DOJ Official Bruce Ohr is Not Fired, and That’s Okay – For Now….

There are several dozen critical issues that stem from revelations about the DOJ and FBI conduct in/around the Carter Page FISA application (2017) and Steele Dossier writ large; but DOJ official Bruce Ohr still being employed isn’t one of them, and here’s why.

Bruce Ohr on right

What exactly would Bruce Ohr be held accountable for?

What Mr. Ohr did wrong was back-channel information from dossier author Christopher Steele into the FBI; made worse because this is after Chris Steele was persona non grata; and done by Ohr without telling his bosses at Main Justice.  Obviously, not good.

However, considering the time-frames of the FD-302 reports written by Ohr’s handler FBI agent Joseph Pientka, Bruce Ohr was channeling information into the Crossfire Hurricane team in 2017.  That same FBI team became the Mueller investigation FBI team, and from the 302 notes we know Ohr was channeling information from Christopher Steele into the Mueller team after the administrations’ changed.   Again, not good, but…

Bruce Ohr wasn’t the only non FBI person back-channeling information from corrupt source Christopher Steele into the FBI and Mueller team in 2017.

SSCI Vice-Chairman Mark Warner was doing exactly the same thing.

Senator Warner was having secret contacts, “would rather not have a paper trail”, with Steele through liaison Adam Waldman, and then relaying information to Robert Mueller.



So how is the DOJ going to hold Bruce Ohr accountable for back-channeling unverified information from corrupted source Christopher Steele to the FBI (Mueller), when SSCI Vice-Chairman Mark Warner was doing exactly the same thing?

The impeachment coup was a plan, an insurance policy of sorts; a coordinated effort between corrupt politicians and hold-over allies in the executive; however, because she didn’t want to participate in this – Senator Dianne Feinstein abdicated her vice-chair position to Senator Mark Warner.  [Background Here]

This is the pre-cursor to utilizing Robert Mueller.  A plan that was developed soon after the 2016 election.  The appointment of a special counsel was always the way they were going to hand-off and continue the investigation into Trump; but they needed a reason for it.

The continued exploitation of the Steele Dossier was critical; Chris Steele was the wildcard… they needed Chris Steele to be solid.  And the continued manipulation of the media was also critical; thus they needed Fusion-GPS to continue.  [Dan Jones paid both]

Through the spring of 2017, while Mark Warner was communicating with Adam Waldman and Dan Jones as a conduit to Chris Steele, the FBI/DOJ team was communicating through Bruce Ohr to Chris Steele (and by extension to Nellie Ohr and Fusion GPS).

Part of Warner’s role was to weaponize the Legislative branch to advance the ‘Muh Russia conspiracy’, a fundamental necessity if a special counsel was going to have justification.

Quite a navigation issue for U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr.

Again, no rush on this one…  Until someone works out the final decisions on how to handle Warner, if at all, there’s no consistent way to tackle Bruce Ohr for the Steele contacts.

The ultimate disposition of Senator Warner could likely be an aspect of a multitude of unprecedented issues that no-one would think about.  Vice-Chair Warner is a member of the intelligence oversight ‘gang-of-eight‘… so that makes things even more complicated.

That politically complex dynamic is likely why the former DOJ knuckeheads, together with Robert Mueller, decided to let SSCI intelligence leaker James Wolfe get away with little accountability.

Now AG Barr has to re-navigate these issues… John Durham is investigating… Meanwhile Bruce Ohr opens mail, or something.

“Complicate business folks, complicated business.”

Gang of Eight, 2019






Bruce Ohr, 2019


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  1. StanH says:

    Wow. The concern trolls are active today. Remember to point and laugh.

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      All it means is that ShareBlue and Muddled Madders are having to pay overtime!

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      • StanH says:

        It really is a good indicator that the site is effective. So they will try to disrupt continuity of the threads. Though it can be fun to toy with a Trotsky it’s best to ignore their feigned outrage.


  2. TarsTarkas says:

    I think it’s time for Sundance to start the new Thread about the British Parliamentary/Brexit elections. That will bore these trolls (but might rouse to action a completely different set).

