Finally – AP Confirms Horowitz Report “Principal Review Phase” Underway – “Invitations” For Witnesses and Lawyers……

We finally have confirmation of a procedural process that allows us to anticipate the timing for public release of the FISA report from Inspector General Horowitz.

According to the Associated Press:

The Justice Department’s watchdog is nearing the release of its report on the early stages of the FBI’s Russia investigation, a document likely to revive debate about a politically charged probe that shadowed President Donald Trump’s administration from the outset.

The inspector general in recent days has invited witnesses and their lawyers who were interviewed for the report to review portions of a draft this week and next, a critical final step toward making the document public, according to multiple people familiar with the process who insisted on anonymity to discuss it.

As part of that process, the people will have opportunities to raise concerns or suggest potential edits, making it unclear precisely when in the coming weeks a final version could be ready for release. Inspector General Michael Horowitz told Congress in a letter last month that he did not expect a lengthy review period and that he intended to make as much of the report public as possible, with minimal redactions. (read more)

Generally speaking, and using the 2018 IG report on FBI conduct as a guide, the ‘Principal Review’ phase under Horowitz usually lasts 10 business days, or two weeks. All principals, and lawyers who review the report, are required to sign non-disclosure agreements.

Presuming this is principal review week one (seems certain), that would put the final report publication after the week of November 25th through November 29th. [NOTE: Thanksgiving day is November 28th]

The inspector general may allow principal comments to be added to the final report; however, the IG usually adds rebuttal information for any principal additions. Once the principal review and final OIG referencer check is complete the report moves to publication and public distribution.

In the example of  the 2018 report on FBI conduct in the Clinton investigation, the principal review was 10 days from start to finish.  It seems like Horowitz is following the same schedule.  With Thanksgiving on Thursday November 28th, it is likely the resport will be released the week after Thanksgiving week; however it is possible for the report to be released during Thanksgiving week if IG Horowitz limits principal additions.

Best guess is the week after Thanksgiving.

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278 Responses to Finally – AP Confirms Horowitz Report “Principal Review Phase” Underway – “Invitations” For Witnesses and Lawyers……

  1. wethepeople111 says:

    Too many delays…too many people changing their statements…to many people involved…too much cover up …something is fishy….

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    • RJ says:

      Nothing more than Washington’s elites playing “hot potato” till the bitter end.

      Hopefully. we’ll still be alive if and when that happens!

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      • chipin8511 says:

        JARED’S GOT IT! … WAPO: “White House to use webcams to create live feed of border wall construction,” by Nick Miroff: “Jared Kushner and other senior Trump administration officials are planning to set up web cameras to live-stream construction of President Trump’s border wall, going against objections from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and senior U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials, according to four people familiar with the White House proposal.

        “‘There will be a wall cam, and it’ll launch early next year,’ said a senior White House official involved in the initiative, which aims to rally public support for hundreds of miles of new border barrier Trump wants in place by next year’s election


    • GenEarly says:

      Well if “After” Thanksgiving, then it can’t be before Christmas because the Ferals all go on Vaca over the “holidays”, even if showing up at the office nothing is done. So after the first of 2020, with shake out from the hangovers, maybe by January 20……
      Is there a State of the Union speech coming about then? Maybe President will finally personally Declassify……..otherwise not so much from the DC Swampsters.


    • aarmad says:

      They have delayed it long enough so the ‘conspiracy theory s’ ,as schiff has claimed, can be discounted in today’s hearings. I suspected as I am sure a lot on here did, that there was a reason. This may be it! something fishy is putting it mildly. Can the President recoup from this?


  2. Jim in TN says:

    Do the dems impeach before or after release?

    Does Durham start indictments and arrests?
    Or is he ramping up?

    Are there referrals in the IG report?
    If so, does the D.C. Attorney drag those out too?
    Or is Durham authorized to try those cases the way the special counsel was authorized?

