The Silence of The Shams – “Some Witness Reviews Still Being Negotiated”…

The Washington Post jumps-in to the Horowitz ‘principal review’ timeline adding that some of the opportunities for witnesses to review the final draft report are “still being negotiated”, likely by the attorney’s for the principals.

Take all reporting on this two-week review phase with a grain of salt. Despite the NDA’s there will be a rush to control the narrative.  “People familiar with the matter” will start popping up in the Washington Post, New York Times, Politico, Buzzfeed and CNN.

There is likely to be a flood of spin from the PR teams behind each principal outlined in the report.  Lawyers for James Comey and Andrew McCabe will be using every angle of Lawfare imaginable to attempt to shape their clients image within the report.

Lawyers, Lawfare legal teams, and DC-based PR consultants for Sally Yates, John Carlin, Mary McCord, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Hillary Clinton, James Baker, Michael Kortan, Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller, Andrew Weissmann, Chris Steele, Glen Simpson, Nellie Ohr, Bruce Ohr, John Brennan, James Clapper and many more will all be working at courtroom rates to control any report damage for their clients.

The Obama administration will be working in the background, while Fusion-GPS takes in fees and pays their primary journalists and narrative engineers premium rates for column inches that protect their client interests.  This is one big confab of interests all positioning to control any negative impressions and highlight their magnanimous patriotic activity.

Watch and we will see full deployment of the justification defense and “outrage trap“.  After all, according to their predictable defenses, there was evidence, even if slight, that President Trump was a Russian asset belonging to Vladimir Putin…. it had to be taken seriously, etc.  Even the Republicans in congress were alarmed.

We are going to see the Intelligence Community Assessment deployed as a shield… see, even the entire intelligence community was concerned about Russia; so we had to use the FISA process…. because these were unprecedented times, unprecedented threats, etc.

Spying, surveillance, unmasking, electronic monitoring, all of it will be deemed as necessary because the system of our entire governmental apparatus was under attack…

You know the routine.

Watch for it in the next two weeks; watch who is protesting the loudest; and we will be able to identify where Horowitz’s report was targeting the hardest.  Look for the tell-tale signs of ‘justifications’ and who is deploying those justifications to excuse their involvement.

WaPo – The Justice Department inspector general has begun scheduling witnesses to review draft sections of his report on the FBI’s investigation of President Trump’s 2016 campaign — the clearest indication yet that the long-awaited document will soon be released publicly, people familiar with the matter said.

Several witnesses have been scheduled or are in talks to review sections of the report dealing with their testimony in the next two weeks, the people said on the condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive matter. That could mean public release is imminent, though the witnesses will be allowed to submit feedback — which could spark more investigative work and slow down the process.

The particulars for each witness’s review were not immediately clear and in some cases were still being negotiated. The inspector general’s office will probably offer relatively short windows for witnesses to submit feedback and take other steps to prevent leaks, as it often does in sensitive and high-profile cases. (read more)

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201 Responses to The Silence of The Shams – “Some Witness Reviews Still Being Negotiated”…

  1. FL_GUY says:

    I am ready for all the traitors to be arrested by the military and sent to Gitmo for a tribunal trial. I’m sick of them and their attempt to control the government. Looks like the “president’ has been a puppet for a long time and they can’t stand a REAL President. Time for them to go.

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  2. Wilbur says:

    If Trump had simply declassified everything two years ago like he promised this asinine circus, where the felons review and edit the indictments, could have been avoided. As it is the truth will never be known with armies of lawyers fixing the story to suit their crooked agendas.

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    • gunrunner03 says:

      But no, we’re told “4-D chess is being played,” “just wait and see–it’s the long game that counts,” and/or “can’t do that now because . . .” It’s all b.s. Republicans are being out played by Pelosi and Lawfare. It’s not even a fair fight. Allies of the President don’t really seem to be allies at all. (GOP control of the Senate comes immediately to mind.) The number of folks that President Trump can count-on probably fit comfortably into a VW Beetle. Think about it, the only group of advisors who remain solidly behind the President and provide little/or no controversy are the Econ Team members.


  3. Mo says:

    Did y’all see Lintsey say Risch would need to call Biden to testify since he runs foreign relations committee and they have oversight on State dept?


    • 1riot1ranger says:

      Biden is a former Senator. Member of the “Fraternity”. They aren’t touching him. Matter of fact, they intend to slow up Warren and Sanders to help him


      • Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:

        I think he has to be protected because exposing QuidProJoe exposes the “ONE”.

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        • The Third Man says:

          A few short years after Americans were desperately leaping from the 95th floor of the WTC to escape the inferno created by vile, sub human Moslem savages, we wound up with a moslem chief of our CIA, moslimas in our Congress, moslem mayor in Maine, and a 1/2 negro, Indonesian moslem in our White House.
          It boggles the mind, shocks the senses, flies in the face of all credibility…

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          • MelH says:

            The Third Man, you echo my thoughts exactly. We would be called “racist” by many, I suspect because they have not researched exactly what it means to be Muslim and what that means for our Country.
            “Sticks and stones…”

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            • diogenes says:

              That’s because many people don’t accept that “Muslim” is synonymous with “demon-worshipping.” And I might even be underselling it to some degree.

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              • You sure are underselling it, but at least your lantern is lit up (hee-hee, see what I did there…Diogenes…oh well).

                Specifically, Muslim is synonymous with Mohammed-worshipping; they have always also been called Mohammedans on that account. The point being, just research what a poor excuse Mohammed was for a man. The illegitimacy of his “religion” has always been apparent, to anyone “with eyes to see”. Some of his own early Arabic biographers emphasized this.


          • GP says:

            Hi Riotranger-IMO disappointed is an understatement. As I have been saying 2 years, NO ONE IS GOING TO JAIL-or even be indicted.

            One does not get far in politics without a Potomac chip and/or get out jail free card. All those involved in this coup have a get out of jail free card…or 2 or 3 cards. And they have let Barr know they will play those cards if indicted. So Barr is DS. Get that through your head. Barr isn’t sending anyone to jail. Barr was approved by Mitch. Not Trump, Mitch chose AG Barr.

            All of these delays are not a coinkydink. Barr’s job is to guide “Spygate” flight to a soft landing…and doing a fine job of it.

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        • De Oppresso Liber says:

          Talk about exposure…..think about this:

          With all of the recent revelations into Ciaramella’s history and contacts, how damn funny would it be for HIM to be one of Horowitz’s criminal referrals?

          But, of course you are correct about Biden…..if he goes down, Ol’ Sparklefarts himself is in serious jeopardy.


        • chipin8511 says:

          Magic Knee-grow aka jug eared jesus of chi-town aka Choco..


