*UPDATE* Canadian Election Night – Open Discussion Thread – Trudeau Wins Reelection…

UPDATE – RESULTS: Everyone Declared Victory.

Justin Trudeau celebrated an overwhelming victory following the results of the Canadian election – SEE RESULTS HERE –  The Liberal party lost 21 seats but remained the majority parliamentary winner albeit without a majority. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a “solid mandate from the election results.”  The Conservative party gained 27 seats and the most national votes, but remain the losing party.  The New Democrat Party lost 15 seats and declared the 2019 election a major success for their agenda.

It’s all weird.

During their post election speeches the Liberals (Trudeau), Conservatives (Sheer), New Democrat Party (Singh) and the Green Party (May), all declared victory.  It seemed like a hot mess of political messaging; but hey, that’s Canada.

Congratulations, I guess.

Liberals (RED), Conservatives (BLUE), New Democrats (Orange)


Tonight the results of the Canadian election will start to be announced.  Canada is a parliamentary system and therefore voters do not vote for a national candidate, instead they vote for a local representative, MP’s, who belong to a national party.

There are 338 separate district races called ‘federal ridings’ from coast to coast.  In order for a party to win outright they need to win 170 district seats.

If a party doesn’t win 170 seats they need to form a government in combination with one, or more, of the other parties.  Whichever party wins the majority of the seats elects a leader to become Prime Minister.

Currently there are 177 Liberal seats; 95 Conservative seats; 39 New Democratic Party seats; 10 Bloc Quebecois seats; 2 Green seats; 1 People’s Party of Canada seats; and 8 Independent seats.  Early results should start coming in around 7:00pm Eastern.

CTV News Election Results Here – O’Canada Election Results Here

Live-streams Below

Ultra-Left-Wing Moonbat Network:


Normal Left-Wing Moonbat Network:

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499 Responses to *UPDATE* Canadian Election Night – Open Discussion Thread – Trudeau Wins Reelection…

  1. Ken Maritch says:

    I dont know about you, but prior to DJT/2016, I would have 0 interest in Canadian politics.
    Now I am watching the results on TV, and streaming them on my laptop.

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    • vikingmom says:

      And I have Canadian friends who barely paid attention to our politics until 2016 and now I have a couple of them hooked on this site!!

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      • Dekester says:


        I was a Canadian like your friends.

        Seriously, I would fly to NewYork or Washington to support PDJT should he need it during an impeachment scam.

        God bless PDJT

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        • free2313 says:

          Why doesn’t the *Like by… work anymore?
          Is there a special button that has to be clicked?
          Dekester I like you comment…. God bless POTUS!

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        • Due Gonzalez says:

          Should our President be impeached by these criminals infecting our body politic he will need every foot soldier to answer the call. Only a stampede of righteous Freedom fighters the likes of which have never been seen before will end this madness. President Trump frequency talks about his epic win. He paints the beautiful picture in his recollections of men and women descending from the hills and small towns across the nation to let their will be known. I pray every single day, multiple times daily lately, that should these political traitors succeed in this unjustified impeachment, the earth will shake due to the stampede heading to the capital.

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      • Viking, I appreciate the patience you and so many treepers have to keep up with everything going on in the political news.

        I don’t have the time or the patience but know I can come here to the treehouse and read sundance’s articles and the comments that are put up by treepers who stay so well informed.

        Anyway, thanks.

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    • paulyho39 says:

      I…and family…lived in Canada some years ago…have 2 children born there…so I have and continued interest in this election! Have many Canadian friends and am praying for them and the country to take a stand!!!

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    • Rex Brocki says:

      Canadian politics is even more closely connected than your statement shows, Ken. Just for one example, completely randomly chosen, you understand (cough, cough), one of our very own treepers is a candidate running in the ruddy election! He’s a Libertarian loudmouth running in the riding of Burnaby South, British Columbia named Rex Brocki… oh, that’s right: me.
      On a more serious note, even the Canadian Conservative party is communist by treeper standards, and I am both unsurprised and proud to see Alex, below, voted PPC, as they and my party, the Libertarians, are just about the only choices for anyone with a working brain.

