Ukraine Foreign Minister Refutes Central Claims to Democrat Impeachment Narrative – There Was Never a Trump Request to Investigate Biden…

Within the current claims of the Democrats there is a baseline action that needs to exist for any “bribery” or “undue influence” claim to exist. Meaning there had to be pressure by President Trump upon the government of Ukraine to initiate an investigation of Joe Biden.

The call transcript between President Trump and President Zelenskyy doesn’t show such a request.  Ukraine President Zelenskyy said there was never such a request by President Trump; and now Ukraine Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko says there was never such a request from U.S. Ambassador Sondland on behalf of President Trump:

(Via Daily Mail) The Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Vadym Prystaiko told Ukrainian reporters a day after the first public impeachment hearing that Ambassador Gordon Sondland did not detail any relationship between the assistance and probe, according to Interfax, a Ukrainian news agency.

‘Ambassador Sondland did not tell us, and did not tell me exactly, about the relation between the [military] assistance and the investigations,’ Prystaiko told journalists in Kiev. ‘You should ask him. I do not recall any conversation with me as with foreign minister. It was not we, the Ukrainian officials (who were told this).’

The Ukrainian official is suggesting that if there were any quid pro quo – as Democrats claim – it was not communicated to the Ukrainian government, adding that he never had contact with Sondland.  (read more)

The transcript can be read HERE.


You can see when you read the transcript, despite the media narrative to the contrary, President Trump did not ask President Zelenskyy to investigate former Vice-President Joe Biden.


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152 Responses to Ukraine Foreign Minister Refutes Central Claims to Democrat Impeachment Narrative – There Was Never a Trump Request to Investigate Biden…

  1. Joemama says:

    Where is the DNC server, Crowdstrike???

    & Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself…

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  2. ann says:

    That’s exactly why we elected POTUS. This governing class has gone rogue, here and overseas, ♥️

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  3. WSB says:

    Another pile of crap.

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  4. Dynamite work today, Sundance – Grateful, as always!

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  5. The only mention of the Bidens was a request to cooperate with Barr. Why the media deliberately misrepresents this when the words are right there for all to read, is extremely telling.

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    • Zorro says:

      For the same reason Quid Pro Joe can be on VIDEO discussing his crime and it means nothing to the MSM propagandists.

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    • Lester Smith says:

      Msm the real story can be found in between the lines. Each hearing should start with a disclaimer. “we choose about truth, not facts” woods of wisdom from the democratic front runner crazy uncle Joe.

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    • Adele Virtue says:

      actually looks like Zelensky is asking for any info we might have to help in the case against corruption in their country, especially the Burisma case.

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    • bkrg2 says:

      Half the country won’t read the transcript- they just swallow whatever crap the MSM feeds them.
      These are the same idiots that see the video clip of China Joe Biden withholding aid to get a prosecutor fired and say “thats not quid pro quo”. Then they run out to ballot box to keep electing morons like themselves

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  6. ann says:

    Good, Im glad they are addressing the server,
    Undo the stupid Russia myth. The DC Club believes they can lie, start wars, entrap dissent and dictate policy.

    The State Dept , NSC & DoJ must not be allowed to dictate our foreign & public policy any longer.

    Never again. 🇺🇸

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  7. jus wundrin says:

    I sense another bad day for the dims tomorrow. Maria has SOOOO much baggage that Jordan will pin her under 3 seconds while Ratcliffe slaps the mat. Schiffty and his lawfare lawyas will have their hands full wondering why they and nanzi decided to make this public.

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    • WSB says:

      Kathleen blazzy Yovanovich.

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    • Expect tears and all the other democrat victim attributes.

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      • StanH says:

        Oh no question. She will blabber and all of the swooning MSM will say, ” see, Orange Man bad, he’s made her cry.”

        Expect it folks. We must remember their constituencies feelings, and be certain Chris Wallace aka the pivot man will start the cavalcade. He will quote one of his heroes Nina Totenberg: “it’s the seriousness of the charge.” ala Clarence Thomas’s attempted rail-road job aka confirmation hearings.

        Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, and a mysterious third “man” (Shep Smith) will break away from their ménage à trois to all swoon in unison, “Awww…that poor woman, Orange Man bad.” They’ll break away from their nasty entanglement to allow Anderson and Don to get ready for their big shows. Shep stays behind to redo the floral arrangements and get the house ready, it’s Wizard of Oz Friday and they have a special quest coming tonight Adam Schiff he loves to play Dorothy.

