Schiff Team Subpoena’d Call Records from Trump Attorneys Along With Devin Nunes, John Solomon….

AT&T provided the call records, likely under subpoena. (link)

Let’s hope Schiff received them under subpoena, because the alternative is much worse. The alternative is a criminal leak from an outside interest.

There’s a particular type of anger that surfaces when you realize the Schiff team who coordinated the origination effort with the CIA whistleblower; and then vehemently hide their coordination; are the same crew simultaneously using the power of their position to subpoena private phone call records from President Trump’s lawyers, members of congress, and journalists.  [See Schiff Report pages 157, 158, 159 – pdf]

Yes, in essence Adam Schiff weaponized his committee authority toward the goal of removing President Trump in an identical way the prior administration intelligence officials, DOJ and FBI weaponized their authority toward removing candidate Trump, president-elect Trump and President Trump.

It is one long continuum of political corruption, weaponization, and fabrication of evidence to achieve a political objective.  It is also disgusting in construct.

This crew doesn’t care one bit how much they have to destroy this country, so long as they can advance a left-wing political agenda based on an unquenchable thirst for power.  I never thought we would see the possibility of a hot civil war in my lifetime.  I was wrong.

The cattle cars are on the horizon, and the full Schiff report pdf is below.




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826 Responses to Schiff Team Subpoena’d Call Records from Trump Attorneys Along With Devin Nunes, John Solomon….

  1. Hope Booth says:

    What if it is allowed to continue because public support for POTUS increased exponentially during the “hearings”.

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  2. Seadoc66 says:

    Nancy, imagine you are the commander of an infantry company preparing to lead your unit into a major ground combat operation in some foreign land with 230+/- at best average performing soldiers. And…… you are forced to accept Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler as two of your three rifle platoon leaders. What do you do now?

    Would you care to know what I as a commander of an infantry unit with actual ground combat experience would do if I were in your boots (yes, Nancy even the girls in combat units must wear boots)? In that I have reliable information/intelligence as to the performance history of both of these individuals, I see I have two courses of action depending upon my priorities. 1). If my priority is that of the safety/mission accomplishment of/by my 230 +- soldiers I have one course of action. 2). If my priority is my own self preservation I have another.

    In summary. If I choose priority #1, I arrange for both Schiff and Nadler to be accidentally shot. If I choose priority #2, I arrange for myself to be accidentally shot. But that’s just me.

    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

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  3. FPCHmom says:

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    • Caius Lowell says:

      And 0bama was worried about his legacy? His legacy is assured…

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    • Nobodysfool says:

      Is there any recourse? How can this corruption be stopped????

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      • Caius Lowell says:

        Being from Chicago, 0bama knew enough to give everybody in the DC Swamp a piece of the action, a piece of the guilt, and keep to records in case leverage was needed. Could probably get those records easy enough, but 0bama’s weaponized Deep State FB! squads are too busy busting down doors of Gibson Guitar and Roger Stone to be bothered with — you know — actual crimes because the FB! got a piece of the action, a piece of the guilt, etc.

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      • BoreMole says:

        2nd amendment

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    • Zy says:

      POTUS is just laying it out there about Obama. Doesn’t sound like he is confident anything will happen other than his own exposure of the coup on his way out.


    • Jederman says:

      There is only one person the dems/ds revere more than obama: s0r0s, and his fingerprints are all over Ukraine.

      Worship of obama is still strong but clinton, biden, kerry PELOSI… all have Ukrainian exposure, throw in some crowd strike too. This explains (to me) why we have the fanatic, flimsy, desperate and stop at nothing assault on PT/Rudy et al over the Ukraine call.

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  4. Les Standard says:

    This is a CIA led coup, Gina Haspel needs to be fired immediately

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  5. Kleen says:

    Oh well. Get used to it, and aso you could be next. They already have everything about each of us and can monitor us anytime they want it.

    Those like Nunes who tried to stop them get persecuted.

    The rest of us get so mad….we complain online.

    The tyrants are laughing at us.

    They know we are not Antifa and will do nothing!

    They know we can watch innocent people being arrested and we do nothing. Ok not fare, we do complain.

