USTR Robert Lighthizer Delivers Remarks at USMCA Signing Ceremony in Mexico City…

U.S. Trade Ambassador Robert Lighthizer traveled to Mexico to put the finishing touches on the revised USMCA agreement.  Ambassador Lighthizer delivered remarks at the signing ceremony hosted by Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez-Obrador.

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer stressed the United States has a stake in Mexico’s success as representatives from the United States, Mexico and Canada gathered in Mexico City to sign modifications to the USMCA, a historic trade agreement.

Washington, DC – United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer issued the following statement today on the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement:

“Thanks to President Trump’s leadership, we have reached an historic agreement on the USMCA. After working with Republicans, Democrats, and many other stakeholders for the past two years we have created a deal that will benefit American workers, farmers, and ranchers for years to come. This will be the model for American trade deals going forward.”



Additional remarks from Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland:


Full Event Video:


Incredible Team

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58 Responses to USTR Robert Lighthizer Delivers Remarks at USMCA Signing Ceremony in Mexico City…

  1. tominellay says:

    It’s a good deal; everyone wins.

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  2. frankmystery says:

    I’d love to know what revisions were added into the deal.

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    • A2 says:

      Mr Wilbur addressed that in an interview on Fox Business posted here. He said they were not negative, but positive. All copasetic.

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    • sundance says:

      A tri-national labor arbitration panel, and new smelting rules for metal origination.

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      • truthseeker39525 says:

        Thanks, Sundance!

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      • John Good says:

        Sundance, can you get a complete copy of this new USMCA & post it (as a link?)?

        The reason I ask, is that while I was in Gainsville about 2 weeks ago, Bob Rose on 97.3 FM had a City Commissioner by the name of Tim Hardan? on his talk show & Tim had studied the new USMCA quite intensively. I think it was the last Wed. in Nov. show.

        He warned us that there were “traps” written in Chapter 30 – “Establishing a Free Trade Commission” that would allow Other Countries other than USA, Mexico & Canada INTO this agreement at a later date! Kind of an EU for the USA. The University of Ottawa in Canada stated that USMCA contains about 58% of the TTP Trade Agreement that Trump cancelled.

        Tim also said that these could not be just eliminated from the UCMCA & he felt that the whole agreement would have to be re-written.

        Tim also said that Marco Rubio said that this would kill the Florida Vegetable Market.

        Tim also said that Robert Lighthizer used to work for Obama & actually represented other countries against the USA in trade disputes!

        I am really concerned about China & other countries “sneaking” in their “illegal parts” as they were currently doing under NAFTA.

        And since “Screwdeau” has allowed all the illegals that couldn’t get into the USA into Canada, has allowed Hauwai to install their 5g systems in Canada & signed various deals with China & other countries, how is Donald J. Trump going to react to all this?

        And I don’t want to see the Deep State pull a fast-one on Donald J. Trump!!!

        IMO, Canada is “screwed” no matter what we do!

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    • old white guy says:

      Social justice rules, you know the kind that obstruct real progress, and 16 bucks an hour for Mexicans building cars for American companies. There are a few other “progressive” ideas there, but you get the drift.

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      • Judith says:

        I get what you’re saying, as greedy labor unions arguably shut down businesses and sent US corporations to seek greener pastures in the first place. But sweatshops aren’t the answer, either.

        President Trump mentioned a clause to raise the minimum wage in Mexico right from the get-go. This isn’t a new concept, although the “tri-national labor arbitration panel” may have been inserted more recently to address those original concerns.

        That’s not necessarily a bad thing: If laborers get a square deal in Mexico, it removes the incentive to “migrate” to greener pastures. I wonder how many potential border crossings this will eliminate. I’ll bet it’s YUGE.

        This is another layer in President Trump’s
        strategy toward his long term goal of mitigating the economic disparities that go hand-in-hand with New World Order’s open borders migration policies.

