Sunday Talks: Ted Cruz -vs- Chuck Todd…

Senator Ted Cruz appears on Meet The Press to discuss the fiasco of the impeachment effort…. and things immediately go south.  Chuck Todd flips though page of Share Blue and Media Matters talking points while attempting to interrupt and knock down arguments put forth by Senator Cruz.


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76 Responses to Sunday Talks: Ted Cruz -vs- Chuck Todd…

  1. Jay Currie says:

    Always fun to watch Chuck seriously outgunned. Cruz could easily sit on SCOTUS, Chuck, not so much.

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  2. delighteddeplorable says:

    My cat could seriously outgun Chuckie. And she’s dead.

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  3. Heika says:

    Good Ted, chop Chuck up – but its all nonsense on the Russia stuff. It does my head in that Republicans feel they need to ‘defend’ giving arms to one of the most corrupt nations on earth. Ukraine is the last country that should be given missiles or aid – EVER. What happened in Crimea is not what is pushed in the Media. 99% of the citizens wanted out of that corrupt cesspool (Ukraine) and preferred Russia (not matter what you think of it). That is just how it is. Ukraine murdered its own citizens en masse on the Russia/Ukraine border indiscriminately – slaughtered them, and pushed their bodies into ditches (this is proven) under the orders of the likes of ‘Kolomoisky’ and the Obama (and McCain sanctioned groups of Nazi beasts – Kolomoisky lifted billions of the US aid for his own gain, and was one of the main players with Soros (therefore Hillary and the entire Obama state dept, and the recent Burisma scandal. It was he who shot down the plane load of civilians.

    All of this is complete guff. Its like arguing about why zebras have polka dots, when they never did, let alone ‘RUSSIA RUSSIA’ hacking emails and on and on and on… it is just insane.

    But – THANK YOU TED for saying it – Ukraine blatantly interfered in US election. Chuck tries to call it a nothing burger. Its hilarious.

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    • Ausonius says:

      2/3 of the population of the Crimea is Russian, and only 15% is Ukrainian.

      If they wanted to join Russian corruption, and leave Ukrainian corruption behind, then so be it.

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    • skipper1961 says:

      THANK YOU!!!! One of my dear friends, Alex (from Russia, shocker!) told me the exact same thing. He said the region basically ended up in the hands of the ones with the most firepower, with equal parts ruthlessness. He also said “Imagine going to sleep tonight in the STATE of Florida, and waking up in the COUNTRY of ????” The media has been bulshiffing us about that (and Crimea) for years.
      Do you happen to know if there is hope for reform w/Zelensky? I sure hope so.

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      • stripmallgrackle says:

        Just a WAG, but what skipper and Heika are commenting about is likely one of the big uglies being hidden behind the impeachment smoke machine, and all the involvement by US operatives in high places that goes with it. And of course the money. With impeachment powers being used to subvert any DOJ investigation into Ukraine leading up to 2016 here, one can only imagine people we’ve never heard of working just as hard on the other end to torpedo any exposure by Zelensky’s government, and with far more competence than Pelosi’s Posse could muster on the best of days.

        Let’s trust that Zelensky can MUGA!

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    • Mike Van says:

      That’s one “sleepy eye’d son of a beyotch!” He’s lucky my senator was in a good mood! Lol!!!

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    • donna kovacevic says:

      Heika, Amin.


  4. JohnCasper says:

    Upchuck Toad, a totally owned subsidiary of the SDP (Stalinist Democrat Party).

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  5. gary says:

    chucks eyes are a little close together.

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  6. SHV says:

    Ted Cruz is a wild card but if Lindsey’s “sweep the corruption under the rug” is the plan of the GOPe Senate leadership, then Ted is likely the leader of a trio of Kennedy, Blackburn and himself to throw sand in the gears. If the House votes out Articles of Impeachment, what happens in the Senate Judiciary committee will be very interesting. The Clinton “trial” was highly scripted (the SJC rules were approved 100-0) with a known outcome; this Senate trial may be a wild ride.

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  7. Bigly says:

    That was hard to watch. Like really hard. Why do republicans go on these clown shows. To a non observer, few will argue Cruz made outside look good. He appeared hyper defensive, but that’s just me.

    Rudy has 3 affidavit ‘s , sworn testimony , proving everything Cruz kinda says but doesn’t. More Rudy, less republicans.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      You have to go on the shows. You cannot cede the ground and narrative completely.

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    • Amy2 says:

      I’m pretty non-confrontational, so these exchanges always make me uneasy, but Ted is repeating the drumbeat we are now getting from Republicans, stating the simple fact that these people hate the president and that is why they are impeaching. Simply stated and true. The American people (who are not paying attention) need to know that, especially the ones who truly do hate him, so they can recognize their own motives in this unfair fiasco.


  8. Reserved55 says:

    Weak performance by Ted.

    Does he not know the name Alexandra Chalupa? Does he not know Ukrainians have been convicted of meddling in our elections? Is he unaware of OAN’s investigation?

