Inspector General Report on DOJ and FBI Compliance With FISA Legal Requirements – Public Release – Open Discussion Thread

Today the Dept. of Justice Office of Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, will release the much anticipated report covering a 21-month review of FBI and DOJ compliance with legal requirements surrounding FISA and the application against U.S. person Carter Page.

The report is rumored to be well over 600 pages.  It will BE RELEASED HERE.

The report was published at 1:00pm – The Report is only 476 Pages

PDF of REPORT HERE – Read on Oversight Here– Press Release HERE

Use this thread as an open discussion and research thread  specific to the content of the IG report when released.

Things to keep in mind…

First, with a volume of text over 600 pages, and potentially as high as 1,000 pages, there is no immediate analysis you will find in the media today based on a review of the report.  The report is simply too long to read, review and outline today.

Therefore all of the MSM journalists will likely be reporting from pre-written talking points distributed by officials with a vested interest in shaping opinion of the report immediately upon release.

From my own experience, even after several days very few journalists will have actually even read the full report; they will instead be working from selected segments of the report as outlined by others.

It is strongly suggested you read the report for yourself, draw your own conclusions, and don’t rely on what could be sections taken out of context.  Obviously crowdsourcing the report is one of the fastest ways to absorb information in a discussion thread.

Secondly, keep in mind while the IG review began in March 2018 the Mueller investigation almost certainly kept many aspects of the material shielded from IG inquiry until the special counsel investigation ended.  Indeed as we have seen from other material delayed throughout 2018, up to March 2019 when the Mueller probe ended, many documents were hidden (likely intentionally) by the special counsel.  So a full unimpeded IG review likely did not begin until after the Mueller investigation concluded. Hence, some delays.

♦Use this thread to share any information you find of value within the report.  As previously noted MAKE SURE you give a page number for anything you cite.  This helps others who are doing a similar review.

♦Be on the lookout for any material inside the IG report that stems from the list of classified documents previously requested to be declassified by congress.  If you note any of that material again please give citations. [Declassification Reference List Here]

♦It will be disappointing if the IG release does not also bring forth a considerable amount of declassified documentary material in support of the findings.  Arguably the list for declassification is more important than the IG report itself.

♦As soon as the report is released CTH will share direct links and attempt to download and upload into a shareable, hopefully searchable, and embed format.  If it is a big report this can sometimes be problematic.

♦Be on the lookout for the report around Noon to 1:00pm Eastern.  OIG Website HERE

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1,382 Responses to Inspector General Report on DOJ and FBI Compliance With FISA Legal Requirements – Public Release – Open Discussion Thread

  1. Perot Conservative says:

    Excellent as always, Sundance. Should some regulars offer to cover certain chunks – say, 50 page increments? Divvy em up?

    Joe diGenova here offers a quick somber summary of what he is looking for. He says if the senior ringleaders aren’t held accountable – Comey, Brennan, Clapper, McCabe – it’s a joke, and the FISA renewal in March should be denied.

    Treepers, truly prayers for Justice & one rule of law.

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  2. MNBV says:

    When someone finds something from Horowitz that isn’t designated a ‘process glitch’ or needing ‘improved departmental supervision’, when he strongly suggests a perp to DoJ for prosecution, be sure to let us know.
    I’m betting on some retraining and adherence to guidelines is all that’s really needed. Fixed.
    No eventual prosecutions means he was a waste of time.

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  3. 3%er says:

    Thank you Sundance for all of your hard work. I have sent this link to everyone I know.Hands down this is my goto site and has been since the Bengazii days.It’s you and the people who read and participate in the the discussion’s that make this a very unique and extremely informative site, thank you Sundance and all fellow treepers.

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  4. The Devilbat says:

    I am praying very hard thatthis report is not just a lot of fluff. The guilty need to be severely punished.

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  5. Bigly says:

    So Rudy is their kryptonite

    He goes to Ukraine in November of last year forcing Biden to run for president to protect the corruption from sunlight.

    Trump knew exactly what he was doing on that phone call July 26th – he flushed the corruption to daylight. Sure trump is shocked as any of us how dark the left will go to protect themselves from exposure.

    This entire scam will now be thrown at trump as political dirty tricks (chuck todd!) – instead of what it was way before trump walked down the escalator – corrupt politicians, money and sex (Epstein didn’t kill himself)

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    • NannyG says:

      Your point is well taken about why Biden in a candidate.
      Without him as a candidate there is not impeachment based on Pres Trump abusing his office over getting dirt on an “opponent.”
      No matter how far his brains fall to the floor, or how often, he cannot drop out of this race until impeachment has been voted for by the Dems in the House.
      I’m guessing he drops out sometime after that but before the Iowa caucus shows how soft support really is for him.

