Facing Scrutiny Lindsey Graham Runs to Tick-Tock Hannity for Help – Together They Proclaim The Investigative Brilliance of A Strongly Worded Letter…

The crowd has realized that Senator Lindsey Graham is playing a role and has no intention to do anything to stop the malicious impeachment of President Trump.  Last night Senator Rand Paul went on the record and called attention to Senator Graham’s duplicitous lack of action…. Oh dear, people are catching on.

To protect himself from the disinfecting sunlight of scrutiny, Senator Graham runs to the office of Sean Hannity for protection.  Together they pitch the idea of a strongly worded letter as an action that might provide Graham some more time to hide and get away from the pesky spotlight….  Tonight, they sell it:


In the background Senator Graham knows a democrat Senator will oppose the resolution (it only takes one). Because the procedure for a single senator to bring a resolution vote to the Senate Chamber requires unanimous consent, the resolution can also be blocked by a single senator.

[Don’t disregard which outlet Graham is using to sell his plan, that too is by design.]

This strategy provides Senator Graham the optic of doing something, being blocked by democrats…. which he expects, and actually accomplishing nothing.  That’s the plan; and it’ll probably work.  Too many people are fooled by the Decepticon tricks.

…”We may have to modify our New Year plans”…  LINK

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381 Responses to Facing Scrutiny Lindsey Graham Runs to Tick-Tock Hannity for Help – Together They Proclaim The Investigative Brilliance of A Strongly Worded Letter…

  1. SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

    He said SOMEBODY should do SOMETHING.

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  2. Mike in a Truck says:

    The Uniparty/Warfare Party/Welfare Party are exposed for all Americans to see. We need a new party that represents the views,morals and standards of MAGA/ Deplorables. The Republicans have shot their wad.

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    • joan p calhoun says:

      While we are busy creating a MAGA party, let’s disband congress as well.

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      • Ditto, and second the motion. Kaco’s comment about the lawlessness characterizing our lawmakers should be emphasized, too.

        I come to Sundance for the most effective, focused news. This was a nice post.

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      • ms doodlebug says:

        This is such BS. The democrats won’t ‘give’ republicans and President Trump ‘rights’ t hat are not theirs to ‘give or take away’? Since when is there no legal recourse when rights are denied? Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, and their enablers like Graham, McConnell, et al, the entire rotten core of Congress, should be standing before judges for sentencing.


    • Zippy says:

      “The Uniparty/Warfare Party/Welfare Party are exposed for all Americans to see.”

      But the VAST majority don’t see it either because it is not pointed out to them anywhere other than places like this and/or they aren’t paying enough attention. So, the UniParty knows it can, as usual, get away with it.

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      • elsuperbus says:

        Exactly. Even if someone is center/center-right and they wade into “conservative” outlets, they still have to shovel through the BS. The conservative cause has always been hamstrung from every direction.


  3. HA says:

    The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings.

    John F. Kennedy

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    • Spooky says:

      Nice speech and all but if you think JFK meant a word of it then you are very naïve. Remember, this is the same guy who made his brother Attorney General (definitely not an attempt to bring sunlight to the Presidency) and then had him break the law by showing his political enemies tax returns to Ben Bradley of Washington Compost fame. Don’t forget that they stole the election from Nixon in 1960 with massive voter fraud in Illinois. They were never anything but a criminal conspiracy masquerading as a political dynasty. Good riddance and a pox on all of them!


  4. Kaco says:

    I just read the linked article. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/congress/mcconnell-no-gop-control-over-senate-trial-if-house-impeaches

    “McConnell: No GOP control over Senate trial if House impeaches”

    Is he playing stupid or what? First of all, they need to actually have a House vote. And if so, he acts like he’s fumbling, bumbling around and doesn’t know what to do, feigning ignorance.

    It’s getting to the point of complete lawlessness, nobody is following the Constitution. And there’s nobody to answer to. The Democrats are holding an unlawful inquiry and who is to stop it and say, hey, that is against our laws, and force them to stop. We are a nation of laws, that is what holds this Republic together. If laws are not followed or upholded, we are in deep do-do. We rely on our equal branches to uphold the law. So where does this go if laws and due process and the Bill of Rights are not followed in this impeachment? The Supreme Court? Then they will then be not a co-equal branch, but the superior branch, even over the Presidency. This is actually getting pretty scary. Just like the Dems ideology of, there are actual facts, then there is “someone’s truth”, basically how someone interprets or feels about something supersedes an actual fact.

    The RNC called me again yesterday and I let them have it, on Syria, on McConnell, on Romney (another thorn, just like McCain- and I didn’t even know about Pierre Delecto yet), impeachment, basically everything, and told them whatever they get from me will be from the percentage donated to donaldjtrump.com.

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  5. Hannity last night was pukeworthy on 2 counts: the convenient cover for Lindsay and Sean’s wimpy pseudo-excoriation of Sen. Pierre Delecto. Hannity apparently thinks his (occasional) viewers are as stupid as those who watch the alphabets.

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    • Nobodysfool says:

      Wow, does this website hate Hannity, or what?

      Two points possibly worthy to ponder:

      1. Hannity is a close, personal friend of the Trump family, POTUS included. He has fought the good fight from Day One to defend this President and expose the evildoers. He believes repetition is the only way to tell the truth on these thugs and hammer it home. Annoying? Sure he is, at times. But his name gets mentioned by POTUS at rallies and his show is the one POTUS goes to most. None of us here enjoys that compliment, do we?

