USMCA Gains Bipartisan Support in House – Senate Leader Mitch Jinping Says Not-so-Fast, Impeachment First…

It’s funny to watch this transparently predictable stuff play out in real time.

After Pelosi gives the nod for USMCA ratification in the House, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell declares he will not allow Senate support until he extracts his impeachment indulgency fees.

WASHINGTON (Reuters)Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Tuesday the U.S. Senate would not take up the USMCA trade deal next week before congressional recess.

The Republican leader said that trade deal likely will come up in the Senate after the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. McConnell said the Senate does hope to tackle the defense and spending bills next week. (link)

Too funny…. and way too predictable.

Now, if you are wondering what the heck is going on, it might be worthwhile to remember the question CTH presented about this dynamic last week:

“So what will the White House need to give McConnell… or what will McConnell’s ask be, in order to protect the office of the president?  Here’s where you have to remember Tom Donohue and the Wall St priorities.

McConnell (subtext Donohue) would prefer the confrontation with China be eliminated and the tariffs dropped.  Is that too big an “ask”?  Would the White House sell/trade McConnell a China deal for better impeachment terms?

All of these are questions worth pondering now, because there’s no doubt they are being discussed amid those in DC sitting on the comfy Corinthian wing-backs and gleefully rubbing their hands around a well polished mahogany table” (read more)

Majority Leader McConnell is not about to lose the opportunity to gain his traditional indulgence fees for his legislative work.  Passing the USMCA before the Senate trail of President Trump would be giving up leverage.  It would be akin to working for free.

Both China and Wall Street have been pouring money into K-Street lobbyists.  There’s a boatload of extraction available before any Senator should be forced to take a final position. Slow down there cowboy, the check-writers are lined up at the doors.

First, delaying USMCA benefits China.  Beijing has invested heavily in Mitch McConnell and that level of alignment needs to be carefully navigated.

Second, passage of the USMCA hurts the Wall Street multinationals.  Those multinational corporations have paid the legislative brokers, K-Street lobbyists, to defend their interests. The multinationals who were ignoring President Trump’s multiple warnings, likely need more time to reposition their assets.

Third, the Wall Street hedgefunds have also paid K-Street.  If USMCA assists the decoupling from China (it does), those hedgefunds need time to extract their financial position from the Stock Market.   **nudge/nudge, wink/wink** We’re talking “folding money” here. Trillions at stake.  If you’re in the market… position yourself accordingly.

All of these trade opportunities are tied together.  The impeachment effort is the Alamo for a global financial network.   Imagine how much money McConnell can make from each of these issues?  (1) Impeachment is worth billions. (2) USMCA is worth billions.  (3)U.S-China is worth billions.  McConnell cannot move quickly without giving up some major financial opportunities. Slowing it all down makes it easier to indulge.

Each of the three issues above is worth some major cash; each must be taken individually.

….You give me the impeachment rules, and you can take the budget and trade checks, deal?….

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239 Responses to USMCA Gains Bipartisan Support in House – Senate Leader Mitch Jinping Says Not-so-Fast, Impeachment First…

  1. 335blues says:

    Mcconnell continues to sell out America
    for personal gain.

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  2. Rgt says:

    Turtles…who needs em

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  3. Grandma Covfefe says:

    Too bad, Mitch McTurtle. You’re not the President of the United States of America.
    In fact, you’re not the boss either….we are your boss and your worst nightmare.

    We The American People, your boss, demand that you, McTurtle, get out of your wittle shell and get that USMCA pass this week.

    Impeachment is dead on arrival…shame on you, McTurtle with a wittle shell for acting like a traitor…or are you one?

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    • GP says:

      HI Grandma-You are a soldier here on CTH and I applaud your feisty spirit. But Mitch doesn’t care what we think. And Mitch certainly doesn’t think we’re his boss.

      The Swamp does what it wants and acts with impunity. I suppose all of us can think impeachment is DOA in the Senate. Don’t forget, Mitch is working with Schumer to set the rules of the Senate trial.

      I don’t like the way this is shaping up. Just sayin….

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    • ms doodlebug says:

      Unfortunately, we the people have no control over the people of Kentucky electing him again, again, again…until he drops dead. Some things we just can’t demand.

