Full Interview – AG Bill Barr Discusses IG Report and FBI Institutional Issues With Political Corruption…

U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr has sent the totality of the U.S. media into spasmodic fits of apoplexy today as he discusses the findings of the DOJ inspector general review of a highly corrupted FISA process.

The Attorney General talks about how the FBI weaponized their official duty in an effort to carry out what seems to be a political agenda.  Mr. Barr goes into detail with his thoughts on the current criminal review assigned to U.S. Attorney John Durham; and the unfortunate issues with a group at the top of the organization who politicized the FBI as an investigative agency and used an alliance of media assets to achieve political goals.


Many people are writing and asking for my personal opinion of AG Bill Barr. I shall provide that below.


Thoughts: Leading up to the trial of George Zimmerman he had two attorneys: Mark O’Mara and Don West. Don West was the deliberate and angered attorney who was rightly furious over how a completely false case was assembled against his client. The entire CTH community agreed on the value of Don West.

(Left to Right) Mark O’Mara, Don West, Mark Geragos.

However, Don West wasn’t the lead attorney… there was another, Mark O’Mara.

Mr. O’Mara gave the intentional impression of being above it all, elevated above the politics, and affable to the groups who wanted to hang Zimmerman in the town square and also understandable toward the defenders of Zimmerman who recognized the rail-roading.

O’Mara became a Rosetta stone. Some Zimmerman supporters saw O’Mara as self-serving, duplicitous, cunning (not in a good way) and essentially deceiving his client by not trying to be assertive in defense. Others saw O’Mara as smart, prudent and staying above the fray to be more influential toward the benefit of his client amid circles of media opposition.

The strong differences of opinion over O’Mara were fought on the pages of CTH for over a year. Pro-O’Mara and Anti-O’Mara we both good groups of people; excellent and passionate people; but each saw Mark O’Mara in a different way.

Personally I did not see Mark O’Mara in a good light. I predicted his positioning was to gain a lucrative media gig at the conclusion of a fraudulent trial. [He took a CNN contract within three weeks of trial ending]  But more important than that recognition of selfish sensibility was the evidence.

The evidence was overwhelming (at least to CTH in 2012) that Witness #8, Rachel Jeantel, was an imposter.

The anonymous Witness #8 was the only reason the State of Florida could get an arrest. Witness #8 was also manufactured by the corrupt Scheme Team of Trayvon’s family.

Completely made up.

Incredibly the corrupt State of FL prosecution team consisting of SAO Angela Corey and Bernie De La Rionda went along with a criminally corrupt prosecution using evidence they knew was manufactured.

If we knew the manufacturing of evidence to be true… demonstrably and provably true.. well, Don West and Mark O’Mara certainly knew it to be true.

Yet Mark O’Mara did nothing about it… EVER. O’Mara knew the state had manufactured evidence. O’Mara Explicitly knew his client was being railroaded by a criminal enterprise carried out by the State of Florida and Trayvon Martin Family. And Mark O’Mara never brought it up before, during, or even after the trial… Not once.

Attorney Mark O’Mara won the case because the case itself was a fraud. However, the “case” never should have gone to trial. In my passionately frustrated opinion O’Mara should have called out the fraud and defended his client by avoiding the ridiculous trial.

[NOTE: Seven years later, with Witness #8 admitting to the fraud, George Zimmerman is rightly suing all of those who participated.]

Why do I bring up this example?

Because in my opinion, having watched nine months of his professional effort, right now the metaphor is: Bill Barr is Mark O’Mara, the U.S. Constitution is George Zimmerman, and we’re about to go to trial again.


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572 Responses to Full Interview – AG Bill Barr Discusses IG Report and FBI Institutional Issues With Political Corruption…

  1. Bogeyfree says:

    Did we ever learn why Barr went to talk to Lindsay a month ago?

    IMO Barr is all hat and no cattle until……..

    We see indictments from Durham/Barr

    We learn Durham or Barr have spoken to Assange

    Barr tells us what he saw on the Wiener Laptop

    Barr tells us why they never confiscated the HRC Server from the company in CO.

    Barr tells us if Mifsud was ALWAYS a western agent

    Barr tells us why no one has looked at the Montgomery 47 hard drives

    Barr tells us why No One has spoken with the U1 Whistleblower

    Barr declassifies SOMETHING

    Meanwhile PT will be branded an IMPEACHED PRESIDENT for all of eternity while ZERO documents have been declassified and exposed to the public.

    The Senate has McConnell and the DOJ has Barr IMO.

    Actions and not words is how AG Barr IMO should be evaluated and with one of the nations’s greatest coup ever taken on a sitting President the score currently is………..

    President Trump – Impeached

    Perpetrators – Zero Indictments

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    • baebeegirl says:

      Bogey, I typically like and agree with your comments… This time tho, I agree with your one comment regarding Assange, but that’s it… God and Trump have this, period…
      I’ve waffled on Barr also, but who in their right mind comes out of retirement to help destroy the country that has given sooo much to its citizens, and Barr, himself? How much money would it take to betray your beloved country?
      That leaves us with Barr “is mentally defective” which I’m having a serious problem believing… I’m not a patient person AT ALL, but I’m really working on it, in this situation…
      Bottom line, WE (family) ARE PREPARED for any possibility…

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      • Frank says:

        Barr can be well intentioned but given what happens to those who cross the deep state it’s not surprising so few are willing to go on offense. From my point of view it appears like Trump is the only one REALLY fighting for serious change. Everyone else seems like they’re running the clock out. I’m tired of all the words and no actions. Im tired of the utter absence of consequence. For all the years of following politics nobody of significance ever gets what’s coming to them. I’d say it’s up to the people now but everyone too busy to peacefully protest for free.

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        • zekness says:

          I think your sentiments are widely shared.

          I will just drop this here.

          what you cannot see, is the FLEET of ships that were launched some as early as 2013, to lay waste to this corruption at the IC/FBI and other DS elements.

          one does not blow out the candle until it is lit.

          the candle is not yet lit..there are thousands of candles.

          one must have faith…and one must acknowledge the operations are massively complex.

          this isn’t some beach head assault.

          what has required many years to mature as a full fledged shadow government cannot be displaced in even three years….

          think war…shots have been fired…these are the first volleys only first volleys.


      • MitchSteel says:

        Bart betrayed this country with Ruby Ridge.


      • Barr isn’t mentally defective, he’s a dirtbag lawyer with a LONG history of doing dirtbag things. And he came out of retirement to “save the institutions”.


        • rightmover says:

          OK, I’ll bite. Can you enumerate that “long history of dirtbag things” for the uninitiated here?


          • Carly says:

            Google is our friend? Um, you trust algorithms for search engines with manipulated content? How about you tell us why you don’t trust Barr?


          • Tom22ndState says:

            Hey donttrusbarr,
            LOL GF


            • Chip Doctor says:

              IMO. Barr did more with this interview than anyone other than PT to expose the DS and to send a message to the coupists. It also blows up the MSM’s talking points about the IG report.

              I think I will enjoy this as a positive until I see different.

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          • rightmover says:

            Boy, trolls sure do get pi$$y when someone who’s well-trained in spotting one actually calls them out for their scripted, coordinated bullsh!t.
            I can spot tools like you a mile away. Go back to your handlers and come up with some better talking points, pinhead.


            • steph_gray says:

              Actually, please don’t invite him back. Or feed him.

              Not feeding the trolls was important way back in the days when I used to glance at the freerepublic site. I also remember they had an acronym of “GAZE” which stood for something I cannot remember, wish I could.


              • rightmover says:

                You’re probably right, but it’s fun to push their buttons when they come here with a scripted agenda and they get frustrated that more people aren’t buying their talking points.


    • EXACTLY. That won’t get many likes though. Way too many here have drank the Barr kool-aid.


    • jakee308 says:

      IMO, Barr was brought in to broker a deal between the Deep State and the various actors that had been exposed and were either fired or resigned and The President.

