WOW – OAN Stunning Lutsenko Interview – Outlines: Marie Yovanovitch Perjury, George Kent Impeachment Motive, Lindsey Graham Motive to Bury Investigation…

In a fantastic display of true investigative journalism, One America News journalist Chanel Rion tracked down Ukrainian witnesses as part of an exclusive OAN investigative series. The evidence being discovered dismantles the baseless Adam Schiff impeachment hoax and highlights many corrupt motives for U.S. politicians.

Ms. Rion spoke with Ukrainian former Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko who outlines how former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch perjured herself before Congress.


What is outlined in this interview is a  problem for all DC politicians across both parties.  The obviously corrupt influence efforts by U.S. Ambassador Yovanovitch as outlined by Lutsenko were not done independently.

Senators from both parties participated in the influence process and part of those influence priorities was exploiting the financial opportunities within Ukraine while simultaneously protecting Joe Biden and his family.  This is where Senator John McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham were working with Marie Yovanovitch.

Imagine what would happen if all of the background information was to reach the general public?  Thus the motive for Lindsey Graham currently working to bury it.

You might remember George Kent and Bill Taylor testified together.

It was evident months ago that U.S. chargé d’affaires to Ukraine, Bill Taylor, was one of the current participants in the coup effort against President Trump.  It was Taylor who engaged in carefully planned text messages with EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland to set-up a narrative helpful to Adam Schiff’s political coup effort.

Bill Taylor was formerly U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine (’06-’09) and later helped the Obama administration to design the laundry operation providing taxpayer financing to Ukraine in exchange for back-channel payments to U.S. politicians and their families.

In November Rudy Giuliani released a letter he sent to Senator Lindsey Graham outlining how Bill Taylor blocked VISA’s for Ukrainian ‘whistle-blowers’ who are willing to testify to the corrupt financial scheme.

Unfortunately, as we are now witnessing, Senator Lindsey Graham, along with dozens of U.S. Senators currently serving, may very well have been recipients for money through the aforementioned laundry process.  The VISA’s are unlikely to get approval for congressional testimony, or Senate impeachment trial witness testimony.

U.S. senators write foreign aid policy, rules and regulations thereby creating the financing mechanisms to transmit U.S. funds.  Those same senators then received a portion of the laundered funds back through their various “institutes” and business connections to the foreign government offices; in this example Ukraine. [ex. Burisma to Biden]

The U.S. State Dept. serves as a distribution network for the authorization of the money laundering by granting conflict waivers, approvals for financing (think Clinton Global Initiative), and permission slips for the payment of foreign money.   The officials within the State Dept. take a cut of the overall payments through a system of “indulgence fees”, junkets, gifts and expense payments to those with political oversight.

If anyone gets too close to revealing the process, writ large, they become a target of the entire apparatus.  President Trump was considered an existential threat to this entire process.  Hence our current political status with the ongoing coup.

Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, Senator Lindsey Graham and Senator John McCain meeting with corrupt Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko in December 2016.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out, because, well, in reality all of the U.S. Senators (both parties) are participating in the process for receiving taxpayer money and contributions from foreign governments.

A “Codel” is a congressional delegation that takes trips to work out the payments terms/conditions of any changes in graft financing.  This is why Senators spend $20 million on a campaign to earn a job paying $350k/year.  The “institutes” is where the real foreign money comes in; billions paid by governments like China, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Ukraine, etc. etc.  There are trillions at stake.

[SIDEBAR: Majority Leader Mitch McConnell holds the power over these members (and the members of the Senate Intel Committee), because McConnell decides who sits on what committee.  As soon as a Senator starts taking the bribes lobbying funds, McConnell then has full control over that Senator.  This is how the system works.]

The McCain Institute is one of the obvious examples of the financing network.  And that is the primary reason why Cindy McCain is such an outspoken critic of President Trump.  In essence President Trump is standing between her and her next diamond necklace; a dangerous place to be.

So when we think about a Senate Impeachment Trial; and we consider which senators will vote to impeach President Trump, it’s not just a matter of Democrats -vs- Republican.  We need to look at the game of leverage, and the stand-off between those bribed Senators who would prefer President Trump did not interfere in their process.

McConnell has been advising President Trump which Senators are most likely to need their sensibilities eased.   As an example President Trump met with Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski in November.  Senator Murkowski rakes in millions from the multinational Oil and Gas industry; and she ain’t about to allow horrible Trump to lessen her bank account any more than Cindy McCain will give up her frequent shopper discounts at Tiffanys.

Senator Lindsey Graham announcing today that he will not request or facilitate any impeachment testimony that touches on the DC laundry system for personal financial benefit (ie. Ukraine example), is specifically motivated by the need for all DC politicians to keep prying eyes away from the swamps’ financial endeavors.  WATCH:


This open-secret system of “Affluence and Influence” is how the intelligence apparatus gains such power. All of the DC participants are essentially beholden to the various U.S. intelligence services who are well aware of their endeavors.