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  4. Uncle Max says:

    Good insight… cept I have a feeling the wild card is the President himself. I seriously doubt he’s gonna allow Turtle to play the old game here. Trump still has the hand to play. He is in ZERO danger with impeachment. If Trump is somehow tried in the Senate, and convicted??? he simply refuses to leave AND throws the GOP under the bus… with months to go before reelection. Scorched earth DC game. Trump demands new party and I betcha after all hes’ been through, he garners overwhelming support for his new party.

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    • Grandma Covfefe says:

      Uncle Max, I like your thinking.
      President Trump knows we stand with him and have his back. His gigantic MAGA rallies prove it every time. McTurtle is so drunk with power and greed that he believes we Trump Supporters are stupid to even see the Marionette’s strings. McTurtle is toast if he thinks he and Donohue can call all the shots, regarding USMCA.

      USMCA obviously is set up so that people like MCTurtle and Donohue can’t siphon money out for themselves anymore…….Traitors

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    • muckeyduck says:

      You need to start listening to what Bannon is saying over in the warroom at 9:00 – 10:00 AM seven days a week. Bannon’s thinking is that the democrat move is not about impeachment. They know the Senate will not impeach Trump. It’s all about the independents, and swing voters. If they can soil Trump just enough through this process, aided by a complicit media, it will swing enough voters over come election day to keep Trump from being reelected. Bannon makes a very compelling case.

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  5. andrewalinxs says:

    If this is true then Mitch has backed himself into a corner.

    He cant put the USMCA on hold and stall using Impeachment, while trying to run the impeachment hearings through the senate quickly to keep Trump from exposing D.C corruption via his defense.

    Both positions are predicated on their not being Sunlight. While Potus operating procedures is to blow holes in the ceiling and let the sun shine on everything as he owns the Downside.

    Your theory has Mitch trying a hand at Panda/ Dragon “The china dance”.

    All Trump has to do is approach McConnell the same way he has dealt with China. He has already said he does not expect the USMCA until after the 2020 election. At this point it does not mater if it is the Senate Majority Leader or the Speaker of the House he has already shown a willingness to wait them out.

    I don’t see a win for Mitch here.

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    • Admin says:

      So in other words Mitch is being two-faced as always because he was also calling out Democrats for failing to pass USMCA because they were focused on impeachment. Seems like ol’ Mitch has the same tunnel vision.

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    • Grandma Covfefe says:

      I had forgotten about that remark President Trump said….. “He has already said he does not expect the USMCA until after the 2020 election”……So, with your thinking here, President Trump can use the unratified USMCA to election day to draw ire from those (Dems and Repubs citizens) who would have benefit from USMCA… to go all out and vote for Fighter Trump for 4 more years.

      President Trump has made USMCA one of his biggest promises thru-out the campaign and first term and McConnell has said little/nothing about it. That is very telling. That’s a great strategy, too. President Trump does have leverages.

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      • andrewalinxs says:

        I don’t frankly know how Potus would use leverage to his advantage If I did I would be a lot richer.

        What I am saying is I do not see this as a win for Mitch under what is being said in the Article. I see a stalemate and a stalemate means no extra leverage. Ether Mitch is making a huge mistake or their is something else going on that I am not seeing.


        • Grandma Covfefe says:

          We can’t see President Trump’s leverages. If we knew them, then the enemies would know them, too. Look how he surprised everyone (except the Treepers…Thanks to Sundance we got a bit of a heads up) with a long game with China.

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        • ILOT says:

          There is a LOT more going on. It is in PDJT’s best interest to get pelosi on record of supporting USMCA, then create some distance between the impeachment fiasco and him signing the Bill. I think Mitch is facilitating that gap. I also don’t think it can’t be discounted the impact of the Ukraine stuff and how significant the implications are on that front. Giulianni was there, taking notes with their past and current AG’s for a reason. So while I think China is an issue, it needs to be back dropped against Impeachment, Ukraine, USMCA and of course the path Mr. Barr is following. It’s as high stakes as it gets and the great news is PDJT is holding a really nice hand at the moment.

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        • Dutchman says:

          As I read the article, Mitch isn’t angling fir a,’win’, politically, he IS looking for a ‘cut of the action’ for any action taken.

          I DO think it was,ALWAYS going to come down to PDJT vs. Mitch McConnell, its actually what the Russia and Mueller stuff was all about.

          My money is on PDJT, in this contest, but not sure how it plays out. Hopefully Mitch bites off more than he can chew, and experiences the Trump effect.