    So, serious question; do you think they will stop until Trump and everyone around him is in prison for life? Do you think they will pick a
    day and just stop and start being fair?

    If not, who is going to stop them?

    The constitution? Nope!
    The GOP? Nope ( see Nunes and complicit RINOs)

    We the people with our outrage? Nope!

    Then Who? How? How does it end?

    Right now we are on track for some of our conservative leaders to go to jail and the satanists taking back THEIR power

    They had it for so long, they will not just give it all up just because.

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  6. Madmax110 says:

    The reason nothing is being done against this abuse of power, should tell us all we need to know.
    Inaction by Senate and DOJ equals complicity.
    I hope PDJT has something up his sleeve.

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  7. Zimbalistjunior says:

    I believe all the calls occurred prior to Biden announcing candidacy.

    These people are meshuga

    F em all

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  8. Guyski says:

    We Don’t Need No Stinking Warrant: The Disturbing, Unchecked Rise of the Administrative Subpoena (Wired 08.28.12 – older article, but applicable)

    “In some ways, they were a good thing if you were liberal,” Slobogin said of the administrative subpoena. “But they have migrated from corrupt businesses to people suspected of crime. They are fishing expeditions when there is no probable cause for a warrant.”


  9. Kleen says:

    Demoncraps are winning.

    They have no problem being tyrants and our side is still playing by rules and spending 24×7 defending ourselves against absurd accusations.

    We need a new strategy other than waiting for Horrowitz and Barr.

    Demoncraps aren’t waiting for crap. They have been busy using anything they can find legal or ilegal.

    They make the rules and we obey.

    That’s a sure way to lose.

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  10. Kleen says:

    Do you think Demoncraps will stop on their own?

    If not, who will stop them?

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    • ezpz2 says:

      Excellent question, Klein.


    • ezpz2 says:

      Sorry…KLEEN, not Klein. Darn smart phones adding insult to injury that we’re all being monitored. 24/7


    • highdezertgator says:

      “If ye love wealth better than liberty,
      the tranquility of servitude
      better than the animating contest of freedom,
      go home from us in peace.
      We ask not your counsels or your arms.
      Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.
      May your chains set lightly upon you,
      and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”

      Samuel Adams

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  11. mylabs5 says:

    Trump said at a chopper presser that he had uncovered stuff on everyone..
    Remember that.
    Laura Loomer has done an investigation of Schiff and the Ukranians and it’s not good for him.
    All the rats are coming out of the woodwork with this including the IG/s.
    Just wait.

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    • ezpz2 says:

      We’ve been waiting for 3 years.
      Now we’re entering election season, another excuse to stall.

      The clock is ticking, not to be confused with tick tock booms that end up as duds.

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      • Newhere says:

        And the 3 years of waiting already has had the regrettable effect of causing would-be opened-minded people to start shutting it out, chalking it up to mud-slinging politics as usual.

        This could have been blown open before the midterms. The facts were there. That was a sobering disappointment. I entertained a glimmer of new hope with the announcement about Durham. But one starts to sense a pattern.

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        • Well Newhere then I guess your only choice and the choice of all of the whiners here is to vote for some one else than Trump.

          So many have said “The Dems are winning!”.

          So few have said much more than to complain and whine and pick on what is being done.

          So vote for the other guy, that is your choice.

          Or you can always go to DC and shoot the place up.

          See how that works for you.

          I will stick with Pres Trump.

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  12. Zimbalistjunior says:

    Oh ya. Since all these calls occurred prior to Biden candidacy the subpoenas are illegal on their face.
    The AG should step in right now and indict.

    Congressman have limited immunities. They do not get to run roughshod over the bill of rights.

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  13. DTL says:

    No more Democrats. The leaders. The voters. Wipe them all out down to the last blue haired sack of human wreckage. Death to the Left.


  14. Phflipper says:

    If you are an ATT customer, drop them like the plague, immediately.

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  15. ElGato says:

    How the hell did they obtain these phone records?


    • deqwik2 says:

      Can’t verify this is true but he has been a good source of info in the past. Will wait & see but this is something to watch for.

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      • Sassy says:

        Aren’t both those guys U.S. citizens?

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      • jus wundrin says:

        If such is the case, then they have everything.

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      • ATheoK says:

        More FISA misbehaviors.