      2. There’s plenty of tick tock’n going on here, too. We get redirected over and over and over to previous articles. We get reminded of predictions that eventually came true and there’s plenty of “I told you so” moments here. Imagine if Hannity’s 3 hours on the radio and his 1 hour in TV were eliminated. Are we ok with his voice being silenced or worse, those voids filled with a Shep Smith, Brit Hume, Brian Kilmeade or some other anti Trump hack?

      Don’t like Hannity? Don’t watch or listen. But maligning someone out of jealousy or just personal dislike perhaps should be rethought since that one particular voice carries so much clout with the same President this website promotes. In other words, ignore petty differences and support our teammates! Give the credit where it’s due and ignore what ticks you off (pardon the pun).

      And the photo shopped aged photo of Hannity is very beneath the quality and dignity of the reputation this website has worked hard to achieve. As Sleepy Joe would say, “C’mon, man!”

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      • Chip Doctor says:

        ‘Don’t like Hannity? Don’t watch or listen. But maligning someone out of jealousy or just personal dislike perhaps should be rethought since that one particular voice carries so much clout with the same President this website promotes. In other words, ignore petty differences and support our teammates! Give the credit where it’s due and ignore what ticks you off (pardon the pun)”

        Are you not doing the same thing you are accusing this site and it’s readers of? I have no problem with you defending Hannity, but when you attack this site and its readers, your argument loses credibility.

        If you don’t like the photos Sundance uses don’t look at them. If you don’t like being redirected to past articles, don’t read them.

        As you say “ignore the petty differences” C’mon man!

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        • Zippy says:

          “‘Don’t like Hannity? Don’t watch or listen.”

          I don’t.

          On Fox in general, only when they bring in true investigative journalists to interview like, for instance, John Solomon do they cover these ongoing scandals to anything beyond a simplistic level. Levin’s show also does a great job.

          Their audience is only a few million, so only a single digit percentage of Americans are getting PART of the story via Fox about what’s actually going on and only those who read here or listen to Dan Bongino or read his books are getting the full depth of how incredibly serious SpyGate was.

          Thus, the UniParty can get away with nearly anything, as always, since most voters are either willfully clueless or fully propagandized… as always.

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          • FrankieZee says:

            Nobody said anything about being jealous of Hannity. He just can’t make himself challenge Panty wearing Lindsey. Just like he always had MCSTAIN on his show and never challenge him. Mr. TICK TOCK is going to take a lot of heat about this. By the way, I haven’t watched TICK TOCK in about 6 months now.


      • Lawrence says:

        Good points. Still do not trust Hannity. Until Trump awards him a Medal of Honor, he’s a decepticon from Fake News Fox.

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        • donna kovacevic says:

          Wow, I mentioned Hannity because he has the opportunity to ask hard questions of those that come on and we need to hear their answers and Lindsey is just the person that is on quite regularly, and since he went against POTUS re Syria, a perfect time to question him about that and all the other promises he made and has not kept. How is that personally disliking Hannity? Nope it is his missed chances. Now Sundance you can not even compare, he/she/they have been articulate and always understood. Cheers.


      • JoeB64@aol.com says:

        Ahhhh, Shut up!
        Hannity gave Lady Lindsay COVER AGAIN when he knows he’s Talked a good game but, walked NOWHERE!
        Hannity and Graham have delivered Absolutely ZIP, and it makes ya wonder what the hell is REALLY going on!
        Sundance has every right to call him out here. I watched Hannity last night, I don’t do it NEARLY as much as I used too. As soon as I saw Graham was a guest, and I heard he was “introducing a resolution”, I KNEW it was more smoke and mirrors. Can’t believe Hannity still gives that good for nothing FRAUD a platform!
        Hannity appears to be aiding and abetting the enemy at this point.
        He knows FULL WELL that both Graham and McConnell are useless tools protecting the Establishment!

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      • Blind no Longer says:

        Nobody, I don’t think anybody here is against Hannity. I am always grateful for Sean and his voice. He helps to lead the charge for President Trump and conservative principles, and that’s why I have been a loyal viewer and supporter for years.

        My problem is because he is the most watched news show on cable, he is giving Lindsey Graham a forum to fool voters that he is really doing something to support President Trump….when he is not!!!

        I started to scream at the sky again when Sean said there was breaking news about Senator Graham doing something!!! It turns out the something was just another damn letter!! No hearings no subpeonas….just another stern letter or resolution that will go down in the dust bin of this week’s history!!! Did Sean asked him about why he’d had no hearings….NO he didn’t.

        Sean is going to have to do something very uncomfortable and start to put these corrupt POS on the spot and challenge them, ESPECIALLY Lindsey Graham about why he is not doing anything in regards to getting to the bottom of the illegal spying that took place and is STILL coming on AS I TYPE!!!!

        Lindsey has got to be called out by some powerful voices on our side. Hannity needs to do it or stop giving Lindsey cover by allowing him on his show!!

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      • jeans2nd says:

        You really are everybody’s fool. You may claim to be new here, but we’ve seen your kind more than a few times on this site.
        In fact, you act just like a Socialist democrat.

        You accuse others of doing what you, yourself, are doing, while calling names and impugning the site owner with fallacious accusations.
        You fail to recognize the reason for repetition and back references, which shows you know nothing.

        Some of us have noticed your lack of logic and reason, but have chosen to say nothing.
        No longer.

        Recommend you try shutting up and lurking. You may learn something.
        Probably not, as you’ve learned nothing so far, but there is always hope.
        At the least, try shutting up.


      • Parker Longbaugh says:

        I will like or dislike any person whose primary job requirement is to babble on media delivery systems.

        Anyone who is sensitive to rebuke in that profession of those who defend them are children.