          He has been begging for PDJT go open a YUGE,can of whoopass on him since day one.
          And, our,VSG is actually a very accomodating man. 🙂

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          • andrewalinxs says:

            The definition of a win I am using is Leverage to facilitate awarding him a cut. New Leverage is a win for Mitch.

            The Problem is the best I see out of doing what was written is a stalemate as he is only threatening to keep the status Que that is not New Leverage and in fact the President has already stated he is willing to wait until after November 2020. So if he is trying to get new leverage he failed as now it is a Break even or lose leverage.

            The Move does not help Mitch not as it is being presented in the article..

            Hell I would argue Wall street should be for it at this point. Decoupling of China should be apparent to investors and thus they should be wanting the benefits of the deal for investment capital to recoup and shift their assets and loses out of the failed already gone NAFTA model…. At this point I would think Wall street would want the USMCA as it takes their investment out of Limbo and gives them a direction to invest in.

            Hong Kong is on fire the money party in China is over I am not sure anyone wants to be the last one still their at this point.

            Wall street likes certainty and that is what the USMCA gives they have had 3 years to shift gears with plenty of hints on where to go at this point.


            • Dutchman says:

              Ah, I get it. And I agree,I don’t see Mitch as,winning this contest. Ultimately, he is out classed, and out of his league.

              USMCA takes 5 years to fully phase in, but Wall Street multinationals are not going to embrace decoupling from China, or PDJT’s worldwide trade reset, any time soon.

              As I understand it, PDJT’s changes are going to eliminate their opportunity to control the market, and manipulate supply/demand in order to maximise profits (Sundances exfiltration of wealth, widgets and lemons).

              So, its not JUST about slave labor sewing soccerballs and sneakers, many multinationals are going to continue to fight his trade reset, tooth and nail.

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      • Hutzpa says:

        President Trump constantly moves the goalposts like this to keep his enemies unsteady. Best to take these kind of remarks loosely… that’s his deal maker strategy to keep being painted into a corner. We underestimate the amount of leverage POTUS is gaining over McConnell. The mere thought of investigating Ukrainian graft has Lindsay Graham on the verge of fainting. Imagine what President Trump know about these Republican foreign kickback deals. He has to be holding some Aces they don’t know about and why in the world would he even hint about them.

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    • jmarshs says:

      “He cant put the USMCA on hold and stall using Impeachment, while trying to run the impeachment hearings through the senate quickly to keep Trump from exposing D.C corruption via his defense.”


      Lindsey Graham is scared shiftless that Trump will expose that his “foundation” also accepted money (i.e. taxpayer “aid”) from Ukraine.

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    • olddog35 says:

      Yes- let them stew in their own sauce!

      A slow cooking will certainly separate the meat from the bone-

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  6. bullnuke says:

    What else has McConnell done besides judges? That’s fine but he is not loyal to this president. Still no recess appointments allowed by any senator. Majority Leader is up for reelection so lets make a deal.

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    • Admin says:

      Exactly. Mitch has shown no loyalty to the President. He has shown loyalty to his party. The conservative judges will be there long after POTUS is gone. I live in Kentucky and trust me, I would love to get rid of Mitch but it is not likely to happen. Mitch is too ingrained here and frankly, the public is just as clueless when it comes to the Turtle and his selling out of our country.

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      • Greg1 says:

        I agree. I’m in Kentucky, too. If he had decent opposition in a primary I’d vote for them. But it never happens. And he’s better than any democrat. Aggravating situation.

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        • Dutchman says:

          Be a real shame if Mitchs corruption were to be exposed to the light of day, in such a public forum, in such a way that the dimmest bulb, lo info voter in Kentucky would know ALL about it.

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        • icthematrix says:

          It may be necessary to vote in a democrat in KY just to get rid of McTurtle. Seriously, if you can’t beat him with an R challenger, defeat him with a D replacement. That requires a flip in another state, but ultimately worth it if we hold the Senate and replace him with a favorable majority leader (not guaranteed). Bad options all I suppose.


          • john says:

            Better yet. if we cant primary him, begin a campaign to deny him leadership in the Senate.


          • botchedcasuality says:

            Ice, I back that suggestion but please, just pick a DINO as his replacement, or a Rand Paul acolyte, correction Ron Paul.