        Be prepared folks the left and the Uniparty as a whole have lost their minds.

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  8. T2020 says:

    You mean the democrats liiiiiiied??? I’m SHOCKED.

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  9. Gadsden says:

    Do the facts really matter though? Our overlords want the evil orange man removed at all costs. They won’t stop until he’s gone. He’s got the entire federal government arrayed against him and the jury is still out on Barr. I hate to be Debbie downer here, but what’s more likely – dozens of the most powerful people in the Democrat Party, DOJ, CIA and permanent bureaucracy are getting cuffed and stuffed, or a couple of strongly worded reports will be issued and a few former mid level officials will be charged with small process crimes. As it stands, the only real results of the Spygate fiasco I have seen In the past 3 years is dozens of Trump Associates imprisoned, harassed, bankrupted and spied on. Outside of some firings not one person has been held to account. Hell Brennan still retains his mother effing security clearance!!! Sorry, but I’m not feeling optimistic today.

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    • Mom4Trump2020 says:

      Me too. Democrats are too strong, they’ve got multiple plans going on – from fraudulent voting plans, new redistricting plans (Holder & Obama), to new injuries to President Trump, and they ALWAYS stick together. Republicans don’t.

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      • Brutalus says:

        Comment deleted by Admin…

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        • De Oppresso Liber says:

          Sad, isn’t it? Defeatism spreads like the flu inside a bunkhouse; everyone who breathes is going to catch it, sooner or later.

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          • Judith says:

            Realism exists somewhere between idealism and defeatism. Realism acknowledges both where we want things to be, and where things are right now.

            How can we proceed to stop the evil that exists in our nation unless we first identify exactly what it is that must be stopped?

            The key here is perserverance and determination. Rose colored glasses are as unproductive as white flags.

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      • California Joe says:

        Republicans like Susan Collins in Maine. The not only sounds and acts retarded she actually votes that way, too. She was the only Republican to vote against President Trump’s nominee for the Second Circuit Court of Appeals today after a Democrat and news media hatchet job. Luckily the guy was confirmed! In the past Republicans voted to confirm everything Democrat nominee I hope they learned a good lesson!

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        • 13wasylyna says:

          I receive solicitations for money as if from her. I thought the NRCC or GOPe does not know their audience. I wouldnt donate to any organization that might support that Democrat wearing an R

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        • Kintbury says:

          The same senators who were saying that Obama was entitled to his choices are the ones voting against this president. RINOs simply cannot be trusted.

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      • 4220ma says:

        The Democrats are strong because they lie steal and cheat. They have no moral anchor. So they think that the constitution, law, and order is only as good as they can use it to their advantage. Other wise it is garbage. Well maybe Nancy prays for PDJT not. So how you deal with people on that level is hard to do. Most of the time if you give them enough rope they will destroy themselves. Trump seems to use that approach at times. It’s hard to stay ahead of those people. But for me I don’t want to live looking over my shoulder all the time.

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  10. PVCDroid says:

    I don’t get it. The first transcript that came out had Trump mentioning Biden. What happened?


    • jus wundrin says:

      Page 4.

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    • Tazio Nuvolari says:

      Your computer must be glitching because it’s in there. You have to look close because it’s barely a mention.

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    • Sentient says:

      He mentioned Biden, but – as Sundance has pointed out – in the context of Joe Biden getting the prior investigator fired. When the president asked Zelensky to “look into it” that meant look into the Crowdstrike business and into what the fired investigator was investigating before Biden got him fired. The president never specifically asked Zelensky to look into Biden and his son, Hoover. I hadn’t noticed that fact until Sundance pointed it out tonight.

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      • deepdivemaga says:

        Is everyone here serious? Page 4?

        The President: “…Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution so if you can look into it… that would be great.”

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      • SeanNY2 says:

        “He mentioned Biden, but – as Sundance has pointed out – in the context of Joe Biden getting the prior investigator fired. When the president asked Zelensky to “look into it” that meant look into the Crowdstrike business and into what the fired investigator was investigating before Biden got him fired.”

        I hadn’t noticed that before. But rereading it a few times, it’s really not very clear. It’s very clear that the Crowdstrike request was his real request, and the Biden discussion came up in response to Zelenskyy praising his new prosecutor.