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      • Zimbalistjunior says:

        I beg to differ. Without Biden announcing candidacy they would have just switched to a different bs charge. Probably the obstruction crap in mueller report. Maybe some new made up crap.
        They need to impeach or at the very least to be on the offensive at all times.

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        • Remington says:

          Zim….that’s true. Like they say, best defence is a good offense. Won’t be long before they “exhume” Stormy Daniels Anything to stir the pot.

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        • wildsailor2018 says:

          Yup, you are correct. They would have picked on a different phone call or a meeting with Putin. Remember that there were at least 2 people trying to get access to that transcript before it went in to the ‘vault’ so they could edit it to include what they “felt” was the meaning. In other words, manufacture evidence once again. From their lips…planting evidence for later frame up.

          And to think these people are still walking free, working in the govmint, and drawing money out of my paycheck for their evil doings. If I am paying them how come I cannot fire them?

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      • jrapdx says:

        Don’t think that’s gonna work for ol’ Joe, as the story continues to emerge, running for President isn’t saving him from criticism for being corrupt. When the full extent of the corruption has been revealed, Joe will potentially be facing criminal charges for his conduct along with other political figures among the Uniparty. Not for nothing Joe looks increasingly edgy, and come to think of it, goes for Nancy too.

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      • CountryDoc says:

        This ^^^ NannyG, is a point I hadn’t understood before, about why Biden is a candidate, and why they are delaying the announcement of impeachment. They are trying to protect discovery of the corruption.

        What is going to be in the IG report (on FISA abuse) related to this? How is it connected?

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        • Tseg says:

          Any chance Colonel Vinman was nudged by a Patriot to get this ball rolling?


        • Zy says:

          Biden/Ukraine stuff in not in the scope of the FISA report. A whole lot of stuff is not within the scope.


          • steph_gray says:

            However it is, I strongly suspect, in the scope of Durham’s investigation, which was expanded recently based on new events…

            I continue to rejoice that so little is known about Durham. I know the eeyores like to assume without evidence that it means he is doing nothing.

            My guess – not an assumption because the fact remains that none of us knows for sure – is that he is doing everything right – hence no leaks.

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      • dbobway says:

        This next act of sedition may be the only reason Biden is in the primary.
        The Democrats might not be very smart, but they’re not stupid.
        They don’t have an electable candidate at this time.
        There is a bad smell about that.

        The media has to be secretly supporting a Trump re-election.
        When the President is not on the news, nobody is watching.

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    • MDNA I says:

      The Rudy issue isn’t IG related but I had wondered for a while if it would get to a point where someone like Barr should pull Trump aside & say “this could drift into Sydney Blumental territory if you aren’t careful”

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    • cdnintx says:

      Excellent point. I believe Pres Trump has set up a parallel situation in all of this. In allowing himself to be set up for a full investigation, he is setting the new standard that others too are not above the law and can be investigated as well?

    • luke says:

      It was hilarious yesterday watching some of the media aghast after learning that Rudy is still in the Ukraine conducting interviews. The sheer audacity of this Trump character to defy them is beyond the pale. Not sure to what extent the sprawl of this corruption begins and ends but Trump and Guilani are touching nerves.

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      • WSB says:

        During Rudy’s first interview with Chanel Rion on OANN, Rudy states that the last time he was in Ukraine was two years ago. He was working on security for a small town there.

        The American Government collusion was presented to him, not the other way around.

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  6. John Davis says:

    Showtime! Now where did I put my glasses?

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    • steph_gray says:

      Don’t forget to brew a lot of covfefe. ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

      My first crack at the actual pages may not be until late tonight because of, you know, life. But I wish all treepers great luck in the search!

      Also nice to know that the kidz at the_donald found themselves a new home. I hope those brains will be working hard as before…


    • wildsailor2018 says:

      You already poured the champaign in them…check the kitchen counter! LOL….

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  7. beach lover says:

    Also from “The Daily Caller” article yesterday..
    “Republicans have long hinted at exculpatory information that the FBI withheld from FISA court judges. Nunes, the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, began in 2018 calling for the declassification of 21 pages in the fourth and final FISA application against Page. Those portions of the FISA applications have yet to be declassified, and it remains to be seen if Horowitz’s report will unveil the information.”

