Senate GOP Leadership Warns Trump: Any White House Attempt to Dismiss Impeachment Charges Will Fail…

They are called “decepticons” for a reason. McConnell is king, and Cornyn, Thune and Barasso are his praetorian guards.  {Go Deep}

Senator John Cornyn (TX), a key member of the Senate GOP leadership; and a member of the Senate Judiciary and Intelligence committees; warns the White House that a vote to immediately dismiss articles of impeachment and avoid a trial won’t work.

“There’s some people talking about trying to stop the bill, dismiss charges basically as soon as they get over here. I think that’s not going to happen. That would require 51 votes,” Cornyn told reporters Wednesday. “I think it would be hard to find 51 votes to cut the case off before the evidence is presented.”

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A top Senate Republican, John Cornyn, said on Wednesday that should the U.S. House of Representatives vote to impeach President Donald Trump, he doubts a motion in the Senate to immediately dismiss the charges would succeed.

Cornyn, who spent years as the Senate’s no. 2 Republican, said such a motion would not receive the 51 votes necessary in the Republican-controlled Senate to pass. He said he was confident that ultimately, a vote in the Senate to remove Trump from office would fail. (read more)

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, is one Republican senator who previously hinted at the possibility of advancing a motion to dismiss the articles of impeachment. However, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told GOP colleagues during a lunch meeting last month any motion to dismiss would have to come from the president’s defense team after the impeachment managers deliver the articles to the Senate.

…Senate Republicans, even though they control 53 seats, don’t think there would be enough unity within their conference to dismiss charges against Trump before the prosecutors and defense have a chance to lay out their arguments and senators have a chance to ask questions and deliberate. (link)

One of the problems in the Senate trial is the participation of the SSCI within the network of interests working to eliminate candidate Trump and then President Trump from office.

SSCI Chairman Richard Burr doesn’t go on an political targeting expedition like that without the approval of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.   Yes, it really is that simple.

To remind ourselves how Minority and Majority Senator McConnell took down the threat of the Tea Party revisit these old articles CNN Part I and CNN Part II  both showcase how McConnell works.   Then do some research on how McConnell worked with Haley Barbour in Mississippi [SEE HERE].

The Tea Party was a risk to McConnell in 2010-2014 the same way MAGA coalition is to McConnell in 2016-2020.   Take nothing for granted.


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481 Responses to Senate GOP Leadership Warns Trump: Any White House Attempt to Dismiss Impeachment Charges Will Fail…

  1. David DeAtkine says:

    BS .. but Trump will prevail

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    • Diana Allocco says:

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    • mr.piddles says:

      Probably. But that doesn’t address the problem. The Big Elephant In The Room, if you will. Or should I say: The Big RINO In The Room. Elephant… RINO… same diff.

      These people expressly work against the will and benefit of The People. More accurately: there’s no “work” involved, per se… they just don’t care, and do their own thing regardless. There is enough empirical evidence to prove this assertion. D.C. is a sheltered, self-interested Political Bubble.


    • The Third Man says:

      The Trump Curse will do serious harm to them all.
      You’ll see.
      BTW: RBG was absent and sick again.
      Yes, yes, it’s not cool to wish ill upon anyone but….

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      • Jimmy Jack says:

        I don’t wish well for a woman who openly has worked tonkegaliE sex with 12 year olds and the murder of infants and I’m. It ashamed to say it. Even Jesus whipped the money changers. The. virtue signaling towards murderous demonic scum like McCain and RBG needs to stop already.

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      • gigi says:

        RBG is vile (if she’s even still alive. Remember El Cid?) Just look at her positions and SC voting record. Nuf sed.

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    • Bradley says:

      It would not be smart to cut it off without a trial. A trial is good for us and for Trump. Schiff is depending on the Rs complaining (correctly) that he ran a circus and therefore he believes that the Rs will stop it fast based on that. It is exactly what he wants.

