Biden Lied – Emails Show Burisma Executives Leveraging Hunter Biden Membership as Pressure on U.S. State Dept. For Assistance in Removing Ukraine Corruption Probe…

Well, well, well…. everything Joe Biden and the Obama administration previously denied taking place is now documented as having taken place.  Newly discovered emails between Ukrainian energy company Burisma and State Dept. officials show the company was leveraging Biden’s affiliation with the company to get U.S. govt assistance.

As a result of a FOIA lawsuit journalist John Solomon has received emails between the Burisma energy company and U.S. State Department; where Burisma seeking U.S. government assistance to get the Ukraine prosecutor to drop a corruption probe against the energy co., and leveraging Hunter Biden’s board membership toward their efforts.

This is the evidence the media said didn’t exist:

(Source pdf Link)

The eventual outcome was Vice-President Joe Biden threatening to withhold $1 billion in U.S. financial aid to Ukraine if the Ukrainian government did not fire the prosecutor and drop their investigation of Burisma.  Ukraine fired the prosecutor and dropped the investigation.   [Full Solomon Article Here]

Marie Harf unavailable for comment….

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209 Responses to Biden Lied – Emails Show Burisma Executives Leveraging Hunter Biden Membership as Pressure on U.S. State Dept. For Assistance in Removing Ukraine Corruption Probe…

  1. Troublemaker10 says:

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    • ABN says:

      Can anyone write down what Solomon says in and around this part at ~12 seconds: “…Ukraine prosecutors raid Hunter Biden’s father’s home…”? Am I hearing that correctly? Did Solomon misspeak?


    • NYMinuteman says:

      This is perhaps the biggest disingenuous load of garbage the Democrats have ce up with yet.
      THERE IS NOTHING NEW about demanding the investigation, exposure and reduction in nationalized corruption before releasing foreign aid by the US government. It has been going on for decades, and not just by the US. It started in earnest almost three decades ago, and the NY Times knows it:

      WITHHOLDING AID demanding corruption reform is COMMON SENSE. When the most recent Administration did it, it was perfectly OK, despite the spokesman HAVING A PERSONAL STAKE IN THE CORRUPTION CONTINUING. Trump does it, calls it out, and it’s a crime?

      Cut me a break

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  2. BitterC says:

    Not sure if it matters, but Hunter was either an employee or on the board of Blue Star Strategies, the folks lobbying for Burisma from OP email

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  3. ale81inn says:

    Good piece. Thanks for sharing. At the Ale81 Inn correspondent Ford Wenty shares his advice for the Biden campaign,

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  4. shirley49 says:

    It sounds like what has been going on for years is that our corrupt so called politicians have been stealing our TAX $$$ by sending aid to corrupt Countries and they in turn send a big chunk of it back to the corrupt politicians. In the meantime they keep increasing our taxes, cutting benefits, no cost of living increases etc, etc.

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  5. Bill Pitcher says:

    You’d have to be blind, deaf and dumb to not understand what happened in Ukraine during the Obama Administration and the Bidens’ classic shakedown. Perhaps Barr and Durham soon will explain it all for the couch-sitters. I used to give compliance education presentations on the US FCPA. The Bidens would have been Exhibit A.

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  6. Just like the fact that the “dossier” was never intended to be exposed as a DNC/Clinton sponsored conglomeration of baloney, like we weren’t supposed to know DJT & his campaign were spied on, like were weren’t supposed to discover that the Trump campaign was targeted by our own intelligence assets or like we weren’t supposed to discover manipulated evidence was used to convict Gen. Flynn ….We were NEVER supposed to know about THIS.

    …..and the big takeaway is, ALL of the above happened due to acts of hate and desperation by democrats & their DS allies.


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  7. SeanNY2 says:

    I googled Novelli in the time frame the letter might be referring to (Dec 2015 to Feb 2016).

    The only thing I could come up with was the World Economic Forum in Davos at the end of January 2016:

    Click to access 160101_WEF_ListofParticipants.pdf

    Anyone else have better luck? If the letter refers to public remarks they don’t seem to be in google.


    • Joemama says:

      Google censors results that shed light on the deep state and cultural marxists.