      The deal is to be that The President walks off with no impeachment, no charges but also no charges for the Deep State Actors. The entire coup is to be swept under the rug. No one goes to jail, no one loses any more than they already have and the nation is told it was all an error of confusion and some overeager agents. And thus so is Dunham being as how he’s Barr’s hatchet man. Sure they’re talking the talk but when the indictments come down they’ll be a big nothing burger.
      That’s why Mueller folded so quickly after Barr was nominated for AG.

      And we didn’t just lose the country. It’s been lost since the creation of the OSS during WWII. Once they joined the FBI (an organization that should never have been created) they began to run the country and sometimes the world using various agents of other countries and the US State Dept. Our military has been controlled by them since the 50’s when the so called Missile gap was presented the the American People as the ultimate threat to next threaten us. Eisenhower told us about the Military Industrial complex but forgot to warn of who was in control.

      We haven’t had an actual free election since Kennedy. Nixon got kicked out because he was actually going to end the Vietnam Conflict and stop the ticket punching by all the top brass in all the services. Sad to say, Reagan was allowed in to counter the disaster of Jimmy Carter who was misled about the ME and flubbed his lines because the Deep State misread they Ayatollah. And from there you can figure out the rest.

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      • GP says:

        HI Jake-I think you are spot on. But not many people can bring themselves to believe that. If you want confirmation on your take, check out Mae Brussell on YouTube


    • zozz1 says:

      I may well be wrong, but if you listen carefully to the words Barr uses (intolerable, for example), I believe that he has the determination to pull out the Jenga block that will bring the whole structure down. Only time will tell.

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  2. John Anthony says:

    I think Barr is the real deal.His statements on the insurrection, were courageous, given the current environment and the incoming from the deep state and the press.This all depends on Durham if he indicts quickly any doubts will hopefully disappear.

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    • Jim says:

      Why hasn’t he fired Wray? Especially since his comments yesterday and this interview today.

      I realize it’s only been 24 hours for we the smelly Walmart people but he has known what’s up for a while.

      Lack of action. He’s not a spectator with no power.

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      • willyeye says:

        I think that Barr and Trump have a grand plan, and that they’re saving the firing of Wray until a strategic time that works with their plan. I’m hoping they fire Horowitz also. And to be fair, Trump and Barr may have a damn good reason for not firing his yet. In a year from now, you might be saying, “Wow, now I see why they waited so long.” One thing about Trump, he plans 10 or 20 moves ahead of his enemies.

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    • willyeye says:

      I heard a snippet of Barr somewhere today and he said he expects Durham to finish his investigation in spring-early summer. I believe that the Dems might be right when they say Barr is like Trump’s personal attorney…to an extent. I think the reason that Barr/Durham are waiting until then is because of the timing regarding the 2020 election. Not so early that it will be forgotten, but early enough for it to have a lasting effect all the way through the actual election. Kind of like what Weissmann did to the Special Counsel investigation…Weissmann did that in order to help the Dems take the House and the Senate back and execute a successful impeachment of Trump.

      I believe that Barr wants Trump to win so that Barr gets another four years time to help Trump drain the swamp. If Barr spends the next five years doing his thing, DC could look like a much different place, not to mention the SCOTUS could be 7-2.


      • L. E. Joiner says:

        It takes time to build a ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ case, especially facing the highest officials of the previous administration.


      • Willyeye, I don’t believe that for a minute. I’m not sure if Barr is a white hat or a gray hat, but he’s appeared to act with integrity on this investigation so far. Using his power as AG to play politics is exactly what the Deep State does… I’d be stunned if he’s playing that game.


    • jakee308 says:

      Barr helped the FBI coverup over Ruby Ridge and got the two snipers off the hot seat. He’s a paid up member of the Deep State FBI Branch.


  3. amanda4321 says:

    Okay, I thought this was a bit strange so I’m going to post it here. This guy seems to be saying that there is a deliberate misspelling of “Comey” in the IG report, so that if you do a search for “Comey” you don’t get any hits (maybe just a few), but if you do a search for “Corney” you get 149:

    “Hats off to NM Mike for the tip on this: We just downloaded the official report of the IG from the DoJ Website here and and there is, indeed, a telling misspelling of the former FBI Director’s name.
    There are 149 instances of it being spelled “Corney” instead of “Comey.”

    Seems like that can’t be an accident, but I have no clue why they would do something like that.

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  4. Conservative_302 says:

    Sundance, with all your experience, I am sure you are right, but I’d like to think, Trump being Trump will give us better than the initial outcome of the Trevon Martin trial. I pray every night that God gives Trump protection and favor to change our world.

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    • bulwarker says:

      The problem is Trump made it clear he is hands off (giving declassification power to Barr, criticizing Wray but not firing him). The president wants distance. In a civil, righteous world this would be the norm, but that’s not reality. Obama orchestrated the prosecutions and investigations, the IRS scandal and the Clinton non-prosecution, and he was surrounded by loyalists. Can we say the same about Trump?

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      • zekness says:

        it isn’t just “distance”…even trump realizes the to PROPERLY get declas requires a type of diligence and experitise not commonly found…you go with the experts!

        and then also, this is forming loyal bonds.

        remember all those years trump operated with Cohn? Yeah…you need heavy hitters.

        what does Barr really get out of this, is something that keeps coming up over and over.

        The big balls level satisfaction that you CAN do something about all this bigfooting over then constitution by a mere thousand people! that’s what!

        if it makes him rich…sign me up too!


    • Linda K. says:

      Even if Sundance is right in some sense about Barr, Barr is a lawyer, not a crusader, and he still will go with the law. He will negotiate the best outcome for the country, I believe, that he can.I also think he will indict and prosecute those coup plotters that he can successfully catch. I do not think he is on the side of the intel agencies in this, but sometimes lawyers are the ultimate realists.
      Hopefully Durham can nab these b=tards and we wil win, wi, win. But if you have ever been in a lawsuit, you know how compromise works.


  5. Brian says:

    I am of two minds WRT AG Bill Barr. While he has a sterling reputation he spent much of his career defending the Power and Prestige of the Executive Branch. I fear he may join Director Wray in defending the institutions of government from the chaos that would necessarily follow a True Accounting. On the other hand the trespasses against the Constitution and the Rule of Law were so egregious that he may just wade through the tall grass with a scythe. Until Bill Barr pulls the trigger I can’t take the measure of the man.


    • mikeyboo says:

      Barr has already contradicted Wray as to the “no bias” “all professionally handled”.
      Barr wants to defend this President and the Office of the President without totally destroying our confidence in all our Institutions e.g. Congress, DOJ, FBI etc. That would appear to be an almost impossible task.
      I think the way to restore confidence would be to blast it all and show the power of righteousness. Then we can begin to rebuild.He is in an extremely tough position but I believe he wants to do the right thing.

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      • mikeyboo says:

        Barr has already contradicted Horowitz AND Wray as to the “no bias” “all professionally handled”.
        Barr wants to defend this President and the Office of the President without totally destroying our confidence in all our Institutions e.g. Congress, DOJ, FBI etc. That would appear to be an almost impossible task.
        I think the way to restore confidence would be to blast it all and show the power of righteousness. Then we can begin to rebuild.He is in an extremely tough position but I believe he wants to do the right thing.

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        • billinlv says:

          The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Bill Barr gives great speeches but is batting zero where it counts. Durham, like Huber, is AWOL (or cooking pasta in Tuscany). And Jeff Sessions, the linchpin in the 3 year fraud perpetrated against the people and Donald Trump, is almost certainly going to be re-elected to the senate.(How can that be?) And the senate is a nest of vipers that ought to be utterly and decisively destroyed. Rod Serling may be invisible but he is alive and well. We live in the Twilight Zone and I’m not liking it.


    • I can because I know Barr’s history and it is NOT “Sterling”. The guy is a total liar. I mean, he’s a govt lawyer, what do you expect?


