November 17th – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1032

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


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902 Responses to November 17th – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1032

    • “In our country the lie has become not just a moral category, but a pillar of the state.”–Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn

      We feel you, Al.

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      • IGiveUp says:

        “We feel you, Al.”

        Some clever people here.

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      • flova says:

        Here’s another good one from Polish poet C Milosz
        “Child of Europe”

        There can be no question of force triumphant
        We live in the age of victorious justice.

        Do not mention force, or you will be accused
        Of upholding fallen doctrines in secret.

        He who has power, has it by historical logic.
        Respectfully bow to that logic.

        Let your lips, proposing a hypothesis
        Not know about the hand faking the experiment.

        Let your hand, faking the experiment
        Not know about the lips proposing a hypothesis.

        Learn to predict a fire with unerring precision
        Then burn the house down to fulfill the prediction.

        Grow your tree of falsehood from a single grain of truth.
        Do not follow those who lie in contempt of reality.

        Let your lie be even more logical than the truth itself
        So the weary travelers may find repose in the lie.

        After the Day of the Lie gather in select circles
        Shaking with laughter when our real deeds are mentioned.

        Dispensing flattery called: perspicacious thinking.
        Dispensing flattery called: a great talent.

        We, the last who can still draw joy from cynicism.
        We, whose cunning is not unlike despair.

        A new, humorless generation is now arising
        It takes in deadly earnest all we received with laughter.

        Let your words speak not through their meanings
        But through them against whom they are used.

        Fashion your weapon from ambiguous words.
        Consign clear words to lexical limbo.

        Judge no words before the clerks have checked
        In their card index by whom they were spoken.

        The voice of passion is better than the voice of reason.
        The passionless cannot change history.


    • mopar2016 says:

      Schiffty IS a whistle blower, among other things.

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  1. sunnyflower5 says:

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  2. sunnyflower5 says:

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    • lolli says:

      “He can’t be trusted to run a fair investigation”

      Shifty can’t be trusted to run a fair, much less an investigation. Seriously, he needs to be arrested.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Nancy wants the impeachment. I don’t think she cares about the aftermath.

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      • Betty says:

        Nancy is a crook, she was included when Hillary said “if that guy wins we will all be hanging from nooses”.

        Whoever wrote this: “Ukraine slander is being used up another outrageous slander is being prepared” sure has their number. Pelosi, Schiff and all those cheering her on behind the scene are keeping this running attack so that no one has time to look at the awful things they have ALL done and their kids too.

        One example: Their private pipeline to the Ukraine had to go through Syria so they used Benghazi as a staging point for illegal arms transfer to ISIS in Syria so as to remove obstacles to their will by raining death and destruction down on innocent Syrians in a fake civil war.

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        • lawrencepaul1 says:

          Not through The Ukraine though. Turkey.
          Qatar wanted to run a gas pipeline through Iraq/Syria/Turkey and into Europe. Syria said no so they trained Isis and armed them with weapons shipped from Libya through Turkey.

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          • WhiteBoard says:

            Correct – through statecraft.
            that will be the end of this Coup.. when someone is criminally arrested for an unauthorized arming of ISIS..


            its authorized – and the PUBLIC FOREVER knows Obama as the one who authorized ISIS. then all Doubt overcomes the public of attacks on PDJT being authentic.. then they DEMAND this cleaned up

            I will still with my thought that Zelensky informed PDJT that our ambassadors are blocking him and running a coup on him, and PDJT created a second channel and fired the Ukraine US amabassador – and this will be what the investigation term is (UKRAINES REQUEST FOR SUPPORT IN THEIRRRRRRRRRRR Investigation)

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      • NO SHE DO NOT CARE AT ALL…SHE IS CLOSE TO 80…AND WORTH WITH HUSBAND $ 200(?) MILLION…she give a shi* if she is impeach tomorrow !!!!!


  3. Janice says:


    History has shown us; countries were transformed into 3rd World Countries for Power/Wealth/Greed by just a Few Evil/Corrupt Elitist.

    History has shown us; Evil/Corrupt Elitist used as their unstoppable weapon, the elimination of all elements of the Rule of Law, as a Powerful and Guaranteed weapon, to transform countries into becoming a 3rd World Country, for their own Greed/Power and Wealth.

    History has shown us; once a Country’s Rule of Law is Destroyed, it can take voluminous years to restore the Rule of Law, possibly never to be restored again. One Example is Mexico.