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  2. alex graham says:

    I voted PPC in the Ontario-Nip/Tim riding. It’s one of the few where Max’s new party stands a chance. God save Canada.

    Fun fact: The red leafs on our coat of arms, where green. It was to symbolize youth and vibrancy. This was decided over the red because it was thought, that was the symbol of autumn and death.

    And here we are with a red maple leaf as our flag (changed to that in 1960s 😦 )

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  3. Magabear says:

    Wonder how well the late entry into the race, Pierre Dilecto, will do? 🤣

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  4. Drogers says:

    Nothing particularly insightful to post other than I hope soy boi gets his arse kicked.

    With Knucklehead no longer around maybe then Nancy will get off arse and take a vote on USMCA.

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  5. Bigly says:

    Odd manny is not posting. Must be some kind of govt overkill – cannot tweet a few days prior to election?

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  6. Johnny says:

    177 liberal seats, 95 conservative.
    The cities control the country.
    That says it all.

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    • Without the Electoral College that’s how it would work here.

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    • Woogumz says:

      Yes, no electoral college system in Canada to balance it out. It will be interesting to see if the Liberals hold metro Toronto (high immigrant and welfare dependent population with a sprinkling of loon Lib academics & govt employees) while the rest of Ontario turns blue or if Max can pick up a few seats outside of southern Ontario.

      The fact that “down East” is returning Liberal is no surprise. They are very wedded to the “equalization” system of payments and don’t want to see the free money train end.

      This election may add fuel to the Alberta separation grumbling.
      Perhaps Texas should secede, and name Alberta as one of their outlying “territories”. I see just as many TX plates in AB as other province ones when the oil boom is on.

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    • Rhoda R says:

      And, when it gets outrageous you get tractors in the streets ala Netherlands farmers protesting the city dwellers telling them how to run their farms.

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  7. Deplorable Canuck says:

    Well I voted Conservative. Our local candidate might actually have a chance of beating our current Greenie moonbat. Wanted to vote for our Trump equivalent but that is effectively a wasted vote.

    We also have to show ID to vote…..what a strange concept.

    Nationally probably gonna be a coalition government…..so nothing is going to get done for the next 4 years…..

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    • Woogumz says:

      I once worked a federal election many decades ago going door to door to update the voting registration list. We had to then type it up in a certain format, on legal size sheets of paper, mimeograph (“copy”) and then post them in “prominent locations” in the riding (dictated by the Returns Officer) so that the general public could review the list and (a) get themselves added if they were missed by the door-to-door census/head count or (b) report any “voter” on the list who didn’t actually live in the riding, to eliminate voter fraud.

      Back then, you didn’t need voter ID because “everyone knew everyone” (this was in a riding in Toronto). Then the flood gates of non-European immigration opened up, and big high rise tower blocks to hold them were built at a rapid clip, changing entire communities overnight. Sad.

      It was a good paying gig for a uni student.

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  8. Somebody's Gramma says:

    Oh Canada! Oh Canada! I pray for your release from socialism.

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  9. fdsfdsf says:

    Voted at around 2PM in a big city (lock for liberals). Totally empty as people usually vote after work. Not much to say except that a lot of the people I know consider Trudeau to be an incompetant clown but might vote for him anyway. Provincial party (BQ) in Quebec might hurt the liberals though after a revival.

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  10. WES says:

    Voted around 3 PM. There were about 8 tables/booths in large school gymnaism. Wife and I were the only ones there! Not sure what to make of that! Likely not a good sign.

