Varying Expectations For IG Horowitz Report – The Convenient Application of “intent”……

If Senator Lindsey Graham is correct – tomorrow the DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz will release a much anticipated review, looking into how the FBI and DOJ used an application to the FISA court to investigate the Trump campaign. There are wide-ranging opinions about what exactly this report may, or may not, outline.

The IG review has been ongoing for 21 months.  This report is anticipated to be a culmination of that investigative effort.  The ‘tick-tock club’ of Sean Hannity, Sara Carter, John Solomon and various Fox pundits have promised the report will be the most devastating outline of gross FBI and DOJ misconduct in the history of IG review.

Additionally, a network of financially dependent social media voices, book writers, podcast pundits and Q-theorists collectively known as the ‘trusty plan group’, have predicted criminal indictments, wide-scale arrests and a shock to the DC system that will fracture the foundation of the administrative state and simultaneously drain the swamp.

Meanwhile the Lawfare group has been the most visible advocacy network for the current and former DOJ and FBI officials who participated in setting up and using the FISA surveillance system now under IG review.   The Lawfare group has stated the IG report will exonerate all of their pre and post election activity; validate the justification for their predicate efforts; and leave the ‘tick-tockers’ and ‘trusty planners’ having to reconcile to their stunned audiences how they interpreted all the data so incredibly wrong.

A review of the last three IG reports which brush up against the same DOJ and FBI network: (1) IG review Clinton email/FBI conduct; (2) IG review of McCabe/media leaks; and (3) IG review of James Comey conduct; shows the IG report on FISA is likely to come down somewhere in the middle.  ie. mistakes were made; poor judgements were evident; some unprofessional conduct was found; some lack of candor was identified; department policies were not followed; but no direct evidence of intentional wrongdoing was attributable to a coordinated political effort.

If prior IG reports are predictive we should see something akin to:

…Everyone collectively just happened to make identical mistakes, at the same time, in the same direction, together with all the administrative staff within all intelligence organizations… many of them were professionally trained lawyers… but no-one did anything wrong on purpose….

Remember the modern mantra for DOJ definitions of legality are all about “intent“.

Defining statutory violations by the intent of the violator is specifically attributable to how President Obama, AG Eric Holder and AG Loretta Lynch changed the entire enterprise of lawful application to make outcomes arbitrary, variable, changeable to the situation.

The IRS targeting wasn’t unlawful because it wasn’t intentional.  The death of four Americans due to sketchy CIA and State Dept. operations in Benghazi was not unlawful because the risky situation wasn’t created intentionally.  Hillary Clinton’s private email server with classified information wasn’t “intentional”, etcetera – etcetera, the list is long.

The nice thing about switching to definitions of lawbreaking by “intent” is the ease in arbitrary application.  Republican targets ‘intended’ to violate laws… Democrat targets, well, not-so-much.  Fluidity is a necessary oil amid a two-tiered administrative state.

If you elevate, I mean really elevate, and look at the bigger issue inside each of the examples there’s a connective thread surrounding a purposeful shift in accountability for broken laws by focusing on “criminal intent.”

“Intent”, not consequence, is now the larger shield being applied toward excusing the action of people within institutions of government and society.  Consider:

Ah yes, Hillary Clinton was not guilty or accountable because FBI Director James Comey said they couldn’t prove intent….. But the statute doesn’t require intent… But the DOJ said ignore the statute, they require it… and so it goes.

Also see years of Inspector General internal investigations culminating in the very familiar phrase: “declined to prosecute”; yup, they all surrounded intent.

Apparently anyone who breaks the law (lies) while inside the DOJ or FBI didn’t intend to… While lawbreakers (fibbers) outside the FBI/DOJ offices are intentful sons-of-bitches.

The “intent” issue extends everywhere….

Illegal alien entry, and accountability for fraud, all downplayed because there’s no proof of intent.   Walk down a pier in San Francisco and shoot a girl in the head… your honor, my client didn’t intend to do it.  The focus on intent -a specific decision made within the administration of a modern justice system- has become a shield against consequence.

It was a “mistake”…. he/she/it made “a poor decision” etc.  A pattern of obfuscation downplaying consequence and allowing those decision-makers charged with delivering accountability to withdraw or apply the rules of law based on their individual overlay of ‘intent’.

That shift is factually visible everywhere now.

The prior IG report by Horowitz [FBI bias & investigative outcome] was fraught with the application of ‘intent’ inside the inspectors explanation of absent evidence toward bias.

Each of these examples does not seem to be arbitrary, but rather connected to a more consequential decision by those in power to water-down accountability and open the doors for further abuse.

If the official didn’t ‘intend’ to do wrong, or more specifically if the people in position of delivering accountability for the wrong-doing cannot find specific intent, then the action is less-than regardless of outcome.

Consider what FBI officials were doing inside the FBI regarding media-leaks, then insert the James Wolfe example here & ask yourself how could they ever hold him accountable?

Pro Tip: They didn’t.

Following along the ideological lines we can all see how a shift to ‘intent’ can become a very serious issue within a corrupt system.

Within that system, and against that purposeful filter and determination, plausible deniability becomes the construct for intentional criminal engagement.

The illegal alien voter didn’t intend to violate the law… therefore no law was violated.  The Democrats who ballot-harvested illegal alien registration didn’t intend to violate the voting integrity statute… therefore no statute was violated.  Everyone just, well, made a mistake.

Whoopsie daisy.

A corrupt official doesn’t even need to put a finger on the scales of justice, once the scales are intentionally mis-calibrated like this.

If you wonder why there is such an overall sense of anxiety, poor conduct, lack of virtue and general unease within the recent landscape…. I would deposit the likelihood all of the unnerving instability around us is being caused by this shift away from consequence based entirely on ‘intent‘.

Brazen unlawfulness and abuses are now subject to arbitrary determinations of intent.

According to the current DOJ legal proceedings Michael Flynn the outsider intended to lie… FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, the insider, didn’t:

It’s this weird mish-mosh world where changing your party registration before you defraud your investors rob the bank might just help you out if you get caught.

From all current indications FBI Director Christopher Wray is directing his organization to spend more time filling the cracks in the dam (bias training) -trying to hold back the tide of electoral anger- than they are doing actual FBI work.  Which begs the question….

….did Bill Barr purchase scuba gear?


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756 Responses to Varying Expectations For IG Horowitz Report – The Convenient Application of “intent”……

  1. spren says:

    Like Sundance, I have very low expectations for Horowitz’s report. I imagine it will be very vanilla and describe things exactly the way Sundance surmises. Many of the key perps we are aware of are no longer in the government. Depending on the point in time of his investigation when they came onto his radar, he might not have even been allowed to interview them (if they were already out of the government by then). He can only interview people still in his purview that are active in the intelligence agencies.

    The “tick-tock” crew have gotten everybody all dressed up and nowhere to go. I’m not going to be disappointed by Horowitz’s report because I’m pretty sure it will be just as lackluster as we expect it to be.

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    • California Joe says:

      Horowitz can have his agents interview anybody on the planet. They have full law enforcement authority. They carry firearms and can make arrests anywhere in the country just like a Deputy US Marshal. In fact, they are commissioned as Deputy US Marshals and their credentials say so! I don’t know where the nonsense comes from that they can only interview current government employees but it’s completely ridiculous.

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      • spren says:

        You need to go become more informed. The IG has absolutely no authority to arrest anyone or to even indict the proverbial ham sandwich. He can recommend to Barr that someone be indicted, but can’t do so himself. He can not interview nor interrogate anyone not still within his chain of command. The only nonsense here is that which you are trying to promote.