    History has shown us; once corruption crosses a particular line of becoming a way of life, it can take 100’s of years to eliminate corruption.

    History has shown us; once a generation of children is raised in a corrupt country, it will be acceptable and will be embedded in their Brian cells as a way of life.

    History of the United States has shown us; the Rule of Law is the Foundation and the Shield that protects the Constitution and the American People.

    History of the United States has shown us; many people have given their life for the Rule of Law and the Constitution.

    History of the United States has shown us; the U.S. Rule of Law has been the Example given to all countries, so they can fight for their own Rule of Law. If the U.S. Rule of Law is eliminated; the Globalist Constitution will enslave the people around the world.

    History of the United States has shown us; as a result of the U.S. being a self-correcting country, when the U.S. had steered off course of the Rule of Law, the U.S. always found its way back to Rule of Law.

    Today we are all Witnessing the Unthinkable/Unbelievable; the immediate and profound “complete” elimination of the Rule of Law and the Constitution to intentionally transform the U.S. into a 3rd world country for a few elitist to acquire “MORE” Power/Wealth by aiding and abetting the Evil Globalist.

    The method used of the immediate “complete” elimination of the Rule of Law and the Constitution is frightening; it guarantees the U.S. becoming a 3rd world country and not allowing the U.S. to correct itself.

    Today we are all Witnessing the complete elimination of the Rule of Law by fake laws having no resemblance of the Rule of Law.

    PDJT understood all of the above in Nov 2016 and strategically planned and “used the time” that the Coup/Criminal/Globalist tried to destroy the President for the past 3-years, to allow the criminals to destroy themselves by creating additional mountains of paper/digital trails of Evidence with new mountains of testimonies, creating easy prosecutions, perjury charges and plea deals (Also educating all of us etc.).

    The perfect stage we see today for easy prosecutions; did not happen by accident.

    Watching PDJT strategic business battles throughout his life; made it perfectly clear and easy to understand what the President has been doing since Nov 2016 (3-years).

    PDJT 3-years of “Acknowledgement” of seeing corruption along with the American People guarantees PDJT will do his duty (has no other options) to the Constitution and the American People by implementing the Criminal Codes to destroy the Coup/Criminals/Globalist to save the Rule of Law, Constitution and our way of life.

    My only concern for the past 3-years has been PDJT health and safety. I pray for PDJT continued divine intervention to keep him safe.

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    • Ma McGriz says:

      ” PDJT 3-years of “Acknowledgement” of seeing corruption along with the American People guarantees PDJT will do his duty (has no other options) to the Constitution and the American People by implementing the Criminal Codes to destroy the Coup/Criminals/Globalist to save the Rule of Law, Constitution and our way of life. ”


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    • John says:

      Excellent Post Janice!

      We are seeing this every second of the day. What is scary is that 90% of the Media and the deep state are being controlled by the Globalist; all for “more” money/power.

      The word “More” is disturbing and unbelievable. These Evil Traitors are already wealthy and have power; they want “More” wealth and power and sold our Constitution not even thinking for the sacrifice of the people who fought for over 200 years to protect the Rule of Law and the Constitution. Isn’t this the definition of Evil?

      The deep state wants more job-security and power; justifying in their own minds that they know better than the American People and they should be in complete control. PDJT has shown this clearly to the American People over the past 3-years.

      What is shocking; the media “100% Knows” they are intentionally destroying the U.S. and what they are reporting is fake news and fake laws. Most news reporters (Anchors) are already living comfortably but want more wealth/power. How do they live with themselves? How do they Sleep?

      No rule of Law allows illegal aliens to enter the U.S., allows illegal aliens to vote, allows illegal voting, allows U.S. citizens to be killed by illegal aliens, allows PDJT wall to be torn down, allows the Supreme court to add new radical Justices, etc.

      All our daily problems revolve around not following the Rule of Law.

      This is not about PDJT; this is about the American People and our way of life being destroyed by a New Globalist Constitution.

      The only way to offset the intentional destruction of the Rule of Law is by using and fully implementing the Rule of Law and destroying the coup, criminals and globalist.

      The only way to reverse the brain washing of so many Americans Citizens and inform the people who were too busy is by implementing Justice.

      All attacks to destroy PDJT for the past 3-years have been to prevent the President from using the criminal codes and destroying them all.

      This is very clear; PDJT greatest achievement throughout history will be implementing Justice and saving the Constitution and our way of life.