        “Let’s hope Schiff received them under subpoena, because the alternative is much worse. The alternative is a criminal leak from an outside interest.”

        Schiff’s alleged subpoenas were not legal subpoenas. Calling them subpoenas doesn’t make them subpoenas.
        Any AT&T lawyer would have spotted that immediately. Leaving the phone call source as a big question mark.

        Now about their FISA application towards Parnas. SDNY needs to investigated top to bottom.

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      • Justin Green says:

        How do we know this is FISA, and not just subpoenaed records from Parnas’ criminal investigation?

        Now, that doesn’t explain phone records that do not involve Parnas, so that will have to be explained. Apparently Rudy is under investigation, too, by the SDNY, an apparently very corrupt DOJ department.

        Too little facts right now. There are other explanations than this being FISA, since they’re labeled “AT&T Document Production”. That means they were provided by AT&T, not gathered from the NSA database… at least on the face of it.

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    • spoogels says:

      Seems AT &T are part of NSA

      AT&T collaborates on NSA spying through a web of secretive buildings in the US
      Taylor Hatmaker@tayhatmaker / 5:38 am AEST • June 26, 2018


  16. Linus in W.PA. says:

    Just seeing how brazen these treasonous bastagees are/were is disturbing to the core.

    One thing is for sure…..these m-f’ers have never seen the likes of Trump.

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  17. Zorro says:

    Only 2 MAGA showed up to protest at the first round of hearings.

    For years we will hear only whispers of “if only we had organized” while looking for the thought police over our shoulders.

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  18. Grant says:

    Well… I guess we’ll wait for the second coming of Christ.


  19. Stephen F. Paul says:

    I’m just glad Cummings got what he deserved and I can’t want to read about Nancy.Schiff or Nadler .I only hope it is painful and as early as possible. that is the only way we will ever rid this county of these corrupt politicians.
    They are (All) a disgrace to the country and to the flag. Anyone who supports these people are not honest people or they are not very bright. When you think about how they try to destroy decent people who do everything right and are actually serving the people who voted for them.

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  20. ristvan says:

    Obtaining call records from PDJT’s attorneys and Ranking member Nunes proves zealous overreach by Schiff. Will likely backfire on him in Judiciary.

    But call records are not call contents. So everybody calm down.

    We have some champs in House Judiciary who will make mincemeat pie out of Schiff before it is over. Gross factual misrepresentations. Call records from Ranking member and PDJT attorneys. Not a good look in the skilled hands of Ratcliffe and Jordan.

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  21. mtk says:

    As for the phone records being subpoenaed, one left scratching one head going, “How much of what Schiff knows coordinates with this Summer’s reveal of journalists and other being unmasked with the rumoured ‘blacklist’ of journos.

    Are we witnessing the illegal ‘703(16&17)’ NSA database inquiries now being legitimised by subpoena?

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  22. islandpalmtrees says:

    Will Adam Schiff start the “hot civil war” referenced by Sundance. I am in favor of shutting down the Intelligence Community. JFK had it right, breaking up the CIA into a thousand little parts.

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  23. Rick says:

    Please, nothing will stop these DEM bastards…..short of another Civil War….outside of a few handfuls of brave, loyal Republicans…the rest are RINO squish from Mitch to Lindsey. down to the least senior Congress member. I tire with the supposition that Barr and his special prosecutor will expose sunshine…more wishful thinking.

    Schiff, Pelosi, Schümer, Nadler and the whole lot have gone rogue even prior to the election of the President. You would have to be a damn fool to not realize that there are two levels of Justice. One, where folks like us get prosecuted for the crimes we already know they have committed. Two, a level where the Deep State is beyond reproach and any persecution.

    If they can strip away the liberties and Constitutional rights of a duly elected President without pushback or prosecution for an obvious coup attempt, do you think they have our best interest at heart for the future?

    They’re coming for us, not the President. If not successful through this charade, then by the time they eventually get another DEM President. It’s about power and status that is already ingrained and will not be usurped. (not by Trump or anyone) Unfortunately, there will be more bloodshed this time around…the first Civil War will like a pee shooter contest compared to what’s coming. At 65, I would have bet 5 years ago, we wouldn’t live to see such a National divide that would be ripe to undo our Constitutional Republic. The fact is we are witnessing it right now, with our own eyes and ears daily…it’s getting worse and it’s as if no one gives a shit.