There’s a ton of exposure here (blackmail/leverage) which allows the unelected officials within the CIA, FBI and DOJ to hold power over the DC politicians. Hold this type of leverage long enough and the Intelligence Community then absorbs that power to enhance their self-belief of being more important than the system.

Perhaps this corrupt sense of grandiosity is what we are seeing play out in how the intelligence apparatus views President Donald J Trump as a risk to their importance.


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622 Responses to WOW – OAN Stunning Lutsenko Interview – Outlines: Marie Yovanovitch Perjury, George Kent Impeachment Motive, Lindsey Graham Motive to Bury Investigation…

  1. Ellis says:

    So, Pelosi knows Graham will not have a senate trial. She gets her fake impeachment narrative and Trump walks away being exonerated from an illegitimate partisan scam because Graham can’t be exposed? Trump knows the senate won’t have a trial but he doesn’t need one. I’d say the president has all the juice.

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    • dd_sc says:

      Pelosi & Co. will also claim that Trump got off on a technicality – that will be the media talking point all the way to 2020 election.

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    • Alec Rawls says:

      What makes you think it is going to be an exoneration? Because Graham says so?

      When the Senate gets the chance to get rid of Trump without giving him a chance to expose his enemies or defend himself expect the Pierre Delectos to jump at the chance to Pierre Delecto him in the back.

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      • TarsTarkas says:

        Graham intends to block all POTUS-desired witnesses. He either speeds trial through or we have another kangaroo court but this time with teeth. Graham, Burr, Warner, et al are in a cleft stick. No Senate trial, Democrats get temporary victory but POTUS still has leverage over them. Senate trial, they may have leverage against POTUS (vote to convict) but POTUS then can declassify at any time or order some indictments. If they then convict all hell breaks loose because it will be obvious to get rid of man exposing all the corruption.

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        • evergreen says:

          If they convict, then it doesn’t matter anything else. Trump is one of a kind. Life reverts to October 2016, but with traditional GOP scurvy….meaning team clinton wins and runs amok, securing their gains.


          • bayoucastine says:

            evergreen: I believe there is a ‘small’ error in your post. After reading this article I’m even more convinced there is no basic difference between the 2 parties. Yes, the Hill team wins but so does the ‘Graham Team’.
            We lose.
            Unless enough of us can get our own team together and work to correct the course of this Nation.

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      • Luke Magee says:

        I agree with you completely.
        “Dems have to turn 20 Republicans”?
        Ha! McConnell will have to limit the stampede to 22 to make it LOOK like they’re keeping it on the level.
        Also, if one or two are named for blatant infractions, you can guarantee that 30+ more are also dirty.


  2. Curt says:

    Thank you Sundance for this extremely eye opening segment. This is probably the best I’ve ever read here. As a lay person I have always wondered; “Why Senators spend $20 million on a campaign to earn a job paying $350k/year”. It’s hard to read this kind of stuff without losing complete faith in our form of government and especially the powerful politicians who run it. Honestly, when Trump first ran for office, and talked about the swamp, I thought I knew how bad it really was. I WASN’T EVEN CLOSE! Washington DC has become an out of control monster of horrendous proportions. Mitch McConnell, for instance, is one ugly self serving politician who needs to be gotten rid of. Problem is, he is just the tip of the iceberg. The intelligence agencies, who are part of this, have the goods on all these political scum bags. They hold the keys to the kingdom. This explains their arrogance and power over senior elected officials. So when I read that foreign government officials talk about corrupt American officials…. they’ve very probably been correct all along. When Edward Snowden tried to expose some of the illicit intelligence activities and was persecuted mercilessly he fled the country to avoid prosecution and threats to his life; he too had valid issue to expose. America, your elected government is rotten through and through. Donald Trump’s election and rise to the presidency is a nightmare for the deep state and explains the insanity we are now seeing. Throw in a corrupt media and you no longer have a country………..

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    • Right to reply says:

      Correct on all counts! And, one wonders when was the last time Americans actually elected a President, as opposed to them being selected for them. Power comes from the illusion of choice…

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    • vikingmom says:

      Pretty much sums it up…and sadly, once seen, it becomes glaringly obvious to anyone who bothers to look (which unfortunately is NOT very many of us)!!

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    • johnnybiface says:

      Truth is stranger than fiction – The DC Swamp – The Hunger Games as a benefit for the Swamp.

