President Trump Congratulates Boris Johnson on Great Win: “Now be free to strike a massive new Trade Deal after BREXIT”…

Last night President Trump congratulated Prime Minister Boris Johnson on his great win in the U.K. election, noting the possibilities for a big trade boost are “massive”:

Not accidentally, the geopolitical economic and trade planets have aligned splendidly.   The cornerstone USMCA agreement has bipartisan support and will ratify quickly in congress.  A “phase one” trade agreement with China is likely, and prior plans for a strategic trade deal with the U.K. have increased as a result of the U.K. election.

First rule in geopolitics, it’s always about the economics.  Second rule in geopolitics: refer to rule #1.    Understanding this basic truism is the key to understand how President Trump is able to be so effective.  There are trillions at stake, and many interests.

“Economic security is national security.” ~President Trump

All politics circles back to the underlying economics; whether it is an individual financial self-interest for a specific politician, or whether it is a larger financial interest for a group or even a nation.  Everything is always about the money; and that essential truth is why Donald Trump is so uniquely qualified, influential and stunningly effective.

Donald J Trump isn’t a politician at heart, he’s a businessman.  From that outlook he appears to be working through a plan for what he views (we agree) is bigger than politics.

The economics of all things is the priority for President Trump…. step into that lane, or bring forth a policy directive that crosses into that economic lane, and you step into an administration agenda item completely controlled and directed by Donald Trump.

Every policy engagement from the big to the small goes through the prism of economics first and last. Essentially this is the foundation of the Trump doctrine. Brexit, Huawei, Iran, China, North Korea the larger EU etc. all geopolitical issues cross paths with President Trump’s primary focus, U.S. economic wealth, influence and security.

President Trump doesn’t leave economic policy to chance. He’s full bore economic obsessive compulsive! …And unapologetic about it. President Trump has single-handily begun resetting the global economy and is bringing  massive amounts of wealth back into the United States.

In essence Titan Trump is engaged in a process of: (a) repatriating wealth (trade policy); (b) blocking exfiltration (main street policy); (c) creating new and modern economic alliances based on reciprocity (tariffs); and (d) dismantling the post WWII Marshal plan of industrial trade and one-way tariffs.

Every element within this process, no matter how small, has President Trump’s full attention. He has assignments to many, but he relies upon none.  In prior review of President Trump’s discussions with Boris Johnson there was a clear outline of a possibility.

In the details of a Brexit trade agreement with the EU it appears the EU can, likely would, punish the UK for having more favorable trade agreements with other nations.  Meaning if the UK gives better deals to others than it does the EU, the EU will increase tariffs against the UK and use non-trade barriers to restrict access to the EU market for UK products.

But that’s the limit of what the EU will be able to do….

Meaning, the EU cannot stop the UK from entering a trade deal with North America (think USMCA); and there’s a very visible likelihood President Trump is constructing a U.S-U.K trade agreement with that in mind.

Meaning the U.K. could have preferential access to North America; and USMCA countries (Mexico, U.S. and Canada) will in turn have preferential trade treatment with the U.K.

This is important.  The EU will not be able to influence the U.S-U.K. trade agreement beyond imposing tariffs and restrictions on Britain as punishment.  This is where the importance of Donald Trump comes in.

Trump can, I would say: likely will, give preferential treatment to exports from the U.K., so long as PM Boris Johnson is reciprocal toward the U.S.

Simultaneously, President Trump can hit the EU much harder than the EU can hit Great Britain.  If, say, the EU hits the UK with a 25% tariff as punishment for a better trade deal with the U.S. on any individual segment, Trump can hit the EU with a 25% tariff back on the EU.

The EU needs access to the $20 Trillion U.S. market much more than the EU needs access to the newly freed U.K. market.  It takes building a level of trust, but President Trump and PM Johnson can work together to leverage this trade situation to both of their benefits.

The EU will want to keep selling their stuff into the U.K. (less important); but the EU *has to* keep selling their stuff into the U.S. (very important) in order to survive.

Trump and Johnson can work on a U.S-U.K. trade superhighway.   Our research already sees this construct in the discussions.  Simultaneously, Trump can pummel the EU with tariffs.