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  11. The way the seats are distributed the decision is basically made by Ontario and Quebec ….. the rest of us are basically patted on the head and told thanks for playing but we dont care

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  12. The way the seats are distributed the decision is basically made by Ontario and Quebec ….. the rest of us are basically patted on the head and told thanks for playing but we dont care

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  13. Terra says:

    I am praying…have been praying that the people in my country aren’t as stupid as they have been the last 4 years…especially with the majority conservative wins in many of the provincial elections! Im praying that was a sign of how fed up we are with the tax spend and divide liberals…the cancer of the left that was allowed to spread and fester for too long, worldwide, needs to be erased or Canada is never going to survive another 4!

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    • PInky1920 says:

      Terra, isn’t it amazing, how evil the left really is; tax, spend, divide.

      If it weren’t for greed and hatred, they’d have nothing; hoping for some good news for Canada, and the pampered pet trudope isn’t it. If that guy were a conservative, his playing blackface dress up would have been the end of him. He could have been taking a dump on a black person, and it wouldn’t matter at all.

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      • Terra says:

        Im dumbfounded that all of his scandals have only been but a minor blemish compared to how it would have been for a conservative….the conservative would have been forced to resign and exiled! Its gross what he gets away with.

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  14. sunnydaze says:


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  15. Magabear says:

    Conservatives seem to be holding their own in the Maritime provinces. Hopefully this is a good sign.

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  16. Free Speech says:

    Conservatives surging now in SE Canada.

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  17. Raised on Reagan says:

    I’ve got a fiver bet that Justin of Canada will deliver his concession speech in blackface.

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  18. H.R. says:

    Make Canada Great Again!

    Way down South here in the U.S.. we’re pullin’ for ya.

    I’ve never looked at Canadian election results in my life. Tonight, I’ll be checking in every 1/2-hour or so to see how it is going.

    God bless Canada, and may God grant a miracle.

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  19. evergreen says:

    Ultra and Mainstream Moonbats? SD, you crack me up.

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  20. Jonah Kyle says:

    What’s funny is that California has more people than Canada, including about 15% to 20% illegals.

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  21. Colorado Rich says:

    Where is the, ‘common sense conservative network’, ? Just kidding! I know we don’t own any networks but we are many and they are few so let’s do this fellow north Americans!

    I got on the open thread last night and was gonna add a prayer request for the election but grandma had it covered. Let’s turn the world upside down, so we can be in sanity land again.

    God bless DJT, Sundance, treepers, and everyone tied to US patriots.

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  22. Magabear says:

    If you look at the pre-election map, the Maritime provinces were all red (that’s lib party in Canada). Lots of blue in there as of right now (blue is conservative). Very good sign.

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  23. donny2837 says:

    Watching CBC. So far, it seems to me, I’m watching a rerun of the U.S. media’s election night 2016 show (re-watch them regularly). Anchors & experts seem sure of themselves on the outside, by inside, they are scared to death.

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  24. Matthew LeBlanc says:

    If I was allowed behind the curtain I would enter these settings to occur in the Matrix:

    Trudeau loses Canada
    No Deal Brexit
    KAG 2020

    These 3 would set globalism back a generation.

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  25. Woogumz says:

    As an aside, expect the corporate media in Canada to lie and spin worse than they do here in the US. For those that are unaware, Canadian media companies, even big for-profit ones like CTV get federal funding for their operations, and media employees are unionized. This was to prevent left-leaning corporations from going out of business for continuing to push propaganda that doesn’t have an audience. Can you imagine how bad election coverage would be if all media outlets were militant union shops with federal funding? That is the extreme level of gaslighting the average Canadian voter is up against here.

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  26. Robert Smith says:

    I’m rooting for you Canada!

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  27. Jonah Kyle says:

    Ironic that California has more people in it than Canada! Though, to be fair, with a 15 to 20% illegals rate, Canada probably has more Canadian citizens than California has US citizens.

