We don’t live in a dictatorship yet, and Sen. Burr is not untouchable.

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    • California Joe says:

      Thank you! My feelings exactly.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Right, it it were all hopeless the IG report wouldn’t have been as strong on detail as it was. Putting aside that things weren’t summarized as we would have preferred or that Horowitz felt he needed to say what he did on bias, it was a powerful step forward.

      These things are so large they can’t be completely planned by the DeepState also. If it were that good at it we wouldn’t be at this point right now. Things have a life of their own. People don’t do what you expect – like PapaD leaving the money in Italy. Or Trump being the cleanest guy in DC. I think it is fair to say this – the DeepState never wanted to be in this position right now.

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      • hokkoda says:

        It wasn’t supposed to be like this. All they were trying to do was curry favor with Clinton. Then, like everything else Clinton is associated with, it all imploded in a catastrophe. Not excusing the behaviors, but there’s something about the Clintons that makes otherwise rational people do really stupid and illegal things. They corrupt everyone they come in contact with. Some, like Comey, are more corruptible than others.

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        • Pokey says:

          It has always been money, with the Clintons. Follow the money and the long trail of mysterious deaths and you shall know all you need to know about those two ass hats.

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      • dbobway says:

        “Right, it it were all hopeless the IG report wouldn’t have been as strong on detail as it was.”

        Robert, Thank you
        The IG report is growing like a tumor. It is full of information, the swampers would never want in public. If these traitors are so powerful, the IG report would never see the light of day. The report has cracked the firewall of the elitists grip on our country.

        Half of our country already knows, generally what is going wrong here. Not all of the other half of our country wants to be a communist run country, certainly not a banana republic.

        The #1 task at hand, is to protect our land, our sovereignty. AG Barr knows the swamp personally. He is a member. But, he is also an American. Would the globalist want the whole world to turn into China? If they do? They may as well bend over and kiss their ass goodbye. The world has been like this since the beginning of man, but, today their is one huge difference. Man has created weapons that can kill every living thing on this planet, with the push of a button. The cave dwellings the Elitists have been building in New Zealand wouldn’t protect them from an all out Nuclear war. America is the #1 deterrent from that happening. Only crazy people want it to go that far. It’s hard to be a greedy globalist, when nothing is available to greedy for. Even less so, if their dead. The Globalist cabal needs us, but we don’t like walking on a leash. Like Bill Maher said, “Deplorables are not going away.” Neither are the greedy elite.


        We need to clean up a few things.
        The FBI is ‘not’ a Constitutional organization. Did the Founding Fathers put a Federal police force in their plans? No.
        The IG report clearly proves the FBI is not working in the best interest of our people.
        It would be best, if they were disbanded. At the least, their power needs to be neutered.
        The electoral college is our best protection against voter fraud. We must protect the states, where the power of our sovereignty lives. Is it any wonder why the left has been dropping off illegal aliens into flyover country. The President is attacking that problem.
        AG Barr is trying to put the evil genie back in the bottle. If he were against the 63 million of us who voted for Trump, No IG report.
        Try to get just a little enjoyment, this week, watching squirming cowards in the media and our government scurrying around.

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    • digleigh says:

      Burr cares not except to cover up his Ali Watkins/Wolfe mess. He is not even running again..He probably has a big cushy job, and neverTrumper accolades waiting… Warner and Burr are two of the slimiest guys and imho, enemies from within and control the most powerful committee who has intel oversight!! THE LACK OF OVERSIGHT FOR DECADES SHOULD BE ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THESE DISGUSTING MEN……

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      • hokkoda says:

        I didn’t know he was quitting. Good riddance, the writing is in the wall.

        That being said, pressure works. They can’t take in millions of dollars if their voters throw them out. The issue is a lack of pressure.

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    • ncbirdnwrd says:



    • Somebody's Gramma says:

      100% agree. Thank you. I do see progress. Things are seeing the light of day that never would have been seen pre-Trump. I believe Pompeo to be a “good guy” because he has been speaking highly of Trump and more importantly executing Trump’s agenda. Barr has been doing the same. The two Senators???? Yeah, 100% swamp creatures. Reckless in their own power and complicit in the coup. But, I do hear you Sundance – keep putting it out there and challenging these people. McConnell, whatever you may think of him, has also been executing Trump’s agenda, changing the Judicial landscape for decades! Graham? I think he wants to do the right thing, but he aligned himself with McCain for so long it will take time for him to detangle himself. One thing I know in the core of my soul, is if they try to unseat our President, there will be hell to pay. The quiet, solid, conservatives are up over their heads in disgust and cold anger at what has happened to our country and our Freedoms. They have no idea what real resistance looks like. We aren’t little pansy pink pussy hats or antifa puppets, socialist/marxist/welfare babies, nor do we give a rat’s a** about Hollyweird, and we’re not stupid contrary to popular belief. LOL. Let the games begin is how I feel about it.

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      • TPW says:

        Agree with everything you have said . I am just so afraid that we will wait too long…..If there is no plan, no organization, and most importantly , lack of info sharing, then it will be a failed effort. It should be happening now at least the info sharing, and planning. The way it looks…..they are postponing Durham drop right during campaigning and this will not go well.


  7. 335blues says:

    President Trump still can release information. I believe he knows that, he is not without cards to play. He can specifically release the info directly applicable to Warner and Burr.
    I wish he would.

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    • mimbler says:

      PDJT has only the info the deep state gives him. Yes, he has the legal authority to release what he desires, but the DS won’t give him anything that incriminates them.

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  8. emeraldcoaster says:

    I have no faith in McConnell and Graham to deliver for President Trump during an impeachment trial. I fear Caesar got more support in the Roman Senate than our POTUS will get.