        Globalists left unchecked will loot and pillage at will. They much prefer to herd us all like sheep as they strip nations of their wealth and prosperity, while simultaneously wringing their hands over the injustice of it all. They are evil.

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        • Orygun says:

          With a balance of wages between the US and Mexico we will see Mexico having to deal with the economic migrants. More migrants and a country run by drug lords.
          At some point they will need to address the slaughter of citizens by the drug lords.

          I am not sure how Central America was stuck in the 19th century while everyone else moved on. Socialism and drug running.

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        • Well done, Judith.

          “Another layer in President Trump’s strategy”
          … with many unforeseen and intertwined layers to go.


  3. A2 says:

    Even the Speaker, and other Dems said it was the ‘gold standard’ of trade deals. Other countries will study it, and it will be discussed in economic curricula for decades.

    Intelligent, perspicacious, responding to a fast changing world and getting it right, is not just a science, it is an art.

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  4. Melissa O'Sullivan says:

    One of the Lighthizer deals requires Mexico to smelt and pour their own steel (again, getting away from the old NAFTA game of Mexico being used as a conduit for ‘somebody else’s’ steel masquerading as ‘Mexican’ steel to evade tariffs). They’ve asked for a 5 yr grace period. I guess there’s gonna be a whole lot of smelters built in Mexico now. USTR Lighthizer is worth all the departed former cabinet members.

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  5. Mike in a Truck says:

    Canada just avoided total economic collapse.

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  6. Newt Love says:

    As Sundance pointed out long ago [paraphrased]:
    From old school, to Clinton, National Security Doctrine was “Peace Trough Strength.” Under Obama, the National Security Doctrine was “Peace Through Appeasement.”
    Under PDJT, it flipped to “Peace Through International Trade.”

    Themes in the PDJT National Security Doctrine:
    * A hot peace is preferred to either a hot or cold war.
    * Countries should never be at war with Countries where their customers work and live.
    * Trade deals should benefit all parties to it (incentive to honor and keep the trade deal).

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  7. Kip Wittinger says:

    I don’t like the idea of making copyrights extend an extra 20 years in Canada to 70 years past an author’s death. In Canada at present there are many classic books that are now in the public domain. Volunteers at area like fadedpage go through the works of authors like Enid Blyton and make scrupulous digital copies of the authors original text with the illustrations from when the book was first published ( as long as the illustrator also died more than 50 years ago. These original versions are mostly no longer for sale as they are either out of print or the new modern versions have been changed by SJW editors and illustrated by far lesser modern artists.

    Truthfully, the Trump administration could do a good deed for the heritage of the world by pushing to put work into the public domain far earlier.

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    • aleksjag says:

      I republish out of print books but am restricted by copyright right rules that are overly protective. The result is that a lot of important works go out of print because they are no longer profitable and then slip into Oblivion because they are no longer available. This in the end hurts authors rather than protects them.

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      • rashomon says:

        Good point.


      • sturmudgeon says:

        alexsjag: Not only the authors (which IS important), but the many readers that might gain knowledge and entertainment from the works. I am constantly having difficulty locating works that have been mentioned in older works (as having won awards or kudos), and which I would like to read.


  8. Baby El says:

    Anyone know what the ‘modifications’ were?

    One should always be skeptical when something has been touched by the hands of pelosi.

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  9. burginthorn says:

    I don’t know, Mexico and Canada seem to have got away with it. And we’re all good now?


  10. ALLAN CRAIN says:

    Morning Joe: Pelosi made this trade deal…They had to show they were doing something other than impeach. So from their POV Trump and his team had little to do with this…it was all the Dems that put in the hard work. Baghdad Bob at his finest.

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  11. ALLAN CRAIN says:

    Morning Joe: Pelosi made this trade deal…They had to show they were doing something other than impeach. So from their POV Trump and his team had little to do with this…it was all the Dems that put in the hard work. Baghdad Bob at his finest.