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    • OW21 says:

      Curt, correct and I echo your sentiments. I knew it was bad in D.C., but couldn’t begin to imagine the total and complete corruption. BTW, if you want to read Ed Snowden’s first hand account of his life, read Permanent Record. Talk about an eye opener. He knew he was going to get slammed by the IC and did what he did anyway. He is an American hero, in my eyes. The NSA has everything on everybody, which makes Trump even more impressive because they still haven’t brought him down. He must be the most squeaky clean businessman in the history of the United States. We are not a free people – not by any stretch. We are spied on and lied to daily and I don’t think even Trump can fix it. Makes me very sad.

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    • mdaush says:

      We are going to have to quit paying taxes. Starve the beast.

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    • mdaush says:

      We are going to have to quit paying taxes. Starve the beast.


    • mugdiller says:

      In the 80’s a funny looking little Morman man with a bad toupee ran for Gov. of AZ . He was an outsider who owned some PHX car dealerships. His name was Evan Mecham and he won. Both the corrupt D’s and R’s in the AZ legislature were threatened by this outsider who didn’t play by their rules. Within a year of his election Gov. Mecham was impeached on some trumped up charge and blown from public life like a big, dry tumbleweed. I always think of Evan Mecham when I see how Trump has to fight 2 parties at the same time.

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    • Pale rider says:

      So digging a wee bit deeper in this sewage, where is CNN MSNBC ESPN all the rest fit? They obviously are getting paid big bucks somewhere by these scams otherwise they would make a living the legitimate way, reporting this corruption.
      You want someone to blame look at the MSM it was there job and America trusted them to keep this nation clean. Now we find out they only did it to find dirt to blackmail people.
      Makes me very angry thinking about how hard we ALL work for just a meager wage and see how these pieces of garbage have become million and billionaires stuffing their pockets and every other nation with cash.
      Hang em, hang em all. Run the gallows until the congress is empty if need be and do it in front of every capital in every state. You will hear no resistance from me, we can all get rich selling popcorn.
      Now, everytime I see Schiff or nadler, graham, all of them I will think about how little they care about anyone except themselves.

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      • clancy2019 says:

        The media (MSM) lost its soul with CIA project Mockingbird. Money as well as CIA plants were placed in many of the Main Stream media. Now augmented with funds from George Soros who collects funds through various State Department foreign aid programs through his myriad of NGOs. We are paying taxes to become victims of the largest money-laundering cabal in history.


    • albert m trombino says:

      Remember McConnells wife is a Chinese woman whose family has a major shipping country that is worth Millions now because of all the influence that the Turtle has sold over the years . We NEED term limits only way to solve this corrupt government from continuing or we will loose are Republic.


  3. Abigail McClane says:

    I don’t care how many politicians are taken down by this investigation. All who were involved in these back channel kickbacks need to be exposed and charged, including republicans.

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    • John says:

      That might mean needing 500+ new Senators and Congressmen. So be it. But it’s also all the thousands of entrenched bureaucrats that need to go. Someone who knows how to run the place needs to stick around. ….Or maybe not!

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      • diogenes says:

        Be simpler to simply nuke DC and the surrounding suburbs then pick up the pieces in the aftermath. Sadly “simpler” and “possible” are not close these days. Not that I’m advocating any sort of nuclear detonation in Washington, Mister NSA spy reading this. Just a thought exercise.


    • JJ says:

      They “need to be”… but they will NOT be.

      You think Bill Barr is not just as corrupt? Ever wonder why he (and maggot Sessions) refused to prosecute Hillary’s PROVEN major felonies? Stay tuned… you will be appalled at his letting Comey, Brennan, Lynch, Clapper, Nuland, etc off the hook too…


    • clancy2019 says:

      So far the Pacer system lists over 130 thousand sealed indictments in the US courts. Ought to catch a few of them. Indeed, it will be truly biblical.


  4. burnett044 says:

    and on it goes..

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  5. nimrodman says:

    Rank corruption done with substantial helpings of flair, finesse, and cachet’
    But rank corruption none the less

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  6. P T Bohall says:

    Hmm, good write up on how that works. Now, for Schiff and the local DC area members of Congress, what you have is a PAC called FUND FOR ANIMALS. It is made up of a number of organizations, some legitimate, and some just shells for other interests, but people like Ed Buck, who make legal donations directly to half a dozen Representatives and others regularly, also make far larger donations to some of the organizations inside FUND FOR ANIMALS.

    And though Ed is rich, he is also a BUNDLER, so he gets all sorts of “other donations”, even from foreign sources, and by doing a pass through to a charitable group, he avoids being identified as engaging in money laundering…..

    Then, the FUND FOR ANIMALS passes around the bucks to the PACs for each of the NGOs that make up that group, and they contribute vast sums to all the other Representatives that Ed Buck really can’t get around to.