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        • Jack Ripper says:

          Quit reading propaganda.
          The Special Agents of the IG have statutory law enforcement authority to seek and execute arrest and search warrants, serve subpoenas, perform undercover operations, and carry firearms. They also investigate allegations of serious administrative misconduct. They are responsible for handling investigations from start to finish and have Title 18 authority which essentially means any civilian involved can be surveilled, investigated, and arrested.


          • Zippy says:

            I agree. So, where’s the list of people they’ve arrested?

            We are 1051 days into the so-called Trump administration and ZERO SpyGate perps have been so much as indicted, the McCabe investigation that took nearly a year that Judicial Watch says should have taken only a few months was released over two months ago finding him guilty of lying and there has been no decision to indict.

            I expect NOTHING in the way of significant legal consequences from the Horowitz or Durham reports for any but at most a few SpyGate perps at lower levels for them to pin everything on. People actually expect a corrupt system to indict ITSELF? Why, exactly?

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    • donna kovacevic says:

      Sundance I noticed Mueller inserting the word “intent” on questioning by Louie Gohmert. That just does not make common sense to me, hell I did not intend to fall, but did anyways, damage done broke my ankle. I guess it is the same govna as depending on the meaning of the word “is” is. Odjebite these govnari already with their head games.

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      • trialbytruth says:

        I am going to try offer this in defense of the IG and then head to my bunker.

        Intent is meaningful to administrators and rightfully so.

        You are.administrating a small restaurant. You dishwasher wants to superclean the floor so he tosses bleach and ammonia in the mop bucket.
        You barely get him out in time and the ambulance balls him off to the hospital. You have to clear and ventilate your restaurant. You lose thousands of dollars. Do you fire him?

        On the other hand if he’s a terrorist you call the police.

        You have an accounting firm. Your 20 year of service secretary accidentally deleted files. It will take 100s of hours today put it back together . Do you fire her?

        On the other hand if she is reacting to a disciplinary action AND you can PROVE it. You fire her for cause. If you can’t prove it then you (in Michigan hire at will.stat) you simply remove.her from the schedule.

        Intent does matter in the day to day machinations of the workaday world.

        What is obviously individual criminal actions will be referred. Systematic abuse will be addressed with recommendations of discipline and retraining. It is beyond reason to expect the IG to attach motive to all the thousands of moving parts across the multitudes of agency and the hundreds of departments.

        The lemmings of government go along to get along. Slow walk or reintrrerate that which they don’t like, and mostly think about what happens after 5PM. That is what the IGs have to contend with on the day to day.

        The hgh crimes of treason is not the IGs perfu. However the material will provide a road map for those that get past the summary.

        Here’s my summary
        I believe what we will find is, a handful of supervisors being instructed or duped from leadership into getting their minions to Chase and reconstruct unicorns. As crazy as that sounds most of their minnions believe in unicorns the rest can’t prove they don’t exist so the go along

        The beleivers have proof that unicorns can exist because they have seen horses goats and horned whales. The media tells them that there are unicorns around every corner. Politicians and pundents demand the unicorns be found and captured. Boards of inquiry are assembled and demand answers.

        The task the IG cannot accomplish and the one Durham and Barr should be is determining who conspired who was duped and who the true believers were. That is a hell of a task. At the leadership level there will be enough back and forth to hand them I believe At the supervisory level it will be about provable mishandling of evidence (disciplinary) if the mishandling can be proven for outcome (criminal). True believers like Page are they witnesses to crime and remained mute (criminal). Did they witness abuse of authority or violation of process (disciplinary) or are they just supportive of the goal and blinded by there biases ( retraining)

        No one but us are going to recommend burning the alphabet agencies to the ground. The difficulty with this conspiracy is it has no boundaries Unlike a typical criminal conspiracy this is a “populis” one. Where the criminal behavior ends and the bias it intentionally feeds takes over is tough. It is tougher still because of scores of lone wolves taking criminal action based on the projected populist nature of this conspiracy “the resistance”.

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        • wightmanfarm says:

          And what about the people who followed Hitler’s Generals’ orders ? No intent?

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          • trialbytruth says:

            If you were doing an internal IG investigation of the NAZIS then those not following orders would be at risk.

            The IGs job is

            1 did they follow law and procedurea

            2 does the outcome follow.legislative goals

            3 I there a more efficient method.

            IGs are not superheros they are auditors of bureaucracy.

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        • wightmanfarm says:

          What if I am driving on an interstate highway, speed limit is 70. While I am passing two semi trucks, there is a sign reducing speed to 55, but I don’t see it. I really don’t. Do you think the cop and the courts care about my intent?

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          • trialbytruth says:

            Cops are not IGs and IGs are not Cops

            Truth is an IG looking at that situation would recommend painted roadway markings in addition to existing signs. He would also note the maintainence cost for frequent repaints.

            He’s an auditor not a LEO


        • GB Bari says:

          IMO your analogies are invalid. You describe what our society has long considered “accidents” because there are countless reports and anecdotal evidence that show large numbers of people have historically committed these common errors while on the job or in their homes.

          The ammonia-bleach incident was Obviously due to stupidity if the person did not realize their personal danger. No one deliberately commits suicide by chlorine gas. No, they cause near instantaneous (and hopefully quick and painless) death via Bomb, bullet, impact with hard ground by falling off a height, impact with a moving train, vehicle etc., or they render themself unconscious and subsequently die by carbon monoxide or natural gas or other asphyxiates, or by hanging.
          There’s too large a body of evidence that supports methods of suicide versus accidental death.

          The files deleted by the Secretary are easily recoverable unless she took additional steps to permanently delete them and render them unrecoverable. If she did, her actions leave the intent question unambiguously settled before anyone has to “surmise” anything.

          OTOH, the criminals who deliberately spied on the Trump campaign didn’t accidentally pull 702 queries or accidentally set up Papadopoulos or Page up with OCONUS lures and accidentally try to entrap them. The FIB or CIA didn’t accidentally listen in on General Flynn’s phone conversation with a Russian official. None of this was accidental. But the FBI had no proof of prior criminal activity of any of these people to justify taking those actions of surveillance, not 5o mention the timelines and chronology of the FBI, DOJ actions that also proves intent. AND all of the perps have been verified as Trump haters and Clinton supporters. They intended to do these things to damage the reputation and credibility of President Trump and bring about his resignation, or removal by impeachment.

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          • trialbytruth says:

            No doubt my anaolgies are weak sauce but the issue here like it or not is intent and that was the purpose.

            The IG like it or not is not going to address intent. He will address “by the book” process and yes I use that term purposefully.

            This coup from the onset was designed to be” by the book ” and to have baked in deniability. I think they were better at it then we give them credit for. It is our presumption of motive that makes everything crystal clear. Motive is not what the IG will address

            Motive will be addressed by Burr and Durham that is their job.

            My plan is to use the executive summary as more insight into Wray and clues as to where to look in the report.


          • mopar2016 says:

            The Coup Crew.

            MAGA KAG

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        • Tl Howard says:

          RE: intent

          You are the FBI. It’s the run-up to an election. Everyone knows opposition research teams operate for all candidates that have money to pay investigators searching for dirt on their opponents.

          You are presented with a file of info that makes a candidate look terribly bad. There is scurrilous info in it.

          You don’t assume it’s correct. (It’s election season, after all.)