          • railer says:

            Yes, McConnell is Trump’s #1 enemy in the Swamp, above any Democrat or RINO. He’s the bagman for the Swamp. I’d favor voting for a D candidate just to be rid of him. It’d cripple the Swamp.


    • wightmanfarm says:

      And how do we know what quality these judges really are? I’ve been suspicious of the speed that MCConnell has been using to push them through. I’m fearful that we’ll wake up one day to find they’re all globalist, open border judges – hope I’m wrong.


  7. Linda K. says:

    It would seem delay here would also stick it to Pelosi and her gesture to get something done for the people. Perhaps , she should drop impeachment entirely and go for censure, just to tic-tac-toe McConnell. Impeachment is not working for her anyway.

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  8. kleen says:

    Well, MAGA patriots in Kentucky MUST find a MAGA hero to primary this Democrat plant out.

    It’s the only hope. Mitch HAS to go.

    Come on people… Find somebody to get rid of Mitch. Let’s get our lever on him.

    Same with Graham and Cornyn who are also going to run for reelection.

    Here in Texas I will NOT vote for Cornyn. If he loses to a Democrat, oh well…

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  9. Retired says:

    A guillotine can be very intimidating. Our entire government is a corrupt Deep State. And here I am foolishly thinking that moving out of California will solve most of my problems. Not even close.

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    • Dutchman says:

      IMHO, and personal experience, its not so much the,State you move to, as the area. Get out of the city, your in MAGA country, in the best sense of the name.

      Politcally may not help, but does wonders for lowering stress levels, disposition, and even improves complexion, LOL.


    • Sharon says:

      Moving out of California will solve some of your problems. That was true for hubby and I when we left there in 1993. We called it escaping. We never called it moving. It was already on such a slippery slope.

      It is good to acknowledge that the whole country has been tormented by leftist garbage. It’s all contaminated now. Seriously contaminated.


  10. gunrack says:

    Does the BS ever end?


  11. Tom Vitello says:

    The entire government is a corrupt deep state.

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  12. mikeyboo says:

    It strikes me that McConnell is cleverly holding their idiotic impeachment gambit hostage to the USMCA trade deal i.e. you Democrats want to pursue this impeachment crapola first you have to pass the President’s trade deal. After that, you can make fools of yourselves with the impeachment BS and we will do everything in our power to make sure the voters know how lame this ploy is and AND HOW LAME YOU ARE.

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  13. Magabear says:

    That McTurtle seems so intent on having his senate trial is what pisses me off about him. A number of dimms have already said they’ll impeach him again if the senate doesn’t convict, so do we keep doing this dance over and over again?

    PDJT should show a copy of Peter Schweitzer’s book “Secret Empires” to Mitch and ask him if he’s read it. Turtle might grow a shell on his back. 😎

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    • Admin says:

      From what I have read, POTUS is supposedly the one who wants a long drawn out trial with lots of witnesses because it really screws those idiots on the left running for President. Mitch supposedly wants a shorter 10 day trial and wrap it up quickly so not to expose any Republicans running in 2020. In other words, Mitch doesn’t want the truth to come out from witnesses that expose the Bidens, Pelosi, Feinstein, and by extension, other Republicans.

      Personally I could care less. We should always be in search of the truth no matter who ends up in the path of consequences. POTUS deserves to put it all out there and clear his name while exposing the REAL criminals regardless of party. Now you see why Mitch is playing the game he is.

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      • Magabear says:

        I half joked about this down the thread, but I suspect that the witnesses PDJT wants to see grilled won’t show up. Not sure if they can be compelled to appear, or if they can just plead the 5th, but no trial/short trial may end up being the cleaner option. Sure would be for Mitch and Graham and their past dealings that could come to light in a long trial.

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        • Admin says:

          Honestly, I hope we don’t get the cleaner option. This is what both Republicans and Democrats both want. They want a clean option to sweep under the rug with no repercussions for anyone. I don’t. During my Master degree, in one of my law classes a professor once told the class that if your client ever commits a crime that it is safe to assume this isn’t the first time your client committed the crime but safe to assume it is the first time your client was caught.

          To think this hasn’t occurred with previous administrations would be foolish. The Deep State has always tried to influence all elected leaders despite the will of the people. Look what they did to JFK who rebuked and rejected the Deep State and their agenda.