      • Orville R. Bacher says:

        Your points are well taken about Hannity, true. But Hannity would be more effective if he was less repetitive, less interrupting of his guests, and less “bad Russia” fixated.
        As to Graham on Hannity last night. First, I seldom watch Hannity anymore and I didn’t last night. But it is plain as the nose on Pierre Delecto’s face, that Republican Senators are laying in the weeds, and not supporting the President.
        They, like the Demented Party and the Government Mob, may wish us fools, but we are not fooled.


      • Russ says:

        This comment is geared to Hannity’s radio show. I don’t watch him on TV but I assume it’s more of the same.

        Someone said it here in the past I think….”For those climbing the ladder of understanding, on the first rung you find Hannity.’ So for that, he is useful. I think most on here are well beyond what Hannity delivers. I think expecting him to deliver anything beyond that is asking too much.

        He does have some decent occasional guests but unfortunately, the very short segments between commercials, mutual admiration comments and his habit for interruption doesn’t allow for much to get through.

        Beyond the very basic nature of his presentation, the endless repetition of the “blue collar jobs” he held is what finally got me to move on. He is what he is. Think of him as serving a different audience.

        For those looking for a stronger radio alternative in the 3 pm Eastern slot, I recommend New England based Howie Carr. The first three hours are pretty much national oriented while the final hour tends to be more regional oriented. Like any show, it will take you a week or two to catch on to the “schitk’ – inside jokes and so forth.

        Someday, Rush is going to retire. I dread the thought of Hannity taking that slot.

        Does anyone have any suggestions for alternatives to Beck in the morning slot?

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        • uvaldegirl says:

          Good analogy about Hannity beingthe first rung of understanding. I watched the show last night – I rarely watch it – and it was just so insufferable. Why doesn’t he have any self awareness? His sucking up to Mitt Romney and what a great guy he is and how he defended him back in 2012 was pathetic.
          Before Rush, I listen to Mark Simone in NYC. He gets repetitive too, but is breezy, knows Donald Trump and has some good insights. Howie Carr is a frequent guest, so I will definitely check out his own show.


      • Screaming Eagle says:

        Your are dead right Nobodysfool. No greater supporter of Trump than Sean Hannity. He is his FRIEND, and FRIEND to the rest of the Trump family. Yes, I tire of his repeated diatribes like “bought and paid for Russian lies”, “Dirty water”, “Throw Grandma over the cliff”, “Mom and Pop server”, hell, we all do. However, this man has never wavered, he exposes the Marxist media like nobody else on national TV. We should be grateful for him. What his affiliation with Miss Linda Graham is??, I don’t know. ……..I think Graham is a psychopath, like the rest of these attention craving idiots, couldn’t give a rats ass about anything, just poofing along, all talk, no action. They are all the same. Hannity is not perfect, but by God he brings it everyday, 3 hours on the radio, 1 hour every night. He has helped Ingram, Bongino, Carlson, and a host of others. It was disgraceful of CTH to put that pic up. Come on team! We’re better than this.!!


        • TPW says:

          You are totally ignoring what Hannity did. Or should we say did not do. It totally undermined what he has been selling on his show., night after night after night …ad nauseam. So the question that is troubling me and many others …Why would Hannity give the enemy aid and comfort. Or better yet COVER.


    • Blaze says:

      The ONLY time worth watching Tick Tock is when our President is on. If not I’m watching Liz Wheeler.


    • Kleen says:

      I’m done with Hannity.

      I was a bit annoyed with all the Hannity bashing on this site, because we need to stick together. It’s a huge battle to fight the left. We don’t have to like each other but we need to unite and focus on fighting the left.

      However, if Hannity is going to keep misleading his audience about Romney being a “good person” then he can’t be in this fight against the left/Romney. He is with them.

      No good person would scam vulnerable people who are willing to donate, volunteer for a candidate who pretends to be Republican only to take our money and then fight against us. That’s not a good person. He is fraud!

      Lindsey Scam is another fraud. If Hannity is going to give him a megaphone, just invite Pelosi already and let her talk talk and don’t challenge her like he does to L. Scam.

      If he wants to promote RINOs/ Democrats , just be honest and have the ones who are open about who they are. Not the frauds!


  6. graficgod says:

    this is to be expected. Hannity is pathetic and has been for a long time. He devolved into a shrieking, blathering fool over the Liar Clinton with endless streams of ‘bleachBit, bleachBit, bleachBit’ spewing from his souphole like a malfunctioning robot.
    in the end, Hannity is part of the media’s side of the leviathan, deep state, corruptocracy, whatever you want to call it. their sole purpose is to fleece us to enrich themselves.
    quit watching FauxNews. they’re as bad as all the rest and not on Main Street’s side.

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  7. Bogeyfree says:

    Has anyone asked Lindsey if he has one of those government issued Blackberrys with that rumored military level encryption on it?

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  8. mg says:

    Fly-over country people are the only people that can save us. The American middle class has to come together and shut the worlds commerce down. We will go back to work when our demands are granted. MAGA

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  9. 124andmore says:

    “Occasional viewers”? He has the most viewers of all cable news shows.

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    • vicarioushikermom says:

      I was speaking of myself. I am an occasional viewer of Hannity. I watch his good guests and listen to them, mute everything else. But then I do that with Dobbs now too. When we see some real action and not just talk, there will be something worth watching/listening to.

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    • mikeyboo says:

      Some of us read and listen to various news sources constantly. We are not Hannity’s target audience. As annoying and egocentric as he is, Hannity performs a valuable service in covering stories most main stream news outlets either ignore or distort. Hannity is reaching people who would otherwise be almost entirely dependent on the bullchit served up by most main stream media.

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  10. MaineCoon says:

    Nothing but a third-rated used car salesman.

