Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff Announce Two Articles of Impeachment – Abuse of Power, and Obstruction of Congress…

The Democrats within the House of Representatives have decided to suspend House Impeachment Resolution [HR 660] without following their own rules that established a House Minority Hearing. Instead, House leadership have produced two partisan articles of impeachment for a full house vote.

Both articles are exceptionally weak; the Democrats are rushing to cut their losses:

♦Article One is “Abuse of power” – and structured on a false premise that President Trump “exercised the powers of his public office to obtain an improper personal benefit, while ignoring or injuring the national interest.”

♦Article Two is “Obstruction of Congress” – and structured on a ridiculous premise that President Trump “engaged in unprecedented, categorical, and indiscriminate defiance of the impeachment inquiry”, by challenging congressional subpoenas and seeking relief from the judicial branch.

Both articles are structurally deficient in the extreme. It will be interesting to see which House democrats could possibly vote for these articles, especially article two. There is a possibility some democrats will ignore Pelosi’s whip.

The weakness of the articles now actually appears to be a feature, not a flaw. The exercise of the “impeachment process” writ large was more of a political promise to the far-left constituents of the resistance movement itself. Structurally there is no strength to either article; they appear designed to fail in the Senate. Again, a feature not a flaw.

Nationally the democrat resistance voters are not too smart. What Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler are delivering for them is an impeachment in name only. The downstream consequences for this incredibly partisan political effort could be a massive backlash amid independent voters and centrist democrats.

Traditionally, impeachment is constitutionally designed to remove an elected official from office. However, in this modern example the process has been intentionally corrupted to disparage the President, not to remove him.  In essence Pelosi has used the impeachment process as way to sooth the emotional needs of the far-left resistance.


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448 Responses to Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff Announce Two Articles of Impeachment – Abuse of Power, and Obstruction of Congress…

  1. Super Elite Lt. Col. Covfefe999 says:

    Hahaha! A perfectly normal legal process is obstruction. 🙂 These people are too much. Looking forward to the vote.

    Senator Graham, please hold a brief trial with the following witnesses called: fake whistleblower, Adam Schiff, and the Bidens. And maybe throw in Fiona Hill for flavor.

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  2. Somebody's Gramma says:

    Can we impeach Congress for wasting tax payer money for 3 years? I really pray Americans vote these people out of office and the House is lost for them next year. This is such a ridiculous sham. I’m so embarrassed for Congress.

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    • I’m Not “Embarrassed” for Congress..
      I’m am though in a matter of opinion, I am Embarrassed ,,
      For Our Country putting up with such nonsense, and those Democrats in the general populace, , Electing these Imbeciles & Morons duly (elected?) in representing those District’s these Idiot Lunatics’ were elected to represent.
      Just My 2 cents..

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      • littleglibowski says:

        I recommend not to get embarrassed yet. We still have the scope memo(s), Durham report, and the next general election waiting in the wings. If we, the People, fail in less than a year, then it is time to become embarrassed. We seek not check but check-mate in these proceedings. Timing is everything. So far the timing has been perfect. Look how far we have come in knowledge in the last three years. More to come. Timing is everything.

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        • bkrg2 says:

          I agree with you on the timing.
          It has been difficult at times waiting for these seditious criminals to be punished. However, I believe President Trump has been waiting for maximum damage to them in the 2020 elections.
          Quite a while ago he made a comment like “I want to wait for the right time.” I was expecting his MOABs to drop in the 2018 mid terms, but that didnt happen. I have been thinking its still a little early for the MOAB (mother of all bombs) and expected it to come right after the Demonrats name the nominee.
          However, I am ok if we get an early Christmas present.

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    • Gramma, I think when the democrats lose at this impeachment farce we should charge the Democrat Party for all the expenses rather than having the taxpayers foot the bill. After all it is only democrats supporting impeachment with no support from republicans. In most states the losing side usually has to pay the legal fees of the winning side. I say we should bill the Democrat Party since there has been no basis in facts; it’s just been opinions and innuendos. If the Parties have to pay for some of the stupid strictly partisan things that their members do, perhaps some it can be curtailed at the onset. Having a blank check from the taxpayers where the taxpayers have no voice in the matter is not right. I also sent this to my Rep Louie Gohmert but since I haven’t heard back from him he must not believe I’m serious about it. I will have to call an reaffirm my thoughts to him.

