Nikki Haley Registers “Stand For America” PAC – RNC Shares MAGA Donor Datafile…

Last month Nikki Haley purchased a $2.4 million home in Kiawah Island, Charleston county, South Carolina (link).   Nikki Haley released her book “With All Due Respect” on November 12th (link).  Mrs. Haley also took a position on the board of directors for Boeing Co, likely an extension of success for her prior efforts recruiting Boeing to the state. (link)

The board position, home purchase and book tour follows a very predictable pattern for those who follow GOPe politics closely.  Indeed, there is speculation Nikki Haley was/is positioning for a 2024 presidential bid; speculation that generally aligns with the pattern.

However, there are some recent Big Club moves that indicate a slightly different timeline; perhaps a dual-purposed timeline.  [All citations embedded] Ambassador Haley has launched a Super-PAC [FEC Registration ID C00679472]  called “Stand For America“.  SuperPAC’s are not required to file extensive information.

In addition Haley has launched a similarly named Stand For America website (LINK) with the accompanying 501-c(4) non-profit status; and launched the accompanying traditional source & social media affiliates [ YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram ] you would expect to see with an advanced political campaign.

It appears the registration for most of the activity is currently in New York, NY.   In combination with the board and book it takes a team to manage the totality of the political network as constructed.  That team means financing. The network has to get paid.

Now, at first blush – to the casual observer, this level of political apparatus would generally indicate an aspiring campaign infrastructure.  However, two parts of the assembly are too advanced to be projecting a position five-years into the future.

(1) Putting a SuperPAC together, “Stand For America”, immediately requires a legal assembly while affording the benefit of unlimited donor contributions.  Only at the point where the candidate declares an intent to run for office does a leadership PAC (more traditional) become the vehicle for limited campaign contributions; and a disconnect between the candidate and the SuperPAC becomes legally required.

(2) The more interesting aspect, that indicates a more earlier timed entry into elections, is the visibility of the RNC sharing the Trump donor base with Nikki Haley allowing Stand For America to start contacting Trump donors and requesting preliminary “registration” for support.  If you have contributed directly to Donald Trump you are likely receiving email contacts from Nikki Haley via Stand For America right now.

Nikki Haley, via Stand For America’s initial use of the RNC provided database, appears to be requesting recipients to sign up or “register their support”; they are also providing the opportunity to donate directly to the SuperPAC.  The infrastructure for donations is fully assembled.  [Donations to qualified SuperPAC’s do not need to be reported to FEC]

It would be almost too proactive to have this advanced infrastructure for a 2024 race.  The RNC data-sharing of the MAGA voter/donor files is also curiously early for a 2024 race.

Considering the abject lack of activity from RNC President Ronna McDaniel in actual electioneering work; and considering the failures (inactivity) of the RNC in the 2018 mid-terms and the 2019 elections; Ms. McDaniel’s only significant accomplishment has been the fundraising….

…And that fundraising is entirely because of people donating to President Trump.

The RNC is riding the coattails of President Trump’s ability to generate small donor support.  The RNC database has grown ONLY because of the historic scale of small grass-roots donors to President Trump.  Nothing RNC President Ronna McDaniel has done independently has contributed to the success of RNC fundraising.  The RNC is notably absent in the actual ground-level work for local candidates; heck, many local races don’t even have a republican candidate (see Virginia).

So the questions are: Why is the RNC sharing the data-file of President Trump’s donors right now?  Why is Ronna McDaniel giving future candidate Nikki Haley access to those valuable donor lists four years ahead of a Nikki Haley campaign?

One concerning answer to that question might be the current status of the impeachment effort.   The email from Nikki Haley’s PAC actually seems to lean in that direction.  They don’t mean to expose themselves, but they do.

Notice the contact subject line: “I will always stand with our president”…  Then notice how the body of the contact has nothing to do with Nikki Haley supporting President Trump:

…Instead the body of the information is entirely about promoting Nikki Haley, it doesn’t mention President Trump even once.

If you decide to click on the link to “become a founding member”, again it takes you to the registration for Nikki Haley’s SuperPAC. Screengrab below:

Put it all together and there is a very nefarious picture from the Club.

As we said earlier; Haley would be crushed if she came out to challenge President Trump or was seen to be positioned against the MAGA voters.  So Haley is doing what Haley does best, she is positioning her most immediate political self-interest to receive maximum benefit by riding in the Trump passenger seat.

If the DC UniParty is successful in eliminating, or fatally wounding President Trump, Haley will proclaim her support in an effort to replace him.

That’s how Haley works.

Haley is the female version of Mitt Romney.

Haley has a plan.

2024 if necessary, but 2020 if possible.

The RNC Club supports the plan.

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403 Responses to Nikki Haley Registers “Stand For America” PAC – RNC Shares MAGA Donor Datafile…

  1. Sentient says:

    I wouldn’t vote for that f’n whore if they held a gun to my head.

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    • peace says:

      @sentient – neither would I

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    • Horace says:

      I agree. I’m not going back to voting for the swamp. Drain the swamp, or burn it to the reeking ashes. If she or any other globalist is on the ticket, it is time to start voting Dem … for the most destructive Communists they can put forth. Our ‘conservative’ ruling elites have failed to conserve ANYTHING. Voting for Republican-flavored globalist means slow but CERTAIN death for the American nation. It’s better to take our chances with Communists who will destroy the governing structures of the former USA and give the American nation a chance to fight for existence. The government is NOT the nation. The economy is NOT the nation. WE the American PEOPLE are the nation.

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      • Pokey says:

        I say Horace is a completely useful idiot. We are only innocent Communists. Isn’t that better than being evil Republicans? Vote for us Demcommie Globalists to avoid being hoodwinked by Republican Globalists. Think you will be part of the Politburo someday? Sheesh.