    I like having key points to look for in the report. Will be telling sign how this is will go down.
    Thanks again Sundance for everything you have done and continue to do. There is so much hanging in the balance right now, I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t know about the CTH. Most comprehensive site on the innernuts.

    Let’s roll!!

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  8. teeheeman says:

    Sorry, but my expectations are low. The Swamp is very wide and very deep…..


  9. shirley49 says:

    I am not going to get my hopes up. I will be surprised if anything major comes out of it. We shall see.


    • CountryDoc says:

      Yes, that is exactly the strategy of the traitors, Shirley. Make it so long and complicated to discover, with so many distractions, that we lemmings just glaze over, unable to keep up, and let it all slide along with our sacred republic and freedoms, into the sea. Thank God for Sundance who helps us keep up in digestible amounts

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  10. OldSarg says:

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  11. Tseg says:

    Why is anyone thinking this won’t be highly redacted?


    • steph_gray says:

      Well, for one thing, there have been several reports from good guys, I believe including but not limited to Joe D – maybe John Solomon – that there are minimal redactions.

      Again, however: Nobody. Knows. For. Sure. Until this afternoon.

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  12. L4grasshopper says:

    What I’m looking for:

    What evidence was used to petition the FISA Court to grant a Title 1 warrant on Carter Page?

    My understanding of the law is that The Government had to make a compelling case that Page, a US citizen, was, in fact, acting on behalf of a foreign power against the US.

    Not suspected.

    Not maybe.

    But was KNOWN to be doing so.

    So what did the FBI claim was that evidence? Documented by what? Verified how? And by who?

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    • Super Elite Lt. Col. Covfefe999 says:

      IMO they should have also disclosed that Carter Page had been a prior informant. And my personal theory was that he was being used as a plant for one last-ditch effort to spy on the Trump team and that should have been disclosed too.

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    • Bryan Alexander says:

      IMO, your point is extremely important. Carter Page was a known entity. He had worked FOR the Intelligence Community only a year earlier.

      What specific evidence led them to believe he was working FOR Russia?
      And why did they need a Title-1 FISA warrant on him?

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  13. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    Use this thread as an open discussion and research thread

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  14. Karl Ushanka says:

    Nobody, except the DailyKos crowd, has been paying attention to the impeachment story.

    I suspect that will change starting at 1pm’ish today.


  15. Johnny Boost says:

    Trump seems to be optimistic about it.

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  16. Merkin Muffley says:

    Sundance, if you see any discrepancies between the findings of the IG report and information you’ve obtained in your own exhaustive research, please let us know.

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  17. Papoose says:

    The Country that interfered with the 2016 Presidential election is America. We watch it and live it everyday and we witness the bold and blatant interference of the 2020 Presidential election in living color in broad daylight. Coup d’Etat.

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  18. moe ham head says:

    yawn another nothingburger as usual some people did some bad things but not enough to punish them blah blah blah

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  19. zimbalistjunior says:

    ny times article this morning has a couple of subtle nuggets but then again, itll be overshadowed and obsolete once report drops.


  20. magaxena58 says:

    God bless you Sundance. First blog I read with my morning coffe and last thing before bed. Keeps me grounded and focused on the truth and hard facts.

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  21. Seneca the Elder says:

    Between the phony Impeachment hearing and the IG report, I feel like I have a ton of homework today in the Sundance Tree House School of Technology and Political Analysis. There is no place I’d rather be.

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  22. Dora says:

    Steele warned that IG report contains information previously blacked out, report says

    Christopher Steele, the British ex-spy and author of the anti-Trump dossier, was reportedly told that the Justice Department will release information about him that was previously blacked out in the department’s internal watchdog report on the investigation into President Trump’s 2016 campaign due on Monday.

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  23. TigerBear says:

    Just remember…..God has got this!

    I don’t believe our Creator would expose all of this and just leave it laying exposed without consequences being forthcoming. Patience my child. 😇

    Sundance, I appreciate you and your site immensely!
    Thank you!! 😁

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    • Ausonius says:

      The consequences could be not in this world: not all criminals are punished here. Some (Stalin and Mao come to mind) go to the grave untouched by human retribution.


      • Super Elite Lt. Col. Covfefe999 says:

        I always think of all of the Nazis who got away. This is why I’ve let go of my expectation for actual justice. Now I”m hoping for clarity. Sunlight. I want to know what happened.