    Cheap talk…no substanative actions. Worthless. Playing both ends against the middle.

    Which way is the wind blowing today, Lindsy? Who is pulling your strings? Lining your pockets?

    Something just ain’t right with LG — in more ways than one. As my Dad would have said in his day..Odd as a two dollar bill.

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  11. linda4298 says:

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  12. Bogeyfree says:

    Imagine this…….

    You are one of the most powerful Republican Senators in Congress

    You are the Chairman of one of the most powerful committees in Congress

    Your Republican President is under a massive fraudulent attack by the left

    And you have brought zero people before your committee to help expose this and defend PT

    Who does that and why?

    Especially when you know if PT goes down via impeachment the Republic as we know it today will crash with the leftist policies as it moves closer to socialism.

    One has to know that by inaction it will possibly make the world and America a more sufferable place.

    So, I ask again, who does this, who sits on their hands while the President and their country burns and WHY?

    It is shocking to me that we have supposedly conservative people in Congress who would rather see our country fall or move left than stand up and fight to save the Republic as we know today?

    Is it truly just because they hate him? Who lets their country burn over one man who has done so much good for the average American? It has to be more that just I don’t like him.

    What are so many of these people afraid of?????

    Just like PT has shown all of us the truth about……

    Globalism vs Nationalism

    Bad trade deals



    Wall Street vs Main Street

    Democrats and the DS

    He has now shown us the truth about the RINOS in Congress and where their true priorities lie.

    It is time to vote McConnell and Lindsey and all the RINOs out of office!

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    • Y’all Know What Time It is says:

      Clinton’s and Obama have dirt on them all.


      • amjean says:

        They fail to put the good of the country, their morality and ethics, if any, before their
        careers and monies gained. This is what we have become and it sickens me.


    • vicarioushikermom says:

      Well said Bogey!


    • FrankieZee says:

      They are doing nothing because they are all CRIMINALS.


    • dwpender says:

      I think we may be overestimating Graham’s power as Judicary Chairman, and that earlier this year he may have overestimated it as well.

      He has only a 12-10 Committee majority. If one Republican dissents, he cannot issue subpoenas. Republicans on the Committee include Cornyn and Sasse (both SSCI). Think either or both of those two are saying, “Yeah, sure” when Graham suggests investigating the IC’s role in lining up foreign “allies” to run entrapment agents, spies and honeypots at Trump people when they were abroad? Think either Cornyn and/or Sasse are assenting to any Judicary investigation of the IC’s role in initiating and assisting with the FBI’s supposed “counterintelligence investigation”? If Judiciary starts down this road, how long before they get to the role of the SSCI (or at least certain Senators on it)?

      Cornyn and/or Sasse may be blocking Graham’s investigative operations. He wouldn’t want to “out” them for obstructing/preventing any investigation until he’s sure they can’t be converted.

      I intend this as food for thought, not as a defense of Graham’s inaction. There may be more going on behind the scenes than we know.


    • romy911 says:

      As Sundance says, “Trillions of dollars at stake.” Truly sickening.


    • trialbytruth says:

      It is actually worse and then that Bogeyfree although I do not believe LG knows it.

      If Donald Trump is impeached and removed from office this government will lose all credibility. A government that loses credibility loses the consent of the governed. This nation was never designed nor is it prepared for dictatorship.

      With the tyrannical nature of the leadership revealed a soft anarchy will follow. People will generally follow the social compacts that have been memorialized into the law but the rules and regulations go out the window. We will burn what we want, and follow the rules we see as important to us as individuals. We will pay only the taxes that have confiscation authority and do our best to avoid those. We will modify our vehicles and guns as we see fit.

      This Freedom quickly.disolves to license and Americans will begin stealing from the power grid and fuel distribution systems like they do in third world countries. The difference here is we have the equipment and technology to not blow ourselves up in the process.

      Eventually as more and more people rebel against the systems local and state authorities will see their income streams dry up as the states will have been overwhelmed by refusals to pay property and use taxes. Government’s enforcement mechanisms will be overwhelmed and made mute .

      That will be, believe it or not the conservative response. The left response will be demanding more Tyranny. Unfortunately without money to fuel the beast that will be a mere burp. It will be as it was as the Soviet Union collapsed, an unprepared demoralized army asked to take down their own people.

      So my advice to the great thinking preppers out there, please think beyond you and yours survival. It is time to form a larger group to plan and prepare a path forward to a new reconstituted nation should we fail in our first choice to save this one and fall.

      I know the ridicule of such a group would be thick. I also understand that such a group would be a threat to the statist who already have their own plans. I however would warn against secrecy. Instead such a group should be made up of retirees, and others disconnected from the workaday world.


    • Libertybella says:

      Excellent post Bogeyfree….I have used your post in my emails to 4 senators today….McConnell, Graham, and from my state, Lamar Alexander and Marsha Blackburn….asking them how they will stand when it all comes down… with the RINOs? or with the people. thx for the words.


    • dimbulbz says:

      “Who lets their country burn over one man who has done so much good for the average American?”
      This question ought to be asked of every member of the press, Federal employee and congressperson in Washington DC.


      • Pamela says:

        Who lets their POTUS burn, and the country go this hell without lifting a finger to help, I’ll tell you who a CORRUPT senator who is in this entire mess up to his eyeballs!!! His corrupt ass is far more important than the country OR Trump and his family, doesn’t make a damn bit of difference to him how much Trump has done for the country this guy is PURE SCUM!!!


  13. FishtheDish says:

    I do not think that Graham gets away with it anymore. He came onto too many talk shows and talked big but did NOTHING. A lack of results (not action but results) will expose him.