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    • wightmanfarm says:

      I believe that ship has sailed. (i.e., Hillary Clinton)


      • Janice says:

        No ship has sailed. We are in the middle of a Legal Civil War.

        The Civil War lasted about 4-years; from 1861 to 1865.

        The Revolutionary War lasted about 8 years 1775 to 1783.

        If you were watching the Revolutionary war battles daily on the internet; you would probably have the belief that the U.S. will never be an independent country.

        Viewing the Revolutionary War on the internet;
        1. More than 1,500 Revolutionary War Battles.
        2. 7 major battles.
        3. More than 200 separate skirmishes…
        4. Etc.

        If you were watching the Civil war battles daily on the internet; you would probably have the belief that the U.S. will be torn apart.

        Viewing the Civil War on the internet;
        1. 10, 500 battles.
        2. 50 major battles.
        3. Etc.

        Hillary Clinton allegedly motivated the alleged corruption of top management (7th floor) of the FBI/DOJ and implemented a plan to frame PDJT of criminal acts allegedly done by the coup/criminals.

        Hillary will be the opening statement “road map” for fact finding and the closing statement for many trials; showing the motivation of the alleged coup in all criminal trials.

        Motivation was Hillary becoming President and everyone wanted “More” Money/Power.

        The alleged coup were so sure Hillary would become President; Joe Biden believed the Rule of Law will no longer continue when Hillary became President and foolishly bragged opening about his alleged Quid Pro Quo scheme and the Coup/Criminals were sloppy in leaving mountains of paper/digital trails of evidence everywhere.

        On Nov. 8th 2016 the Coup/Criminals worst nightmare became a reality and needed to destroy PDJT.

        Great Leaders throughout history doesn’t surrender or even think about losing the War after a lost battle; they March forward never losing sight of Winning the War.

        President Trump is one of those Great Leaders.


  4. Sherri Young says:

    Whenever you vote, show up prepared to intelligently mark your ballot all of the way down. You cannot MAGA strictly from DC.

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  5. cathie says:

    anyone have the link to the trump video to ac/dc thunderstruck?


  6. FPCHmom says:

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    • corky84 says:

      Agree FPCH, but honestly, they are trying to impeach him,..not for doing, what other presidents have done, but rather, doing MORE.. than any other president has done.
      They’re very afraid that the future of our Republic does not include them.
      By the Grace of God and President Trump’s leadership…may their fears come to pass.


  7. FPCHmom says:

    The republicans need to start asking the right questions – not just about Hunter being on the Burisma board and having a conflict of interest, but about the real bribery that went on –

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  8. sunnyflower5 says:

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  9. Troublemaker10 says:

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  10. FPCHmom says:

    A good thread about more fake testimony the dems are manufacturing –

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  11. lawrencepaul1 says:

    Top NSC Official Told Secret Impeachment Panel Nothing Improper Transpired During Trump-Zelensky Call

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  12. Troublemaker10 says:


    Rep. Meadows said that he could tell reporters in general terms that the Democrats’ accusations regarding the hold on aid, were not supported by the Sandy during the deposition.

    “We heard today behind closed doors that the assumptions that the Democrats have made and certainly the allegations that they have made have not been supported by the witness’s testimony here today,” Meadows said.

    He later explained to reporters that at OMB, a hold on aid is not always known, but the reason was “ultimately shared in general terms behind closed doors and it was consistent with what we’ve heard from the president of the United States.”

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  13. Troublemaker10 says:

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  14. Honest Abbey says:

    The Dems are justifying this impeachment farce by charging that the President was “trying to dig up dirt on his political opponent”.

    Joe Biden announced his candidacy on April 25, 2019.
    So if President Trump had made that same exact call to the President of Ukraine on April 24, 2019 that would’ve been okay?

    If the same questions are asked, “Depending On Which Day” is what determines whether or not an impeachable offense was committed? Now isn’t THAT just ridiculous?!?!

    This needs to be shoved down the Dems throat. Someone needs to specifically ask Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi to explain this.

    Also, if they are concluding that Joe Biden was the front runner [Fake Polls] and he posed a direct threat to President Trump’s reelection, then why wouldn’t President Trump have waited until after the primary to “dig up dirt” on Biden and then level it against him when it would have the most impact? Or wait until after the DNC Convention? Knocking the nominated candidate out of the race would’ve done far more damage, leaving the DNC essentially without a candidate. It makes no sense to do this before Biden gets the nomination.