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  3. DesertRain says:

    Hey folks…. some of you have started to see that an organized attack on AG Bill Barr has been launched today. You will see negative comments at varying intensity levels :
    a lite nudge, a shove, a slap, a left hook… 🙂 Let the garbage float on by…

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  4. shipley130 says:

    So yesterday something happened that I never thought would happen in a million years. My next door neighbor, who is of some advanced years and was a bit of a Trump hater has realized that the President is NOT such a bad man after all and has realized just how crooked the Democrats have been. We had quite a detailed discussion about the democrat shenanigans involving our Prez. I am on page 123 of the Mueller Report right now, so I had a reference (the published hardback of the report checked out from the public library). Wow, the media sure has been even worse liars than I have surmised the past three years.

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  5. islandpalmtrees says:

    Okay, back to the subject matter at hand. Once again this is only my speculation. I want to know, how Peter Srozk Is connected to Nellie Ohr and Bruce Ohr. Remembering that Peter Peter Srozk occupies a unique position, as both FBI and CIA?

    Given that Nellie Ohr is CIA and Bruce Ohr is FBI. Did Peter Strozk coordinate their activities too?

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  6. Beau Geste says:

    In addition to Ohr still drawing salary and pension benefits, there is even more information about our tax dollars at work from our super-sleuth IG. Senator Hawley asked Inspector clousseau-horowitz:

    “What about the case agent who directly misled the DOJ, an Office of Intelligence attorney, about Carter Page’s relationship with other intelligence agencies in our government, who directly misled the OI about that, is that person to your knowledge still at the FBI?” Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) asked Horowitz at a Senate hearing on Wednesday.

    “To my knowledge, that person is still there,” he replied.

    “Why are they still there?” Hawley asked. “I think you would have to ask Director Wray,” he responded. “I think we should,” Hawley said.

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  7. Rush is on fire today 🔥

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  8. progpoker says:

    Hey Mods!! How’s that mute button coming along?? 😖


  9. Its bigger than all our opinions


  10. mugzey302 says:

    The reason Bruce Ohr should NOT get a pass just because Warner wasn’t charged (that sounds like swamp, dirty-cop reasoning), is that lack of moral character, lack of integrity, poor judgment, and conspiracy should be justification for firing, if not charges. We should be able to expect that the DOJ (and FBI) have integrity, despite what we’ve learned about the filthy behavior of some arrogant thugs who deserve justice akin to the crimes they have committed. Do we have standards, or not?

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    • mikeyboo says:

      OK how about a compromise: Hang him first, then give him a pass.

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    • Warner is an elected official…his constituents need to vote him out…. Bruce Ohr is not…. he needs to go- after we get all the info we need from him

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      • stringplayer55 says:

        Still, if an elected official is involved in sedition, are they above the law? The Dems have strongly declared that no one is above the law. So, Durham could construct a case against Warner (who was operating with Burr’s blessing, I might add).

        Problem is that if the American public sees the Trump administration rounding up elected politicians, that would not sit well. That could drive independents to vote Dem – despite a well-deserved prosecution.

        As Sundance states, this is “complicated business.”

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        • Jederman says:

          “Problem is that if the American public sees the Trump administration rounding up elected politicians, that would not sit well.”

          It would sit better than you might think. Check congressional approval ratings.

          Why should we care whether it “sits well” or not when an elected official is investigated/charged/convicted of a crime?

          PT is an elected official. The dems are trying to remove HIM from elected office without a crime committed.

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          • stringplayer55 says:

            Yes, that is what the Dems are doing. And look how badly that is playing to the American public. Support for Dems is plummeting. And at town hall after town hall, Dems are getting an earful from angry constituents

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        • X XYZ says:

          “Still, if an elected official is involved in sedition, are they above the law?”

          Virtually ALL elected officials are above the law. Now even the un-elected ones are. Unless they don’t kiss up to the bigger officials in power.

          Laws are made for the little people.

          “All animals are equal. But some animals are more more equal than others.” (Google the reference.)

          Are you starting to understand this now?