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    • Daniel says:

      Some states offer “recall elections” for relief but not all. I imagine Google might produce a list of such states. If your state allows this and you don’t like your representative or senator, be sure to inquire into this line of correction.

      For the rest of it, it’s the ballot box and it’s not coming soon enough.

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    • IGiveUp says:

      “Can we impeach Congress for wasting tax payer money for 3 years? ”

      No not really. You see they were sent there by the people. The people have to be impeached if you want to find the source of the problem.

      And when the Senate punts on the whole thing and nothing really gets revealed or resolved on way or another (i.e. the whitewash is applied), we can’t impeach them either, for same reason.

      We have met the enemy and he is us.


  3. Parker Longbaugh says:

    Peach furtyfv


  4. Robert Smith says:

    So, acting like a president and daring to defend yourself is the problem?

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  5. Swanzinator says:

    The bandage on Pelosi’s schnoz is a fitting metaphor for what the whole of her party is about to endure in the upcoming elections. Prepare for an epic smackdown, Dems! Seething anger among the electorate will be felt good and hard at the ballot box come November.

    I just made donations today to Trump and Jordan as an appetizer. And I RARELY donate to politicians.

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    • The Devilbat says:

      You may be disappointed. It is my opinion that the democrats have figured out how to rig the 2020 election results. Look up a Spanish owned company by the name of SCYTL.

      After they announce the democratic party winner, the media will howl about how the republicans blocked the rightful impeachment of Trump and the American people saw through it. Soros will then pay for thousands of people to be bussed into DC for street celebrations.

      This situation will give a lot of RINO’s a good excuse to go along with the results. They will have been missing their gravy troughs for four long years and they will be hungry. This in my view is why the democrats are impeaching president Trump.

      I disagree with sundance (I don’t often do that) that Pelosi is simply throwing a bone to the uber left idiots. It is my opinion that it is far deeper than that. Let us pray hard that either I am dead wrong or that the good guys are onto the democrats plan and can figure out a way to stop it before we end up in some kind of a civil war.


      • jessetmims says:

        @ The Devilbat… Re “It is my opinion that the democrats have figured out how to rig the 2020 election results.”

        If the Democrats were as sure as you are that they can successfully rig the 2020 election, they would not bother trying to weaken Trump BEFORE the election.

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      • rcogburn says:

        I don’t think the impeachment is as big a tool for them as you suggest (it will not give rhinos cover), i agree w/SD that they need to dirty him up for the base. I don’t think it’s this dire, but —

        everyone should have no illusions about what’s coming in 2020. Their candidates suck. PDT is more popular now than in 2016. They cannot win, so they will cheat and steal. Heck, even when they can win, they still cheat and steal. Anyone who doubts this – just look how the dnc treated Bernie – and he’s one of their own!

        There’s no question they’ve been planning the dirtiest election of the past century for 2020. Will check out the Spanish firm. Mark Elias (hrc counsel who set up funding for the Steele dossier) has been working to setting up mechanisms within states to challenge the 2020 results in state and federal courts. Look him up – his own bio states he specializes in overturning election results and he’s been quite successful.

        Along with this, the usual Dem tactics – votes from every felon, illegal alien, and dead person (always a big dem voting block); missing ballot boxes; cries of voter suppression, etc etc – the cry of the community organizers – “vote early and vote often,” is meant to be taken literally, not figuratively.

        They also hope that might tilt some suburbanite independents as well. Meanwhile, they are deathly afraid they’ll have a repeat of 2016 where there was no genuine enthusiasm for hrc. They’re all in on Trump hatred and fear to motivate their voters.

        Elections are stolen on a county and city basis, where the results are close enough that they can fake it over the finish line. They will target the five or so swing states, strategically figure out how much they’d need to carry the state and where and how to get it.

        And don’t forget Twitter, google, facebook’s own efforts to swing the vote. Personally I think they’re as big a threat as anything the Dems will cook up.

        I think we will prevail. Be ready for it!


  6. Prof. Woland says:

    Sundance, you are the best. Thank you for covering this.