    For the record, I do not believe that asking the Ukrainian president to look into investigating Burisma equates to “digging up dirt” on Joe Biden. For the sake of making a point, I was using the Dems ridiculous notion.


    • WhiteBoard says:

      PAY ATTENTION – or GET this new ANGLE.
      the Ukrainian President asked AMERICA to cooperate with their UKRAINe INTERNAL INVESTIGATION.

      PDJT DID NOT BRING UP THE BIDENS FIRST! there are many calls much earlier than ELECTION day.


  15. Nigella says:

    Chris Wallace has to go…For the good of my BP and TV

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  16. ristvan says:

    Lurking Lawyer here.
    There are three separate PDJT tax cases on their way two SCOTUS. in my opinion he will win both,

    The first is the effort by NY state DA to get PDJT federal returns as part of a ‘criminal investigation’ into the Stormy Danials payment. Remember Cohen pled guilty to this non-crime. The issue raised is whether a sitting president can be criminally investigated at all except via A2§4 impeachment. Although the Constitution is silent on the question, the implicit answer is no for two separate reasons:
    1. A1§6.1 immunizes Congressmen and Senators while sitting in the Capital in session, but not otherwise. POTUS is ‘in session’ continuously, so the purpose of A1§6.1 applies.
    2. A2§4 expressly says POTUS can only be criminally charged and convicted AFTER removal from office after impeachment and conviction. NY state politically motivated over reach.

    Second case is House Ways and means trying to use the new NY state law about handing over state tax returns upon request. PDJT lawsuit was rejected by federal DC court on grounds lacked jurisdiction. Will be refiled in New York. Reason PDJT will eventually prevail is the NY law is an expressly prohibited by A1§9.3 Bill of Attainder. These were, post civil war, broadened by SCOTUS to anything reasonably construable as ‘punitive’ including state laws.The §9.3 was extended to state legislation by 14A. In its most recent ruling, Nixon v Admin 433US425 (1977) SCUTUS held NOT punitive if ‘can reasonably be said to further some nonpunative legislative purpose’. There isn’t one.

    Third case is ways and Means trying to get last 6 years of PDJT federal returns under 26USC§6103(f) ,IRS shall furnish upon [legitimate] request’. This language was added in 1977 in response to Nixon and Agnew, in addition to a requirement that all P and VP returns undergo a special annual audit. It also must be read in light of a long series of SCOTUS opinions that legislative demands (subpoenas) MUST be pursuant to some legitimate legislative purpose. PDJT has two lines of argument, each individually determinative:
    1. If the legislative purpose is to oversee the IRS special POTUS audit, then they should not have asked for the 4 years prior to his inauguration.
    2. If the legislative purpose was to examine real estate developer returns, then they should have asked for other big developers also.

    Since neither of those are true, the request is illegitimate. SCOTUS Watkins v US (1957) “ Congress has no general authority to expose the private affairs of individuals without justification…it must be related to and in furtherance of a legitimate legislative task.

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    • JG3 says:

      Thanks! ristvan Positive, good…

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    • Appreciate your extremely clear articulation of the matter.

      Just wish I could count on the SC to be so rational.

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      I do not doubt your legal arguments. Am not a lawyer. They are always detailed, readable, and to the point.

      Where i disagree is the focus on legality, i.e. showing that the Democrats have no case against the President. The Democrats know they have no real case. The leaker was simply a mean to activate the legal machinery built after the 2018 elections to take down Trump by any means, the lack of evidence or fairness be damned. The Democrats and their judicial allies such as Beryl Howell has shown that they will rule against POTUS regardless what the law says.

      If they win the tax cases they will twist and cherry-pick data from the tax returns and spin them into bribery, extortion, high crimes, whatever. Even if the purported crimes occurred prior to POTUS taking office. When one do not intend to ever relinquish power after seizing it, violating precedent and the law is of no concern whatsoever, because from then on it will be followed as needed. The law will become whatever those in power say it is, at that moment in time.

      I thank you very much for your detailed analysis of aspects of these hoaxes and their progress and the upbeat manner in which you write. It encourages me even as I worry that too many of Trump’s people fail to realize that this struggle is no longer about politics or policy but power, and thus lawless.


    • The Boss says:

      A Bill of Attainder…a blast from the past when I was helping my sons with their actual, real civics studies years ago. I seem to recall that topic rising in another context recently, but I’m not an attorney (nor have I played one on TV) so I’m struggling to recall as I sit here this moment.