        So the “it” and the “that” Trump asks Zelenskyy to “look into” could be continuing references to the Crowdstrike request, but it could also be that he’s asking Zelenskyy to look into the circumstances of Shokin getting fired too.

        I think it’s not a slam dunk on either side.


  11. exdeadhead says:

    Thank you. Very important point, no specific request to investigate Biden, just to work with DOJ investigating 2016 origins of Russia hoax. Won’t stop lying Democrats from lying, but their big lie is clearly refutable. Just because so many of their duped want to believe it does not make it so.

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    • ethicall says:

      Trump, from the phone call transcript, “Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution so if you ·can look into it … It sounds horrible to me” Yes President Trump made a specific request that Biden’s role in the firing of the prosecutor investigating Burisma and other corruption be investigated. It was appropriate and legal for Trump to make that request. The President of Ukraine told Trump that an investigation would be done. It was completely appropriate for him to have made that promise.

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      • Judith says:

        This speaks to the heart of the matter. President Trump did nothing wrong, whether he did or he didn’t ask for President Zelensky’s cooperation in an ongoing investigation.

        A vehement denial seems to put PDJT on the defensive, which bolsters Schiff’s (impossibly flawed) narrative that an admission would be an impeachable offense.

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      • ann says:

        Yes. The UNIPARTY objections are really about spoiling their ability to leverage foreign policy separately from who we elect,
        We are attempting to depose a top heavy over centralised permanent administrative state that is incestuously enmeshed with lifetime career legislators who represent multi national entities.

        NEITHER WORK IN OUR BEST INTERESTS. DOJ, INTELL, CONGRESS, STATE ARE FASCIMILES OF the legitimate institutions guarded by prior generations.
        Our ancestors never sold out their own country .

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  12. hokkoda says:

    Doesn’t matter. Democrats are more than happy to call the Ukrainians liars to advance their impeachment. If they’re scheduling a vote, they think they have 51 votes to convict. That’s not enough to remove Trump, but it will be spun as a technicality that Trump wasn’t removed from office even though they won.

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    • Blind no Longer says:

      Looks like Poly grip and Schitty are going to have to call everybody in Ukraine’s government a liar before this is over with.
      Hate to tell the Dems but that dog won’t hunt anymore. As President Trump would say…I caught em all!!!

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  13. alliwantissometruth says:

    Pelosi: Well, uh………. Trump said the word important and……. and um…..uh…… the sun sets in the east……..and there was bribery too………uh………I have a hankering for a grilled cheese……uh….oh wait, where was I? Oh yes, Russian collusion….um……what?…impeachment? I don’t even like peaches……… what? oh, well the hot lights melt my makeup and my dentures get loose and I forget where I was….. OK, now, what were you saying about peaches?…….huh?…..what was the question again?

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    • BestBets says:

      In the mental health community, that’s called a word salad—real words strung together that don’t make any sense. I watched Nervous Nancy’s discussion about bribery today and the woman looks very fragile in her mental state. Something is very wrong with her.

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    • tucker7518 says:

      Pelosi slurred her words today like she had too many cocktails.

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      • Parker Longbaugh says:

        At a certain point in their journey alcoholics do not feel “right” until they a slurring.

        Addiction is sad but should be addressed by responsible adults when the addict is third in line to the Presidency.

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  14. anthohmy says:

    So that leaves the Attorney General through a Perfect MLAT.

    Next up are we going to find out when Zelenskyy was ready for the Javelins as opposed to almost ready?

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  15. SR says:

    There is so much deep state, dims, local corruption and CIA crap in Ukraine that average American has know idea. These hearing without interfering of fake msm makes a good show. People like us here is not a breaking news but average person who watches fake msm for 15 mins it’s wow. I see these hearing as a educational videos of DC corruption. But dims and fake msm will be ready tomorrow so will not be easy.

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  16. Doppler says:

    One question I have is why did Joe Biden boast to the Council of Foreign Relations about getting the prosecutor coming after Burisma fired. He was obviously proud and boasting. Was he just judgement impaired? A definite possibility.

    Or did he think he was auditioning for the Presidency, in the sense that his audience maybe included many people “in” on the corruption, and he wanted them to know he was a “made man” who they could trust to serve their interests? That seems more consistent with his prideful boasting.