        • Sentient says:

          You’re the useful idiot. It’s sheep republican voters like you who allow the GOPe to plot to oust our president, confident that “gotta support the team” doofuses will vote for whoever they put up.

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          • Pokey says:

            another lefty troll. Trying to separate the Globalist Cabal from the Communist Party in the USA is impossible. Financially, both movements are joined at the hip. The Globalist Cabal was infiltrated by Communists, who recognized a pathway to destroying the US economy almost immediately, back in the 90s. The Cabal is now co-opted and the Repugs were too stupid to ever figure that out until some of them saw the need to support PDJT in the last election. The Repugs are not the Communist wing of this movement and see themselves as supporters of a Global economy which, they were told, was the future of American business. Very few have discovered their error so far. The Communists are still using the Global Cabal to push for their final solution. Limited exposure has forced them to use subversive propaganda to pin the blame for Globalism on the Repugs. I believe many of those propagandists have been trolling MAGA websites to divide the ranks of their feared enemy before the 2020 election.
            I agree that the Repugs are not much help to anybody right now, but I believe we can educate them to the long term threat to the USA of a Global Communist government running a Global economy. If it turns out the Repugs are too stupid and too compromised to learn from MAGA, we have a big problem going forward. But if MAGA can’t get at least 90% of the Republican vote again in 2020, we have the end of our way of life ahead. I am pessimistic about this, but I don’t see how there are less MAGA voters this time than last time and I am hanging my hope on PDJT and beyond to be the peaceful solution to our biggest problems.
            As for the problem of Federal Bureaucracies holding the real power in DC, shrinking them drastically will be the only way to get them out of the way of our elected leaders. I think this will turn out to be the most difficult thing to do since our original Founders met in Philadelphia. And I am glum about the possibility of ever resolving this problem, since a very large percentage of of The People are now earning their livings directly as a result of Bureaucratic spending. There are only about 4 millions of The People on the official Federal payroll, but there are at least 30 million who depend solely on Government contracts for their own livelihoods. Both groups have been expanding for 200 years. The only way to change that is by reducing Federal taxes and eliminating the gratuitous funneling of baseless money into our economy. Only MAGA folks seem to understand this.
            Our country is at stake and empowering some sort of Stalinist political solution looks to me like an immediate dead end for all of The People except our Politburo membership. Our only alternative would be a revolution unlike any the world has ever seen. Indulge me for being alarmed by this kind of dead end rhetoric. I still love my country and I see Communism as the worst of all possible solutions for free people.
            I am sorry sorry I used language that was personally insulting to you, Horace, in my first reply here.


            • Horace says:

              No problem. Don’t lose hope. Other peoples have come through far worse with far less to start with. The Orthodox Christian-heritage Russian people, for example, were murdered pitilessly by the millions by their communists, and then predated upon during the post-communist era by the neoliberal globalists to such an extent that the average age of death for Russian men fell to 55. They got rid (mostly) of their worst communists and globalists and now have more freedom and prosperity than they have ever had. It is not anywhere close to what we have, but they started with next to nothing.

              “The Globalist Cabal was infiltrated by Communists …”
              I agree. The communists in their Gramscian Long March through the institutions have seized control of the training grounds for the elites. The inter-generational transfer of knowledge has been broken for them, as it has for many of us. The oligarchs running things now are not the same people who created this system. They inherited it, but did not inherit (I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt/educated guess) the traditional knowledge of how to rule a Western society.

              “…empowering some sort of Stalinist political solution …”
              I think in a healthy society where ruling elites are seen by the people as possessing legitimacy to rule, the ‘Golden Rule’ (those with the gold make the rules) works well enough. That recalls the mistake of the financialists/industrialists who presided over the disastrous Weimer Republic: they thought they would buy off or control the Nazis with money because that had always worked before. They just didn’t get that the legitimacy of the entire system was in tatters and that when that happens the ‘Golden Rule’ gets replaced with the ‘Gun Rule’, those with the guns make the rules. The Nazis basically put guns to their heads and said “You are going to keep giving us money AND you are going to do what we say, rather than us doing what you say in exchange for the money.” Until our ruling elites truly get in their thick heads that they will lose everything, then they will not change course. If they keep putting up shams like Haley then the communism/socialism will spread. Who will respect, much less protect, their property? They are not going to wake up if we keep voting for their puppets. I’m not saying we should vote for commies NOW. I’m saying that in the post-Trump era to come, if MAGA has been destroyed and we only have a choice between Republican-flavored globalist and Democrat, then we should vote in the primaries for the worst of the Dems who will threaten oligarch property. The stewardship of Western Civilization is both their privilege and responsibility. They need to take the responsibility seriously, or lose the privilege.


        • Horace says:

          I do understand your anger, and it IS healthy to be angry when that which you love is threatened and that which is yours is stolen from you. However, you are conflating two actors: the Communists and the globalist oligarchs. Yes, there is some category overlap, but it is small. The globalist oligarchs, who number in the thousands, want never-ending *rootless/broken family* cheap labor to maximize profits. They are the small pack of predators who would prefer to hunt a hundred prey animals (us) each of a different kind (antelope, gazelle, caribou, elephant etc) rather than predate upon a herd all of one kind, elephants who cooperate in their own collective self-defense, pregnant females and young in the center with males on the perimeter.