        • 1riot1ranger says:

          Yes, unfortunately, I do not see this ending well for PDJT. As I can tell SD feels also. Too much money, too much squeeze at risk


      • Sentient says:

        Call his son, Hoover Biden, and let him demonstrate his vital skills for running a Ukie gas company.


    • Linda K. says:

      Yes, pathetic.

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  4. Greg1 says:

    The media will exceed their mind boggling capacity for dishonesty beginning very soon. All will be shaped as Trump is bad and they are all saints. After all, Trump is being impeached in the “fairest” and “most transparent” way ever done in history by the glorious democrats who only have the best interests of the country at heart.

    And all of the months of investigation leading up to these upcoming reports are just retaliation by that bad orange man.

    Yellow journalism of the late 1800’s is stunningly real journalism compared to MSM nowadays. They know it too, but the ends justify the means for them as they are liberals before anything else.

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  5. konradwp1 says:

    “Even Republicans in Congress…”

    No. Just a few foul RINOs in the pay of the CoC.

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    • Dutchman says:

      We will SEE how many Republican Senators, are willing to defy Mitch, and vote against conviction.

      Your a LOT more optimistic than I am.
      You do realise the ‘squishy’ Republicans is all a ruse, don’t you?

      McConnell dictates how each Senator votes, and thats how they vote.

      Blame McCain for Obamacare R&R not passing? Guaranteed, if McCain had been too ill to thumbs down, McConnell had others in the bullpen and warmed up, ready to take that bat.

      It was NEVER going to pass, no way.

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    • abdiesus says:

      not a few. Every.Single.One. Remember how many voted multiple times to prevent Trump a recess appointment? Every.Single.One.

      Now, it only takes a few to abstain from voting to tip the balance, so most Rs will vote against impeachment, though not enough to stop it from happening.

      But don’t let that fool you. Every.Single.One. is being paid by the enemies of Trump.

      Every. Single. One.


      • Judith says:

        Thank you. This bears repeating. Not one *single* Congressman permitted the President to appoint his own cabinet, which brings us to where we are today. Only *one* vote was needed.

        People are so slow on the uptake. Their brains simply cannot process the evil surrounding us. The Clintons AND the Bushes have been running this country like a racket. Think Gambinos and Lucheses.

        Since 1980, either a Bush or a Clinton has had a stranglehold on the White House. They had that so-called Patriot Act all set to go for 9/11 -or was that vice versa- and they have since completely weaponized our government against “we, the people.”

        Whatever happened to our rights against unreasonable search and seizure? Our right to bear arms? A free press? Freedom of speech and assembly? OUR RIGHT TO A PEACEFUL TRANSITION OF POWER?

        Hellary’s Wikileaks email (to Podesta?) stated that we the sheeple must remain “unaware and compliant.” Unaware of WHAT, pray tell? Their New World Order?

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  6. dufrst says:

    As much as they will worry about the IG report, it’s Durham they should really be afraid of! Last report I heard was he was in Australia interviewing Downer. He’s unraveling this conspiracy bit by bit. Tick tock!

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    • sundance says:

      That’s where the Trust The Plan goalposts will go after the IG FISA report.

      2018 – Trust the plan Sessions/Huber/Horowitz.
      2019 – Trust the plan Barr/Durham/Horowitz

      2020 – will be Trust the plan “Wait for Durham”…

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      • Ray Runge says:

        The “trust” is found in the exhaled currents from a tumultuous snore that propels the dust under the rug.

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        • littleanniefannie says:

          The Trust is actually in a vault somewhere and there are lots of them. These trusts contain the information on the offshore bank accounts for the Deep Staters. Billions of dollars of ill-gotten gain. As we patiently wait, the trust is growing for each of them. The whole system will need to be blown up and we need to return to our Constitutional roots, if possible. Greed. I only hope the fiery furnace of the after-life causes them great pain. It would be especially satisfying if the fiery furnace was powered by that Ukrainian gas!!

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      • 1riot1ranger says:



      • Roni says:

        Been following this from the beginning and 👆is depressing.


      • dufrst says:

        Too pessimistic tonight Sundance! We will win! The IG report will be released but I believe Durham is on course. Unlike Huber, we have a sense of what Durham is doing. He’s interviewing the right folks (such as Mifsud) to get to the bottom of this conspiracy. What was the predicate?

        No, we can’t liken this to Sessions/Huber. I called out Sessions very early while others had unfounded faith in him. This time I sense a genuine, righteous purpose on the part of Barr and Durham to get to root and then pull it out for all to see. Good investigations take time and I think Barr/Durham will fully vet this so that there’s no doubt when it all comes out.

        Always remember that without Barr, Mueller would still be in business. Barr shut that down and Mueller ended up looking like he needed to go to the old folks home! Have faith!

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        • Payday says:

          I tend to agree with this. PT is a counter puncher. He said he’s captured them all. Maybe they’ve just kept their powder dry, holding their fire until they see the bloodshot in their eyes. I think they’ve found their predicate and are ready to roll.

          Btw…nothing has been declassified yet. All their ammunition kept in storage until the great battle begins! And it’s now upon us.

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          • ‘Catching’ crooked Democrats has NEVER been the problem. They get exposed, caught, outed, all the time, year after year. It’s PROSECUTING them afterwards that never gets done.

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            • Payday says:

              It’s time for the hammer of justice. I gotta believe.

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              • CM-TX says:

                No, because Lawrence said so…


              • littleanniefannie says:

                The hammer of justice might be driven by a massive declass release. I don’t want President Trump to hint at what might be in those materials. I just want him to “let em fly”! When they start screaming, President Trump can sit back, smile and say “I tried to give you an out but you wouldn’t take it. Let the chips fall where they may. God bless America.”


            • The Third Man says:

              Yes, digitaldoofus, this the key.
              So many revelations, so many probable revelations, so much ticking and tocking…
              But they’ll never convict before a D.C. judge and jury.


              • CM-TX says:

                Correct. Last I heard, they were trying to put Jennifer Palmeiri (HRC Dir of Communications), or her husband, on his JURY! And the “Judge” was allowing it!

                Tainted jury pool for sure! Granted, he could definitely appeal later– but good luck getting it out of DC higher Courts! 🙄


                • CM-TX says:

                  Oops! *Roger Stone’s Jury.


                • littleanniefannie says:

                  One of President Trump’s main priorities should be a House cleaning in the DC circuit. Way too many Obama plants. Maybe a massive Round-Up drop in that courthouse. With all the lawsuits out there, I would bet Monsanto has a rather large supply to take out these “weeds”.


              • I could handle even frequent acquittals in front of (obviously) partisan, crooked DC juries — but we never even get THAT far! Our side doesn’t even hang indictments around their crooked necks! Even in an acquittal, they retain the stigma (and expense) of having been criminally prosecuted … and believe me, that is a punishment unto itself.