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    • Rick says:

      …will look like….


    • Judith says:

      There won’t be another President of the United States. Period. There will be a New World Order in 2021. No more nations. One Totalitarian rule. Prove me wrong.


      • Judith says:

        Poppy Bush signed our death warrant with 1992’s UN Agenda 21 New World Order. It’s a done -trillion dollar- deal. Now they’re all abandoning ship like swamp rats are wont to do. Even faking their deaths as they flee the stage, like that “So Long Farewell” scene from The Sound of Music. #EpsteinDidn’tKillHimself


  24. jusflipthescript says:

    “This crew doesn’t care one bit how much they have to destroy this country”… of course they dont care!🤦🏼‍♂️They’re typical bad guys banking on we will play by the rules while they get away with all kinds of crap, they’ll never stop and I feel like they know they wont ever get arrested… argh 😤!


  25. jus wundrin says:

    Subpoenas for phone records? Im not a legal expert, but wouldnt something like that have to be signed off by a judge for a civilian who isnt under investigation?

    Or could it be that Nunes et al, are/were under title 1 FISA surveillance?

    A banana republik would be preferable to what the deep state has created.

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  26. @ChicagoBri says:

    As Sundance has repeatedly stated, there are trillions at stake in the trade reset. Everyone of our scummy R Senators would take a billion dollar bribe to out President Trump. Every scummy one of them.

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    • annieoakley says:



    • jus wundrin says:

      There is no shopping or investments in hell. Just eternal pain and misery.

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    • De Oppresso Liber says:

      Agreed, which is why I wince every time I hear someone say that “the senate will never convict,” or “there’s no chance they will vote to remove President Trump.”

      I would like to think it’s impossibly, or that there’s no chance, but only a fool would trust in an absolute among crooks. Remember, there is no honor among thieves.

      Remember when McConnell and Graham said “no way,” and that, “impeachment was D.O.A. at the senate?” Uh-huh….


  27. JRD says:

    I like the way all the linguini spineless crybabies are B*TCHING about the corrupt GOP who we know hates our guts.

    Put your money where your mouth is and cancel your AT&T phone and internet en mass, spineless wonders. We don’t live in the Communist Soviet Union, duh!

    The left would be ceasing doing any business with AT&T and that’s why they win while we just B*TCH !


  28. Rose says:

    Who was the judge who signed off on the subpoena? This is beyond corrupt it totally destroys the premise of of due process. When the President’s private lawyer can be spied on by the official opposition that’s beyond corrupt it shows the corruption that has infected the judicial system.

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    • Zippy says:

      “This is beyond corrupt it totally destroys the premise of of due process.”

      “Show me the man, and I’ll find you the crime.” – Lavrentiy Beria, head of Joseph Stalin’s secret police


  29. Rick says:

    Don’t think the day isn’t coming when all of us Patriots here who have shared our thoughts on this website over the years won’t be the target for these lowlifes. We’re already numbered, on a list and targeted for a day in the future…..

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    • CM-TX says:

      Oh they started that crap just after the election. I can personally confirm as early as March 2017. I definitely made some naughty list.

      But I’m also still standing, & so wear it as badge of honor…🏅😎 (NEVER surrender, NEVER forgive, & NEVER forget!)


    • Judith says:

      Brown shirts rule by fear. What if we’re not afraid?


  30. What a work of laughable fiction! It wreaks of dishonesty, corruption, and is insulting to anyone with a modest understanding of what has transpired the last 4 years. These people must be very desperate. Since when has it been a crime for the Office of the President to execute and defend its prerogatives? When has it become illegal to enforce the laws or the land and adhere to treaties ratified by the Senate?

    The question that SD asked a few weeks ago begs an answer from the Left? What do you think will happen when you try to cancel the votes of 62 million Trump supporters, and the will of millions more that have jumped on the Trump train since 2016?

    Thank our founders for the wisdom of the 2nd amendment to the Constitution. They knew there may come a time when the public cannot free itself from a corrupted elected government. I pray this is going nowhere. A civil war like 1936 Spain would not be good for the country in the short term.