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      • Issy says:

        Exactly and I don’t know if it would be wrong for a U.S. Senator to provide info to the fbi anyway. Especially since senators get a get out of jail free card upon taking their oath. Ohr’s position is more dicey.

        I heard Warner & Burr weren’t running for reelection. I hope it’s true. We may get someone even worse from Virginia, but maybe N.C. will do better.


  11. islandpalmtrees says:

    Sundance Writes:
    “Part of Warner’s role was to weaponize the Legislative branch to advance the ‘Muh Russia conspiracy’, a fundamental necessity if a special counsel was going to have justification.”

    The words advance the “Muh” Russia conspiracy holds an interesting relationship with Peter Strozk. Given that it is likely that Peter Strozk was focused on salting the evidence of a Russian conspiracy, in order to claim a crime.

    And because once again, through Warner we have a connection to the the Gang-Of-Eight less one.


  12. abdiesus says:

    LOL Sundance that last pic just about made me spew my covfefe!!! ;D

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  13. Kimberly says:

    They won’t prosecute either one. Ohr is still employed at FBI because he’s turned and will testify against higher-ups & is being ‘protected’ as a witness, and thus he will not be prosecuted; Warner won’t be prosecuted either! There’s our equal treatment under the law, lol.

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  14. California Joe says:

    The guy is probably a paid troll. I see him or his type on Breitbart all the time. They have instant replies and very nasty. SD needs to get rid of him!


  15. Steve in Missouri says:

    Probably the most startling thing was that when Trump, the candidate, received a security briefing, it was really a spy project, the FBI or CIA agents talking to Trump weren’t really there for a security briefing, but to spy on Trump.
    Conversely, when they gave a briefing to Hillary, it really was a security briefing in the traditional sense.
    The CIA and FBI have been badly compromised, if not outright corrupted.
    I’m not sure they’re salvageable.
    There’s not much Horowitz can to clear the agency of mendacity.

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  16. rcogburn says:

    College loans don’t pay themselves. And that degree in Lesbian Dance Theory isn’t exactly a job magnet.


  17. TMonroe says:

    Warner’s 2020 election opponents need to start getting the facts out there to the the low infos

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    • Zippy says:

      I previously posted a link here to an article giving the statistical odds of 17 significant inaccuracies and misrepresentations to the FISC ALL being to the detriment of Trump and Co. That figure was 1/0.5^17 = 131,072 to 1.

      Actually, as I learned from the above video, according to page 418, Appendix 1 of the report, there were a total of 51 inaccuracies. The recalculation of odds that all inaccuracies would be to the detriment of Trump and Co.:

      1/0.5^51 = 4.4408921e16 to 1 = 44,408,921,000,000,000 to 1 = 44.4 QUADRILLION to 1.

      OF COURSE, there is no way that a major agency of a 4.2 thousand billion dollar government could ever make that calculation to PROVE bias, right?

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      • Zombie says:

        The statistical odds calculation should have been brought forward yesterday and should be in any future hearing. The Republicans should have a “clearing house” to review and use the best that the great internet researchers and analysts have to offer. The R’s are outnumbered, they must operate smarter.

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  18. Stephen says:

    Nothing will change at the FBI as long as Chris Wray, Comey’s understudy, remains Director.

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  19. Doppler says:

    After reading the Executive Summary of the Horowitz FISA Report, I decided to focus on Chapter 9, concerning Bruce Ohr, for several reasons. He appears to be a key linking person among disparate participants in the coup (Steele, Simpson, Fusion GPS, his wife Nellie, and FBI personnel outside of his chain of command, while concealing his actions from his own chain of command), and frankly, he does NOT appear to be solely the ADAG in charge of Drug Trafficking and Transnational Organized Crime. A reasonable hypothesis is that he held dual appointments, one (cover) at DOJ and another (undercover) from a different intelligence agency, which called on him to represent its interests at a high level within DOJ, placed there to prevent unwanted law enforcement attention paid to Drug Trafficking or Transnational Organized Crime activities that his undercover agency would prefer be left alone. If this is so, he would have been a likely choice by that spy agency to task with surreptitiously socializing Trump-framing disinformation into both FBI and DOJ. His spouse’s background with CIA and Russia, and her going to work for Fusion GPS in October 2015 lend support to this hypothesis. It may also explain why Ohr hasn’t been fired yet, since he may have just been doing the job he was ordered to do by his chain of command within his spy agency. Here I summarize some key points from chapter 9 of the Horowitz report for other treepsters, as to whether it is consistent or inconsistent with this hypothesis.