          America needs ALL parties to be held accountable. It is the only way trust will ever be restored. Juts like the constantly use of “conspiracy theories” or “debunked” as a way to put down conflicting viewpoints. If our government wasn’t shady as hell, the people could have faith that their government is doing its job rather than lying to those it governs.

          The fact that we know what we know about Cankles, Obama, and their ilk and that no one has been charged and put on trial will do nothing to restore faith in American institutions. When you have obvious evidence of Cankle’s crimes of destroying data that was under subpoena or even the easy slam dunk charges against McCabe for lying, it does nothing to dispel the “conspiracy” of a multi-tier justice system for the politically connected.

          Our laws are written by the wolves who shield, immunize, and indemnify themelves against robbing and killing within the chicken coop. Until our country rises up and demands the politically elected are FORCED to live by the same laws that are forced on the serfs they lord over, our country will never recover without the spilling of the blood of patriots and tyrants.

          Just because someone served as Vice-President shouldn’t immunize them against answering for their crimes or the crimes of their family members. Just because someone was the First Lady of a womanizer then later served as Senator only to use her position as SOS to fund her foundation from world leaders expecting favors when she ascends to the Presidency shouldn’t be immune from being forced to give testimony about their and others’ roles in this disgusting crap.

          I don’t trust a single thing the government ever says. No matter the event or the facts provided, the government has lied so many damn times about so many things or I watched as crimes that every day Americans would suffer lengthy incarceration for are swept under the rug for the politically connected.

          Where is Rosie O’Donnells indictment for campaign finance violations when Dinesh was drawn and quartered for?

          So forgive me for saying f*ck the cleaner option. The cleaner option will only ensure this playbook can be used again and again in the future because those complicit in it this time will have shown the future the mistakes it made. Imagine if Hillary is elected in 2024. You don’t think she wouldn’t use the playbook again but cover their tracks better. They simply learn to be better criminals and grifters.

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      • Dutchman says:

        If we assume that Graham doesn’t fart without permission from McConnell, and I do, as I see it the Senate trial is structured to be the most damaging to PDJT, that they can get with the current reality.

        Swamp gets 10 days of House lawyers presenting all the accusations, with very little,real evidence. Inuendo, “so when did you stop beating your wife?”

        Kinda stuff. Then, Senate takes a vote, not to proceed any further, therefore the accusations go unrefuted.

        Oh, some Republicons make a show of asking witnesses tough questions, to help their reelection, similar to Grahams Kavanaugh speech. Hey, its FREE MEDIA.
        Still, PDJT gets muddied up, with no opportunity to correct the record..

        Still, considering this all started out as a plan to drive him from office, forcing him to resign under threat of a Senate conviction (like Nixon), that they are grasping at this straw, is quite a let down and concession.


  14. Payday says:

    The turtle may be able to delay until February, if Senate trial goes that long, but I see no way PT has to concede anything. The turtle can’t hold up USMCA during his re election year. Especially after Pelousy just spent a year doing so and finally capitulated. He might not even get out of his primary.

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  15. WSB says:

    “C’mon, Mitch.”

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  16. Charles Dodgson says:

    What can he plausibly get? Reduced tariffs for China? Reduced tariffs for Europe? None of those are going to happen, and Trump *wants* a trial.

    People Mitch would need in his back pocket (SSCI) don’t want to start digging into Ukraine, and yet if I understand — and correct me if I’m wrong — the Abuse of Power article is all about Ukraine.

    Best to make it go away as quickly as possible and get what you can while you figure out new ways to line your pocket at taxpayer’s expense.

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  17. paulashley says:

    When Trump gave McConnell’s wife her old job back, thinking it would butter up that jerk, I knew he’d been suckered.

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  18. ElGato says:

    If I were a bettin’ man, and I am, I’d bet that just like all of the other times we thought Our Lion was in trouble, we watched with awe and then with grins and laughter of win after win after win.
    Mitch is no match for President Trump. His track record is legend. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing the Turtle get his ass kicked. Bring it, Mitch.

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    • Dutchman says:

      El Gato;
      I am, and I am. Bring it on, make my day, and you ain’t getting NOTHING from me, in the way of concessions on China.
      In fact, just for you askin, gonna go ahead and raise on Dec 15th.

      WAS gonna hold off, but since YOU asked? RAISING em, for sure!”

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  19. bgood says:

    I don’t think I ever finished watching that Alice cartoon. So, when & how did she get the hell out of Wonderland?