      The last thing Schiff wants is for this to move into a process that he can no longer control. Schiff would be a fact witness (he’d be toast), so would Ciaramella. We could parade one after another of the Spygate crooks up there, anyone that had anything to do with Ukraine. It would be devastating for the Dems.

      No, I want this to go one of two ways- 1) The Dems chicken out and drop it (it might happen) 2) We have a full trial that shows the whole picture. The Rs will support Trump or they are toast for years, none of us is going to help them. They know it.

      If the Rs just drop it in the Senate that’s Schiff’s IDEAL scenario. He would then say that Trump was correctly impeached and the Rs were corrupt and partisan and protected Trump. The truth is on our side.

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      • The Boss says:

        The question remains as to whether Senate GOP has the guts to call Ciaramella or Schiff to testify openly and without preconditions. They are after all a pretty gutless bunch.

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      • FrankieZee says:

        I agree with you, but it will never get to that point. PIGLOSI and SCHIFF for BRAINS can never let it go to trial in the Senate. I think by the end of this week it is over.

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      • Chris K says:

        I agree with this scenario, and do not concur with this or the previous article (re: Burr).

        This is a warning shot to the Democrats, not Trump.

        I had thought impeachment was a foregone conclusion, but after today’s utter debacle, not so sure.

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      • Laronda says:

        My thoughts exactly!


      • TJ's Tree Watering Service says:

        I think there is a real chance that once the Dem’s from the swing districts that Nancy is so concerned about protecting, or more precisely, their constituents, see and hear this flimsy evidence that Schiff is trying to cram down everyone’s throat, will inform her that they will not vote to impeach. It very well may not make it out of the House.

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        • technoaesthete says:

          How many impeachment votes have they already had in the House that failed? 3? I don’t think the probability is improving for a vote to pass.


      • Beau Geste says:

        Agreed, Bradley. In addition, the “trial” gives PDJT communication access to the public, which is denied by the monopolized media. All the spies and perps can be called as witnesses. All the Dem (and Rino) corruption can be fully described and put in the permanent historical record. The IG horowitz report(s) wil be out, and Durham will (hopefully) have indicted coup plotters, at least some of whom are the same, or aligned.

        The necessary publicity will also give PJT supporters full time to advise and promise the GOPe that if PDJT is impeached, no republican will be elected in 2020.


      • Jeff says:

        They don’t need ALL Republicans to vote for it. Just a few, 20 or so. Surely the Turtle could bend some retiring Senators and we can count on the Romneys, Murkowskis, Collinses et al for the yes vote. And then Mitch can come out and posture that “The majority of Republicans opposed it, it was just those few that voted for it.” Thereby giving the GOPe cover. Mission accomplished at the cost of a handful of Senators. You think Mitch and Company would turn down that deal? They don’t want the majority anyway, Republicans hate being the majority. That only means they have to be responsible for something. When they’re in the minority, the can more comfortably go with the flow, while claiming that “We’re only the minority, there’s not much we can do.”


      • the5thranchhand says:

        Lots of wisdom in your post Bradley. Thank you.


  2. I’d expect nothing less from these traitorous RINOs.

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  3. Bocephus Rex says:


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  4. Apollo says:

    IF the process is used to expose the Democrat scheming, I would welcome a Senate trial. With the President having the right to compel witnesses–put Adam Schiff on the stand!!–and have HIS people asking questions. That sounds pretty good to me, maybe even necessary, after the hash the House is going to make of their one-sided railroading process.

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  5. CopperTop says:

    Subject: What 1 Senator can do?

    Can 1 Senator (Paul) stop a vote if not all 100 members of Senate are Present???

    With corrupt SSCI and Decepticons at the gate, that’s the ONLY thing that matters, Right?

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    • Tl Howard says:

      Let’s en masse let Cornyn know what we know about Burr and the entire of the SSCI. If they know we know, they’ll NOT WANT a trial in the Senate as WE will want Burr, Rubio and all the others, including the weasel Cornyn to be unMASKED.