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            • mrsqt says:

              Digitaldoofus… NAILED it. There is overwhelming evidence of corruption, illegal activity, and outright abuse of power. There will be ZERO prosecutions simply because the above-mentioned crimes were committed by Demonrats.

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            • doohmax says:

              If the media doesn’t allow it, justice will not be served. The only reason Trump is under impeachment investigation is because the media is cheerleading Schiff and his band of idiots, Remember the circular justice they used: Leak to media, media reports, FBI uses media report to justify surveillance.


              • I know what you’re saying, but guess what? There is not a single component of a criminal prosecution that requires either the media’s approval or its participation. OUR SIDE could be indicting and prosecuting regularly…but we don’t.


          • Dutchman says:

            Sorry, guys.
            First off, IF Barr and Durham are cleaning up the mess on aisle 3, of coarse they would go to England, Italy and Australia, and say “give us everything you’ve got (so we can BURY it.

            More fundamentally, McConnell gave Barr confirmation. Ergo, Barr is a CLEANER, not a Housecleaner.

            Just cause you were right, early on about Sessions, doesn’t mean you haven’t fallen for the,same wishful thinking you derided the last time.

            Aside from what you may ‘semse’ there is NOTHING concrete, only innuendo and unamed sources and tick tock.

            And, McConnell confirmed Barr, and Barr recently briefed WHO?
            POTUS,….NO! He briefed GRAHAM, McConnells current #2.

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        • CM-TX says:

          Barr blew his cover when he corroborated the FAKE Russian Hacking.

          Fairly sure he had PDJT convinced if he agreed to release the report (against what the Law required), the whole Mueller BS would end.

          When in fact, it was simply a means of passing the baton to Congress… to carry forth in their Mission (Phase 3), the removal of PDJT – The Impeachment.

          Barr also convinced PDJT to relinquish his control & power to expose the BS & Fraud thru Declassification.

          The only way Barr can save himself & his credibility– is to flip the script, in that he was setting them ALL up to hang themselves.

          Only I don’t have much faith in Durham aka. Huber-Take 2 … The Biker Version! (B/c the “Deplorables/Trumpkins” will totally fall for it, again!)

          He’s survived far too long in the Swamp + look at what our (criminal) intel agencies were allowed to become– enemies of the people.

          We can hope he & Barr prove many wrong.
          We’ll wait ……… STILL waiting ……. and Waiting some more….. ⏱Tick-Flippin-Tock…. Where’s the ⏲ [“Ding-Ding”] part?
          Note: The clock seems to be broken, b/c the damn thing NEVER moves!

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      • CM-TX says:

        Here’s The Plan: Patience breeds complacency… meanwhile the crooks escape accountability. 🤨

        NEW PLAN: Never Forgive, Never Forget, Expect Us! 🇺🇸

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        • Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:

          And remember Dan Bonginos decree.
          “New Rules” !!!
          Even though our Reps(that can be trusted) are few. We have been and must continue to fight just like the dems and our VSGPDJT,

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      • Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:

        The “Trust the Plan” is gathering

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      • redline says:

        It’s not just that the goalpost has wheels; it’s mounted on a truck that says “U-Haul” across the back.


      • Doppler says:

        When is Judge Sullivan’s ruling due? If he orders everything Sidney Powell demanded disclosed, that would be a start.

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      • Garavaglia says:

        Yup. He could be doing all these interviews to create the illusion of investigating..but in reality just clearing them from any malfeasance. True story.


      • SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

        Goalposts of people who don’t know what’s exactly going, like you too, are always going back and forth.
        What counts is what President Trump planned when he learned about “Spygate” in 2016.


      • rmramerica says:

        “Trust the Plan” has the same meaning and significance as the word “hope”. You’re disappointed 90% of the time. That’s why it’s called “hope”.


      • queenouniverse says:

        Yes. And in the mean time we are subjected to “look,squirrel! Look, Squirrel! Look,squirrel ! And our heads and emotions turn like a swivel hook on my fishing rod. Exhausting.

        And That’s the plan.


      • Thank you very much, Kemosabee. Ditto from me.


    • Roni says:

      Not expecting anything significant from Downer, who was interviewed in London last month. According to the Washington Examiner, he denied undermining then candidate Trump.

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  7. Tall Texan says:

    God bless you, Sundance and thank you for all that you do!

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  8. SR says:

    This report has no meaning and fake msm would not cover it until indictments are announced. The fake Impeachment’s timing is all planned out with this report. There is no coincidence or natural in DC including weather, everything is planned.


  9. GTOGUY says:

    I don’t understand why these folks should be able to “review” their statements before the report is released. Did Gen. Flynn get to review his statements to Strzok and Piento when he was the NSA to President Trump?

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  10. GB Bari says:

    Well I had to read the WaPoop article before turning in. This story was shorter so not nearly as fictitious as was the AP’s Deep State fairytale linked in the previous CTH article.

    Crafty writers here tried to give the appearance of more objectivity and did pretty well but only on the surface.

    Thanks Sundance for providing the libretto to this opera, so we are alerted as to how to interpret the ensuing “news” coming between now and before this report’s impending release.

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  11. calbear84 says:

    Sure was nice to hear one VSGPDJT say “I caught the swamp. I caught them all. Let’s see what happens. Nobody else could have done that.”
    The man keeps his promises and his word.

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  12. JohnCasper says:

    So the sham narrative will be such that it could make Adolf Eichmann seem like Mother Teresa.

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  13. Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:

    Look for a surge in ‘GoFundMe’ (legalfunds) in the next 2wks.

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    • GTOGUY says:

      I could be wrong but I think if they are indicted, they are not allowed to use Go Fund Me to raise legal fees, that is why Gen Flynn had to go elsewhere for his defense fund.

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    • Sherri Young says:

      Speaking of which, Whistleblower Aid is attracting a lot of attention today as a sham charity. Charles Ortel dove into the topic a couple of days ago on the YouTube show he does on Jason Goodman’s channel every week called Sunday with Charles. Good into.

      Also, it turns out there are rules about outside money and outside work government employees can take in. Guess what? That Go Fund Me page for Eric Ciaramella might be able to take in funds from foreign sources. Some have said that could be a problem for him.

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      • 7delta says:

        I watched that interview too. Long, but very interesting. Charity scams among our self-appointed “betters” seem to be pretty common. The Clinton Foundation is the leading prototype for how to scam, steal and sell influence for power and profit. So what if a little sedition and treason happens along the way. Chelsea’s wedding was the event of the season! Being a supreme superior is not cheap, ya know.

        And, I like Charles Ortel.  He makes massive amounts of information, such as differing foreign and domestic laws, understandable, as well as providing sources. He just calls ’em as he and the relevant charity laws sees ’em. 