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  14. Bogeyfree says:

    We really need to Hammer Lindsey with phone calls, emails and letters voicing our outrage over his lack of action in supporting our President.

    What kind of person who Chairs’s one of the most powerful committees in Congress declines to use his committee to help expose this fraud and frame job on PT? Who does that and why?

    With social media we should be able to bury him with over 1,000,000 letters, emails, phone calls, etc voicing our disgust in his inaction to truly support our President.

    If PT can get 20K people in a single city to attend a rally surely with social media we could get 1,000,000 to bombard Lindsey with letters, emails and phone calls.

    Don’t let Lindsey off the hook!

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    • Mariposa323 says:

      Question : to what lengths will these traitors like Lindsey Graham and other RINOS go to protect their role in corrupt schemes that involve them as well as the DEMS ? Is it possible they don’t care if they don’t get re-elected ? Case in point :Paul Ryan and all the other “retirees “ from congress last year allowing the DEMONS to take over .
      I think it’s a moot question . We know the answer . Time to get on our knees and pray for another miracle … pressuring them that we will change our votes won’t work , only an act of God will make them fear for their souls !


      • Screaming Eagle says:

        Well said Mariposa. The whole 2018 mid term was a set up. 43 Scumbag RHINOS were given retirement bribes to call it a day. Hey backbencher,here’s $10MM, no more begging for money. Get lost now……..Those that truly think they run the world want Trump out, at any cost. We the people, are the God, and we will be forced to act.


    • TPW says:

      #whereslindsey……..is/was trending…….I posted today @realdonaldtrump @seanhannity that Hannity knows the resolution will fail just needs 1 senator to vote against. short and sweet..#whereslindsey


  15. Bob Parker says:

    Sorry Goober, I ain’t buying the shit you are attempting to sell.


    Hannity, you have shown yourself to be nothing but a lackey fool continuing to provide valuable airtime to this blowhard.

    You are allowing Flimsy Lindseed to get away with DOING NOTHING.

    I predict that your precious ratings will suffer & have probably already started their decline.


  16. Hannity is our friend. Our annoying friend, but a friend. He has media influence, Graham however. blows hot and cold. He has real governmental power to shine a light on these cockroaches but he’s too double-minded to do anything but Failure Theater. That’s not good enough.

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  17. Bogeyfree says:

    FOLLOW THE MONEY!……………………………..


  18. Reserved55 says:

    Grahamnesty is a communist.


  19. Your Royal Highness says:

    Wow! I am not allowed to post July 14 1789 and what it represents! Please look it up.


  20. TigerBear says:

    Miss Lindsey, WE ARE NOT BUYING what you’re trying to sell! We SEE you!!!

    Once a snake….ALWAYS a snake!! So you have proven time and again. You told us right after the last presidential election that if we the people didn’t like your grahamnesty plan we could vote you out.

    May the good people of SC do just that!

    Protecting McShame will be your legacy that will be remembered long after Kavanaugh is forgotten!

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  21. Reserved55 says:

    “Senate Republicans make empty threats and send letters. It’s an inexcusable abdication of power and a pathetic display of political cowardice.

    Following closed-door testimony by Michael Atkinson, the intelligence community’s inspector general at the center of the so-called “whistleblower” report related to the July call between Trump and the Ukranian president, Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) issued a harsh letter condemning Atkinson. “Your disappointing testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee on September 26 was evasive to the point of being insolent and obstructive,” Cotton wrote on October 9. “I’m dissatisfied, to put it mildly, with your refusal to answer my questions.”

    Cotton then posed five questions, including asking to which Democratic candidate or campaign the whistleblower is connected, and requested that Atkinson furnish his answers in writing by Friday, October 11. There is no indication of what Cotton’s next move if Atkinson, like nearly every other recipient of a strongly-worded letter sent by Senate Republicans over the last three years, will be.”

    Note the date!!!
    And the show continues.


  22. jbrickley says:

    Oh my, Trump might have to dox Lindsey’s personal cell phone again.


  23. The People’s Cube has a song for ‘hectoring’ ahem….Lindsey Graham.



  24. redthunder238 says:

    I’m glad more people are FINALLY starting to notice Hannity’s true intentions. I’ve been ranting about him and Faux news for months and have been ripped apart(and censored by wordpress) over it. Wake up people. We’re at war.


    • amjean says:

      The issue as I see it with Hannity, is that he puts his ego and popularity with his
      “supposed in the know” attitude ahead of everything else, including the good of the
      country. Altho, if he put his job on the line by really telling the truth, and got fired, then
      nothing would get out from his outlet. Same with others. We are in a quandry.

      Perhaps its time to print daily newsletters in the garages of patriots and distribute
      them by hand throughout the neighborhoods in the dead of night.


      • redthunder238 says:

        It’s time for the tick tock club to draw a line in the sand and FORCE Faux to fire them for telling the truth. IMO they’re in the same boat as Mitch and Miss Lindsey. Remember who was pushing that Leftist plant “AOC challenger”? F’ing Hannity. There’s many similar examples. The dude is a traitor.


  25. Ray says:

    It’s simple Graham could easily supoena those people the Dems are leaking material about and ask them direct questions.
    He could pull the floor out from this hoax but like his predecessor he leaves POTUS to fight alone.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Kleen says:

    The problem for us is, voters are dumb enough to keep voting for this Democrat posing as Republican so, their trick will work again

    Solution: Lets find someone to primary the coward.

    THEN, POTUS should not campaign for the coward but treat them the same way they treat him.

    Say you will and don’t show up

    Throw one empty promise after another at these RINOs

    Let the coward campaign for himself.