          That we have communist and socialist movements in our country AGAIN is a disaster. They are dangerous. Starting no later than Clinton, globalist money transformed the ‘mission’ of the left from being a check on excess oligarchy to hating traditional Christian European civilization. However, we would not have a communist problem or a socialism problem if we did not have a globalism problem FIRST. The communism/socialism is a response to the social engineering policies the globalists have been pushing for the last 30 years while the Buckley, Will, Romney, Bush types have been too busy worshiping money to be good stewards of our civilization. They have turned our homeland into their laboratory and we are the lab rats to be used and expended in their evil experiments.

          Money is important and an inescapable necessity in our fallen world, but when we allow those who possess the control nodes of our civilization to make it the highest and only value, then our civilization dies. The globalists do not look at us and see their fellow countrymen. We will have no solution to our current crises that leaves our nation or any of the rest of Western Civilization intact until they are defanged.


      • ann says:

        Exactly Horace.

        This cabal is a mirror image of Dems, both are smary clans of veiled authoritarians.

        GOPe plans to fob us off with such as her.

        What a joke! Haley doesn’t stand for America, Haley stands for Wall Street, aggressive neocon war policies and safe seat wimpy Uniparty.


  2. I donate To President Trump,
    I don’t like Nikki taken picture with Rino Romney,
    Trump 2020,

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  3. cheryl says:

    She hurt herself very badly with conservatives back when she bowed down to pressure from those who wanted the Confederate flag outlawed at the SC state capitol. I’ll never vote for her.

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  4. WeThePeople2016 says:

    If I had to guess, she is following the Romney pattern before he ran for POTUS. He went around endorsing and raising money for various GOP candidates in the prior elections before 2012. Then, he expected and got most of their endorsements when he ran for POTUS in 2012. I would not doubt that is what Haley is trying to do here. Raise money using Trump’s base to do it, and endorse GOPe candidates while acting like she supports Trump. She will try to campaign with POTUS as well. Then, when the time comes, she plans on collecting from these candidates for their endorsements if they won their seats. What this does is get the commitment from these Reps/Senators early and it keeps them from endorsing another GOP person running for POTUS, IMHO.

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  5. One Voice says:

    There are probably 20+ RINO senators who have already approved the plan.

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    • stripmallgrackle says:

      If sundance’s theory plays out, and the republicans deploy a passive/aggressive strategy to facilitate a “hands-off” impeachment in the senate, thus clearing the way for a Nikki campaign next year, what exactly to Nikki and the Sellouts expect to happen next?

      I mean besides most of the Trump voters stepping aside to watch the GOP implode and subordinate itself to the liberal half of the Uniparty forever.

      Or creating a very angry mob that will have serious doubts about a new, genuinely conservative party being the best hope for returning the country to its Constitutional foundations, while it considers alternatives.


      • Judith says:

        The Republicans defected in droves to hand the House over to the Democrats specifically so *they* could impeach. Do they think we’re really that stupid? For all intents and purposes there IS no more Repubican party.

        Even if you wanted to vote for one, there is none to be had.

        Only ones left now are RINOS. And maybe a handful who can put on a little show. Like Roxie Hart’s tap dance. If only *one* of them had voted for their President to make his recess appointments, I might believe them now. But sadly, that is *not* the case.

        We’ve been had. And their TREASONOUS COUP continues..


  6. boogboi83 says:

    Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. – JFK

    Looks like they intend on forcing the later. Gonna get real hot if their little schemes come to fruition.

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    • DebbieSemms says:

      While I agree the GOP would be gone if Trump was impeached there are corrupt Rhinos that don’t understand that, Sundance may be right.

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      • DebbieSemms says:

        My mistake…reply was meant fore Luke just below this.

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        • stripmallgrackle says:

          Your reply fits equally well with boogboi83’s comment, DS.

          It must be made clear to the GOP leadership that there is no future in feigning support while they feed off Trump’s fundraising and plot to join the coup on the down low.

          That process begins with making it clear to each and every republican legislator that there is no reelection if this strategy goes forth.

          Remember, reports are due, and Bill Barr hasn’t gone full metal pantywaist yet, even though we’ve got our concerns. Oh, and about that Hunter Biden guy, the one who is as pure as the driven snow (heh, heh…I said snow)? Ukraine just buried him in an avalanche, and his little dad, too.


  7. luke says:

    SD if you are insinuating that Haley is positioning herself as Trump’s replacement rather by primary or by removal I would just like to say “Not so fast my friend.” If Trump is not the 2020 nominee there will not be any pieces of the GOP to put back together because they will have been blown to hell. I’ll state it again the time to forcibly deal with Trump has come and gone. We had people (conservatives of the Ted Cruz variety) on our side that genuinely believed Trump was not going to be all that conservative if elected and was pulling a fast one on the right. I was curious and hoping they would be mistaken. They absolutely were incorrect; now the Levins and the Becks are fully on board. Trump has made me so proud as an American and proud at the decision I made to throw in with him early. And I do think many on the right had reason to be cautious; less the NRO crowd they are just pretentious pricks.

    I stated there would be nothing left of the GOP if he is removed; I would like to amend that to say I don’t know if there would be anything left of our country.

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    • sDee says:

      Sundance wrote….””there is speculation Nikki Haley was/is positioning for a 2024 presidential bid; speculation that generally aligns with the pattern.””

      The RNC has anointed the 2024 Presidential for the Republican party. Make no mistake about that. The deep state is ticked pink over this – they know the donkeys are toast so Haley will ensure the globalists can recover and re-establish

      The RNC did the same in 2016, when Jeb was anointed. Trump had other plans for the Uniparty.. We might pray that does for 2024 as well

      Haley is a traitor like all the rest who brought America to the brink. That is why she’s in.

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      • luke says:

        I think he was suggesting that perhaps Haley has something a bit sooner in mind. At least that is my interpretation of it.