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  31. islandpalmtrees says:

    Whoever, authorized and pulled these phone records, to include the FISA Judge, should be indicted and prosecuted.

    And, while we are on the subject of phone records. I had thought this functionality had been disabled in the NSA system? But apparently not, as the following would indicate.

    WASHINGTON — The National Security Agency considered abandoning its secret program to collect and store American calling records in the months before leaker Edward Snowden revealed the practice, current and former intelligence officials say, because .

    After the leak and the collective surprise around the world, NSA leaders strongly defended the phone records program to Congress and the public, but without disclosing the internal debate.

    Documents show NSA again improperly collected call records

    By TAMI ABDOLLAH Associated Press | Posted: Wed 2:06 PM, Jun 26, 2019 | Updated: Wed 5:23 PM, Jun 26, 2019

    This is the second time the NSA has publicly acknowledged it improperly collected phone records. The NSA previously received phone records it was not authorized to collect in February 2018 and that because it couldn’t distinguish what was authorized, it would delete the more than 600 million records collected since 2015. The agency said the “root cause” had been addressed.

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    • spoogels says:

      ^^^ This
      AT&T IS an arm of NSA
      DUMP them
      Why didn’t they/Rudy/Toensing etc use burner phones?
      Surely they know this?
      Strzok and Page and others did


  32. FPCHmom says:

    I think with impeachment fever, it already has hit full speed.

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    • FPCHmom says:

      This is how I feel.

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    • Zy says:

      This will be the first coup where the majority of the population won’t even know they’re living under a totalitarian regime change for months if not years.


      • Judith says:

        That happened many years ago. Now we are finally beating them at their own game, by employing Constitutional freedoms that everyone wants to believe are intact. This forces globalist out into the sunlight as they no longer attempt to defend those freedoms.

        We already lost our Constitutional rights. No free speech. Brought to you by google. No free assembly. Brought to you by Antifa. No free press. Brought to you by Communist News Network. No freedom from unreasonable search and seizure. Brought to you by 9/11. No free elections. Brought to you by George Soros. No peaceful transition of power. Brought to you by DC Swamp.

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  33. Watch this video! Schiff May havecscrewed up!

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    • Garavaglia says:

      Encouraging to see more and more patriots come to the truth. No point in demanding others do what we are called to do.


    • hokkoda says:

      Not really any new insights here. We knew this. Schiff could write in there that Trump didn’t offer or accept any bribes and that he did it purely for policy reasons, and if you were to point this out, Schiff would simply say, “No, it doesn’t say that just because it says those words. When we say he didn’t take offer/take a bribe, it means he did offer/take a bribe, and you’re a agent of Putin for suggesting otherwise. Impeach!”

      Everybody’s reading this document like this POS paper means anything. It doesn’t mean shit. All that matters is there is a piece of paper that says it is a report of the impeachment hearings, and that the predetermined outcome was reached. Trump is guilty and should be removed for office. Period, full stop. That’s all they needed from Schiff. Nadler can take that, and then cite the urgency of the upcoming 2020 elections, as the pretext for going straight to articles of impeachment and sending it to the floor for a full House vote.

      The ONLY thing that stops this is not to argue about what the report says. The ONLY thing that stops this is to absolutely melt the phone lines of 31 Democrat Representatives facing re-election campaigns in MAGA districts. They did not raise and spend all that money and get put through the wringer to be a one-and-done one-termer.

      Logic will not solve this for us. FEAR will solve this for us. Those people have to be made to be afraid in the most visceral and gut wrenching way possible for politicians to feel true fear: the prospect of being thrown out of office.

      All this rest of this crap doesn’t mean jack shit.

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      • Somebody says:

        Amen Hokkoda, that is the appropriate course of action at this time. Burn up the phone lines, email and fax. Don’t forget to fax, yes they still use fax machines (at least they did a few years ago), there are fax numbers for each. It’s one of the best ways to get their attention actually. Write them a letter, send to their district office and DC office.

        Show up at their offices in their district, organize a protest in front of one. If you can swing going to DC, go to their office in DC. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper, yes their staff keeps a check on those. Let your voice be heard.