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  17. Skidroe says:

    Remember, Obama set up a shadow government just as he was leaving office. He is still running it today. David Brock (Media Matters) dictates to the MSM every talking point everyday. Remember “it’s a manufactured crisis”? Glen Simpson (Fusion GPS) pays all the left wing media off in illegal cash. Crowdstrike is another NATO and State Department crooked outfit. Obama manages all of them. Imagine Our Country without Obama, Soros,Media Matters, Fusion GPS, Crowdstrike,and David Jones$$$ DRAIN THE SWAMP! It would at least be a good start.

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    • Joemama says:

      I think you got the group identified more or less, but I don’t think that Obama is controlling it all. He isn’t that smart. He enjoys doing drugs and gay sex too much to do any work, as well. He is a figurehead groomed, by his handlers.

      I believe that the top brass are the banking families. They are driving the destruction of the USA (& all 1st world, Western nations), as part of the plan to institute one world government, which they will ultimately control (at least that is the plan). Soros is one of the main means through which they funnel money to execute their plans.

      I am also starting to think that one of the 3 letter agencies is basically under the banking families control.

      Until all the private federal banks (such as the US Federal Reserve Bank) around the world are abolished, the people of the world will be subject to the banking families control.

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    • BL says:

      Crowd Strike is a cybersecurity firm

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      • The Demon Slick says:

        Crowdstrike is a political weapon of the left. They were forced to admit that they made up their story about the Russians accessing the Ukrainian artillery targeting computers (after the Ukrainians were forced to use manual targeting during crucial phases of the incursion.) Whoops! Sorry! The only proof that the dnc servers were hacked at all is a redacted report from crowdstrike. No supporting evidence. Just take their word for it. Sure, sure. Alperovitch is Ukraine not Russia and crowdstrike links to the Atlantic council and Soros. They’re leftist black hats.

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        • Jan says:

          And that’s what our “intelligence” agencies relied on–the Crowdstrike draft report–in their assessments of Russian interference in our election in December 2016 & January 2017 report. They never even saw the final report.

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    • Chip Doctor says:

      Skidroe, they are an evil bunch, but imagine our country without Donald J Trump. Now that would be horrible.

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    • Doug Amos says:

      Imagine the country without President Trump! A million more votes for Romney was all it would have taken. Better still, imagine the United States of America if President Donald J Trump succeeds, and he will, because success is no mistake. We are going to experience being on the right side of history in our lifetimes.

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      • ann says:

        I refused to vote for either Romney or Obama. The Boomer generation’s horrible leadership alienated many younger Americans. POTUS speaks the reality evident to average Americans: this system is broken, and must be changed.


  18. DelilahFL says:

    This ‘impeachment’ farce is just getting funny. It is so absurd. Complete projection by Dems and corrupt Reps. Obama, Soros, et al, can set up all the BS back channels they want. But what is now seen cannot be unseen. We see what these corrupt grifters have been doing the last 30 years. I remember Bubba Clinton selling out the Lincoln bedroom for “Coffees” back in his term. And Hillary confiscating raw FBI files back then… She must have had fun since the 90’s adding to her blackmail file. These people are grifters. And they’re stupid. When Trump outed the media, the mask fell. You cannot unsee.

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    • Sentient says:

      If Dems lose their nerve and aren’t willing to vote to impeach, the president might almost want a few Republicans to vote for impeachment. I’m being facetious, but a trial in the senate could really hurt the Dems. Warren and Sanders would be stuck in DC while Biden campaigns in Iowa and New Hampshire. As part of their impeachment effort, Dems would have to continue to pretend Biden isn’t corrupt while their very impeachment shows the world that he is. So they end up stuck with Biden while they’ve damaged him irreparably.

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      • DelilahFL says:

        Wouldn’t overthink so far. They have NOTHING. They’re looking like morons and the public isn’t buying it. They went all in for a lie and it ricocheted. Divine justice.

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      • Sherri Young says:

        Bloomberg would have the advantage. Maybe that is why he decided to jump in. The importance of Iowa and New Hampshire is about the appearance of viability as a candidate. Candidates who don’t do well in the early states get thinned out because donors don’t want to throw money at long shots.

        Bloomberg can self-fund. He can skip the early states and focus on Super Tuesday primaries in states with larger Dimm delegate counts. Iowa and New Hampshire primaries would be almost meaningless for Bloomberg. He could spend his time in NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Philadelphia, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Detroit, Atlanta, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and maybe Denver. He would need to beat Dimms in the primaries. No need to campaign outside of population centers until after picking up enough delegates to sew up the nomination.