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    • Woogumz says:

      I wouldn’t be so sure about that, if you mean “Canadian citizens” in the context of the descendants of Founding nationalities. I trace my heritage back to Loyalists and pre-Loyalist settlers of English and Acadian heritage. I no longer feel welcome, or at home, in the land of my birth.

      On the plane back to Canada to attend my mother’s funeral, I was the only white person on the flight deplaning at Toronto with a Canadian passport. Everyone else proudly clutching their “Canadian” passport and getting into the customs line up for “Canadians” was a second or third world visible minority national of limited English proficiency.

      Parts of Toronto might as well be the third world, with the filth, disease and crime stats to match. I state this as having extensive experience actually being in third world nations for extended periods of time due to the nature of my work.


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      • Peppurr says:

        How about that disgusting Pearson airport! What a circus. I moved out here from beautiful BC (Vancouver). a couple of years ago. I’m living in the south, away from the rat race.

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  28. PVCDroid says:

    Same as the US. Libs crying racism. Those damn ruinous racist conservatives. Hehe!

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  29. thehawkeyehoneypot says:

    I listen to a Canadian youtuber mishel on deception bytes. She loves America & has a great sense of humor. She says justin is not well liked. It would be great to see the conservative win tonight!

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  30. Troublemaker10 says:

    Polls didn’t open on time at several polling locations. Sine opened 39 mins to 4.5 hours late .

    No signs directing people where to go to vote.

    People turned away at polls.


    Eric Young was the first person to arrive at his designated polling station at Briargreen Public School.

    He was able to vote, but witnessed other people who couldn’t.

    “I’m absolutely disgusted. I just can’t believe this. What’s going on in this country?” he said.

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  31. brickman45 says:

    For the first time in my life I’m paying attention to Canada. Oh Canda, do something right

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  32. Trump Train says:

    Can ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADORS vote in Canada like they do in the US?

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    • Darren says:

      No, we have much stricter voting laws

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    • Woogumz says:

      They are funded, coveted and cossetted by the Elites in Canada even more than they are here in the US, so I wouldn’t put anything past the corrupt Liberals.
      I have a family member who is a teller in a bank, the “refugees” in her town have more after-tax money in their accounts deposited every month courtesy of various federal and provincial programs than she makes working full-time. And they treat her like garbage, and are always organized to show up at town meetings to demand their “rights” and “more” (better housing, special programs at the school which are expensive, etc etc etc). She gets pretty emotional when she talks about it. No one asked anyone in their small town if they were okay with any of this.

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  33. Gunnar says:

    What’s with the pencils in the voting booths? We borrowed a pen to mark our ballots. The scrutineer swore it was a sharpie (which it was last election). A scrutineer at another station got all huffy at our insistence on pen and said « we’re not going to change your ballots » to which I replied « maybe YOU won’t ».

    Pencils can be erased. Not pleased.

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    • Darren says:

      Ya we need to all complain to elections Canada.

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    • RJinAlberta says:

      I was thinking the same thing. I had a big black sharpie in my pocket so I used that but I assume 99% used the pencil. Not getting my hopes up, my vote has always been the kiss of death to whoever I vote for. Too conservative for what Canada has become. Maybe the pendulum has to swing even further before the country is prepared to bring back a conservative government. Hope not, it will be painful.

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  34. thehawkeyehoneypot says:

    All these problems voting sound like a good way for trudope to call for another election or declare himself winner

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  35. Yy4u says:

    If Trudeau’s party loses, will the Globalists accept loss? People voted for Brexit, Globalist rulers said no…so no exit three years later. US voters elected Donald Trump and tge next day Globalists started to work against him.so 2.5 years into his presidency they are working to take him out. I hope Canadians vote to deliver their country but they have to know it doesn’t rwally end there. Globalists must be routed decisively

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  36. Magabear says:

    Wish that CBC site would just list seats called, not who’s leading at the moment. This isn’t a basketball game.