    P269. Ohr’s role as Assistant Deputy Attorney General (ADAG) for Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) put him in charge for many years of overseeing or coordinating investigations and prosecutions in this arena. It was expanded in 2014 to include transnational organized crime. Unlike some of the other ADAGs, his role was not to supervise these prosecutions, but “to provide funding and resources to agents and prosecutors,” presumably supervised elsewhere. Unmentioned is that his role also gave him the ability to NOT provide such funding and resources, a potentially key role in light of the corrupt Deep State practices Rudy Giuliani is bringing to light in Ukraine. He also had a key role under President Trump’s Executive Order on Transnational Organized Crime and developing a Transnational Organized Crime Initiative, signed within weeks of inauguration, so likely involved in its development prior to the change in administration (and likely to put him in the catbird seat over investigations such as would be required to reveal the whole Burisma scandal, but I haven’t looked at the Executive Order closely, nor do I understand how it might have changed whatever was occurring before it).
    P270. Ohr’s relationship with Christopher Steele traces back to the mid-2000s, when Steele was still with MI6. In 2014, Ohr spoke with Steele in connection with efforts to “reach out to Russian oligarchs.” This led to a meeting between Ohr and “Russian Oligarch I” (presumably Oleg Deripaska) in September 2015. Ohr could not recall how he met Glenn Simpson, and the related footnote 410 indicates that Simpson declined to be interviewed.

    P271. Nellie Ohr’s connection to Fusion GPS is described by Nellie as her having just applied for a job in October 2015, having read some of Glenn Simpson’s articles about Russian criminal activity. Her first project was to research a Russian company engaged in human trafficking, but then she was assigned to research Trump and his Russian business associates. [Unlikely Coincidence alert: no persuasive information volunteered nor found explaining how Bruce and Nellie Ohr ended up working secretly (like a pair of spies out of “the Americans”) together with Fusion GPS and Steele to get Trump. A reasonable hypothesis would have a third party – a different agency (spy agency), key political operative, or both, working/planning together to bring these four together to focus on creating the factual predicate for RussiaGate/SpyGate.

    P272. On July 30, 2016, the two Ohrs had breakfast with Steele and an “associate” in DC. Nellie said she thought it would be social, but Ohr asked Steele “what he was working on,” and Steele reported about Carter Page’s travel to Russia and meetings there, that Russian Oligarch 1’s lawyer was gathering evidence that Paul Manafort stole money from him, and that Russians were claiming to “have Trump over a barrel.” Steele followed up with a message to say keep “in touch on the substantive matters” and that Simpson was available to meet with him. Ohr claimed he didn’t know before the breakfast that Steele was working for Nellie’s employer [Fusion], and didn’t know if Steele knew Nellie was working there, although Nellie claimed that during the meeting Steele commented that he knew and that Simpson was okay with Steele talking to Nellie. [Inconsistent stories alert. Also, unidentified “associate” alert, could’ve been spy agency handler checking in with /giving direction to his team.]