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        • hokkoda says:

          Another good place to register your thoughts is to post on their Facebook pages and other social media. My local rep. is a solid Repub, but I have no problem going on his facebook page, picking the lead story he wants to publicize…usually something boring…and then saying exactly what I think.

          They do read that stuff. There are also direct email links on all of their websites at and

          Light ’em if you got ’em.


  34. Newhere says:

    If Schiff’s subpoena’s are subject to legal challenge by other recipients; how does AT&T justify handing over such sensitive materials, ostensibly without challenge or warning to the individuals affected?


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  35. youme says:

    There is a very good chance that the leaked cell records came form SDNY

    * Case of Giuliani’s associates Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman

    SDNY prosecutor
    “I have well over 9 GB of data,” Zolkind adds.

    Judge Oetken asks the prosecutor if it’s true there were no wiretaps involved in the case.

    Zolkind replies that’s correct.

    “We’re not relying on any FISA-derived evidence,” Zolkind adds. ( The SDNY prosecutor is not denying there was a FISA warrant )

    “Defense attorney Lefcourt isn’t satisfied. He claims there could be concerns of fruit of the poisonous tree. The attorney wants prosecutors to ask agencies to affirm or deny that they engaged in surveillance.”

    Prosecutors are also reviewing “well into the thousands” of files and nine gigabytes of data obtained from subpoenas of phones, banks, internet providers and witnesses as part of the discovery process, they told the judge, as well as numerous search warrants and affidavits for email accounts, iCloud accounts, electronic devices and physical premises.

    Gerald Lefcourt, an attorney for Kukushkin, who was charged with funneling Russian money into state elections, raised the possibility that prosecutors had obtained information that they were using in the investigation from intelligence wiretaps.

    Zolkind said he couldn’t comment on whether there were intercepts and said only that the government is not relying on such an intercept or “information derived from such an intercept.”

    Lefcourt said that if there are intercepts of his client speaking with foreign nationals or Ukrainians that were not court-authorized, he would have a right to try to block it from the case. “Maybe somebody was told to look at this or that” without a judge’s approval, he said, adding: “That would be tainted.”

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    • Sassy says:

      Parnas wanted to cooperate with a congressional investigation. (Impeachment.) Maybe he gave up the records.


      • Somebody says:

        Parnas would only have his own records. He wouldn’t have reporters, Giuliani, Nunes or Nunes’ aide’s calls. He would only have any call to or from him involving those people

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    • Justin Green says:

      Exactly. FISA is being used for purely political purposes, not for stopping terrorists.

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    • JL says:

      “Title 3 intercept”

      A Title 3 FISA warrant is for a physical search of premises or property of a US Person. A Title 1 would be the communications interception section of FISA pertaining to US Persons.

      To call it an intercept is a non-sequitur. That’s like calling a phone-book a “hardcover magazine”. It makes no sense.

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  36. Right to reply says:

    The reason they get away with it, is because we are still tapping on keyboards instead if marching!


  37. nimrodman says:

    Just listened to GOPers giving a press conference

    What’s the dust-up about Devin Nunes accused of being in Vienna? Anyone know what the accusation is?

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  38. FPCHmom says:

    One of the few voices out there with as much urgency as Sundance –

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  39. Merkin Muffley says:

    These records show nothing! What plot can you hatch on a 1 minute and 27 second phone call?


    • TarsTarkas says:

      Schiff may have issued subpoenas for e.mail and other internet communications. Or just asked Google et al to provide them as a courtesy.

      Joe Biden isn’t worth this absolute insane burning of the law. As SD and others have said, it’s much much bigger. They’re trying to intimidate anyone who tries to reveal all their corruption.
      And if they succeed, they won’t stop either being corrupt or being intimidating, they’ll double and triple down. Which leaves one option to the opposition: the bullet box.

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  40. Bogeyfree says:

    Why has Sara Carter, Catherine Herridge or even John Solomon gone directly to AG Barr for a comment.

    Such as….

    We’re you aware and or did you authorize the SDNY to provide Shifty with the phone records of PT lawyers and other private citizens??

    Where are the honest media people?

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    • CopperTop says:

      All of the above were on Hannity months ago saying ‘The public has no idea what kind of things have been done to us and we can’t talk about it yet.’

