After Rep. Elise Stefanik Highlights Ambassador Yovanovitch False Statement – Stefanik Becomes a Target…

On March 20th, 2017, New York Representative Elise Stefanik first made a name for herself when she questioned FBI Director James Comey about why he purposefully did not inform congressional oversight, Gang-of-Eight, about the FBI investigation of candidate Donald Trump in 2016.   Ms. Stefanik caught Comey off-guard and his only response, albeit stuttered, was: “because of the sensitivity of the matter?”  {LINK}

Fast forward to November 15th, 2019, yesterday, and Rep. Stefanik again showed her acumen when she asked Ambassador Yovanovitch to reconcile her opening statement about not ever discussing Hunter Biden or Burisma against evidence Ms. Yovanovitch previously admitting to an extensive briefing session specifically about Hunter Biden and Burisma.  Once again, Stefanik caught a political operative in their network of lies. {LINK}

Having watched events closely it is obvious Elise Stefanik is a smart young representative with serious skills to see through the chaff, countermeasures and false narratives advanced by political left.

Hence, as if on cue, the entire apparatus of the political left began attacking their #1 new enemy.  Today the unholy alliance of corrupt political operatives and the allied media went on the attack.

They even started posting fake pictures in an effort to make Stefanik look bad.

It is always easy to see who the left really fears by the approach they take to smearing strong and articulate people.

Indeed Ms. Stefanik is a threat to the political left and has now become their enemy.


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310 Responses to After Rep. Elise Stefanik Highlights Ambassador Yovanovitch False Statement – Stefanik Becomes a Target…

  1. I prefer the Photoshopped one.

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  2. sundance says:

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  3. Skidroe says:

    Schiff and his entire team are worse than hateful. No words can define how bad they are.

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    • gigi says:

      Bravo, Ms.Stefanik! May the Schiffs of the world ” ‘drink their own urine and eat their own dung’ ” one day soon. BTW, pudgy Georgie Conway is just another putzy liberal loser. Perhaps he wants to be crying schmucky up-chuck Schumer one of these days?

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      • Deplorable_Infidel says:

        For those not familiar with scripture, here are the verses:

        2 Kings 18:27 KJV
        But Rab-shakeh said unto them, Hath my master sent me to thy master, and to thee, to speak these words? hath he not sent me to the men which sit on the wall, that they may eat their own dung, and drink their own piss with you?

        Isaiah 36:12 KJV
        But Rabshakeh said, Hath my master sent me to thy master and to thee to speak these words? hath he not sent me to the men that sit upon the wall, that they may eat their own dung, and drink their own piss with you?


    • Daniel says:

      The lovely thing is it appears lots and lots of people are simply not buying what Schiff is selling. And I mean people on the public left are also not believing what they are seeing.

      It’s funny. A lot of people, myself included, was initially worried about this crap impeachment ‘whatever this is.’ But from the first day, it was clear this is actually worse than the Mueller report. With the Mueller appearances, it was just the one guy. But here, it’s consistently bad with multiple people and this is the BEST they’ve got?

      I get it that ese lawfare people are supposed to be sharp and dangerous, but in public like this, I’m not seeing anything that looks like sharp and dangerous.

      At this point the only thing dangerous and worth noting will be those who are complicit with this agenda despite the clear and obvious problems with whole sham.

      If there is more of this, we simply have to remind ourselves these people are completely incompetent. If they had facts which were worth presenting, they would. We know they would. They would present them unendingly in the media and all over. This is what they present to us instead. Let’s just watch who supports any of this at the end.

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  4. willyeye says:

    It sure is awesome having this woman on the side of the good guys. I’ve made it a point in my life to never hate anyone, but I must admit: Dems/liberals make that endeavor extremely challenging.

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    • JustSomeInputFromAz says:

      Yes they do…..

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    • mr.piddles says:

      “I must admit: Dems/liberals make that endeavor extremely challenging.”