          You do a little work and discover the so-called “information” was paid for by, yes, this candidate’s opponent. You also realise the person who put it together does NOt vouch for it’s accuracy.

          Nevertheless, you seek a FISA warrant on a rather unimportant person who is NOT in any way in the inner circle of people around the candidate.

          Why? Once again, the charges were not verifiable. The info came from a political opponent. It’s election season. FISAs are serious stuff. Counter-intel is serious stuff.

          NO INTENT to harm that candidate? Give me an effing break!

          And, then, of course, we have the proof of hatred of the candidate in all kinds of text messages and emails.

          Mr. H, if you cannot conclude bad intent from that, we should string YOU up first, before any of the thugs you went soft on.

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    • Dekester says:

      Fortunately for me, and many of acquaintances. The phrase “ expectations breeds resentments.” Is most helpful. Expectations are something Intry to avoid.

      Sadly we have been on a slow slide for decades, Vagrancy was once a criminal misdemeanour up here, a breach of the peace, and drunken disorderly too.

      They haven’t been since the late 1970s early 80s.

      The term “ too big to fail” comes to mind with this criminal enterprise. Known as the CIA, FBI, DOJ.

      Sundance and fellow CTH posters have catalogued an incredible list of abuses of power.

      Yet on and on the dance goes.

      The utter contempt now exposed.
      That the MSM and the Dems/RINOs have for the American people, will, if not dealt with legally. Will IMO change, ( if it has not already) decent Americans attitudes towards its federal agencies for a lifetime.

      Why would any right thinking person speak to the FBI, or volunteer as a witness to anything the DOJ has anything to do with.

      The IRS, yikes. The military that I so admire. All have been compromised.

      It wasn’t the Russians, Chinese or Ukraine.

      It has all come from within.

      God bless PDJT

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      • GB Bari says:

        Make NO mistake about WHY the betrayal has come from within.

        The enemy (communists) penetrated our government and the cultural institutions long ago and gradually and methodically propagandized and cultivated pro-Leftwing, anti American, anti Constitutional thinking among the intellectually weak, the intellectually lazy, and the intellectually arrogant elite.

        These people are NOT our fellow citizens who just made mistakes. They are willfully subversive advocates of overturning the Constitution and the Republic, and re-making it into an authoritarian hyper-strong central government that has dictatorial power over the nation and to their financial benefit plus the benefit of the globalists who back them.

        “Intent” as a means to exonerate criminals and punish innocent people is but another treacherous scheme of the Left. It must be stopped or those in power who could stop it but choose to look away will run up against a citizenry who have run out of patience for legal remedies.

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        • Zippy says:

          “The enemy (communists) penetrated our government and the cultural institutions long ago and gradually and methodically propagandized and cultivated pro-Leftwing, anti American, anti Constitutional thinking among the intellectually weak, the intellectually lazy, and the intellectually arrogant elite.”

          Exactly. Neo-Marxists who after the failure of the worker revolt to materialize moved the worker/boss conflict to an even more destructive generic “victim”/victimizer conflict resulting in pathological PC, identity politics, and societal discord. Read Chapter 6 of Breitbart’s “Righteous Indignation” on that for a detailed description of our descent into dystopia.

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    • richard verney says:

      I consider that many people unfairly criticise the IG, given that he has dug up a lot of useful facts and has not simply buried those facts under the rug.

      I think that the IG wants to protect the institutions, or at any rate does not want to be the one who blows them apart, leaving it to someone else to do that. That is why he has identified/unearther most of the necessary facts, but pulled up short in the summaries.

      But one should not overlook that the IG has referred both McCabe and Comey for investigation/prosecution, and he would therefore be quite content that those two guys be held to account. It is the DOJ, not the IG, that has decided not to hold McCabe and Comey to account.

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      • Tl Howard says:

        You can’t SAVE any institution by letting criminals who were at the top of that institution get away with their crimes. There will be no INTENT for those you replace them with to clean up the place.

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  2. Nigella says:

    As much as I want the IG report to be “something” I fear you are right… The jury is still out for me on Barr

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  3. A2 says:

    I guess we have given three boxes to tick.

    My own opinion is glad to see the report in its entirety. It will confirm some things, mitigate others, but at the end of the day, an investigation well worth having. If there was no investigation, then we all would be in bigger dead land than we are now.

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    • A2 says:

      My own opinion is stop with the speculation trying to manage expectations. Monday it will be released. How many will read it? Or wait for others to tell them what’s in it?

      Best to withhold judgement and unsubstantiated opinions until the document drops.

      Then everyone may revisit their own scenarios.


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      • The Demon Slick says:

        I call the “Comey press conference” technique. The report lays out serous crimes, but the summary at the end says “but no reasonable prosecutor…” or some such nonsense. Sundance is totally right about the shifting sands of intent. And Wray is a weasel.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      I agree. They will play their games with intent and creative interpretations of law. I am interested in the details of what they did and see how Barr and Durham will incorporate the information.

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  4. JohnCasper says:

    expect it It will be bigger than an elephant, but weigh less than a mouse.

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  5. Paul Woll says:

    This intent nonsense is absurd. A crime is a crime.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Which they would not allow us the luxury of sheltering under. We aren’t in any of their made-up protected classes afforded intent.

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      • Rhi says:

        Yup, it’s a big club and we ain’t in it.

        John Solomon said 6 to 12 criminal referrals will be in the IG report. We will have to wait to see. Interesting that some white hat IC guys approached him some time ago and encouraged him to keep digging and that he was on the right trail. Combined with Rudy coming back from Ukraine with lots of documents and the President saying he ‘caught them all’ and impeachment falling flat, could this be finally the beginning of the big reveal? Zippo time? Too much info out there to put this genie back in the bottle.

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        • Judith says:

          I agree @Rhi. Too much is out there to dismiss it all as random, innocent behavior.

          Remember when Comey hemmed and hawwed at Rep Stefanik’s penetrating questions regarding procedural protocols? If he didn’t “intend” to hide his sneaky behavior, then why would he become flustered and upset during the questioning? Comey obviously knew what those protocols were, as he described them to her in detail. Yet, he *intentionally* failed to follow those known protocols. He even gave Stefanik an alibi to demonstrate his omission was a conscious, *intentional* decision, and *not* an oversight.

          And couldn’t “intent” also apply to the convoluted lies necessary for the renewal of the FISA after the 2016 election? Weren’t there certain document date stamps that refute a critical timeline, painstakingly laid out by certain swamp critters?

          Going back to Hellary’s private server, didn’t K***** find evidence of an *intentional* attempt to alter the sender/receiver addresses of certain emails? Now, who would attempt to alter these emails and why?

          As far as Hellary’s server being “old news,” I beg to differ. If those emails hid criminal behavior relevant to an *ongoing* counterintelligence investigation, then I believe that statute of limitations ticks anew. She may have skated on keeping a server in her home, but that does not absolve her of what those emails may contain as evidence in a *current* case.

          In any event, Hellary (and Obola?) were reckless in leaving their communications unprotected and vulnerable to hacking and blackmail, so somebody has them. From their obsessive witch hunt, my guess is that someone is a Russian, and those emails are devastating.

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        • Garavaglia says:

          He would be just as accurate stating 0 to 100 criminal referrals. Which is it, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12? He obviously doesn’t know.

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        • George 1 says:

          If even true 6-12 criminal referrals would be a low number for what has gone on here.


        • Chick-fil-A Traffic Jam says:

          “Too much info out there to put this genie back in the bottle.”

          Yet paradoxically not nearly enough people care for anything other than that exact thing to happen.