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    • Rynn69 says:

      They are NOT going to remove him. Please all Treepers allay yourselves of this concern. They are not going to destroy the Republican party and cause a civil war. McConnell already said that. Let’s focus on winning the House back, retaining the Senate, retaining the Presidency…and figuring out how to bring justice about for the criminals and coup conspirators.

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      • TPW says:

        That is all fine and good…..only can you depend on the Deep state to not cheat their way through the election. They purposely gave the dems the house in 2018. We were castrated. Watch this same thing come into play…..and may be willing to lose the Presidency.


    • jwmson says:

      Personally, I don’t either. HOWEVER, I do believe there is enough ‘dirt’ readily available on McC and Graham to keep them on the straight and narrow. McC’s wife’s family has benefited major ways from US via $$$…major. Think legit?? Absolutely not. Graham hasn’t lived all his life in Congress w/out some ‘secrets’. Think by now DJT doesn’t know? They will follow order, though I doubt either want to and would rather have an establishment, D or R, in office.


      • botchedcasuality says:

        I figure Trump is gaining ground and significantly slowed the march to the cliff. This should not be thought of as an eight year plan, Trump is a speed bump even a detour, but the navigators are “recalibrating”. We need a fifty year plan. Intelligence agencies should have an imposed sundown and can only be reauthorized after a rigid audit and justification presented to the citizens and decided by the same.
        We have lost the future if we do not counter the institutionalized reshaping of young minds. That must be stopped now. 7 million voters are turning 18 and they have been infected with TDS. 33% of voters are now non white and immigrant. Civics, civics, civics.
        I am for a Yuge Slashing budgets to the top secret, deep budget agencies that account to no one and possibly institutionalize misery across the globe.

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        • Pokey says:

          We can’t pass any of these reforms until we have control of the whole political structure. And even then we don’t get it done as long as the bureaucracies along with the Global monopolists control the US media and classrooms. Fifty years of focused effort sounds about right to me. This will post date me and even my offspring. 😦

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  9. ShainS says:

    Unsettling, but likely correct, analysis Sundance.

    President Trump’s supposed Republican allies, including AG Barr, talk a good game — but their actions betray them. I’m reminded of an old saying vis-a-vis being played and betrayed: “Your actions speak so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.”

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  10. Giant Ground Sloth says:

    “Using a process of elimination, my evolving contention is now that State Dept. Secretary Mike Pompeo is handling President Trump by giving him advice that keeps the United States President oblivious to the danger around him.”

    Pompeo is also giving President Trump advice that keeps an agreement between the United States and North Korea from being reached.

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  11. MustangBlues says:

    Well, Well. Really?
    ”’…..handling President Trump by giving him advice that keeps the United States President oblivious to the danger around him.” Sundance’s evaluation of President Trump’s competency to be a leader: not a constructive comment.

    Anyone one listening to President Trump speak knows he is on top of things, and has shown that if people prove to be not the right one for the job, he moves them on.

    President Trump knows what he is doing. He listens and he learns.

    Also, the pundits nay saying and second guessing and hyperbolic doomsday scenarios of personal association determines your motivation for every action in a job is nefarious slander conspiracy. — Reads like a freshman creative writing assignment; devoid of real world experience and as substantive as cliff notes.

    All the players in this political melodrama, take their historical roles very seriously; this will be their legacy in the political history of the American Republic and Separation of Powers. The communist democrats are playing a game of malicious immoral mendacity to capture ruling power, while the Defenders of the Constitutional System are ground troops for the Preservation of America. Don’t Doubt the Stakes.

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    • Remington says:

      This is without a doubt the worse synopsis I’ve read a some time. I can’t find any holes in SD’s logic. I can only say that every time I think we are down to a hail Mary, PT pulls one out his hat. Here’s hoping that trend continues. Why is it I always see these shit deals just before bed….

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    • Rynn69 says:

      Yes, that is true. But time is of the essence. The fate of our country remaining free is on the ropes. We don’t have a lot of time.


  12. Chip Doctor says:

    Good grief, I don’t want to be the little boy whistling in the dark, but between this article and the Nunes one, PT has no power, no hope and neither does America. I think I will go to Drudge for the first time in six months and read about space aliens breeding with Mongolian transgender cockroaches. Sheesh.

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  13. Chip Doctor says:

    Good grief, I don’t want to be the little boy whistling in the dark, but between this article and the Nunes one, PT has no power, no hope and neither does America. I think I will go to Drudge for the first time in six months and read about space aliens breeding with Mongolian transgender cockroaches. Sheesh.


  14. Hans says:

    I remember about three years ago there was a discussion about how to get convictions in the corrupt DC. The statement made was why indict when you can not get a conviction. The answer put forward was a military tribunal and not DC corrupted judges.

    Can someone provide me an answer if this is a possible way out.. Would Martial law be required to start the process. Comey sure was worried about being accused of treason during the Fox interview.


    • Rynn69 says:

      Hans, I have asked for this to. Perhaps SD will indulge us on answers and solutions.


      • WES says:

        Hans/Rynn69:. This question has been answered before. I believe even Ristvan has waded in on this issue.

        If my memory serves me correctly military courts may only have control over active military personnel not cilivans. I believe their was an attempt to try someone not in the military in military court during wartime back in the 1800s and it was shot down by SCOTUS.

        Bottom line military courts are a non starter. Hope this helps.


        • Rynn69 says:

          Thank you, Wes. I would like to ask SD what is the solution or solutions? America cannot have a criminal Department of “Justice.” It just cannot – so this must be remedied. How? What are the choices here?