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        • sDee says:

          Yes but Sundance was clearly outlining a 2024 setup by the RNC. Two very different time frames and two very different enemies.

          In 2020 the Democrat Party is the opponent of Trump, and us as freemen, and our sovereignty.
          In 2024 the Republican Party will be the enemy of freemen and our sovereignty.

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          • luke says:

            You might want to look again. He said 5 years is long time for her positioning herself this way. That is a helluva long time to prepare for 2024 I readily admit. The only thing that frightens me is our sides lust for punishment. Sure I would like to see multiple arrests but it’s not Trumps fault if it doesn’t happen. If that be the case I pray cold anger sets in and not apathy.

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            • sDee says:

              What you bring up is why the exposure of the deep state must be scorched earth and include all of the traitors – especially the ones in elephant suits like Burr and McConnell. They are as complicit in the sellout of the nation and the ones in donkey suits.

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    • rayvandune says:

      Sure there will something left… but it will be on fire.

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    • And I’m going to add my thought as I read this post and comments:
      Who among you believe the President Trump and/or any member of his re-election team, especially Prascale, do NOT know or realize these political truths that are right there in their faces every day of every week since he won the election in 2016?
      Do YOU really believe that President Trump and even Donald J. Trump, the businessman, ever trusted Nikki Haley?
      I don’t.
      I believe that VSGPDJT has a very few trusted advisors and he, himself, stays on top of the situation at all times and knows his enemies very well. That is probably why he sleeps about 4-5 hours, because he is thinking, thinking, analyzing, and planning…
      I have faith that President Trump knows more than we do, understands McDaniel/Romney connection very well and the Nikki Haley types and can handle them; just as he is handling the phony impeachment charges.
      Finally, recently, I have stopped donating on a monthly basis since 2015, because of the political mailings received and the Nikki Haley, and others, ties to his campaign/RNC.
      I will continue to support individual candidates locally, as I see fit, however, I have suspended my monthly donation to POTUS.

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    • BillofRights says:

      We’d have to vote him in again in 2020. 🇺🇸

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  8. T2020 says:

    Trump will be re-elected because we want him in office. No DEMOCRAP bullsh** will change that. Haley is FOS and will never get my support nor most true Republican conservatives. Let her keep dreaming. She will not get small donor support. Why Trump ever promoted her book in a tweet I will never understand.

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  9. Athena the Warrior says:

    I will work my butt off to expose this anti-American POS! Female Obama/Romney rolled into one. She will destroy America and pick up where Obama left off.

    F her!

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    • Mom4Trump2020 says:

      I’m on board. Any ideas??.

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      • WSB says:

        Call every entity that is endorsing her including her own office, and point out a few things, even if a seventeen year old volunteer answers.

        1. Her name is not Nikki Haley. Her name before changing it was Nimrata Randhawa. Think Bill deBlasio and Barack Obama.

        2. Her parents were on work visas here from India, and then they went to Canada before Nimrata was born so her father could get a phD from, at least somewhere, in 1969.

        3. Nimrata was born in 1972. As far as we can tell she is an anchor baby first, but not natural born…so ineligible no matter whether she is a citizen or not.


  10. :-) says:

    The R-E-A-L campaign message this time around is probably not James Carville’s famous quip “It’s The Economy, Stupid”, but rather…

    “It’s Law and Order, Stupid!”.

    There are two critical sub-issues of ‘Law and Order’ that simply MUST be addressed by Team Trump/Pence:

    1) Zero indictments of anyone on the OTHER side.
    2) Zero progress made to stop fraudulent voting.

    That’s the whole ball game right there.

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  11. Truth seeker says:

    Calling her the female Mitt Romney is perfect. Absolutely accurate.

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  12. Madmax110 says:

    I smell more rats. They’re all dirty and not to be trusted except a handful.
    Ronna should be kicked to the curb.
    And Hannity just praised Graham, thanking him for doing such a great job for the country. Spit

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  13. Sparky5253 says:

    The long knives are out for Trump from both parties and holier than thou government employees, Hope one day soon Trump launches an offensive that politically destroys them all. They deserve to go down in flames.

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  14. Personally, I do not feel any personal impetus to “financially support” a POTUS who is a Billionaire … ever.

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    • warrprin1 says:

      Regardless of his personal and corporate wealth, PDJT financed the lion’s share of his 2016 campaign, refuses to take a salary for service to the country “because this country has been so good” to him, and is being continuously assaulted by powerful interests in the UniParty and CoC. THIS 🔼 is why we, at this address, donate to his specific campaign.


  15. Red says:

    I wondered why I received an email from her. I will never vote for her and I agree wholeheartedly, I seriously doubt that I will ever vote again after President Trump. There really is no point because we will never get the chance to vote for another candidate like him. Even if a fantastic candidate stepped into the ring the club will never allow it. As for Hailey, I still can’t get past the removal of the Battleflag which started the removal of all CSA statues, renaming buildings, schools, streets ect. Screw Nikki Hailey and the horse she road in on!

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  16. FanGirl says:

    It is my opinion that she is not a Natural Born Citizen. I wish Republicans would stand up to members of their own party on this. It’s important our President has ONE allegiance. If it was up to me, the SC and Congress would require this as well.

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    • sDee says:

      The definition of natural born citizen at the time the Constitution was written was based age old constructs of jus-soli (born on US soil) and jus-sanguinis (born of two US citizen parents, but not necessarily natural born parents).

      The globalists knew they would need to set precedent to placing US presidents who are not natural born citizens. This was Obama’s disqualification by jus-sanguinis, and why they created a smokescreen with the conspiracy theory around jus-soil.

      Global governance needs to ensure a long line of non-nationalist US presidents, only slightly distanced from their global allegiance.