  12. not2worryluv says:

    God Bless President Trump and his Team for getting the job done for the American People.
    They never gave up despite the huge unnecessary obstacles put in front of them by the Democrats.
    Promises Made – Promises Kept

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  13. not2worryluv says:

    God Bless President Trump and his Team for getting the job done for the American People.
    They never gave up despite the huge unnecessary obstacles put in front of them by the Democrats.
    Promises Made – Promises Kept


    • President Trump ESTABLISHED TRUST in the Presidency.
      … “Promises MADE … Promises KEPT.”

      Republicans must ESTABLISH TRUST in Congress.
      … or be BANISHED from ELECTABILITY.

      “Make America TRUSTED Again!”
      • DRAIN the Demo☭rat SWAMP
      • ELECT a Republican CONGRESS that WORKS for US.


  14. RJ says:

    All kisses and hugs, a deal has been reached, a new beginning, a new game to create wealth. Who did this?

    President Trump and his team!

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  15. SoCal Patriot says:

    Good gracious….some of you really suffer from the “battered wife” syndrome. You can’t even see winning when it’s in front of your eyes because you’ve been beat down for so long. Give me a break…do any of you really believe Trump is going to be snookered at the last minute by Pelosi, the Mexicans or Canadians? DJT doesn’t get taken by anyone.

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  16. chojun says:

    Sundance – the revisions in the USMCA are reported to include a 2% IMF kickback scheme that the AFL-CIO demanded (if I understand correctly).

    Do you have any further information about this?

    I’m concerned that Democrats and unions have created a scheme whereby they can continue to be funded despite losing access to kickbacks they enjoyed in NAFTA.


  17. Zippy says:

    I watched Ingraham last night for the first time in months. She had a panel of people supposedly important enough to ask onto her show and they were all perplexed about why the Dims would chose to pass the USMCA at the same time they’re impeaching Trump. If this is an example “our team,” we’re doomed.


  18. Zippy says:

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  19. woodstuff says:

    Are Freeland’s headlights set on high beam?


  20. If this Zero Hedge report is correct, this with all due respect Mr. President would not be a BIG DEAL but a BIG FOLD. I’m flabbergasted at the timing: impeachment momentum is crumbling, polls are great, economy is humming and USMCA is in the bag opening the door to massive Mexican supply chain relocation. Heck, even the pigs are dying in droves, Gd bless ’em. Everything was lining up. It has to be a bad rumor, Yes?

    What was Kyle Bass’ greatest fear? Trump folding to the Dow and soy bean farmers. Perplexed and VERY disappointed. If Trump can’t or won’t break the dragon’s back, no one will. I still have faith in Trump. Again, let’s hope this is negotiation jockeying.

    The one pleasure? Watching the Chinese scratch their heads over the inscrutable Americans for once, instead of the usual Biden lap-dogs that can’t wait to scurry over and sign Sell America deals. I SURELY HOPE THIS IS A HEAD-FAKE.

    .@realdonaldtrump said that China and the US are getting “very close” to a deal, but this could just be another trick to boost stock markets. China wants to see real actions not just words to show sincerity such as rolling back tariffs: Mei Xinyu, an expert close to the MOFCOM. — The Business Source (@GlobalTimesBiz) December 12, 2019


  21. jeans2nd says:

    Finally listened to the individual clips today.
    Princess Sparkly Sprinkles thanked Nancy Pelosi and Amb Lighthizer.

    What a nasty little bitch.
    Thankfully Amb Lighthizer got her back, with his effusive praise of Pres Am-Lo and recognition of his good friend the Mexican trade guy, and ignoring Thunder Thighs totally.

    How people like Waddles manage to worm their way into important and talented people’s lives is beyond comprehension.
    She will get hers, hopefully sooner rather than later.

    “Not everyone who says to me ‘Lord, Lord’ shall enter the kingdom of Heaven…” Matt 7:21


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