Deplorables – Brexit and President Trump…

Well produced video highlighting the connective sentiment behind Brexit and President Trump.

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  1. Very well produced indeed SD, and quite worthy of being shared by everyone. I really wish all of us Treepers here, and those elsewhere, would become digital soldiers sharing every piece of worthy information possible everywhere possible. The truth in this video is incredibly poignant and though somewhat sad, the point of the video is uplifting.

    We have to win the #WAR “they” started, period.

    #TreeperArmy of digital soldiers! Twitter, fakebook, etc… it’s not so hard! 😉

    No? I’ll shut up now… 😀

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  2. M Droy says:

    Excellent – and very accurate from the UK side I can assure you.
    Misses the big thing though. In 30 years UK and US GDP have both about doubled. Average salaries are up a lot. But median earnings (the earnings of the guy in the middle) are unchanged in US and less than 10% up in UK. The bottom 3 quarters have missed out entirely on all that 30 years of growth – it all went to the top quarter.
    That is why there is so much resentment (and it is driven by jealousy not poverty).

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    • dbobway says:

      There have always been anti-competition regulations and laws facing our so called free society. We didn’t vote for that. Competition is what drives exceptionalism. When the elites promote immigration to get lower wage labor, they also promote the culture of the immigrants who grew up in an oppressive culture. They are easier to control.
      Then we lower our standards of living to survive instead of working to make it better.
      Why would an immigrant who seeks the American way of life, want to come here and bring their miserable life with them?
      The answer is simple, they don’t!
      But there is enough free riders, out there, willing to get paid to come here with their misery. Willing to bring serfdom to the most civilized society, man has ever created.
      The elite can still have more money than any one can imagine,
      But have the balls to take on any one who can out innovate or out produce them.
      Instead they fill the politicians pockets, with money, in order to cheat their way thru life with immoral arrogance.

      Well guess what?
      We have a say in that.

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    • TrumpPatriot says:

      I think I would say resentment versus jealousy. I do not begrudge nor am I jealous of anyone who thinks hard and works hard their success. Like Bezos. (Though I do Faukt him allowing the WashPost to mood narratives with lies). I do resent those who succeed via corruption.

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      • rashomon says:

        Bezos’ grandfather, with whom he has reported he spent much time, was Lawrence Preston Gise, employed by DARPA (the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and at lrst known as ARPA); director of the Atomic Energy Commission when Nazis, brought to the U.S. via Operation Paperclip, aided with the development of the atomic bomb; and through his years in Texas supposedly ranching, became quite familiar with the connection between oil and uranium reserves.

        At the AEC, L. P. Gise controlled the funding to the ARPAnet, which led to The Cloud. Bezos holds a $600 million contract with the government for datamanagement in that Cloud.

        Looking back, why does it appear that the book selling idea was a test market for all that Amazon has become?

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        • mopar2016 says:

          Bezos could eat a bowl of Alphabets cereal and crap the words CIA.

          It would be right next to the word BURAQ.

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          • rashomon says:

            What has become amazing to me is the generational control these operatives have jad in our government over the decades. Our own little monarchies growing in our faces, but remaining somewhat hidden until…the Internet allowed individuals to do snooping in pajamas.

            Aha! The media so resents this comeuppance. THEY were the Masters of Truths[eal before the computer entered the home. “Begone!” they say as they ban Deplorables from the air and print and microwaves. You are ruining our stage play! Stick to the script. No ad lib.

            Too bad. Too little too late.

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  3. Patience says:

    No. DO NOT “shut up” !
    Information is knowledge. Knowledge allows for better decision-making.
    >The human condition matters

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  4. tuskyou says:

    Well worth watching—-running behind on household chores but that’s ok.

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    • revivalsurvival1944 says:

      Yes, excellent video….it really shows, and speaks to, the heart of the matter for all concerned on both sides of the Atlantic. Unelected bureaucrats in the EU should have no say in the rule of the citizens of each EU country. Unfortunately, when the EU was created, that was the template for governance….unbeknownst to many at the time?

      And, after all these years, having seen what our elected/unelected bureaucrats here in the USA want for us….to be more like the EU?….to have no say in our own governance?….not only are we continually being belittled, we are continually being betrayed. I support my President, and I support all of the adorable deplorables in the USA, in the EU and around the world! Peace, love, prosperity and security for all. Peace through strength!