  20. Elric VIII says:

    It is so sad that our “elected” representative in the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate have sold out our nation for personal wealth. If Presdient Trump can’t bring them to justice our nation is lost. We are all serfs.

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  21. kleen says:

    If Mitch betrays Trump the GOP is over. All of them, gone! Mitch will not be reelected much less Lindsey or Cornyn.

    If Trump is not running( removed) in 2020 because of these cowards I will campaign and vote for Democrats.
    Democrat and Mitch, same difference.


    • frankmystery says:

      If they remove Trump the GOP is worth nothing. All these new voters Trump has awoken will exit politics disgusted with the system like before. At that point I imagine I’ll stop following so closely and wait for the SHTF. Regardless even if they don’t remove and he’s reelected I firmly believe he’ll be the last Republican president. Mass immigration has its cost and like Virginia the math just won’t work for red anymore.

      Trump will need to completely overhaul the system in his time there otherwise it’s just a bandaid until a leftist gets in and finishes destroying this country.


  22. parleyvous says:

    Usmca allows Google and Facebook immunity to censor at will.


  23. CarolynH says:

    Mitch [and Graham] are both up for re-election. Wouldn’t it be too bad if Trump refused to campaign for them

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  24. Mo says:

    “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

    ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

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  25. dissonant1 says:

    Not intending to state ANYTHING positive about McConnell… I agree with Sundance’s views. But a SMALL silver lining is that the House and Senate Dems will now have to vote for impeachment BEFORE the USMCA passes the Senate. I can hear Pelosi now: “Well, the USMCA was a bad and fatally flawed agreement, but we Democrats fixed it, and see, we can pass a bill that is good for the country. Yes, they have the balls to try to hijack PDJT’s achievement and claim it for themselves. But at least they won’t be able to claim it as passed into law, giving their members this talking point, prior to the impeachment vote.

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  26. spren says:

    I’m with Sundance here, as usual. I don’t care what the political play is or who is doing it. The USMCA is good for America and Americans, and it is also good for the other two countries and their citizens. We’ve been lambasting Pelosi for holding this up for so long. McConnell deserves the same lambasting if he holds this up for some manner of political play.

    It’s time to join Trump and put America first, Mitch. What’s the matter, you can’t chew gum and walk at the same time? Even the idiotic Pelosi was able to do two things at the same time and she is basically senile. The Senate could pass this legislation in one or two days. The agreement can’t be amended without necessitating it to go back into negotiation with Canada and Mexico which could take many more months.

    Hey Mitch, it’s time to man up and be an American. Forget Pelosi and the Democrats, and the stupid impeachment. Do the right thing and get this great agreement through so Trump can sign it. You have plenty of time for impeachment posturing later. Good Grief. And these are our so-called leaders.

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  27. Robert Smith says:

    Roll on Dec 15th delayed China tariffs.

    Start NAFTA death clock.


  28. progpoker says:

    Doesn’t President Trump still have pulling out of NAFTA and having no deal as an option? He hasn’t ended that, officially, has he? Seems our VSG still has leverage over the swamp. Heads Trump wins, Tails the Globalists lose.

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  29. A shameless (but predictable) move by the largest criminal enterprise in the world – the United States Senate.

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  30. Amber says:

    I disagree with Sundance here. I see McConnell’s strategy here. Nancy is hoping the USMCA can cushion the blow from the impeachment. She’s obviously seen the polls and the townhall meetings. McConnell is saying ‘No not so fast!’. He will make the Dems suffer through an impeachment trial before handing them a ‘win’.


    • iswhatitis says:

      Amber says: “I disagree with Sundance here. I see McConnell’s strategy here. Nancy is hoping the USMCA can cushion the blow from the impeachment. She’s obviously seen the polls and the townhall meetings. McConnell is saying ‘No not so fast!’. He will make the Dems suffer through an impeachment trial before handing them a ‘win’.

      The problem I see with that approach is that “the public has a short memory”.

      If “the public” sees the Dems “suffer through an impeachment trial” – and then, afterwards, the USMCA passes (giving the Dems a “win”) – the “public” will have quickly forgotten that “suffering” and will recall only the more-recent (at that time) “win”.

      I’m no great sage on these matters. Could easily be wrong. But that’s something that strikes out at me when reading of that approach..