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  7. IGiveUp says:

    Trump said he caught them all. He’s either full of crap, or he caught them all. In a very short time we’ll see this come to an end. There’s no way Trump runs for re-election on a promise to reform the Deep State. That was the pitch for Term 1.


  8. Ldave says:

    All of this is enabled by a media who’d rather be part of the game, than to expose it.

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    • vikingmom says:

      Have you ever seen the chart that lists how many of the power brokers in the media are related to, or married to, members of Congress or the heads of various Federal Agencies? It’s incestuous and the reason the media keeps all their secrets is that they are benefiting as well!

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    • Bullwinkle says:

      You sound just like you think the media is independent. It’s not. Reporters are controlled by their editors,and the editors are controlled by their board of directors,who are in turn controlled by the stock holders.

      The sad,sad truth is the major media in this country,both print and broadcast,are all owned or controlled by 4 or 5 families who are all globalists. If you read or hear a report by a major news bureau like UPI,rest assured the information has been laundered and spun dry before it was released. They have an agenda,which is to gain more power and more money,and nothing is going to be allowed to get in the way of that.

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  9. Its all up to AG Barr and Durham.

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    • ann says:

      Ultimately, its up to us.

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      • III% says:

        That is correct Ann. As it has always been. They have almost reached the end of “consent of the governed”.

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      • j1u2l3i4a5 says:

        But they don’t listen to us, @Ann

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      • Johnnywalksalot says:

        Yes! And each of us should be hounding senators and reps with daily phone calls to complain of this theft. Let’s not just vent our anger online and then forget to do some screaming and yelling at the evil ones. We need to pressure them.

        Call them. They’ll get snippy and that’s when we should ask to see their personal tax returns, ask them if they have a rich 3-toed brother in-law, and do they own three or more homes. Ask them how they can afford several millioin+$ homes on sen/rep salary.

        I’m pissed and been pissed since the 90s.

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        • Pale rider says:

          Call your local gang shot caller and complain? That’s the comparison.


        • ann says:

          You may get a chuckle from : I call the direct line of the House Dem Intell Committe occasionally. The internal weakness to foreign entities caused by Resist unpunished leaks, the FISC DoJ compliance review. Ask if political divide means they sacrifice civil liberty, and collaborate in abuse of surveillance , etc. ..

          Talking & writing to my safe seat DNC Senators & House reps is like speaking in parallels universes.

          I talk about FISC abuse, which they deny knowledge of, and turn the conversation to expanding “free” health care, etc,


        • Racehorse says:

          It’s time to march


        • killthe16th says:

          Johnnywalksalot, you don’t really expect them to take your tongue lashing to heart and amend their behavior, do you? There is only one way to regain control from these corrupt-o-crats and since these crooks are the American Congress they will never repeal the 16th amendment allowing them to steal our money by way of income taxes, we must as said somewhere above, stop paying our taxes! Of course we’ll have to escape to the forest and form a militia but that in a nutshell is what is necessary to regain our Republic!


  10. 🤔 … “Saudi Arabia” … “Never let a crisis go to waste”

    Might Rudy Giuliani and/or AG Barr and US Attorney Durham pay a visit
    … enlisting the King through MBS
    … to share evidence of Political Racketeering
    … implicating the UniParty and all associated “Institutions”?

    Were revelations of Friday’s 8 Indictments an initial salvo
    … for Money-Laundered Illegal Political Contributions?

    Could this be what POTUS meant when he said he’s got them all?

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  11. Repsort says:

    Please let me wake up to find DC a soldering hole in the ground. Amen.

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  12. atomichillbilly says:

    So everyone knows what the crooked politicians have been up to but nobody knows what the crooked intelligence swamprats have been up to….?

    Are they blackmailing politicians as we speak?

    Is Barr and Durham monitoring the blackmail operations?

    What can be gleaned from reading between the lines of Barr’s speech at the federalist society?

    Is he really going after them?

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    • ezgoer says:

      Who do you think confirmed Barr as AG? The Senate would never have confirmed him if they didn’t already have control over him. He isn’t going to clean up anything.

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  13. Last week OANN did a 2-part show with about Ukraine. I watched part II and Rudy Giuliani interviewed several Ukrainian official who WANT to come to America to testify about the Bidens and OTHER U.S. corruption, but have been denied Visas by the American Embassy, allegedly by former ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, herself.

    SO, that explains WHY she was fired, and WHY the Dems are desperate to smear Rudy.

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      Supposedly Bill Taylor is the one who has been denying visas now. Why doesn’t State or POTUS override? Possible answer: To see who is interfering with Giuliani.

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      • Cam Heck says:

        Check this out- Joe himself denied a VISA to a nice Ukrainian fella who was going to come have a chat with the DOJ :

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      • I didn’t know who Bill Taylor was, so I Googled him, with interesting results:

        Notice his service during Arab Spring? How about his stint in Iraq during its reconstruction. Something about him doesn’t pass the smell test, so it’s quite possible he was involved in the same shenanigans as Marie Yovanovitch.