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  37. gonzotx says:

    They will re-elect the idiot and then they will get what they so deserve

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  38. jbrickley says:

    In Soviet Russia, they put polling places in bars and handed out free drinks. That was just to get people to show up. The votes were all for show.

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    • WES says:

      JB: I worked in Siberia in 1983 but there wasn’t an election so I didn’t get to vote! Their beer was undrinkable! Vodka was deadly! We imported Danish/Dutch/German beer from Moscow! I once brought 44 cases of beer and two boxes of Johnny Walker whiskey! The ground crew said it could not be loaded into the baggage compartment because it would freeze! So they laid the beer and whiskey down the isle of the plane! Those Russians must have wondered how in hell I could possibly drink all that beer by myself!

      However while working in a Congo copper mine they had a union vote. I had to vote even though I was the wrong color! They handed me a slip of paper with one name on it! I dually voted! I asked another ex-pat, what’s with this voting? He said just do whatever makes them happy!

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      • soozword says:

        Wes, I think it would be a blast to have a drink or two with you given those stories. Bet you have a bunch more wild ones to share! Hey, drinks on me if the Canadian conservative wins tonight!

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  39. CMDCMRET says:

    Alabama pulling for you Canada.

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  40. jbrickley says:

    I fear Twinkle Socks will remain in power. I suspect most Liberal voters may not like him but they like the local alternatives far less. Seeing as they can’t vote liberal locally and vote against Sparkles…

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  41. sunnydaze says:

    Cons just lost a seat or two that they had an hour ago. They’re down to 5 now.

    Any Canadians here that can explain this?


  42. jbrickley says:

    But I really hope there is a landslide to defeat Trudeau, it would be the best thing to happen to Canada in a long time.

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    • Woogumz says:

      Anything is possible, depending on how fed up people are with the shenanigans.
      In Ontario in1990, people were beyond fed up with both the Liberals and the Conservatives, and went into the voting booth to register a “protest” vote by voting NDP. To EVERYONE’S shock the NDP won and formed the government (which was a complete disaster, btw but that’s for another day….) Many people who themselves had registered a “protest vote” by going NDP were stunned …. and horrified.

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  43. L4grasshopper says:

    FYI — CSPAN2 has live election coverage from the CBC if anyone is interested.

    Could be entertaining if Sparklesocks loses, as every one of the comments, as far as I could tell, is a Leftist loon 🙂

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    • L4grasshopper says:

      “Commentators”……gee I wish WP allowed editing!

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    • WES says:

      LAgrasshopper: Doubt you will find any leftist loons from Canada on this site! Most of us conservative Canadians are subdued because we know how difficult it truly is to elect a conservative government in Canada. We can only hope but …. are mindful of how rigged the system is against us.

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  44. Jase says:

    Early reports look ominous for those of us hoping Trudope is given the boot.
    Canadian who votes for the Black and White Wastrel Show is voting for the right to wear blackface. From this we must inevitably conclude that Canadian liberals are unrepentant racists.

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  45. IGiveUp says:

    Don’t follow Canadian politics much. How’s the young black kid doing?

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  46. Ausonius says:

    How good are the Conservative candidates? Are they nice dullards with no rhetorical abilities? Are they full of energy and optimism? Have they explained why the “progressive” view of the world is a retreat to feudalism and oppression with a 21st-century twist?

    Have they explained why Progressivism is regressive and negative from the evidence (e.g. Venezuela, Cuba, California) ? Have they gone door-to-door, visited the churches, the social organizations, the schools, the factories, the fairs, etc.?

    Or have they acted like loser Republicans?

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  47. jus wundrin says:

    With 0Bomba involved, beware of the rigged election!

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  48. T2020 says:

    Fellow Prayerful Patriots…would like to ask that you pray in agreement with me that the Conservatives win, that the Lord would have mercy on Canada to NOT allow Trudeau to remain in power. Thank you in advance.🙏😇🌺

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  49. burnett044 says:

    a different spin..

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