Lindsey Graham Press Conference – Three Key FISA Moments Highlight Gross FBI Misconduct…

Earlier this afternoon Senate Judiciary Committee Lindsey Graham held a press availability to discuss concerns with the Inspector General report.   Senator Graham outlines three key FBI moments (for him) within the IG report, that highlight demonstrable and intentional misconduct.

  1. January 2017 the FBI contacted the Steele Dossier sub-source and was informed the dossier was remarkably unreliable, out of context, and full of “bar talk”.
  2. January 2017 the FBI lied. Telling the FISA Court the sub-source validated the dossier as evidence in order to get a renewal; a claim they repeated in April.
  3. June 2017 the CIA told FBI Lawyer Kevin Clinesmith that Carter Page was working for them; and then Clinesmith changed that notification so he could submit the last renewal.

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285 Responses to Lindsey Graham Press Conference – Three Key FISA Moments Highlight Gross FBI Misconduct…

  1. Will says:

    Graham’s focus on the three renewals of the Page FISA application is exactly right. He’s calling for a “criminal” investigation of the five FBI agents who KNEW that Steele’s source acknowledged that it was all bar-talk and hearsay, and still the FISA warrant was renewed. The small group can claim they had the welfare of the country in mind when they opened an intelligence investigation on a presidential campaign. NO ONE can excuse the fact that this warrant was renewed three times when the FBI KNEW Steele’s source disowned the Steele spin in his dossier. Graham called it “a criminal enterprise”.

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    • California Joe says:

      The FBI opens a full scale counter intelligence investigation into the Trump Campaign on the flimsiest of evidence in 2016…meanwhile back in 2015, Hunter Biden returns from China on Air Force One with the Vice President of the United States and a check for $1.5 billion from the same government responsible for the launch of ICBM missiles over Japan at Hawaii and the FBI investigates NOTHING?

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    • gerkmonster says:

      Yep. But this is Lindsay. Now he will go back to sleep and not have any balls to actually do anything.

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      • Robin says:

        Graham likes to get on TV a lot and is a frequent guest on Hannity and stuff, but if this impeachment goes to a trial he’s not going to want to dig very deeply into Ukraine stuff. He and his buddy McCain were the beneficiaries of similar stuff as the Bidens! Lindsay, get out from in front of the cameras and get some actual work done!

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        • Bob Parker says:

          Flimsy Lindseed Goober Graham.

          SD has exposed this LOSER as equally corrupt as his Democratic (& many of his GOP) brethren. THANK YOU SD!! Your analysis of Goober has explained so much.

          It is HIGH TIME that Hannity wake up & EXPEL Goober from his TV & radio gigs. & Ditto Mark Levine who stunned me several weeks ago when he had the Goober on HIS radio show, buttered him up & is only NOW starting to wonder when Ol’ Goob is gonna start doing his job!!

          The almost “free-flow” of foreign funds from foreign countries to State Dept to Senators either MUST be stopped OR impose some sort of Loon Warren’s “Wealth Tax” on the damned Senate. Annually. Have these corrupt Senators ACCOUNT for their funds OVER & ABOVE their value when they entered the Senate & impose STEEP assessments on any/all questionable OVERAGES!!

          God-Damn Goober is not only hiding for McCain (whose body ought to be removed from Naval Academy & deposited into the nearest landfill) but also trying to shield Goober’s own corruption.


      • aarmad says:

        That is most of the Republicans in the Senate! Lack of action and cowtow to the dems!


    • David Norman says:

      If you listen to Graham, he repeatedly says that criminal activity started in Jan 2017. He acts as if everything before that date was proper. Could it be that if we went back to 2015, then some of his cronies or himself could be implicated? Don’t trust him!

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  2. G says:

    I’ll second that. Do not be fooled. Shamnesty is running his damage control software. “Criminal conspiracy” is where he thinks the middle option is. Where survival is. Where he can stop inquiring minds. Is he personally benefiting from sending your money and sons to every other nation on planet earth? His SJC witness list should speak volumes.

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  3. Summer says:

    Wait… The email that Clinesmith altered was from the CIA?!?!

    And the CIA said that Page worked for them?

    That’s the first time I hear about this. Sundance previously suggested that Clinesmith altered an email from Page. But it was the effing CIA… in 2017… and Page was their asset at the time.