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      • tuskyou says:

        Wonderful comments! President Trump praises us. He calls us tough, strong, smart people. He lauds our hard work and grit. He lifts us up, he bolsters us. He genuinely appreciates people juggling errands, work, ect. Do you think POTUS would look down on me for doing fall chores—not a chance. He would totally understand how important it is for me to wax my car before the Chicago winter sets in. That’s just one reason why people are pushing back against the political class: open disdain for us. They can barely contain their contempt. I have no desire to be talked down to. I don’t need a lecture. President Trump is my cheerleader in chief, my coach in chief. He’s a superfan. A fan of the American people. Long live President Trump! 🇺🇲

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  5. Janeka says:

    Yep sums up the failure of the communist party to quietly subjugate the masses.. Unfortunately there are still way too many that don’t understand workings of the plantation establishment or mindset of the political elitist masters. President Trumps victory will not be easy we all must get out and vote, we are closer to a socialist/communist takeover than you think..

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    • sunnydaze says:

      Yeah but new people who DON’t know this stuff come here all the time, I assume.

      I’ve seen peeps who saw the 2014 Merkel Invasion vids for the first time last week, and they’re (rightfully) horrified by them.

      Don’t underestimate how *little* some people know.

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      • sickconservative says:

        Ain’t that the truth and agree link everything you find.
        Really things are really going to heat up so we need to fight back.


    • Raptors2020 says:

      Their attitude reflects Mussolini’s conviction that democracy is over and the 20th century would be rule by the collective. Indeed, as Mark Steyn says, the EU is a 1970s solution to a 1940s problem. Mussolini qustioned why being the majority qualifies the people to rule. The elitism oozing from the anti-Trump and anti-Brexit forces smells far more like Mussolini than George Washington.

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  6. arze says:

    Who is Arvinder Sambei, [the former British Senior Crown Prosecutor]?

    UK and US deep states both tried to destroy candidate and President Trump. Thank you for posting this video Sundance.

    Related: I noticed that George Papadoupolos has changed his tune about the UK also being right smack dab in the middle of the conspiracy to destroy Trump.

    This is what GP said Oct. 6 on Sunday Morning Futures:

    “PAPADOPOULOS: Well, I think, obviously, somebody’s connecting dots, and these dots are directly leading to Rome. And Rome might actually be the epicenter of this entire conspiracy, even more so than London, which I initially thought.”

    As Sundance sometimes says: Let that sink in. — “more so than London”.

    This is what GP was responding to:

    “BARTIROMO: And I’m back with former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos.

    And, George, we have been showing this timeline of all of these internationalists who reached out to you between 2016 and 2017, when you were working for the Trump campaign.

    I think it’s really interesting that, just this week, we learned new information, that the former prime minister of Italy is threatening to sue you. This is ex-Italian Prime Minister Renzi threatening to sue George Papadopoulos.

    What do you think this is all about, George?


    PAPADOPOULOS: Well, I think, obviously, somebody’s connecting dots, and these dots are directly leading to Rome. And Rome might actually be the epicenter of this entire conspiracy, even more so than London, which I initially thought.

    Look, Attorney General Barr was recently in Italy, along with John Durham. They were obviously looking into Joseph Mifsud’s extensive connections to both the Italian government, documented, and Italian intelligence services.

    And they will probably be looking into this University Link campus and Vincenzo Scotti.”

    Papadoupolos also said he used to work for Arvinder Sambei.

    I found that intriguing, intriguing as hell, actually:

    So, essentially, within 48 hours of joining the Trump campaign, something that not even The Washington Post had reported at the time, I’m being invited to go to Rome, at the behest of a woman named Arvinder Sambei, who I used to work for in London, who I later found out actually had a working relationship with Bob Mueller after 9/11.”

    Good luck trying to figure out all about who Sabmei really is [and for that matter, at this point, who GP is]…..

    Though I cannot confirm one way or the other, I can say I have read material from some who claim that it is not even clear which sex Sambei is.

    In February, Gateway Pundit, from an interview Dan Bongino did with GP, has GP stating:

    “Papadopoulos: Professor Mifsud is a Maltese professor. Just so everybody understands – he’s not a Russian.

    I was working at this organization in London – the London Center for International Law Practice (LCILP) – that unbeknownst to me at the time was apparently some sort of front group for ex-western diplomats and ex-western intelligence types of personalities.

    As well, the legal counsel for the FBI in the UK, Arvinder Sambei, just happens to also be a director at this organization I used to work for. I tell this organization ‘Look, I’m joining the Trump Campaign, I’m leaving. I’m going back to the U.S. I’m leaving London.’

    But they all of a sudden tell me, ‘before you leave, you really need to come to Rome with us. We want to introduce you to some people there.’ So, I say, ‘that’s fine. I’ll go to Rome.’ It’s a three-day holiday before I get back to Washington.