      I’ve flipped. No more Mr. Nice Guy. They suck, and I hate them. On the bright side: they’ve been losing for three years, they will continue to lose, and the Schiff is going to hit the fan RSN.

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      • GP says:

        Hi Mr Piddles-same here. When one is at war with someone that HATES you and would like to see you dead, one does not take the high road. I effing despise every one of them. And I swear, my dream is that I get chance, somehow, to meet Paul Ryan so i can put an as$$-whoppin on him that he will never forget. I don’t care if he does P-90 in his sleep

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        • ann says:

          I’m the same. They’ve made participating, just being an American, miserable .

          Tired of the selective denigration that disregards history.

          Fed up w sanctimonious mistruths from hypocrites on perches.

          My Grandma was a deadeye w Her slingshot. Defended her land. We need to have that same gumption.


  5. Broc Smith says:

    We have a new star. God’s speed, we need you and others like you (Candice Owens comes to mind). Thank you

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    • dwpender says:

      Stefanik is getting justifiable praise for her role in the current farcical entertainment loosely referred to as “hearings.”

      She is a limited subject matter (albeit a supremely important one) “star.”

      I caution everyone to take a careful look at her record (e.g., opposed Trump’s travel ban, opposed Trump’s border emergency declaration, opposes withdrawal from Paris Climate Accord, voted against Trump’s Tax Cuts, member of moderate “Tuesday Group” in House, etc) before labeling her an overall rising star.

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      • mikeyboo says:

        dwpender, I think you are raising important points. But for this hearing she was on the side of America and she was effective.

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      • CaptainNonno says:

        Maybe a little positive $$$ response will help direct her efforts more toward our President?


      • This.
        Her role model is Paul Ryan (arghh ….).
        We can agree with her on specific points, but let’s do our due diligence like you do!

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        • Sherri Young says:

          Apparently she and Will Hurd are friends. At Tribfest in Austin on September 26th, Will Hurd was asked something along the line of who he liked in Congress. When he immediately replied with Elise Stefanik’s name, you could hear the lips curl in the audience. He even turned to the audience and asked, “What’s wrong with Elise?”

          Those Dimms know who she is.

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      • gigi says:

        Good to know. Thanks for the info.

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      • joshashland says:

        Just because there’s an R doesn’t mean they are what you want. My Representative Mooney FL has missed critical (to me ) votes.
        He’s not running in 2020 . I would have primaried him.

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        • lynnarie says:

          Joshashland – are you planning to run, even though you wouldn’t be primarying Mooney? It might be nice to know a Treeper was running…


      • I agree. She’s a NY RINO with an “F” rating from Conservative Review. There are Dems with better voting records that Elise. But she gets props for the hearing!

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        • GP says:

          Hi Marka3- Yeah, I looked up Elsie’s voting record on Conservative Review and she “has a rating of “F”. Voting for bills that will impact everyday lives and busting someone’s balls at a hearing, where the person being confronted by Elise isn’t gonna be charged with anything are very different things.

          But I’ve read though the comments and most are wild about her …and are lined up to give her money.

          Elsie and Paul Ryan were thick as thief’s

          This girl is the next Trey Gowdy

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    • dufrst says:

      Let’s support the bravest among us fighting on the front lines. Donate!

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    • piper567 says:

      the link in Stephanik’s Tweet upthread sends you money to a pool…it is NOT her website…the comment is, Your $$ will go to help her…
      but it’s more like a PAC.
      just beware.

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  6. Seadoc66 says:

    The Vets Are Coming!