          It is wonderful to point out all the problems, but we Americans need solutions and a path to fixing this.

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          • Shirley U. Geste says:

            I think the best solution is a process one. Send out a questionnaire to a panel of likely jurors and investigate their responses, then prosecute, for perjury, everyone who lied. Even if there are no successful prosecutions the legal fees will deter the next round of potential jurors from lying. Repeat until you have the seven honest burghers of DC on your panel.

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    • hokkoda says:

      I think “the process is the punishment” is probably how this plays out. This is the United States of America. We destroy people properly here. Send a boatload of investigators, make the person lawyer up, bankrupt them into a guilty plea, get some jail time in a white collar prison or a huge fine and probation, lose your security clearance, and quietly disappear to the back office of some consultancy or live off your wife’s income and your pension that they didn’t take so that you could pay off your fines. Get a job at CNN or some similar media outlet lacking journalistic standards where your job is to obtain leaks from the next generation of corrupt FBI officials.

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      • X XYZ says:

        OMG! You said the unmentionable “”P” word: punishment.

        That’s politically incorrect. You have to use the preferred buzz-phrase “held accountable”:

        What does “held accountable” mean? Nobody knows. It can mean whatever they want it to mean. We’ll find out, eventually.

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        • hokkoda says:

          lol, I have to remember this is the year 2019, and we have to say “held accountable” or “given a consequence”…hahaha. I watch the schools do this, and use those words, and its no wonder the kids don’t respect them. Punish the bastards until they squeal.


          • X XYZ says:

            Hokkoda, I thought you were/are a teacher?

            This is interesting. Maybe not all kids will become brainwashed, despite their ongoing intensive indoctrination – by the education system, from pre-K, up to the post-graduate level, and also by the conditioning of the lesser educated masses, accepting everything they hear and see through the mass media.

            Maybe as the more intense this brainwashing becomes, it will become so overwhelming and insufferable that it will be rejected by a few .Maybe all that is necessary to turn things around will begin with a small minority, who reject being dominated and are still capable of thinking and acting.

            But remember…
            Nobody likes a squealer.


            • hokkoda says:

              I am, indeed. But I teach Physics, and Mathematics, and had a lot of other really neat high tech jobs for 20 years before I started this gig about a decade ago.

              Most of the problem-children in public education come from the SJW degree farms, the ones that don’t require math much harder than algebra 1. Which I’ve heard is racist, somehow??? lol They also tend to be born and raised inside the edu-bubble. People who come in from the outside are often horrified at what they see and don’t last long. I tell the new-bees to talk about their experiences outside the walls of the school. I studiously avoid talking politics or taking sides in the classroom. What I tell students is that the better they get a math, and the more they understand the natural world, the more they are immunized against the craziness they see and hear.

              The closest I ever get to politics is when I teach a Physics history lesson about the progression of Gallileo/Brahe/Kepler/Newton/Einstein applied to the laws of planetary motion…and why the phrase “settled science” literally has no meaning to real scientists.

              I think what we’re going to see in the next 10-15 years is the relatively small number of parents fleeing basic public education in favor of charters, private schools, home schooling, etc. is going to accelerate exponentially. I would never let my kids attend the school/district in which I teach. They attend a local charter school, have since my consulting days, and there they’ll graduate college-ready.

              A lot more public school teachers than people know…send their kids to Catholic school or charters. I believe they (we) do so at more than twice the national average. The teachers I know whose kids attend the school where they teach tend to be clingy helicopter parents who can’t cut the cord.

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    • Rob says:

      Why do trials need to happen in DC? Is there any law that prevents them from happening in a red state?


  15. k4jjj says:

    We are not going back to the pre-Trump era. Too many people have now seen a better way. Minorities and many young people have seen what works and what doesn’t work. World history is full of corrupt tyrants who were hanged or stabbed to death when the people had seen enough.

    As long as Americans hold hundreds of millions of personal firearms and sufficient ammunition, patriots will have hope to prevail over corrupt politicians.

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    • Mariposa323 says:

      Exactly don’t get caught in the weeds . We need to see the big picture , and people ARE waking up . Case in point UK election . The swamp’s power is neither endless nor omnipotent !

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      • Raptors2020 says:

        You guys have names for who will replace Trump? Nikki Haley seems to be heir-apparent, and her message will be Trump was the problem.


        • gnome says:

          Devin Nunes has the right to a righteous anger and might continue draining the swamp. Jim Jordan looks pretty good too. Tucker Carlson is a quick study on political criminality and ethics and after a term as VP would probably make an excellent President.


        • elizabethross1776 says:

          Rand Paul has been a strong supporter of PDJT and is definitely NOT Deep State, or the insane leftists wouldn’t keep trying to kill him. During the primaries, Rand was very big on criminal justice reform as a way to do meaningful outreach to African-American voters, and I suspect that’s where PDJT got the idea. Rand’s issues (generally) have been taken up as PDJT’s issues. I would trust Rand. He’s squeaky clean, lobbyists don’t even bother talking with him, and he gives back part of his Senate office budget every year because he believes in living within his means. IOW he’s the opposite of the typical Swamp Creature.

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    • Remington says:

      Perhaps you time to fire up the old rendition program. If SD is right, and I think he is, maybe Burr and/Werner find themselves in the Hindu Kush. People disappearing might get the DS’s attention. This is as serious as it gets. Trying to sort this in DC is impossible.


  16. Rgt says:

    This game in the Senate brings back my anger when McConnell wouldn’t recess the Senate preventing Trump from any recess appointments. Trump and his folks are playing a game where those who make and enforce the rules are on the opposing team. Trump has the normal Americans on his side and that is the highest card in his hand.