    • Dar Adal says:

      Agreed. It’s similar to “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.” You’re absolved of any consequences for committing a crime because you didn’t know it was a crime. Proving or disproving intent or knowledge is equally absurd.

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  6. Sentient says:

    Horowitz is an Obama holdover.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      How angry, really, was Horowitz to be frozen out of oversight of NSD? Maybe relief would be a better word?


      • jebg46 says:

        Yes Horowitz was frozen out of NSD and it really ticked him off so he is not as biased as many think but protecting his institutions seems to be a priority or was inthe past.

        When I read the actual reports he was very candid about what was wrong. Someone else wrote the summaries.

        We must read the entire report, don’t depend on summaries.

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        • Robert Smith says:

          I agree about the summaries. I hope this time they are consistent with the data in the report. I want to read the report to see how far they went. I also very much want to see the amount of redaction in this report as compared to the earlier ones.

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    • yucki says:

      I Didn’t Know The Gun Was Loaded

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  7. WSB says:

    “…but no direct evidence of intentional wrongdoing was attributable to a coordinated political effort.”

    So, it will be self-evident that the IG is covering up for everbody else….curiously in the same direction.

    Blinded by the light.

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    • The Demon Slick says:

      I’m getting sick of them getting called “mistakes” and “violations of procedures”. Bunch of nonsense. When you find a watch, do you assume that the glass and metal just randomly formed that way? Of course not! It’s too complicated, too purposeful. When you find a watch, you know that someone made a watch. On purpose. Someone needs to start treating this series of events like the seditious criminal conspiracy that it actually is.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Put it together with Atkinson for the IC IG and we have a trend where oversight is scared of the agency they oversee. They know what they do to their targets and they know they do it at the behest of all the big boss.

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  8. JohnCasper says:

    It will be like a pile of Confederate money. Impressive to look at but just try spending any of it.

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  9. California Joe says:

    McCabe’s rant to Stzrok, Page and the others: First we “F” General Flynn and then we “F” President Trump is about as clear and expression to frame someone by a top echelon FBI Official as ever existed but somehow IG Horowitz either doesn’t see it or doesn’t want to see it. Horowitz is a useless and corrupt empty suit.

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    • The Devilbat says:

      He is very useful to the deep state.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Wasn’t that rant from unverified reports?

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      • trialbytruth says:

        It it’s a great meme.

        I got a picture of Abe Lincoln telling us to always use a VPN

        Truth is it have no reason to disbelieve that unverified report but…… Yeah it ain’t evidence.


        • Tl Howard says:

          “Truth is it have no reason to disbelieve that unverified report but…… Yeah it ain’t evidence.”

          Exactly. Any kid could KISS. They can’t verify anything and the accusations come from a political org that paid for the “report” but big, bad, experienced, intelligent “top- of- the bureau” experts thought it worthy enough to get a warrant that would allow them to spy on a guy they hated.

          Yeah, sure.


      • Garavaglia says:

        It was one of those oh so reliable “sources say” reports, or maybe from “those with information on the subject at hand”. Can’t quite remember.


  10. Perot Conservative says:

    Paul Sperry wrote a few days ago on Twitter that Wray has yet to institute the 9 or 12 recommendations from the IG report from over a year ago!

    Recall, public data shows that 80% of Federal employees referred for criminal conduct by the OIG never face charges.

    And attorney John Durham found the CIA innocent of 99 out of 101 allegations of torture? (Salon.)

    Well, I hope Nora is on our side!

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    • Perot Conservative says:

      P.S. Durham & Barr’s reports likely months away … I guess in the end if the Tic Tock Club is wrong, POTUS could declassify everything for us.


      • gda53 says:

        Speculation as to timing?

        I expect it simultaneous with IG Report or very shortly after.
        – why else would they delay IG if NOT to coordinate?
        – they are clearly working in tandem
        – we have already heard that Durham is “much farther ahead than people think”
        – if the leaks (that there were disagreements between Horowitz and Barr) are correct, then that difference MUST be resolved – it can’t be left hanging. And the only disagreement possible really is over culpability. Which means indictments from Barr, perhaps?

        Then again….


        • A2 says:

          Speculation? You must be a Market Pundit.

          Go for it. what do facts and evidence matter. Just call a recession it’s preordained due to the timeline.

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        • The Demon Slick says:

          I dream of agents raiding offices, carrying out files and computers, while corrupt officials are perp walked to the waiting vehicles. But I’m feeling more and more like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football. Or dems trying to get President Trumps tax returns. I’m cautiously optimistic.


    • trialbytruth says:

      Sorry not going to hold Durham accountable for that

      Quick story my dad at the end of life told. He was an artillary scout in world warII he was an accountant so a numbers guy his radio operator was a sprinter from USC. They came across the same team from the other side. The radio man died as soon as they saw him the map and chart guy had to be questioned. There was a small stream right there so questioning began eventually he went quiet

      A whole lot Germans died that day and my dad didn’t.

      When we make war pretty we make it tolerable


  11. Rynn69 says:

    None of these “reports” and strategic machinations to avoid punishment matter. People must go to prison or America will no longer have a system of justice. It is that simple. Any attempt to band-aid or bondo this will be like duct taping the Titanic and expecting people to still see it as a ship worthy of sailing the sea.

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  12. joeknuckles says:

    Ok, but there’s just one thing that’s bothering me.

    If there’s not much coming out in the report, why are the Dems so nervous? Why all the spin and leaking damaging info to “get ahead of it”? Why the rushed impeachment hearing on Monday, when the report comes out?

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    • zekness says:

      they don’t know what it will contain..they are planning and reacting “logically”…

      diverting attention to “look over here” works well for them either way.

      if the report is a finger rap, is still plays well to have a “look over here” actually works really well for them in this way. See, as you can plainly see,our inquiry is not motivated by anything in those “other” reports.

      if the OIG report shows something very serious ..again, displacing it with “look over here” works.

      they have nothing to lose by “look over here”

      However, one can only claim this “logically” if one surrenders moral and ethical positions over purely political agenda.

      Because at the end of the day, no manner of damage control by the dems will address the increasing awareness by even some hard core democratic voters and even some members of the house on the left, that this entire impeachment effort was built on notions so thin that the slightest breeze blows them over.

      but it’s really the only way these corrupt people can survive now…they have to continue to dig.

      they caved to a very low order of politics..

      if they stop doing it and do not go forward, they are essentialy admitting they are the corrupt immoral unethical reprobates that some of their supporters don’t think they are ..


      that’s all going to change soon

      should have listened to pelosi…by their own toxicity and dishonor, they have created their own destruction.

      the marksman has truly taken aim at himself.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Because just as what the Democrats are doing with “impeachment”, what the FBI/DOJ/DeepState did in surveillance of a political candidate and then surveillance and coup attempt of President Trump is transparently wrong – regardless of what they say.

      It just means the entire system shows itself to be completely corrupted and tilted to the continued safety and power of the un-elected administrative state. In the end Horowitz is on the line also. If he wants to cover for the DeepState, let’s get it on the record.

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      • Judith says:

        The legal arm of this Lawfare quagmire actually falls under the umbrella of “ethics” and “integrity.”

        Oh, the irony!

        Depending on the biases of these legal eagles, they can either prosecute innocents under the “appearance of impropriety” clause, or they they can forgive prosecutorial criminal activities under the “intent” clause.

        How convenient.

        On the one hand, the *stench* of impropriety through innuendo is all that matters. No proof is required. (#metoo serves this purpose quite well.) This subjective, guilty until proven innocent argument is obviously *not* applied across the board.