      • LULU says:

        You need more than that. You need links to support your assertions… and we have no idea where they came from, what you know about Barr’s history. Unsupported reputation slams have never been welcome around here…


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        • It is readily available if you type in Ruby Ridge and Iran Contra. It’s not some esoteric, bs, conspiracy theory website stuff.
          For god sakes, even the tools at Wikipedia published this info.
          PS sorry if you’re new here and being red pilled.


        • Seriously, I think you’d be happier on Slate where rude, crude, flaming comments are commonplace. Just one of the many things I like about CTH is that most who post here are adults.

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    • Budgetobserver says:

      There will never be a “true accounting”…. what there should be is an accounting that the People can rest with. That is how it will work. Big enough fish go down with significant others who we will say skated by. A compromise that is enough to restore some faith in the institutions but not enough for “true accounting”.


    • OlderAndWiser says:

      So, this is how I understand Barr:
      He realizes that our constitution has been trampled upon over many decades – slowly but coming to a crescendo now. Some of the main issues have to do with the SC rulings that allowed Congress to use the Commerce clause as rationale to pass laws, the Administrative powers act (or whatever it’s called), and so forth. The FIRST stand in this regard was the SC rejecting by 7-2 (yes,
      Roberts got two dems to vote with him) the argument by the Obama admin and Pelosi’s congress that the expansion of Medicaid in the aca was lawful under the commerce clause. Pelosi was absolutely shocked – she thought congress could do
      Whatever it wanted.
      It was the first time that the use of the commerce
      Clause was rejected.
      Next was an encroachment into the administrative powers act – the SC was more deferential to the elected president and less to the “experts” in the bureaucracy.
      Congress has been expanding it’s powers while encroaching on the executive branch.
      He is part of the small army of guardians of the constitution to bring back the order the founders created.
      He’s not a Trump stooge; but he’s a stooge for
      The Presidency. Make sense?
      We need to get Trump re-elected and at least a
      Republican senate. Remake the judiciary. And then another 4-8 years more to keep it that way for decades. That will stop the encroachment and the bureaucratic land grab.


  6. lurker99 says:

    Just think if you get put on a jury where the FBI or DOJ is providing evidence …………….

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  7. hokkoda says:

    Kind of interesting to hear Bill Barr basically recite what we’ve been saying for years, confirmation that Durham really is on the right track, and that (speaking only for myself) recent adjustments to the investigation show they have not only determined the Russia investigation was not properly predicated that
    a) it appears to have started much earlier than July 2016 as claimed by the FBI – confirmation of what Nunes has said (and is documented extensively in Lee Smith’s book)
    b) even though the case collapsed in Jan 2017, the investigation continued and weaponized against POTUS

    If Barr was trying to play both sides, I don’t think he says those things. He needs to maintain, as the AG, a demeanor of impartiality. But, I don’t think there’s any way he’s Mark O’Mara playing both sides. He’s calling fake evidence fake, and he’s correctly pointing out the many instances of outright false statements, documents, and behaviors by FBI employees. He’s also clearly got a good grasp of the satellite agencies around FBI who had a role. This interview is the Florida DA coming out before the trial and saying, “Hey, we have serious issues with these witnesses, and there is evidence they lied intentionally.” Barr talks about how Horowitz wouldn’t get into motive, but it’s clear from his statements and demeanor that he has an opinion on the motives of the people who lied to the FISC and the people who signed off on those lies.

    I was upset to hear him say “Late spring, early summer” before we hear from Durham and shooting down the idea that we’re going to hear from Durham in the next few weeks. This case is not very complicated, not really, and so I’m surprised we may not get much for several months. The flip side is that if Durham comes back in late Spring with indictments, and that seems to be the way this is trending, that stands to benefit PDJT significantly heading into the summer conventions and fall campaign. I’d much rather see people in handcuffs now, but I suppose that’s unrealistic given that the criminal probe only started 6 weeks ago…

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    • visage13 says:

      Rush had an interesting take on this today, it goes much further and deeper then the United States. Remember it is the nationalists vs the globalists around the world. I cannot remember exactly but if you go to his website you can probably find it in today’s show. After listening to Rush and now just listening to AG Barr, and knowing Pres Trump will not let this stand, I have faith that people will go to jail and right now first on my list is the smug Comey. I believe it would have been better for the IG report to come out as arrests are being made. But that was just a dream. I am interested in hearing how Graham handles the the hearing tomorrow.

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      • hokkoda says:

        Comey has been tweeting about his alleged vindication, so I’ve been tweeting replies asking how it feels to not be called a traitor by the IG, but to be called incompetent and stupid instead…

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      • mikeyboo says:

        It is certainly international in scope as the greed and the money transcend national boundaries.

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      • visage- I heard part of Rush today and am glad that you posted. I was very taken by what he said about the Deep State, the Swamp and how our President Trump, Barr and Durham were trying to do something that has never been attempted before, namely, draining the Swamp and taking down the Deep State.
        As Rush said, the jury is still out. We don’t know if it’s going to work or not. But he feels that is the reason why they are dotting all the i’s and crossing all the T’s.

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      • frankmystery says:

        I was listening to him today. I did a double take when I heard him essentially refer to all these people, even Obama, as foot soldiers to a larger power. It’s very rare you hear anyone mainstream mention TPTB (the powers that be). It’s very common in conspiracy forums dissecting information and motives though. Very intriguing.

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    • owtolunch says:

      Barr and company have to draw out the picture, identify who did what, when, and why and refer those who committed crimes for further investigation and grand jury and prosecution if warranted…

      In His WSJ interview today (on YouTube) CEO Conference he emphasized that his cases must be put together as if each was going to trial (not plea bargaining) and he wants his cases to meet the beyond the reasonable doubt test before he takes it to court…

      no oddball legal theories … hard cases that he will not lose.

      He said similar things to the States Attorney Generals today as well about the Tech Industries… He does not seem to be fooling around…

      He said he must rebuild the FBI and the DOJ. I would not want to be a Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, or many others who were party to this mess. I think Barr is going to push this as he has nothing to lose. This is his life legacy in history… He was retired and came back to this because he was asked by the U S President… He said this is the greatest honor of his lifetime.

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      • hokkoda says:

        Yep, and they need to secure some lower-level convictions to secure the higher value targets. For example, if James Baker (the ONA chief) is the leaker of the Flynn SIGINT intercept to the media, that guy is in massive legal peril. If, as it appears, he was the money launderer between CIA and Halper to pay for Mifsud, he’s going to sing, sing, sing like a canary to avoid serious prison time. Hillary’s emails were one thing, but leaking SIGINT intercepts directly to the media? They’ll put him in prison for that.

        Ditto Clinesmith. He’s no low-level lawyer, and his alterations of the FISA application beg the question…whose idea was it?

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    • Frank says:

      My first thought hearing “Late spring, early summer” was that once we reach that point they’ll say it’s too close to election. Calling it now!…

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      • TarsTarkas says:

        This President has broken many traditions. Wouldn’t surprise me if he breaks more, especially involving crooks who tried to take him down.


      • steph_gray says:

        Agree, Tars.

        VSGPDJT does NOT give a flip what the yellowstream media/corruptocongress/deep state complex says about him, or about anything they view as a “tradition.” They make up all sorts of nonsense such as the idea that Biden cannot be investigated because he’s running.

        None of it has any basis in legal fact that I’ve seen mentioned.

        Let them scream and cry. I savor their tears.


    • Mark Smith says:

      I believe that we will need many indictments for our side to feel that the President and the Presidency have been treated justly, and that the FBI, DOJ, and Brennan have been appropriately punished for their many evil deeds. Kevin Klinesmith will not be enough. A dozen indictments will take time. I am pleased that Barr gave us the “late spring, early summer” timetable, when he could have just left it open-ended and frustrated us some more. Finally, unlike Sessions, we must have Barr working for us to succeed, as I see no one else on the horizon. He is the critical component, so I cannot judge him now, but cross my fingers and hope.