    • Shirley U. Geste says:

      Recess appointments are nothing but a distraction from the real work of appointing real judges. Why fight over short-term positions when the real future is being addressed?


  17. WES says:

    Typically Presidents have more say on foreign issues and next to no say on domestic issues.

    We know from actions taken that President Trump does not have control of the DoJ, FBI, Homeland, Intel agencies like CIA. The gang of 8 controls all ofese agencies.

    One tell about Barr is now we are led to believe Durham will issue a report by mid summer 2020. Durham issuing a report indicates no charges will be recommended. This is FUBAR!

    I now expect Flynn’s court case will be shutdown in a most unsatisfactory manner by swamp judge Sullivan. Sullivan now knows the swamp is still in total control so will act accordingly. This is what Sullivan did to Ted Stevens.

    I remember SD thinking it would only take about 4 to 6 weeks to size up Barr. After 9 months of no action,!! I would say SD is judging Barr by his lack of actions over that of what he says.

    This situation explains why Homeland has allowed court injunctions against WBTW by IBWC lawyers to stop or delay indefinitely private wall construction. This explains why the $268 million 31 miles contract recently issued to Fisher is now on hold while it is under review for irregularities. This explains why wall funds by DoD are being blocked and new wall contracts not being issued and why little gov wall is being built. This is why the IBWC can lock wall gates open and President Trump can’t over ride their actions and get the gate closed. This explains why President Trump can not do anything about voter fraud. This is explains why President Trump can not stop the foreign aid money laundering. This explains why federal judges can issue injunctions.

    Congress enables and rewards all resistance to President Trump! Congress enables and rewards all persecutions of President Trump supporters!

    This explains why President Trump cannot intervene in any of these domestic matters. He is basically powerless. These areas are the sole domains of the gang of 8. They have purposely done everything in their power to hamstring his agenda.

    Somehow amazingly President Trump has managed to accomplish things!

    The best we can hope for is that some insitutional corruption is publically exposed. We now know no exposure of congressional corruption will be tolerated.

    President Trump can not expose very much or he will be removed from office. So he is limited. We will have to accept this sad situation whether we like it or not, since the gang of 8 control this not us.

    President Trump will mainly focus on that which he has some control over such as trade and accordingly minimize efforts in areas he has no control over.

    Sadly we have received a very painful education in the “school of tuff knocks” on just how little say or control we have over what our government does.

    I often wonder if President Trump has been sorely tempted to directly manage 1 or 2 critical cabinet positions instead of appointing others. I realize that isn’t a possibility in the US. In British parliamentary governments, it is not unusual for a Prime Minister to reserve a critical cabinet position for her/himself, such as finance or foreign affairs for similar reasons.

    For now we will have to settle for any small victories President Trump can give us on domestic issues. The fight continues as always.


    • TPW says:

      How are we suppose to know what we can or can not do……when we never try. If we take your position we might as well lay down. If defeat is what you expect …then it is what you will get.


  18. MaineCoon says:

    “State Dept. Secretary Mike Pompeo is handling President Trump by giving him advice that keeps the United States President oblivious to the danger around him”

    SD’s comment raises my grave concern about the another.

    On Nov. 20th Martin Armstrong posted a blog article entitled ” Is Trump Being Kept In The Dark?” Disregard the of-topic article other than the embedded shocking AI forecast, excepted below:

    FTA: Trump is being deliberately kept in the dark. While our computer shows he should win, it also shows he may not finish out a second term. I do not think that is due to some impeachment. My concern remains that he has one thing in common with JFK. They both were against war.

    His AI forecast have a high rate of accuracy. Armstrong gave his personal opinion (not part of the AI forecast) as to a reason why a second term might not be completed.

    Our country cannot withstand such an event. I have no words….


  19. angech says:

    Lisa Page being active is a worry but if she was smarter she would have kept her head down.
    Hopefully this unravels from two ends.
    Comey the weak link at the American end.
    Pompey is not an FBI fan. Hilary hates him.
    Trump despises him.
    And he was the one that got lumped with all the coordination of the coup.

    He thinks he has got his back covered by the Anti Trump forces not realising that he is being set up as the biggest patsy of all time.
    Brennan, Obama, and their flunkeys will let him go very soon.
    McCabe has already ditched him.

    The fuse starts with Klinesmith, then Orr and Lisa Page.
    Bruce knows he is gone and is hoping to give enough away to save himself and his wife.
    Lisa thinks she is still OK, like Comey, delusional, but must be getting her eyes opened soon.
    Once they go Comey will be the big fish.
    No one will cry.

    Sundance may be right but with the changing allegiances Trump May wind up on the right side of Pompey yet.
    Personally I think there is a huge risk with the RINO senate and he would be best advised to take the quick acquittal if he can get it, and then get Barr etc to take McConnell etc down.
    Too much risk of a turncoat Ukrainian claiming quid pro quo or new falsities to actually go to the Senate trial,
    Expect Trump to protest loudly and lonely to fool McConnell enough into giving the acquittal without too many conditions.
    Pompey, Barr, Durham are grey hats.
    Restore order. No obligation to thre crooks.
    Settle things down.
    None of them could sleep at night if the Democrats win.

    Other end of thread Alexander Downer.

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  20. angech says:

    Pompeo, darn I pad


    • glissmeister says:

      Clinesmith. Who ordered him to adulterate the record? Seems a savvy bureaucrat lawyer at that level would need assurances and a very power protector to alter something so easily discoverable and so utterly damning.