        Biden would be freezing in Council Bluffs, Iowa while Bloomberg would be schmoozing with influential tech giants in Silicon Valley.

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        • Jan says:

          The heartland of America and blue collar workers and minorities are not going to vote for this thug. All the control he asserted, like on size of sodas, isn’t going to play well, and he’s one year younger than Bernie.

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          • Sherri Young says:

            I wouldn’t vote for Little Gulp either.

            What I was writing about was who would have the advantage among Dimm candidates if Sanders, Warren, Harris, Klobuchar, and Booker were off the campaign trail and stuck in DC for a drawn-out trial in the Senate.

            Early state goal>>>Creds & Cash
            Primary goal>>>Delegates
            General election goal>>>Electors

            Bloomberg gets to skip step one, but Biden cannot.

            I hope we’ll never have to worry about a trial in the Senate.

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          • ann says:

            Good to know. Out here in DNC zone of occupation, we are isolated from the American heartland.


      • BitterC says:

        If the situation was reversed, the Dems would be demanding that the senators running for prez should recuse from the Senate trial. I think they should recuse

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      • cantcforest says:

        Sentient, you should not want the Senate taking up impeachment because they are nowhere near as supportive of PDJT as some of the meaningless motions and votes and speeches would suggest. IMO, you may be able to count on Cruz and Rand Paul but the rest are so tied into the CoC/Soros/open borders crowd that they would probably vote to impeach PDJT rather than risk shutting down their gravy train and being outed in their corrupt ways. Yes, I’m including McTurtle and Graham in the rat pack.

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  19. Tree Knot says:

    The election in the Ukraine sure tipped the barrel over.

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    • upstate909 says:

      Funny thing about the Ukraine election. It was April 21 of this year; Biden jumped in the race on April 24. Zelensky wins Parliamentary elections July 21; and now here we are. I do not think it is a coincidence.

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  20. Skidroe says:

    A cooked cyber security firm!

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  21. Joemama says:

    There is a whole lot more to Crowdstrike than that.

    Here’s a stock tip: Wait for a for a little increase in stock price & then short the hell out of crowdstrike stock (ticker CRWD). You won’t be sorry.

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  22. k4jjj says:

    As I have said before, these Trump-hating, insubordinate State Department employees can be reassigned to the farthest reaches of the Earth where they can do no further damage. Remote African countries would be fitting new assignments. They can rot there until retirement or QUIT.

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  23. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    Oh yeah… Well bill taylor heard it from a guy who heard it from a guy who heard from a guy who thought he heard it from the cockroach in the old executive building…so there.

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  24. MDNA I says:

    MP Andriy Derkach: ‘NABU Leaks’ is the key for salvaging Ukraine-U.S. relations


    • MDNA I says:

      “You mentioned that I was the initiator of a criminal case on meddling in U.S. elections. Investigative journalists who are in possession of certain information passed it on to me. We are talking about correspondence between NABU employees and officials of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, the FBI, and others. And this data is not from the Internet. All this constitutes materials of criminal proceedings No. 42188000000002952 (Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, which is ‘high treason’)

      “[…] Today I unveiled an important part of the puzzle of interference in the U.S. elections and the facts of international corruption. It is correspondence of NABU employees and employees of the U.S. embassy.

      “According to the documents, the first deputy director of NABU, Gizo Uglava, through his assistant, provided the U.S. Embassy with information that influenced the course of events in Ukraine and the United States. In other words, NABU “leaked” information to the U.S. embassy staff and coordinated its actions in a number of high-profile cases.

      “Correspondence between NABU employees and employees of the U.S. Embassy has been available for several years within the criminal case file No. 42018000000002952 (Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, High Treason). According to the information received from investigative journalists, which I rechecked, it was obtained absolutely legally, as part of the investigative actions.”.

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      • RAC says:

        This bit looks interesting, wonder who the employees were.
        “Today I unveiled an important part of the puzzle of interference in the U.S. elections and the facts of international corruption. It is correspondence of NABU employees and employees of the U.S. embassy.”

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  25. leftnomore says:

    There are ONLY two material witnesses to this case, and neither have complained or made any claims against the president. CASE FING CLOSED. Anymore noise out of the crats will just further seal their fate.