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  7. fanbeav says:

    Odds this won’t even make it out of House? 60-70%
    Odds the Senate will dismiss if makes it out of house – 80-90%


  8. Don McAro says:

    I though Michael Jackson was dead? Or did Pelosi just borrow his nose?
    The world may never know

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  9. Heika says:

    In light of Barr’s interview – this is stunning. They spied on Pres Trump back then, and they (Shiffty) did it now. Lets give them10/10 for their creativity for coming up with 1000 ways get rid of an innocent and effective president.
    Barr’s full interview here

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  10. Bill says:

    I don’t know if I share your sentiment Sundance. I’m worried these people see the freight train of Durham bearing down on them and they are willing to die on this hill. And this was the best they could come up with. I don’t feel comfortable with this getting to the senate.

    Just my uneducated opinion from the swamp.


    • Sherri Young says:

      I certainly do hope this does not get to the Senate. It needs to die right here. Censure away. Whatever. Trump and the Repub reps will own the downside.

      Sherri Young approved this message.

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      • ristvan says:

        Sherri, better thatbit does and is then rejected out of hand, to store some sense of constitutional normalcy. See my detailed comment just posted below.


      • Cam Heck says:

        Chad Pergram reports he talked to the House Whip who said censure is a “no go”. Apparently it was only the dems in the GOP districts that wanted it, and they ain’t getting it. So now, *14/17 of them have to vote with the Dems to Impeach for it to pass in the HOUSE. I hope every Republican voter is all 17 districts calls their Dem Reps and give them an earful, and that all 17 vote no to Impeachment, in which case it dies IN THE HOUSE. Would be too delicious for words.

        * I believe this was the margin he quoted


    • ristvan says:

      See my comment just posted below. They WILL die on this hill. For many reasons.

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  11. Tom! says:

    Keep a close eye on any bills that Trump will be expected to sign in order for all of this impeachment business to go away.

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    • Nah. I don’t see that happening, as that’s not how a VSG Maximum Badass operates.

      Remember, he told them to hurry up! and bring it so WE can get back to the business of running the nation.

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    • joebkonobi says:

      They have no leverage on PDJT. They are likely just trying to get this over with for their base before an appeals court or the Supremes find their impeachment “inquiry” unconstitutional.

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    • Vince says:

      Trump didn’t make a deal, he wanted to be thrown into the briar patch. If any deal was made, it was between Pelosi and Linsey Graham, to limit the articles of impeachment in order to limit the damaging testimony that would be made public by Trump called witnesses.

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  12. Genie says:

    Pelosi slyly telling TDS lefties, “we have to impeach the President so you can find out what impeachment really means.”

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  13. Sherri Young says:

    It is raining here at the moment. I have my Trump Pence 2020 signs. They are going into my yard either tonight or tomorrow.

    Besides that, I have called Louie Gohmert’s campaign office and left a VM asking about getting some of Louie’s campaign signs too.

    When I went to the grocery store earlier today, I wore a Trump “Get Over It” tee shirt and my Trump Pence 2016 hoodie jacket. A woman turned around and came back to tell me that she liked my jacket.

    IMO, it is not wrong to support our president and our constitutional republic.

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  14. My goodness those are some ugly people in that top pic… wow. Just wow. Their faces are pretty bad too. This was doomed from inception, perhaps by design?

    As for soothing those emotional needs of their brainwashed sycophants so be it… it won’t be long before they are all screaming at the sky again anyway! Schaudenfrade deluxe perhaps, as I love it. Sue me! L 😀 L

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    • Pa Hermit says:

      I noticed the “downer” body language too! They sure have a way with words and euphemisms, no? Kinda reminds one of “it depends on the definition of the word is!” They need a little help in defining what the Constitution has to say!


  15. Mr Lawson says:

    So impeachment is Nancy’s pacifier given to the resistance cry babies.

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  16. Blue Wildflower says:

    The question is what will Graham do, if it gets to the Senate?

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    • talkaftercarefulthought says:

      there’s only a minimal upside to blowing it up into a three ring circus.. I say dismiss it, or vote ASAP.. get past Trump’s reelection then wait for the NEXT impeachment attempt

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    • konradwp1 says:

      Graham looks suddenly green around the gills. He certainly doesn’t want the president’s preferred witnesses called.

      But when some of the witnesses like Adam Schiff, Biden and the whistleblower are viewed as critical by so many voters, the tired old “we tried had but we didn’t have the votes for that line” is just going to outrage the public more.

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      • Pa Hermit says:

        Don’t forget that the impeachment only requires 67% (those that are present) and that could be with 25 or 30 Republicans missing for that vote!


  17. cocamars says:

    The day the Dems in the House vote to impeach Trump it’s up to his supporters to scare the crap out of the Dems by making it his biggest donation day ever.