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  6. Apollo says:

    IF the process is used to expose the Democrat scheming, I would welcome a Senate trial! Give the President and his people the right to compel witnesses and expose the scheme for all to see!!

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  7. Apollo says:

    Are my comments not posting? I’m confused.

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  8. Dances with Wolverines says:

    Thats why I hate the Republicans just as much as I do the Democrats.

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  9. Parker Longbaugh says:

    A shooting war you say! O. K.If that what it takes.


  10. Nom de Blog says:

    If the soap box, ballot box, and jury box are of little use I am not sure what our current corrupt political leaders think Americans will turn to next.

    But I wouldn’t want to be down range.

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    • amazed treetop downlooker says:

      true Patriots may well have to resort to:

      Line is SET,
      _ _ _ _ !

      Rue the (?possible?) day !


    • If the soap box, ballot box and jury box are of little use, the Patriots might turn to the cartridge box.


    • I have been asking myself the same question Nom de Blog.

      Do these corrupt DC politicians really think that the voters will allow them to take Pres Trump out of office?

      I know they live in a bubble but I also know that they poll like crazy.

      Some of them know what kind of a chance they are taking.

      Sundance talks about the trillions of dollars at stake and I believe that but I also believe that there is something else at stake.

      It feels like a bad guy has a gun to their kids head somewhere and is saying “do this ( all the anti Trump stuff) or the kid dies”.

      The Dems are pushing this Trump Derangement Syndrome with such fervor it feels like more than just the greed for money is fueling it.

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  11. CopperTop says:

    Subject: What 1 Senator can do

    Can 1 Senator (Paul) stop the Senate vote unless all Senators are present?

    With corrupt SSCI and Decepticons at the gate. That’s all that matters, correct?


  12. Blue Wildflower says:

    I will be calling Cornyn in the morning to tell him, I didn’t vote for him last time and I will not vote for him this time unless President Trump ask me to vote for you.

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    • NOG says:

      A better method to be heard is to contact every down ballot Repub and tell THEM no money or votes from you and yours. When fine Senator Cornhole has all the down ballot names yelling at his staff he will get the message much better. Not that he will care about those “minor league” barely above dirt people. I am contacting first my county Repub office and my state rep’s office.

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    • R Daneel says:

      I regularly comm to the fraud Cornyn and never get a reply. He is Deep State swamp rat. If Trump is removed I will never bother voting again. We need to starve the beasts.


  13. To even go along with the presumption that this garbage deserves being passed to the Senate in the first place is a slap in the face to the electorate.

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  14. Of Course they would find 53 votes (No Name being the exception) if ANY one of the GOPe were President. Maybe even 54+ if it is a Uniparty President.


  15. SeekerofTruth says:

    Perfect, ask for it to be dismissed immediately and expose those who don’t vote for dismissal. It would be political suicide for them.

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    • vikingmom says:

      Exactly!! Which is why Mitch can’t take the chance of actually taking a vote…even Susan Collins saw the writing on the wall when she voted to confirm Kavanaugh. The voters were furious about that sham accusation – even the liberal voters in Maine – and she knew it!

      If the Senate has to vote to remove a President with over 90% approval rating among Republicans there is no one, other than Pierre Delecto, who will actually vote in favor of removal.

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  16. wj2016 says:

    Not sure why everyone is so upset about this. To win the pr battle the GOP has to at least make the effort to hear the case and appear un-biased. There is not a chance in the world the Senate will vote to convict. Maybe 2 or 3 traitors might. The good thing there is that they are exposed for what they are.

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  17. benifranlkin says:

    Yah but UpChuck Shumer doesn’t want a drawn out trial because of all the dirt that would stick to the Dems and it would impede his crummy Senate candidates from campaigning for 2020 elections. If the Dems vote to impeach which I think is increasingly unlikely, it will end up in an abbreviated acquittal in the Senate. At this rate it is just not worth it for the Dems to impeach anyway.