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  14. Tl Howard says:

    The most effective way for us to “shape a narrative” of these folks is to pass around the photos of them Sundance uses. It’s pretty hard to get those images out of one’s brain.

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  15. JohnCasper says:

    I would so much rather have “Liars on the Lamb”.

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  16. jambo says:

    Take it all back to the start.

    The Obama weaponization of the security databases as was done to the IRS database.
    Illegal searches, unmasking, spying, abuse of power all the way back to 2012, if not earlier.

    Everything since has been CYA.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Obama didn’t do all that in isolation. The Gang of 8, and SSCI had to know about it, and approve. Heck, we know McCain floated the idea.

      Republicon leadership were as complicit as,Obama and the,Dem leadership in Lerner/tea party, which is,why the did the,sham investigation, that,went no where. In fact, those ‘investigations’ are a ‘tell’.

      Benghazi, Sundance has done an excellent job of laying out how Congress couldn’t hold Hillary accountable, because they were complicit.

      Same for fast/furious, and Lerner.
      Do you really think the CIA and FBI signing a Memorandum of Understanding, which ‘allowed’the FBI contractors access to the NSA database, in exchange for having the,CIA establish a station in the U.S., under the guise of the FBI counter terrorism office, is something the Gang of Eight and SSCI wouldn’t have been briefed on and greenlighted?

      Congress is the real power in D.C., and McConnell is as much a Conmunist as Obama or Hillary.


      • The “Real Power” (always in caps, in its own mind) is never spread out like that; it is always centralized. In this case, to one — the rest, the ones you refer to, are just CFP (Cultists for Fun and Profit), in other words petty demons, with stubby horns and long tails.


        • Dutchman says:

          Oh, I see it differently. Look at Soviet Union, and China. A Soviet leader, post Stalin anyway, only had power so long as the politoburo approved of his actions. If not, he had an accident, of ill health.

          Xi is Emperor for life, which means if they become disatisgied they will kill him.

          These people, Nancy, Mitch and the rest are CONmunists; and as such desire rule by committee.
          They rule by Buerocracy. They have systematically stripped the office of the POTUS of power, over many years.

          They rig the SELECTION PROCESS, primaries etc. so that the voters choice is no choice, vote R or D, you get UNIPARTY.

          Now, if you are referring to Satan, I totally agree. Any athiest/agnostics, who don’t clearly see his hand in all this, at this point, are willfully blind.

          After all, there are no athiests in foxholes, and the shovels are out.


  17. A2 says:

    Well, a “short window” was mentioned. That means either review your testimony or be damned. The people that were interviewed only get to see their interview.not the entire report. Either they sign off as accurate or make minor corrections to what they said. They don’t get to rewrite their testimony sworn under oath. They don’t get a “do over”.

    If stuff leaks then that is just more kindling to pile on the fire.

    The MSM will spin the plates, but who cares anymore. Nice entertainment if that is to your tastes.


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    • TarsTarkas says:

      Do they get copies of their interview so they can pass them around and get their testimony aligned? Wouldn’t be surprised if interviews are leaks.


      • A2 says:

        I don’t know, but I surmise they already have a copy unless it is embargoed. That is to say, they cannot release their testimony publicly. Just held by their lawyers. It would protect them as well as the government. If criminal charges are filed.


        • Dutchman says:

          Based on previous reports, they have 2 weeks, or 10 working days. They have to sign an NDA, and apperently it has some pretty serious penalties for violating.
          The IG doesn’t even HAVE to include their responce, or he can include it, and write a rebuttal.

          Much of this has been covered in Sundances previous articles on how I.G. reports work.

          What I, personally will be looking for, is how much daylite there is between the body if the,report, written by Horowitz, and the,Summary and Conclusions, written by or at the direction of Barr.

          Fred, (the crow I have promised to eat if I am wrong about Barr) is also VERY interested in this,aspect.

          Recomendations to indict, that go NO where, are getting old. Boring. NOTHING has happened with the 8 Nunes has,sent, or several from Grassley, or previous ones from Horiwitz,…or that,Senate,staffer,…or,…well ANYONE.

          Oh, THATS right,..they indicted Epstien, so they could seperate him from his,security and kill him.

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  18. ChampagneReady says:

    Let them tell it to the grand jury.

    When the investigation went from “review” to CRIMINAL, there is no doubt in my mind that Durham has the smoking cannon evidence to make the cases an absolute certainty of indictments. Barr is well aware of the majority make-up of Washington DC being democrats and he wouldn’t be rolling the dice and taking a taxpayer joyride to Italy for nothing.

    I don’t think we can yet imagine how strong the evidence is. All the begging, coaxing, apologies, requests for leniency, by these fungus or ther attorneys isn’t going to change it.

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    • Dutchman says:

      There was absolutely NO legal significance in ANNOUNCING that Durhams ‘review’ had ‘become’a Criminal investigation.

      Durham is a Federal Prosecutor. He always had the authority to empanel grand juries, issue subpoenas, and issue indictments.

      The ONLY point in ANNOUNCING he was conducting a criminal investigation, was to make it LOOK like he was doing something. Same as,Sessions ‘announcing’ Hubers appointment.
      Means NOTHING.

      Going to England and Italy, interviewing Downer and Musfed?
      More show, more cover up.

      Its all smoke and mirrors, don’t fall for it, its,a waste of energy.


      • ILOT says:

        Looks like the Sundance pessimism has really settled in among a number of folks. I have a few questions for all the naysayers and wussies, assuming you all-knowing geniuses are correct in your assessments that PDJT will be impeached by Congress and no indictments are forthcoming:

        1. You ready to see the DOW retrace to 23,000…20,000…15,000?
        2. You ready to see PDJT inundated with lawsuits that strip him of his wealth?
        3. You ready to see the left call for Marshall law to drag every outspoken conservative into court and or jail?
        4. You ready to see the street violence that will come from the emboldened ANTIFA types that will accost anyone “resisting”?
        5. You ready to listen to every hollywood hack call for violent resistance against any elected official that stands up to the “resistance”?

        None of you clairvoyants are looking at the other side of what you say to be true. Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham know the Republic is history as we knew it – and frankly it is what the progressives are looking for…it’s how it ends. All one need do is look at history and this is how it would look if it repeats itself here in our Republic. Bottom line is there are 63,000,000 folks that voted in the last election and I maintain the country is not at all prepared for it and unwilling to accept it. I can’t and won’t predict what the response will be from those 63,000,000 but the next moves from the left are a pretty easy read. I don’t think it will happen, not because it can’t, but simply because we are not ready; PDJT would not have been elected in 2016 if we were that far gone. Make no mistake, we’re pretty far gone but can recover if we put the whining aside, put the lattes down and get to work. It is frustrating that for all the brilliance (sarc) in your post I see total ignorance in evaluating what the implications are if you are correct what it really means. I guess at this point I could I / I should be asking if Sundance himself (themselves) is he / are they shills just here to simply provide inside baseball and get masses ginned up, only to groom them for the fall in order to soften the response. “yep, time to give up, SD was right all along”. I’m highly suspicious of you Dutchman AND your motives.