[Keep in mind the U.S. won a WTO ruling for $7.5 billion a year in countervailing duties the EU cannot legally try and counteract (Boeing case); and USTR Lighthizer has calculated a $2.4 billion countervailing duty against France for their internet tax scheme]

Combine the $7.5 billion WTO ruling against the EU (writ large), with the $2.4 billion duty against France, and overlay the potential for President Trump to hammer additional duties against the EU for adverse trade action within the Brexit customs authority, and what we see is an EU that can threaten action, but has limited recourse (just like China).

As inferred recently by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, President Trump is not adverse to triggering more tariffs against the EU.  Arguably he is looking for any economic excuse to do so.  Brexit provides just that excuse.

Once the U.K exits the European Union, President Trump can provide trade incentives for EU products that come from the U.K. – that do not come from the EU itself.   No U.S. tariffs on Great Britain, while Trump, Ross and Lighthizer put heavy tariffs on the EU.

The result of this process would push EU manufacturers and suppliers into the U.K. as a trade hub for access to North America, specifically the United States.  EU companies wanting to avoid the U.S. tariffs against the EU could distribute their products through operations within the U.K.

As described this trade network provides PM Boris Johnson with the ability to pick and choose the EU entities that he would permit to operate in the U.K.  In essence, this provides Prime Minister Boris Johnson with leverage against the EU for “other issues” of importance.

It’s all about the economics.

Without money to finance a big government ideology, everything stops.

All of the above stated, this is another reason why Nancy Pelosi and the ideological leftists were trying to stall the USMCA. The North American Trade agreement is the trade fulcrum for a massive global economic reset that impacts Asia and Europe.

The corporate multinational profit schemes that exploit China/Asia, and the political ideology behind the socialists/leftists that align with the EU (ie. “share the wealth”), are both weakened by a North American trade alliance, USMCA, that establishes the best return on international investment in North America.

At the center of this realignment is “America First“. A reestablished economic leverage that can reward allies and punish adversaries.  Globalism becomes a thing of the past and is replaced by economic nationalism; an international tide to lift all boats – peacefully.

“Economic security is national security”…

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254 Responses to President Trump Congratulates Boris Johnson on Great Win: “Now be free to strike a massive new Trade Deal after BREXIT”…

  1. Huckabee Asserts Trump Eligible For Third Term, Says He’s Been ‘Named To Head Up 2024 Re-Election Campaign’

    Great! No one is disputing his second term is a given ! We now have them going nuts over his 3rd term…..
    Bwa ha ha


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  2. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    So by Sunday the globalist puppet masters like GeorgeSoros will have all the little socialist lemmings ranting and raving and protesting in the streets of London town? Bobbies better get the water cannons and tear gas ready. Those angry anarchists & Labour Party losers are so predictable.

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  3. daylight58 says:

    “Every policy engagement from the big to the small goes through the prism of economics first and last. Essentially this is the foundation of the Trump doctrine. Brexit, Huawei, Iran, China, North Korea the larger EU etc. all geopolitical issues cross paths with President Trump’s primary focus, U.S. economic wealth, influence and security.”

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why D.C. is trying to destroy him.

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  4. Sentient says:

    How long until they can get rid of that midget mayor of London?

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  5. Sean Molin says:

    In theory – does the passage of USMCA and U.K. trade deal provide a serious shot in the arm for an already booming economy? Enough to rocket through the 2020 elections? Asking for a friend.

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    • Sentient says:

      USMCA probably more than a U.K. Deal. Some lib on NPR yesterday opined that USMCA might “only” goose GDP by .3%. That’s actually a lot.

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      • Thatguybob says:

        Its “only” 60 billion, compounded annually! I saw what a 500 million dollar investment did to my “town” of 250,000 people, it was massive. $60 billion in new investment can change the direction of entire cities, counties and regions.

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        • GB Bari says:

          Yes, as long as the investment doesn’t mysteriously disappear into the offshore accounts of corrupt politicians and/or their cronies and families (like Baltimore’s previous three mayors), or the onshore accounts of fraudulent businesses which then proceed to go bankrupt shortly thereafter (like Solyndra).