    P273. Both Ohrs said they believed that Steele intended in giving Ohr information so that Ohr would pass it onto the FBI and that the FBI would do something about it. Ohr did NOT mention it to anyone above him in his chain of command in the DAG’s office. Instead, he reached out to Handling Agent 1, who told Ohr that an executive assistant director at FBI HQ and executive management at FBI FO NY knew about Steele’s reporting. Ohr also reached out to Bruce Swartz DAAG of the Criminal Division (CRM) and they met on August 4, 2016. Swartz did not report this to his supervisor, CRM AAG Leslie Caldwell, claiming he wanted to keep the information below the political appointee level. [BS Alert, not credible, not way Justice works, what could be more political than investigating a political campaign? Suggests that Marc Swartz was also a coup insider, along with Ohr and others.] Ohr did not seek ethics advise, nor see ethical issues, claims he didn’t want the information to spread until the FBI verified it. Fn 412 relates that Handling Agent 1 accompanied the Crossfire Hurricane team to Europe to interview Steele where Ohr’s connection to Steele was mentioned, no one seemed surprised, so “he concluded” they already knew about it, but none of the CH team remembered Ohr’s involvment being mentioned to them. [Inconsistent Stories alert suggest Ohr and Handling Agent 1 trying to cover their tracks. Also suggests segregation of “need-to-know” between Ohr’s team and Weissman’s team.]

    P274. Ohr met with Simpson on 8-22-16 and Simpson gave him three names likely to be intermediaries between Trump and Russia: 1) Person 1 a sub-source of Steele’s dossier (explained elsewhere to lead a US Russia organization (likely someone at the US Russia Chamber of Commerce?), 2) Page’s business partner a possible Russian agent (likely Sergei Yatsenko), and 3) not identified. Ohr passed this info likely to Handling Agent 1 on 8-24. HA 1 emailed Ohr FBI was looking into in on 9-12-16. On 9-23-16, Ohr met with Steele about Russia, including RO1’s willingness to talk about Manafort. Ohr said Steele told him who was funding Fusions GPS, but Ohr forgot the name. Also discussed claim that Alfa Bank server was connecting Trump and Russia, that Person 1’s Russian/American organization used Alfa Bank server. [Connection Alert: Person 1 was a subsource for Steele and involved in an organization like US Russia Chamber of Commerce, thus likely a key Deep State operative or ally and/or asset used by Ohr’s spy agency. Note also that HRC, I believe, made remarks about a server connecting Trump with Russia in September 2016, a story line that later fell apart, but shows tight coordination with HRC and her campaign over narrative elements.]

    P275. Steele’s and Ohr’s recollections of their conversations at this meeting differed in that Steele recalled telling Ohr he was afraid if Trump were elected he’d lose his source network (within the FBI?), but that Ohr told him Comey was in for 10 years and couldn’t be removed. Steele also said he asked why the dossier wasn’t getting more traction and that Ohr answered it had to do with the Hatch Act (not accurate). Ohr denied recalling these two points. Ohr said he might have shared this conversation with Swartz and/or HA1. Swartz confirmed a conversation but couldn’t recall the details, while HA1 did not recall. [It appears that some of the conversations among the coup leaders plotting how to damage Trump’s campaign are dealt with here in Horowitz’s report, but Horowitz steadfastly refuses to see any connective tissue such as shared bias or functioning as a team outside of normal chains of command.]
    Ohr’s Early October 2016 Activities Regarding Steele’s Dossier. Ohr also briefed the FBI’s TOC- East Section Chief about Steele’s information, but little detail was remembered, except that TOC-East told Ohr in an 10-13-16 email that agents had gone to Europe to speak to HA1, with Ohr responding that he had additional information, including possible intermediaries, but no response was located, and TOC East said he probably passed that info to someone else to follow up on.

    P276 October 18-19 Comms with Steele, McCabe, Lisa Page. On 10-18, Steele urgently requested video call to discuss something, which occurred at 7:00AM. Steele then wrote an email to Ohr concerning sanctions on the Russian company controlled by RO1 (likely Deripaska) and that Deripaska’s lawyer (Adam Waldman?) wanted Ohr to have the information. Ohr “could not recall” what this was about. [Convenient memory loss alert.] Shortly after the video call, Ohr called McCabe to meet, because Ohr and McCabe had history working with OR1. Ohr “did not think” his request at that time was to relay information about RO1 but because he didn’t think Steele’s information was getting spread around FBI sufficiently. [Unlikely coincidence report]

    P277 That same meeting between Ohr and McCabe also included Lisa Page, and Lisa’s notes indicated that Ohr discussed Steele, Steele’s prior employment, talked about RO1 [inconsistency alert, Ohr didn’t think he did], and provided Steele’s “three potential intermediaries” information. Fn420 includes McCabe’s version of having known Ohr since 2003, and that the two had discussed RO1 periodically from then to 2016.