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    • delighteddeplorable says:

      Exactly, Summer. Page was just on Hannity and was more forthcoming than previously. As he said, this thing is just getting started. Apparently Big Uglies take a while to gather steam and barrel down the tracks. Worth waiting for? My money remains on POTUS.

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      • aarmad says:

        Although I too bet on the POTUS, unfortunately Page is WRONG! This is not just getting started, it is the starting of the end! The POTUS can not do this by himself, so I am hoping he has someone who can step forward and take this on. Someone who is a big name, someone who is a star! AND it more than likely will be no one from the Senate!

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    • FPCHmom says:

      Yes. The fact that he was helping the CIA by his contacts with Russians was twisted into the contacts being the reason to spy on him. The whole thing was fraud.

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      • Jan says:

        And by the time they got the FISA warrant on Page, he’d already left the Trump campaign.. Sundance, you are all over it!!

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      • And never let it slip from mind, who ordered it all, ordered all these little men to each do what they did — who was the only one who COULD order it: Obama/Soetoro, the first Anti-American President.

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        • Jederman says:

          An alternate take on obama: he is exactly what he appeared to be, an empty suit. He came out of nowhere with no portfolio and ended up in the WH.

          The pockets of said suit contained ample amounts of hate for this country and plenty of animal cunning but zero, zilch by way of leadership. He could throw down the race card with great skill, but most normal peeps wouldn’t follow him out of a burning building.

          He may have technically “ordered” this op but I have viewed him as the real insurance policy for the true perps. Yes, he is equally guilty but only involved because he is “our first black president.” He could not be touched, or so they say.

          As long as the perps ensured that his thumb prints were on this they knew they could pull a James Wolf. The worker bees would threaten to implicate obama if they were charged with the crimes

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    • Linda K. says:

      Horowitz testifies Wednesday.

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    • Suspect Device says:

      I don’t think CP was an asset per se but that he was regularly debriefed by cia officers stationed here after trips abroad. This is a very common occurrence for people involved in certain fields such as energy or software development or large international corporations that have international offices that provide a person a reason to be in a foreign country of interest. You would be disappointed to find out that this what non dc based case officers inside the US spend most of their time doing.


  4. Michael Hennessy says:

    All Ms. Lindsey does is talk!

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    • Kay says:

      Your so right Michael.
      When I was shown proof that SEnATOR Lindsey Graham promises investigations but hasn’t called for a single one to help out our President? I was really disheartened. Why bother with righteous anger in front of a camera when it means little to anyone & everyone knows that game. BTW – the Senate Republican Campaign Committee can take their gazillion emails they bombard me with & go suck eggs.

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      • ann says:

        Is this petty to be disturbed & offput by Graham’s avoidance of referring to DJT as the President, or President Trump. Just “Trump”. Like an object, dehumanisisng and disrespectful, unexpected from Graham’s usual courtesy.

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      • aarmad says:

        Here I thought I was the only one getting a gazillion emails for ….money. I have donated in the past, but have been holding off for months and months. For now I agree, they can ‘go suck eggs’.


  5. TwoLaine says:

    ANYONE who got dragged into this criminal net should sue the pants off the Federal Gubt, ASAP. The Special Counsel Operation was totally illegal.

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    • Justin Green says:

      Graham said that victims had paid “thousands” in legal fees.

      No, Lindsey. Look at Flynn. He’s paid hundreds of thousands if not well over a million for his defense, 80% of which was with Clinton attorneys whom he should sue with a vengeance.

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  6. jeans2nd says:

    So Graham is finally admitting Pres Trump holds more leverage than Graham, huh?
    And Graham still thinks we do not know.

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  7. dufrst says:

    The obvious question is why did Clinesmith lie? I can see where Durham can start working the case from back to front. From Clinesmith all the way to Obama or Hillary? That would be masterful.

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  8. Justin Green says:

    Graham knows he can’t legitimately block Trump from calling witnesses in a Senate trial.

    He wants to end this before more Senators get exposed as being on the take from the Ukraine corruption.

    Anywhere from $3.5 billion to $5.5 billion of US foreign aid has been reported as going missing. Hunter and his pals only got about $3.5 million.

    Want to take bets on how much of that money made its way back to people like Feinstein, Pelousy, Clinton, and McConnell?

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  9. ezgoer says:

    Tick tock. The fear is the clock will run out before Durham does anything.