    Rudy has been all over TV talking about the documentation he has of Ukraine meddling.

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    • Raptors2020 says:

      If Cruz still wants to be President (yes) this is his moment. He should be Trump’s most passionate defender from now to the end of the Senate trial. Trying to triangulate here by being a lukewarm participant would be the end of Ted’s Oval Office dream. Republicans haven’t forgotten his disgraceful performance at the 2016 Convention; Cruz has to make amends with the home team through a passionate and partisan performance.

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      • mikeyboo says:

        And even if the Senate impeachment was not at issue, Senator Cruz should use all his resources to defend Donald Trump. :President Trump can only serve 2 terms. Sen Cruz’ best chance to further his OWN political ambitions is to stand with Pres Trump. We will not look kindly on Republicans who work to undermine THIS President.

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    • Revelation says:

      Nellie Ohr testified under oath she got disinformation from Ukraine.

      That’s all people have to say.

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  9. Sentient says:

    I’m Catholic, but I still hate Chuck Todd. At least I don’t hate babies.

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  10. Parker Longbaugh says:

    Chuck Todd honestly believes he is unbiased and fair minded. While engaged with wrong thinking non progressives he is honor bound to challenge their misunderstanding of neo liberalism.

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  11. chickenhawk says:

    I must say that upchuck looks sick or beat up. Is this the face of evil? What happens in the leftist-democrat-media circles when the cameras are turned off? Perhaps this is the honeypot. Ukraine, where supposedly approximately 7 BILLION dollars disappeared, and the DemonRats act like there is no corruption. Follow the Money. Look at the desperation in their faces. This is the source of deep state financing, and they are all connected.

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  12. ann says:

    The Repypublicans keep playing Defense, arguing legal points.

    The only reason the Dems prolong the farce that they are a legitimate party is because the crooked cowardly DoJ has refused for my entire adult life to prosecute high status insiders for their blatant crimes, intell breaches and corruption.

    I blame the Dept of Justice for ruining our country. The others are criminal opportunists.
    The dirty feds we entrust w guarding our country are an org of flat out traitors.

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  13. Ellis says:

    Chuck Todd is a desperate loser. He knows nobody cares about their partisan impeachment farce and there is nothing he and the fake news media can do about it.

    Trump owns the narrative tomorrow.

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  14. TwoLaine says:

    That was fun! Can we do it again? Please, Please, Please. 🙂

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  15. Shyster says:

    This is the second week in a row that Chuckles Todd’s mantra was “did you get the briefing, did you get the briefing”! I assume, and anyone feel to educate me, that there was some purported briefing, or Chuckles is making it up, allegedly saying Russia was the ONLY country in the whole wide world that attempted to or actually, however the metric of “actually” is measured given the fact the DOJ has said no evidence that one vote was changed, interfered in our elections. So if anyone has the 411 on such a briefing, I’m all ears.

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    • mikeyboo says:

      “Did you get the briefing?” means “did you get the swamp memo as to the correct response?”

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    • Robert Smith says:

      There is a BIG problem that the DeepState Democrats cannot easily solve. If they have to “prove” Russia changed votes, then the whole election system is swisscheese and needs to be fixed. We know there’s tons of holes in the voting system AND that the Democrats don’t want it fixed. So the last thing they want is this.

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      • chickenhawk says:

        This is where the white hats, if any, come into play. Show forensic evidence of Russia hacking voting machines. Show how the supposed Soros machines are changing votes. Prove it, then force states to take sensible voting machine security precautions as a prerequisite to participating in national elections (Congress/President). This should probably involve: no online machines, no Soros machines if they do exist, paper trail of all votes, and physical multi-person security for paper ballots, such as only handled under very specific conditions.
        Whether vote cheating/voter fraud is committed by foreigners or a domestic enemy, the national elections must be secure!

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  16. Road Runner says:

    I posted this in the Horowitz thread, but is seems like this is where it should be…

    “I simply want to ask when do we go after the REAL culprits behind all that we have endured going back years, the corrupt ‘MEDIA’???…

    None of the Deep State heathens, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Strozk, Page… even Obama and his WH cabal and dare I say Soros, would have been able to pull of this elaborate scheme without the corrupt Media… They are truly the ones that have driven it all…

    As corrupt as the Deep State is, I would venture to say that without the Media they would not have even attempted to begin this treasonous behavior going back a decade or two…

    The 1st Amendment does not conflate Freedom of Speech with Sedition and Treason…

    I believe that the push back or consequences against the willing accomplices in the media must be stronger than simply changing the channel…

    Regardless of whether indictments/convictions materialize or not, if the corrupt media is left in place, unruffled they will simply gloss it all over and start again…

    In 2024 they will have identified a new and improved chosen one and begin the process of undoing everything PDJT and we deplorables have accomplished….

    The corrupt media is the most dangerous enemy America faces”…

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    • mikeyboo says:

      They are certainly a “co-equal” branch of the poisonous tree.