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        • Dutchman says:

          Well, firstly Sundance is neither Optimistic nor pessimistic. He simply provides researched facts and analyses, and goes where the research leads.

          He has been criticised before, by those who felt one article was up, the next down, and has responded with the above explanation.

          Second, you make a common error, in citing the 63 million #, as being PDJT’s current level of support.

          By the actions of his enemies, its clear even THEY recognise his support is MUCH STRONGER than it was in 2016; so much greater that they, who know better than anyone the capabilities and limitations of ballot fraud realise they can NOT beat him at the ballot box, even with all their cheating.

          In fact, I think one of the reasons they are so desperate to get him out before the 2020 election, is that his reelection will destroy the myth that we are a 50/50 nation, as his support is MUCH greater than it was in 2016.

          On the other hand, they think if they are succesful, that Demoralised Deplorables will stay home, and they can retain the myth that they represent 1/2 the country.

          I am not ready to ‘see’ any of that, but I think those behind the coup, are ready to see the consequences of PDJT’s removal from office by impeachment, yes. Obviously.

          I don’t count PDJT as being ‘out’ yet, by any means. I simply think its foolish to put any faith in Barr, as McConnell allowed him to be confirmed, and McConnell has been the power behind the coup, from day one.

          I don’t say that with any glee, au contraire. I have hoped against hope that someone would post a logical counter to that argument.

          No one has, and I have been posting it here, for several months.

          If you truly think Sundance and I are ‘shills’,…well perhaps this blog is not for you. MAYBE you want to consider taking the opportunity to leave?

          Or perhaps you just need to step away from the keyboard, an hour/day/week/month,…whatever. Get a little perspective? Just a suggestion, as I have no authority here.


          • ILOT says:

            I merely posited that the level of negativity is beyond providing insight and perspective; it seems to be more psyops. You offer nothing in terms of go forward, yet discount others’ faith in what is clearly an imperfect “system” – albeit far different than intended / founded. Hence my suspicions. You consistently, categorically say the net results of Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham will yield nothing and in fact are cover for what seems to be a diabolical left wing – which by your description they are unwilling to challenge if not aligned. McConnell seems to draw your ire more than most…

            I did have to chuckle at the step away from the keyboard comment, as if to suggest it is all I(we) have at our disposal. It strikes to my point that you segue into the negative mantra as opposed to encouraging how one would be getting involved. Here again the insightful Dutchman, rather than offer a defense says “walk away”.

            While you underscore my suspicion, you missed the mark on SD; they do lean pessimistic. Your defensiveness sounds a bit rag-taggish and unnecessary. I merely present a mindset that you seem to foster in advancing that mild pessimism to full on negativity. I’m not as smart as you, clearly. I’m just an observer in flyover country and I can’t even say “I know when I’m getting played”…all I can say is I know when I feel like I’m getting played.

            I need to correct my point on the 63,000,000 that voted, they voted for PDJT. While your negativity is kinder and gentler than say a msnbc or cnn hacks, it certainly seems to have the same intended objective; erode support for the system (DOJ, FBI etc). If you know the 45 goals of communism as read into the Congressional Record on January 10, 1963 then you know #35: “Discredit and eventually dismantle the FBI”. So to clarify, I accuse you of nothing more than unwittingly playing into a hand. Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham need to hold folks to account, lest we check #35 off the list for the communists (some would say we did that long ago).

            Enjoy your day good sir.

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            • Dutchman says:

              Actually, let me correct a mis-interpretation, that I may have inadvertently created.

              I din’t necesarily think that Barr/Durham investigations will yield NOTHING.

              I have consistently pointed out to those critical of IG Horowitz, that it was HE who refused to take “no” for an answer, THREE TIMES, when IT experts told him the Page Stroxz texts were,”unrecoverable”, and LOOK what a treasure trove that turned out to be!

              Similarly, the traul of breadcrumbs Sunfance has followed, have many origins; FOIA requests/ lawsuits filed by Tom Fitton and others, IG reports, AND government investigations and court filings.

              Huber never issued ANY report on his activities, however this has grown. I believe Durham will HAVE to issue some kind of report, at some point, to account for his activities.
              It is not I who am/have destroyed the credibility of the FBI (and DOJ), THEY have done that all by themselves.

              I have posted many comments, urging treepers to get involved with their local Republican party; meet and talk with your local precinct captain, district, county and State Republican party officials.
              MANY of them are ‘nevertrumpers’, and so long as they detirmine who runs in primaries, and who goes to the National convention, it is VITAL they be ‘purged’ from such positions of influence. THATS something we can do, to advance our movement.

              Again, SD has responded, several times to commenters critisisms of him being negative, I don’t need to speak for him.

              Like him, I am simply stating what I believe to be facts; you are free to dispute those facts, or not.

              McConnell and the Congressional leadership “green lighted” the coup attempt, and support its continuation.

              McConnell has ABSOLUTE control over who gets confirmed (Just ask Ratcliff).

              Ergo, McConnell is NOT going to appoint someone like Sidney Powell as AG, and has EVERY Senator voting not to formally recess (as it would allow PDJT to make recess appointments, and IT ONLY TAKES ONE Senator to vote to recess.

              So, Barr is not, and CAN NOT be an AG who is going to bring serious indictments against the small group.

              Doesn’t mean he won’t do ANYTHING,…But serious indictments, with long sentences, which would urge/compel ‘flipping’ on higher ups,…IMHO it ain’t gonna happen.

              This impeachment is REAL, its HAPPENING, and false hope is self destructive. There will be NO counter to the narrative, as in Barr/Durham bringing indictments.

              And, putting trust in Senate Republicons is a fools dream.

              I trust in PDJT, and I trust GOD. Everyone else can take a #. I say what I think, and what I believe, and I ENCOURAGE people to dispute my comments, respectfully (no “Jane, you ignorant slut”), and to use THEIR facts and opinions, to show me where I am wrong.

              In over 2-3 months, not ONE comment has attempted to dispute that McConnell has ABSOLUTE control over Confirmations, McConnell was and remains IN on the coup, and McConnell assented to Barrs confirmation.

              And you haven’t either. All you have done is accuse me of being a negative nellie, and POSSIBLY engaging in psy-ops.