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    • Super Elite Lt. Col. Covfefe999 says:

      Only to impatient people. The election is 11 months away, we’ve got time.


    • WRB says:

      FYI, in an interview with NBC, AG Barr stated that the Durham investigation will not release anything soon, “certainly not in a few weeks…. It will be late spring/early summer.”


  10. 335blues says:

    I have not read the entire document; however, I have read enough to conclude
    that Horowitz’ goal with the report was to cover up the seditious activity of the coup plotters
    and let them escape accountability.
    It is a repeat of Comey’s act when he identified some of hillary Clinton’s crimes, but then said
    “no prosecution”.
    His report is nothing short of a cover up for the perpetrators.
    Thank GOD Mr. Durham has called Horowitz out on his obfuscation.
    Our hope now rests with Durham to put the coup plotters in front of Grand Juries,
    and hopefully, in courts of law to answer for their actions.

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    • California Joe says:

      Exactly! Horowitz knows McCabe’s tirade against President Trump: First we “F” General Flynn and then we “F” President Trump! That is the most blatant expression of political bias and animus ever expressed by a federal law enforcement official yet Horowitz fails to see any criminal intent or bias! That’s an astounding admission of Horowitz’s incompetence or his own political bias. No?

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    • TeaForAll says:

      Fire his ass and Wary also BOTH ARE OBAMAS HOLDOVERS. THEY GOT TO GO


    • Super Elite Lt. Col. Covfefe999 says:

      I have not read the entire document; however, I have read enough to conclude that Horowitz’ goal with the report was to cover up the seditious activity of the coup plotters
      and let them escape accountability.

      You should read the entire report. I am 3/4 of the way through. Horowitz actually doesn’t cover up anything, the report has a weak summary that isn’t in line with the body of the report. Just like the prior bias report. The report is actually very damning, and any reasonable person would be able to see there was a concerted effort by certain people in the FBI and DOJ to take Trump out with numerous baseless “investigations” and outright lying. I think if people read the entire report they’ll feel a little better about it. It’s packed full of great info.

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  11. Julia Adams says:

    The loss of hope is like a wind. Either it carries you to a new destination or it traps you in a negative, reinforcing loop of stagnation. It pays to recognize that one must quickly learn how to navigate the sail in strong winds, because the alternative results in morbidity.

    Peace be with you all.

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  12. Notice what he is distracting us from – (paraphrase) “how it started is not important, but what they did after is the real issue.”
    WRONG – The origins of how the counter-intelligence investigation started IS THE ISSUE. Brennan sending over Nellie to work with Fusion GPS, Brennan working with other 5 eyes intelligence agencies to make the report look real, then hand it over to Comey…it goes on and Treepers know the deal – That is the real sickness and corruption. Focusing on the later stuff – McCabe did this, Page did that, Stozck did this… they are afterthoughts, and they are all just following orders. And if people focus on what happened after it got going like Graham is suggesting, everyone will miss Brennan/Comey/Rice/Powers/Hillary and AG Kankle’s involvement in this. Graham is sleazy, and I have no proof, but he smells like a self protective rat to me.

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  13. June 2017 the CIA told FBI Lawyer Kevin Clinesmith that Carter Page was working for them; and then Clinesmith changed that notification so he could submit the last renewal.

    WTF???? This is unreal!! And Horowitz has the balls to say no bias!!! Has the balls to say there was reason to open the investigation???!!!!!

    He should be kicked in the ass while being thrown out the door!!!!

    And fire that stupid ass Christopher Wray NOW!!!! OMG!!!

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    • California Joe says:

      Exactly! Instead of praising Horowitz the Attorney General should be exposing Horowitz’s own corruption and political bias then fire him!

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    • WhiteBoard says:


      Page 123 of OIG report

      “While FISA discussions were ongoing, on or about August 17, 2016, the Crossfire Hurricane team received information from another U.S. government agency relating to Page’s prior relationship with that agency and prior contacts with Russian intelligence officers about which the agency was aware. ”

      This is INTENT and the COUP CAUGHT.

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  14. bluenova1971 says:


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  15. Justin Green says:


    We have to let just enough light in on this cesspool to appease the bases, but not enough that half the Senate gets taken down with them.