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  18. Merle Marks says:

    there will be NO Congress reps called to testify…not sure how this all plays out, but rest assured, the veil of corruption would never be allowed to be pulled back in a trial…this goat rodeo will promote confusion and obstruct justice…NO ONE from either party will walk the plank…


  19. Anonoma says:

    What are the odds they fail to pass one or both of the articles? When you design for success, you can still fail. When you design for failure, you may fail harder than you meant to.

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  20. Deborah Fehr says:

    so they are impeaching him for objecting to his impeachment? Now I’ve heard of everything. Boy I hope this blows up right in their face.

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  21. deepdivemaga says:

    Any person with a brain can see, especially with the deal made today about USMCA, that this is purely a partisan impeachment process.

    Trump and his policies are winning, and they will continue to win for this country way into the future, even years after he is out of office!

    An unprecedented amount of federal judges, 2 Supreme Court Justices (possibly with 1 or 2 more to come), a USMCA trade deal about to be signed by all three countries, a Japanese Trade deal, Korean Trade Deal, wealth is being distributed back INTO our country through these trade deals and through the strategic use of tariffs, All Time Low Unemployment, All Time High Stock Market, Millions upon Millions of Jobs added, Millions of people off food stamps, a border that is slowly being closed through both physical (barrier) & legislative, systematic means, we are confronting the REAL GLOBAL THREAT in China for the first time, African Americans & Hispanics are waking up to the ideas of national & economic populism under Trump, the Left is being exposed for what it truly is, the Media is being exposed for what is really is. Need I go on? Because I sure can!

    Trump is a WINNER & a FIGHTER for the American People!

    The Democrats & the corrupt media have nothing & they know it. They can pound sand and kick their feet until kingdom come. Let them impeach this President over nothing. The masses are finally waking up to their games.

    Never stop an enemy while they are making a mistake!

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  22. TwoLaine says:

    I think we should all call Nitwit Nancy today and tell her, “You’re Fired!”
    AFTER you ask for Nitwit Nancy, hit #1 to leave a message.

    If you would also like to back it up with an email to Nitwit Nancy, here is her Contact form:

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  23. Deborah Fehr says:

    I wonder how they feel standing there. Is it fun? What will they do for entertainment after this is over? They all know it is wrong…


  24. Obstruction of Congress is something most Americans favor.

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  25. TarsTarkas says:


    It will pass the House, Pelosi has the votes but the most vulnerable members can vote no to protect themselves and those who vote yes will try to count on short memories to get reelected.

    The articles will be dismissed by the Senate without a trial as being without merit. Few in the Senate want anybody to know how they got so wealthy on their salary.

    Pelosi gets a victory: ‘We impeached him, but the dirty evil corrupt Republicans in the Senate refused to throw out Orange Man Bad’. She retains the speakership but AOC gets angrier and more powerful.

    Trump deflects another rock thrown at him at the angry left, content that yet more fence-sitting voters have grown more disgusted with Democratic antics and will either vote for him or sit out the election.

    And hopefully the thread holding up the Durhamoclean sword will keep on untwining . . .

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    • railer says:

      Yes, the Resistance will be infuriated no matter how this plays out. Leave it to Nancy to fracture her base in an election year. Trump likely saw this too.

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    • joebkonobi says:

      “Pelosi has the votes but the most vulnerable members can vote no to protect themselves and those who vote yes will try to count on short memories to get reelected.”

      I’m pretty sure that the Trump campaign will not let the voters in those 31 Trump states dems now hold forget their vote on impeaching their President, especially with no crime involved. Only need 17 to flip the House.

      I’m not sure Nancy knows at this point. Looking at her eyes in the top picture, she looks heavily sedated.

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  26. TwoLaine says:

    Neither are high crimes or misdemeanors, per Robert Ray, former Whitewater independent counsel, on FNC this AM.

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  27. Val says:

    “…When you stop destroying,
    you will be destroyed;
    when you stop betraying,
    you will be betrayed.“
    Isaiah 33

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  28. JohnCasper says:

    “Abuse of Power, and Obstruction of Congress…”

    Three years and this is what they came up with? Shows a total lack of creativity. And why do the democrats get to speak for the Senate, which is 1/2 of Congress?