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  18. All Too Much says:

    From CNN 2, above, about the Chamber of Commerce:

    “In doing so, the Chamber has planted itself firmly on the front line of the GOP establishment’s push to extinguish tea party ideologues wherever they threaten business-backed candidates — in Mississippi, Alabama, Ohio, Kentucky, and elsewhere.”


  19. cheekymeeky says:

    Hit them and hit them hard. Expose them. Don’t stop.


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  20. cplogics says:

    Strategy be damned. The fact that the Decepticons like McConnell and Cornyn have not spoken out about the sham clown show in the House should be enough to tell the President’s base who supports him in the Senate. They know they can stab Trump in the back and not pay a price because our alternative is far more bleak with a Dem President and Congress than with the Rinos. They are playing the long game with the voters. They don’t give a damn about our President nor his agenda. All they care about is preserving their power. I hope the first thing the President does if reelected is fire Elaine Chao’s ass and send it on a silver platter to McConnell’s office.

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  21. littleanniefannie says:

    If Nazi Piglosi can take the hearings away from Judiciary, who says the SSCI (which has already been compromised by the W boys (Warner and Wolfe), and give it to another committee—not Judiciary (no way can I take another Spartacus moment or have Heels Up spin around into her Wonder Woman outfit (after all, we know she has a live tv clothes fetish).


  22. Bogeyfree says:

    Can you imagine how 62 million MAGA supporters might react if absolutely NO evidence of any crimes are uncovered during the trial but at least 19 Republicans still vote to impeach?

    So when do we hear from Mitch that hearsay information is just as important as first hand information?

    Nothing would surprise me from this group.

    Julius Caesar had only one Brutus while PT IMO has a room full of Brutus’s

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    • bluecat57 says:

      During the trial? There is none for ever the impeachment articles


    • The Third Man says:

      62,000,000 voters is a big number,
      how many of them did not vote in November 2019?
      That’s the key.


    • mr.piddles says:

      It’s not 62 million. But it is definitely 30+ million. Say 10% can make it to D.C. on some particular Monday, rain or shine. Say 15%… that’s a helluva lot of people. You could pretty easily shut down the Capitol Building for a few days, maybe a week. Maybe two weeks. Hell, folks camp out overnight just to go to a 2 hour Trump rally. Once that gets rolling you’ll probably get a few more hundred thousand to join in. It’s called Civil Disobedience. No sticks or rocks necessary. No cement milkshakes or black ski masks or Molotov cocktails. Just a bit of organization, American flags as far as the eye can see, and a will to not bow to the Powers That Be (yes, that’s poetic, if I don’t say so myself).

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      • It is 62 million Mr Piddles.

        We all may not be able to make it to DC but we can hope for it.

        And the several million that can not make it to DC can make it to two or three alternate rally points.

        We can make ourselves heard if our elected DC critters ignore our email and phone calls and take out our President Trump.

        We might consider the alternate rally points to be the state capitals of the Republican senators who voted against President Trump.

        Or their home towns.

        Making a huge noise in the traitors home state or home town might get their attention.

        Just a thought.


    • olddog35 says:

      “Can you imagine how 62 million MAGA supporters might react if absolutely NO evidence of any crimes are uncovered during the trial but at least 19 Republicans still vote to impeach?”

      It won’t be imaginary.

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      • deeperinfo says:

        People might be getting a few ideas from the Free Chinese…
        mass protest from the right would be a mind blower for the GOPe.
        How about a worker’s strike and occupy DC?
        No violence, just lots and lots of people in the way and stopping the city.
        Oops… sorry, gridlock.

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  23. Shepdog3720 says:

    My question is this: “Should Democrats in the House vote to impeach (they will), then why would we want the Senate to simply quash the trial? Won’t having a trial truly allow the Senate to subpoena many of these seditious fools and expose this entire attempted takedown of Pres Trump for what it is/was? I would think, as long as the Republican Senators hold firm as a party, this would be much more valuable from a stragetic standpoint. Am I wrong?