    The ‘Word’ in veteran’s circles is, if the dems don’t drop this coup attempt an army of vets will march on DC with the following demands:

    1. All elected/appointed/contracted members/associates of the Federal Government in which evidence is presented that proves they are violating/violated their oath/contract by participating in a coup attempt in which they are/were communicating/acting on what they know/knew/should have known was false information, will be forced to resign or face charges.
    2. The management/staffs of all political parties in which evidence is presented that proves they are/were participating in a coup attempt in which they are/were communicating/acting on what they know/knew/should have known was false information will be forced to publically acknowledge the same or face legal action initiated by the veterans.
    4. The management and staffs of all TV/radio/other media organizations in which evidence is presented that proves they are/were participating in a coup attempt in which they are/were communicating/acting on what they know/knew/should have known was false information will be forced to publically acknowledge the same or face legal action initiated by the veterans.

    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

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    • frances says:

      That is interesting, it would make quite a statement if it does happen.

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    • Coast says:

      Now if we had a five to ten million man march onto Wash DC with these demands it just might happen. Count me in.

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    • USTerminator says:

      We need more than demands.
      We demanded fairness, we demanded justice. We are ignored and the left prosecute our people one by one.
      We should learn from the “freedom fighters” from around the world so they can ignore us no more.
      If the left wants war, we should take the war to them.

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      • GP says:

        Hi US-I agree. Do you have any idea on how we can take the war to them?

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        • USTerminator says:

          If I were President Trump, I would promote Lt Colonel Alexander Vindman to Colonel assign him to Afghanistan to service his country by leading direct attack to Talibans all out offensive.
          I would assign our patriot CIA Ciaramella agent to Beijing Embassy. Secret Mission: destabilize the CCP regime.Give him a promotion too.


    • AvengingAngel says:

      We have lots of Republicans with money .They should spread the whistleblower’s name by plane with a banner over major cities . Who needs the network .

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      • Felipe Garza says:

        “We have lots of Republicans with money”

        Indeed we do but when the repubs are getting big cash from the people that own the massive subsidized “low income housing” scam and the retailers that reap the cash from selling Chinese made crap to people on food stamps, the repubs with money aren’t going to lift a finger and risk killing off that golden goose.

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    • Gerry says:

      LET’S ROLL!! I’ll be there, name the time and place.

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    • safvetblog says:

      Where do I sign up….??

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    • cjzak says:

      How about they send a platoon to surround some of the media headquarters and demand the same things. That needs to be done too, maybe more so than going to DC.

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      • Your Tour GUid says:

        Agree wholeheartedly. Anyone that thinks the politicians
        are calling the shots, instead of the media controlling the
        politicians is sorely mistaken. Cut to the chase. Go to the
        source of the problem.

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    • InAz says:

      My pipe dream is for the Marines rank and file to march on DC and take the politicians out of their offices at gunpoint then hold trials….treat each one the exact same way President Trump has been treated = ignore their Constitutional rights. Guilty until proven guilty. Because they are guilty of Sedition and Treason.

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    • Darklich123 says:

      Immediately and permanently end all think tanks and NGOs and we can fix this country in 5 years.

      Then we can go after the Federal reserve

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    • paulashley says:

      I’ve been calling for a march in extreme circumstances for weeks and do hope it happens if impeachment gets to the Senate. As a proud Army brat son of a West Point lifer, I’d be up to join the ranks.

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      • Judith says:

        Yes, I agree. There’s a time for everything under the sun. And it’s time for a massive gathering of patriots on the day this coup hits the Senate for a “secret” vote. Enough is enough already. This TREASONOUS coup will not stand!

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    • vicarioushikermom says:

      This is exactly what is needed. Now. I hope it happens.

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  7. Madmax110 says:

    It’s far past time for some heads to roll.

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  8. frances says:

    It is so true that the flack is greatest over the target. Just donated to her campaign. Keep up the great work Freedom Caucus!!!

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  9. Sharon says:

    So…..Susan Hennessey considers telling the truth “dirty work” that should be done only by Nunes and Jordan.

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      Susan Hennessey is a big wheel in Lawfare. Surprise surprise.