              This is the same kind of stuff we saw in the Sessions wars, and many good posters on BOTH ‘sides’ of the whole “Trust the plan” debate aren’t here any more, and those of us still here bear the scars.

              For my part, I was on BOTH ‘sides’, hanging in as long as I could supporting Sessions against his detractors, but eventually realising the truth, and then being villified as being traitorous to PDJT.

              It is THAT kind of,…self-destructive folly I wish to avoid, as it serves no one, and drives away / divides our movement.

              Dispute my facts and opinions, offer your own. But DO NOT personalise it, or question my motives. I believe my time in on this forum, and the body of my comments, speak for themselves.


              • ILOT says:

                You shouldn’t be so tender. Posting isn’t much different than politics, lots of sharp elbows. I don’t see where I crossed any lines and my points were clear (except for the SD thing, it should have been more “tongue in cheek”. Fact is I have a hard time convincing myself we are in the same fox hole and that’s a reflection on you. Just my $.02.


                • Dutchman says:

                  As recent events have amply demonstrated, there are NO RULES in Politics, not even the rule of law.

                  There ARE rules for posting however, the link is right on the home page of this site.

                  For me, I TRY to follow the rules I learned in high school debate class. Challenge the others facts, opinions even, but NOT their motivations or character.

                  There was nothing toungue in cheek in your initial questioning of Sundances or my motivations (Psy-ops).
                  We would never be in the same fox hole, as you would quickly be fragged, or succumb to friendly fire, self defence dictating the necesity.

                  And, you overestimate the value of your input, by a factor of at least 100.

                  As engaging with you is unproductive, I’m done.


  19. inspectorudy says:

    The way the msm works is to print enough of the truth so that if you happen to know a little then you are suckered into their web. They usually don’t come right out and lie but leave out the one sentence or phrase that puts the object into context. If Durham actually indicts some of the conspirators, the msm will print it as if there is a lot of doubt about his investigation and that witnesses that testified have not been thoroughly vetted. There will be no rush to judgement by them and if a conviction occurs, it will be labelled as a miscarriage of justice and a political hit job.

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    • A2 says:

      Every lie has a kernel of truth. some are adept at it, others just betray themselves. More than rapidly blinking eyes.

      I’m not worried. And, I don’t say that lightly.

      The US has more important challenges to deal with than whiners, leakers, liars and those that make money off of clicks and giggles.

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  20. We want these Deep State®️ brand turkeys plucked and dressed — and don’t forget the gravy (indictments)!

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  21. alliwantissometruth says:

    “The Obama administration will be working in the background, while Fusion-GPS takes in fees and pays their primary journalists and narrative engineers premium rates for column inches that protect their client interests. This is one big confab of interests all positioning to control any negative impressions and highlight their magnanimous patriotic activity”

    That’s it folks, that’s the club, the club we the people don’t belong to

    The entire ball of wax, the globalists, the puppet politicians, the enemy of the people media, the radical left / Marxist cabal, academia, the judiciary, Wall Street, foreign enemies

    The club in all their glory, doing what they do. Gaming the system. Usurping the peoples power. Stealing the peoples wealth, resources and influence. Pillaging the the blood, sweat and tears of our ancestors. Making a mockery of and destroying the Constitution and American ideals

    They circle the wagons and utilize the power they stole from the American people. They have all the bases covered

    They built this unholy alliance over decades, a den of thieves brought together from various nefarious factions to work together to rape and destroy the American dream for profit

    This is what happened while we slept

    Now we’re at the precipice, with only President Trump holding us back from going off the cliff. How this all plays out will determine if our children live free or as slaves to a criminal oligarchy

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    • Seneca the Elder says:

      Very well stated. And painfully true.

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      • amazed treetop downlooker says:

        Pray to God, the GOOD LORD , A N D ….

        Pass the “ammunition”, doesn’t seem like there’s any other way out…



    • wildsailor2018 says:

      “This is what happened while we slept”

      No, this is what happened while we were working two jobs, raising kids, tending to sick parents, acting as transportation to youth groups, clubs, and sports for all the neighborhood kids, tracking menial retirement savings, fixing the old junk car to get to work, and spending any time we had left to relax not reading the news or watching MSM.


  22. stringplayer55 says:

    “Witnesses?” There is narrative framing right in that word!

    These are not witnesses who will have the opportunity to review the IG’s report. These are people named as perpetrators of a criminal conspiracy out of the Obama administration’s DOJ.

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    • Despicable Me says:

      Perpetrators and witnesses are not mutually exclusive terms. One can be either, both or neither.


      • stringplayer55 says:

        So, let me ask you. Why are certain people to be given copies of the Horowitz report prior to public release? If their role is as witnesses, then they have already fulfilled that assignment, right? Their testimony as witnesses is already in the books.

        No, the only reason for producing the report to individuals prior to public dissemination is so that persons who are reported on in a negative manner have a last chance to provide for themselves a defense against allegations that are made. To describe the cast of characters who have engaged themselves in the effort first to prevent Trump from being elected and then in efforts to effect a coup as witnesses is an effort by the WaPo to shift the narrative regarding why these individuals are named. An honest description would describe them as defendants.

        The word “witness”, as employed here implies some innocuous public service aspect for why certain individuals are to receive the report. That is patently false.


        • Despicable Me says:

          The term “witness” does NOT imply anything other than someone (culpable or not) from whom the IG sought testimony. You are reading additional meaning into the use of that word. Witnesses are often culpable of a role in the crime to which they provide testimony.

          If the interviewee in an DOJ IG investigation is a DOJ employee, DOJ IG investigators are obligated to notify him/her of his/her rights if the case they are investigating appears to be criminal in nature rather than an administrative or policy issue.

          Does it occur to you that perhaps the reason that the IG investigatory process permits reviews of witness statement by the witness who made it (whether culpable or not) is to lock in the testimony and especially since the witness is only permitted to review their own statement in a vacuum and not in the context of the whole?

          I refer you to the manner in which the FBI Inspection Division and DOJ IG documented FBI DD McCabe’s multiple proffered lies regarding his direction/misdirection of media leaks. He was given multiple opportunities both under oath and not under oath to come clean but refused at least three times and only grudgingly admitted the truth the 4th time (if I recall correctly). They locked him in and proved him a liar. I contend that the McCabe media leak criminal referral, albeit a small though certainly not insignificant matter in the overall IG findings of this whole mess, will be used to further impeach his testimony as a witness in the wider conspiracy.


          • stringplayer55 says:

            Words have meaning and are carefully chosen (especially by leftist propagandists) to shape narratives.

            In the present case, the shape-shifting narrative is that the presentation of the IG’s FISA abuse report to the cabal that has endeavored to effect a coup of the duly elected President is to obtain information that will produce a factually correct report.