  24. Loren says:

    Neocon Rhinocrats. They are now lower than the DemonRats.
    Tell you how I’m thinking, at this point, why do we need congress if they are leaving major decisions of to low level bureaucrats.
    The farce we are witnessing is that these low level bureaucrats make most policy decisions in the field, seem we are paying congress and past administrations to do nothing but act like the clowns they are for the media.


  25. bluecat57 says:

    What evidence?

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    • WVNed says:

      For what?


      • bluecat57 says:

        For anything they are accusing Trump of. The only “evidence” they have is that they disagree with Trump.

        Heck, if that is evidence of a crime then they are all guilty of crimes because I disagree with them.

        Who do I report that to to get them arrested? Apparently, their constituents are too dumb to understand that they are being Represented In Name Only.

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  26. iowan2 says:

    Unless Schiff has two or three more whistle blower lined up to extend this thing. I’m not so sure Pelosi wants to take this stinker to the Senate. Letter of censure? Maybe.

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    • mimbler says:

      Schiff has already leaked everything he’s got IMO. I don’t think it is going to the Senate.


      • joshashland says:

        mimbler, you may be right. They’ve already had 3 bills of impeachment brought up in the House. I think it was 38…68….and 98 votes to impeach.
        Don’t think they’ll get it. Too much to lose.

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  27. Personally, I see that we have no choice but to file Trump v. US House of Representatives, taking it immediately and directly to the US Supreme Court.

    Because, IMHO, this entire thing is Unconstitutional to its face. The Founders of our country clearly anticipated that impeachment would one day be used to demote the Presidency to a token who would rule “at the pleasure of Congress.” They were extremely aware of the evils of the “Bill of Attainder,” which over the centuries of history have been used to execute many thousands of people. They were extremely careful to apportion the “separation of powers” in their brand-new Constitution, and they wrote very extensively about their intentions.

    None of this is important to Congressmen who are dead-set to protect their institutional lawlessness (in Ukraine and elsewhere), and we should not assume that Senators would actually feel any different. “All of them, without exception, are corrupt.”

    So, IMHO, the only way forward is to directly confront this entire pan-Congressional conspiracy in the only remaining venue which is not Congressional. You must assert the separation of powers. You must assert that this proceeding is – as the Founders anticipated – an overglorified “Bill of Attainder.” You must assert that “impeachment” is not a weapon. That the Executive Branch of our Government does not serve at the pleasure of the [corrupt …] Legislature.

    January 20, 2021: the President and the Vice-President are sworn in.
    January 21, 2021: the President and the Vice-President are impeached, and the Speaker of the House is sworn in.
    January 20, 2024: the President and the Vice-President are sworn in.
    January 21, 2024: the President and the Vice-President are impeached, and the Speaker of the House is sworn in.
    January 20, 2028: the President and the Vice-President are sworn in.
    January 21, 2028: the President and the Vice-President are impeached, and the Speaker of the House is sworn in.
    • […]

    Is that the future that you want? Our Founders didn’t think so, either …

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  28. Anyone who thought POTUS was going to be delivered into Beijing Mitch’s Star Chamber without set-traps to convict and remove him haven’t been correctly weighing the ferocity of the war on Trump. This is the forum they’ve wanted him in for years. If he gets out of this ‘alive’ then it’s an unimpeded sprint to Election Day. They may play games with the Present provision to protect certain vulnerable RINOs. But if there was ever a time the Godfather will be calling on Bonasera to dress up the corpse it’ll be this time. What’s bigger than this? Nothing.

    They’ll weather the civic unrest. They’ve been shutting down the alt-media since the run-up to the midterms. I cannot fathom a rationale where they will NOT take the ‘kill shot’. The Senate well is Trump’s Dealey Plaza. Schiff is doing a poor job of furnishing the bullet. In the end this is not about MERIT, but about PROCESS. They own the process. They’ll make it fit the desired outcome, even if it has to work overtime. The media can make anything walk on water for half the country.