    POTUS should also warn his supporters that giving money to the GOP doesn’t go directly to him but Cornyn’s purse. He controls the money and he is a RINO

    Liked by 1 person

  27. Kleen says:

    This coward is a Democrat!

    People need to wake up

    Do not donate to the GOP

    Donate directly to Trump’s campaign.

    Let Trump’s campaign controls our donated money. Not the Democrat plants.

    Liked by 2 people

  28. Kleen says:

    Dear POTUS and campaign staff,

    Please educate the public about donating money to the GOP/Democrats

    Please make sure to tell people not to donate to the RNC.

    Explain clearly that money should be donated to Trump’s campaign directly!

    Our poor people are donating to Democrat plants and that is a scam!!!

    Stop the scam! Our side should not fund Democrats pretending to be Republicans.


  29. Kleen says:

    I’m done with Hannity!
    He is too loyal to the party. He is in bed with RINOs

    He keeps having LG on and never really questions the coward. Just give him a megaphone so he can keep misleading people.

    Goodbye Hannity!

    OANN here I come….


    • Zorro says:

      Be sure you tell Hannity the reason else nothing will change.


      • Kleen says:

        I will, good idea!

        I will also let Lindsey Scam know he is causing Hannity to loose his audience.

        It’s refreshing to see how Jack Posobiac from OANN is going after Lindsey Scam.

        I’m with Jack! My new “ Hannity “


  30. Kleen says:

    The right thing to do is for RINOs ask for donations from Democrat voters and Hollywood.

    After all they work for them, they vote with the left. They help their cause.

    It’s a scam to mislead Republicans and trick our voters to fund the left.

    Lindsey Scam.

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Kleen says:

    We must find somebody to primary Lindsey Scam.

    Dude is a scam!

    POTUS doesn’t have to get involved.( he needs the Senate… well, at least they are pretending to be Republicans)
    If POTUS openly declare war on RINOs they will be free to be able to be themselves and pull their masks off like Romney did. And not all of them are up for re-election.
    They may even switch party to give Democrats the official majority. They are vicious!

    POTUS should just act like a RINO and promise ( in private) to campaign for the RINOs but don’t show up. It’s what they do… promises… promises… but they act is actually benefiting the left.

    POTUS should do the same, promise but don’t actually do it. Just keep promising until its too late.


  32. Kleen says:

    The timing of the impeachment circus is making sense now

    Democrats had this Rumorblower scam ready to go for months.

    They chose now as time.

    Because, primaries are coming and Republicans can hold Trump hostage and force him to campaign for them.

    If POTUs doesn’t they can join the satanic left and impeach him.

    But, if POTUs complies, they may “save” him however we keep the RINOs running the show, therefore saving the deep state.

    Nothing will change as we will have Democrats disguised as Republicans running the Senate.


  33. trapper says:

    Lindsey Graham – nothing but useless activity that gets no one anywhere and accomplishes nothing. Get it now? It shouldn’t need to be explained.


  34. capetribulation1 says:

    Don’t make us come down there, Lindsey


  35. dawg says:

    Sundance, would you mind citing when and where Lindsey Graham said he supported the impeachment of President Trump?

    You have made this assertion twice now, and its just not true. Its fake news.

    I dont trust LG either, but you stating this as fact is not helpful.


  36. Efyew says:

    I didn’t know Paul and Graham were the only Republican Senators in DC. What are the rest of them doing? Same goes for the house republicans. They are doing nothing to defend this President.


  37. Worsel says:

    And not one hard question for Mizz Lindsey. Hannitty’s at his usual sucking upage.

    Graham could have the witnesses in 10 minutes after they’re done with the House committee and debunk every leak.

    Help us out please South Carolinian voters and send him packing.

    Liked by 1 person

  38. NoTwoSystemsOnlyOneChiCom says:

    Beware the Specter of a “I’m gonna” chair warmer. Reminds me of the Tim Conway ‘The Interrogator’ with Lyle Waggoner on Carol Burnett.


  39. Kermit says:

    I’ve said this before, but it is worth repeating, IMHO. Senators like Graham and McConnell are part of the Deep State. And, when speaking on TV, look at those senators standing behind McConnell. They are always there. John Thune looks just so CONCERNED. Remember history – a couple of thousand years ago something like this happened. The senators needed cover, so they recruited Brutus, the idealist, to lead the murder of Caesar. The Republicans in the senate need cover to do what they want to do. They are constantly positioning themselves for this. They hope the Democrats will provide this cover. I quoted Plutarch’s account of what the people’s response was to Caesar’s murder in an earlier post here. Like Caesar, Donald Trump has too powerful of a following to just have him assassinated. The Deep State needs to be able to portray what they do as being for the good of the country – rather than for the real reason that the president has disrupted their money flow patterns.

    Now, I certainly hope I’m wrong. I really hope that all this delay shown by Graham is merely to use the most optimum timing relative to what I’m hoping Barr and Durham will come out with when they lay out the massive corruption that has been happening. But, after watching how the world works for as long as I have, I’m a realist.

    Donald Trump might lose this battle. We might lose this battle.


  40. oldersoul says:

    Hannity’s heart is in the right place. But he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Simplistic comes to mind. Like a third grade teacher.

    And he has increasingly been seduced by the fame and fortune. Simple minds tend to do so. Which is why he increasingly talks too much and listens too little.

    But he has been a reliable and steadfast ally of PDJT, including through some early perilous times in 2016 when it was most. He continues to vigorously defend this President. Again, simplistic, but pure in heart. And that devoted loyalty deserves some credit.

    I occasionally tune in, but only for the guests, hopeful that they can cut through the careless interruptions. Lou Dobbs, even in gentle senior decline, has a sharper mind, and interrupts more to cut though the bull than to mindlessly repeat worn out talking points on endless loop as Hannity does.