    • TexanInFL says:

      Much appreciated. Thank you helping this not-a-lawyer understand.


  17. Troublemaker10 says:

    Snakes and vipers in Congress.


    Democrats Omit Exculpatory Information from Summary of Tim Morrison Transcript

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    • Betty says:

      I heard Jim Jordan or someone say they can’t use transcripts of prior witness testimony for cross examination because Adam Schiff has not released them. Not that they don’t know what the transcribed testimony is, but that Adam Schiff will get them if they mention it in public.

      Why are the Republicans submitting to this outrage?
      Hey you guys, use the prior testimony and let Adam Schiff bang his gavel till hell freezes over.
      You will not be carted off and water-boarded or imprisoned for the rest of your life for breaking Adam Schiff’s rules. What is important here is not the idea of Constitutional decorum in the House of Representative that ship has sailed, what is important here is to get the prior testamony out to we the people.

      And if he calls in capital police to haul you out of the hearing room let another patriot take over. Till all the testimony Schiff doesn’t want us to hear is made public.


  18. Reserved55 says:

    Vehicles in the first few seconds are built by Biden/Bohai Harvest/Rosemont Seneca partner Chinese NORINCO Co.

    Venezuela earlier this year.

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  19. Tl Howard says:

    Do you think any of the networks at least asked for a Barr interview for their Sunday morning shows or do you think they’re trying to ignore him? (I’ll add I don’t think he would have accepted had they asked him.)


  20. Troublemaker10 says:

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    • Tl Howard says:

      And hopefully, to impeach the “integrity” of Schiff and every damn member of the Dem side of the committee. I mean scream it to the heavens 24/7: Why weren’t the American people through the ‘free press” told about ThIS testimony Mr. Joe McCarthy Schiff and Mrs. Toyko Rose Pelosi?”


  21. lawrencepaul1 says:

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  22. lawrencepaul1 says:

    “Socialist: A man suffering from an overwhelming conviction to believe what is not true.”

    H. L. Mencken

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  23. Troublemaker10 says:

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  24. lawrencepaul1 says:

    “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

    George Washington

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  25. burnett044 says:

    Many years ago on Sunday afternoons I would be watching football having some wings etc…
    now I no longer watch over paid ass-holes that take a knee…
    so I been watching the kids in Hong-Kong fight water cannons with umbrellas….
    the times they are a changing….

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  26. Troublemaker10 says:

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  27. DesertRain says:

    Criticality important to not fall into trap of thinking that “the Resistance” formed in response to Trump winning election. AG Barr made a great speech but is very wrong about the starting point.

    Also critical to know that a Resistance swelling would have occurred if Ted Cruz had won the presidency.

    Although a shift in progressive thinking had begun years earlier, in 2005 there is clear evidence of organizing and mission formation. In April 2005, a goal was set to have significant US Constitutional changes occur by the year 2020. The mission was called Constition2020.

    Better title for this article is Cass Sunstein Launches Constitution 2020..
    “a movement that openly seeks to create a “progressive” consensus as to what the U.S. Constitution should provide for by the year 2020.”

    Early involvement from :
    Cass Sustein
    Samantha Powers
    Eric Holder
    Open Society Institute
    Center for American progress
    American constitution society
    Yale Law
    Univ of Chicago Law
    R2P Responsibility to Protect

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  28. dogsmaw says:

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  29. Troublemaker10 says:

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  30. burnett044 says:

    is the billions of dollars Obama sent on pallets to Iran a quid pro quo…?

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  31. Ya know – I think Pelosi will end this charade if next week’s testimony is anything like this past week’s. She can’t be so STUPID to keep it going regardless of the few radicals in her House. I don’t think she wants to see her legacy go down the tubes with Schiff’s.

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    • Tl Howard says:

      How will she look to leftist donors if she stops short?


    • freespeechfanatic says:

      No, nothing is stopping. It’s a runaway train. The Left doesn’t know how to stop itself. It’s a non seq


    • freespeechfanatic says:

      No, it’s not stopping, for anything. It’s a runaway train.


    • gda53 says:

      I always thought there was a distinct possibility that she would “come to her senses” once things started to go all Schiffty (as this clown show was inevitably always doomed to do).

      If this goes to the Senate, is she confident that she can prevent VERY damaging testimony coming out?