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  29. Arrest Soros says:

    I have a slightly different take.
    These Dems expect Trump to behave like a politician (i.e. like themselves) but they just don’t learn.
    What they would have done in his position is use all kinds of underhanded ways to stifle the efforts of the impeachment inquiry, including threatening people with the sack or actually firing people.
    They tried the same strategy with the Mueller fiasco. They were certain Trump would behave just like they themselves would have behaved.
    That expected behaviour would have been documented and exposed by one of their implants/holdovers (Aren’t there plenty of them in Washington, just like Ciaramella and Vindman?)

    But Trump isn’t like them and he didn’t fall for it.
    He didn’t fire anybody.
    He didn’t threaten anybody.
    He didn’t let loose the IRS or DOJ on anybody.
    Now they got nothing, just like 18 months of Mueller (waiting for an error from Trump) got nothing.

    Both the Mueller fiasco and this impeachment “inquiry” look to me like set-ups to get Trump to make the wrong move in order to charge him with an actual crime.
    He hasn’t put a foot wrong, now the Dems are stuck.
    (remember Nixon got done for the cover up, not for the Watergate break in)

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  30. What a crock!! Such a waste of time!! I’m going to bake some chocolate chip cookies and get ready for the MAGA rally tonight!!🍪

    God bless President Trump and God bless all of us!💜

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  31. Shyster says:

    The bandage is to hide all the brown on her nose from their suicidal quest to kiss the far left’s ass!

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  32. StanH says:

    Forgone conclusion folks. It’s all that they have.

    Look at that group of bums. Headed by Tubby Nadler. Exist by living in other peoples pockets.

    Our Great President Trump is taking names and kicking a_s.

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  33. Lion2017 says:

    I pray by some miracle that this impeachment vote fails big league!!

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    • Super Elite Lt. Col. Covfefe999 says:

      I’m expecting it to pass but dang that would be hilarious if they couldn’t get enough votes. lol

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      • jimboct says:

        If it fails I can see our beloved troller in chief driving the Dems to do another impeachment LOL Get them all Mr. President

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      • ristvan says:

        It might fail. But I now expect it will squeak by (Pelosi may be suicidal, but is not stupid.) The look will be awful. Some of the 31 Dems in Trump districts vote no. Wel already know of 3. The bipartisan vote is the no vote and shampeachment is narrowly passed on strictly partisan lines.

        And stupid All Green is already saying that If Senate doesn’t convict, House will impeach again. He already introduced and lost 3 impeachment resolutions over stuff like the Wall is racist.

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        • Sherri Young says:

          Al Green is also saying that Trump” must be impeached for the original sin of slavery.” Al Green is a former president of the Houston NAACP. Yep, division along racial lines got him into office.


  34. Zy says:

    If the Democommunists were serious they would have waited awhile and incorporated Herr Mueller hoax stuff.


  35. jeans2nd says:

    This may satisfy the Socialist democrat’s “base” of id10ts, but the Progressive Socialists are furious.

    The real Progressive Socialists have seen the truth since the Russia Hoax, and have already recognized this for what it is.
    Fellow Deplorables, these guys are pissed, and not in a good way.
    The Progressive Socialists are hell-bent on destroying the Democrat Party, by any and all means necessary, and they do not intend to fail. We’ve naught to fear from them at present. We are not their target.

    Nervous Nancy best fit those dentures a might tighter. Ol’ Nance is on the road to find out what Socialist really means.

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  36. Stewart Dearing says:

    Looks like she was leading them to a firing squad….in reality she is….they have sealed their political deaths…all that is left is the funeral.


  37. Somebody's Gramma says:

    Nancy actually looks like she is attending her own funeral. It doesn’t look like feigned solemnity… but what do I know. They’ve been such big fakers, practiced liars, it’s really hard to tell if they’re genuine about anything. Every time she mentions “oath of office” and “the American people”, I want to spit. Her only oath is to herself and like minded power brokers.

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  38. Mlw says:

    We all that support Trump should get an impeachment refund!


  39. mamajen says:

    Pelosi looks strangely unwell in all of the pictures I’ve seen from today, and I’m not talking about the nose situation. She looks like she’s been crying or something. And just tired and worn down instead of proud and jubilant. Maybe pre-emptively mourning her job.