  14. 2Alpha says:

    I need to order a new pitchfork. I have sharpened the tines so much they are only 4″ long now.
    Going to the hardware store tomorrow…

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  15. Justin Green says:

    Screw trying Joe Biden here. Extradite him to the Ukraine, revoke his citizenship and wish them the best. I bet their prisons are less than cozy.

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    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      The thing I believe we must all understand is:

      This has been going on …for decades…
      And at least every President has been in on this since the Clinton Presidency.

      My point is…….This is how deep this swamp is…..Not only most members of Congress, but all Federal law enforcement…State Dept…..and most all their relatives…

      Over 40 years…..
      Our President has a monumental job before him….And….only 5 more years to clean it up……if he can…..

      A thought experiment:

      Trillions are at stake.
      If you had at risk, the losing of Trillions of dollars now……or waiting for 5 years, until the President is out of office, and keeping all your money…..what would you do?

      Of course you would want to keep your money…..and wait..

      Impeachment will go away……They will not risk of exposure in the Senate. They will or have paid Graham to Sacrifice himself for the cause…..Just like McCain.

      The House will still scream about everything…..but it is done….They will not risk exposure and losing their dirty money…

      In the end…..our President may win the battle….and maybe they will finally leave our country alone…….We should see this if the MSM starts turning…..maybe….

      But until then remember……..Most All of them ate dirty…..All of them..

      Pray for our President and our country……He is one hell of a man…

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    [or as POTUS has begun to say, CLEAN the SWAMP]

    Pull the initial SEQUENCE of THREADS that cascades through every layer of Corruption

    Has Barr-through-Durham TRIGGERED the CASCADE through Indictments?

    Have Revelations been DELAYED to ensure IRREVERSIBILITY?

    Did they START with the INTEL Community that knows ALL?
    … by FLIPPING critical informants
    … who tacitly CONDONED but seldom ASSISTED?

    Did they DELAY Indicting POLITICIANS?
    … to PRE-EMPT the use of Leverage
    … until ALL had been ENSNARED?

    Does the UniParty have ANY way to SLOW the SNOWBALL?

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  17. cjzak says:

    This all makes me sick. I always thought things were pretty fishy when so many of these multi term Congress people come out as multi millionaires but this is way more involved than I imagined. No wonder there was a mass caterwauling when PT started poking at that boil of corruptness centered in Ukraine. I could never figure out why Ukraine though, as opposed to other countries, held such interest for our govt. officials. Now we all know thanks to the man we elected who loves this country enough to risk everything to try and clean up the filth that has overtaken our federal govt. and some very good, real journalists doing their jobs.

    I truly wonder if it is at all fixable or how much people will care or will even hear about this deep infection in DC. To cure this overwhelming disease seems almost impossible and who is going to actually go after the culprits anyway since most of them seem to be in on it all? What a mess.

    OAN is doing a great job as is John Solomon.

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  18. evergreen says:

    Well, Giuliani is right there, so that means the president is going to see this through. Looks like the ambassador will be answering for alleged perjury and more. Barr will have no choice but to see this to the end, wherever it leads. If this interview is true, then she will be prosecuted.

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  19. KenF says:

    This new info gives a more powerful meaning to President Trump’s October 2016 speech.
    Lord protect him and his family.

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  20. fangdog says:

    Now that the cat is out of the bag, will all this continue in the future as it has in the past?

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  21. I sent this article to a friend of mine who follows that Q dude. He says the Anons been discussing this wholesale corruption of USAID for over a year on the Q boards. I told him that my Treeper friends think Q is a lunatic spreading conspiracy theories. He shrugged his shoulders, laughed and said “Enjoy the show!”

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  22. alliwantissometruth says:

    So, as those paying attention have known for some time, those entrusted with the power to stop and punish governmental corruption and criminality are part and parcel of cabal immersed in corruption and criminality

    The absolute definition of a banana republic

    Nice work if you can get it

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  23. Kay says:

    Full disclosure: I lived in Bethesda from 1994-1996 and was ”stationed’ at Bethesda Naval Hospital/National Institutes of Health. I lived the gov’t shutdown between Gingrich and Clinton. That town loathed that an AM radio station was carrying Rush’s show from 12-3pm live when just 2 years before it had been entirely a liberal market.