      • ms doodlebug says:

        Democrats had nothing to do with negotiating the USMCA. The only thing they have to do with it is conceding he did a good job.


  31. billrla says:

    Just as the Founders intended: Big checks and bank balances


  32. I don’t think that any of these “self-powerful septuagenarians” have enough planetary rotations left in which to spend all of their paper fortunes, even if they managed to spend $10 million per rotation. So, what’s the point?

    “Thou Fool. This day thy Soul is required of thee!”

    “A Fool and his money …”

    “What Fools These Mortals Be!”

    “You say you’re rich. I say you’re dead.” 🤡

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    • Gigi the Old says:

      Problem is they do not think of their demise anymore than they think of an inevitable Hell awaiting un repenting sinners without Christ.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Gigi the Old says:

      The problem is they do not think of their demise anymore than they think of an impending hell to un repenting sinners going through life without Jesus


  33. hokkoda says:

    Seems to me a few days ago the running theory was that Graham was going quash the whole trial thing because none of the Senators want to risk exposure of their dealings in the Ukraine. I thought there wasn’t even gonna be a trial?

    …Anyway, the House hasn’t actually voted on USMCA yet. So what are we getting our panties in a bunch about? The House vote isn’t until next week, Christmas recess is a few days later. Some GOP Senators are (quite reasonably) concerned about the Democrats getting too much on USMCA. I just don’t see them voting on something with major changes in a few days. McConnell has consistently kept the Senate calendar cleared in Jan/Feb because everybody knew in September the Democrats were going to make up some stuff to shoe horn into their fake impeachment. So, that’s not even news. If there was no impeachment, USMCA would be on deck after the Christmas recess. Since it looks like Democrats really do want to drive the nation over a cliff – despite their weak tea, borderline silly, proposed articles of impeachment – the calendar says everything goes on hold until impeachment is put to bed.

    I happily will stipulate that I don’t trust the Senate further than I can throw it. However, recent evidence (2018 mid-terms, Kavanaugh hearings, judges) says that they’ll grow a spine and administer some quick justice in Trump’s favor. Really, the major battle is to ensure the “convict” vote stays below 50. That’s where we all can do our best work. Senators like Gardner aren’t going to win support with a “convict” vote just to be liked by Democrats. Basically, he needs to be reminded that getting him out of the Senate is a trivial matter next fall if he isn’t lock-step with the majority to acquit. This mess is following the Obamacare 2010 model, except this time Reid doesn’t run the Senate, so the GOP should dispatch impeachment pretty quickly. I expect they will use this to create a LOT of problems for the Democrats’ leading candidate (Biden) who they can’t stand.

    Yes, big money is at stake. Also at stake? An opportunity to torpedo Biden and set up a Trump re-elect which will have GOP coattails AND set the GOP Senate up to remake the courts in an unprecedented way with perhaps 2-3 more SCOTUS justices by 2024. I just don’t see them screwing that opportunity up.

    Liked by 8 people

  34. Publius2016 says:

    Any Quid Pro Quo will lead to IMPEACHMENT! 45 can’t make simple deal with these Jackals! They lie cheat steal…EVERYTHING IN SUNLIGHT!!


    Liked by 2 people

  35. JustScott says:

    Cantor the turtle!

    Liked by 2 people

  36. SharkDiver says:

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Thomas Jefferson

    Liked by 3 people

  37. Magabear says:

    McTurtle, if he could grow a shell, should already have his witness list request made out, of which Schiff, Nadler, the fake whistleblower and Biden should be on. If any of them say they won’t show up, then there’s no trial. Can’t have a trial without witnesses. 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  38. juxta says:

    They can pass Obamacare without reading it, but can’t expedite USMCA? Priorities.

    Liked by 2 people

    • hokkoda says:

      It should be noted that the GOP voted lock-step against Obamacare in 2010. The bill was only voted on that year before Christmas because the GOP was set to gain 3 new senators in January who were all pledged to vote against Obamacare.

      Liked by 1 person

  39. Sentient says:

    How about if the president intimates that McConnell will get such-and-such, but then after the impeachment acquittal the president changes his mind?


  40. Colorado Rich says:

    Who does mcturtle work for? It’s past time for him to meet his boss.


  41. MostlyRight says:

    Trump could end Pelosi AND Mitch if he plays this right.


