Jim Jordan Eviscerates Democrat Impeachment Narrative and a Key Witness….

Jumpin’ Ju-Ju bones, Jim Jordan eviscerated about eleventy insufferable articles of impeachment in a single rapid-fire round of questioning.   WATCH:


I can only imagine what Jimmy Jacket was like as a young ‘un:

You can git outta ma way, or we kin keep talkin’… yer call!

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297 Responses to Jim Jordan Eviscerates Democrat Impeachment Narrative and a Key Witness….

  1. nobodyspecial1958 says:

    What times we live in.
    On a different subject, I just saw Lindsey Graham talking about Trump and Pompeo meeting later today with the Russian foreign minister. He looks like he was just told he would be shot at noon. What gives? He looks terrified. Could it have something to do with his involvement in foreign aid kickbacks? Anyone here have an idea?

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  2. Zippy says:


    One America News Investigates with Chanel Rion: Ukrainian Witnesses Destroy Schiff’s Case
    10 Dec 2019

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  3. You missed the take yesterday where it shows he and McCain BOTH involved with Ukraine. It’s looking like Graham is trying frantically to find a safe place…and as the wagons circle, it’s becoming clear that it’s not a certain thing.

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    • Bert Darrell says:

      I presented my opinion yesterday in a CTH comment page, positing that Mr. Graham would have to recuse himself from chairing the senate judiciary committee (SJC) on the sham impeachment issue due to his massive conflict of interest, and that Mr. Grassley would probably take his place.

      How can someone who took kickback money from Ukraine’s dictator Poroshenko chair the SJC in this case is beyond comprehension to sane observers.

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    • nobodyspecial1958 says:

      I know. Wonder what Hannity has to say about that. Haha.


    • nobodyspecial1958 says:

      Rush mentioned the story also


    • De Oppresso Liber says:

      The funny part of it all to me (“ha-ha” funny, not kuweer funny), in my humble opinion, is that whereas the esteemed, honorable United States Senate is concerned (spit….), there doesn’t appear to be any safe spaces except for total, 100% denial, obfuscation, lies, and cover-up.

      Because the corruption is so widespread and pervasive, should one, single, U.S. Senator be exposed (by actual indictment in a federal court for corruption), I believe the ensuing Snowball Effect would be the beginning of a self-defeating Schittshow of truly epic proportions……..Warner, Burr, Finestine, Romney, McConnell, Murphy, Menendez, and nobody knows how many others would be exposed for corruption: bribery, kickbacks, extortion, and all the perverted child rapists trafficking in underage rape victims, drug smuggling, etc…..

      While I personally would love to see ALL those bastards (and their willing conspirators/accomplices in the media, punditry, and bureaucracy) exposed AND PUNISHED for their EVIL CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, that is all just a pipe dream.

      It is becoming increasingly evident, that although we all hoped President Trump could make it happen, the ENTIRE U.S. Senate is allied against him. THAT may prove to become an obstacle President Trump chooses not to tackle.

      Outside of declaring Martial Law and having mass arrests of seditious insurgents (Schiff, Pigglosi, Nadler, et al.), how can it happen without a willing Attorney General with enough DOJ agents willing to back him up to do the legal work?

      It sure is going to be an interesting next few weeks and months though 😉

      Regardless of anything else, I remain convinced President Trump will do absolutely everything within his power to do what he can.


  4. InAz says:

    My pipe dream is for the Republicans to take majority of House and Senate and impeach Obamination.

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    • CNN_sucks says:

      Me, too…plus infrastructure.


    • jeff montanye says:

      ex presidents can’t/need not be impeached. they can go straight to criminal trials. while such trials are having at the obama administration, as well they should, don’t forget gw bush, dick cheney and that whole 9-11 thingey.


  5. paulashley says:

    Can we please get a Speaker like Jordan? Oh, and some Senators would be nice, too.

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  6. dixiechik74 says:

    Dee Paul EXCELLENT — Thank you for lifting our spirits !! You get the “U ROCK” award !!

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  7. dottygal says:

    Here, here! Looks like Horrorwitz didn’t give us much satisfaction. I figured it would be a whitewash but still: No political bias?! WTH! No mention of Strzok’s text about the insurance plan? Comey and McCabe didn’t intend to do anything illegal?!

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    • tacocat43 says:

      Lisa Page is suing FBI< DOJ over her leaked emails. Apparently the disgusting things she wrote were not meant for public consumption.


  8. relieveddeplorable says:

    I think Pelosi and Schiff are rushing this through on purpose for two reasons.. first, the “work” they did is deliberately shoddy and partisan so that Dems in moderate Trump won districts almost “have” to vote against it. Second; they can then go back to their rabid base and MSM and after it fails in the House, say “hey we tried” and their rabid base won’t eviserate them in the next Presidential election. They are in a lose lose situation now because their base cornered them into impeachment the day after the election in 2016.