      Haley I believe, is disqualified based on jus-sanguinis. Coinkydink, I’m sure.

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      • Not to disagree sDee, though I think the founders had a well thought out reason to insist on natural born citizens as the parents.

        Not naturalized persons one or two. ( most likely Ted Cruz, Obumer, and Don Jr would be eliminated)

        The reason was infiltration by foreign govts/monarchys. The forefathers were very well versed in the ways British and European monarchies were attempting to gain control of foreign countries by bringing in their subjects to produce in other countries. Get them into power positions.

        Huge debate over this, however there are enough papers on the subject on the words NATURAL BORN, and what they meant in the framers era.

        There is no legal definition of the term is the claim of those who wish to allow outsiders take control. Those that don’t want to have it claim it has no meaning. Yet it did. As the Terms Bribery High Crimes and Misdemeanors . They ARE NOT legal law terms used in court. What a traffic ticket could get you impeached?

        One other thing I learned looking into who does approve the candidates. One might think it is a legal process. Not what I have learned. EACH party confirms the qualifications of their candidate. There is no review from what I found where any legal proceeding took place outside of the internal processes of each party.

        That has to go.

        What if she is playing to take Pences job first if possible.

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        • sDee says:

          Your points are correct about usurpation from the Crown and now from the globalists. The status of the parents is a fine point.

          They knew they could not absolutely prevent a usurper of the Presidency, only greatly decrease the probability. So, the presidency required natural born status. At the time this was understood to be born on US soil of two citizen parents (so parents could be naturalized legal citizens). So both parents has sworn allegiance to the Republic or had been born into the culture and systems of the Republic.

          The Parties have no legal obligation to qualify candidates. It is up to the Secretary of State of each state to qualify candidates. That is why Leo Donforio filed his lawsuit against the NJ Secretary of State complaining she put 3 presidential candidates on the 2008 NJ ballot who did not meet the Constitutional requirements. Donofrio provided evidence of these disqualifications.
          McCain (Jus soli)
          Obama (Jus sanguinis)
          Calero (Jus soli and jus-sanguinis) he was a green card holder.

          It went to Robert’s Supreme Court which refused it.

          Soros knew all this well . That is why he but millions into his “SoS” project well in advance of Obama’s run.


          • Garacka says:

            Exactly. The state SOSs are the key. I also suspect that SCOTUS may be viewing this as never in their swim lane until after a candidate gets through electoral college and then Congress certifying the vote and it leaves a very tight timeline before the inauguration.


    • safvetblog says:

      Thanks for bringing this up!

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    • warrprin1 says:

      Hey FanGirl, let’s add that natural born citizenship clause to bureaucrat employees in the NSC and the State Dept. too.

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  17. free73735 says:

    Thanks Sundance. You have this uncanny manner (she has a plan) of helping some of us to reevaluate information. 🙂

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  18. burnett044 says:

    long ago i warned of Haley………
    she is a snake…..and dearly wants in the Big Club ..will do anything to get there…..

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  19. thedoc00 says:

    NO other republican, other than the President, can cause a major cross-over vote and win so many Independent Voters in a national election. That cross-over and winning of Independents is the secret to the President’s success in battleground states. It is the major failing of the RNC not to recognize the fact and figure out how to exploit it. If the Uni-Party manages to remove the President from his re-election run but does not retain his support, the death spiral restarts for the Republican Party to becoming part of the permanent minority political opposition party.

    Those members of the Club, GOPe and Uni-Party who think different are just as deluded as the witnesses we saw at the hearings this week.

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    • thedoc00 says:

      There is another way to look at this and needs to be considered.

      OK, people can say all the bad and the few good things they want about her. She is very smart and recognizes that to win, somebody has to prove they ARE the next person in line to grab the MAGA torch in 2024.

      Positioning to be available in case something really happens related 2020 is very prudent of her. Heck Pence already has a head start on that account.

      Now she has to prove herself as the successor, which Pence has not really done so far. It is going to take all of the next 5 years to build the credibility and trust to be the President’s successor. She see’s a void in the Republican Party is making her move to address it, so lets see how this plays out.

      So, if Niki feels she can rehabilitate herself and prove her worth in 5 years, I am willing to give her that chance. Let’s see who else makes the try and as we have discussed here on CTH even all our current Freedom Caucus Heroes in the House have their major flaws v/v MAGA.


      • GB Bari says:

        Your thought process is all predicated on the assumption that Nikki herself is doing the thinking and planning.

        I don’t think so. I think if we look a bit closer we will see the fine strings she’s dangling from. She’s someone’s carefully orchestrated puppet.

        She may be sharp, but she isn’t that strategically brilliant. Else she would not have ruined her potential conservative bona fides via the Confederate statue destruction boondoggle in S. Carolina. And she has notably distanced herself from President Trump. She’s not too smart to let her puppet masters convince her that strategy will bring her political success.


        • Maquis says:

          Furthermore, if I may, in the Age of Trump being a puppet is a very bad look.

          Liked by 1 person

        • railer says:

          This. Obama was the same. He was a construct, like Haley, created over a period of time. Both work well within the celebrity infotainment culture that drives 80-85% of the electorate, thus enabling the Uniparty to select both candidates in every election, their ultimate goal.


          Liked by 1 person

    • sDee says:

      “”NO other republican, other than the President, can cause a major cross-over vote and win so many Independent Voters in a national election. It is the major failing of the RNC not to recognize the fact and figure out how to exploit it.””

      The Republican Party is one half of the Uniparty. The Uniparty is a power-sharing system. The RNC has not aggressively pursued crossovers for the same reason it betrayed the Tea Party and gave lip service to its core limited-government base of voters. It is not a failing, it is their role.