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  26. RAC says:

    “Report: Whistleblower at Obama White House when Ukrainians told to drop Burisma probe”
    “The demand was first announced to Ukrainian prosecutors at a January 19, 2016 meeting with US officials hosted by Eric Ciaramella.”
    So why would he draw attention to himself, he was an unknown. Maybe he was getting scared and wanted to get his shot in first.

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  27. John-Y128 says:

    Blah, blah, blah… If the aren’t many ‘big time’ indictments from the IG’s FISA report, the GOP is finished, we’ll have a President Patrick in 2020, minus the ‘white boy’ in the VP slot, after the Messiah’s reign, blacks don’t need an establishment WB [the only reason he picked Joe] to win a presidential election.

    PDJT isn’t going to be able to ‘insult’ Patrick with a cute name, [he’ll try] but all the liberal blacks will automatically abandon him, regardless of what he’s inadvertently achieved with minorities.

    In 2021, [another articulate & clean black man] PDP will instruct his AG to kill all the ‘indictments’.


    • railer says:

      Patrick is wrapped up in Bain Capital, just like Romney. He’s dirty and the radical Left will attack him, even though he’s exactly what McConnell and the Swamp want in the White House. Wall Street and the globalists want somebody who will take their payoffs and give them what they want. The radical Left is correct about that one. The paymasters want Biden, but he’s imploding just like Trump predicted he would, so the Swamp globalist paymasters are throwing Bloomberg and Patrick into the race to pick up their slack. Their money has to go somewhere afterall, and they’re running out of road. It’s panic time. Trump is their enemy and they must confront him somehow.

      None of this frantic action is going to make any difference. Trump has gamed all this out. He knows his enemy. He knows himself. His enemy cannot campaign in the spotlight with him, because they’ll melt and he will get stronger. His unwitting allies are the radical Left, too. Their enemy is Trump’s enemy. It’s simply brilliant strategy, and all based upon doing the right things, and forcing his enemy to campaign on the wrong things, that NOBODY supports in the clear light of day. Even Pelosi is figuring this out, with USMCA.

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      • Kintbury says:

        I read yesterday that he fired some people who were in charge of a department involved in sexual assault cases. They wanted his brother in law to register as a sex offender and he fire them. The brother in law apparently then went on to do it again. He is toast.

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    • Trump Train says:

      No arrest and conviction of the sedatous traitors, no coordinated effort on the state level to combat voter fraud = no way in hell Trump gets reelected. Sad but true.

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    • L. E. Joiner says:

      Patrick was known as ‘Small Deval’ here in Massachusetts.


  28. Blind no Longer says:

    The number one thing that is going to destroy the Dems and Yovanovich, is President Zelensky’s statement that she never excepted his election and supported the previous president.

    When she starts crying/whining about people undermining her—well let’s just go to that statement made by President Zelensky himself. She did not accept his election and supported the previous president of Ukraine. Uhhh, does this sound familiar? President Zelensky considered himself a reformer and took his cues/learned from President Trump, hence Deep State resistance to even another country’s president. Zelensky promised to drain his Swamp.

    Why would President Trump keep an ambassador to Ukraine that was trying to actively work against a newly elected president there? He wouldn’t. So she can whine, she can cry and talk about how she’s dedicated her life to service, bla, bla, bla, and all that other elistist bullshit….But President Zelensky’s own words nail her to the wall.

    It’s gonna be fun to watch.

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  29. jimboct says:

    I’m curious if old shifty will allow hearsay today or not? After he changed the rules yesterday, it should be harder for lawfare to lead witnesses.
    Remember Alinski. Hold them to their own rules.
    I think it’s going to be a drama filled day today. Tears and all LOL

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  30. StanH says:

    Boy the concern trolls are active.

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  31. ethicall says:

    “Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution so if
    you ·can look into it … It sounds horrible to me” President Trump did say he wanted Ukraine to look in to Biden and his role in getting the prosecutor who was investigating Burisma? fired. It was completely appropriate for the President to make that request.

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  32. Bogeyfree says:

    For the longest time I wondered just how deep is the swamp. At first I thought this was a small group contained in the FIB, C_A and DOJ as they were the ones doing the plotting and all the early take downs.

    But after listening to the entire Glen Beck video from two nights ago, I now see that the DS is literally everywhere, embedded in our federal government and specifically deeply embedded within and funded by the state department and us.