    • Bryan Alexander says:

      You said ” This case is not very complicated, not really,…”

      Respectfully, this case is EXTREMELY complicated. The evidence made public so far indicates:
      1. The CIA Director initiated an operation AGAINST private American Citizens in order to falsely lay a predicate for initiating FISA investigations in order to spy on those he politically opposed. Since Brennan is not running for political office, who was he doing this for? President Obama? You have possible violations of the CIA conducting operations on American soil against Americans. Yoou have the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES possibly ordering people to use the US Intelligence community illegally against his political opponents. Oh, by the way, this was the first Black president. We ripped the nation apart over slavery and fought a civil war, and the spectre of racism still existed in official government action for another 100 years. You don’t think accusing Barak Obama of illegal spying wouldn’t kick over a near civil war in the US?

      2. The upper echelons of the Department of Justice tried to pull off a coup against a sitting president. If you charge them under the Seditious Conspiracy law, you better have EVERY SINGLE “t” and “i” crossed and dotted.

      To actually prosecute these people for the full crimes, this is UNBELIEVABLY difficult.

      A few convictions of perjury against a lower level lawyer or two will not excise this cancer out of the government.


      • hokkoda says:

        You misunderstand. I don’t mean to imply that the case is easy to prosecute if they decide to prosecute what is at its core a Seditious Conspiracy. What I mean is that the basic contours – what they did – is not terribly tough to understand.

        CIA plants evidence using a well known foreign agent. Money is paid via a contract with DoD ONA to provide separation. Assets (Halper) cultivate the mark (PapaD) to elevate his status using traditional methods (basically: flattery and status). Mifsud plants the seed. Foreign Gov’t employee / Clinton Supporter just happens to hear the mark say something about Russia. Reports this to FBI. Investigation “triggered”. (FBI just sat on it until they were ready to pull the trigger.) Upper echelons of the FBI steered “three, separate hand-picked, teams” (IG’s words) through the same wickets making the same mistakes producing the same results (illegal search warrants allowing them to spy on the Trump campaign while also creating the fake story that there was a legitimate reason to be doing so). As the coup starts to fall apart in Feb/Mar, Comey writes up some memos knowing his days are numbered with the intent of handing off the coup to Weissman (who as a participant throughout, per the IG report) and teammates Strzok, Page, Clinesmith et al.

        The media tried so very hard to make this all look like a massively complex conspiracy theory. But now we know the contours of said conspiracy theory were correct.

        Now it’s up to Barr to collect the evidence to prosecute it. Yes, that is hard to do. But it is quite a bit less difficult once you realize that nobody really tried to cover their tracks very well. They’ve retreated from melting iceberg (the dossier) to melting iceberg (PapaD told them accepting help from Russia is “illegal”) to melting iceberg (Page FISA).

        They’re running out of fallback stories. I expect the next one to be that this is just political retribution, and that they’re all just actually “whistleblowers” being unfairly retaliated against by the Trump Administration.

        None of this will work. I would wager that Durham has certain key people over a barrel already…


  8. Wow, there was actually true news on NBC???

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  9. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    Well if we’re just gonna tell stories about OTHER lawyers to determine what BARR might do.

    I’ll add a couple:
    John Adams was a lawyer in colonial Boston. Against the overwhelming ire of his community, he represented the British soldiers charged in the so-called Boston Massacre. After illiciting testimony that, in the confusion caused by the unruly crowd, Col Preston had indeed not given an order to fire, Adams obtained the acquittal of 6 of the 8 arguing successfully that even British were allowed the right of self-defense.

    John Quincy Adams famously argued to the Supreme Court in probably the most consequential slavery case pre Dred Scot that a vessel of kidnapped Africans taken into slavery were indeed not property by the prevailing laws of the day and to have acted as free men when they fought to regain their freedom

    Lt Daniel Kaffee represented two Marines who had been ordered to conduct the rumored “Code Red” on one of their cohorts while stationed at Guantanamo Bay. In climactic fashion Lieutenant Dan confronted the base Commander Nathan Jessup tricking him into admitting that both the “Code Red” was real and that he had ordered it.
    Proving that Lt Dan could indeed
    handle the truth.

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  10. mtg50 says:

    There has been, for quite a while, enough evidence to show that there was a coordinated effort between the FBI/DOJ and the IC to remove President Trump, i.e., a coup. IG Horowitz’s report documented criminal actions of some individuals that can easily lead to indictments. However, indictments of individuals, such as Comey for FISA abuse, while good for instant gratification, would be an abject failure as a complete response to this coup attempt. All these crimes were in furtherance of the overthrow of a duly elected President. The coup must be exposed and the roles and the connections of the members of the coup must be tied together. That is what has to be prosecuted. Horowitz is not the one who can do that. I believe this is what Durham is doing. The keystone to this effort is the predicate which was used to open Crossfire Hurricane. Horowitz found this a valid predicate. Durham, in his statement, disagreed. The investigation was opened on a statement made by George Papadopoulos in a London bar. Durham knows that was a set-up and he knows that John Brennan was behind that set-up along with foreign IC. Hence, his statement that he knows more than Horowitz based on information outside of the FBI/DOJ and outside of the U.S. When this keystone falls the whole corrupt edifice will fall and the coup and participants will be exposed. The extraordinary statements by AG Barr and Durham yesterday and Barr’s interviews today indicate that will be the outcome.

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    • walt39 says:

      I think that’s absolutely right. And you make a key distinction between indicting the plotters and exposing/proving the attempted coup and using THAT against those involved.

      Conspiracy to commit sedition or treason is the big deal and exposing 20 (200?) subordinates for fraud, lying, mishandling classified information (etc.) isn’t anything close to equivalent.

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    • hokkoda says:

      Yep, Horowitz has to take as a “given” that everything leading up to the July 31st decision was “proper”. A phone call came in about suspected Russian malfeasance and alleged collaboration with the Trump campaign, and boom, investigation starts. Durham does not have to take that as the trigger. I suspect that Durham is bird dogging what Lee Smith documents in his book (about Nunes)…the protodossier written by Nellie Ohr, and the setup of Papadopolous by Brennan for the express purpose of planting evidence on him.

      This investigation is all about “triggers”. The Government operates on the basis of these triggers. A phone call comes in, an investigation gets started. Brennan and Comey know this. If they plant the right triggers, they get the right responses. Comey’s fake memos are a trigger…he knew that if he leaked them there would be a Special Counsel. So he planned ahead and wrote them knowing he could pull the trigger later if needed. Brennan knew the ICA was a “trigger” that would launch a small army of people to bury the Trump Transition and the early Trump Presidency in an avalanche of hostility from an Intel Community eager to prove the ICA was right. As Schumer said, the IC has a million ways to get you.

      Leaking the FISA application was a trigger. It launched the FBI’s setup of Flynn, and triggered the US media into fits of hysteria about “the Russians”.

      Follow the triggers back to their sources, and then nail the sources of those triggers to the wall…that’s what I think Durham is doing.

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    • L. E. Joiner says:

      However, indictments of individuals, such as Comey for FISA abuse, while good for instant gratification, would be an abject failure as a complete response to this coup attempt. All these crimes were in furtherance of the overthrow of a duly elected President. . .

      That’s right. If you go after each individual conspirator, you’ll get the “Just following orders,” “It was only an investigation of the Russians,” excuses. You have to establish first that there was in fact a conspiracy, a coup. As I see it, the coup was intended to be a Frame-up, making it appear that Donald Trump was in fact colluding with Russians, and all the actions were in furtherance of establishing the frame. It failed, of course, but that was the aim.

      Then you’ll have, not just individual malfeasance, or ‘mistakes’, but the individuals participating in a cabal, a seditious conspiracy. That’s serious prison time. /LEJ


    • OlderAmdWiser says:

      Yes. But listen carefully to what Barr said. He asked Durham to focus on what happened AFTER Trump was elected. And that the FBI knew that their case was blown but they continued anyways –
      And changing evidence along the way.
      The stuff before the election is election meddling – bad. But not as bad a coup against a sitting President. He’s trying to make the seditious conspiracy case. Will take time. If he can’t, he’ll take the other low hanging fruits and put people in jail doe short terms.
      You think it’s a coincidence that he’s asking the SC to allow the death penalty again?