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  16. Bone Fish says:

    Comment deleted by Admin…


  17. gsonFIT says:

    If the FBI used a plant (Carter Page) to insure they received a FISA warrant even the dem libtards would understand this wrongness. Maybe Clinesmith fell on a sword for the sake of saving Carter Pages id, and the 3 renewals were to try to work him off the FISA renewals and out of the public eye


  18. WES says:

    So miss Lindsey is at it again.

    Oh, Look! Squirrel! Peanut Eater!

    This was obviously miss Lindsey’s part in Schiff’s impeachment drama!

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  19. graficgod says:

    mrs. grahamnesty appears outraged at times. appears being the keyword here.
    expect nothing but horse dung to come rolling from this one’s souphole

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  20. spoogels says:

    Hes a liar
    He was in on this with Mc ShitStain from the beginning

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  21. MVW says:

    NOT. J. Edgar Hoover operation.
    Organized over:
    All 3 branches of Govt (Federal Courts, House, Senate, Executive & their tops),
    nearly all the agencies (heads of agencies + key supervisory + agents & lawyers),
    media (journalists up to owners, Internet Giants – Google Facebook Twitter $Patreon ),
    Foreign Govt & agencies (including 5 eyes),
    Top Members of both parties (Including Romney, McCain both ran for President).
    Graft $Billions in graft laundered over seas (Biden’s son, Kerry’s son, Romney’s son), Clinton Foundation, $150 billion+pallets of cash loaded on cargo planes dead of night to Iran.
    Banks have to at least look the other way

    All it took was one high level agency head, Mike Rogers, and who did he go to first? FISA court and that was dead in the water, & they report to the head of the Supreme Court John Roberts!!!!!!!

    So, Mike Rogers went to Trump, not Obama (2016 still)

    Now we start to see why Trump is the target.

    Govts, Corps, Media, Both parties, Multiple Govt’s (5 eyes, Ukraine, Saudis, Iran), $(100’s?)billions in graft, Banks.

    & organized.

    NOT. J Edgar Hoover. Further, NOT just Obama. All it takes is Mike Rogers so this enterprise is a tight or scary group. CIA could be a key agency for running operations, but it is world wide.
    Not a 30,000 foot view, need more altitude.

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  22. Retired IG says:

    In all sincerity Mr. Graham you managed to drain the last remaining energy in my bones and intellect by your barely intelligible and lackluster grandstanding. My Gawdess help me get over just seeing this.
    I wanted you to be like this but change the lyrics
    ” It was born in a Crossfire Huuricane.” I can finally rest assured that NOTHING will happen while Lindsey is at the helm.
    Jumping Jack Flash

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  23. Retired IG says:

    And Jordan Green, loved your decision to become a CPA. Can’t quite get what you did back. Thank you! One of the best professors I had in grad school discouraged all from becoming lawyers. He used the example where the UK had for years a rash of Oxford Scholars. He posed the question- to what benefit ? All of that education added little to the UK economy or the productivity of humans. He also said people wanting to go to law school where like lemmings in the sea, chasing bait, without knowing what it would mean to take the bait. Such as for the first years of their career they are going to be sent to a basement to dig through old files and write up briefs on what is relevant. My theory is too many watched TV’s LA Law.

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    • Alligator Gar says:

      I dunno. The ages of these wet-behind-the-ears “lawyers” running things in DC makes the “basement dwelling” scenario a fiction. Lisa Page comes to mind. A mere child. And look at those boys dueling at the hearing yesterday. What, maaaaybe 35? Children. Oh, and let’s not forget the snot-nosed golden boy from the “Constitutional law panel”–a “law prof” at what, 30?

      Put Snowflakes in charge and this mess is what you get. Gravitas is earned over years of hard knocks. They just don’t have it.

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  24. ed furman says:

    I think the primary sub source was truthful and cooperative. They just neglected to say what he was truthful and cooperative about. Still fraud by omission…technicality

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    • WRB says:

      Yes, I noticed that too. The sub source was cooperative and (presumably) truthful, so technically the FBI fraudsters were telling the truth to the Court (on that point.) Graham should have said that the substance of the sub source interview was mis-characterized to the Court to sustain a fraudulent application.


  25. zekness says:

    this my dear CTH friends, is a classic example of gaslighting.

    why wouldn’t graham be interested in origin predicate?

    why did he state his opposition THREE times not even being asked his view on the matter?

    what is it about the origin predicate that makes graham so uncomfortable that he has to craft his entire public statements around avoiding going there?

    it’s called gaslighting…the most foul type …when he opens his mouth, you can actually smell his fraud.

    this guy worries me. big time.