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  40. Ann Kenevan says:

    Five Times Obama Put Conditions on Foreign Aid and Democrats Didn’t Care
    5. Colombia
    4. Nigeria
    3. Uganda
    2. Israel
    1. Ukraine

    It’s amusing to think that the reason why Democrats are holding impeachment hearings now is over conditions for aid with Ukraine, when that is exactly what Joe Biden, with the support of the Obama administration, did with the very same country. We know this because we have video evidence of Joe Biden bragging about the quid pro quo to protect Burisma Holdings from being investigated while his son Hunter was sitting on the board making over $50,000 a month to sell access to the White House.

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  41. FishtheDish says:

    Hmmm…the look on Pelosi’s face is telling. She is just staring off into space – she knows. Reminds me of when Rosenstein was standing by Barr – he was almost a mannequin.

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  42. Hans says:

    Just watched. Video from MSNBC…Barr… what were they going to do with the information….he is the president….

    Sounds like prepping the masses for treason charges… now you know the rush by Schiff and for the impeachment charges being so weak.. they ran out of time to be more specific.

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  43. Mlw says:

    Pelosi’s make-up artist must have slipped with a comb for the bandaged nose job..they dip her head in a vat of Vaseline in every press conference, Im serious, It literally drives me insane every time she’s on national television.


  44. Skidroe says:

    Pelosi, Nadler,and Schiff should get 10 Pinocchio‘s.

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  45. railer says:

    Yeah, it’s very weak. They’re cutting their losses, I agree.

    Pelosi’s passing USMCA to entice their 31 vulnerable members to vote yes on the articles. That may not be enough. Those 31 want to hold out, and not be the last one to vote yes. Trump’s people will no doubt get to them over the next few days and remind them that it’s an easy matter to schedule a rally in their district with the R challenger, and there’s no Ryan around to throw this election this time. The money will flow where it needs to go.

    Trump can go on the offensive with McConnell now, and demand an open Senate trial, which McConnell and the Swamp definitely don’t want. He can demand concessions and squeeze. McConnell is delaying the USMCA vote past impeachment, so he obviously is playing the same game. It’s just more ammunition for Trump though, as he can use USMCA to pummel the Swamp all through the phony witch hunt trial, while demanding it be extended and expanded painfully (for the Swamp).

    You can’t get over on this guy. He has steered this magnificently, and planned for every contingency. He baited them with that phone call, and they jumped on the hook, forcing their constant threat of impeachment into his chosen timeline. We can thank Biden, for being stupid enough to have been videoed TWICE bragging about doing the exact same thing they’re accusing Trump of doing. That fool was the critical enabler for this op.

    And the Muh Russia nonsense was left out of the articles, as clearly the Swamp and Deep State can’t afford exposure. Trump’s strategy has been brilliant, one of the most brilliant political ops I’ve ever seen.

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  46. YeahYouRight says:

    Well if they’re weak and designed to fail in the Senate, they should fail in the House.

    With this, the Impeachment gets the asterisk, not the President.

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  47. Black Irish Rose says:

    Dems need to hang impeachment on this president so that moving forward, whenever Trump does anything (e.g., nominate a Supreme Court justice, bring trade treaties for approval by the Senate, etc.), their reply will be: “He’s an impeached president. He doesn’t have the authority and therefore, we will resist him at every step, we won’t cooperate.” This works even if Dems lose the House, and even if the Senate refuses the articles/votes to acquit.


  48. Tim says:

    Joe Biden’s actual confession,, blackmails Ukraine to fire prosecutor who is investigating Biden’s son. Hunter Biden . But democrat so two track legal system.

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  49. dawg says:

    “The weakness of the articles now actually appears to be a feature, not a flaw. The exercise of the “impeachment process” writ large was more of a political promise to the far-left constituents of the resistance movement itself. Structurally there is no strength to either article; they appear designed to fail in the Senate. Again, a feature not a flaw.”

    This is what I started to wonder recently, if they arent purposely sabotaging the process so that the Senate almost HAS to discard it immediately.


  50. Brant says:

    Would she chance a vote of she isn’t sure she has enough? A vote that doesn’t pass is ruinous for them. The unhinged left knows the Reps won’t vote for, but enough Dims vote not to pass? Wow, that could be catastrophic for them. What will she do?

    The no’s might be primaried by further lefties than they are


    • Johnny Boost says:

      A vote that doesn’t pass is ruinous and a vote that does pass is ruinous. My guess is a vote that doesn’t pass is Pelosi’s best option. Christmas is coming up, and then after that primary season is in full swing. It might be better to drop the whole thing and move on; people have short memories anyway.

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