        Conversely, for blatant, in-your-face criminal activities, like running a pay-to-play state department or an extortion racket out of the White House, ala quid pro Joe, the *intent* factor somehow becomes the paramount issue at hand.

        Now it seems the *culture* of the DC swamp itself was, for all intents and purposes, highly partisan and substantially criminal in nature. So how can we therefore expect *any* of the participants therein to know any better?

        What a load of malarkey!

        The holes in this highly subjective, strategically applied Lawfare logic are big enough to drive a Trump Train through, with room left over to swallow our Constitutional Republic whole.

        In fact, one could argue that such Lawfare policies are themselves lacking in integrity, and are therefore wholly and irrevocably unethical in theory and in practice.

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  13. gerkmonster says:

    You actually see this is the corporate world now too. When a low level employee makes a mistake they will not blame the employee, they will blame his training or the procedures he is using. Anything but human fault. In some ways this is good because sometimes honest mistakes are mad. But most of the time they knew better.

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    • sundance says:

      The three most overused words in the modern corporate world: “Challenge”, “Support” and “Opportunities”…

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    • Perot Conservative says:

      My beef is when a new manager comes in, they seem to eventually ‘off’ several of the existing productive people / and / or perceived threats.

      Then bring in their own people, who have more leeway & protection. Often at more money. And receive praise when the suggestions of the previous man / woman are implemented.

      Very cut throat, a bad side if American business.

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      • Tl Howard says:

        “My beef is when a new manager comes in, they seem to eventually ‘off’ several of the existing productive people / and / or perceived threats.”

        Similar to bad GMs of NFL football teams who like to dump the actually GOOD draft pick of the previous GM. A good GM wouldn’t do it.


    • meow4me2 says:

      I’m living in this world now. The root causes are always inadequate procedures, training ineffective, lack of procedures. Then we write or revise procedures, train again and drive ourselves nuts. Employees hate all the extra trainings. They get ticked that they follow procedures, but one yahoo doesn’t, and then they have to suffer through more trainings and controls as a result. I hate it because I’m the one stuck with ensuring it never happens again. I must write CAPA plans, complete CAPA actions and by God, I better not be late doing any of those or else I have to write another CAPA about why I’m late and my plan to fix that.

      Yeah, I’m living the dream….

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  14. gerkmonster says:

    You actually see this is the corporate world now too. When a low level employee makes a mistake they will not blame the employee, they will blame his training or the procedures he is using. Anything but human fault. In some ways this is good because sometimes honest mistakes are mad. But most of the time they knew better.

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    • glissmeister says:

      Failed trustee culture. Everything is relative. There is no Truth but duplicity. Conflict must be avoided at all costs. Appearances are everything.

      “Intent” has become the measure of all, but apparently only if you are an “official intender.”

      Enjoying such implicit authority also establishes one’s superiority, clairvoyance: an elite human being who reads minds to divine intent, officially of course.

      Over the last three years we have collectively watched today’s bureaucratic supremacists condescend to a world where nearly everything depends on technology that very few organically understand. We are propagandized to glamorize The Law and what has shamefully become an institutional cult-worship of itself, enjoying qualified immunity no matter how unqualified or inhumane they are or unforgivably malicious or negligently they behave.

      I remember the first time I heard the defining phrase as it flowed from the pious and entitled lips of Donna Shalala, as she spoke with such smug superiority about being members of “The Government Family.”

      Which brings us to Disfunction Conjunction. The beltway stinks of institutional carrion, corrupt syndicalism and rotted sloth. The Tumor on the Potomac has become a malignancy of “intent” where inferiors become superiors in a grand orchestration to be paid a lot to do little, by any means necessary, with more benefits and a bigger pension than those private sector deplorables.

      That is the point. They are the stars of the show. It’s all about them. Democrats.

      They are indeed very special. But only because they are the disease. They are certainly not the cure. That has been one of the great lessons of the last three years. The recent hearings put the serial distemper and self-dealing on full display.

      Trump needs clean the federal house and gut federal agency payrolls by 30% or more. With public sector unemployment at record lows, the economy is screaming for more human talent to fill the jobs created by this wonderful Trump economy.

      Let us see more federal employees rapidly returned to the private sector to better meet the needs of our nation’s future. It’s also time to relocate the main office many of the federal agencies; distribute them across the United States. That would be good national security risk abatement. No way the present density of federal employment in the extended DC metro area is in the best national interest.

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      • powderdayrules says:

        Federal employment unions should be illegal. States should be able to do what they want with government unions.


        • Jeff says:

          ALL public sector unions should be abolished. State, local, Federal, all of ’em.
          Here you have a group of public sector employees, employed by We The People, wage-bargaining with another group of public sector employees, again employed by We The People.
          That’s like your first-shift crew getting together with your second-shift crew and deciding to give themselves a raise. Your input not required.

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      • twingirls (@twingirls49) says:

        A small department within the Department of Interior is relocating it’s headquarters to Grand Junction Colorado.
        “Relocating the Bureau of Land Management to the Western Slope of Colorado will bring the bureau’s decision makers closer to the people they serve and the public lands they manage. Ninety-nine percent of the land the BLM manages is west of the Mississippi River, and so should be the BLM headquarters.”
        And the swamp is howling.

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  15. lgstarr says:

    However, the level of insanity on behalf of the Dems has risen to such an extent that it seems to portend something significant is coming tomorrow!

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    • BitterC says:

      Well, they DO know what they did. They just don’t know how much Horowitz will be able to spin it with Barr in charge. In other words, they have a guilty conscience.

      Relates to their reaction to “the phone call”. It wasn’t Biden/Burisma that put them on Defcon 5. It was the favor asked about the 2016 election & mention of Crowdstrike

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    • Peppurr says:

      Hope so !

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  16. j1u2l3i4a5 says:

    Maybe then they’ll have leniency for our Potus’ intent.

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    • BitterC says:

      Fat chance from the same group that agreed the citizenship question was legal on census, but it was Trump’s INTENT for that question that besmirched it


    • Robert Smith says:

      I think they are already mind-reading what everyone else’s intent was in the pre-cog lawfare division of the House impeachment effort. “Agatha” Schiff has it figured out already.

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  17. j1u2l3i4a5 says:

    Maybe then they’ll have leniency for our Potus’ intent.

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  18. Gaius Gracchus says:

    Exactly. An objective standard (ex. John robbed the bank, therefore he is guilty of bank robbery) works. We can never really know what someone thought when they committed a criminal act. And they may not really know either, as many people, if not most, will rationalize away their crimes.

    The move from objective reality to subjective interpretation of a mental state (which will never be objective reality) transforms the criminal justice system into a psychological inquiry. It distorts everything and furthers “the ends justify the means” thinking.

    If Trump is an “evil” man, than anything done to prevent him from having power is justified and can be rationalized away. Likewise, if Obama is a “good” man, everything he does, no matter how corrupt, is justified.

    Intent should go towards degree of punishment, not the conviction. If not, then biased prosecutions and exonerations will continue and we might as well stop having elections for major office and just accept that we are not a free people.

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  19. Haven’t we all seen this movie before? There is no evidence of a deep state coup and seditious conspiracy, but only a bunch of purely coincidental miscommunications, misunderstandings, honest mistakes, and clerical errors. No seditious waddling quacking duck seen here is any actual duck regardless of appearances, because appearances can be deceiving. Riiiight? That’s about what I expect the IG report will conclude …..because Horowitz doesn’t want to be involved in exposing any confirmation of a “wild conspiracy theory”….. and then commit suicide like Epstein.