  11. Leave aside the fact that there is plenty of evidence and everybody knows it. As Barr explained, “No evidence of bias” is not “no bias”.

    Horowitz asked the Dirty Cops if they were biased. They said no. He then looked for an email that said “Hey, everybody, let’s overthrow the government!” Didn’t find one.

    Ergo, “no evidence”. It’s horse…malarkey, but there you go.

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    • California Joe says:

      Exactly! Horowitz cleverly looks at each bad act in a vacuum with his blinders securely and deliberately in place refusing to evaluate the multiple bad acts taken in groups or in total as well as in conjunction with the horrendous text messages. As you pointed out unless Horowitz found a text message from one of the conspirators saying “I’m falsified the supporting documents to the FISA application so I can screw President Trump” he was going to whitewash the whole matter!

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    • hokkoda says:

      Actually, Horowitz has said there was bias. He claims that this bias did not change the outcome. In other words, just because they were all Hillary voters and hated Trump, didn’t mean they rigged the Hillary email investigation to secure their desired electoral outcome. Horowitz claims that the result would have been the same, even without their biases.

      The question I want him asked is about Clinesmith. Clinesmith had all those horrible texts AND he acted in a way to falsify a warrant the he knew would be used to target President Trump and associates. So it is perfectly clear that these people texting each other about insurance policies and “the resistance” have biases and that those biases in one case were so bad that a falsified warrant request was submitted to the FISC. Furthermore, if biases do not equate to action, why were Strzok, Page, Clinesmith removed from the Mueller investigation?

      This is one of those things where Horowitz needs to be grilled about bias. The FBI wants to have it both ways. They can fire people for bias, call them guilty of gross unprofessionalism and staggering hypocrisy on one hand, but then when the investigation turns to TRUMP, why, there might be bias, but their agents acted with the highest of high integrity and their biases had no bearing on the outcome.

      That kind of crap is why people are rapidly turning on their government.

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      • hokkoda says:

        And when Horowitz comes back and says, “You’ll have to as Mueller why he decided to remove them,” my follow up would be, “Why even send Mueller the texts if bias isn’t an issue for you?” The Senate GOP needs to grill this guy tomorrow…


    • CM-TX says:

      Bank robbers, etc. should start using this same defense. So if there’s NO actual emails/notes CLEARLY stating MOTIVE/INTENT from the perp…

      eg., “I’m going to rob [such & such] bank on [this specific] day. I will do this at exactly [X:00 am/pm]. Also, my BFF [Jon Doe] will drive the getaway car [model, color, & license plate].

      P.S. Attached is our travel map, Bank floor-plan, & our explicit plan on exactly how we’ll take the $.

      P.P.S. I’m doing it b/c I think I deserve other people’s $$$, also b/c I can.

      Signed, Mr. Bank Robber/ [or maybe Congress, IDK😉]”

      Well then, absent of– you must ACQUIT!


  12. Trent Telenko says:

    My impression of AG Barr is a man who does not want to get fired like FBI Director Wray will after impeachment is over in the Senate.

    I have zero excitement about the man.

    No excitement until indictments. And there are no Deep state indictments.

    ’nuff said


  13. MR52 says:

    Any chance that it goes for a vote in the house and fails to save face to the Democrats that are at risk. It is a plan to show they tried to impeach but were obstructed by Democrats that had their hands tied. Since the Trump supports will feel they have won, they will back off and it will knock the wind out of their sails so the Dems still have a chance in 2020.

    This could be a Dem. Psy. out. Just guessing. Best thing would be for it to go to the Senate.
    Burisma was a CIA front and the Dems got handouts from it. Easy to see why they were protecting their interest, but they did not think Trump would be as successful as he is. Friday is going to be an interesting day to see if the Dems are so stupid that they pull off the impeachment vote.

    They lose if Trump is impeached. They lose if he is not. The best out for them is not to pass the vote for impeachment.

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  14. bulwarker says:

    More waiting, now until Summer 2020… We hope. The Next-Time Republicans strike again!


  15. ChampagneReady says:

    I also was a very avid follower of the Zimmerman trial. I was such a junkie of the OJ trial I actually went to Brentwood and covertly took my own pictures of the murder scene and Simpson’s driveway. it was about 2 AM. I was obsessed with that trial and believe I know exactly how Simpson murdered Ron and Nicole. And it was not remotely what the Clark/Darden abysmally inept bunglers showed.

    The one thing I thought was an absolute masterpiece in the Zimmerman trial was the chart they prepared for their closing argument showing the list of things the jury had to believe beyond any REASONABLE doubt in order to find Zimmerman guilty. And then O”mara went through them point by point. It was exceptional and if anything was influential in finding George not guilty, it was that.

    I think it should be taught in criminal law student classes and some form of this should be used by criminal defense lawyers in every case. ESPECIALLY when it is a railroad-job prosecution, as this was.

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  16. Brutalus says:

    I ask this question in earnest…what is the analogy to O’Mara in terms of if he had done X, the Zimmerman case would have never even gone to trial….What is Barr doing or not doing right now that is analogous to this? Should he be moving faster? Should he be talking more about Mueller? Ukraine? Flynn? Like I said asking in earnest, because I see him in the belly of the beast (NBC) laying it all out to their audience

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    • TreeClimber says:

      Would also like to know.


    • Lawrence says:

      Precisely. The arrests and convictions will be made. The global swamp will be drained. But none of this can occur until the NBC News audience-the people who swear by Brian Williams and Rachel Maddow and that whole corrupt crew- has it laid out clearly for them. That is what Mr. Barr is doing.

      I look forward to the Senate impeachment trial. If this is the arena in which the Democrats choose to die in, so be it. I really don’t care what stadium the game is played in, as long as Team Trump gets to play offense. The stage is set for a massive reveal and I almost think the Dems had no choice in this matter.

      So instead of being frustrated that arrests might not happen until Summer (OMG!) maybe think of the next few months as a great binge show on HBO or Netflix as the plot against America is revealed. Breaking Barr. Game of Crones. Lucky us. This revolution is most certainly going to be televised.

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    • Doppler says:

      I’ll defer to Sundance on what he meant by his analogy, but I think there is a lack of clarity to the notion that Barr is O’Mara here, or playing the same role, because O’Mara played the burden of proof advantage to get to “not guilty,” while Sundance apparently wanted him to do something akin to what we hope Sidney Powell is doing, getting the judge to rule the Flynn prosecutor in contempt for willfully misleading the court, defying an express order, and hiding blatantly biased political targeting by prosecutors. Barr and Durham will have to carry the burden beyond reasonable doubt for every conviction they hope to get. Barr is very measured in what he says and, like O’Mara, wants people to see him as a neutral arbiter of the facts. And he gets in front of NBC’s audience to dismiss Horowitz’s no bias conclusion, call the predicate “the flimsiest,” then points out the errors in the FISA submission aren’t even corrected after Trump is President, asking, “What’s that all about.” So maybe is playing to the public the role of neutral arbiter, but Durham will have to hammer hard to get convictions on everyone he indicts.

      I took it as bad news that Lisa Page, long rumored to have flipped, is now acting like she’s going to fight. The best thing, from my perspective, is if one of the key players – Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Ohr – is indicted while simultaneously six to ten criminal informations are unsealed and guilty pleas are taken from direct participants in the key players’ crimes, with the guilty pleaders promising to cooperate for leniency, and the informations detailing with compelling force every element of various acts of treason, bribery, high crimes and misdemeanors by the target, with overwhelming evidence. We want relatively few actual trials to verdict

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  17. Madmax110 says:

    In my opinion the big fish will escape. The rot is too deep.
    This goes all the way up to Obama, senators, congressmen, federal judges, intelligence agencies, foreign governments, and maybe the Supreme Court.
    That’s a tall order for two men.
    There is only one choice to save this country. Take them all down.


    • Barr and Durham in several foreign countries and the reciprocal FiveEyes abused… makes me confident Obama and HRC involved. Connecting the dots seems likely and the narrative will be devastating.