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    • riverelf says:

      Heaven forfend a female politician stand up and be heard….on the Republican side, that is. Get back in the kitchen, Elise.
      This day of smears just endears Elise Stefanik to us all the more. I hope her donations box reflects it.

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      • GP says:

        Hi riverelf…pardon my curtness, but get a grip. This has NOTHING to do with Elise being a female. Elise has been proceeded by scores of females in Congress that not only rwere stand-outs at hearings, but had a voting record to back it up.`

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    • bofh says:

      In case a reader doesn’t recognize the name Susan Hennessey, her bio on the Lawfare website says that she is “the Executive Editor of Lawfare and General Counsel of the Lawfare Institute. She is a Brookings Fellow in National Security Law. Prior to joining Brookings, Ms. Hennessey was an attorney in the Office of General Counsel of the National Security Agency. She is a graduate of Harvard Law School and the University of California, Los Angeles.”

      Lots of buzzwords: lawfare, Brookings, Harvard Law, and she’s a spook.

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  10. William Murphy says:

    Impeachment is a desperate smoke screen for now, media food.

    Had Hillary won, the lights would already be out in the USA.


    U$ $tate Dept + Soro$(NGOs) + CIA: GONE ROGUE, destabilizing governments(regime change).

    Same methods, same money, same players.

    Not just the Ukraine..but the Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, etc. too.

    We now have a 2nd US government in our midst, which Trump found and will expose, unless he goes.


    Soros and his organizations have been officially banned from six of them under penalty of law. Those countries are the Philippines, Russia, Turkey, Poland, Pakistan and his native Hungary.

    White House, NSC neither Knew nor Approved of Ambassador Baily’s Controversial Decision in Macedonia

    U.S. Gives Soros Groups Millions to Destabilize Macedonia’s Conservative Govt.

    Judicial Watch Sues State Department and USAID for Records about Funding and Political Activities of George Soros’ Open Society

    Russia Bans George Soros Groups Due To Security Threat

    Hungary Passes ‘Stop Soros’ Laws

    Beck’s Hydra is a great read and lays it out in sickening detail. YUUGGGE!

    dyodd. Surprisingly you can find this using Goebbels’ search engine

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  11. Blue Wildflower says:

    Congresswoman, you did a great job this time and every time I have heard you speak. You are a great soldier in our army to keep America under God. You are an example to us all. Thank you and God Bless you.

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  12. Jederman says:

    “…Clinton hit on Stefanik…” That tracks. She seems to go for the pouty, dark haired types. Does Huma know?

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  13. A2 says:

    I think Ms Elise knows the ground feeders would go after her. A badge of honour.

    I was reading the bilious posts from the twitter twats and surprisingly, there was pushback in the comments even from the twat side of twitter.


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  14. Beigun says:

    Kill the messenger if you don’t like the message was the old adage. But that was the style of a few and far between tyrants in the old days. Today, the MSM has lost all impartiality to such degree they will smear and slander any who deviate from the liberal group-think, which has become extremely illiberal.

    All “modern” women are supposed to be liberal and can never espouse conservative beliefs. If they do, then they are branded with the “Scarlet Letter” of snide remarks, disparaging photographs and constant personal attacks by the MSM. Forget about truth or the facts, political power is all that matters among America’s “elite” journalists. But what else can we expect in a Democracy that has its leading print, the NYT and WAPO, only endorse one political party for President for the past 75 years?

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  15. freespeechfanatic says:

    Our culture is becoming Stalinism on steroids. ANYBODY who demonstrates competence and efficacy in the culture or political conflicts against the Left is being targeted for destruction. It’s completely out of control. The media is once again the engine for this destruction. We can’t go on like this.

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  16. Bendix says:

    How on Earth did they come up with the “trash” reference?
    I have my criticisms of Ms. Stefanik, which I have made known. They are political in nature.
    The young woman is flawless when it comes to the way she comports herself in these hearings.
    Looks-wise, intelligence-wise, and her skills at questioning.
    She puts the Trey Gowdys of the world to shame.
    Dirty work? Where did that come from?
    Hillary is jealous of this young woman who is everything Hillary is not, in addition to having an educational background that compares to hers.
    Hillary didn’t exactly shine at the Watergate hearings, did she?