    P278 Lisa Page also noted that Ohr met with RO1 in 2015, noted “Need Report?” Strzok’s notes of that date suggest Lisa Page or McCabe briefed him on Ohr, “Bruce’s wife fluent Russian speaker,” “Simpson hired Ohr/s wife to find connections,” and “she saw no connections at first.” Priestap also had a note about Bruce Ohr reporting to a variety of people. Ohr called Steele the next day 10-19-16, but denies that it was to brief Steele on his meeting with McCabe and Page, did not recall what it was about. On November 1, 2016, HA1 determined Steele could not be trusted, terminated him as CHS, and spoke to Ohr that day to warn him off Steele, all due to the Mother Jones article, which HA1 recommended Ohr read. Ohr didn’t remember Steele being closed as CHS, but understood HA1 was terminating contact with Steele because of the Mother Jones article. Ohr understood Steele was collecting the information for a client, not the FBI. HA1 and Ohr met in DC 1 week later, where Ohr apologized for introducing Steele, in light of impact of Mother Jones article.

    P279. Ohr also said HA1 told him that the FBI wanted to interview Ohr about his contacts with Steele. [Getting our stories straight alert: McCabe and/or HA1 team, along with rest of FBI, becoming aware of Ohr’s surreptitious role, triggering internal reviews.] On 11/21/29 [after Trump victory], Ohr met with Dep Asst Sec of State Kathleen Kavalec and others at State regarding efforts to investigate Russian influence in foreign elections and how DOJ might help. “During a break in this meeting, Ohr and Kavalec discussed together Kavelec’s interactions with Steele. Ohr told us he could not recall how he discovered that Kavalec knew Steele or how he and Kavalec began discussing Steele” [Getting our stories straight alert between Ohr and Kavalec?] This was one of two or more meetings between Ohr and Kavalec, but the only one with paper trail at DOJ. Later on 11/21/19, Ohr was questioned by Strzok, Page, SSA1, OGC Unit Chief, and Intel Section Chief.

    Pp280-81 summarize bullet points from notes and 302s written about that meeting, and I won’t resummarize them here. p281 mentions that the 302 from this meeting where Ohr described Steele was NOT inserted into Steele’s closed CHS file. [Get our stories straight, need-to-know segregation and and Cover up alerts.] Ohr met again with SSA1, his new point of contact with the FBI on 12-5-16, reviewing what Ohr knew about why Steele was talking to the press (he was working for Fusion, not the FBI), and Ohr also passed Nellie’s “Manafort Chronology” to SSA1, and promised to pass additional Nellie research, even though Nellie had terminated from Fusion in September. [Unlike cover story of how Nellie got to Fusion alert – why are she and Bruce still passing information to the FBI after she’s no longer at Fusion???]. On 12/7/16, Ohr convened an interagency meeting (including FBI) regarding strategy for dealing with OR1.

    Spilling over from P281 to P282 is a conversation between Ohr and a Junior DOJ employee who attended, during which junior asked why the US would support working with RO1???? [Out of the mouths of babes alert.] Ohr responded that Steele provided information that the Trump campaign had been corrupted by the Russians, all the way to the President. Ohr called Simpson on 12-8-19 to set up meeting on 12-10, but “could not recall why.” [Unlikely story alert.] At that meeting, Simpson gave Ohr a thumbdrive, ostensibly of Steele’s dossier. Simpson testified that Ohr had asked Simpson for this information. At this meeting, Simpson told Ohr that Michael Cohen was now Trump’s intermediary and the Russians, replacing Manafort and Carter Page. [Ongoing narrative management alert from Team HRC.] Simpson also reaffirmed Person1’s supposed role. Simpson also confirmed that he had asked Steele to speak to Mother Jones as a “Hail Mary attempt.” [Confession alert: Ohr-Simpson self-describing joint HRC-DOJ efforts to interfere in the election]
    P282-83 describe further contacts Ohr had on the 11th, 12th and 20th of December passing information from Steele through Ohr to SSA1, and from Nellie to SSA1. Nellie explains her providing all of her Fusion research to Bruce as stemming from July brunch with Steele and her understanding from that that Ohr would be forwarding Steele info to the FBI, and that she removed Fusion’s headings from her research because she had not requested Simpson’s permission and wanted them to stand on their own merits. [Unlike explanation alert, possibly to cover for separate spy agency instructions to work with all these players to get Trump.]