    Then you look around and see what happened in Egypt, ME, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Turkey, Chile and others and you see that this is a massive global organization bent on undermining countries, moving their ideology far left, rewriting their constitutions and inserting their own hand picked leaders all for the purpose of power, control and money.

    This video should be mandatory for ALL Americans to see and you realize just how massive the DS has become globally and you see how their open society ploys coupled with NGO’s are their seed tools used to undermine a country’s culture, values and government.

    You see these same seeds popping up in America right now.

    Education and the truth are the tools to begin to fight this which is why I hope everyone at CTH will view this and refer your friends and family to view it too as it absolutely provides the basic understanding of the DS and how they work today.

    You come away from the video screaming and hoping that Barr and Pompeo are pure white hats or this battle in front of us is going to be very, very long and brutal one if it is just PT and us.

    I never realized just how important of a role Pompeo plays in taking down the DS from within. We don’t talk about him like we do Barr but frankly much of the heavy lifting IMO rests with him in exposing the DS from within his department and then halting the open society programs and funding to NGO’s who undermine so many countries.

    I wish Sundance might take Beck’s video and do a dedicated thread on it not because any of this is new to him and many here but it would be a great leaning tool and thread for those like me who thought early on this was just a bunch of rogue left extremist in a few of our agencies and that if PT cuffed them they, this would all go away.

    This is truly a World War we are in and the DS roots, ideology, obsessions are far and wide and if America, this Republic falls then there is no doubt in my mind that all the generations that follow will be destined for a life of total misery, unrest, wickedness and evil.

    PT and his MAGA supporters are all that stands in their way. It is US that must rise up and become the 2nd Greatest Generation like our fathers or grandfathers before us did in WW2.

    MAGA is the last bastion of hope and this is why this truth, this knowledge and real understanding how the DS works is so important If we are going to overcome this true evil!

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    • Joemama says:

      Could you please provide a link or at least the title of the Glenn Beck video “from two nights ago”? I went to his facebook page & there are dozens of videos and multiple videos on the same day. Thanks in advance.


  33. The Swamp’s efforts to protect one of the world’s most blatant offenders (and, his boss) will finally be their undoing – and when the arrests start coming down, we may be surprised at some of the names because we (and they) assumed they’d never actually be charged. But, it is impossible to interpret “Biden’s Boast” in any way other than a confession; impossible to interpret “call him” as anything but naming a co-conspirator.

    The Swamp’s greatest fear, though, is the Ukranians and their new President, who ran on a ticket of “drain the swamp” also. They have resumed their investigation into Burisma and the Bidens, and this time there is no POTUS to “give them six hours.”

    All of the pushers of these hearings – Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, and so on – all of them were practicing various kinds of corruption in Ukraine an siphoning billions of dollars back to themselves.

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  34. Don McCoy says:

    Even Democrats know that Trump did nothing wrong. Their goal isn’t to make us believe he did–because the transcript proves they wrong in black and white. The goal of Democrats is to somehow force Americans to punish the POTUS even though everyone knows he’s innocent. They’re doing it with a combination of lies, character assaults, and simply by trying to wear down public resistance by sheer relentlessness…they want us to become so tired of their constant drumbeat of lies and constant acts of obstruction that we’ll throw up our hands and surrender Trump to them just to make it stop.

    They don’t know us very well…

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  35. Keep the faith Treepers!! President Trump is not going anywhere!💜

    Oh and Epstein didn’t kill himself!

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  36. L. E. Joiner says:

    Writes Sundance:

    You can see when you read the transcript, despite the media narrative to the contrary, President Trump did not ask President Zelensky to investigate former Vice-President Joe Biden.

    Well, the President does say in the call,

    The other thing, There’s a lot of talk about Biden’s son, that Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with the Attorney General would be great. Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution so if you can look into it… It sounds horrible to me.

    This of course is not a request for Zelensky to investigate, but to cooperate with our Attorney General in his investigation. But it’s vague enough that the Democrats can, and do, interpret it as a demand to “get dirt” on poor ol’ Joe, the President’s ostensible “political rival.” They’re hanging their whole “high crimes” (now “bribery”) mantra on this thin reed, and at this point they’ve got half the country believing them.