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      • James Carpenter says:

        Devastating for open eyes and ears.
        Water off a duck’s back for those who cling to their TDS beliefs.
        It won’t be until November 2020 that we gain some unequivocal clarity on the Republic’s chances of survival.


    • ann says:

      In my opinion, convicting the top command of DOJ & Bureau is the most critical task.

      Fed LE have a monopoly on lawful means to halt & punish antisocial, deviant and criminal conduct for persons & groups of hi status persons.

      NOTHING can be fixed until we have a clean JD. That includes fixing their” rules” & interpretations of law so we can have fair,prompt & serious remedial justice.

      I never quite understood before that equal justice is the foundation of civil society. Everything collapses if it’s withheld, predators take over.

      That’s what we have now, and it’s their fault: no one forced them to take on this duty.
      This crisis didn’tjust happen all a sudden. For 10 years or more, they.betrayed us. It built up, and nothing we did made them do the right thing.

      I think MANY casual Americans turned on the DoJ Bureau when they said Hillary is innocent of intell breaches.

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    • Perot Conservative says:

      Don’t forget Nora. She could be our Perry Mason.


  18. Jerry Joe says:

    So it really may not be a “too bad” for General Barr that he passed on the olive branch extended from POTUS. Perhaps he, too, is another one of the soldiers to which Mark Zaid was referring and was simply called back into action. Our history books are filled traitors and patriots.

    The choice Barr makes only matters in the perception of the audience. Really rotten is his tacit approval of the entire FISA process and its not unforeseen cancerous mutation.

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  19. thefountainhead2007 says:

    The person or persons behind CTH are astute observers. But I get the sense that he/she/they overshot on the IG’s report on the Hillary investigation and are now over-correcting the other way. Barr declassifying everything isn’t some magic pill. Nor is Barr throwing shade on Rosenstein, Wray, etc. While declassification will likely prove what CTH has inferred over the years, getting criminal convictions before a DC jury when the cases are complex and politically charged takes meticulous preparation. No serious work was done on this before Barr got there. He says it’s being done now. I’ll wait and see.

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    • johnparham1 says:

      Totally agree Fountainhead.

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      • LULU says:

        Me, too. And I don’t drink Koolaid nor do I belong to a cult. I do see complexity in this case that we have not seen before. I too believe that where crimes have been committed (not to be confused with the breaking of HR rules), there will be indictments. Those come from a grand jury, after they have been presented with witness testimony and evidence. We are not watching Law & Order. Not a slam, bam, over in one hour (minus commercials) situation.

        I am very suspicious of those who show up on forums, throwing unsupported allegations around and insulting everyone who disagrees with them. Reek of agendas…


        • steph_gray says:

          Indeed, Lulu. The one on this thread is as obvious as a black cat in a snowstorm.

          The paymasters must be extra worried about Barr right now.


    • L. E. Joiner says:

      Can they get a change of venue?


  20. T2020 says:

    Apoplexy looks good on them.

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  21. johnparham1 says:

    Sundance, I respectfully disagree with your opinion of Bill Barr. He is not another O’Mara. He is not “above it all,” and is in the fray and in their face in a reserved, professional, non-political way as befits a serious AG. He didn’t have to do this interview but the day after IG release he took it directly to MSNBC and completely unnerved the interviewer with his confidence, common sense and sometimes one-word answers.

    My take-away is – Barr understand the enormity of the situation and will get the job done with John Durham’s help. Example: The interviewer posits: “Well, do you think we have a civil liberties situation here if what you’re saying is true? Barr: The country was turned upside down for three years; this was a historic disruption . . .

    Lots of folks are asking for fireworks and pitchforks and that will only backfire and cause the MSM to scream Barr is protecting Trump. But this is not ‘Bondo Barr.’ IMHO

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    • California Joe says:

      Notice how he subtlety throws Rosenstein and Mueller under the bus with the mere mention of three years!

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    • Frank says:

      Fireworks and pitchforks would likely be more productive than the last 20 years of word salads by my estimation. The corruption has reached a point that average Joe citizen can see it now. Demotions, firings, and wrist slapping (maybe jail for some nobodies) won’t change anything.


  22. Neo L says:

    OMG WHAT HE SAYS MINUTE 6 AROUND I GUESS THAT IS all part of the DEclassification omg i didnt know anythig of that what he said!!!
    and i am at minute 6 of the video…

    is he is declassiflying by talking ?


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  23. islandpalmtrees says:

    Let’s list the spies on President Trump and his campaign?
    Peter Strzok Double agent CIA & FBI
    Eric Ciaramella CIA
    George Papadopoulos CIA
    Stefan Halper

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  24. California Joe says:

    I think AG Barr is the real deal and this interview reinforced my belief. Barr got rid of Rosenstein and Mueller which, as we all know, was no easy task. He finessed his criticism of Horowitz because he knows, and we know, that Horowitz is a favorite of the Democrats and the news media for very obvious reasons. Watch the interview! The man is pulling the mask off the news media and doesn’t blink an eye! He repeated everything we’ve read here and a whole lot more. Give him and Durham a chance to do what’s right for President Trump and America.

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  25. Payday says:

    One difference I see, O’Mara was a media hound. Until today, Barr has been laying low in the background. Like a lion stalking his prey. Hope I’m right.

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  26. Did O’ Mara keep dirtbags like Wray in power? Did he have a history of being a cleaner?

    I’m sorry but this is wishful thinking. I’m a couple pro-Barr posts away from calling SD brainwashed.


  27. john says:

    Sorry but Barr has not remained quiet.

    In his first public hearing he used the word spy. That was the first time that word was used in an official capacity in connection with the Russia investigation and was heard by the broader public. The whole country talked about spying for weeks. Even the apolitical.

    Then you have his impassioned speeches at Notre Dame and at the Federalist Society.

    And now this interview.

    Barr has definitely not remained quiet. He has called this out for what it is several times.

    He, like PDJT, is walking a political tightrope. The Dem tyrants main defense is that any charges eventually brought are politically motivated. You can see them setting up this defense with the narrative being set that the IG Report states that the FBI had an adequately supported predicate to spy on the campaign and Donald Trump.

    Barr knows that when the shit hits the fan, his fingerprints must remain light. PDJT and Barr have their bulldog in Durham whose career has been nonpartisan. He will do the heavy lifting. Hes the only shot we have to actually bring criminals to Justice and to drain the swamp without 600k Americans dying in a civil bloodbath.

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  28. freepetta says:

    Thanks for posting this Sundance I missed this. It is a great interview and gives me hope that justice will be done!! As AG Barr says justice takes time and it will happen.

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  29. Dutchman says:

    Alas, I concur with Sundances ‘take’ on Barr, and have been clear on my position.
    Based on the similar Sessions debate, PDJT also knows Barr isn’t his savior, nor Durham, and is still ‘holding his fire’.
    IIRC, Sundance rendered his opinion BEFORE PDJT, on Sessions.

    When I had my own ‘waking moment’ on Sessions, where I went from vigilant defender, to unsure, to convinced he was compromised, it was a day or so later that I experienced a seperate mental blow; “Oh, crap if Sessions is a rat, that means,Huber is a headfake! Oh, NO!”

    This time, I think of Barr as Barr/Durham; I don’t see how you can think Barr is Bondo, and yet hold out hope for Durham. They come as a ‘set’, either way they are aligned.

    I think PDJT dispatching Rudy to Ukraine, is a ‘tell’ that he doesn’t have confidence in Barr/Durham either.

    Even though he asked the Ukranian President to work with Barr, he STLL sent Rudy, and as his ‘special envoy’, he is taking a lot of spin, for doing that.

    If he had full confidence in Barr/Durham, there would have been NO NEED to send Rudy, and risk the Political heat, and spun perception that he,was sending Rudy to ‘dig up dirt’ on his Political opponent.

    Just let Barr/Durham, in his OFFICIAL capacity, and as mandated by law, interact with and investigate Ukraine corruption.