    Page-long section on Ohr’s ongoing contacts with Steele from January to November 2017 runs to mid-P284. They switched to encrypted electronic messaging, but Ohr provided copies to OIG, and other FBI records noted Orh duly reported these contacts to his FBI handler, which changed several times. [Story integration alert: SSA1, SSA2, SSA3, SSA4 and final contact agent with Mueller team could perhaps be identified due to other information about agents reassignments, and also with nine Ohr 302s prepared during this time.] In January 2017, when Trump removed Sally Yates, Steele in panic asked Ohr for a direct FBI contact, in case Ohr was removed, and also concerned that the identity of a Steele sub-source was about to be revealed. That concern was apparently alleviated by mid-February, so Ohr never passed on the FBI’s offer to meet. [Story integration alert: what potential sub-source was in the news during this time? Natalia Veselnitskaya? Marina Butina? Someone else?] On 5/8/17, Ohr carried Steele’s offer to reengage to the FBI, plans were made for a meeting in Europe on May 15, but they did not materialize [time of Mueller appointment?]. Steele was finally interviewed again by Mueller’s team in September 2017. Ohr continued to speak to Steele and report to the FBI until November, but the Mueller team halted the practice of memorializing these contacts on 302s. Steele cut off further discussions with Ohr when Ohr’s involvement hit the news in late 2017.

    Pp284 – 304 describe the aftermath of Ohr’s surreptitious activities with Steele, Simpson and Nellie, as Weissman moved forward with the Manafort investigation, concealing the money laundering charges from the ADAG in charge of money laundering, but sharing them with Ohr, the OIG’s role in disseminating information about Ohr’s role throughout the DOJ by asking his bosses about it and sharing the 302s. They were “shocked, shocked” to learn about all of this, and Rosenstein eventually removed him from his positions of authority. [Segregation of need-to-know alerts.]

    What I have summarized here certainly lends credence to the hypothesis that Ohr was a spy agency plant of long standing working on orders from his undercover chain of command, as was Nellie. It might then follow, that other spy agency laws and regulations prohibit them from openly testifying about the truth of such matters, absent direction from the spy agency, thus hampering Horowitz in looking too closely at the manhy inconsistencies and unlikely coincidences in Ohr’s story.

    Time will tell if this hypothesis is correct, and whether Trump’s AG and Spy Agency leaders will work with Durham to allow enough of the truth to come out. It remains possible that Ohr will be a star witness for Durham in sending Obama’s spy chiefs to the damnation they deserve, also possible he will play a key role in Barr’s and current spy agency management efforts to manage the “partial hang out” needed to satisfy the right-thinking public, but not too much so as not to damage other unrelated undercover work.

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  20. rcogburn says:

    I think Bruce Ohr is cooperating. I suspect Nellie Ohr is cooperating as well. At least, I hope they are. Durham and Barr have unique leverage on Bruce in that they can offer immunity (or a deal) to his wife as well as to him. If he does not cooperate, they can go after her as well as him. At the same time, Bruce Ohr strikes me as an extremely valuable witness to Durham and Barr.

    His role in the coup put him at a nexus for first hand knowledge and communication between every key agency and element involved (at least the ones we know about so far) – domestic and international: the DOJ, FBI, CIA, the Department of State, Fusion GPS, and Steele. He personally touched many of the spokes on that wheel.

    Fusion GPS links to Mark Elias and the HRC campaign. The Department of State (who was fully aware of Steele’s work in June, 2016) and Steele himself link to the CIA’s overseas operations. Then there is Ohr’s direct link to Mark Warner and the SSCI. Ohr, as a witness, ties together the DOJ/FBI investigation with the CIA/Steele/Fusion GPS overseas operations, and a direct tie in to the SSCI (and, I suspect, the House and Schiff).