    The President keeps insisting the phone call was “Perfect,” which doesn’t mean anything. What he could do, in my opinion, is to explain his request to the American people, like this:

    (a) “Attorney General Barr is looking into Ukrainian corruption, including messing with our 2016 election, and also including Vice-Presidential conflict of interest when Slow Joe was VP;

    (b) “I simply requested President Zelensky to cooperate with Barr’s investigations;

    (c) “This is right and proper and in accordance with the 1998 Treaty of Cooperation that President Clinton signed, obligating the USA and Ukraine to help each other with criminal investigations;

    (d) “And this is what I mean by ‘perfect’, i.e. there was nothing at all wrong with it. My request was entirely legal and in accord with my Constitutional duty to enforce the laws of the United States.”

    Mr Trump himself suggested a “Fireside Chat.” This would be the perfect (!) vehicle.

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  37. Shyster says:

    I love this site and the work you do Sundance. Your articles and the comments posted are my go to for the truth and intelligent and fair analysis; however, and with all due respect to you Sundance, you are incorrect. As I already pointed out in a previous post. PDJT DID ASK ZELINSKY TO INVESTIGATE BIDEN. This is not a matter of opinion, it is a matter of fact and it is disingenuous and misleading to state otherwise. From the transcript PDJT stayed: “… so Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution so if you can look into it…it sounds horrible to me.”


    • Your limited quote is cherry-picking, of a conversation that was in fact revealing, on the presidential level of seeming casual talk, of the complicated, high-level corruption occurring in Ukraine relating to our 2016 presidential election. The July 2019 call was in fact a typical POLITICAL documentation, getting in the points both presidents wanted to document, and following upon the earlier phone call between the two, which President Trump has slyly mentioned so everyone would do well to wait for what was said in that one, to see the full context of this seemingly gentle but presidential (for the record, and history) talk.

      So, best to read the transcript with that in mind, and wait for the first call’s transcript to come out. Or at least, listen to those who have reported for some time that these calls were not initiations from Trump, so much as they were in belated response to the new Ukraine government, who tried for months to inform the Trump administration of what the Democrats–including especially the US ambassador, Yovanovich–were doing, both in 2016 and afterward, when Yovanovich was keeping Ukraine from getting through to Trump. In this 2nd call, Zelensky calls her Ivanovich, and says (referring obliquely to the 1st call) “I wanted to tell you about her…”

      And that part of the conversation in which President Trump mentions Biden is all about the fact that Ukraine had its own criminal investigation — the “prosecution” mentioned even in your little bit of quote — going (and as we all know, outside of this call, Biden in fact got it shut down by threatening to withold a billion dollars in aid, and by dropping, “if you don’t think I can do it, just call the President”–which was Obama). Trump begins by mentioning that prosecution, then that “everyone is talking” about it being shut down, by shutting down the prosecutor, and “that’s really unfair”. President Trump then says he will have both Giuliani — “a highly respected man…the mayor of New York City — and the Attorney General (Barr) call President Zelensky. “Rudy very much knows what’s happening and he is a very capable guy. If you could speak to him that would be great.”
      Then he mentions Yovanovich: “The former ambassador from the United States, the woman, was bad news and the people she was dealing with in the Ukraine were bad news so I just wanted to let you know that.” (This is called getting the story straight for history, and for any attacks by the criminal Democrats.) THEN he mentions Biden and Biden’s son, IN THE CONTEXT OF THE UKRAINE PROSECUTION BEING SHUT DOWN (again, by Biden’s threats, and Obama’s mandate). So the two presidents got the information they wanted down in this call; and that — and especially, because it was all true — made it a “perfect” call.

      Sorry for going on. Just read the transcript more fully, understand the full context, and wait and see what comes out about the previous call, which should deal more with what Zelensky “wanted to tell” Trump all those months.

      Liked by 1 person

  38. railer says:

    We do appear to be having an influx of false flag posters in here. It’s a somewhat nuanced approach they take, but it sort of jumps out at you if you’ve browsed this site long enough. TCH must be hitting paydirt if it’s drawing such attention.


    • ann says:

      Raider, I cannot pick out false flag & roll con people . On Breibart, eventually, yes, but I stopped posting on other sites because of the mean weird agendas of participants,

      I admit to getting Emotionally upset about our country, Not able to be a “popcorn eater”, too invested in the outcome, literally independence to pursue life free of an overweening exploitive despotic state & control by a permanent caste of oligarchs .
      🇺🇸🌸🦅. 5hats why I come here, Ad Rem and long time posters like you


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