      As for Pompeo? He’s rock solid. He has a disarming demeanor. Essentially he slipped past the Senators in his CIA confirmation. My sense is they underestimated him and mistook his affability and cooperative nature as a sign he could be easily controlled.

      The dude is absolutely loyal. A seasoned small business executive who’s roughed it through a full business cycle. He has much in common with Trump.

      I think one of the biggest problems the slow to mobilize beltway white hats is reverence for institutions and giving professional colleagues and cohorts the benefit of the doubt.

      You can see it in Barr too. In Lindsay, Grassley, Gowdy and many others. The blind deference to their fellow lawyers and government officials, elected and not. The benefit of the doubt.

      Well. The bloom is off the rose. Awful things were done. Unconscionable things. Outrageous things. Inexcusable things.

      Lindsay Graham in committee with Horowitz: “They got the first FISA. Then the criminal enterprise began.” They operated a criminal enterprise.

      A criminal syndicate formed and infiltrated the governmental organs of the House, Senate, executives of federal agencies, unionized media, and perhaps the courts, with the nexus of the conspiracy being a partisan organized effort involving at least one political party, their leadership and national/transnational co-conspirators in an unlawful and unconstitutional effort to overthrow a duly elected President of the United States.

      Many who rationalized over the last few years thinking such magnitude of conspiracy, wrongdoing and organized lawlessness was simply impossible in our modern era.

      They are having epiphanies they never thought they would have. Many are still in shock it’s as bad as it is. The propensity for trivialization in the name of the greater good is no longer the impulse it once was. Things got real.

      And then got even worse. The immune system of the bureaucracy is starting to react to the greater threat. The unbelievable has not only happened. It’s brazen, without shame or remorse. A manifest psychopathy that can no longer be ignored.

      Trump is right about the people who did this.

      These conspirators are sick; a threat to us all and everything good about our nation.


      • Justin Green says:

        Clinesmith may not have needed “orders”. He was working on a team comprised entirely of rabid anti-Trumpers. He’d already seen FISA abuse from plenty of the other members of the team up to and including Comey signing the FISA requests.

        Combine the very permissive environment for his Viva La Resistance attitude and he’d happily fabricate evidence.

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  21. BitterC says:

    IC IG Atkinson belongs on the list of people requiring SSCI approval


  22. map says:

    √ CIA Director Gina Haspel was not a threat to the corrupt state.

    √ CIA Director Mike Pompeo was not a threat to the corrupt state.

    √ ODNI Dan Coats was not a threat to the corrupt state.

    √ NSA Director Paul M Nakasone is not a threat to the corrupt state.

    Or, the simpler explanation is that these people are all in line to be next in their respective career paths and that government employment policy respects the line of succession.

    Here is the key quote:

    “President Trump nominated John Ratcliffe for the position of Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). Senator Burr informed the White House that nominee does not align with their interests. President Trump withdrew the nomination.”

    Why would Trump withdraw simply based on Burr’s information? Maybe Ratcliffe’s nomination was a warning to the SSCI that he is aware of what they are doing, that he is perfectly willing to upset the apple cart?

    Keep in mind that people have their own ambitions. Why would they not want to remove guys like Burr and Warner just to advance their own careers? And we still have the fact that the Mueller report failed so completely, despite the machinations of the SSCI.

    We are back to the obvious…that there is a civil war going on inside this deep state.

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  23. Perot Conservative says:

    How did Nunes get on the SSCI? Did they think he was young & naive?

    Don’t forget, many here were selling The Big Ugly a year ago.

    There are some good guys & gals … someone gave Sidney Powell new Page Strzok texts.

    But in hindsight, the FBI (?) raid of the Federal Whistleblower makes more sense now … who ordered the raid? How is he? What happened to the other WBs… shut down? What happened to Cody Hiland investigating the Clinton Foundation? What is the status of Victoria Toesing’s U1 Whistleblower?

    Give Joe diGenova credit… he says shut down the whole FISA program until heads roll.


    • Jim Smith says:

      Nunes is not on SSCI. He’s not in the Senate. He is on the House Intel Committee. HPSCI.


    • dwpender says:

      Nunes is on the House Intelligence Committee, not the SSCI. When Nunes chaired his Committee, it did marvelous work in uncovering and exposing the Spygate operation, DESPITE meeting obstruction, resistance, denunciations, etc from almost every Deep State quarter.

      The SSCI, unfortunately, is MUCH more powerful than the House IC because only the SSCI has the power to confirm or BLOCK nominations.

      IMO Burr should step down as Chairman, and Rand Paul should be appointed. (I know that’s as likely as Ratcliffe getting confirmed, but I always maintain hope.)


  24. Jenevive says:

    I find it very interesting that the swamp isn;t really going after
    Melania..I think they underestimate her because she doesn’t speak
    English well, and is a very quite, reserved person they think she is dumb.

    But I found it very interesting that when that Prof Lady made her comment about
    Barron, which that side seemed to be ok with.. Melanina TWEETED..and I have not
    see or heard of any swamp person pushing back on Melania for that tweet.

    Was it Melania who admitted in an interview that there are people
    she doesn;t trust in the adminstration and tells POTUS such…

    I find Melania interesting she keeps her head down, does her work
    doesn;t really ever say much or come out and make statement like
    most other recent First Ladies do..

    They hate Melania about as much as they do POTUS yet they for the most
    part leave her alone…even friends of Melania don;t seem to trash talk her
    the way some of POTUS former friends do.

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  25. neev1031 says:

    Disturbing assessment. It stands to reason – politicians think of themselves before anything else. Ideology & promises are to keep voters feeling important. With Barr, multiple ‘declined to prosecute’ decisions put a big question mark on intent.

    And that farewell event for Rosenstein (clearly corrupt) ….