    Add in Nellie, if she is also cooperating, and Durham/Barr Ohr have first hand knowledge of who and how the dossier was assembled; who was involved in promoting it, where and how; who knew the dossier’s provenance/funding source and how that information was concealed (not just to FISA, but to anyone else). Ohr would also be a critical fact witness in tying the CIA’s offshore operations (in London) to the DOJ and FBI’s domestic operations.

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  21. Patience says:

    The lies never end with the leftists! OMG!!!

    They accuse, manufacture, speculate, twist, omit, .…… and keep repeating.
    Then, over & over & over… they create & re-create –embellishing their made up story; lie..

    MY GOD!

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  22. Patiencce says:

    Michael Flynn “is a criminal” ~Mr. Jeffries.
    ~> Guilty without due process.

    This is beyond irresponsible !

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  23. Yadent says:

    Question to those who are demanding indictments, prosecutions, and prison sentences NOW, which court would you take these cases to? If. nearly everyone in DC and their associates are ‘rats’ and been for awhile, what makes one believe the Federal courts aren’t compromised? If cases are to be brought, one would want the evidence to be ABSOLUTELY solid. Enough so that the ordinary citizen could see, if willing, that justice has/has not been served. I have no clue as to whether Barr is a good or bad actor. I have no idea what evidence has been secured and how solid it is……and neither does anyone else here.

    Liked by 2 people

  24. Pew-Anon says:

    Respectfully disagree about the complexity with Warner. It’s essentially the same argument surrounding Biden. Prosecuting him would be “complex” because he’s a presidential candidate and all that. Justice be done, and let the heavens fall.


  25. Bulldog84 says:

    Thinking more about Ohr—and Sasse’s question: what was Ohr doing?

    Carter Page on Bartiromo show talking about how they went after him shortly after he was involved as a witness in a SDNY case against Russians and mentioned he was volunteering for Trump. My question is — was Ohr supervising anyone involved in the case against the Russians? I think he was involved not simply because his wife was getting Fusion money. It had to be more than that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Roni says:

      Bulldog, another possible reason they may have targeted Carter Page, reportedly Preet (SDNY) wanted Page to give false testimony during the Russian spy trial, and he refused.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Bulldog84 says:

        I think I might have found the answer to my own question. I see that Ohr testified that he got information from Steele and then at some point reached out to McCabe and the Russian organized crime squad in NY. He ended up meeting with Lisa Page and later also Strzok.

        It’s tough to believe anyone would target Carter Page merely because he wasn’t going to testify a certain way. There was something deeper going on for them to risk their necks.


    • Jim Comey is a weasel_Doug says:

      “First we F Page, Then we F Flynn, then we F Trump”



  26. swal106 says:

    What do you mean by that , that they’re trying to figure out what to do with Warner, Sundance. He obviously went on a binge of law breaking, did he not? Prosecute him. Since when does being a member of the oversight committee and Vice chair of it make him immune to prosecution from law breaking?

    Liked by 1 person

    • GTOGUY says:

      A sitting US Senator is a lot tougher to make a case for treason or any other charge of espionage especially since he is actively working the Russia case for the Senate and he was the ranking member. Not to say it can’t happen, but I doubt they will prosecute him. Waldman? maybe a bit easier and anyone not working in the US Senate. Ohr works for the DOJ so he is in the Executive branch.


  27. Bannaghar says:

    So Waldman keeps saying spook to Warner. Is Warner CIA?


  28. GTOGUY says:

    My understanding is that Bruce Ohr was demoted twice for his escapades back channeling without notifying his boss Yates (or so he said). There is the fact that he was benefiting from payments that his wife the lovely Nellie Ohr was receiving from Fusion GPS, while she was giving him thumb drives to give to the FBI – an extreme conflict of interest. So that is how they could handle Bruce if they wanted to. I think he is a great source for Barr and Durham as to how many other people may have been involved and if it was political or not.


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