    And I thought we wouldn’t see this report and Durham’s perp walks until after the impeachment trial was over. Maybe not until the election is over.

    The report is finally approaching.

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      • JL says:

        Jim Geraghty’s a big neverTrumper, yet he still wrote that.

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        • Ned Zeppelin says:

          Great portrait of Durham. We should be confident he will find the facts and pursue them to the end. The part about him being slow did concern me, but I think we knew that and it explains the perceived lack of action: the guy is methodical, unrelenting and can’t be rushed. Sounds like the kind of Terminator we need for this job.


      • Jim in TN says:

        You know you make it hard to believe he will do anything when you site a Never Trumper from the totally Never Trump National Review as a character witness. It gets even worse when the article points out that he was confirmed unanimously by our dirty Senate. And then they ice the cake by giving a favorable blurb by Blumenthal (D-Conn.)

        I am so tired of hearing how perfect and morally upright every last damn backstabber is.

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    • Bogeyfree says:

      The IG Report is about FISA Abuse…

      It has ZERO impact in this “Ukraine extortion to get Joe” fraud as they will call it.

      Apples and Oranges

      Yes, the American people know these folks are frauds and the Russia Collusion was a fraud and this is a fraud but IMO there is NOTHING THEY CAN DO TO STOP THIS and that includes Barr and Durham.

      You can call your congressmen or Senator 10,000 times it won’t change a thing IMO.

      This is now about THEIR survival and Ukraine was the dirty laundry room that would allow them to cast a net big enough to snare 66 IMO.

      This shxx show is self contained now where Judge and jury are the same. Americans and Barr are all ill relevant at this point IMO.

      Forget the DOA comments which are just for show. Make no mistake IMO 19 WILL vote to impeach and most likely have already been chosen and assigned.

      They are the sacrificial lambs who won’t run in 2020 and will retire quietly or are not up for re-election for another 2 years but in the end, mission accomplished as everything was successfully contained and nothing exposed IMO.

      Russia Collusion didn’t carry enough dirt but Ukraine, now that IMO is another story coupled with other acquired dirty laundry secrets via all the data collection these past 10 years.

      One doesn’t do 3,100,000 search just in 2017 and not find dirt IMO.

      So plenty of dirt to go around, enough dirt that “against all odds” 19 will agree with the Dems and PT is gone just like that.


    • aarmad says:

      I wouldn’t count on that, but you may be right. It likely will be after the impeachment trial, if there is one!


  3. Jeff says:

    Keep in mind, this is AP reporting. Proceed with caution. Also note the key phrase, “according to multiple people familiar with the process who insisted on anonymity.”

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    • GB Bari says:

      Actually, the entire AP story is fraught with outright lies, misstatements, strategic omissions and a few facts cast outside of their original context.

      I actually took the time to read the entire article. I was tempted to copy and paste it into a Word doc where I could then show, paragraph by paragraph, the significant amount of misleading and outright fraudulent reporting within this one single article.

      But it is late and I have an appointment tomorrow morning. This would require hours of work since there are so many falsehoods that can easily be refuted with facts. I’d want to look up the facts here in CTH. I know 99% of the facts are in CTH somewhere, Sundance has been exhaustive in coverage of every aspect of the scandal.

      I’m turning in for the night but if anyone cares to try this – it would be an excellent illustrative document to post far and wide – or even right here in CTH.

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      • Spooky says:

        Just assume that AP stands for Always Progressive and you will know you are being fed a steady stream of left wing propaganda disguised as news. Journalism is dead thanks to the virulent contagion of TDS.

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        • GB Bari says:

          Oh I am well aware of AP’s long history of Leftwing bias against anything and anyone the least bit conservative. Just had to recalibrate by reading this article. Since reading the last full AP article, I can say they’ve completely dropped all pretense of journalism and are unabashedly full-throated Marxist liars.