    With Grahams capitualation (announcing the ‘no trial’ vote option) its obvious he and his mentor do not want a trial looking at Ukraine corruption, as they are complicit.

    And THEY confirmed Barr/Durham.
    They wouldn’t confirm a Sidney Powell, who would have pulled ALL the threads on the,Mueller Russia crap, because they would have led to McConnell and Ryan, and the Decepticons.

    Ergo, Barr/Durham is a head fake, a cleaner sent in to once again “Investigate to exhonerate.

    WORDS mean considerably less than nothing, in the swamp.
    Read that sentence, again.

    Barrs statements, and Durhams are as heartfelt and sincere as Grahams Kavanaugh speech. And JUST as meaningless.

    ACTIONS are what you have to look at, IGNORE the rhetoric. Rosie, allowed to retire, on Barrs watch.
    That lawyer that went to Boeing, ditto.
    The continued redaction and classification for information that there is no other earthly reason, than to maintain the coverup.

    Barr/Durham can NOT convict a few of the small group, for SERIOUS crimes, without convicting ALL. And the Swamp is detirmined that CAN NOT HAPPEN. But, they don’t get the decisive vote.

    So, we’ll see what happens. Glad Sundance has finally expressed his opinion.

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    • Perot Conservative says:

      So why say “there was spying, the only question, was it properly predicated” days in?

      Then comments in Central America a few months later. A grand act?

      And why hire sterling Nora R. Dannehy as PA?


      • Dutchman says:

        Headfake. WHY did Sessions dramatically hint, then confirm assigning Huber?
        Headfake. Or, more accurately “Investigate to exhonerate”, a ploy that has been used a lot, in ghe,era of Obama.

        In the Military, if there is mistake, a screw up, a FUBAR, ….first option is paint it olive drab.

        If THAT,doesn’t work, paint it RED.
        So it obviously was intentional, is the idea.

        Like Huber, we are mollified, and have a basis for wishful thinking, that,Durham is ‘on the case’, is empanelling grand juries, and indictments will be forthcoming.

        Well, just,as a Prosecutor can lead a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich, he can also lead them to NO indictments.
        Saw Barr saying he hasn’t talked to Durham about whether Durham should write a report, but will, next two weeks. Yeah, right.

        And a trip to foreign countries to gather evidence, can be to bury that evidence where it will never be seen.
        Barr just LOVES Wray, right down to his socks. NOT reassuring, particularly after PDJT gave Wray the tweet of death.


  30. Val says:

    When one calls for actions, I wonder what, exactly, we’re supposed to do? Invade DC in a giant protest? Take on weapons? Start fighting on the streets? I really don’t know. I’ve seen many angry people and I hope and pray that we don’t need to go down that road.

    I’m not White. I’m from Brazil. I’m American citizen for more than 10 years. We pay all taxes. Never used any “help” from the Government. . Last week, my husband (he is White) was talking to a guy in CA who had a Trump/Pence 2020 decal on his truck, he was all enthusiastic, showing him his Trump tshirt that, he says, he “wears every day”, until he saw me…then he changed. I could feel like he saw me as an enemy.

    I didn’t mention it to my husband, but he also noticed that the guy changed his attitude. That concerns me.


    • mikeyboo says:

      Val, He may simply have assumed that you were anti-Trump. The main stream media would have America believe that only evil White people support Pres Trump.


    • Maybe it was because you were a woman.


    • BL says:

      Val, I’m not white either I’m a fleshy color If I was white I’d be an albino. Keep your head up you have nothing to feel guilty of. We ALL are in this together.


    • Gizmothing@msn.com says:

      Not sure about this story. Slandering a person and implying they are a racist and you “know” he hates you like an enemy, because in your opinion, his “attitude changed”, whatever that means. He became quiet or what are you insinuating? Maybe he got nervous that he might get physically attacked for a Trump shirt. So….,your husband was talking to a guy in CA (you are from elsewhere, but just in CA for the day?), some stranger goes on a whole spiel about his enthusiasm and Trump shirt he wears every day, and then you popped up, in CA too, and when the dude in an worn out tshirt saw you, you “felt” the hate of a thousand suns…and of course now you’re concerned of all Trump supporters, those racists.


  31. LearnedHat says:

    Unfortunately we have come to a point where taking your time, doing a complete and thorough investigation, and letting your case do the talking in court (which I think is very professional) is going to lead to justice coming too late and landing like a butterfly.

    I think it is more important that the story is told broadly and loudly than people actually going to jail but I am not sure if the one can happen without other.

    I feel helpless in the whole ordeal and have now for over three years — somebody tap me on the shoulder when it’s time to put a claw hammer into Brennan’s head.


  32. bessie2003 says:

    Yes, this nation is definitely in a put up or shut up time frame.

    I can’t possibly see how Barr letting Durham push his work until the spring or summer of 2020 is of anything good – believe there’s a 90 days before an election rule where there is not supposed to be campaign interference by the FBI etc. so it seemed to me when first hearing AG Barr’s interview on a different link what? Summer 2020? Barr intends to string President Trump out into the next national election cycle? That just keeps the whole collusion/obstruction scam going into the full length of this President’s first term, giving the TDS folk more time to keep their illusion alive. How could that be productive to fixing the clearly weaponized Justice Department?

    Then came here to the Treehouse and see this article. Always holding on with hope and a prayer for right action it’s best to remember to always trust your gut instincts first.

    Time will tell, but have also learned to heed Sundance’s hunches. Thank you.

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    • mikeyboo says:

      Frankly, I think Barr’s report coming out closer to the election is great. The corruption the report reveals will be very fresh in the mind of voters as we head to the polls.


      • bessie2003 says:

        I think there is a law against exposing anything 90 days before an election that could conceivably be deemed to persuade a voter’s mind one way or another about a candidate.

        For me, now is the time to just rip the bandage off so people can, those able to, regain their minds from the TDS hypnosis the media has drug them through.

        Dragging this out until Durham is done is another finger poking in the eye of the electorate, just another form of weaponizing the government to manipulate the citizens minds.


        • Chip Doctor says:

          He said late spring early summer. He might also understand that it is best to over promise and under deliver. Why would he telegraph his timeline?


        • OlderAndWiser says:

          Not sure if it’s a law. It is DOJ policy though.
          However, if he’s indicting people for crimes committed in 2015-2107 and who have no relation to the 2020 election, I think he’s still go ahead.
          Remember comey reopened the mid year exam in late October. He also authorized a fisa warrant in oct.

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  33. Perch says:

    around minute 6, around minute 14, omg

    billy barr is bending my mind!!!


  34. HickTick says:

    Well lets see PDJT was sworn in in Jan. 2017 and We wait on a report a never ending report
    on evidence we already know , but I pray daily , I cant wait for Horowitz to go before Congress to keep a straight face when Questioned about Bias . I think they should start by asking him if he knows the meaning of the word , and give some examples , I would like to know how NO ONE from the Clinton Campaign was ever even interviewed .


  35. Lawrence says:

    This isn’t any Trayvon trial. That was bean bag compared to this. The idea of comparing Mark O’Mara to Bill Barr or any members of the Trump Team ) is preposterous. Vanity opinion clickbait.

    This is global Good vs. Evil. Winner takes all of us. The strategy must be thorough and impeccable.

    If I’m in the Deep State, I’m panicked right now at Barr’s words. They offer no comfort. If Barr came right out and did a full throated internet conspiracy accusation of the Deep State and what they’re really up to, they’d win.

    We’re close to a big end game. Something will give. I trust Barr andTrump will prevail because A) They’ve done this before and B) there is no choice. Trump is us. I believe this man will do whatever it takes to get this country right again and is not afraid to die.

    God vs. Satan. Pick a team. There is no third party in this election.

    Liked by 4 people

  36. A2 says:

    Just a cautionary word, if I remember my training in logic.
    Analogies should never be used as arguments to reach a conclusion, and should never substitute for reason and logic.This form of argument is ampliative; the conclusion is not guaranteed to follow from the premises.