    Well, I just drove through Rockville/Bethesda/ChevyChase/DC/Alexandria VA and where I loathed it before during the 90’s I’m here to tell you everything BUT ChevyChase is greater than midtown Manhattan re:density of housing, businesses, have a car? $11 + tax to park to go to Target so people go further out to Gaithersburg (used to be farmland when I lived there – now its 40 story highrises 1 after another for either apartments or businesses & those businesses are THE PROBLEM both just outside of DC Metro and now sprouted up along the George Washington Parkway in Virginia overlooking the Patomac River: Global Accounting Firms in steel and glass buildings, Raytheon right over the bridge in a 20 story building that takes up 2 blocks, the list of businesses in Alexandria (right next to the Capital/DC area) is the new “K Street”. Politicians probably take a meeting at a ‘classic’ K street location but the real work gets done along the GWP.

    And that’s when it hit me & what the Secretary of the Navy – after he was fired he said “don’t worry, its a small town, you’ll still see me” meant: He, like Lisa Page (claiming her reputation is ruined) won’t leave once fired. They have houses/condo’s, their spouses/partners have jobs in DC (in gov’t or a business entwined to get $$ from gov’t or shuffle it between parties), their kids go to schools in the area, all those $11 parking spots where they go shopping for clothes and food are there to support them. THEY WON’T GO BACK TO IOWA OR MILWAUKEE OR CLEVELAND. They’re there for the rest of their lives as they get another gov’t associated job. The ex-Sec of Navy will walk into Raytheon and have a 6-figure salary easy peasy b/c he has the contacts both on capital hill and in the military. Sure there might be a law against it but who’s going to enforce it? Everyone is in on it. They’ll label his job something innocuous and he’ll ride it out until the time frame is complete for the law to be fullfilled and then he’ll start lobbying directly.

    This is why, along with the FUBAR news that McCain, Lindsey, and other GOP senators who make $260k in salary end up with $millions when they leave (with our money back channeled into their pocket via departments of gov’t & why nobody will ever vote for a balanced budget – its a shell game of taxpayer money direct to them via budgetary authority) that I was totally naive when I thought Trump could drain the swamp. That’s not possible if there is no plug at the bottom of the bowl for these people to go down and out of town/250 mile location range & why the VA district that has the C_A went full democrat after being republican for the last 100 years (VA will be democrat in every election now too – republican days are OVER if you see what’s happening there and across the state – its just pocketbook economics – gov’t programs are not to be touched so balanced budget talk by the GOP has to stop here & public eduction has to be supported as all these people put their kids in regular schools as they all know each other).

    Instead what President Trump has done is shown us how deep & entrenched the rot is.

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    • swissik says:

      This is depressing but I accept it as the truth. Our situation here in the SF Bay area is very similar. California has its very own swamp where politicians down to the local small town level are in bed with the huge tech industry, major developers and so on. In addition we have an excess of immigrants both legal and illegal and while some of them probably vote without being citizens, they, like lemmings follow the one party dictatorship which is of course supported by a corrupt media. Although we can’t claim to have a decent newspaper in an area of well over 5million inhabitants. Entrenched rot indeed.

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      • Pale rider says:

        We all have a ‘swamp’ it’s now the way of business. It’s the wise words “the only thing needed for evil to thrive is good men stay silent.” Crooks kill off crooks. Good people do not.

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  24. roddrepub says:

    November Rudy Giuliani released a letter he sent to Senator Lindsey Graham outlining how Bill Taylor blocked VISA’s for Ukrainian ‘whistle-blowers’ who are willing to testify to the corrupt financial scheme.
    I always wondered why this sort of died on the vine. So Rudy and POTUS know what’s going on. They just have to expose it. Looking at those pictures of McLame I’m reminded of why I dislike the man.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Vince says:

      Would be funny if the Ukrainians who wanted to come here and testify flew to Tijuana, walked across the border, drove to D.C., and showed up at the impeachment hearings.

      Liked by 3 people

  25. California Joe says:

    SD is stating (implying?) that Mike Pompeo as the Secretary of State appointed by President Trump is powerless to direct his subordinates, the people who work for him, to approve a visa for a former law enforcement official from Ukraine to testify in defense of the President? If this is true then our country is finished! Having worked for the federal government over 30 years in a very responsible professional position there is no way I would even dream of defying an order for or directive from a Deputy Assistant Secretary much less the Secretary himself and I did get several of them!

    Liked by 1 person

    • GB Bari says:

      I was originally very pro-Pompeo, especially when we saw how enthusiastic and assertive he seemed to be in support of President Trump’s foreign policies.

      But after learning how much anti-Trump rot has been embedded in and is emanating from State Dept., I have withdrawn my enthusiasm and am waiting for ANY sign that Pompeo is cleaning out the rotting parts of State. So far, zip, zero, nada.

      Please correct me if I missed something Pompeo did to punish or even just fire wrongdoers in State Dept.

      Liked by 2 people

  26. Beth says:

    Cui Bono?
    So, all those golf matches with Ms.Lindsey,,,

    Ya think The Donald was born yesterday?