    Also the ‘full faith’ in Chris Wray. Wray was approved in August of 2017 & per Barr – ‘no one is more appalled than Chris Wray’ on the issues in the IG report. I used to think that Barr was broadcasting support to strengthen Wray’s position as housecleaning starts. Now, I think Barr is trying to make sure PDJT does not fire Wray.

    The craziest part is that many of the Crossfire Hurricane / MYE team members are still working at the FBI & DOJ. Not even suspended to prevent any other investigation from being tainted?

    – Barr’s statement & interviews following IG report seemed authentic to me;
    – Is the Durham investigation a smoke screen?
    – PDJT’s typical behavior demonstrates full authority & independence. Somehow anyone handling him seems improbable. He does not hesitate in replacing cabinet members;
    – the most outrageous misconduct at the FBI (altering evidence) is now a criminal matter;

    A common characteristic of bureaucracies around the world is self preservation. The only solutions seem to be:
    – division: separate FISA activity into a new entity reporting to the AG or DNI;
    – consequences: direct supervisor / manager will be held responsible for errors by staff;


  26. Vicus says:

    Absolutely incorrect with Pompeo (flushed out the State Dept Ukrainian corruption), and secured NK no-nuclear pact when CIA Dir.

    As for Barr, every action and every statement has been pro-Trump. Democrats are calling for his impeachment. He was confirmed because they THOUGHT he would play ball (or get a recusal afterwards: during hearings they kept prodding him to say he’ll recuse).

    Absolutely wrong SD.


  27. cbjoasurf says:

    One thing everybody here seems to forget is that as chief executive POTUS has the position in Government that can not only upset the deep state apple-cart but, turn it upside down. He can replace ANYONE AT ANY TIME under Article II for ANY reason or NO REASON. Yes it is true that in the end he has to have committee approval to install someone in the Cabinet as an appointment, however, imagine the SUNSHINE several PATRIOTS appointed as “ACTING” could do if working in unison with POTUS while acting. How much treachery would be exposed to SUNLIGHT if POTUS cleaned house in this way? I wonder? Hell, what does he have to lose, being impeached???? Go ahead make his day!


    • Perot Conservative says:

      Possibly has to wait until after the election.

      Aren’t the national waters looking smooth?

      Unemployment 3.5%.
      USMCA to be signed.
      Phase One China agreed to.
      4,000 troops coming home from Afghanistan.
      400 Miles of wall under construction.

      What key items could help vs the Swamp?

      1. Sidney Powell / Flynn:
      i. Info dump (evidence)
      ii. Exoneration



  28. De Oppresso Liber says:

    1) Rudy.

    2) Sydney Powell (and whomever her “friend / source” is at DOJ).

    3) Jordan, Ratcliffe, Nunes, Gaetz, et al. (I hope they keep McCarthy at arm’s-length…..don’t trust him).

    Combine all three above with honest and accurate reporting by the likes of Sundance, Solomon, Carter, Atkisson and others provides The Truth with plenty of outlets to We the People.

    Never underestimate the power of The Truth.

    I have been wary of Pompeo for some time, basically because 1) he was CIA prior to SecState, and 2) because the State Dept is just out of control (leaks and subversion) with little to zero accountability; I would expect massive firings for cause. But, I’m not sure about Barr yet……maybe President Trump is using Rudy to force Barr’s hand re: Ukraine / Crowdstrike?

    Just some observations

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  29. Mark L. says:

    There may be some other variables at play here. One comes to mind is Ms. Powell. If Flynn is some how released from bondage his knowledge would possibly force the hand of others. I’ve always felt that it only takes one to fall for the whole house to come down. The Uniparty strategy is developing too many weak points. The deplorable base is growing not shrinking.


  30. Guyski says:

    From the article, very important.

    ‘The office of the presidency cannot overcome that institutional power dynamic; the only thing President Trump can do is attempt to work around them.’

    As a builder/real estate guy President Trump has decades of experience working among corruption; navigating thru corruption. NYC/(north) New Jersey has always been and will always be corrupt. Corrupt politicians, corrupt unions, corrupt government employees, corrupt bankers, you name it.

    If people are expecting a ‘traditional’ solution/conclusion (i.e. corruption is revealed, justice will then
    applied, those guilty will be punished) they will be disappointed. 🤔


    • sDee says:

      It is our job to remove them and to starve them of the fruits of our labor.

      First step for conservatives is realizing that our two-party system is two-party collusion.


  31. Elle says:

    I agree this is a massive risk. As I said the other day, it appears the Democrats ARE willing to burn their reps in lean-Trump districts, not because they are stupid, but because they are 100% going for broke.

    They know Trump will win in 2020. For the exposed traitors, impeachment without acquittal IS their plan.

    It it inconceivable to me that there are NOT 20 Republican Senators who have been compromised or can be bought. This is NOT a good hand to bet Trump’s presidency on.

    This is a game of chicken that is IMHO just too dangerous to play.



  32. sDee says:

    With each sifting of swamp scum that Sundance takes us through, we see these players better for what they are.

    – “Pompeo is handling President Trump”
    – “Mitch McConnell is controlling the valves”
    – Bill Barr is allowed ….”to have some control over the outcomes.” and “mitigate any damage to the institutions”

    Most importantly going forward, we can better match the actions and words of these traitors to their intended outcome….. enjoying wealth, power and privilege while selling out America to the globalists as yet-another Nation State.

    They have been at this over 100 years and we have done nothing to stop them. What’s 5 more years to them? To us?


    • Perot Conservative says:

      But then don’t forget Sundance calling out Barr, and 36 hours later the redacted OIG dates were released, and 2 controversial lawyers moved out of DOJ. (“Message received” posting.)

