Secretary Wilbur Ross Discusses China ‘Phase-1’ Negotiations, Brexit and USMCA…

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross discusses the negotiations with China and the possibility of agreement on ‘Phase-1’ aspects prior to December.  Secretary Ross is not necessarily optimistic the agreement will be made based on Beijing’s outlook toward the enforcement mechanisms and forced compliance. Ross also discusses Brexit from the position of mutual benefit.

On the subject of USMCA Secretary Ross outlines the only reason for Democrats to hold back ratification is Pelosi’s politics. [Only 20 legislative days left in 2019] Mr. Ross discusses the options if Pelosi refuses to take up ratification.  On this subject the commerce secretary does not sound optimistic.

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20 Responses to Secretary Wilbur Ross Discusses China ‘Phase-1’ Negotiations, Brexit and USMCA…

  1. Paul says:

    Ordinary Americans get robbed of the opportunities USMCA would provide, but the dems warped ideology thrives regardless. I wonder when ordinary Americans will begin to realize what they are missing and scream at their government en mass.

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    • Pa Hermit says:

      As long as the Dems have the MSM on their side, the general public will be ignorant of this scenario. Ordinary Americans will be led by their hand with the media.

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    • bkrg2 says:

      Same idiots that keep voting for Demonrats will continue regardless of what damage they do to the economy and world trade.

      We just need more people who sat out 2016 election to vote for all the postive work done by Team Trump. This should help to put more Republicans in the House (and Senate).

      We need the House majority back! I can’t take another 3+ years of this Demonrat nonsense & sedition

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  2. Zippy says:

    “…not necessarily optimistic the agreement will be made based on Beijing’s outlook toward the enforcement mechanisms and forced compliance.”

    The Chicoms will not sign anything that can be enforced. They consistently violate every “agreement” they sign. Only forcing them into financial ruin (which we could do EASILY via banking/financial sector vetoes alone) and an associated popular revolt, the only thing the CCP fears, will cause them to PERHAPS consent. Of course, doing that would affect the entire world economy very negatively, including here, so that won’t be done just prior to the 2020 election and the globalist lobbies in the US who hold the strings would fight it tooth and nail anyway.

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    • GB Bari says:

      Agree that the ChiCommies have to be economically crushed to bring them to the negotiating table …..on their knees.

      Disagree about when it will be done. My guess is…never. President Trump is 100% correct however the greed is strong among the globalist multinationals and they simply have too much influence over our corrupt congress.

      I’m starting to think that Nanzi Pelousy’s impeachment scam is really $pon$ored more by the globalist interests than the DemonRATs’ political hatred.

      The globalists have been fighting tooth and nail since President Trump was nominated as the Republicans candidate in 2016. As Sundance has often reminded us, “there are trillions at stake.”

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      • Zippy says:

        “Disagree about when it will be done. My guess is…never.”

        I never said that what is necessary WILL be done, only why it would never be done prior to the election.

        I agree with you that it will never be done intentionally. However, it will probably be FORCED by a number of factors including China’s major, serious issues described by Bass combined with an upcoming major economic downturn worldwide which will hopefully wait until after the 2020 election. On the next downturn the Chinese will -REALLY- be hurting, far more than we will which may hopefully result in a more cooperative dragon.

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        • GB Bari says:

          Zippy, I think folks may underestimate the ChiComms propensity for letting their own people suffer and die in order to achieve their totalitarian goals. After all, the Commies have all the weapons and their starving citizens don’t have anything much beyond pitchforks. And the Commies can shut down the media leaks of the internal situation.

          If memory serves me correctly, it wouldn’t be the first time in history that the commies starved the Chinese peasants. Xi appears to be as potentially ruthless as Mao.

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          • 56packardman says:

            Xi is indeed a Maoist.
            My wife is Chinese. Her family suffered horribly under Mao in the “Cultural Revolution”. The ChiComs have NO COMPUNCTION against letting their own people not only suffer but die (and happy to help them die) in order to achieve their goals. Role model for U.S. Democrats, BTW …

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      • BruisedOrange says:

        Politically weaponized domestic intel serves Democrat socialists and Big Club Globalists all the same. With trillions on the line, investment does not like “chance.”

        Cut to an old ’30s movie clip of a small town deputy playing cards with an incarcerated W.C. Fields…

        Deputy: “Now, this is not a game of chance we’re playing, is it?”
        Fields: “Not the way I play it.”

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    • dallasdan says:

      Expecting China to comply with actions contrary to its perception of its national interests and ideology is folly. IMO, they are just continuing to stall the imposition of more painful tariffs.

      They seem to feel they can, and must hold-out as best they can until the 2020 election. The closer that gets, the easier for them to bear the pain. They are all-in on the President losing so they may “return to trade normalcy” with the USA.

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  3. Canadian Trump says:

    We have our election up here in Canada today, wish us luck that we do the right thing today and Scheer takes hold. Still no Trump which we sorely need, but a bump in the right direction and get this USMCA complete and re-establish Canadian capitalism and not Global Trudeauism!

    I thank you Americans for voting in Trump, he is changing the world for the better by shinning light on not just the USA corruption; but the worlds.

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    • bkrg2 says:

      I really hope you guys vote out Justine “ranbow socks” Trudeau.
      Would that also get rid of that horrible Christina Freeland monster?

      I was in Toronto for work 2 weeks ago. Every TV commercial break was a Justine ad – never seen one ad for another candidate….

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  4. ristvan says:

    I listened carefully, and am cautiously optimistic on both China and USMCA, plus Brexit followed by a quick UK trade bilat.

    On China, there is a simple two part outcome and either is good for PDJT. Either the agreed part one deal gets papered and then preferably signed mid November in Chile, or not. If not, the postponed tariffs hit in December.

    On USMCA, there is no need to push Pelosi seriously until Canada ratifies after the election, at which point PDJT triggers NAFTA§22.5 giving Pelosi 6 months. Ross comments today are just political,positioning. Then Pelosi has a stark choice. Get it approved, which her Dem unions want, or not because of TDS. My guess is it will get done. If not, PDJT strips Canada only stuff out of USMCA for aMexico bilat, Mexico only stuff out for a Canada bilat, and the day after Nafta expires uses 19USC§2902 to put both in place, while Pelosi has no say.which why she will grudgingly get it done.

    We are down to the last ten days on Brexit. BoJo did a smart thing when Parliament forced him to ask for another delay on Saturday. The forced request was unsigned, accompanied by a signed letter saying don’t grant the delay—echoing Macron. That forces Parliament to vote the BoJo deal, or Brexit with no deal by Oct 31. My guess is they will approve the deal, Then as Ross points out, PDJT can put in place a quick UK bilat, again using 19USC§2902. And that provides additional leverage when PDJT turns to EU trade next year.

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  5. littleanniefannie says:

    The Chinese don’t believe that any teeth will go into the deal and have the blessing of Congress. Like the NBA, Congress only cares about their bottom line and could care less about the American citizenry. Companies like Apple want the cheap labor more than they want the Chinese to be punished for proprietary theft.

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  6. jeans2nd says:

    President-For-Life Dictator Xi is in a mell of a hess right now. Hong Kong, plus there is unrest and uprisings inside China not reported or acknowledged.
    Odds are, Xi will allow this trade negotiations to continue, with Kuddly Kudlow’s “mood music” remaining good.
    For now.

    Would wager Xi plans on another Lucy football pullback again in 2020 with the trade deal, to attempt to ruin Pres Trump’s 2020 election chances.


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