    Lindsey: Mr. President, who are you going to believe, me or your LION eyes?
    The Donald: I knew damn well You were a snake before i took you in.

    Liked by 3 people

  27. ezgoer says:

    If Trump were to expose too much or become too big a threat, McConnell and the GOP Senate would turn on him and vote to convict him out of office. There’s only so much he can do.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Perot Conservative says:


    Sara A. Carter@SaraCarterDC
    Everyone please watch this reporting and retweet and share it with all your friends!!

    This Tweet is unavailable.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Publius Syrus says:

      Good catch. I wonder how Goolag will be shadow banning Tubers, and algo censoring searches…
      Here is a preview of pt 3: its stunning!

      Liked by 2 people

      • Publius Syrus says:

        This is a key moment: watch how Drudge reports this…as of 2200PST Sunday, nothing…
        Except vague insinuations about “Rudy in the shadows” from the second tier, captive CT newspaper “shooting the messenger”,
        Nothing from The sHill, except a deflection about Trump tweets,
        And of course Fake the Nations hysterical denunciation of Giuliani in Meadows appearance….
        Oh, yeah…the DNCmedia (Sundance) or Lemmings media (OAN) sees their !ives flashing before eyes…

        Liked by 2 people

      • clancy2019 says:

        The media (MSM) lost its soul with CIA project Mockingbird. Money as well as CIA plants were placed in many of the Main Stream media. Now augmented with funds from George Soros who collects funds through various State Department foreign aid programs through his myriad of NGOs. We are paying taxes to become victims of the largest money-laundering cabal in history.


      • clancy2019 says:

        Good that the video is still here. It looks like Twitter has taken it down.


  29. rjones99 says:

    Is this our first evidence that Seth Levy “The Reckoning” and others (eg, “Chaos Actual” and “ThunderStrczk”) are controlled opposition?

    Afterall, if foreign aid truly is a big cookie jar for dem and repub congressmen then Levy’s theory about Trump maneuvering Congress into impeachment was foreseeably wrong. Why? Because it would be obvious that a Senate trial in which evidence off massive corruption might be presented would never be permitted by McConnell. Graham has recently confirmed exactly this. In that case, Levy’s theory is nothing more than a means of helping to keep passions in check. You know, “Dont worry folks, Trump wants impeachment, it’s no win for dems, Trump cant possibly lose.” In fact, yes he can lose, by getting impeached with no opportunity to clear his name.

    That this corruption exists has been fairly obvious since very few repubs have ever come to Trump’s defense. It was never about style or globalism or any other damn thing because these people dont care about causes, they care about themselves…why else would you be corrupt?

    So just like we were fooled all those years by the soiled toilet paper wads at National Review, now we’re potentially being manipulated by ex intel people using well honed skills in manipulating public opinion. Be wary. Until people start going to jail, and information statts getting disclosed, and that sh1t-filled CIA is dismantled, I think very high skepticism is warranted. For what it’s worth, this is the only site I think is run by a person of integrity. While conceding Sundance might be wrong, I nevertheless believe he’s a straight shooter and is being honest. I have mu suspicions about others.

    FWIW, i am fully aligned with Sundance that our collective attitude should be we’re mad enough to go to war over this crap.

    Liked by 2 people

    • rjones99 says:

      And one other question…not to go out on a conspiratorial branch here…but could those Saudis have been an op designed to embarrass Trump? The timing and some of the details look suspicious. At this point, I no longer have any trust whatsoever in the integrity of our intelligence services.

      Liked by 2 people

  30. Leftnomore says:

    Spiro Agnew had less corruption than this and had the understanding to step down. Biden will flail and deny till the cows come home…no self respect in the least.


    • sturandot13 says:

      According to Spiro Agnew, his life was being threatened by Alexander Haig at that time. So I guess it’s like they “gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse”.

      Liked by 1 person

  31. oldersoul says:

    Nixon’s threat to reveal ‘The Bay of Pigs’ saved him from far worse in ‘74. But his approval ratings were too small a life preserver to save him.

    PDJT’s threat to dive deep into the ‘Ukranian Laundry’ will make impeachment DOA in the Senate. Rudy has his flank on this one. A very different outcome than in ‘74.

    Trump wins again. And the Establishment buys itself a little more time without the People discovering how they do business there.

    They will keep coming at him. But PDJT grows politically stronger and more formidable with each passing month. He may be the one to finally pull it off.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Pale rider says:

      This puts a ‘self preservation’ aspect to this news. Trump has been fighting for his life since the escalator ride. Democrats promise impeachment after this impeachment. Is there any other way besides blowing up the whole thing?

      Liked by 2 people

  32. patrick J walsh says:

    I don’t think that Cindy McCain is interested in a new diamond necklace .