            That couldn’t be further from the truth. The facts have already been collected. These people may have previously been approached by Horowitz when he was collecting evidence for the report. At a previous point in time they may have been fact witnesses. But at this point in time, allowing the cabal to see the report ahead of public release is more akin to “How do you plead?” To present it as allowing testimony from witnesses is fraudulent.


            • Despicable Me says:

              I agree that words have meaning but
              allowing bias and prejudice to alter or even shade the clear meaning of a word is nothing more than creating your own fiction. The word ”witness” in its most basic usage as well as its usage within a law enforcement context (the DOJ is a component of law enforcement) means anyone with whom investigators have sought information and/or evidence.

              Regarding the IG report, the entire IG report is not presented to “the cabal.”. Each of the witnesses (including those representing “the cabal”) are only permitted to review their own individual statement(s) (some witnesses are interviewed multiple times for clarification or additional insight as additional information is developed and dots are connected and especially if it was determined that the witness was less than forthcoming during previous interview) and their own individual statement(s) alone—-NOT the entire report. Can “the cabal” and their attorneys collectively compare statements and make an educated guess toward what other witnesses have said or what other evidence the IG has developed? Absolutely! But they probably lined up their stories beforehand and they’re sticking to it.

              That witnesses aren’t supposed to be permitted review of more than their own statements certainly doesn’t preclude a bad actor or two or three or more (who may or may not be a member of “the cabal” but may be perhaps sympathetic to ”the cabal” or maybe a “cabal” wannabe) from within DOJ IG from illicitly permitting members of “the cabal” from reviewing parts of or the entire report to which they should not have access. While dissemination of these types of reports is tightly held, marked and strictly accounted for, that particular scenario would be difficult but not totally impossible to do.

              I’m not entirely clear what you mean by your last statement about “allowing”:testimony. I think I was pretty clear that the IG “compels” testimony from onboard DOJ employee. “Allowing” allowing” testimony and “compelling” testimony are two different things.


  23. dustycowpoke says:

    We have opinions about the optics we see but, how many times has those optics been used by our President to bring a ray of sunshine and come out winning for all Americans? Trust Trump!

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  24. Ludo says:

    There will be spin, alright. They’ll do everything in their power to make it seem like “Trump is executing his political opponents” as opposed to “Trump is restoring the Rule of Law”, once the executions (for treason and sedition commence.

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  25. DesertRain says:

    OLC Opinion in Scribe….
    Can not get the one Sundance uploaded to load. No error message.
    Found another here :

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  26. Arrest Soros says:

    I hope every one of these bastards spends their family savings and some more, to spin narratives and defend themselves.
    If this DOJ doesn’t do the right thing, America is a 3rd World country…period.
    No national leader or global power player will miss any opportunity to bribe, blackmail or corrupt American politicians in the future, knowing the whole joint is a cess pool of crooks and corruptocrats.
    Either DOJ does its job NOW, or you’re done. No going back. No chance of future corrective measures.


    • wildsailor2018 says:

      I actually think that their assets should be frozen, including offshore accounts, pending the outcome of any criminal investigation. That would shut down the very reason they got into this in the first place and prevent the use of any illegal funds from being used for their defense. They can use a Public Defender, I will spend the money on that part.


  27. Magabear says:

    Criminal referrals………just give me many criminal referrals, Mr. Horowitz.

    I imagine there’s alot of “He did it…, she did it” going on amongst the coup plotters right now. Who will get thrown under the bus……..Vegas should take odds on it. 😉


  28. Julia Adams says:

    The original draft of the IG report is never coming out. Should an IG report ever be released and actually contain IG Horowitz’s signature, (sarcasm) it will be the negotiated redrafted version…void of any incriminating material. What a shame to watch this happen and helplessly witness how far our government has fallen. Frustrating as heck!.


  29. jus wundrin says:

    How many Americans are still stuck in the ‘this can never happen in my country’ mode? Those that refuse to accept that our main just-us dept is extremely corrupt, the media is far left biased and engaged in cover ups, and our elected officials are not as pure as the wind driven snow?

    I think in the next 6 months, if not sooner, American history will arrive at a crucial juncture. Will the US follow the rest of the western nations down into the pit of a globalist hell after impeaching Trump, and brushing a few ‘miscreants and incorrigibles’ aside, or will a wake up call occur to right this great ship called the United States of America?


  30. Guffman says:

    “Negotiating” with treasonous traitors…. WTF?!

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  31. David Williams says:

    Why did you put an apostrophe in attorneys?


  32. Bogeyfree says:

    I see Apples and Oranges where A has nothing to do with B.

    Barr is investigating the predicate to Russia Collusion and NOTHING about Ukraine Corruption.

    Even when he exposes and indicts a few or many fall guys for this Russian Collusion hoax, IMO it has zero bearing on this “self contained” impeachment fraud which is totally outside AG Barr and the American people’s control.

    Sure, 62 million people will finally know the Russia Collusion was all a fraud and will also conclude that this Ukraine extortion story is another frame job but the point is THERE IS NOTHING THEY CAN DO ABOUT IT.

    They can be pissed all they want and make as many phones calls as possible but it won’t stop impeachment as the Dems are all in at this point.

    The Dems were smart to abandon the Russia Collusion hoax after Muller went down in flames and concocted a new frame job called “Ukraine extortion to get Joe” because they knew Ukraine was a hot bed of corruption with many dirty hands.

    Dirty hands that could be leveraged to vote accordingly IMO. This was the brilliance of their plan. How do they get to impeachment and control the vote. It’s always about controlling the vote.

    When it was only Russia Collusion it didn’t involve as many dirty hands so impeachment was never going to get through the Senate. But with Ukraine and the threat of many possible dirty hands it became a reality, the net was now big enough to snare 66.

    So, I’ve given up on Barr being the white hat saving PT. Yes, he and Durham will expose the Russia Collusion fraud and that will help many who have wanted justice but unless he has already opened up a full criminal investigation in Ukraine, I see no way he can or will stop this impeachment frame job.

    Public opinion at this point means squat and the Dems know that. It is now a self contained bubble environment where the game is all in the Senate and has always been how to secure 66.

    A great indicator IMO is it is the R’s who are retiring and not very many Dems.

    PT’s only hope is the Supreme Court but even there it could be a crap shoot.

    In the end, IMO looking back over everything it was building the “leverage” on thousands that was our undoing.


    • WES says:

      Bogey: More dirty hands! An astute observation!


    • Dutchman says:

      The Russian hoax was ALWAYS about Senate Republicons. It was to give them an EXCUSE to say they had the votes to convict, so PDJT would resign.

      And the,excuse would be a,’Saturday Night Massacre, in which the Mueller Weismann team GOADED PDJT into firing them, possibly Sessionsand,Rosie as well. (Watergate model), aka “the,Obstruction Trap.