    He could very well be the reason why support for doing a proper deep dive into how this coup and who is responsible, never happens.

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  26. Merkin Muffley says:

    Graham peddled the fake Russian dossier. He’s a co-conspirator.

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  27. rebelinme2 says:

    Graham and the GOP are walking a tightroap… they were wishy washy at the outset until they learned that conservatives will back Our President and then they decided to get on the right side of things and back Our President largely due to not wanting the conservatives to take aim at them. I made it clear on the GOP requests for money that my money went to President Trump and to We build the wall. I said as long as the GOP was leaving My President hanging out to dry, they were getting nothing and they are as bad a the DNC operatives. I suspect I wasn’t the only one, because they shortly afterwards started riding on the Trump Train. There is no doubt that there was also corruption among Republicans, so Graham and the GOP are walking a tightrope.

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  28. 6x47 says:

    Hey, no worries! Mistakes were made, but a few people got fired, one lost his early retirement (but not his pension), and I hear Durham is going to indict one single low-level attorney for something.

    Justice is done.

    Oh – and the conspirators who “got away with it” yet again are ramming impeachment through the House. But no worries – I’m sure everything will work out OK in the end. Probably. Or not.

    But hey – justice was done!


  29. Daniel says:

    “If that doesn’t bother you, then you hate Trump too much.” I’d go further. If that doesn’t bother you, then you do not love this country enough. It is evidence they are willing to destroy this nation in order to destroy Trump. That’s called “scorched earth.”

    Too bad the “continuing resolution” continued FISA.

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  30. Troublemaker10 says:

    I’m no fan of Lindsay Graham, but he did well at the end of the Kavanaugh hearing…..and I think he presented well here.

    Carter Page plans to sue. Flynn will likely have his case dismissed for prosecutorial misconduct…..then he should sue.

    Papadopolous also has grounds to sue .

    So, I hope all three do.


  31. zekness says:

    a proper breakdown of this clinesmith fisa massage….blow by blow..needs to be the single highest priority right now in the media.

    what is required is someone who can spend the necessary time to bring clarity and restore oxygen into the room on predicate.

    this needs to happen also in social meme…and in tweet.

    My own personal view is that carter page and graham are the LEAST effective people to deliver this proper retelling of the truth.

    It has to be a team effort…a perfect talking points.

    this message has to use correct language and simplified and distilled down to its most basic elements….and not take more than 3 minutes to fit all sound bites programming limits.

    It must be powerful and eloquent so that the everyday person can remember it, repeat it, because it makes sense to them and gets at a higher truth.

    the goal of creating this 3 minute fact driven story must contain ONE SINGLE SENTENCE that everyone can latch on to.

    it has to capture the very essence of the abuse of power and misconduct by the IC/FBI.

    and every single member of the conservative political party needs to drop it at all times, every single day, to as many people and cameras as possible.

    keep THIS issue as the highest priority.

    then the pressure will mount to actually do something about it.

    it’s the only way justice will be served and persons held to account, and possibly that patriot and feeedom act laws are amended to limit the powers.


  32. willthesuevi says:

    Lindsey Graham is a slinky. Lotta fun to push down the stairs, but you get tired of it quick. One trick pony.

    With friends like him, who needs enemies.


  33. snailmailtrucker says:

    Miss Lindsey Graham will change his Tampax…. and go with the Flow as usual !


  34. Mac says:

    I opined months ago that there was more than enough evidence that the CIA/FBI had moles inside the Trump campaign, prior to the Title 1 warrant on page. We knew that Page was an asset for the CIA and that he has testified for the DOJ in criminal cases against Russian citizens in the US. He was an undercover asset there. When it became clear that no warrants could be obtained on Flynn, Papadapolous and Manafort, they turned to Page. Strzock said in his texts to the other Page that hey were going to have to burn their own asset, to get a warrant. It is no stretch to make the jump to assuming that Page was an active asset for the FBI via the CIA. And, the FBI/DOJ/CIA burned him by falsifying information to gain the warrant, likely through a sympathetic FISC judge.

    This action ties the CIA, the FBI, DOJ and even State into an ongoing conspiracy to illegally surveil the Trump Campaign and, later, to continue that surveillance after Trump was inaugurated.


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