    Impeachment is a political process that only borrows legal language and trappings. The RINOs hate these epic moments when they have to show their true allegiances. They try to avoid them.However the immense power behind them will not be sympathetic to their individual political plights. They will try to protect them, but not at the cost of a missed shot.

    I wish I could see it otherwise. But the calculus seems pretty dead-set.

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    • IGiveUp says:

      If so, then that’s how democracy works. It’s limitation is that it cannot prevent tyranny. In fact, it’s voted for. Quite a fatal flaw.

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    • Chip Doctor says:

      While I agree with most of which you wrote, you are forgetting one very big aspect. Things are not going to be the same in 30 days. Heck, things might blow up tomorrow.

      The IG report is going to have some impact. It is likely that Barr and Durham will have an impact. PT holds cards that we don’t know about. Then there are the deploreables. Any one of these can completely change the dynamics of this whole scam.

      Elections are like this too. They are full of wild swings and surprises. Who could have predicted that Comey would reopen Hillarygate? Or that he would close it a few days later?

      We need to buckle up. It is going to be a wild ride. At the same time, we need to be ready to descend on DC by the millions before the Senate has the chance to take our great President out. We simply cannot wait to see what they might do.

      In the words of PT “let’s see what happens”.

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      • A wild ride? I’ve been waiting at the train station for my flight to leave. I might have to walk.


      • walt39 says:

        However we have literally NO idea when any of the various reports will be released. There’s no commitment and the individuals who may suffer when the reports come out have the power to delay their release for an extended period, even IF Barr and the rest want them finished and released: We Do Not Yet Know Where Barr Stands.


      • You are right about one thing Chip Doctor, things will be different in 30 days.

        The IG report may be helpful or it may not be.

        And things might be much different in just two weeks.

        It will be a long battle and the war we fight is, to be honest, never ending.

        This impeachment phony balony is just the latest skirmish of never ending battles that our enemies with throw at us.

        Donald Trump is our General now and will continue to be for the next five years.

        And when Pres Trump’s terms are over we will hopefully elect another good man to carry on.

        And I fully expect the anger and hatred and nastiness that the left is throwing at Pres Trump to continue on with who ever we manage to elect to continue our work in Restoring America to her Greatness.


    • Matthew LeBlanc says:

      I sorta see things exactly how you’re lining them up except for one massive wildcard, our VSG. I don’t say that lightly as I sense we are sleepwalking towards war (along with rest of the world). My hunch though is that PDJT has an ace up his sleeve with McConnell’s face on it or more accurately as you mention “the immense power behind them”. If Burr & Durham turns out to be head fake version 2019 then were screwed anyway.

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  29. Thrawlbrauna says:

    This is all fundraising guys… nothing more… If the RINO’s join with the Dems and remove Trump from office… they will all hang.


  30. peace says:

    Didn’t Lindsey say that if the hoaxblower did not testify, then the impeachment hoax was DOA when it came to the senate?

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  31. Aqua says:

    What Senator thinks President Trump wants to stop a trial?

    Let the farce play on to completion. Congress is getting killed, while the President just marches on. I highly doubt he cares any more.

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  32. This really pisses me off !

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  33. JohnCasper says:

    ““There’s some people talking about trying to stop the bill, dismiss charges basically as soon as they get over here. I think that’s not going to happen. That would require 51 votes,” Cornyn told reporters Wednesday. “I think it would be hard to find 51 votes to cut the case off before the evidence is presented.””,/i>

    This is very probably simply being realistic as Romney would most likely bring at least 2 other rats with him.


  34. Everett Miller says:

    any “articles of impeachment” brought without the benefit of Constitutional Protections–i.e. The Rules of Evidence used throughout our ‘Justice” system–should be dismissed out of hand. There should be exactly zero consideration of such false and unconstitutionally generated charges. If McConnell cannot see this truth and act accordingly, he should swing.
    BTW, where the heck is the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee? isn’t he supposed to be calling the ‘whistleblower’ and Schiff and his staffers and the IG and Brennan etc up to the Senate and kicking their asses up and down the hallways? WTF?