      Or, PDJT could be shown to have committed perjury, similar to how Flynn was manipulated.

      Either Obstruction of Justice or Perjury would give,Senate Republicons political’cover’ to vote to convict.

      Didn’t work, so now, ironically they,are trying to use “Political dirty tricks” as their excuse. It has,ALWAYS been focused on,Senate Republicans,…after all, DEMS,don’t NEED an excuse.


    • JL says:

      Impeachment is a near certainty, but sometimes you have to lose a battle to win the war.

      The Senate, just like the House, can set it’s own rules when it comes to impeachment trials. They can call any witness they want. They can ask any question they want. All under oath. And they don’t even have to be relevant to the case at hand.

      They could subpoena Barack Obama to testify if they choose to.


  33. Atpooka says:

    Game of thrones


  34. Sherri Young says:

    Well, here.

    This is the IG’s report on Fast and Furious. Horowitz was sworn in during April 2012. He issued this report in September of the same year. It would have been his first big report and he almost certainly came in after the review was underway.

    FISA applications were not involved, but warrants for nine roving wiretaps were. The process for obtaining those wiretaps was scrutinized as was the content. Guess what? It is pretty clear that even with the focused therefore limited information submitted to get those wiretaps, it was possible to discern that Fast & Furious was not a real law enforcement effort. The attorneys who were in charge of those warrants either did not pick up of the deadly scam in front of their faces or they played dumb, saying their role in assessing was about establishing probably cause and necessity.

    (Sally Moyer, is that noise we hear your career being flushed down the toilet because you recycled a lame excuse?)

    I’ve been jumping around and have not read much yet, but this is what I have already seen stated in the little bit I have read. I hope to read much more of the 500+ pages.

    IGs are supposed to look mostly for waste, fraud, and abuse. The do audits. They look at policies and procedures and ways to improve processes. From what I understand, they can recommend corrective action for any pertinent issues. Their recommendation can include disciplinary action, further education, and even referral for prosecution. The focus at least starts with process issues.

    This IG report is supposed to have started with a review to find the issues with the FISA warrant abuse. Horowitz has seen something similar with the F&F roving wiretap warrants.

    There is still a lot to read. I don’t know if anyone went to prison or even lost a job after that report. What I do know is that Eric Holder and Lanny Breuer both left to go back to Covington & Burling within a few months.

    IMO, this report needs to be released before the Senate votes to reauthorize portions of the USA Freedom Act. What Horowitz and his team produce should be quite relevant for changes in the law and processes that might be enshrined therein.

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  35. trapper says:

    Shay Neary. Get it? Plussed the tran. (dad joke)


  36. Sherri Young says:

    Oh my gosh, I must be too tired to type.

    Pick up of a scam = pick up on a scam

    Probably cause = probable cause

    I am afraid to look any farther down the page. It may all be beyond incoherent.

    And no, I don’t drink or take drugs.

    Sorry about that.

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      • Dutchman says:

        No need to apologise. I, and I suspect most long time treepers, have learned to read ‘WordPress’, this strange language that resembles English, LOL.

        I find myself automatically deciphering the readers intent, and can usually do it automatically.

        I followed what you posted, and it was a great, concise review of the,I.G.’s job.
        Many have been critical of Horowitz, in part because of unrealistic expectations.

        If an auditor is called in for a ‘routine’audit of a companies books, and uncover a fraud, they don’t make arrests; they call the cops!

        Similarly, if the IG finds evidence of a crime, in the,coarse of his investigation, he informs the DOJ, thru a criminal referral; he ‘calls’the cops, and turns over to them any relevant evidence if what he believes is criminal wrongdoing.
        He can only induce interviews of CURRENT government employees, former employees, or average citisens can tell him to take a hike; he does NOT have,subpoena power.

        Waste, Fraud Abuse, thats his bailawick. Were policies and procedures followed? Is there a ‘loophole’in P&P, that needs to be closed?

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    • Sherrly we jest (hee-hee…now you say, “Stop calling me Sherrly”)

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  37. The DOJ will protect their own. The report will say no criminal intent only bad judgement. Watch and see.


  38. ChampagneReady says:

    The Washington Amazon Post is twisting themselves into a knot trying to be the good little whore as has eternally been their role for the democrats. But there’s not enough pefurme in the country to cover the stink this time.

    This is going to be what we have waited for for THREE years. Look at the photos of Durham’s face and then look at the panic of Brennan and Clapper. Clapper has already thrown obama head first onto the train tracks knowing what’s coming. The proof that WaPo is in hyper damage control mode already is even more proof that this is a Category 5 Hurricane coming and they know it !

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  39. k4jjj says:

    What exactly has to be “negotiated?” The lies, perjury, the conspiracy, the felonies?

    Who gives the bank robber the opportunity to negotiate his charges before they are filed?

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  40. Brutalus says:

    Oh, ye of little faith

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  41. Kaco says:

    When the hell are these people going to realize that they are the baddies?

    I find it hard to swallow they believe their own bullsh__.

    We’ve been waiting two years for perp walks. I’ll believe that when I see it.

    Meanwhile, Roger Stone is being prosecuted for being a Trump supporter.

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  42. Sammy Hains says:

    It would be delicious if Eric Ciaramella is recommended for prosecution in the IG report.
    That would actually go a long way in explaining the timing of this whistleblower hoax.

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  43. wightmanfarm says:

    Why the heck are these people allowed to see the report anyway, before it is released ? Utter nonsense.

    “Two more weeks”.


  44. Abolition Man says:

    Wouldn’t it be be great to have a deck of CARDS for all the coup co-conspirators, just as our military had in Iraq! Imagine citizen journalists walking up to those pictured in public places, like restaurants and coffee houses, and asking for their autograph! Be sure to have the recorder going and ask how it feels to get away with crime and corruption against America. Oh, Project Veritas!


  45. Cocoon says:

    “Witness review being negotiated?”
    Seems orchestrated, no?


  46. mark says:

    Mifsud, Mifsud, Mifsud! They can’t explain this CIA spy away. We all know what he was about and he was the predicate for the Fisa warrant on Popadop.


  47. Horowitz is a hack and this IG process issue a joke.


  48. Horowitz is a hack and this IG process issue a joke.


  49. Ray says:

    The other simple denominator= There would be people deep into facing prison sentences by now if it wasn’t just another coverup.
    They could mitigate those sentences by cooperating.
    It really is too bad that some of the most optimistic and well meaning are also the most easily manipulated.


  50. john edward lorenz says:

    Let’s see. Will McCabe be indicted by the 15th? Will the IG report be released on Monday the 18th?
    No. So what’s that tell you?


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