      This was when Solomon was breaking Ukraine story and he also was saying he has been a target of this before.

      They’ve known they were targets via their contacts with P Trump…why they have sat on the story willingly is unknown at the moment.


    • TwoLaine says:

      Catherine Herridge is no longer at Fox.


  41. doofusdawg says:

    Looks like Rudy and Parnas are the common denominator for listed calls. Nunes and Victoria may just be caught in the cross fire… lol. Somebody should demand copy of the warrant to see who and what. Although I’m sure it’s classified. This was undoubtedly leaked by Shiff… imagine what they haven’t leaked yet.

    I guess if the dems do enough of this crap then when Barr drops the hammer they can claim it’s standard procedure… nothing to see here. Barr has his work cut out for him. Forget the calls for a Jim Baker republican moment… when will a democrat stand up to save the country.

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  42. mg says:

    lol at you people that think justice will happen. Time to grow up and face the facts. Seeds, water and ammo.

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  43. hawkins6 says:

    The phrase “phone call” is mentioned 62 times in the Schiff Report and many refer to the Trump-Zelensky call but others of course refer to Guiliani’s efforts and to Rep Nunes. I’m sure I’m not alone in eagerly waiting for sundance’s analysis of this report which is mostly BS coated in crafty spin, distortions and hyperbole.

    But are the phone calls between Nunes and Parvas a problem? The Dems are already attacking him relentlessly on this and asking why he didn’t recuse himself. So far, I see nothing illegal but when is the push back to this despicable report–released when PT is overseas again–going to start.


  44. Phil Free says:

    🤔 🤔 🤔

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  45. Zippy says:

    Plumbing the Depths
    How the Gears Turn
    FRED REED • MARCH 9, 2008


    Common delusions notwithstanding, the United States, I submit, is not a democracy—by which is meant a system in which the will of the people prevails. Rather it is a curious mechanism artfully designed to circumvent the will of the people while appearing to be democratic. Several mechanisms accomplish this.

    First, we have two identical parties which, when elected, do very much the same things. Thus the election determines not policy but only the division of spoils. Nothing really changes. The Democrats will never seriously reduce military spending, nor the Republicans, entitlements.

    Second, the two parties determine on which questions we are allowed to vote. They simply refuse to engage the questions that matter most to many people. If you are against affirmative action, for whom do you vote? If you regard the schools as abominations? If you want to end the president’s hobbyist wars?

    Third, there is the effect of large jurisdictions. Suppose that you lived in a very small (and independent) school district and didn’t like the curriculum. You could buttonhole the head of the school board, whom you would probably know, and say, “Look, Jack, I really think….” He would listen.

    But suppose that you live in a suburban jurisdiction of 300,000. You as an individual mean nothing. To affect policy, you would have to form an organization, canvass for votes, solicit contributions, and place ads in newspapers. This is a fulltime job, prohibitively burdensome.

    The larger the jurisdiction, the harder it is to exert influence. Much policy today is set at the state level. Now you need a statewide campaign to change the curriculum. Practically speaking, it isn’t practical.

    Fourth are impenetrable bureaucracies. A lot of policy is set by making regulations at some department or other, often federal. How do you call the Department of Education to protest a rule which is in fact a policy? The Department has thousands of telephones, few of them listed, all of which will brush you off. There is nothing the public can do to influence these goiterous, armored, unaccountable centers of power.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Zippy says:

      From the 2014 Princeton University study:

      Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens


      A great deal of empirical research speaks to the policy influence of one or another set of actors, but until recently it has not been possible to test these contrasting theoretical predictions against each other within a single statistical model. We report on an effort to do so, using a unique data set that includes measures of the key variables for 1,779 policy issues.

      Multivariate analysis indicates that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence. The results provide substantial support for theories of Economic-Elite Domination and for theories of Biased Pluralism, but not for theories of Majoritarian Electoral Democracy or Majoritarian Pluralism.

      In the United States, our findings indicate, the majority does not rule—at least not in the causal sense of actually determining policy outcomes. When a majority of citizens disagrees with economic elites or with organized interests, they generally lose. Moreover, because of the strong status quo bias built into the U.S. political system, even when fairly large majorities of Americans favor policy change, they generally do not get it.