    BTW, Kellyanne’s husband is sick in the head.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      It’s all deflection and obfuscation. You know.. the problem is not over “here”, it’s over “there”. In fact: pull up any recent video clip of Joe Biden, and he literally says that. Don’t take any of the words, Tweets, whatever literally… it’s all just for effect and to muddy the political waters. The Dems are in trouble in general, and the Obama Administration is in trouble in particular. So all they’re left with is their Media Contingent and Support Network trying to spin their way out of it.

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    • OW21 says:

      Yeah, George Conway is sick in the head and Je-f-f- E-p-s-t-ein didn’t kill himself….

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  17. Mike in a Truck says:

    What’s wrong with flipping off Communist Democrats? I do it all the time.Feels good.

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  18. Phil aka Felipe says:

    “Ms. Stefanik caught Comey off-guard and his only response, albeit stuttered, was: “because of the sensitivity of the matter?”…which made him sound like one of the ‘Valley Girls’!

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  19. alliwantissometruth says:

    Nothing infuriates me more than these disgusting phonies like Susan Hennessey, (I had to look her up) who pose as informed national security experts, but in reality are nothing more than paid puppets of the corrupt oligarchy, doing their best to deceive their own people and destroy their own country for profit

    Is there anything lower? Can you be more of a scumbag than her?

    My God, these people are utterly grotesque human beings. I have no idea how someone could stoop so low

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  20. Genie says:

    Dang! Here’s a picture of George Conway robbing a bank.

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  21. Technerd says:

    Stefanik and AOC are close to the same age. They both reside in New York state. The similarities end there. It’s clear to see which one is more impressive. AOC is the kind of useful idiot that populates the regressive left.

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  22. I just contributed to her campaign. We need to show our support for one of our own. Left is already bragging about the 400,000 her opponent has received over the past 24 hours…more money laundering. I can only contribute small amounts, but I want to support our friends.

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  23. Garavaglia says:

    Stefanik has been stellar. Could not be more proud of her in these “hearings” or whatever in the hell they are labeling them

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  24. golfmann says:

    `said it before and I’ll say it again…
    I really like her!

    Good thing she’s on our side!

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  25. Chris Lowry says:

    Long time reader/lurker here. I love the comments and that others think similar to me. Just donated modest amount to Elise. Hope and pray our country survives this atrack by insane people.

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  26. Zorro says:

    Stefanik defeats the Democommunists by using both facts and their own words against them. This is a winning strategy. She also used a calm, consistent, confident voice. In return she receives ad hominem, hateful responses, more false narratives and falsehoods (lies and photoshopped video) from the “open and, oh so, tolerant left.

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  27. dufrst says:

    Send a donation to Rep Stefanik! Never give in, never give up! Not to these leftist and NeverTrump scumbags! We will win if we stand firm and stand with those in the fight! MAGA!!

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  28. Truthfilter says:

    This stunt isn’t even effective. The Left has no skills, no creativity. Most folks will know this photo is fake and those who don’t know will probably agree with the gesture.

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  29. Liberty Forge says:

    This may have been addressed on the earlier thread regarding Ms. Stefanik, and if so, I apologize for asking. I did not read all the comments on the earlier thread.

    My question is — I wonder how Ms. Stefanik got her hands on the briefing documents used by the Obama administration to prep Yovanovich for the ambassadorship position confirmation hearings?

    Ms. Stefanik was brilliant — not only with her “find”, but also in her delivery, which may well have been the kill-shot for Yovanowitch.

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  30. bigd57 says:

    Elise for VP 2020?

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    • dwpender says:

      Check her voting record and positions on the issues carefully before making such a recommendation.