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  9. Vegas Guy says:

    With all this B.S. concocted rush to impeachment being put in the public’s face, their downfall is coming. The Dems haven’t moved the needle one iota on public opinion. Trump’s support is as strong as ever. The so called “charges” within the Articles of Impeachment are far from self explanatory…

    Now with these asinine “Articles Of Impeachment” hanging over the heads of the many “at risk” members there will be an even greater divide in the House…Expect even more votes away from impeachment than the last vote to initiate the inquiry….The really sad part is that these Dem “Leaders” truly believe they have proven something….Well they have IMHO…They have proven they are complete idiots & can stand at press conferences with straight faces & directly lie to the Public…LOL

    “Nobody is above the Law…..” A complete joke of a catch line when it they that are the Felons in this action…..

    I think that Trump & his folks will force Mitch & Miss Lindsy to expose Schiff & Co at the Senate hearing. Oh for sure the RINO’s will attempt to protect those culpable pieces of S*it but at this point I strongly believe Trump has had enough of this Circus & he will shut it down once & for all. If not then B.S. like tis will continue on for another 4 years in opposition to Trump’s next term. That is unacceptable IMO. Trump will survive this …he will be re-elected…he will appoint another SCOTUS Justice ( maybe even 2 LOL)…..Nancy will be history…..& the Dems will be out of power for at least the next 12 years……

    And God help any GOP Senator that jumps ship…….

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  10. stopimmigrationcrimes says:

    Rep. Jordan should be added to the great wonders of the world: the only human who can speak 5,000 words per minute, all of it perfectly comprehensible to the listener. I stand in awe. Love it!

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  11. Deadbeat says:

    Democrats released the phoen records of their political rival. When will there be an impeachment of the Schiff and the Democrats?

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    • Issy says:

      There won’t be by congress, but his background seems to have some things that need a second look. The media won’t investigate him, so until someone does he will continue to try and destroy Trump.


  12. HellInAHandbasket says:

    You’ll tell 2 friends, and they’ll tell 2 friends . . .
    . . . and so on, and so on, and so on . . .

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  13. swal106 says:

    But yet, as good as Jordan is, HE wasn’t selected by the RINO’s as their leader. They chose instead RINO McCarthy, like HE was the MAN. He wouldn’t make a pimple on Jordan’s rear…The sad part is though, after the election next year, RINO McCarthy will be the next Speaker of the House. Another Hastert, Boehner, Ryan fiasco.

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  14. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Fully expect the Uniparty to encourage the Senate to vote to acquit the President immediately upon arrival of Pelosi’s stupid Articles of Impeachment. The PTB may have their reasons; but still, there’s no use in dragging out the drama and giving the socialist democrats (and the media) any more airtime for grandstanding.

    Let the legal system deal with everyone involved in Spygate.
    Carry on President Trump!

    TRUMP ~ PENCE 2020

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  15. Coast says:

    I wonder if Jordan, Nunes, Ratcliffe, Gaetz, Stefanik, Meadows, and a few others visit this site? If so, maybe a thread of “Thanks for all you do” could and should be created and we could leave personal messages of thanks and support.

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    • David L Kohler says:

      Good idea.
      But ….Why not get off your duff, eliminate the “middle man,” and take the initiative to contact them directly through their congressional sites?
      Tell ’em exactly what you think. In your own words.
      They are called “Representatives” for a reason, you know!
      Mr. Jordan is MY representative. (Go, Jim, Go!!!) I’ve contacted him many times, especially on gun control issues, and he has NEVER failed to respond!


      • MelH says:

        Congressional sites i’ve tried demand you be in their district or your expressions, good or bad, are not wanted, David.


        • David L Kohler says:

          I am quite well aware of that.
          But work on YOUR representative, regardless of his or her political stance.
          Put pressure on YOUR REP !!!!!


      • MelH says:

        Congressional sites I’ve tried demand you be in their district or your expressions, good or bad, are not wanted, David. Tweets work, if you are not one of the Conservatives banned for life. I am.


  16. Mark says:

    Unfortunately, Finding many reps with a pair of cajones like this is rare. Maybe Jordan could run a class, no a seminar, very short. If the other republicans can not discover their own in a seminar, then there is another party suitable.


  17. pucecatt says:

    Sondland was acting on his own beliefs of what President Trump wanted and I bet it was what Sondland wanted and not President Trump , doing his own shadow diplomacy..

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  18. pucecatt says:

    How many of those lawmakers standing behind Pelosi today are from Trump won districts ? When she announced USCMA?

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  19. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Though almost no one is talking about it today; there was an interesting turn of events at the very beginning of yesterday’s ShamWow infomercial for Democratz 2020. Someone final stood up and got in the face of comrade Nadler and called him a traitor.

    ~~~~~~~ TRUMP 2020 ~~~~~~~

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  20. T2020 says:



  21. letty bromenschenkel says:

    JORDAN !
    we are so fortunate to have Jim Jordan on out team.


  22. NedZeppelin says:

    My Congress Critter in SE PA is Chrissy Houlihan, who was elected in my district replacing years or Republican representation. Her No. 1 cash contributor was the faceless DemoRat cash bucket Act Blue, featuring contributions from the daughter of George Soros and the son in law of Charlie Munger, Warren Buffet’s partner, none of whom reside in my district. Gee, how do you think this bought and paid for Congress Critter is going to vote on these ridiculous articles of impeachment?

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  23. jeff montanye says:

    what a tour de force! jim jordan just keeps getting better.


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