    Hannity is the friendly warrior for political beginners just beginning to pay attention. Like a third grade teacher. At the Fox Elementary School. But anyone with intellect and a deeper thinking mind will quickly graduate from his elementary class show. But in that respect, he continues to serve a good purpose.

    For those a little older who can stay up a little later, Mrs. Hannity, aka Laura Ingraham, is there to teach the fourth graders at the Fox School. Again, they cater to a specific audience. And for that audience, they again serve a purpose.

    That people occasionally complain about them shows that they have actually done their job. Congratulations. You have graduated. Graduates should not besmirch their early teachers once they move on, but it is certainly your right to do so. People here at this website are for the most part well past the Fox School and are thinking at a much higher cadence.

    But people like Hannity and Ingraham, despite their careless simplicity, serve a good purpose to a MAGA education.

    Graham is a slithering snake, who will continue to wear out TV cameras while waxing on about phony illusions and empty promises. A politician in the worst sense. Hannity gives him airtime because he thinks it is good ratings. The class will now hear from a real live Senator. Graham goes on because Hannity is gullible, doesn’t listen, and will not drill down on his charade. He thinks he can pull a fast one on the third grade teacher, and that no one will notice. And because Graham is terrified of appearing before more serious and discerning TV journalists such as Lou Dobbs or Liz Wheeler, who will tear though the lies in short order.

    And that’s my take on this.


    • Daniel says:

      You’ve heard of controlled opposition? Have a look at controlled support. Also, review what Sundance about how members of the Uniparty each play their roles and yet those who are supposed to be on our side never seem to get anything done.

      If Hannity is just dumb and has his heart in the right place, then you’ve done more damage to his credibility than he has. I don’t think he’s dumb. I think he’s playing his role as so many others are. Hannity has, like so many others, continued to bait his audience and then delivered nothing.

      Let’s set a proper standard. We judge base don RESULTS not words used. Any woman who is promised the world by a man who wants in her pants knows this. I think it’s time we all grow up to that reality. Results matter.

      Some people don’t like Trump because of the way he sounds. To them, I say the same thing. Results matter. Being led about by emotional response is not the way.


      • oldersoul says:

        What ‘results’ would you like Sean Hannity to provide to you? What would you like him to ‘deliver’ to you? Would it improve your understanding if he did?

        Did you fall for the tick tocks? I’m guessing you did not. That was careless enthusiasm. As I pointed out above, he is gullible at times. You ask too much of him. He is little more than a TV opinion commentator. A teacher of the boob tube. He doesn’t own the school. He doesn’t run the school. A pair of flaming liberal brothers do. It is commercial television. Corporate. That is a global condition to his platform, and that of everyone else you see.

        He offers an entry point for the casual viewer who wants to break free from CNN and MSNBC. And that is about it. The juice is whatever a very small handful of better-informed guests can squeeze out between the format blocks. Some, like Graham, exploit it to peddle their wares.

        If you think he is dumb like a fox, then you are not paying close enough attention. If he were controlled opposition, he would have thrown Trump overboard in October of 2016, just like every other talking head at Fox did. With Lou Dobbs being the only other serious exception, because he is too far along in his career to give a damn.

        You are simply asking more than Sean Hannity can ever deliver. Rather than attribute sinister motivations to him, accept his limitations — and the limitations of all of corporate, commercial media — and go on to higher learning sources, as many do. Otherwise, it is you who are giving in to emotional responses.

        I expect no ‘results’ from Sean Hannity per se. Nor do I expect him to ‘deliver’ anything to me. That is my job, not his. I don’t watch him much because I am at a different point. I stay well-informed from a very different set of conduits, and process that information outside of a cable TV box.

        What’s your reason?

        Intellect and credibility are very different things. Maybe you are just smarter than he is. In fact, the tenor of your response perhaps proves that supposition.


  41. 335blues says:

    The Schift – Graham ploy, also known as
    The Grift – Sham ploy is a series of
    headfakes, handwaves and overall
    body tremors that amount to nothing
    but a pack of lies, and a giant screwing
    of the American people.
    President Trump has called out
    Mitt Romney as a stealth democrat.
    I am calling out Lindsey Graham
    as a stealth democrat.


  42. CharterOakie says:

    I dunno. There is a plausible alternative interpretation: Graham holding a Judiciary hearing now could potentially interfere with the Barr / Durham (and Huber?) process.

    And maybe it’s still not close enough to the next election to drop the hammer?

    I don’t carry water for Lindsey Graham, and aside from his very commendable moment defending Kavanaugh, I’m not aware of much for which to hold him in esteem. But at least he is now on the record — I believe in contrast to McConnell and the other R Senators — as saying that the Senate should outright dismiss any impeachment forwarded by the House following this corrupt process. There is that.


  43. Wow – diverse and interesting commentary. I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion – – as insignificant as it may be! Ha-ha-ha!
    MAGA to all and to all – “its time for my nap before my lunch and Rush”

    Liked by 1 person

  44. 1riot1ranger says:

    Graham was obviously more of a fan of the old Ukrainian regime and I think this new tack by the Trump Administration makes him uncomfortable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnMb1R1XsyM


    • Wow!! That video not shows McStain and Graham getting their awards from Ukraine but also the smug corrupt ambassador Marie Yanvonovich looking very pleased with the whole scenario. Was that Amy Klobacar sitting in on the arms deal!!!???

      Liked by 1 person

      • 1riot1ranger says:

        Yeah, unfortunately, it is not a good look there for Graham. I keep going back to that interview where they asked him if he was going to schedule a hearing for Brennan to testify under oath and he looked up and to the left which is a slip that told me, no, he is never, ever, going to call for that testimony.


