November 20th – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1035

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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633 Responses to November 20th – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1035

  1. “Treepers, are you paying attention?” Here comes PATRIOT trying to slip underneath the radar!

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  2. islandpalmtrees says:

    Guess who is another Obama “special envoy” David Ha!e
    I wonder, if Ha!e is CIA, too?

    President Barack Obama Friday nominated his special envoy for Middle East peace, David Hale.

    Mar 1, 2009A multilingual CIA veteran from New Jersey who shares the president’s love for basketball, Mr. Brennan is Mr. Obama’s envoy to what former Vice President Dick Cheney called the “dark side …

    Mr. Brennan is Mr. Obama’s envoy to what former Vice President Dick Cheney called the “dark side”: the community of analysts, operators and intelligence managers who work with allied security services to disrupt terror networks.

    The job — officially known as homeland security adviser and deputy national security adviser for counterterrorism — is in part a consolation prize for being passed over as director of the CIA.

    Former CIA officer Michael Kostiw may replace Kurt Volker as U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations. Kostiw, 72, worked as a case officer for the CIA for about 10 years, but he left it in the early 1980s after an incident.

    Note: Kurt Volker is believed to be CIA too.

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  3. dogsmaw says:


  4. Carrie says:

    Tucker is on tv showing how Sondland’s atty is a guy called Luskin and a die hard Democrat. He gave 150k to them. All of the other lawyers on his team are also Democrats. He supposed he and his other lawyers drafted his opening statement. How moronic is this arrogant Sondland?

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  5. A2 says:

    Good Morning America.

    The PRC is unleashed a maelstrom of condemnation over the Passage of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act. Entire pages in the People’s Daily and all the propaganda rags. CCTV vomiting projectiles out since last night.

    Glorious! 😂😂😂

    They are apoplectic.

    Having a global temper tantrum

    I’m having a happy dance.

    Time to 加油!

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  6. Troublemaker10 says:

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  7. MfM says:

    A YouTube video by Steve Pieczenik popped up in my feed. It was about how he thinks Pompeo is riding for a fall. It’s short 4 1/2 minutes. I wonder where he’s getting the idea that Trump is done with Pompeo.

    Personally I think Pompeo is one who really gets Trump and he has said he isn’t looking at running for office while he’s Secretary of State.


  8. whoseyore says:

    Here are all of the preparations for Michele Obama to enter, stage right into the Democratic Primaries. Read the whole article if you want to know how she is being placed on a throne of worship in order to prepare her for the race.


  9. Troublemaker10 says:

    Full thread reader App:


  10. Troublemaker10 says:

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Have you checked out the bona fides of this group? It is none other than that totally MAGA-dedicated Nikki Haley.
      Be wary. Be very skeptical of this one.

      Rubio-obsessed Haley is riding the coattails of Pres Trump straight to the White House, she thinks. Haley currently sits on Boeing’s board, the same route all the others have taken..
      Forewarned is forewarned.

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  11. dogsmaw says:


  12. cheering4america says:

    On one of the videos posted today I believe it might have been Jim Jordan who was referring to the corrective actions taken by Zelensky in the Ukraine to fight corruption; among these actions was the elimination of Sovereign Immunity.

    I posited here recently that a lot of problems would be corrected in the US if we got rid of Sovereign Immunity, as people would have to take responsibility for their actions. Judges who sneak illegal aliens out the back door who then go and harm another person would be liable to that next person harmed. Politicians who import cartel members would be liable for ODs and murders by the drug gangs. Etc.

    No one responded. Now I wonder if we should be embarrassed that the notoriously corrupt Ukraine took this most obvious step before we did?

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  13. linda4298 says:

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  14. sunnydaze says:

    Has this ever happened before? Deval thru his hat into the Dem Presidential ring recently. Probably gonna step away now.

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  15. Troublemaker10 says:


  16. Troublemaker10 says:

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  17. TrueNorthSeeker says:

    Lindsey Graham on Hannity tonight said Horowitz report will be publicly released Dec 9th, two days before he testifies to Senate committee.

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  18. Reserved55 says:

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    • jx says:

      I think it was Leschencko who gave it to Chalupa who gave it to N. Ohr, and Isikoff. Ohr gave it to the FBI and Isikoff wrote an article.

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      • mr.piddles says:

        Chalupa (codename: Burrito) “threatened” to testify to Congress a couple weeks ago… because she said “the Republicans are bluffing”.

        What a weird thing to say.


  19. jeans2nd says:

    Folks, we have some victories in China.
    Gordon Chang is on my radio saying Fat Xi Xinping is in big trouble, and the Chinese Communist party is in disarray over Hong Kong.
    Someone in China released some documents that verifies this.

    What triggered the crisis? That new Hong Kong bill our Senate passed unanimously. Pelosi says she is going to take the Senate bill to the House as is, and it will also pass unanimously.
    Pres Trump promised to sign it.

    Remember Pres Trump’s tweet telling American companies to get out of China?
    They cannot say the President did not tell them…

    Hey A2 – tell the Hong Kong Patriots the cavalry is coming!

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  20. Troublemaker10 says:

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  21. Troublemaker10 says:

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  22. islandpalmtrees says:

    Dec 9th FISA Report Release – Graham on Hannity


  23. Papoose says:

    We are the serfs in the BlockBuster Epic. America, the Doormat. WTP are being overthrown in broad daylight. Coup d’etat….all to protect the Usurper…so glad the commie fraud picked Dildojoe to be his VP…. Those Sons sure did come in handy back in Delaware back then….

    Assassinate and Humiliate, Khadaffi, the head of state, Libya ; then kill the Ambassador whilst the Turks escape and then… just tell Vlad, we’ll have more flexibility after the Election. And by the way, prior to and during the debate the Usurper advised Nominee Romney, re Russia: the 1980’s are calling you, 2012 … the Awans’ in the Congress electronically…DWS…

    The Usurper

    Keep the Donald Great. Keep him Safe. Thanks Be To God.
    epsteindidntkillhimself and thebidensaregreedytraitors and johnbrennanisthetreacherousepuppetmaster.

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  24. Reserved55 says:

    We caught???!!!

    She smiles at the camera.


  25. Troublemaker10 says:

    Maybe she should run. 😁

    If not, how about the most impressive Lynne Patton who currently works as NYCHA
    chairperson in the Trump Adm?

    Remember her?


  26. JustScott says:

    Looks like Alexis Rose has been busy.


  27. JustScott says:

    Half-heartedly watched whole dim debate. Island Commie Bunny attacked Buttglug.
    Final speeches now.
    Can summarize succinctly: they are all bat schiff crazy, lying hypocrites. No exceptions.

    OMG! Fauxcahonas just announced her anti-corruption plan now. Wonder how much that will cost?
    (Did you know her father was a janitor?)

    Wait for it: Pedo Joe’s close… Finger pointing, massive word salad with an angry “Take it Back!”
    Does he mean the pallet of cash?


  28. Troublemaker10 says:

    She might be telling the truth, but I’m not sure it is a smart political strategy to run on it.


    • sunnydaze says:

      It was kinda funny when she said she wanted to ” save the Dem Party”……..

      …….as if that’s even remotely possible. LOL.

      It’s 100% corrupt, Tulsi. You, nor anyone else , is going to save it.


  29. Troublemaker10 says:


  30. Troublemaker10 says:

    Fox News touched on the Ukrainian investigation news. Seems like enemedia is keeping this news pretty quiet for now.


  31. Troublemaker10 says:


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