      But perhaps she knows that “very damaging” testimony is coming anyhow, so it’s just a matter of getting your licks in first, trying to muddy up PDJT as best they can, and hope for the best when the hammer comes down.

      4 witnesses on Monday is it? Gotta get it done so they can beat the IG Report and have the media lay down the narrative before the truth emerges. Their drones will kill (abort?) the truth as it emerges and force feed the narrative hard to the sheep.

      She should listen to the Dem guy that Maria had on this morning. Who knew such intelligent unicorns (aka honest individuals) existed still in the Democrat party. He mentioned that there was some uneasy murmurings amongst his fellow “blue dogs”, and that he would not be voting for impeachment based on what he’s heard. So maybe a few more will vote NOT to impeach.

      Remember when Nancy was telling us earlier this year about how important bi-partisanship was in this solemn matter, otherwise she would not proceed with it? How embarrassing that this vote, if it happens, is likely to be bi-partisan in exactly the wrong direction.


      • bbthevidiot says:

        Yeah, I’m thinking Pelosi REALLY likes being Speaker of the House. If they vote to impeach, at least 20 Dems will vote no with 99% Repubs. That would look bad. If they vote for “censure” instead, all Dems can vote yea and avoid an ugly Senate trial.


  32. sunnyflower5 says:

    Way back in September— Dims needed the ‘whistleblower’…..


  33. Eric says:

    Wake me up when anyone in government other than Trump does something. Speeches don’t count.

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  34. burnett044 says:

    it is easy to get em mixed up…

    they both smell the same

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  35. Todd says: Read whole thing Nancy getting worried wants President to resign before vote like Nixon did. She knows this is a shit show😆

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    • Eaglemom says:

      Yes, she want President Trump to resign “for the good of the country” after what he is putting us through. You can’t make this stuff up!!


  36. islandpalmtrees says:

    All the information coming is saying that the CIA is up to their necks in this impeachment. Who else from the CIA is involved?

    Brennan CIA
    Peter Strzok FBI but really CIA
    Eric Ciaramella NSC but really CIA
    Vindman NSC but really CIA
    Mike Pompeo Secretary of State but really X-CIA

    by Sam Berger
    October 3, 2019
    “Mid-July – Trump tells acting Chief of Staff and OMB Director Mick Mulvaney, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Vice President Mike Pence to hold up Ukrainian military assistance funding.”

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  37. JustScott says:

    Bluto clue: pimpmystremio
    prob better not to discuss further.


    • Paprika says:

      I have absolutely no idea what this post means or what point it is trying to get across. Is there someone, including the poster, that can possibly translate this for me? Or is my question prohibited by some “code” regulation or “in the know speak” rule that is connected to the advise in the second line “prob better not to discuss further.”?

      Don’t ever remember a CTH post before that made no sense and then said not to discuss it. Then why post it it at all?

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  38. Jimmy R says:

    I was driving in my car and heard a few moments of Deface the Nation or Meet the Depressed (whichever, can’t remember.) The takeaway: Wednesday the Dems are going to try to rake Sondland over the coals as a liar who keeps changing his story. The guests were gleefully salivating over the prospect.

    All he has to do is say, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I haven’t changed my story. There was no quid pro quo and I guessed that we were withholding aid because Ukraine is an s-hole of corruption. No contradiction.”

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    • Jason Ross says:

      Isn’t Sondland the only witness who was actually on the July call (besides POTUS and Zelensky)?? If they can’t rely on Sondland, what do they have???


  39. Tl Howard says:

    Adam Schiff has always harbored dreams of being President. That explains his unwillingness to budge on anything.


  40. arze says:

    Remember: a lot of money – billions — was “invested” by those and their helping henchmen to overthrow the democratically elected government of Ukraine in 2014. [I don’t have a tally, yet, of amount invested to overthrow our president Trump at this time.]

    Using our CIA, state department, etc. Biden/Obama’s policy [or likely, the policy imposed on them, which they went along with, willingly] expected return on this investment of billions of dollars overthrowing Ukraine’s president in 2014.

    Regime change operations are precisely for economic reasons; and this is precisely why those in charge, and by the looks of things, still in charge, of Ukraine policy, cannot and will not willingly abandon their lust for their “returns” on this investment. For whose benefit? American’s won’t even get a loaf of bread out of this corruption.

    I am not surprised that this basic, essential, frame of reference is totally absent from the jackasses claiming to try and “get to the truth” of the current imbroglio, via Mission Impeachmentgate.