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  20. Harry says:

    SD is exactly right and I have stated it many times here. Unless we see indictments, everything else is eyewash. People are tired to see all kinds of crooks getting a pass. It will monumental failure of US justice system is no one goes to jail for Russia gate. I mean seriously. If USA claims to be a democratic nation upholding rule of law, the these crooks must go to jail. Patriots like Flynn are smeared and conspirators like Mcabe giving speeches in CNN! What a shame. After all these, how can USA claim its moral supremacy over all the third world countries where justice is chosen all the time.
    One thing I disagree with SD: May be we should be little less critical about the so called tik-tok club led by hannity. Instead give him credit for at least keeping the topic alive for the last few years while no one else is covering it. With no offense, this fantastic blog of SD does not reach to many people. I wish it could but we have to deal with reality. we need as many helping hands in the media as we can. Pardon me but I have seen way too many criticism of people who are on the same side but may be not doing it exactly the way we would like to. I personally give Hannity a lot of credit. he carried all trump rallies live and give max air time. Even tucker does not cover many of the recent trump rallies and cut in to talk about himself.

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    • Cam Heck says:

      Agree completely. Hannity serves the value purpose of informing the “low info” voters, of whom there are many. He is widely watched and one the reasons so many Americans are waking up to the truth about Dems and their policies, intentions, corruption and vehement hate of Trump

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    • Loggerman says:

      Yep, we’re good at eating our own!


    • Robert Smith says:

      The tik-tok have their role just as the big ugly had its role. Both of them have energized me to read and learn about what happened. The story is far from over.

      But disappointment abounds when you expect the DeepState government to clean itself out. So it helps to temper expectations. This whole coup is a horror show of law-breaking there is a lot more we will learn from every infested corner of the police state.

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    • Bert Darrell says:

      I’ve seen it before in European and South American countries. When crime and corruption by government figures go unpunished, unlawfulness extends to common folks and the country eventually becomes a sh*thole. We are very to getting a peak at where the USA is headed.

      I’m not a pesimist by nature, but all of the unpunished crimes committed by DOJ, FBI, CIA, IRS, cabinet members, congress personalities and their staff, foreign service, and media critters in recent years suggest that the USA is on its way to joining the smelly trend.

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      • Zippy says:

        Exactly! When respect for the rule of law ends along with confidence in and respect for those tasked to enforce and apply it fairly, a nation is WELL on its way to “joining the smelly trend.”

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  21. Tons of things go wrong for people based on expectations!

    The “muh spygate” crap is a SHOW TRIAL of epic phale. A great distraction which hasn’t slowed down our President, now has it? He’s done more GOOD in three years while UNDER ATTACK the entire time than the last 4 did combined. By design, they weren’t good. I know you know this by now, right?

    Muh SPYGATE isn’t his bigger picture folks, Draining The Swamp is, and Term Two is where most of that can and will take place if we get him there again. It’s just another annoyance he seems to spend little time on. Very little…

    Those of you who are spiritual, or religious… or both, trust our Creator first and pray for and pay attention to our President second, right? Why do we care about all the tick tock, trust the plan, etc… when we have elected Donald J. Trump as our President who RAN on draining the swamp?

    Does he seem all freaked out? Paranoid, nervous etc? No. Because draining the swamp doesn’t appear to based on “muh SPYGATE!”, now does it? Nah… it’s deeper than that, that is just their reaction to his candidacy and Presidency.

    I don’t know our President, but I watch him. I study him, and I listen to him. There is something more, something far deeper and greater than the pesky flies of schitt and pelosi buzzing around trying their “imcoupment” that he is focused on.

    Let the man finish, help the man finish, and be prepared to assist the man in any way he may come to us for… it’s OUR duty to return governance to its proper size with control of it in the proper hands.
    Our hands!

    Quit freaking out about the phake newz of the day and just do YOUR duty, whatever it is or whatever you think it can be.

    Or just stay on the sidelines complaining, which is not an accomplishment at all. It’s called the “internet/world wide web” for a reason. Great place to keep everyone right there at home doing nothing but watching and or complaining or both, ain’t it!?

    That’s my take on things & I’ve been sticking with it from day one. No sense in changing now… based on FOOLS out there running their treasonous/seditious or simply ill-informed lying mouths.

    Emotional people have never appeared to me as the kind that make really great choices or decisions while in that heightened state.

    Just sayn.

    Also, tis the Season, so MERRY CHRISTMAS to each and everyone of you!!!

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    • valuethetruth says:

      Whatever comes out in the report Monday from DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, people should trust President Trump and his team to make the most out of it. This is yet one more play in a long game, as our president continues to make major measurable accomplishments.

      In spite of all the garbage being thrown at him, Rasmussen shows President Trump’s current approval rating is 51%…a whole 6 points higher than Obama at the same time in his presidency, when the entire media were kissing Barry’s rear end.

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      • wightmanfarm says:

        I still think back to the reported “heated conversation” Trump and Barr had a few weeks ago. My fear is that Barr was telling Trump that he wasn’t going to indict anyone. But, that’s just my speculation.

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        • nananelson says:

          I too, am wondering about that exchange. I’ve seen it described as “animated” as well. I am hopeful that gives it a whole different meaning.


  22. The Devilbat says:

    If and when a weak IG report is issued, President Trump needs to kick Horowitz in the ass with intent.

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    • The intel IG should have been fired already just like Comey ….fired for cause on account of his being a seditious bastard who should hang along with all his complicit bosom buddies regardless of their gender.


  23. Raptors2020 says:

    Big government is always fickle. Franz Kafka became a famous name in literature by mocking that truth. If intent becomes the subjective standard of right and wrong, then that sanctions all the fickleness.

    Intent is a splendid tool for tribal man. My tribe intended good, yours intended bad. The atavism and regression of the Left welcomes the application of this standard.

    The Left is comfortable criminalizing dissent. We’re seeing this on display everyday at the impeachment circus. Political dissidents were sent to mental hospitals in the Soviet Union. Legitimate dissent became perversity. How could you object to our socialist paradise? It’s not good intentions, it’s madness!

    Political correctness, and criminalizing language, are further exercises in assigning bad intentions to those who simply disagree.

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  24. so every person sitting in a federal pen for committing murder(s) will be on the phone with their free lawyer(s) Monday morning because every single one of them, when faced with irrefutable evidence of their crime, said they didn’t mean to do it in hoping to get manslaughter.

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  25. dufrst says:

    I’m not putting any hope in Horowitz report. It’s Durham or bust and seeing how these things go, we may not see that report until after the next election. After all, we can’t dare interfere with another election with the truth of an investigation!

    If Trump can’t drain the swamp, no one can and no one will. We are on the verge of losing our country. Too much money went to DC and now we the Conservative American people are screwed!

    The only way to truly drain the swamp is to get the money out of Washington. That means a drastic reduction in the scope of government to include the military and social programs, which should be sent to the states (ironic that Trump tried this with Obamacare repeal & replace by sending Medicaid to the states and old John McCain killed it! )

    Rand Paul is sounding better and better to me as a follow on after Trump because he gets it!

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  26. Skidroe says:

    Trump should FIRE Wray first thing tomorrow morning. It would throw everything upside down and backwards. Just do it! FIRST THING!


    • JImmy says:

      Long over due.
      The better question is: Why was he hired int he first place?

