Oh Snap – Senator Lindsey Graham Pledges to Block Testimony of U.S. Politicians Coordinating With Ukraine…

Senator Lindsey Graham appears on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo and announces he will take all appropriate efforts to stop the truth about Ukraine from being exposed in the Senate.   This interview is a critical first step to understanding motives. CTH will expand in the next few posts that will highlight *WHY* Graham will bury information.

First, watch Senator Graham say unequivocally he will not call witnesses and will quickly move to dismiss the House impeachment effort.  Pay close attention to the part where Graham says calling congressmen to testify is dangerous, and he will not call Adam Schiff because he does not want to go down this path.


These comments by Senator Lindsey Graham are very self serving. Why?… Because Senator Graham participated in the exploitation of Ukraine for his own benefit. In essence Graham is fearful that too much inquiry into what took place with Ukraine in 2014 through 2016 will expose his own participation and effort along with former Ambassador Marie Yovanovich.

Graham is attempting to end the impeachment effort because the underlying discoveries have the potential to expose the network of congressional influence agents, John McCain and Graham himself included, during any witness testimony.

[Full length interview below]


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347 Responses to Oh Snap – Senator Lindsey Graham Pledges to Block Testimony of U.S. Politicians Coordinating With Ukraine…

  1. Terry says:

    The problem here with Graham is he is a SNAKE! If there are dozens of Senators involved who are seriously worried about being outed, they will more than likely VOTE to find Trump guilty.

    The last thing these corrupt Senators want is Trump around draining the swamp, including them. The only way they can get away with their crimes is if Trump is gone.

    Before they go down they will vote Trump out of office!

    Do u really think they care about Trump the Country or the AMERICAN PEOPLE more than their own self preservation?

    I’m afraid if this illegal/unconstitutional sham gets to the Senate, McConnel, Graham and others will sacrifice Trump!

    TRUMP better take Dershowitz’s recommendation (listen to Levin’s interview of Dershowitz) and go to Supreme Court as soon as the House produces “Articles of Impeachment” are presented!n

    Defendants provided what may be the only way out for Trump!


  2. Katherine Kornegay says:

    Can I say the deep state is ALIVE AND WELL and NOT Limited to Democrats. Just saying…..

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  3. WDS says:

    People laughed at me when I warned them not to trust this POS. “But, but, but he’s Lindsey Graham 2.0 now” they said. 2.Zero would be far more accurate. PDJT would be well advised to distance himself from this RINO hack as Graham’s reputation of aiding and abetting his friends on the left is well known.


  4. Poroshenko presents state awards to Senators McCain and Graham

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