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  24. gary says:

    ‘the report has it all’ sydney powell. as it appears she has an inside at the DOJ, i’m hopeful for transparency. and if flynn walks,the mueller report is proven garbage. which destroys the impeachment even more.

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  25. Ausonius says:

    I cannot find the reference right now, but a Leftist yesterday let slip how they will handle anything and any witness to corruption that Mr. Giuliani: e.g.

    The Ukraine is so corrupt that any evidence and any witness found by Giuliani cannot be trusted.

    So the Left will dispute everyone and anything presented as evidence: it will all be poo-poohed as fakery and lies.

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  26. Linus in W.PA. says:

    I the wee hours of this morning, I couldn’t sleep, and over and over in my head, thoughts of the pending IG Report bounced around.

    The only words that seemed to keep jumping out were….”Lies, lies, lies.”

    It didn’t convince me one way or another.

    I can only hope this is the first turn towards justice.

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  27. saywhat64 says:

    Will the IG report play another game with “intent” ?

    We will find out very soon…

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  28. not2worryluv says:

    I’m still waiting for Admiral Mike Rogers testimony on FISA abuse report to be given credence. His evidence was damning but evidently lost in space.

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  29. mark says:

    okay, please no more reports….not from Barr or Durham no more speeches Mr. Bagpipes. We want action. We want indictments. How many indictment referrals will Horowitz make….that is my main question.

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  30. Brant says:

    If there is even a hint of a dent in the armor in the way of the names of the top 5-10 folks, that would be the first time ever this has happened. If the likes of Chuck Toad and Fake Tapper (or their weekday equivalent) are in any way super defensive, I will love it. The doors and windows of the DC fortress have never been opened even a bit.

    Obviously, I want much more, but I just want to see the establishment pushed back on their heels a bit. They have been marching forward without stopping for decades.

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  31. IMAGINE: 21 months for the IG to investigate the support for a SINGLE FISA Application.

    How the hell can the FISA Court review the support for HUNDREDS of Applications ANNUALLY.


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    • steph_gray says:

      Your premise is sound.

      But also worth noting that this is the single most important FISA application (plus its renewals) ever in the history of the United States.

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  32. David R Thornton says:

    Have not heard any updates on general Flynn in awhile.
    When is he going to be exonerated?
    The government needs to pay back every nickle they forced him to spend defending himself.

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    • Zy says:

      Re Flynn. I think they are waiting for the IG report to be released. It should have info that related to Flynn.

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    • cboldt says:

      Nothing will happen in the Flynn case until next year. He filed and was granted an unopposed motion to travel to South Korea from Dec 21 to January 7. He has family there. Same trip as last year.


  33. It would be good to track content that relates to the Executive Summary – so we know ASAP if the ES is a whitewash.


  34. anthonydog says:




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  35. 6x47 says:

    Apparently the Democrats are worried about it: 9am impeachment hearings are pretty early, I’m guessing Nadler has some dynamite accusations set up to eclipse the OIG report release after lunch today.


    • Super Elite Lt. Col. Covfefe999 says:

      That’s what I’m thinking too. This hastily cobbled extra hearing on the same day as the IG report was intended to deflect attention away from the report. I’m glad Trump’s attorneys aren’t attending the hearing. Now who’s going to pay attention to the hearing? I have the day off and I couldn’t care less about it. 🙂

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  36. lawton says:

    Well the lefty media seems to be mad this morning that AG Barr evidently declassified some stuff related to Steele and some other things.

    Pretty bad when the media wants things hid from the American people because they were in on the scam themselves.

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  37. Robster says:

    I am still punting that FBI lawyer Clinesmith altered State Dept’s Kathleen Kavalec’s email.

    The essence of the change…. State Dept… we have no evidence Carter Page is an agent of a foreign Govt… FBI agent Clinesmith removes paragraph and replaces with…. The State Dept has concluded Carter Page was an agent of a foreign government (Russia).


  38. billybob says:

    Give your tax information to 5 different accountants and you will get 5 different returns . Listen to Mrs Powell , it’s the Facts in the report that are important not the IG’s conclusions .

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  39. gary says:

    i wonder if horowitz was ever granted access to the DOJ national security division. remember sally yates shut him off before.

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  40. kleen says:

    The only shocking thing to me, it’s that, Lindsey Fraud hasn’t cancelled Horowitz testimony on Wed yet. It’s what does best.
    That’s is the shock of the week. So, far he is keeping his word for a change. That’s unusual.
    So unusual, he must be up to no good.