  35. Gary Lacey says:

    There is no fool like a RINO, impeach Trump and these bastards will never see the 2020 elections.(prognostication)


  36. Jimmy Jack says:

    I don’t take anything for granted and I am concerned this will move forward and corrupt scum of the earth Romney will publicly and privately work to get a coalition to vote against Trump w McConnells private approval.

    Open borders Bush puppet Cornyn is a disgrace to the state of Texas. I Wish Gohmert would run for his senate seat bc I think there’s a good chance he’s win it.

    I refuse to watch MSM news on this and am relying on Sundance and Webb’s analysis along with a random commenter here and there. I’m Th awful for honesty and solid analysis here. Thank you Sundance.


  37. tommylotto says:

    If they are tied up with an impeachment trial will they have time for a confirmation hearing for Ginsburg’s replacement? I think the confluence of impeachment, SCOTUS confirmation, presidential election, and Durham frog marching members of the prior administration to prison might be the tipping point. Stock up on ammo.


  38. davidberetta says:

    Clearly – LOTS of Blackmail goes on in DC. Congress is not only located in the Capitol…it is the Capital blackmail center throughout the planet earth.

    The planet continues be made up of Nations of 3rd World “communities” competing who is more (or less), corrupt. Freedom and Liberty seems to always be afterthought every time.


  39. Jay Currie says:

    Based on the weak tea presented today I suspect the Dems will declare the investigation concluded at the end of the public hearings and then, more in sorrow than in anger, vote a motion of censure against the Bad Orange Man. They will say that while impeachment is merited it would be too disruptive. The media will eat it up and the danger of an actual trial with actual rules and witnesses will be avoided.

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    • delighteddeplorable says:

      Yep. Censure is Piglosi’s escape route. She can dress it up with all kinds of justification, for the good of the country, blah blah blah. So they vote to censure VVVSGPDJT, thereby securing his reelection. Fine. Good. Bring it.


    • jus wundrin says:

      Im not sure that will happen. The dims, if they have a few brain cells, should be aware of the violent portion of their base that will only settle with Trumps head delivered on a platter. If that were not to happen, I think the BIG blue cities will suffer the consequences with major riots, etc.

      Since the can of worms has been opened,nanzi needs a scapegoat, and one way or the other, the senate repubs will provide that for her.

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  40. Evileye says:

    Consider this; As of this moment there are 5 Dem Senators who are Presidential candidates in 2020. Somehow I don’t think they are going to want to be tied up in a BS trial while their competitors aren’t so encumbered. And, considering the Dems still think Biden running for office makes him immune to justice for some bizarre reason…. just how fair is it for 5 people with direct conflicts of interest having a vote on impeachment of their opponent?

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  41. georgemh says:

    Try doing what is right. That would be refreshing.

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  42. The only hope I have in Mitch is that he wants to be re-elected in 2020. He is such a weasel that if he could manipulate impeachment and look innocent he would.
    We have to get the message to Mitch that he will be ditched if he allows PDJT to be impeached and make him believe it. How to do that I don’t know. But I’m sure someone does.


    • mr.piddles says:

      “How to do that I don’t know.”

      The day that The Articles are delivered to The Senate, VSGPDJT summons Murkowski, Collins, Romney, and their boss, The Turle, to The Oval for a “frank discussion”. At that point VSGPDJT presents the following:

      “You may not like my policies, and you may not like me personally. But if you buy into this Constitutional Farce and vote to impeach me, you can be ASSURED that I will end each of your political careers, and all the Spoils Of Power that they entail, within the next calendar year. My policies have decimated the economy of the largest country on Earth. The World Economy is eating out of my hand. Millions of Americans fervently support me, and 10’s of thousands at a time attend my political rallies. If you want to play politics, we can play politics. But just remember: the deck is stacked against you.”

