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Dobbs and Fitton Discuss Vindman’s “Deep State” Coup Effort….

Fox Business Host Lou Dobbs and President of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton discuss the testimony of Lt. Col Vindman and his congressional admission to usurp the executive power of the President.

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Sean Hannity Provides Latest Tick Tock – IG Report Will Contain Criminal Referrals…

Sara Carter appears on the nightly meeting of the Tick Tock club to promote her latest tick-tock article claiming the Horowitz report will contain a criminal referral for James Comey. Once the tick-tock material du jour is implanted, the tick-tock … Continue reading

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Leverage – EU Pledges Increased U.S. Investment in Effort to Avoid U.S. Auto Tariffs…

Funny stuff amid headlines discussing the likelihood of President Trump postponing a 25% tariff on European autos.  What the pundits are missing is how President Trump has positioned a myriad of trade dynamics that make EU action unavoidable.   This is … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments on DACA Case Tomorrow…

Tomorrow the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on the case: “DHS -vs- Regents of University of California“, also known as the DACA case: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.  DACA was instituted by a President Obama ‘executive action’, not an … Continue reading

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EU Begins Accepting Serious Consequences From U.S. Economic and Trade Position…

The major industrial economies of the European Union (U.K., France, Germany) have been the beneficiaries of a decades-long system which allowed one-sided benefits -via tariffs- against U.S. products. With President Trump demanding reciprocity, and with less industrial purchasing from China, … Continue reading

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Sam Elliott pays tribute to Sergent Ray Lambert:

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President Trump Delivers Remarks During New York Veterans Day Parade – Video and Transcript…

Earlier today President Trump and First Lady Melania attended the New York City Veterans Day parade to honor our nations service members. President Donald J. Trump has made it a priority to support American veterans. [Video and Transcript Below] . … Continue reading

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