      …the preferences of economic elites (as measured by our proxy, the preferences of “affluent” citizens) have far more independent impact upon policy change than the preferences of average citizens do. To be sure, this does not mean that ordinary citizens always lose out; they fairly often get the policies they favor, but only because those policies happen also to be preferred by the economically-elite citizens who wield the actual influence.

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    • Justin Green says:

      Well, the country was never set up as a Democracy. And originally, the members of the House of Representatives represented what – 30,000 people? Today they represent 780,000 people? That’s too many for one representative.

      Which is a human truth taught by the Tower of Babel story. Life is happier when a small group of leaders is answerable to a small group of constituents.


  46. Jederman says:

    “The cattle cars are on the horizon…” I’m with you 100%. This demonstration by the Left/DS that, in their view, the ends justify the means only reinforces what more and more citizens are already preparing for.

    PT may win another 4 yrs but what then? They said they will continue the “investigations.” The dems are telling us that voting no longer means what it used to. They will have their “fundamental transformation” BAMN. We should take this warning seriously and plan accordingly.


    • GB Bari says:

      If enough people get off their duffs and vote R in 2020 for Senators and House Reps, then the DemonRATs can investigate all they want but they won’t control the agenda nor any committees. The Republicans can change the House rules to minimize DemonRATs’ power. Let the media scream all they want – their duplicity will be thrown back in their faces.

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  47. thedoc00 says:

    Interesting. The records are all from AT&T. So, Schiff sends AT&T a Subpoena (request) for this information and AT&T just rolls over willingly to comply, with zero questions.

    Wonder the response if this was law enforcement asking for records of terrorists, murders, human traffickers and drug dealers, et al??

    Liked by 4 people

    • hawkins6 says:

      This is the key issue for sure. I am impatiently waiting to learn the truth

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      • TarsTarkas says:

        As I have mentioned elsewhere on this thread, the big questions are whether it was a ‘demand letter’ or not, and if so, who knew about it, and why was it obeyed apparently without question?

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    • doofusdawg says:

      This is probably a warrant from the Rudy investigation at SDNY. The fact that they got one on Parnas as well is troubling. The fact that they knew if they got one on Rudy it might ensnare Trump is really troubling. Barr may have a hands off approach but clearly he has no say so whatsoever in the goings on of the SDNY. When their activities seem to target the executive branch of the federal government one would think it might get his attention.
      The fact that they are colluding with the legislative branch of the federal government might really seem to piss Barr off. Seems like they just don’t care. It’s clearly an all out fight for survival by the democrats… a war. Can’t imagine the threats that Barr and Durham are dealing with.

      All i can figure is that Barr is letting them have their way because he knows he has the last serve.

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  48. Hmmm... says:

    Just a thought. We saw previously during the Russia hoax information being released in retrospect that was purely for the purpose of letting the bad guys know the current status so they could adjust their stories to match.

    The idea that media, lawyers, and committee staffers may have had their communications intercepted may be more useful for the bad guys than advancing any sort of investigation into Ukraine. Mueller was used to suppress investigation into DOJ and FBI wrongdoing. The fake impeachment may be being used for the same purpose.


  49. TarsTarkas says:

    I strongly suspect that the reason this happened is because Schiff issued a secret subpoena known only to himself and his cabal. This is witness and investigative intimidation. I suspect worse is yet to come. They are literally demanding to get a violent response to their lawlessness. Or trying to get Barr and Durham to move prematurely.

    Liked by 3 people

    • hokkoda says:

      Coup Part Two (Trump) is exactly the same as Coup Part One (Flynn): get some bureaucrats friendly to Democrats to over-react to a perfectly legal phone call, and then use that phone call as a pretext to launch fraudulent investigations and try to entrap the victim in a process crime. (Flynn/perjury, Trump/obstruction) The source of the phone call comes from CIA operatives abusing the FISA system, illegally leaked phone conversations, and phony reports (dossier / whistleblower report).

      It’s literally the same damn thing.

      I fear most that Barr/Durham wind up doing nothing, because I don’t know that the nation will be able to survive what will have to come next. There is no other option for what comes next.


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