    • BoreMole says:

      I think its very likely that there will be at least one hiccup, no matter the other factors, as the globalists throw some money weight behind disruption. They are very capable of doing so, and probably assume they MUST to try and interrupt the momentum.

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  6. saywhat64 says:

    2020 is shaping up to be as much historical as hysterical…

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  7. Sherri Young says:

    Same old radical stuff.

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  8. Robster says:

    I can’t imagine a trade deal with the UK will be massive while they are bogged down in socialized medicine and a ridiculous green energy revolution.

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    • bertdilbert says:

      The money will decide. As Sundance points out, it is likely European companies will manufacture in the UK to grab non tariff access to the UK while gaining export access to the US market The UK is now able to do what is best for the UK.

      I hear a giant sucking sound.

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  9. yucki says:

    With the Brexit vote the working class punched the establishment in the face…. Last night that jumped all over them. – Tommy Robinson

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  10. yucki says:

    My earlier periscope on Jeremy Corbyn’s downfall and the rise of Biblical Nationalism is now on @3speakonline


  11. The Trump effect reverberates around the world! I’m having a continual problem w pop ups on this website. It happens daily. Doesn’t happen on other websites. What is going on? Is anyone else getting these? Is it a hacker? I always close the window which closes the website and then have to log in again. I wish I could post two pics.

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    • Yesterday it was Norton Security expired today. pcresourupd,xtz and today it was my flash player is out of date


    • Vince says:

      I had this problem until I switched to using the “Brave” browser.

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      • sturmudgeon says:

        I had real problems after attempting the ‘Brave’ browser… just sayin’…


      • 22denizen says:

        Brave browser works very well for me. too. I have had no problems.

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      • Trust, But Verify says:

        To get a substantial amount of personal privacy across the board on the internet, and to eliminate as much advertising chaff as possible, use the Brave browser with Adblock Plus, Ghostery and New Tab Redirect as its extensions. And set DuckDuckGo as the primary new tab and search default. All those combine to pretty much eliminate both obtrusive spying and get-in-the-way ads.

        You will, of course, (with all those personal privacy shields) have to use another browser for some websites. But you can minimize that alternate browser usage by white-listing specific domains within Brave.

        For those you don’t want to white list, just use a relatively shield-less Firefox, wiping out all its cookies each time you close Firefox. Or just use Tor with Ghostery as an extension.

        Never use the products of modern-day robber baron and ultimately privacy thief, Alphabet, for anything; meaning, never use Chrome or Google or gmail or anything else that company produces..

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    • sturmudgeon says:

      Yes, and it would be good if this site placed the “replies” to comments, directly under the post to which the ‘reply’ is directed… American Thinker is perfect in this regard.


      • GB Bari says:

        ?? I have never this site handle comments any doiferently than Disqus on American Thinker. Any reply to another comment is indented and underneath the comment post to which the reply was directed. Now if there have been 20 other replies, and several levels of replies to any of THOSE replies, then YOUR reply will accordingly be located as the next post down the page at the correct indentation level.

        I think some folks mistakingly enter their reply in the open comment box at the bottom of the page instead of clicking the “Reply” hyperlink directly under the “Like” star for the comment to which they want to respond.


    • Darren says:

      Yes. I eventually got an ad blocker application which solved 95% of the problem.

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    • rustybritches says:

      I had a lot of trouble with pop ups and they were so bad I would have to log off and go off internet and then log back in, finally couldn’t take anymore and called Norton and they fixed it for me.. I don’t have any of those anymore. and no not hackers some of them are trying to sell you something like worthless internet protection The one that kept popping up on me would tell me that all of my files and everything would be ruined unless I called them
      but Norton fixed all of that and have not had anymore problems


    • gregory200 says:

      I sent an email to Sundance a while ago asking the same question. The response was that the backbone internet providers like AT&T are doing it to this website. Just keep reloading the page. Know that we can’t be stopped.


    • thehawkeyehoneypot says:

      Its not just you. It continues to flummox me as to how wp continues to drop the ball.