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  33. dawg says:

    Sundance, I think I did exactly this:

    “Feel free to dispute that assertion; however, dispute with demonstrable facts to back up a counter argument -not trusty planning- try to keep the outlook grounded in provable facts.”

    in a manner similar to your own at 9:51 last night. It wasnt really a counter argument, more of evidence of facts that would go against your assertion of Barr and Im just trying to figure out how to square those things that fly in the face of it.

    Would you address that question?

    Add one bit of fact to the question: Nadler calling on Barr to recuse himself.


  34. lolli says:

    Thank you before your courage and honesty. You are a brave patriot. 🇺🇸
    This article is exactly the way I see the situation.

    IMO, PT saying “we caught them all” was direct communication to all scampers. I believe PT and Rudy caught them all. They have everything, “we will see what happens”, was PT saying that we will see if Barr will do anything about it.

    PT nominated Radcliffe, IMO, to show us he is not allowed to have his own people. Who will follow his declass orders? Barr? Wray? Ha. If Bondo Barr hasn’t fired Wray by now, it seems he approves of Wrays conduct, no?

    I never trusted Pompeo, but tried to wait it out. Early on, I saw his name on SES site. Pompeo has not straightened out State dept and left CIA same as it ever was. How is this MAGA? PT does not get to choose his own people.


  35. kaste668 says:

    Maybe we should send/call Barr along with our Reps. Let them know that POTUS supporters are informed.


  36. Simmobsayes says:

    SSCI was not only in with the coup, they were also part of the network uncovered as Hillary’s email server scandal. Hillary wasn’t the onlybonexwith the server. All the good old boys were too. It’s a network of communication outside normal congressional oversight. The inderground government opr re as tions were on the network. This part of what Meuller’ sweeper team of lawyers and technicians were task with covering up. No bodyvreally thinks Meuller was there to onvestigate Russian collusion.


  37. Doug Amos says:

    Probably the biggest punch in the mouth Sundance has ever given us. Remember, he keeps emphasizing that their are trillions at stake; that is our best battleground. Channel every $1 in the right direction; learn their weaknesses. Main street, Main street, Main street! They never thought it would come to this.


    • Perot Conservative says:

      His analysis is often great, detailed and thought provoking. But he also backed The Big Ugly. No one is perfect.

      Are there white hats at NSA? Shouldn’t they have everything? Texts, emails … no one even mentions the emails… Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Page, Strzok, Baker … dozens of key players.

      This is sounding like Rome.


  38. Bogeyfree says:

    Mr. President,

    It is time to test some of your subordinates loyalty.

    The best way to do this is order the IMMEDIATE declassification with no redactions to the American public the following……..

    1) RR Scope Memo

    2) Footnote 69 in the Judge Collier report

    3) All of the Strzok and Page Texts

    If your team is loyal, they will follow your order with no hesitation.

    If your team is really part of the swamp but undercover, they will come up with all kinds of reasons why they and you should not expose anything to the American public.

    And finally order Pompeo to turn over to Lindsey as he requested with a copy to you and your attorneys all of the Ukraine communications as those were requested almost a month ago.

    Actions not words Mr. President is your best form of determining who is swamp and who is not.

    Liked by 3 people

  39. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    Otherwise the objective is to hide the rot and protect the institutions.

    Well he’s doing a bang up job by CONTINUING TO TALK ABOUT IT.

    No one EXPECTED Barr OR Durham to release a STATEMENT on the IG Report

    Barr and Durham simply showing off perhaps?
    (“Didn’t want people to forget about us…and anyway we like it when the media calls us:
    Trump’s personal attorneys”)

    But according to the new POMPEO as MANAGER OF THE COUP THEORY I guess it’s just….
    reverse psychology…double bluff,,,,sercle jerk
    64D Deep State chess.

    and IF TRUE (quoting CNN or SD?) means.

    Trump’s screwed anyway.
    Hey I wonder if this cabal has figured out if they can just control a few electoral outcomes the problem will be solved next Nov
    Or that it only takes 20 to remove Trump come January if The Don doesn’t bend his knee to Mitch

    Of course Barr could have solved it back in Mar by simply agreeing with Mueller.
    But apparently it’s WAAAY more exciting for the Deep State to drag it out longer.


    • Elle says:

      “Or that it only takes 20 to remove Trump”

      Seems like Trump is the better chess player by not declassifying everything. Let’s be honest, our congress is very corrupt. Leverage and briber…I mean launderin…, I mean lobbying is how the game is played, not accountability to the voters. Trump kept his leverage.

      Congress: This job would be great if it were not for all the voters.
      Trump: Dance monkeys or I’ll declassify why you don’t vote the way your constituents want you to.

      Liked by 1 person

  40. Bogeyfree says:

    Also I think we should consider that PT’s statement of…..

    I caught them, I caught them all

    might just mean

    I exposed them, I exposed them all.


    • lolli says:

      IMO, PT and Rudy caught them all. “We will see what happens” was, IMO, referencing whether Barr will prosecute, or not. That was my take.


  41. albertus magnus says:

    Sundance is obviously right.

    Those of you who continue to cling to the idea that a plan to bring past culprits to justice are all under the delusion that PDJT WANTS them brought to justice.

    Test 2 hypotheses:

    1) PDJT is working to bring all of them to justice…how would that have played out over the last 2 years?

    2) PDJT is working to fix the problems but is only looking forward, not backward and is not looking to send anyone to prison. ….how would that have looked over the last 2 years?

    Now, which scenario has played out?
    There is your answer.