    • Parker Longbaugh says:

      When you can act with immunity, without consequence, and no fear of reprisal, corruption always flourishes.

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    • Pale rider says:

      RR fully agree! Read about the beast in revelations. MSM is the ‘kingmaker’.


    • Thinker says:

      My question is– do the journalists make any money from their position? Or are they just ideologically left leaning and so oblivious to the truth because they want to get “the power?” I guess there is no downside to being found out wrong in the end– so many others are headed down the same path that there is a “herd” mentality.

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      • FPCHmom says:

        There is a whole list of media people that were being paid by Fusion GPS. Not sure how it came to light, but I remember seeing it. So yes, they are being paid to be partisan.


    • Your Tour Guide says:

      I think that the media fell to commie lite around
      1970-1971. Getting rid of all the wholesome sitcoms,
      patriotic variety shows with the “rural purge”.

      Everything became “meaningful, relevant” after that.
      Watch an old black and white sitcom. Almost all of
      them had a moral contained in the script. That disappeared
      with all the Norman Lear sitcoms. And MASH. The
      writing was very good, but so much propaganda was
      being snuck in at every turn.

      And, then the news in the networks fell under the
      “entertainment” division. With ABC and Roone Arledge
      leading the way. Look at news coverage from the late 60s
      and earlier. See how much more in depth the coverage was.
      Everything changed to catering to please people with the
      attention span of a gnat. Once the in depth disappeared,
      sound bites took it’s place. Much easier to drive a narrative
      when you can quote out of context all day long through
      editing. Much more insidious.

      I see first hand how all the indoctrination has affected
      people by my own parents. They’ve always been democrats,
      but my dad was actually outraged by the Clarence Thomas
      hearings. His sense of justice and fairplay has been eroded
      by all the continual claptrap he sees on TV. I knew that
      his objectivity had completely been shut off when he wasn’t
      outraged by Lois Lerner’s shennanigans. If the same thing
      had occurred 30 years ago, he would have been bending
      my ear about “What are they trying to put past us here?”.

      All that has been euthanized. He’s 86, and very sharp.
      But he fell for all the “press is defending the little guy”
      horseshit after watergate. He still believes everything
      that he sees come through the screen. I don’t bother
      trying to red pill him at this stage. He survived a
      widowmaker anterior MI, so I keep my thought to myself.

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      • RJ says:

        You have an eagle eye and presented a perspective I find more than accurate, I find it on the side of truths observed. Well done, very well done!


  17. Freepetta says:

    Poor Chucky got his clock ⏰ cleaned or reamed any way you look at it.

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  18. orbitup says:

    Chuck’s interview immediately prior to that was Nadler who he treated like some poor octogenarian who had just lost her cat.

    He then talks to Cruz like it’s his ex wife who ran off with their children.

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  19. trapper says:

    Uh … [raises hand, waiting to be called on]. Congress is trying to pass legislation to prevent a pipeline from Russia to Germany? Wait a minute. Isn’t that kind of like Spain passing legislation to stop the Keystone pipeline from Canada to the US? What am I missing? How is a European pipeline any of OUR business?

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  20. ale81inn says:

    I have ZERO respect for any member of the MSM…..Chuck Todd is without qualification the King Shit of the giant Turd Island that makes today’s networks. What a pathetic excuse!


  21. Publius Syrus says:

    Despise Todd but not that impressed with Cruz, especially as a supposedly much vaunted debater. He came off as unprepared to counter Todds nonsense, actually dodged Todds strawman about misdeamenors, and overall vague, evasive and even a bit defensive when he wasnt promoting himself.

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  22. JonS says:

    I just can’t watch. Chunk is just uncomfortable to witness. And if it weren’t for his double standards …

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  23. JonS says:

    I second this question


  24. berniekopell says:

    Good to see Cruz fight back, especially when Chuckles taunted him with 2016 campaign attacks by the Donald, which were unfair at the time IMO. He could have done more but was still effective. Chuck Todd is the poster boy for MSM BS. But with so many MSM losers its hard to choose who is the worst of the worst.

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  25. RJ says:

    Do you see the smirking, smiling hairy face of Chuck as he interrupts Senator Cruz? Hear his tone as he goes in for the “kill” on the senator? Nothing more than a big mouth over-talking another person who is trying to inform others (we citizens) of his own perspective which Chuck wants no part of and will do whatever it takes to misdirect the viewer’s attention. Even Senator Cruz notes his behavior, but Chuck can’t quit because he is a mouthpiece for the democrats, a valiant soldier who intends to do his job for his team, the democrats.

    Chuck thinks he is so smart– smarter than those who come before him. I note his facial hair and mouth…he is nothing more than a little man who wants to be a big man where his mouth is his only weapon.

    And what a weak weapon! What does he really want in his mouth?

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  26. mike diamond says:

    Chuck,the Toad !,paid for,George soros,just a puppet for the far left!


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