    • Somebody's Gramma says:

      Brave is an excellent browser. Unfortunately, for the website owner, all advertising is blocked for the end user. Part of me feels bad for the website owner, the other part of me loves the control over tracking cookies and popups, as well as ads, and a nice bonus of automatically upgrading to https when possible.


  12. saywhat64 says:

    The last time the solar minimum (lack of sunspots) approached the current levels was in 1913. December of 1913 was also an infamous time in US politics.

    On Christmas eve of 1913 Congress snuck through, in the dead of the night a bill which handed over the control of our monetary system to a group of unelected European Bankster. The bill declared that the European Banksters would be called “The Federal Reserve Bank” .

    In the same bill, these sneaky Congress people passed a provision which started the IRS. The IRS was declared to be the collector of any interest due to the Federal Reserve Bank for the privilege of printing our money.

    Will the US Electorate be as asleep as they were in the last historic solar minimun?

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  13. Justice Warrior says:

    Wow! Trump is brilliant! I love it 👍 Thank you Mr President and Team!

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  14. In another thread, someone said Boris’s Brexit is the same as what May was trying to push through. T/F?


  15. In another thread, someone said Boris’s Brexit is the same as what May was trying to push through. T/F?


  16. Pokey says:

    Bringing the UK inside the USA trading domain is huge for us. I think Australia will follow the UK. I would hope that we can peel off several more EU satellite states, such as the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Austria, over the next few years. We will need all the trading partners we can get because we are aligning countries such as China, Russia, Iran, against us. I believe critical trading partners will turn out to be India and Malaysia, among others. We will have to align with Brazil in order to keep our footing in South America. The more the merrier, and I think we will have to have all of the so called free world in tow before 2025. This is the right path for our country. If you think otherwise, just go buy a box of Kleenex and find out how much fun blowing your nose has become with Chinese made products.

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  17. Bill says:

    I truly believe the national pride and populism has always been there across the globe, and more people are conservative by nature. But due to 31 years of political and media control the NWO had done a masterful job at keeping the patriots voices and confidence under it’s thumb. It took the LOUD and PROUD guiding voice of PDJT to make many of the suppressed (around the globe) feel like it was finally OK to come out and be proud and be heard again. And I think this time, we will not go back quietly into a subdued state for fear of the last 31 years, especially the years of 08-16, ever resurfacing again.

    To all those who came out to vote for Britain, may you continue to do so as long as you can drive, walk or crawl to your voting booths. Do NOT become complacent. NEVER let these people take control again.

    To American voters, let’s make what happened in Britain last night look like a close race come November 2020!!!

    God Bless you ALL

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  18. Deborah Fehr says:

    Joe Biden says Johnson won because the left went too far left…Joe!!! WAKE UP!!! People are tired of the crazy left, and UK has gone particularly crazy. I hope Boris cleans up the lot of them!! Get that ridiculous Mayor out first!! Close the borders, and let the people of England recover. Once the people see that UK isnt going to collapse if the are pulled off the nipple of the EU, they will realize what a momentous time this is. Of course all the SJW’s will have to get jobs…that might kill them…

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    • YY4U says:

      The allure of the EU for the Yuppies (Young Urban Professionals) is being able to travel to the continent w/o passports. They don’t care about invasion (YET) because it hasn’t affected them (YET). They don’t have young daughters who might be “groomed”, don’t go to church anyway so targeting Christians doesn’t affect them (YET). They have plenty of disposable income, probably enough to afford private health insurance so they aren’t subjected to the NHS which they fully and totally support. Some are beginning to wake up to the fact that they can’t go club hopping in London anymore w/o the danger of being slashed by some deranged “immigrant” who is only there “looking for a better life”, but most won’t get the message until it is delivered to THEM C.O.D. (collect on delivery for those who didn’t live in the 20th century)

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      • Garavaglia says:

        Agree with this statement. As long as they can travel to these countries easily, anything goes. Peace signs, heart hands, and fireworks and all is good.