      • warrprin1 says:

        I find myself wondering if the Trump family will make a serious move to launch a new, national, political party once we get past Inauguration 2021. Don, Jr. and his SIL Lara are deeply engaged in the campaign to expose the lies, and to re-elect the President. At present, they are campaigning for their Dad, but they see and address the unconscionable attacks against the Oval ITSELF, as much as against the President himself.

        I hope that the worst consequences we currently envision do not transpire, but that from the destructive turmoil foisted upon our Nation, and from within our (former?) Party, the phoenix of a new, nationally based, genuinely Conservative party will arise from the ashes, led by our former 2-Term President Trump, members of his family, their trusted associates, and of course, Mr. President’s millions of supporters.

        In addition to establishing a strong Conservative agenda for the Nation – Constitutionally originalist in nature, the new Party would be led by the most brilliant politician of our lifetime, would decimate the GOPe (attrition), eliminate the UniParty nationwide, and wipe out the U.S. based Globalist prospects for George Soros & Co.


        • warrprin1 says:

          One last point… I think the Trump family, with their personal strengths, their integrity, their clean living, their wits about them, and their profoundly popular POTUS Dad, may be the only group positioned to launch a new “start-up” Party. The white hats among the elected members of all layers of government would join us. They are disgusted with the machinations of the present dynamic. It written all over their faces.

          The newest campaign fundraising game in town is powered by millions of small donors. We might have to establish our own mega website(s), but this can be done without great difficulty. Look at what Brad Parscale has accomplished.


        • mushroom says:

          Took awhile to find someone with the same thought I had.
          There’s already a third party in America, the independents. No idea what the percentages are, but my guess is 40 dem, 20 independant, 40 republican, 35/30/35?
          But, set up the National Party.
          Pres – The Donald Jr (not sure eligible after reading sDee)
          Vice – Kanye


  20. suncc49 says:

    future jeb bush lol

    Liked by 1 person

  21. Petey says:

    Fk em… fk em all…rnc can rot along with the dnc …..all monies go directly to the DJT reelection fund


  22. TradeBait says:

    She just divides the women’s vote because few men will vote for her as POTUS. Typical Haley move to try to take advantage.


  23. Jim in TN says:

    Interesting gambit. If the plan is to convict Trump, Pence replaces him and becomes the Republican candidate for reelection. All this setting her up seems pointless. Unless it is a sneaky way to Kickstart Pence’s campaign while he is still ‘loyal’. Problem is Pence will have a Ford type problem. Nobody will want to vote for him, especially if he saves the country by pardoning Trump. And she would be sucking up to Trump supporters by defending Trump.

    But if they just ‘dirty’ Trump, let him escape conviction the same way Johnson did, but with a bipartisan majority against him, then Pence is sullied and Haley is ready to step up to ‘save’ the RNC by beating Trump and then beating the wacko dem candidate. This may be why she is not overtly sucking up to Trump supporters by publicly defending Trump. Just doing barely enough to make it look like she is supporting Trump and us.

    What do we think the terms of the deal are? The deal between Rs and Ds. Is this why Pelosi and Schiff are rushing to impeach? They won’t get R support in the Senate if there isn’t time left to get another R candidate going.

    So which is it? Remove Trump and stand up Pence with Haley at his side? I think if Rs went along with that, the Ds would win vast majorities. Or is the deal to dirty up Trump, leaving him in place but vulnerable?

    Without a deal, few Rs can support impeaching, especially on such flimsy grounds, Trump is guaranteed reelection. Rs get landslides of support. And, there is no need to set up a replacement for Trump until 2024. So why are they doing so?


  24. Bill says:

    Hey Sundance, I will also give you another nugget of information on her fundraising with Stand for America. Usually in DM Fundraising these PACs of presidential hopefuls don’t like to give access to their names. If they do they require a “rental” transaction of the donor file in orders to pull in revenue and protect their names. Stand for America is an “exchange” only file. My educated guess from my experience in the DMAW world and what you have opened my eyes to about her intents is she’s trying to reach every conservative donor as quickly as possible by allowing her file to be exchanged with rather then protected or rental only. Her PAC file is crushing it for every conservative group that mails it. Her names on the file are strong with Trump supporters. They have done million plus mailings right out of the gate. Her funding is strong and they are SUPER aggressive. We received our first purchase order to use our pro PDT files about three weeks ago. When I reached out to the list manager to ask about the file, he provided me the info I’ve mentioned. He even said he didn’t understand why they are operating this way when they could pull in a ton of revenue if they switched to rental only access. He told me to let the mailers I represent, go nuts with the exchanges. what I’ve outlined in regards to how the PAC is operating VIA exchange is HIGHLY unusual in the DM world. What you’re saying makes a ton of sense based on the first hand knowledge I have if Stand For America.

    As I’ve mentioned on this site a few times, I’m born and raised in the swamp. I have two careers here in DC and have many connections in the swamp because of my dual hats and the fact I’ve lived my whole life here and lived in every letter of the DMV. . I can find out more info about the PAC if needs be.

    Liked by 3 people

  25. appraisher says:

    This backstabbing reptile can do all she can to position herself for 2024, but Donald Jr. will sublimely kick her bony butt long before then. As to 2020: she’s burned too many bridges that are still fresh in our Deplorable minds…she’s damaged goods.

    Regarding Ronna McDaniel: RINO runs deep in the Romney DNA…she needs to be replaced. POTUS needs patriots to cover his 6, not Vichy “republicans”.

    Liked by 3 people

  26. JohnCasper says:

    She is not natural born and never will be.