      And then you offer them a slice of chocolate cake and a cup of coffee.

      Any RINO and vulnerable Dem Senator who votes for removal will find themselves in a Political Sh*t Storm in 2020. If Trump is actually convicted by The Senate, the Republican Party as we know it will cease to exist, and you can bank on that. As it was, the aforementioned Lil’ Ol’ Tea Party movement was a distinct threat to the D.C. Power Structure. And that was “just” a bunch of folks that wanted to reform the system and redefine D.C.’s interpretation of “conservatism”. On the other hand: impeachment conviction would be the realization of a literal coup… and that will not end well on many levels.


  43. Roger Duroid says:

    They will get 49 votes to dismiss so pence can’t tie break and only have to expose 4 gop as anti trump. All retiring ones so no harm to them. Like “i’m concerned “collins and 3 others.

    Liked by 1 person

  44. Mike in a Truck says:

    A trial is what I want. Call all these creeps and have them testify under oath. Brenan,Comey,Biden,HRC,BHO,etc.etc. all the stinken lot of them. Make it public so the American People see what corrupt swine they all are.

    Liked by 1 person

  45. Jambo says:

    “I think it would be hard to find 51 votes to cut the case off before the evidence is presented”

    Have the vote anyway and if there are not 51 then we know exactly who to get rid of if they are not already stepping down.

    Accountability people, you go against President Trump and the wishes of your voters then you need to be publicly exposed and you need to start looking for another job.

    Liked by 2 people

  46. wightmanfarm says:

    Wasn’t he just stating the fact that he probably would not get 51 votes, which is probably true. I didn’t take it as a warning.


    • mimbler says:

      Yes. And if it gets to the senate, all that comes over are the charges. What evidence do the dems have that would even be admissible? None of the hearsay, none of the opinions, not even the hurt feelings! They might well not be able to present a single thing as this is a criminal trial in the senate with all legal trial requirements.


  47. Alec Rawls says:

    If we could trust Senate leaders to let anti-Trump crimes by the cabal of accusers be exposed then a trial would be great. It would destroy the Democrats and boost Trump and the Republican party in general, but not ALL Republicans and there is the rub.

    Exposure would bring down the Senate leaders who will control any hearing and they are willing to destroy America rather than face their shame, turning a situation that ought to be an easy win for a party that controls two arms of government into a minefield. God protect our great President Trump.

    One bright possibility it seems to me is that Trump could sue Congress, depending on the precise articles of impeachment, on grounds that policy disagreements over the use of his Article II powers cannot be considered any kind of crime or misdemeanor, any more than Congress can pass laws that try to abridge his Article II powers as established by prior constitutional jurisprudence.

    This is what the Democrats did to Governor Perry in Texas: prosecuting him on grounds that he had abused his powers under the state constitution, meaning they were second guessing his use of powers that according to the constitution they had no say over, as the Texas Supreme Court ultimately ruled.

    Impeachment may be political rather than criminal but Congress still cannot define something as a crime that, under separation of powers doctrine, they have no constitutional power to define as a crime.

    Such a gambit by Trump might allow the case against impeachment to be aired before reaching the Senate. It would be request for a pre-trial stay until the issue of the constitutionality of charges could be ruled on by the Supremes.

    Wouldn’t that give Chief Justice John “my job is to defend the Court, not the Constitution” Roberts a heart attack. Lol.


  48. fanbeav says:

    Miss Graham just stated on Tik Toc Hannity no Whistleblower testimony no trial in Senate


  49. dustahl says:

    Let them out themselves, but the senators are afraid of outing themselves , also.
    so, Senate wants face time but fears face time. Let , good men stand and the deep state , hide.


  50. WES says:

    I think those who think Nancy doesn’t want this to end up in the Senate are dead wrong!

    Why would she want it to end up in the Senate?

    There are few arms to be twisted in the House.

    But there many arms that can be twisted in the Senate!


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