  19. From the depths of sorrow and anguish to the heights of jubilation and amazement!
    This is what we all have been living since July 2015 in support of Donald J. Trump.
    No doubt we will continue along this uncertain path fraught with danger, but in our hearts, we know this man has already established himself as one of American History’s greatest figures, and will, in the end, be triumphant and vindicated for the benefit and survival of the United States.
    Apparently, the very greatest forces in the universe, in their inscrutable ways, have chosen to make it so.
    We would be wise to continue consulting with the deepest spiritual recesses of our minds and hearts, and to listen to them. We are, and always will be, a part of those ‘inscrutable ways.’

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  20. Garavaglia says:

    Can’t wait to see how many tactics they have to stall Brexit for another 2.5 years. Hoping for the best, but not expecting much.


    • fanbeav says:

      They are already calling Boris a Russian agent and Glenn Simpson is doing his dirty work. These people who oppose a fair election must be destroyed. A free country depends on it.

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  21. MustangBlues says:

    Another wonderful, informative, insightful article by Sundance; our good luck at this time in America’s history to have President Trump ride herd on the communist democrats and the elitist globalists, and Sundance shedding light on the process of economic and political governance.

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  22. fanbeav says:

    In the Senate trial, I would call Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler all of their lawfare lawyers that were involved in this sham impeachment, the uber marxists professors who hate Trump, all of the bureaucrats in the State Department who think they run the country and of course the “whistleblower”.

    Put everyone of them on trial about their bias in this impeachment sham and don’t even go on defense of their baseless claims.

    Would be a very entertaining trial and put everyone of these democrats on the spot.


  23. Skidroe says:

    I know northern Indiana well. All the cities surrounding South Bend are doing quite well. Goshen, Elkhart,La Porte, Valparaiso, even Michigan City are all doing well. South Bend not so much. All of America are sending their homeless to South Bend. Since the Mayor hasn’t been there, he doesn’t have a clue. The city is going down hill fast and the people are pissed.


  24. sunnydaze says:

    The Useful Idiots in London are screaming “Who’s Streets? Our Streets!”Gee, where have we heard *that * before? LOL.


  25. rayvandune says:

    “Economic security is national security.” ~President Trump

    Translation for Obama followers:
    “Economic security can only be attained with my magic wand.” ~President Trump

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  26. MLK says:

    The following is worth reviewing. Especially since Dershowwitz was at the White House the other day:


  27. zozz1 says:

    For me, the big question right now is how much effect all the bad news about the Dem impeachment fiasco is going to have, a) on the vote on the impeachment bill, and, b) in 2020, on the election for the House. Will 17 Dems desert Pelosi and not vote to impeach? To me, that would be their sane option. They might suffer some major embarrassment, but they might live to fight another day. Given that the Dems rarely act in a sane manner these days, they will most likely go over Nancy’s cliff. If they go over the cliff, will that pretty much guarantee their loss in 2020? If self-preservation ranks high on their personal values, then they could desert Pelosi in a flash…

    Will they understand that the Johnson win in the UK is a huge message to the Dems?

    It is clear they have made a no-win hash out of the entire impeachment fandango…never has anything been so extraordinarily bungled as this impeachment mess.

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  28. hokkoda says:

    And economics is downstream from culture. I’m glad POTUS has got the sequencing right. We need to get our borders and our schools under control because the culture we are creating is not one which will deliver economic security long-term. The cultural rot is reflected in our contemporary politics where the permanent government is untethered from the citizens they are supposed to serve, and in an elected government increasingly populated with sociopaths.

    Culture –> Economics –> Security

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    • Bendix says:

      Actor Richard Dreyfus was the first person to bring it to my attention that America’s children are no longer being taught Civics.
      He says that if we don’t teach the children how to run the country, someone else will be running it.
      He has been saying this for years.
      What a shameful situation, that our free universal public education was a beacon to the world, and we stopped teaching the recipients that.