    It would mean that we actually had principled men and women of honor who believed in the constitution – on both sides of the political aisle – searching for the truth – instead of this pissing contest to see who scores the highest political points going into 2020 election.

    We don’t have such men and women in congress, in the press, in the military, in the state dept., and certainly not in the CIA, DOJ and FBI.

    Despite Trump’s failings of which there are many, like all of us, we are humans – but: he knows who the enemy is, and, importantly, he recognizes that fixing this will take years and years, and that would be assuming others, like him, also recognized this massive corruption problem. Neither Trump’s enemies nor most of his putative “friends” see it the way he does, and basically, they don’t care. They are corrupt.

    For me, it’s irrelevant that Trump can be a prick, and uses language some don’t like.

    The bottom line is, he is a genuine Patriot, and because of that simple, but all too obvious fact, he is a marked man by enemies of this country and we the people. These enemies are concentrated in DC and NYC and London. Trump is speaking for the people – over and against the enemies of the people.

    Remember, according to Air Force Col. Leroy Fletcher Prouty: JFK was murdered precisely because JFK sought a different foreign policy.

    To reorient US police away from South East Asia, and towards Europe – and it is a fact that after JFK’s death, President Johnson vastly expanded US war in Vietnam in particular, according to Fletcher.

    Fletcher at the time of assassination was Chief of Special Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President Kennedy.

    Obviously, be extremely critical of Fletcher; however, this is something he wrote in a letter in 1990.

    “I believe this document tells why the Coup took place. It was to reverse the sudden JFK re-orientation of the U.S. Government from Asia to Europe, in keeping with plans made in 1943 at Cairo and Teheran by T.V. Soong and his Asian masterminds. Lansdale and Stillwell were long-time ‘Asia hands’ as were Gen. Erskine, Adm. Radford, Cardinal Spellman, Henry Luce and so many others.

    “In October 1963, JFK had just signaled this reversal, to Europe, when he published National Security Action Memorandum #263 saying…among other things…that he was taking 1,000 troops home from Vietnam by Christmas 1963 and ALL AMERICANS out of Vietnam by the end of 1965. That cost him his life.”

    Fletcher’s theory is that Air Force Major Gen. Edward Geary Lansdale was the brains behind JFK murder.

    [and who else and for what reasons? I want to know]

    Lansdale ostensibly retired in 1963 yet continued his CIA “work” and is recognized god father of regime change clandestine US operations, at the time, and, Wikileaks says “Lansdale was a pioneer in clandestine operations and psychological warfare.”

    Fletcher’s statement, “I believe his document tells why the Coup took place” is a reference to his book, titled, “The Secret Team,” in particular, Apendix III.

    His 1990 letter says: within this book, Appendix III, “’The Secret Team’, is not something that I wrote,” he said — referring: “It is Appendix III under the title, ‘Training Under The Mutual Security Program’.”

    “This is a most important bit of material,” Fletcher wrote in the letter.

    “It tells more about the period 1963 to 1990 than anything. I fought to have it included verbatim in the book. This material was the work of Lansdale and his crony General Dick Stillwell. Anyone interested in the ‘JFK Coup d’Etat’ ought to know it by heart.”

    [[a URL ling to the Fletcher letter is at — — where the document says: “Read the Letter To Jim Garrison from Fletcher Prouty for substantive and extremely interesting information about General Ed Lansdale and Gen. Charles Cabel, who’s brother Earle Cabel happened to be the Mayor of Dallas on that fateful Nov.22nd, 1963.”]]

    To quote John Solomon from an interview today, he stated the obvious: “counter intelligence investigations are always briefed to the president.”

    If Fletcher is telling the truth, then, what came to be on 11/22/63 was one “counter intelligence investigations” that was not briefed to the president – exactly because that president was the target.

    “There is another layer that has escaped scrutiny,” Solomon said this morning on Fox.

    One layer Fletcher may have left out is which other potential governments, the British, for instance? may have also been involved in the plot to murder JFK. There are myriad reasons these investigation files remain secret to this day. We need to see them in order to go beyond speculation to understand the facts and let the chips fall where they may.

    In 2019, most continue to willfully ignore many many basic facts.

    It’s deja vue all over again.

    Except for one thing: Trump is in charge and knows who his enemies are. [Note, viz. Above letter, is snippet on how Fletcher claims even an Eisenhower order was directly disobeyed by Dulles. . . “In 1954 Dulles established the Saigon Military Mission in Vietnam…counter to Eisenhower’s orders.”]