  45. Kleen says:

    Anyone else noticed how uncomfortable Lindsey Scam was when talking about this useless letter?
    I thought he was going to cry.

    Watch it and see it for yourself. He is a terrible actor. Would never make it in Hollywood that’s why he is in politics.

    He knows he is playing a game, misleading people and he knows that many people watching knows that too.

    He had his tail between his legs. Looked humiliated.

    He knows he is fraud, he doesn’t like the spotlight. He prefers to work against us behind the scenes where he can blame Democrats.



  46. thomas says:

    I disagree most of us know what Lindsey is we just can’t do anything about it.. You should have more faith in your fellow conservatives, we get it trust me..!


  47. willthesuevi says:

    When John McCain was buried, someone snuck McCain’s purse into the coffin.

    Rumor has it, Lindsey Grahams balls were still in the purse.

    Looks like Navy beat Army again.

    Liked by 1 person

  48. Kleen says:

    I am gazillion % sure that RINOs were involved in the coup therefore they are making sure the investigation goes nowhere.

    How many proofs do the sheep need?

    Our plan A is Barr.

    We have no plan B

    Time is running fast.

    If these scam artists are exposed before the primaries we may cleanup the GOP Senate a little bit.

    That’s why the impeachment scam is ongoing.

    They need POTUS depending on them to campaign for them regardless of how much of a fraud they are

    They need leverage. The impeachment timing is just that.

    Basically if they are exposed they will get POTUS out of office.


  49. Ivehadit says:

    It is all sickening.
    All I want to say is “Stand”.

    Eyes of a mouse, ears of an elephant, purposefully invisible; ie. an insurgent ..


  50. Schmitty says:

    Impeach Graham & McConnel.

    Keep praying saints.

    1 John 4:10

    Liked by 5 people

    • Alan Reasin says:

      Neither Senators nor Reps can be impeached. Unfortunately they can not be recalled either. Only can be removed by their own House or defeated in an election.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Athena the Warrior says:

        I was just thinking about why our otherwise brilliant Founding Fathers didn’t put checks & balances on Congress the way they did the Presidency. IMHO, they were so concerned with a monarchy rule, they expected regular citizens to be vigorous in defending against that happening in America.

        They created a Constitution for moral people. Unfortunately, we are seeing what happens when corrupt people burrow into our government and fight with everything they have to maintain that corruption.

        God Bless President Trump, pray for him, his family, and our country!

        Liked by 3 people

        • Lunatic Fringe says:

          No, we got the government we have because none of the founding fathers thought any of the others were moral individuals, and the more you read about them the more you understand why. They were all double dealing in real estate and skimming money off the financing of the Revolutionary War. When Thomas Paine exposed the dealings of our representative in France, who was stealing the supplies for the war (i.e. Deane) the provisional government in Philadelphia threw him out because he was hurting all of their pocket books. They guy who was supposed to be supplying the army at Valley Forge stole all the supplies. His punishment, when they found out? Transfer and promotion. You would have thought he was in the Obama administration. Our Republic has survived all this time despite our leaders in Washington, not because of them.


      • Bill Hollinger says:

        That’s depressing.


      • WalkingHorse says:

        Senators and Congress-critters can indeed be impeached. It has happened: Senator William Blount, 1797.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Raised on Reagan says:

        Alan Reasin, William Blount would be surprised by your statement.


    • vml9000 says:

      What pissed me off even more was Hannity’s mamby-pamby Ode to Pierre Delecto….Oh, I love you so much Mittens, but you have been a bad boy…now please be a good boy for me! Sickening! However, Hannity is a great Patriot, he just annoys the hell out of me sometimes!


    • Moe Grimm says:

      The normies have it that the Dead Elephant Party owns a (53) seat “majority in the senate”. I have it much otherwise, but as math has been judged by the Sodomites as raycisss™ by the virtuous from on high Mt. Hypocrisy I’ll leave the arithmetic to others. The ever transient Dead Elephant margin/s of cuck is not even reflected here:

      A especially dangerous serpent from N.C. named -rRichard Burr who chairs the SSCI under the influence of his dominatrix Mark Warner. -rBurr is uniquely dangerous and has done nothing (noth-ing) to investigate the criminal and treasonous conspiracy to block then FRAME (ongoing) this lawfully elected President – besides subpoena Donald Trump Jr. likely at the behest of Warner. -rLindsay Graham who by the way had many here duped with his diatribe in “defense” of Kavanaugh which was zero more than him launching his 2020 re-election bid; -rMitt Romney and -rMike Lee both members of a well known Utah CULT; -rLindsay Graham; -rThom Tillis-r; -rJohn Cornyn (another memeber: SSCI); -rSusan Collins; -rLisa Murkowski; -r Robert Portman; -rBen Sasse; -rDan Sullivan; -rCorey Gardner; -rLamar Alexander; -rShelly Capito; -rJoni Ernst; -rRoger Wicker; and of course the “procedural expert” -rMitch McConnell.


    • fhb says:

      exactly what did huma abedin pass on to graham at johns funeral…she wore a dress which had something that covered her hands…she hugs graham …she leaves …graham smoothes down the flap of his jacket pocket… generals kelly and mathis looks on ..one of them puts his fingers to his nose/eyes…graham looks around keeps smoothing his pocket…something direct from hillary clinton? get on his good side? check out the C-SPAN video

      Liked by 1 person

      • 13wasylyna says:

        Never could understand why conservative sites did nothing with this obvious passing of something between them. John Kelly touches his eye and uses his thumb to direct Lindsey to see that Mattis has noticed this odd interchange


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