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    • A2 says:

      FIRE away. Why not everyone in the Trump administration? Sec of State, DOJ, Defence, U.N. Ambassador, Education, Agriculture, Transportation, NHS, Urban Development, Energy so on so forth,

      That’s the ticket. You have solved the problem of the modern America dilemma. Then you may impeach the President for being a loser, and his VP, obviously just an evil opportunistic running dog, And jail the First Lady for wearing high heels and being and immigrant. Let’s not forget the entire Republican Party. They need to eat dirt also.

      Sounds like a plan.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      I’m pretty sure Trump might have if he wasn’t under an impeachment looking for any reason. Sure he can do it, just as he could have fired Jeff Sessions – and got nailed by bad cop Mueller’s SC for some obstruction charge. It’s all BS but it may have sufficed.

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  27. JImmy says:

    SD: could you please highlight another important aspect that IG conclusions may be limited or different from Durham. IG does not have info from people outside DOJ/FBI. Durham may have more. Hence IG may not find intent by interviewing these deepstate actors but Durham investigation may have more evidence of intent and wrong doing.
    Also, I think the greatest danger of IG report is that it is written in diplomatic/politically correct language and all possibilities (criminal or innocent) are there. Hence media will run with a narrative “No evidence of spying” and discredit everything else. Thats is why I am not a fan of such IG report. Barr should have created a special counsel and that would shake the entire media for couple of years.

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  28. What a Debby Downer. Where does it end?


  29. gda53 says:

    I must be channeling Sundance – see below part of my post from 12.38 pm earlier.
    “This is Deep state investigating Deep State. Expectations should be low since we have seen this before.
    Bottom line – there were some very bad things done, but mostly everyone had good intentions and we have some recommendations for tightening up the system.
    My hope is that Durham is as far ahead as they say he is, the 6-month (?) delay was to coordinate the report with him, and we get indictments simultaneously with the Report on Monday.”
    I see no point in Barr raising expectations (as he has on several occasions, and up to very recently) if he had no intention of following through. Still have seen no sign of that.

    My take – Horowitz’s “bureaucratic cover-up Report” will not stop Barr/Durham from bringing down the hammer.

    I read the thoughts of BJ Witless of Lawfare earlier……meh!

    If Barr were NOT to either announce indictments OR hold a press conference shortly after the Report’s release, that would be a red flag to me, and cause me to reevaluate my expectations.

    I wonder if Brennan and the Gang that Couldn’t Coup Straight are sleeping soundly tonight.

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    • fangdog says:

      Why wouldn’t they sleep soundly. There is not one thing they ever done ever intended.


    • wlbeattie says:

      IMO If I “accidentally” caused Schiff’s or Pelosi’s corporeal body to cease functioning – I should walk free!

      But somehow, I feel that in the real world, this outcome would NOT occur!

      But, if I had additional evidence supporting my point of view – I’d more likely die from “self” harm.
      Alternatively, I’d die from Capital Punishment or intimate inmate sexual advances!

      FFS In my defence, mass attacks on #liberals is probably a preferable outcome!

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  30. Clue says:

    Eric Swallwell did not INTEND to fart on live television even though he was caught red handed RIPPING IT!

    THEREFORE, no harm no foul…smell!

    the abject audacity of the criminal intelligence agencies is jaw dropping!

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  31. JB says:

    Re: concerning “wrongdoing”: recall that subway crime in NYC was rampant in th early 80s. One person put a stop to it: Bernie Goetz.


  32. Just Some Guy says:

    My concern is that Horowitz bought the “we must have been given bad information” excuse. Judging by the lack of indictments, it’s not looking this is what might have happened.


    • Peter Noone says:

      Correct me if I’m mistaken, but the IG can’t indict or prosecute anyone, just investigate and forward his report to prosecutors at DoJ to decide if they want to prosecute.


  33. Cyberfoy says:

    It’s all in Trump’s hands, I can’t depress myself focusing on how awful our system is. Trump picked Sessions, he picked Rosenstein, he picked Wray and he picked Barr. It’s his mess to clean up, there’s nothing I can do but vote.

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  34. Peter Noone says:

    Sounds like the IG only exists to white-wash and excuse crimes at the top, or to throw low-level servants under the bus if need be. Despite it being likely that the IG tells us nothing meaningful, and hands out ammunition to both political camps equally, I still remember election night 2016. Trump was the guy I voted for, but few people I knew (that weren’t drinking optimism/pessimism koolaid either way), didn’t think they’d let him win. I went to be that night thinking “well, at the very least, we made a point by supporting him this far…”

    The next morning I woke up, and couldn’t believe he won. It felt like I woke up in another timeline, or another reality, where it was actually possible to elect someone other than a puppet of the bureaucratic interests and Business Round-table. It was actually possible to defy the power center of our fallen society, and elect someone against them.

    I know the IG ins’t Trump, and it’s not comparable. I know Horowitz has white-washed things in the past, shockingly sometimes (eg, Strzok and Page “had no political bias” when every member of the Mueller “team”, including the FBI and DoJ agents, were Hillary partisans and donors). I’m wondering if Durham’s criminal investigation will pressure Horowitz to do less white-washing this time, because it takes the margin for bullshitting off the table somewhat.

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  35. If you can’t be bought or bribed in DC then not only are you worth nothing but you are an arch enemy.. Enter PDJT.


  36. WSB says:

    OANN has been reporting on Chanel Rion’s and Giuliani’s investigation into Ukraine.

    I am not sure what I am posting here because there are three parts.

    If anyone can assist, please do. They did a deep dive and are opening this entire story up.

    God bless.


  37. Greg says:

    It’s always the conservative side being harassed, under investigation and on the back foot. Recently they have started to smear Giuliani, Solomon and Nunes again. And ‘intelligence sources’ say the Ukraine story is Russian disinformation! If there was any justice Comey, Brennan, Clapper and Strozk would be under arrest for sedition tomorrow. If and when Trump strikes back I hope he takes no prisoners. I think a brand new capital needs to be built like Brasilia. It is the only way to remove 200 years of deep-state swamp.

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  38. susanswa says:

    I am part of the ‘Trust the Plan’ group. Things ARE about to happen. “Nothing can stop what is coming – nothing.” “It will be biblical.” The libs have shown how crazy they are and it’s time for America to see the truth.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      I continue to hope that this is the case. Many of the things that were alleged the DeepState did years ago we now know they did. If their explanation is just they didn’t intend to break laws and regulations almost every single time they had the chance, because their targets were innocent, that is out in the open for the public to ridicule.


    • Leftnomore says:

      Bless her heart.


    • wightmanfarm says:

      Is that you, Hannity ?


      • Zippy says:

        LOL. No, just an incurable optimist despite copious amount of contradictory evidence. Reminds me of this:


        • Jeff says:

          And I say, folly though it may be, it’s far preferable to have this attitude than one of defeatism.


          • GB Bari says:

            I don’t think Sundance or anyone who doubts the “finality” of the IG Report is defeatist.

            IMO, SD rightfully is tempering overly optimistic expectations that the DOJ & FBI will fix their own serious and endemic problems via an unavoidably damning IG report. SD points out the glaringly obvious: “intent” is the new tool of the guilty within the IG, the FBI, the DOJ…to exonerate themselves while convicting their targets on a selectively arbitrary basis.

            IMO we should be focused on our next course of action should this IG Report fail to result in any meaningful accountability of those participating in the coup.