    One reason why Eisenhower warned against military industrial complex is because he, too, had lost control of US government. When a general who was supreme allied WWII commander and then commander in chief has lost control of our government, what does this tell all of us?

    After more than 60 years of no oversight of the deep state, we can’t even quantitatively, yet, genuinely imagine how much more out of control this deep state now is.

    This what Trump is actually up against, whether anyone wants to admit this, or not.

    Lindsey Graham:
    “Donald Trump is not going to be the nominee of this party.”


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You definitely are an arze calling the President a “prick” and writing that he has many failings. I didn’t read your comment after seeing that. because it would’ve been a waste of my time.


  41. dogsmaw says:

    And we now how a new House Impeachment Committee in the House of Representatives.

    Leader of the Pack

    Liked by 1 person

  42. Tl Howard says:

    The GOP can’t let them get deep in the weeds: WE, the American people, have the transcript of the call. That is enough.


  43. Tl Howard says:

    Let the Dems keep shutting down the GOP questioners: it didn’t make for a good look. Dems hardly looked like fair people who were capable of leading America. How can a party that won’t even let the other side talk present themselves as the champions of fairness and equality?


    • nimrodman says:

      And how do we think the American public will learn about this “shutting down” of GOP questioners that’s “not a good look”?

      Think that plays on CNN?
      I doubt it

      Liked by 1 person

  44. islandpalmtrees says:

    Schiff’s Impeachment has turned to Schiff’s Fiasco

    BREAKING: Schiff Finally Releases Tim Morrison Testimony — NSC Sr. Director BLOWS UP Ukrainian Hoax — Destroys Schiff Top Witness Lt. Col. Vindman
    Jim Hoft by Jim Hoft November 17, 2019 The NSC Senior Director for European Affairs testified before the Schiff secret star chamber in October. The transcript of his testimony was released this weekend. Morrison’s testimony COMPLETELY DESTROYED the Democrat’s latest attempt to remove President Trump from office. Worse yet, Morrison’s testimony OBLITERATES Adam Schiff’s chief witness, and reported second whistleblower, Lt. Col. Vindman who is unreliable and reports to Morrison.

    Morrison, who was on the July 25 Trump-Zelensky call testified in Schiff’s secret basement star chamber that nothing illegal was discussed on the Trump-Zelensky phone call.

    This is why Schiff held his secret hearings behind closed doors in a basement.

    Schiff doesn’t want the American public to know that President Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was completely above board.

    Here are the key points to Tim Morrison’s testimony.
    1. Mr. Morrison did not believe anything improper occurred on the July 25 call. (p. 60)

    2. Mr. Morrison testified that the memorandum of conversation (a phrase used to describe the call transcript) of the July 25 call was complete and accurate. (p. 60)

    3. Mr. Morrison, who listened to the July 25 call, testified that he was not concerned about the substance of what was discussed on the call – only that the transcript might leak. (p. 46-47)

    4. Mr. Morrison was told by National Security Council lawyer John Eisenberg that the July 25 call record mistakenly ended up on the highly classified system, debunking the Democrats’ allegations of an attempted “cover up.”

    5. Mr. Morrison repeatedly testified that he purposefully kept Lt. Col. Vindman out of the loop on this matter because he had concerns about Vindman’s judgment, which were also raised to him by Fiona Hill and others.

    6. Mr. Morrison testified that, as the final clearing authority for any edits made to the 7/25 call package, he accepted all of Lt. Col. Vindman’s proposed edits. (p. 61-62)

    7. Mr. Morrison testified that he does not believe Burisma came up on the call or that anyone suggested edits to the mem-con to include the word Burisma. (p. 64)

    8. Mr. Morrison testified that Lt. Col. Vindman relayed two concerns to him about the July 25 call: that the call did not get into the subject matter they had hoped, and the fidelity of the translation. (p. 72-73)

    9. Mr. Morrison testified that Lt. Col. Vindman never reported to Morrison any of the “light queries” that he received from Ukrainian officials in August regarding the hold on aid. (p. 93)

    10. Mr. Morrison confirmed that President Trump generally does not like foreign aid generally, and specifically held concerns that corruption in Ukraine may cause U.S. aid to be “misused.”

    This should end the Democrat impeachment proceedings. There is no crime. There was no crime. And Democrats continue to lie to the American people about their secret sham investigation!


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