      Liked by 3 people

      • hokkoda says:

        Then you turn on C-SPAN and you see that the ENTIRE Democratic Party has abandoned basic civics in a blood lust rage to overturn an election that they lost. So, the kids today see that “government” isn’t about your vote or policies or compromise. It’s about raw power, destruction, insults, lies, corruption and what you can get away with when people aren’t looking…

        I’m looking forward to the 2020 election in a way that I did not in 2016. I’m looking forward to voting in a way that brings about the total destruction of these people. It’s not enough to win court cases or get the IG to report the truth, or even throw people in jail (which does need to happen).

        These people need to be thrown out in a way that makes their 2016 humiliation seem like the good old days, and then we need to kill more alligators in the swamp, and set about restructuring our government so that this crap can never happen again.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Issy says:

        It was done by design. This way adam schiff gets to tell everyone how the government is supposed to operate. I hate they screwed up simple math and cursive writing too.


      • They don’t teach about the murdering communists of the past either…..
        You know Stalin,Pol pot, etc.
        So the children won’t know what they ALWAYS wind up doing after they take away the guns…….
        “public” schools my ass.


  29. zorrorides says:

    Is there a rogue BBC announcer anywhere?
    “Now, new video from London. Here a large crowd of socialist democrat voters is protesting rather vigourously, shouting against the election results. Our viewers would do well to remember this type of socialist approves only the elections that they win. As they have often said, “We only need to win one election.” Once these radicals win a fair election, you will never again be allowed to vote in a fair democratic election.”

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  30. Bendix says:

    I read somewhere, perhaps in a DeMille novel, that a nation which produces nothing can never be a secure nation.
    When the MSM kept telling us “we are going to be a service economy”, why didn’t anybody stop to ask, how did they know that?
    Why didn’t anybody understand that a service economy meant that we were going to be serfs?

    Thank God for President Trump.

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  31. IGiveUp says:

    Left-Wing Newspaper Advises People “How To Leave The United Kingdom” After Election Loss


    • Somebody's Gramma says:

      Oh Yay!!! Can we ship the Lefties intent on destroying our country there??? A safe haven for all the hollywood and academic types!


  32. Hopefully, this will end the US shortage of mushy peas and blood pudding.


  33. RLTW says:

    President Trump is going to decisively defeat all of our enemies simply by ending the Marshal Plan. Not one more drop of blood need be shed by the American Fighting Man.

    The entire world has been a parasite upon the United States taxpayers for decades. We The People have subsidized democratic socialism.

    What are the millions of Muslims in Europe going to do when they no longer receive free housing and welfare because Trump has forced Europe to pay for their own defense and Europe can no longer rape the American Taxpayers through unfair trade?

    The answer is a massive race war in Europe. The rounding up and extermination of Muslims. I suggest we stay out of this next European war. Let them deal with their own stupidity. We Americans can peacefully and ethically deport our Muslims.

    Liked by 2 people

    • iswhatitis says:

      RLTW says: “The rounding up and extermination of Muslims.

      I don’t see that happening in Europe. Maybe in China..

      If anything, it would be the opposite – the rounding up and “re-educating” of those that oppose Sharia, while Muslims take over the continent – welcomed by the globalist leaders.


      • RLTW says:

        There is a burning rage as European men watch their mothers and wives and daughters being raped by the Muslim parasites, while their Marxist government puts the boot upon their throats and allows it to happen. Whilst these Muslim apes subsist on welfare and free housing.

        War. The deepest darkest war. The end of Islam forever. This is what you have sowed. This is what you shall reap.


  34. VandalizeDuhMastuhsAlgorithms says:

    When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

    –That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,

    –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness…

    In Congress, July 4, 1776.
    The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America

    Also note the Grand Union Flag, or the Continental Colors. The first flag of the independent American nation.

    Congratulations to freedom-loving English Patriots. You taught us well.


  35. Cathy M. says:

    Too Funny!
    Parliament laughs in Jeremy Corbyn’s face (brutal)…


  36. Graham Pink says:

    And the first priority for Boris, as stated by him today is to support the National Health Service.
    Brexit? Not so much.


  37. Rynn69 says:

    Nice summation of the leverage Brexit gives U.S. by Sundance. In terms of America’s best interests, let’s hope AG William Barr does for justice what President Trump is doing for trade and the economy.


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