    • jmuniz1 says:

      Cant trust the AP


  4. jx says:

    If I recall correctly Barr had this report in August, and they’re having principal review in November? If Barr did have it in August then why let a quarter slip by?


  5. Kleen says:

    Carter Page, Ph.D.
    Good news
    : I finally got constructive feedback from a senior official at
    today regarding the #FISAabuse report. I remain cautiously optimistic that they will do the right thing, and do it ASAP.

    Great Again!

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  6. ChampagneReady says:

    Let us not forget too that Nunes sent EIGHT (i think) criminal referrals to the DOJ for prosecution.

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    • jx says:

      Oh but there’s bigger fish to fry. /s

      If Barr doesn’t start the fish-fry very soon the party will be over. In fact some people are going to start burning things down this week.

      Better fry those fish now.


    • Dutchman says:

      Yeah, what 6-8 months ago?
      The Dept of Just-us, where criminal referals go to die, or at least be buried.

      Depending on Barr or Durham is a folls errand.Cleaners, NOT Housecleaners.
      Freds fate looking better every day, unfortunately.


  7. John Rawls says:

    Sara Carter is still reporting two criminal referrals will be made by IG, one for Comey.

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  8. Right to reply says:

    Trump has my vote, but seriously, I cannot tolerate all this nonsense any longer. The corruption is utterly vile!

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  9. CET says:

    2 points:
    1. Nothing in the Durham Investigation or IG report will affect the process of the impeachment. That is why they invented the phone call narrative. I have no opinion on enough R-Senate defections to remove PDJT.

    2. Presidential phone calls are prepped by staff with talking points and briefings in advance by deputy National Security Advisors and other staff. Those briefing docs will get as fishy as the Flynn 302’s.

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  10. Ludo says:

    And if it’s released on a Friday, we’ll all know whose side he’s on. I suspect the fix is in.


  11. NYMinuteman says:

    This is where the rubber is going to meet the road. we know that McCabe lied multiple times. Comey threw him under the bus (“even good people lie”), and we know that Comey lied. Strzok lied, Ohr lied. It seems Page flipped early. She is the one who cooked Andy’s goose. He probably never believed she would bag him and her noyfriend and tell the truth about the leak to Devlin Barrett, but she wasn’t going to jail for her “lover’s” scheming bullshit with his buddy. And they all felt they were invulnerable. No one would dare lead a senior FBI official away in cuffs. The country is watching. Judge Collyer has already told the nation that they broke FISA laws hundreds if not thousands of times. If they don’t start arresting people for this shit, something is seriously broken. FISA law is the rubicon for the IC. They step over that line, it’s not far to a fascist state.

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    • jbowen82 says:

      Remember, Carlin left in October 2016. I have always wondered whether his departure was connected to Crossfire Hurricane, as in his not wanting to be associated with it and with the FISA authorization. If so, he may very well be cooperating with Horowitz and Durham.


  12. Chris N says:

    Indictments are coming from John Durham. The first round of many. Once those are issued we will finally see the Horowitz report. We will finally learn the truth about 2016.

    It will be a devastating cascade of horrors for the Obama White House, for Adam Schiff, the Deep State “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella, and the Democrat party as a whole. It can’t come soon enough.

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  13. jx says:

    First it was September, then mid-October, then November. Now first week of December.

    Any bets on pushing into January?


  14. swamph8er says:

    Arresting people for crimes has NOTHING to do with creating a public report!

    We’ve had actual evidence of crimes for almost 3 years. Don’t get your hopes up.

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  15. Sun Yat Sen says:

    I will make a suggestion (for the second time) that Sundance make a deck of cards with all the crooks and a description of their “alleged” crimes once the IG report comes out. Sundance, more than virtually anyone, can summarize the perps quickly enough that they could be Christmas gifts for the uninformed. Pretty please.