    Liked by 3 people

  27. Southern Trumpette says:

    It’ll be a cold day in hell before I vote for Nikki Haley.

    I am done voting for whatever lousy candidate the Repubs. put on the ballot.
    They’d better get Jim Jordan or Nunes on that ticket for 2024.

    Liked by 2 people

  28. Peoria Jones says:

    This could be easily nipped in the bud.

    All you need to do is write your Republican Party (GOP) from ground up.

    Start with local precinct committeemen, county GOP, and then state. Tell them you know what this is about, and you don’t want Nikki Haley running Jack Squat.

    Nice enough lady, but NOT MAGA. Not acceptable. NOT WHAT WE WANT!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • sDee says:

      I will dare go further 😀
      I encourage all who read and write here to become the Chair of their Precinct. It is most likely a open seat or ineffective or ignored. There is no local ground game in the GOP. We can be the party.

      Everyone here is more than prepared to be Precinct or District Chair. Just getting into the system can lead to candidate selection, delegate selection, convention attendance, committee seats. County seats lead to state seats .

      Please call your County GOP office. Ask how to find your Precinct Chair and how to run for Precinct chair. Find your District Chair and have a chat. They will love to hear from you and if not you may need to take their seat 😉 b. Taking Precinct Chair is often just a matter of showing up with a neighbor or two to vote for you. I know – first hand!


      • Peoria Jones says:

        What a great reply – smart, and with a constructive plan.

        Many reading here right now could do this.

        Liked by 1 person

        • sDee says:

          Thanks – and one huge value to our cause in being Precinct Chair…….one candidate told me when he hears from a well organized Precinct Chair he calls back, because he knows that Precinct Chair has direct contact maybe a dozen block captains and a thousand or more voters.

          Please, everyone here make the call to your County GOP and your District chairs.


    • rororojo says:

      She is not a nice lady. She is a whore. Multiple allegations of affairs. Where there is smoke, there is fire.


  29. burnett044 says:

    so many deny the Uni=party even exist…..and few know how deep it really is…..kool-aid comes in many flavors…indeed


  30. ezgoer says:

    Haley is not MAGA. She’s a globalist. She will give you the same policies as Romney and Marco Rubio.

    Liked by 3 people

  31. jonhabart says:

    It makes sense to be positioned and ready in case they succeed in taking out President Trump.

    This will not happen, but from Hayley’s perspective I can’t say that I wouldn’t do the same if I was in her shoes.

    As for 2024, who do we have out there that would be able to win the support of President Trump’s base?

    If faced with the decision in 2024 to vote for GOP Presidential Nominee Haley and DNC Presidential Nominee Yang/Warren/ButEdgeEdge/Clinton not voting is not a wise option.


  32. L. E. Joiner says:

    President Trump will win re-election next year. The Democrats are floundering. You can bet that Haley knows this. Do you suppose she’s angling to replace VP Pence next year? He has been a loyal soldier and a staunch defender, and I’d be surprised if President Trump dumped him. So Sundance’s theory that Haley is hoping to build up credits for a 2024 run is plausible.

    Assuming we have MAGA for a second term, there is a real question who can continue the movement in 2024. Pence? Pompeo? I’d like to see Devin Nunes inherit Mr Trump’s mantle.

    Liked by 1 person

  33. G. Alistar says:

    One really good reason Nikki is DOA in 2024, Elsie Marie Stefanik, NY 21….a rock star!

    Liked by 1 person

  34. In the old days, her plan might have worked; put in a year or two, make some little noises of support and then take us back to business as usual. But we know better now.

    The Uni-Party seems to think we can all go back to Thievery As Usual if President Trump goes away. Sorry; President Trump was our opening bid, not our final offer. Hear me:


    Liked by 2 people

  35. mr.piddles says:

    Hm. I don’t follow these sorts of things on a daily basis, so the highlighting is illuminating.

    My interpretations:

    1.) “I will always stand up with the President”

    Mm. Curious. “The President”? The President who? Trump? Somebody else?

    2.) “Although everyone is entitled to their own opinions […]”

    “Although”? That’s a weird way to start a sentence in this context.

    3.) “[…] and that’s a major aspect of what makes America great”

    Co-opting MAGA in the middle of a backhand to President Trump.

    4.) “[…] I will never stand by and allow someone to threaten our Constitution.”

    This is right out of the Romney/McCain/Flake/etc. playbook. #2 + #3 + #4 in total is quite the Never Trump statement. It’s barely veiled, really.

    5.) “I may hold myself to a high standard […]”

    If she doesn’t say so herself.

    6.) “[…] but as Americans I feel we all should.”

    And by that she means: Trump is lowering “the standards”. Backhand, of course, ‘cuz that’s how these folks operate.

    7.) “We must protect our nation and our nation’s future.”

    Ambiguously uplifting, but marginally “Trump is a threat to our nation” at the same time. Leaning toward the latter interpretation, myself.

    8.) “I will never be bullied into silence […]”

    Again, where does this come from? Another weird kickoff to a statement… must be another veiled Trump diss. In this case: “Trump is a bully, and I’m fully expecting him to bully me in the future”.

    etc. etc.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Little Berkeley Conservative says:

      Marketing background? Subliminal thoughts with mr. piddles.

      I think you have an excellent ability to understand human behavior.

      I wonder what her alter Pierre Delecto is?


  36. Jimmy Jack says:

    I will NEVER vote for Nikki Haley.

    I hope her teams are reading this site and know anyone with a brain sees right through Nimrata Randawa.

    Liked by 4 people

  37. zd40ddlglty2 says:

    The email subject line in the screen-shot is: I will always stand up with our President.
    Stand up with, not stand with.