    He must be coaching his fellow crooks about what questions not to ask and how to have a non-informative testimony. Perhaps even a misleading one to clear himself from corruption. He is compromised and should step down from his committee.

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  41. CorwinAmber says:

    I expect the Inspector General will do his duty and report his findings accordingly.

    That being said, 600 pages is a lot information that has to be tied together into some sort of coherent “summary” that is “easy to digest” by the powers-that-be. Having written a few myself over the years, I can tell you this is a thankless task that my colleagues were always happy to pass off to me, sigh. And, while I farmed out findings left and right in order to check for accuracy (Droit et Avant), I NEVER farmed out the summary to anyone until the very end of the process and then only those who had a absolute need to know before the report was signed by the Directing Authority and released. Typically, that list would include my immediate boss (a full COL) and our legal folks…nothing more. Then I would brief our Chief of Staff and the Deputy IG (a two star) before briefing the IG himself (a three star). Along the way, I would receive gentle “nudges” on how best to craft the summary, but never in any substantial way (lots of “happy” to “glad” stuff, you vets know the drill, sigh). Of course, the summary would also be a reflection of similar guidance I received over the course of the inspection as I briefed my superiors on the progress of our effort.

    In any event, I don’t know how it’s done over at DOJ (especially when this investigation has had three different godfathers, so to speak – Sessions, Whitaker & Barr), but we’ll find out soon…I expect many will read the findings and come to a conclusion different from that laid out in the summary, so be it. And the game is on, tally ho mes amis!

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    • steph_gray says:

      Corwin, thanks as usual for your inside-baseball point of view.

      Many who routinely decry the previous Horowitz report as a “total nothingburger” never read some of what was actually said in its pages, I’ll warrant. The summary was clearly at odds with some of the content.

      In my opinion, a good fictional comparison to the job of an IG was in Robert A. Heinlein’s Stranger In a Strange Land. He created the character of a guild called the Fair Witnesses. A Fair Witness was tasked with being 100% objective as to facts, yet to reach no conclusions.

      Someone asks a Fair Witness “Can you tell me what color that house next door is painted?” She replies, “It’s white on this side.”

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  42. kleen says:

    I can’t believe our side is not screaming to have Lindsey fraud step down from the Ukraine/Russia hoax investigation.

    He is in it, he is compromised.

    Conflict of interest.

    If this was the other side, He would be chased out of DC by Democrats’ Antifa.

    But our side, we don’t even complain. We just accept having a fraud like Graham “investigating” (blocking investigation) the corruption he is part of.

    Sessions was forced to recuse himself for much less.

    Lindsey was part of the dissemination of the fake dossier.


  43. islandpalmtrees says:

    If I were defending the President, I would start will all three of those videos we saw yesterday from OAN.


  44. kleen says:

    Lindsey Graham was part of the dissemination of the fake dossier and the Russia hoax. He shouldn’t be heading any committee right now.

    He should be treated as the fraud that he is. Zero credibility and compromised.

    Yet, he is in charge of leading the way to find out what happened. He knows what happened, he helped things happen.

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  45. jeans2nd says:

    Jason Miller, 2016 Trump Campaign Comms Dir, reports AG Barr has declassified more re: Steele Dossier, and more is to be learned re: Steele’s background.

    Fingers crossed.

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    • kleen says:

      That’s the real deal.

      Documents/facts/proof released to the public.

      I wonder if that’s why the report was so delayed.

      I wonder if the IG was ready to give us a whitewash and Barr received permission to declassify and Horowitz had to change what he had planned.

      He was forced to include the truth since he knew his report would contain declassified docs. Or perhaps he didn’t have access to those prior to declassification.


  46. jeans2nd says:

    Jason Miller also reporting Kevin Klinesmith’s new suit will be orange, i.e. Klinesmith will serve jail time.
    color me skeptical but always prayerful


  47. NightFlight says:

    There are 104 criminal referrals in the IG report. I do not expect much in the way of declass because much of gathered material is evidence in Durham’s criminal probe. Forget the hope and pray for change; this experiment we call a republic is at stake.


  48. lawton says:

    This report will contain some very damning things which were 100% fraud committed on the Courts by the deep state.

    It sounds like Carter Page was a CIA asset with regards to Russia also (if the lefty news isn’t lying this morning) besides working for the FBI on some Russian connected cases prior to this and the FBI conveniently forgot to tell the FISA Court this as required.

    Also sounds like another person manipulated evidence also besides FBI Lawyer # 2 if the lefty news is correct this morning.


  49. anthonydog says:



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