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  16. j'accuse says:

    I just hope IG Horowitz will be allowed to discharge his duty as IG and present the findings of his investigation as he sees fit without being pressured to downplay or minimize the conduct of any past or present officials named in the report. If teams of lawyers are empowered to rewrite the report under a theory of ‘correcting errors’ they will certainly do so and it will no longer be Horowitz’s findings but a committee document full of compromises.over language that will defeat the purpose of it.
    Also it will be very unfortunate if Horowitz is made a lightening rod for criticism by those who don’t like his report. I suspect this will happen given the current climate but if members of Congress chime in to push their political narratives it will be shamefully punishing a public servant for doing his job. By statute he is giving his professional viewpoint and not stating that the evidence can’t be interpreted differently


  17. dustycowpoke says:

    I have spent some time reading and analyzing not only the items presented to us and the comments on this evenings posts and I have one thought running through the course of the evening. SUNSHINE! Our President is giving us a glimpse of all the backroom deals which have been made and all if the illicit money changing hands. Now, I say President Trump has this and knows where the bodies are buried. So, Let President Donald J Trump be Trump.

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  18. Guffman says:

    Why TH are these swamp creatures and their lawyers given review and edit privileges on the GD report? Who TH is running things anyway???
    Do cops or judges allow non-political criminals to review/edit their charges/reports/judgments??
    Has the country gone completely crazy?

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  19. ristvan says:

    So, why do we Treepers here suddenly despairingly believe the AP?


    • butch cassidy says:

      And the Washington Post. The emotions on this board are all over the place. Before the end of the week something will happen and the tide will change again, it happens all the time. If Trump doesn’t have this handled then we are screwed, so until he has the last word I’ll be patient. So far Trump has been incredible.


  20. retired IG says:

    Take it to heart commenters here. IG Horowitz’s sworn duty is to report fraud, waste, and abuse. of American tax payer dollars. Crimes that his work may have been unearthed from the swamp are treated as referrals for prosecution. Whether anyone gets prosecuted from what his audit has uncovered is not UP TO HIM. Has no one learned from how his previous report was TOTALLY IGNORED? The mention of child trafficking? IGNORED.. Beyond my ken as to how that happened.
    Horowitz is in my prayers a lot these daze. I think on the forthcoming report as NUTRIENT DENSE FOOD FOR THOUGHT. Horowitz does not have control over the timing re the release of this report. That would be under the purview of the agencies mayhaps, even include comments from the Judges re FISA who were included in this review. In my dreams.
    Hopefully, we will see THE IG REPORT by the Easter Holiday. Not kidding.


    • BL says:

      Retired IG… is correct in his comments above. Also please correct me if I’m wrong Horowitz is only reporting on fisa for Carter Page. Durham’s report is what we should be watching for because his went from investigation to criminal investigation. Barr has stated that he has nothing to do with Durham report all he did was help Durham meet/talk with people in Europe.


  21. upstate909 says:

    IMHO the IG only has the authority to make assessments based on administrative law; the policy, rules and guidelines within the specific agency. Therefore, it will appear to be a dud to us It is just another function of the swamp to drain our tax dollars/wealth. The important things to look for are what references may support the Durham Investigation. The DOJ are the only ones who can prosecute. Just another piece of a very large puzzle.

    If I am incorrect about the IG’s function, please let me know. It just seems to me that the words law, policy, rule and guideline are all interchanged in media accounts, but I think I listed them in descending order of authority.


    • Retired IG says:

      Upstate909, your first sentence was accurate and correct. Agree wholeheartedly, and know from experience that when the audit uncovers criminal activity, referrals occur and under law, the lawbreaking uncovered must be investigated AND PROSECUTED . Only came close to a criminal referrals a few times in my career. Audits and Investigations were compartmentalized in my agency. One could only read about criminal investigation results in the required agency quarterly/annual required report to the Congress. Investigaiors run a very tight ships. Think on the saying, ” loose lips sink ships.”
      The code of conduct that separates auditors from investigators serves a purpose. I suppose. However, if you are being investigated by John Durham, he is investigating criminal activity. May that knowledge bring you peace and comfort and a good nights rest, LOL.