    I’d say she’s more interested in free beef and foods from foreign countries.


  33. ParteaGirl says:

    Based on Trump’s twitter feed, he’s up late and feeling confident. For example, he just retweeted this:

    Liked by 1 person

  34. Rynn69 says:

    America is currently in the exposure phase. If any DC politician believes the genie can be put back in the bottle they are naïve. Now that they are exposed – there has to be consequences . . . no matter how many. Americans are not going to allow their hard-earned money – YES, IT IS OUR MONEY – to be grifted by dirty politicians who desire high-end lives for themselves and their corrupt kids. No freak$ng way. There will be a reckoning. All of this is ILLEGAL as hell and just because politicians are doing it does not make them invincible. This is not going away.

    Liked by 3 people

  35. Don L says:

    As a potential target, Graham needs to step down, (formally recuse himself) but the problem becomes which GOP senator could be trusted to take this investigation to the dark netherworld of complicit and even criminal behavior of many in his party at the top. McConnell is hardly the one to make an honest judgment on this.

    Liked by 1 person

  36. Everett Miller says:

    All this being true, it’s best to hear the false charges then vote to invalidate them, acquit Trump, Adjurn.
    Bad idea to conflate Trump’s acquittal with the exposure of the Traitors.
    AG Barr needs to bring charges against them and take them to court (outside of DC) in separate CRIMINAL actions. THINK.


  37. jogreggre says:

    I was shocked when I read Lindsey Graham’s statements about the upcoming Senate trial. Now, I understand. What a mess. Or, what a wicked web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. President Trump needs all of his supporters to stand tall, and do everything in our power to help him.

    Liked by 2 people

  38. shirley49 says:



  39. Old Buffalo says:

    Rush now bringing CTH to the masses.

    Liked by 2 people

  40. Diana Allocco says:

    Rush Limbaugh is talking about this right now (Dec 9 at 2:13 pm eastern), with great compliments to Conservative Treehouse analysis.

    Liked by 3 people

  41. Matroidman says:

    Rush is covering this right now.

    Liked by 3 people

  42. Deplorable and Proud says:

    WHOA!!! Listening to Rush who is praising CTH and singing Sundance’s praises!! And he’s reading from this post! I know he reads CTH, but this is the first I’ve ever heard him going into superlatives about CTH’s investigative efforts,
    Congrats, Sundance! Well-deserved!

    Liked by 6 people

  43. Pingback: Former Ukrainian Prosecutor Exposes Yovanovich Perjury, George Kent's Motive To Impeach Trump | Zero Hedge

  44. John Dodd says:

    I would like to thank Sundance for his outstanding reporting, thoroughly deserving of a Pulitzer. Down here in NZ we only get the usual Orange Man Bad repeats from CNN on our 2 tv news stations. I wish that someone or group could inform these people (our journalists) of the corruption purchasing, lobbying and treason on both political sides of your Congress and Senate. Trump, who I couldn’t care less about during his stint on The Apprentice has revealed himself to be the most honest, self sacrificing, America loving President since the founders of your country. I wish him, Sundance and all you patriots strength, patience and victory in your fight . God Bless.

    Liked by 1 person

  45. Tom Jefferson says:

    Prophecy is being fulfilled!
    God’s children are waking!
    The only Just Government is God’s!
    Just Government requires Just Laws!


  46. MD says:

    After reading this article about them basically using foreign aid to steal tax payer money for themselves here are some thoughts…..

    1. This is not the 1st or only time this happened so is the whole purpose of the Russia hoax / impeachment to cover up their stealing?
    2. Obama as well as everyone else in gov. knew about Hillary’s email server yet she was allowed to use it until word got out in public. Was the Clinton foundation then being used as kind of a clearing house for all the politicians to funnel their ill gotten money through? It would explain why nobody ever did an investigation of their “foundation”.
    3. Obama did not endorse Biden right from the start even before the bumbling, groping and Barisma came out. Obama had to have seen the video of Biden bragging about the billion dollars to Ukraine. I wonder if Biden’s little scam with his train wreck of a kid was not approved by the upper echelon as a way to skim money. That may be why Obama is keeping his distance.
    4. Ever notice these Hollywood celebs who are washed up are the loudest supporters of the Dems. They don’t get paid huge sums or make many movies anymore. They also have 3-4 ex-wives and numerous kids, yet they manage to always have plenty of money to donate to the Democrats. Where does it all come from? What if a country gets a billion in U.S. aid, a way to get some of it back into a crooked politician’s hands might be this… Have the celeb travel to the country for an appearance. They then get paid a ridiculous sum (way more than they could get here anymore) with the understanding that a portion of the money they got paid gets contributed to the politician’s charity or campaign. Nobody thinks anything of it because they assume the celeb is ultra rich.


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