    Liked by 2 people

  37. trialbytruth says:

    Mark O’Mara was young hungry and ambitious this was his doorway into the big time.

    Bill Barr is old well fed and is headed back to the barn when this is over..

    I think the motivations are completely different. The risk of Barr of course is he may do to the ends of the earth to cover up for his FBI. On the other hand seeing how his beloved FBI was used and abused he may go head hunting.

    Liked by 3 people

    • I agree; what does Barr have to gain? He was retired, he’s not aspiring to advance his career. Only thing I can see is he places the institution above the individual, which would make him a Democrat.
      On the other hand, I agree with SD in that he could have shut this down long ago. So, we have to go through this impeachment stuff, this slandering of our President, with no response from Barr, with the DOJ still prosecuting people like Flynn…he could call off the dogs but he doesn’t.
      So, I guess I am on the fence.


  38. lawton says:

    I hope Sundance is wrong and Durham arrests these clowns. If none are arrested by May apparently there will be no arrests.

    Liked by 1 person

  39. MustangBlues says:

    ”California Joe says:
    December 10, 2019 at 7:37 pm
    I think AG Barr is the real deal and this interview reinforced my belief.”

    Totally agree about AG Barr; no idea what the story about Zimmerman’s lawyer has to do with Barr.

    Made no sense; just an analogy, no data or evidence presented.

    Makes me wonder about Sundance. Sounds bitter and mean spirited.


  40. Sentient says:

    As the disingenuous article (on RCP tonight) by Obama appointee Barbara McQuade posits, the FBI spying could theoretically have had a proper “predicate” if the foreign government (Australia) tip-off hadn’t been set up via Halper and Mifsud. And the FBI (Comey et al) might be able to point the finger at the CIA for that but for the fact that the FBI was awaiting Papadopolous at the airport when he got back from Greece expecting him to have the $10k given to him by Charles Tawil. The FBI knew about the $10k ahead of time – just as Comey surely knew that Brennan was setting up Papa through Halper and Mifsud. Tawil has always been key – the proof that links the FBI to the CIA (as if proof should even be needed).

    Liked by 1 person

    • IGiveUp says:

      Brennan knows this so let the games begin! We apparently are going to have to wait months for Durham to act. Maybe we’ll get to watch the rats turn on each other while we wait.


  41. Oh sweet, more WORDS from Bill Barr. I’m so sick of this sh#t.


    • rightmover says:

      You are ALL over this thread. I mean ALL OVER IT. And without adding anything to the discourse at all except the same repetitive rhetoric–almost as though you have been purposefully dispatched to this forum with a carefully coordinated intent.
      And with each one of these posts of yours, I am more inclined to TRUST Barr just on the basis of your very ROLCON-ish sounding posts.

      Liked by 2 people

  42. joeknuckles says:

    William Barr ; President Trump
    Ulysses S. Grant ; President Lincoln


  43. Rckymtn says:

    The optimist in me says Barr and Durnham wouldn’t have come out so publicly within the past 24 hrs and say what they did if they were willing to brush this all under the rug. Could have easily just said “we agree” in the report etc.etc.

    The Charlie Brown in me worries that Barr goes public to throw us a bone but REALLY to extend the timeframe of expectations “late spring-early summer” so basically another 6 months of nothing then they come out and sayd no charges etc.etc.

    Not sure which one to believe….basically SHOW ME. Until I see it, I won’t believe its ever going to happen


  44. Johnny says:

    Could it be that AG Barr knows that if he comes out breathing fire and indicting peple left and right over the Russian Hoax and doing everything in his power to go after the people trying to railroad impeachment coup thru the Congress, that this would absolutely throw all the Corupt DC swamp rats into full blown panic, resulting in more harm against President Trump and most likely shoving this country into full blown Civil War.

    At the moment I am hoping AG Barr’s measured response to the Fisa report and the criminals attempting the second coup, are just a head fake to the swamp. I am hoping AG Barr keeps slowing increasing the heat on the pot of water and the swamp frogs inside do not realize until it is too late that their butt is boiling.

    Now Prosecutor Durham, is a whole another bear of different color. Judging by that mans demeanor and his eyes, he is a Grizzly and will circle till he has the wind in his face and then he will make the kill. Not one wasted move or wasted energy.

    If I turn out to be wrong, this country is headed towards one hell of a civil war, that is for keeps.


    • DeWalt says:

      Something tells me Durham is about to get his ambitions tempered by our gate keepers of sacred institutions. Watch


      • IGiveUp says:

        “…gate keepers of sacred institutions.”

        Clever and funny. And true. Many do worship at the temple of government.

        The absence of religion in government has left a hole which was exploited.


    • IGiveUp says:

      I think you will turn out to be right. Sometimes the comments made here are to blow off steam in order to be able to endure the long slog ahead.

      Liked by 1 person

  45. DeWalt says:

    That was likely the most succinct analogy that could have been crafted by anyone and I agree 100%.


  46. Big Al says:

    DJT/WPB gonna surpass JFK/RFK as most influential dynamic duo


  47. Bogeyfree says:

    Ask yourself what did the DOJ do on………..

    U1 Whistleblower?

    Dennis Montgomery’s 47 Hard Drives?

    The Wiener Laptop?

    The HRC Server?

    The destruction of 33K emails?

    The DNC Server and how Wikileaks got the DNC emails?

    The murder of Seth Rich and possible connection with Wikileaks?

    The hundreds of unmaskings and millions of FBI contractors searches?

    The Adm. Rodgers and Judge Collyer FISA audit & Report?

    Their case against Gen. Flynn?

    The agents who took “gifts” from the media?

    The Carter Page FISA leak?

    The VP video of a “potential” Quid Pro Quo

    The Ukraine Money Laundering involving Americans?

    AG Barr, this is why millions of Americans will never again talk with the FBI and why millions do not trust the DOJ.

    So until I see ACTION and not just words, I will remain very skeptical of our DOJ.


    • Zombie says:

      What actions have people outside of government made to bring these things into the legal system or make sure people like Barr are even aware of them?


  48. Cathy M. says:

    Very simply put by JONATHAN TURLEY:

    “ . . . Horowitz finds a litany of false and even falsified representations used to continue the secret investigation targeting the Trump campaign and its associates.

    This is akin to reviewing the Titanic and saying that the captain was not unreasonable in starting the voyage. The question is what occurred when the icebergs began appearing. Horowitz says that investigative icebergs appeared rather early on, and the Justice Department not only failed to report that to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court but removed evidence that its investigation was on a collision course with the facts.”

    “Worse yet, Horowitz found that investigators and the Justice Department concluded there was no probable cause on Page to support its FISA investigation. That is when there was an intervention from the top of the FBI, ordering investigators to look at the Steele dossier funded by the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign instead.


    Liked by 1 person

  49. Zombie says:

    Barr/Durham is out last best hope. Please none of this “Trump can declassify everything” rubbish.


  50. luke says:

    I’m sorry if this is posted in the wrong thread but I think it’s relevant. If you watched the rally one can see how literally pissed off PT is. In that perspective you can also see the power of the bully pulpit. Oh yea it carries more weight than facts. Don’t discount the power of optics and persuasion. Like it or not; they beat facts every time:

    Liked by 2 people

    • emeraldcoaster says:

      And POTUS has the facts on his side. As for being pissed off, his supporters are no less pissed off. Folks need to channel their anger toward constructive actions and get him reelected. That would be x100 more satisfying than 2016.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Dad's son says:

      I agree – I have watched a ton of Trump rallies since the very beginning – and I never saw the degree of anger coming through in any of those rallies, that I did tonight. Pres. Trump yells a lot, and often has outrage in his voice but tonight he seemed authentically, deeply and personally furious.

      And angering Trump to this degree will likely prove to be the worst mistake a lot of these nation-betrayers will have ever made, or ever make. Grizzly bear comes to mind.

      Liked by 1 person

      • luke says:

        lol I’ve often said it amazes me that this so called
        “Omnipotent” deep state let him get his hands on power. That alone almost proves they’re idiots. Too late now for them 😉


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