  42. Hopper Creek says:

    . Mexico has to ratify USMCA again, Cushner’s headed back to Mexico

    Liked by 1 person

  43. evergreen says:

    SD has been laser-spot-on with the China engagement and the Wall street/Main street decoupling. Follow that into impeachment, and where does that leave things? Well, I ask this question: if the trial is begun in the senate, what is to stop a handful of senators from selling out, literally, to the world-wide interests that want Trump gone?
    These senators will have thrown Trump from office. The republican party would vaporize. The senators may not have any GOP backers, but they’d be sitting pretty with the dems, nevertrumpers, and the globalist crowd, and they’d be well compensated celebrities afterward…why try to hang on to a senate seat after that payoff?

    So, I cannot just let it go that a trial is “safe” for Trump. He can divulge every earthly tidbit of dirt on every stinking politician in office, and it wouldn’t matter to most anybody–they already hold them lower than amoebas. Does Romney yearn for an opportunity to get his piece? Probably can’t sleep at night in anticipation. Flake-like senators? They’d turn viciously, all the while preening about their pureness. Hell, all they have to do is say: “the House voted up articles pertaining to crimes and misdemeanors. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Has to be SOMETHING in there, and I’m not going to stand by and let this go. Guilty!” There’s nothing to stop them from doing that. Oh, and China gets resurrected when Trump leaves, and the game gets back to the old payoff system. Too much power in the senate to allow a trial to commence. Don’t trust McConnell for one second. Not one.

    Liked by 2 people

  44. 2Alpha says:

    Yes, I believe McConnell does enjoy playing games. But most of his ‘games’ revolve around procedure and influence that have very little risk to them.
    My money is on the guy that likes to take BIG risks.

    2 things here…
    1) Democrats tweaked the USMCA, so The Senate needs to either accept it as is or refine it again.
    My guess is that the USMCA will undergo further refinement. That will take time.
    2) The House will vote on Impeachment next week. They may not even get the necessary votes to move forward. And even if they do get the votes, The President will DEMAND a full trial in The Senate.

    As for the USMCA, President Trump will NOT sign the Democrat version… So the USMCA gets done AFTER the 2020 election…
    McConnel will have been defanged… Pelosi will whine…

    Now, I have always said that there will be no impeachment. Pelosi is a carnival barker. She likes the ‘show’. When she tells her people the votes are simply not there, she will open her ‘big top’ and begin with her press conferences and Sunday show appearances to scream at the sky that Donald Trump will destroy America!
    Her end game has always been to poison the electorate against Trump.
    She has set the stage for her ‘prayerful’ pleas to Americans and will live or die with the results.

    So, President Trump gets re-elected and gets the USMCA he wants.
    McConnell is forced to take a back seat, and Pelosi becomes a regular on the Sunday shows.
    In the meantime, Bill Barr continues his efforts to dismantle the Deep State…
    My .02

    Liked by 3 people

    • California Joe says:

      I like your insight and your 2 cents!


    • ann says:

      I cannot claim to understand the byzantine calculations or deal with the Senate’s nest of vipers , but I like your read, “McConnel is about procedures, and the take, but you’d put your money on the guy that likes to take BIG risks. “

      Sounds about right to me.,


  45. Brenrod says:

    So, will Nancy now say that it is the GOP who is holding up the USMCA and make the USMCA look like it was their bill and their victory?


  46. Skeeball says:

    How about a grassroots movement to support his primary challenger C. Wesley Morgan. That POS McConnell needs to go, sooner than later.

    Liked by 1 person

  47. Doppler says:

    I still think it’s fifty fifty whether the house impeaches or just censures. But I see Sundance’s point that, regardless of whether Trump wins every issue, these are “money votes” on every front, and it takes time for all those checks to get written, time for the lobbyists to persuade their clients to write those checks. If Mitch extends the time in order for every member to raise more money, he’ll do it, and every member will be richer for it. Nose him for it.

    Those who like laws and sausages should never watch them being made. Bismarck.


  48. snailmailtrucker says:

    Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham make me sick and always have !


  49. GrumpyCat says:

    Are we sure the Senate is going to acquit? Cause it is a bfd.

    Regardless… We’ve all seen this movie how many times now? Mitch is a smart guy. Surely he sees that he has been cast in the leading role of the upcoming sequel of The Hubris Before The Fall.

    After you see the trap repeatedly snap on the others, it is worth reconsidering if you really need that cheese


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