      Use Startpage or DuckDuckGo for searches.


    • Lady Sid says:

      I have a college friend who worked at Porter/Novelli P-R firm for some years before she went out on her own. I assume that’s the reference to “Novelli.”


  8. SeanNY2 says:

    Lots of highly concerning commentary in Ukraine Weekly from 2014-2016. Seems they were acutely aware of the “crony capitalism” embodied by Biden and his son.

    “Speaking of crony capitalism, soon after
    Mr. Biden announced the U.S. technical
    assistance package for Ukraine during his
    trip to Kyiv, on May 13 it was announced
    that Hunter Biden, the vice-president’s
    younger son, is joining the board of
    Burisma, a gas company operating in
    Ukraine. David Leiter, a former Senate chief
    of staff to Secretary of State John Kerry,
    signed on to work as a lobbyist for Burisma
    on May 20, about a week after Hunter Biden
    announced he was joining the company,
    according to lobbying disclosures. Burisma
    added a second new board member, Devon
    Archer, a Democratic bundler and former
    adviser to Mr. Kerry’s 2004 presidential
    campaign. Both Mr. Archer and Hunter
    Biden have worked as business partners
    with Mr. Kerry’s son-in-law, Christopher
    Heinz, the founding partner of Rosemont
    Capital, a private-equity company. Over all,
    for Ukraine, this may be a long-term beneficial confluence of cronies and capitalists.

    Financial exploitation, bribery and fraud are so pervasive in Ukraine that even a member of the U.S. vice-president’s own family has allegedly been implicated in connection with a firm linked to Mykola Zlochevsky. An exiled Ukrainian businessman, Mr. Zlochevsky served a stint as environment minister in the notoriously corrupt previous government, which was overthrown in February 2014. Last year, Vice-President Biden’s son Hunter joined the board of Zlochevsky’s natural gas production company Burisma, whose London bank accounts were temporarily frozen by British authorities as part of an investigation into money laundering. Commentary in the media has suggested that Vice-President Biden’s strong anti-corruption message could be undermined by this ongoing scandal (UNIAN, December 10).

    [and the money quote]:

    “However, it will take time to change the mentality of the ruling class in a country
    where many continue to see politics, first of all, as a means of enriching themselves.”

    Geez. Wonder why Biden and family chose to focus on Ukraine??

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  9. 6x47 says:

    It isn’t illegal, per se, for VP Biden or President Trump to condition receipt of American foreign aid on the foreign government performing certain actions. In fact, such “quid pro quo” is precisely the REASON for foreign aid.

    What IS illegal is using such a quid pro quo for corrupt purposes. For instance, quashing an investigation into a kickback scheme involving the family members of the official making the request. Looking at YOU, former VP Biden.

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  10. dd_sc says:

    I bet Hillary is laughing about Biden and Kerry not using private e-mail servers for this sort of thing.


  11. Bogeyfree says:

    So is this in essence what may appear to be happening?

    1) Our Congressional Representatives, who represent We the People, create all tax laws and control all monetary expenditures……..

    2) Create billions in aid packages to foreign countries using the revenues from US citizens paid in taxes……..

    3) Then a few or many of these Congressional Representatives work out “ways” whereby a % or a specific amount of this aid funding is re-routed back to them??

    If this even has a smidge of truth and / or accuracy, then I hope AG Barr who is on record as saying he works for America and it’s citizens, IMMEDIATELY opens up an full investigation into this Ukraine alleged corruption.

    How do We the People begin to demand the Dept of Justice to open up an investigation?

    My guess if we leverage social media we can get a million people to sign a petition demanding AG Barr take action.


  12. Mr e-man says:

    One thing I picked up from this is the connection to John Kerry’s State Department. Since Hunter and John Kerry’s stepson had a business together, is it possible that Burisma hired Hunter , not only for his Joe Biden contacts, but also his John Kerry’s stepson contacts. Hunter could use that to get Burisma an audience with John Kerry, and did.


  13. I’ll bet that Marie Harf will now claim to be “temporarily blind” so she can maintain plausible deniability to excuse her willful ignorance.


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