      If I listed a number of them and asked you to guess what Republican has them, your first guess would be “Susan Collins.”

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    • docnova66 says:

      No. She does a good job during hearings like this, but her record is quite “moderate”. She voted against border emergency, opposed exiting the Paris climate change deal, etc. I’m glad she’s asking questions that need to be asked right now, but her voting record is pure RINO.

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  31. InAz says:

    I will call Stefanik’s office to thank her and will donate.

    Will also do the same for Jordan, Nunes

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    • Dixie says:

      If we continue to pile on the compliments and donations, maybe she will realize she was going in the wrong direction when guided by Paul Ryan? Let’s help turn her little ship around so she will continue to work for conservatives.

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  32. Betty says:

    I hope it is ok to post this picture.

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  33. Joebkonobi says:

    Stefanik shoul find the originator of the photoshop and sue for defamation. Photo shopping for memes or obvious parody ok, this was done to defame.

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  34. Phflipper says:

    Rep. Stefanik calls the attacks for what they be, attempting intimidation of her and others who dare seek, or articulate, left’s lies.

    She is a class act.

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  35. Jim says:

    Donated yesterday and again today. These people are vile.

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  36. 🤷‍♂️ …

    Seriously, folks … don’t let the leftists so-easily manipulate *you!* The mere fact that they “go on the attack” in some twitter-storm, or start posting Photoshopped images, does not *actually* affect Rep. Stefanik in any way. And we don’t actually have to, therefore, “rise to the occasion.” Monday is another day – enjoy your weekend.

    “Hold your fire until you can see the whites of their eyes!”

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  37. dufrst says:

    This is Leftist trying to intimidate Ms. Stefanik because of her effectiveness in the hearings. She was excellent. I hope she can stay strong and deliver more blows to Schifty Schiff and the radical Dems in this impeachment fight. She seems undaunted but we have to let her know we appreciate it!

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  38. Haveaspine says:

    A star is born!

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  39. TwoLaine says:

    The power hungry left is just figuring out what we’ve known for over two years now. 😉


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  40. BestBets says:

    Why aren’t any of the Feminists screaming SEXISM? /rhetorical question

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      Stefanik is Republican, therefore brainwashed by the Patriarchy and thus a traitor to her gender. All intersectional groups just march in lockstep to the waving of the red flag.


  41. MAGADJT says:

    Hopefully there is enough MAGA backbone in her to power through this BS. A lot of RINOs cower in the face of attacks like these; it’s why the left does them.

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  42. pristach says:

    Stefanik does what Jim Jordan wishes he could do.

    Skillfully walk a witness down a primrose path then…


    Jordan talks over his subjects, and doesn’t stop talking, when Stefanik let’s them incriminate themselves.

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  43. hokkoda says:

    Susan Hennessey, eh? When Lawfare gets roped in as CO-conspirators in Coup Part Two, I’m hope she burns.

    Liked by 4 people

  44. James Orleans says:

    I don’t get it. Yovanovitch lies to congress and she’s kindly asked to correct it. Meanwhile Roger Stone will be sent to prison for what amounts to the same offense, lying to congress. Why won’t Yovanovitch be charged for this offense by the Barr’s Justice Department? If no one is ever held to account, they will never stop lying.

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  45. JohnCasper says:

    Just part of the Democrats war on honest and intelligent women.

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  46. jus wundrin says:

    Suzy lawfare is bitterly angry that she was bested by woman who is much smarter than her, and suzys stereotyping of women demonstrates her childish nature.

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  47. Merkin Muffley says:

    I think Susan Hennessy needs to be charged with Obstruction. How about you?

    Liked by 1 person

  48. AnotherView says:

    I’ve been a huge fan of Stefanik since the Comey questioning. The left fears her because she’s a loose cannon and asks REAL questions. Very dangerous to them. I love it.

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  49. pucecatt says:

    Democrats have no class ..

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