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            • Jeff says:

              Good morning, GB. Thank you for your comment. I want to emphasize that in no way was my comment directed at SD, or any other person in particular. My comment was intended more generally, more as an advocacy for one outlook or disposition as opposed to the other.
              I’ve always identified with the knight in the video above. Even when faced with obviously crushing defeat, never back down, never concede, never give up. “Is that all you got?!”

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  39. Skidroe says:

    Cyberfoy, who ever Trump picks must be confirmed through the Senate and they won’t approve anyone that is not Deep State or part of their crooked team. Trump’s hands are tied. That is why I am cautious of Barr.

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    • A2 says:

      He is such a naive loser, said skid roe. how can he do anything he has his hands tied, a puppet to the winds , forget about being the most powerful leader on Earth, it means nothing because , because, because, some people oppose him. he’s going down

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      • Michael Alexander says:

        Pro Tip: A2… You should learn to use the “/s” at the end of your remarks if you want people to understand that you’re being sarcastic and not just being an asshole. Or not… /s


  40. icanhasbailout says:

    As the world already generally knows the truth of the situation, the primary thing on the line with this report is Horowitz’ credibility. If he can’t find extensive criminal wrongdoing from that gang in 21 months of looking, he’s every bit as incompetent and compromised as Mueller.

    Liked by 2 people

  41. andy says:

    its not in the OIG’s purview to analyze the quality of the intel , only the adherence to policy guidelines. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  42. valuethetruth says:

    Rather than freak out about what “might be”, people should remember what President Trump said directly to the press as he was on his way to a flight just weeks ago: “I caught the swamp. I caught them all. Let’s see what happens. Nobody else could have done it but me.”

    Liked by 3 people

  43. Skidroe says:

    A2, I love Trump. Donated to his campaign early and more than once. I was telling everyone I could he would win in 2016. Stayed up all night and watched it till the end and loved every minute of it but he still has to get Senate approval for his picks and they(senate) won’t let him pick anyone who won’t protect them. Go to bed and sleep it off.


  44. Butternut says:

    I sense a disturbance in the force.

    The other day I listened to the 4 wizards belch forth on impeachment to Jerry Nadler on NPR. You can always get the approved script, as issued from the Overlords, out of NPR. Turley unnerved them and they seemed, for a couple of hours anyway, to not know what the message was anymore. That is very un-NPR of them. Someone’s confidence is getting shaky.

    The impeachment farce is a ham handed swing of desperation that portends something big coming. I dont get the idea that that something big is coming from Michael Horowitz

    Liked by 2 people

  45. US says:

    If they don’t indict, they are with our enemies.


  46. Rowdyone says:

    Aside from the corruption of the law to needing to prove intent there is a larger corruption at work here and it is not a new element. The very idea that an organization, be it Congress, DOJ/FBI, IC, State Department or merely your local law enforcement agency, can conduct a legitimate investigation of itself is suspect and inappropriate .

    Liked by 4 people

  47. 🍺Gunny66 says:

    Forget the IG report.
    It was conducted at a time of most of the criminal activity…….
    and…..none of it will matter now……I have read all the posts so far….
    So allow me to go at it this way……

    The comment that very few understand what is going on because not many read these threads by Sundance….

    That’s crap…..Sundance has warned us that at times over 100,000 people are reading threads……..among them…..Flynn’s Lawyer…Sydney Powell, Sarah Palin, Lou Dobbs, Rush Limbaugh, and many others…..including some on the President’s staff.

    The Tick Tock club…….Ratings…..How many times has any of their Tick Tock prognosticators came true?…..Joe Di and his wife……big tick tock people..
    Yeah……Hannity is a voice, but how many can endure his game?

    The ….”trust the plan people”…….How do any of them “Know” what the plan is?They don’t……..all suppositions…

    Barr…….Exactly how many arrests has he made?…..Durham…..How many arrests?
    Just One????……or None……How many indictments?

    He is the AG for crying out loud….He should be kicking over tables…Throwing stuff…Arresting people…..Making the evil doers shake in their boots…..Like a Sheriff Joe…or Sheriff Clark….but what do we get?….Friggin bag pipes….wimp

    We can hope all we want……complain……and talk….forget the report…’s done, over, finished…

    Trust our President. Let’s get him out of this impeachment mess and let him move on to continue fixing our country…

    If they get away with it… what……they are all crooks…..we “know this”.. they know we know what they did… the end…..they will be punished…..

    Put the crooks in one hand….And Making America Great in the other……

    Which is heavier?

    “You can worry….or you can be happy…..both take the same amount of effort”


    Liked by 7 people

    • yucki says:

      ~ ding, ding, ding ~
      Winner, Winner!
      Chicken Dinner!


    • GB Bari says:

      Gunny, I understand your conclusion/ recommendation. But I don’t see much real daylight between “trust the plan” and “trust the President.”

      As far as I can tell, the President is at or very near the center of any “plan” that is to be “trusted.”


  48. trapper says:

    “’Intent’, not consequence, is now the larger shield being applied toward excusing the action of people within institutions of government and society.”

    Exactly. But also consider the following:

    FTA: The House Judiciary Committee released a report Saturday in which it argued that a president may be impeached for “illegitimate motives” even if his actions are “legally permissible.”

    Get it? Everything is now entirely about state of mind. Only thoughts are criminal … or not. Thought crimes … or not. Travel only a bit further down that logical road and we quickly arrive at the concept of “hate facts.”

    Certain facts are forbidden to be stated, because stating them is viewed as the outward manifestation of certain forbidden thoughts. By the standard described above in which only state of mind matters, it would be a criminal offense to say or write “hate facts.”

    For example, the statistical fact that blacks make up only 12% of the population but commit 52% of murders is a hate fact. Saying or writing it would be judged as the outward manifestation of the thought crime of racism.

    Thought crimes and hate facts. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Answer: our betters do. And you’re going to jail for it to be reeducated. Brave new world.


  49. History Teaches says:

    If they didn’t ‘intend to do’ their various criminal activities. Then what in blazes DID they intend to do?

    Clear explicitly illegal actions were undertaken. Continuously over extended periods of time. Why? What WAS the intent?

    Were all these highly paid and experienced professionals so inept, naive, brain dead that they had absolutely no awareness of the legal boundaries of their jobs? They just robotically kept doing the same things over and over and over without self awareness?

    It’s like thinking the universe was created randomly without intelligent design. Things just coincidentally happen and the result was a matter of blind chance?

    Give me a break!

    The old saying is true. ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way.’ This lawfare inspired sophistry is one of the pillars sustaining the powers of the swamp. Make words mean what you want them to. Interject them inappropriately to change context and avoid dealing with pure factual events.

    There really has to be intense exposure and pushback on these evasive tricks. They are part of the disease eating away at the foundation of law.

    Liked by 4 people

  50. MNBV says:

    Do the thought experiment.
    Nearly everyone ever hired by PDJT was Wall St establishment / deep administrative State / Uniparty / battered conservative/ RINO main chancer/ Senate old boyo / philosophical UN globalist and even some obvious rabid Trump hating left.
    PDJT has said his biggest mistakes were in hiring.
    When the establishment investigates itself it’ll give you some crumbs and even a sacrificial lamb or two and a plea or two. The DoJ will refuse to prosecute any biggies, you know the drill…..
    Horowitz will protect the Institution, simple as that. (In advance so you know I’m prescient).
    Durham? Expect nothing because the DoJ will refuse to act.

    Hillary has confessed to felonies, Comey says her intent matters at law (it doesn’t) therefore she walks and no-one at DoJ says anything.
    It’s all over, the dogs are still barking but the caravan has moved on.


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