  38. Petrel says:

    The blindness of the GOPe is amazing. In 2016 Primaries, Governor Sununu — the Republican savant of New Hampshire — said he knew nobody voting for Donald Trump. His wife, sitting next to him, said she believed her gardener was leaning towards Trump, but was not sure.

    I can well believe that the GOPe expects the amazing “small donor list” generated by President Trump, beginning in 2015, will generate $ millions for some polished globalist like Niki Haley in 2024. Of course that list of “Deplorables” will generated nothing.

    Liked by 1 person

  39. Yy4u says:

    Whenever I get a request for $$$$$ , I use the envelope to send them a piece of my mind instead. I always put mt own stamp on it though.

    They need to hear from us. If we remain silent, they think Pierre Delecto and Paul Ryan are ok with us. I

    send $$$$ only to PDJT. If he wants to share it, thats up to him. But NONE from me.

    I also tell them that once PDJT is out of office I will NEVER vote establishment GOP again. And I mean it. If we are only going to get Democrat lite anyway, we might as well get it over with quickly.

    They can thank McCain snd Ryan for waking me up.

    Liked by 1 person

    • PDJT needs to bypass the RNC and have his own place to donate to him. Every email I get to donate comes from the RNC but is disguised to seem like it comes from President Trump. I write back that I will never give a cent to the RNC, only PDJT. Why let Ronna decide which other House or Senate candidates get our money? And what right does she have to share this list of donors with Nikki? Donating to the RNC may be donating against PDJT.


      • warrprin1 says:

        President Trump has a campaign HQ at Trump Tower in NYC. This is where I have been sending our donations. Apologies, I don’t have the 5th Ave mailing address handy, but it’s easy to find online.


  40. fangdog says:

    Niki Hailey is a member of the Globalist elite Uniparty. Niki is “Them”. Trump is “Us”. Niki as it is with most politicians, got rich being a politician. Yes, Trump is super rich, but he got it the hard way…..He earned it.

    Trump knows what it is to face the “bottom-line” with his own money no different than the rest of us whether a businesses owner or head of the household working American facing end of the month bills. It is amazing how “out of touch” most of todays America’s politician..

    Liked by 1 person

  41. Jimmy Jack says:

    As a slogan, Stand For America also sounds like a Never Trump, “compassionate conservative/act of love/we’re better than that/principled/relentlessly civil” slogan. That’s who this is aimed at.

    Note all the hulabaloo surrounding the Charlie Kirk/Nick Fuentes “groyper war” and the words of those who have spoken out against (shill agit propaganda controlled opposition) Nick Fuentes. It reeks of this. I’m guessing this is the beginning of the big push to separate us Trump vulgarians from the globalist Uniparty sell out America Rinos like Romney/McCain/Ryan etc.


  42. MARK G RYAN says:

    Ron DeSantis. Smart minds will be there. Smart money…who knows.

    Liked by 1 person

    • dufrst says:

      I’ve said you can’t be against Haley if you don’t have a credible alternative. Ron DeSantis could be that alternative, but we must wait and see how things play out. But MAGA voters better have someone in mind to coalesce around because we know how the GOP gets down with their splitter strategy. We can never allow NeverTrump/NeoCons to ever take over the GOP again. They are totally behind Haley!

      Liked by 1 person

  43. Liberty Forge says:

    Nikki Haley’s actions are really slimy. I hope President Trump is somehow aware of this move, as well as the slimy move by the RNC to just hand over all of President Trump’s donor information to Ms. Haley.

    The President, his team — and Brad Pascale in particular have worked really hard for those donors, and then to have them just handed over? Slimy moves by both Haley & the RNC.

    Liked by 2 people

  44. Raffaella says:

    If these idiots think they can remove the president we elected and shove Pence/Indian call girl down our throat, they don’t know us at all. The Republican Party will cease to exist. I will vote for Hillary before I vote for that ticket.

    Hey GOP: you better support our President against this army of traitors or else. Got it?


  45. Jimmy Jack says:

    A house ok Kiawah Island puts her right at the Charleston uranium trafficking ratline center. Neighbor to swam guardian Lindsey Graham.

    How convenient.


  46. bob says:

    I’m voting for DON jr in 2024


  47. Johnny Dollar says:

    From a presidential perspective, for Haley to go anywhere, two things have to happen – (1) The Trumpster has to be re-elected in 2020 and (2) The Trumpster needs to have a successful 2nd term.

    Part (2) is especially important since his coattails will bring her in.

    All of which means, to get his endorsement, she has to stay true to the president – now and into the foreseeable future. Which also means she can’t be seen as close to Romney, the smuck on the presidents sh*t list who is likely going to live there.


  48. veritas libertas says:

    Not an issue. Every dime I contribute goes to Trump, unless he is not on the ballot. Depending on who else is running, I may, or may not, vote for Haley.


    • JG3 says:

      She can’t hold a candle to Sarah Sanders.


      • warrprin1 says:

        YES, JG! Sarah Sanders!

        Nikki craves that “1st Woman President” achievement, not unlike the crone still holding court in the high rent district of suburban NY.

        There is going to be a push from both national Parties to win that race. So glad to know what their priorities are: weaponized identity groups, as opposed to knowledge, well-honed skills, and savvy.


  49. loteal2014 says:

    I noticed a few months ago I was getting emails, donation sites that appeared to be coming from Donald Trump i.e. for a chance to win dinner with Trump. When you click on website it looks like Trumps site, but it shows winred. I already donate directly to Trump every month. They are defiantly deceiving the average American, and using Trump. That is why RNC has collected so much mone in the last 4-6 months. Be wary and let your Trump supporters know.

    Liked by 1 person

  50. CET says:

    Lindsey Graham may be retiring.


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