  22. emeraldcoaster says:

    Ever the optimist, I’m looking for Durham to file his first indictment the day Horowitz finally releases his FISA report.

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  23. Bogeyfree says:

    Unfortunately our Senate isn’t much different than the Senate under Julius Caesar, except we have 66 Brutus or 2/3 of however many are seated.

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  24. snailmailtrucker says:

    After all of this Insanity is over….I suggest that WE THE PEOPLE Demand that
    President Donald J. Trump is Given 4 extra years as President of the USA to Compensate
    him for withstanding the Outrageous Criminal Abuse from the Irrational Democrats
    and the GOPe Members of the US Government during his First Term in Office !

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  25. Pelayo says:

    Let’s hope it gets released on a Monday so we can watch these traitors flop around like fish out of water for 5 full days.


  26. jello333 says:

    Well, I hope you’re off by just a few days, Sundance. Because I’d really love for it to be released just BEFORE Thanksgiving. After all, what’s one thing the holiday is known for? Friends and family getting together, some who only rarely get together, and sitting down and eating and… TALKING. About family, sports, lots of random stuff… of course including POLITICS.

    So yeah, if this thing comes out right before Turkey Day, there could be some REAL interesting conversations going on all over this country… and quite possibly some people LEARNING some things from their deplorable relatives!

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  27. James Strates says:

    President Trump owns this entire fiasco.
    Between not firing Sessions the moment he recused and not declassifying.


  28. Cocoon says:

    We can only hope the findings in IG Report answer the following:
    Who was aware of omissions in FISAs on Carter Page?
    How did subsequent FISA’s on Page not reflect corrections?
    Was FISA Court ever formally made aware of omissions?
    Who were the four contractors found illegally unmasking info on US citizens?
    What happened to the info?
    Were contractors charged?
    Who authorized this illegal activity?
    Will US citizens be made aware of the illegal surveillance? What’s their remedy?
    Why was 2018 FISA Court Judge finding of tens of thousands of further unmaskings held under seal for a year?


  29. shirley49 says:

    NOT HOLDING MY BREATH. It is going to be up to us to tale care of this.


  30. billybob says:

    Haha. Just imagine the family get togethers over the Christmas holidays , or maybe even Thanksgiving , and the civil family discussions over a Yuletide log . They say holidays are one of the most stressful times for family get togethers , this year should be a MOAB . Of course it will all be Trumps fault because he …………………………. .


  31. Will Hunt says:

    Why does the IG need the post-interview input from these people? Release the report as written. if the interviewee are unhappy they are free to exercise their first amendment rights.


  32. rickb928 says:

    This has to be done right the first time. Thorough and complete. Irrefutable. Documented in complete detail.

    They get one shot at this. It’s probably necessary to burn it all down and start anew, removing all significant management, changing policies and procedures, and ultimately regaining control of the House to enact legislative reforms.

    It takes a bit of thinking to fully understand just how profoundly our government has been compromised, top to bottom. Moving cabinet agencies out of DC might be a good step.


    • sturmudgeon says:

      “Moving cabinet agencies out of DC might be a good step.” This idea has been put forward many times in posts, and I believe it would result in our Government being both more efficient, and more accountable.


  33. Gwenn says:

    What is the purpose of review for this report? Seems as if in the event that someone disputes Horowitz’s findings, he’s willing to make changes. This is ludicrous!


  34. PAIN TIME says:

    With the NDA’s the tip off’s might be seen in the MSM. Any smart lawyer would “like” to frame a narrative in the report itself; however the IG has closing remarks to the narrative that the lawyer cannot readjust. Watch the NYT and WaPo to glean any narrative shaping; but it is my best guess that they will remain rather silent because the indictments are inbound.


  35. Judy says:

    Enough is enough!! Release the darn report. Tired of the delays.


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