    • Perot Conservative says:

      The problem with No. 2 is the cancer stays, the dry rot is still there.

      Option 3 might be some surgical victories. (Pick your battles.) Isn’t the theory that the Bush Clan suggested Barr? Really? All of these lawyers in DC weren’t aware of a local, respected firmer AG? Couldn’t that story line be a head fake, conning the cons?

      I believe it was esteemed & respected VDH who said, who would have thought 3 years ago ….
      – several dozen top FBI & DOJ officials fired, demoted, or resigned.
      – FBI Director fired.
      – international spying uncovered.
      – Ukranian payoffs unearthed.
      – Etc.

      (But I guess if we follow the logic that Durham will cover it up, then justice for leaker & black hat Col James Baker at ONA (Chelsea’s stash)
      also won’t happen.)

      Is the supposition that Durham took down the mob, but has never taken down bureaucrats? Just thinking out loud. So his good work in one covers the Administrative State.

      But Nora is supposedly a pillar of virtue … is she now on the take too?

      Which means Eisenhower was correct when he said beware … and the ME wars are the unending piggybank for the Administrative State.


  42. I would hope that Attorney General William Barr and U. S. Attorney John Durham are investigating Senator Richard Burr and Senator Mark Warner. These two corrupt bastards need to be brought to justice. ENOUGH of this deep state BS! Take these bastards down!

    Liked by 1 person

  43. elsuperbus says:

    “Feel free to dispute that assertion; however, dispute with demonstrable facts to back up a counter argument -not trusty planning- try to keep the outlook grounded in provable facts.”

    There is no dispute. Mitch is the ringleader and has an iron grip on the strings. Until Trump supporters uniformly understand this, expect more of the same (no prosecutions, no declassification, nothing except what Judicial Watch obtains while the attacks on Trump mount). Cheering at rallies when Trump gives Mitch a shout out, is not the way to go.


  44. Jim Raclawski says:

    so…. extending the ipso facto line of reasoning… how much investment return should we expect from mr durham??? repair…. plaster over & repaint??? catch a couple little fish—fillet ’em…. tweak the “procedures&FISA protocols….. send everyone to “bias sensitivity training” …. grab a beer…. call it MISSION accomplished.


  45. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    Why is it simply assumed POMPEO is controlled and not that he’s controlling?
    Admiral Rogers did it.

    Pompeo could have corroborated a quid pro quo and rid the SSCI of it’s greatest threat.
    But alas……another EASY OPPORTUNITY missed.
    Aw shucks.

    Maybe one of these days the CABAL will actually take the EASY SHOT when it presents itself.


  46. dd_sc says:

    Representative John Ratcliffe is one of only three republican members of congress [the only one remaining (Gowdy, Goodlate gone)] who has seen all of the classified material evidence behind the FISA application and the intelligence abuses in 2016.

    And I hope he’s prepared to leak that information – although, I suspect that would be rather dangerous for him and his family. Be a tough call.


  47. andy says:

    As others have said, just getting the OIG report to validate the major work here has made every day since like Xmas morning. Not kidding…. The sea-changing significance of getting documented actions of the FBI using our own CIA Russian spy as probable cause in a FISA warrant against a presidential campaign cannot be overstated. Finally shutting down the mueller cult, and raising awareness of theses facts is now in our hands…. saddly… but true.


  48. Hans says:

    As a note of interest.. OAN has been airing articles about Rudy’s investigation in the Ukraine.

    Of interest is no mention lately by NYT or the WP of Rudy’s investigation. The Gateway Pundit has been all over this for several days. As well as the President tweets.

    So now we have Graham saying he will have Rudy give his report to Congress after the impeachment vote. I hope he is referring after the house vote and not the senate vote. I wonder if Graham is hoping that the evidence that Rudy presents to Congress will be enough to effectively end the impeachment farce.


    • Hans says:

      Graham reportedly said after the trial and that would infer the Senate vote. Clearly Rudy’s information is exculpatory and should be part of PDT trial process and be presented to all Americans.


  49. k4jjj says:

    America’s future is not linked only to Donald Trump’s presidency. This is not a false choice of either saving the Trump presidency or outing runaway corruption. The man can only serve four more years no matter what. It is critical ALL the corrupt players are outed right now, as soon as possible. A full and extended Senate Impeachment trial can do that.

    Even if Republican scoundrels throw Trump from office, the country will not survive if the scoundrels of both parties are not exposed and driven out of power. If not, the country is forever lost and deserves to be thrown on the ash heap of history. We have lost the rule of law, the constitution and the meaning of elections. Nor can we allow the hopelessly corrupt power elites to keep killing our young people in endless foreign wars.

    Donald Trump is a means to an end but America cannot survive if our fate rests on him alone.


    • Free Speech says:

      That’s what’s been so frustrating about the last 3 years. I thought Trump’s improbable election had signaled an awakening among American voters who rejected the carefully selected candidates presented to them by both established parties. Then, we turned around and put the House in the hands of Democrats and the special elections since have been a mixed result. If the greater population cannot be stirred from their slumber, there’s going to have to be a real insurrection to preserve liberty in the land.


  50. Zippy says:

    “The office of the presidency cannot overcome that institutional power dynamic; the only thing President Trump can do it attempt to work around them.”

    Their criminality can not be proved somehow and result in their removal?

    Liked by 3 people

    • Zippy says:

      I mean, if these are all known here:

      “The SSCI is compromised… [list]… There are dozens more specific examples if you use the ‘search function’ on this website.”

      why can’t they be officially presented and then investigated and prosecuted? Do we need citizen arrests followed by go-fund-me funded investigations and court cases?

      Liked by 2 people

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