    They introduce me to Josef Mifsud at this university in Rome called Link Campus. This isn’t any normal university in Rome. At the time I had no idea what this place was. But apparently, it’s a training ground for western intelligence operatives in Rome. The CIA has held symposiums there. David Ignatius from the Washington Post has actually written extensively about this place. They have connections to the FBI and other groups.

    I also saw many Italian diplomats there. The ex-foreign minister of Italy was the director of this university, so things started to pop in my mind that this isn’t just a random event – a random meeting.

    They tell me it’s very important for you to meet Josef Mifsud. I had no idea who this person was. He came up to me, presented himself as this mid-fifties, former diplomat, who knew the world.”

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  7. sturmudgeon says:

    Very nice… thanks, SD. I didn’t spend much ‘effort’ with my limited formal schooling, but I am just ‘glued’ to the education I receive on your site… appreciated, Thanks.

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  8. StanH says:

    Very strong and very right. Pay heed AG Barr Free America is watching.

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  9. warrprin1 says:

    Soon a Deplorable voice will sound, like the shot heard ‘round the world, and it will exclaim, “LET’S ROLL!”.

    To the Heroes of Flight 93, R.I.P. Your ferocious courage, in the face of overwhelming odds, is as a light in the darkness, “when all other lights have gone out”. (J.R.R. Tolkien)

    May the Almighty Creator God guide us, protect us, protect the honest leaders among us, and show us the way to defeat the globalists who seek to control us.


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  10. rayvandune says:

    A well-presented video argument for the validity of the US/UK populist movement and the tone-deafness of those who oppose it. I think it lacked only one thing in explaining the opposition to the Trump/BREXIT phenomenon: the role of the media.

    We here are thoroughly familiar with the media’s biases, but with the advent of the impeachment movement, it has moved from merely biased advocate to full co-conspirator status. I was stunned to hear the statements on NPR this morning that so completely misrepresented the statements of Mick Mulvaney only two days ago, and this highlighted for me the lengths to which the media is now willing to go to give the Democrats a fabric of lies with which to impeach the President.

    Let me be specific. On Thursday, White House Chief of Staff Mulvaney cogently explained that the administration temporarily held up some promised military aid for Ukraine while it validated that country’s commitment to investigating the issues surrounding the Russian collusion accusations in the 2016 US election, there being substantial evidence that a number of actors involved in were from the Ukraine. Mulvaney did not mention anything about Joe or Hunter Biden, the DNC, or even Democrats.

    A couple of hours later, NPR News reported Mulvaney’s remarks accurately, including playing a sound clip of his central argument: words to the effect that he found it bizarre that anyone could think it improper for the President to request that another country assist in a public DOJ investigation into a US election. I heard both Mr. Mulvaney’s remarks, and NPR’s replay of them live, and found it refreshingly honest reporting.

    But apparently others did not find it so appealing, because the next morning’s NPR “Morning Edition” show reported that Mulvaney had “admitted” that the administration had sought help from Ukraine in investigating… “the DNC”! I was dumbfounded by this, and reviewed the video of Mulvaney’s remarks to see if I had missed something. There was no reference to the DNC, or Democrats in general. But the story had not morphed sufficiently yet.

    This (Saturday) morning on NPR’s “Morning Edition Saturday”, host Scott Simon introduced an analysis of the topic by saying that Mulvaney had admitted to asking for assistance in investigating “a Democratic opponent” of the President’s!

    The most charitable thing I can say about Scott Simon is that he must be an utter simpleton who shows up on Saturday mornings prepared to speak anything they put in front of him, lacking any independent awareness of news developments since the previous Saturday. And I suspect I am being far too charitable. Occam would say it more simply: he is likely a dishonest scoundrel, working for an organization full of dishonest scoundrels.

    For me, this removes any hesitation I may once have felt to support some form of legal action against NPR, or at minimum the defunding of it. This is absolute propaganda, lacking even a remote connection to the truth. Clearly, NPR sees it as its job to say literally anything that will help denigrate the President, and weaken him sufficiently to be impeached. I think we need to return the favor, and publicly denigrate the despicable NPR (if that is even possible) in preparation for completely defunding them.

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    • Dennis Leonard says:

      Than perhaps you should go read this hit piece on CNNBuisnes,a link and samples,

      “Trump has become so erratic and unpredictable that it’s annoying for the markets,” said Valliere. “Pence is a boring, conservative, pro-business Midwesterner.”

      New York (CNN Business)Wall Street could learn to love a President Pence.

      But it’s not an insane idea. Raymond James says it’s “possible” Trump decides to resign because he wants to avoid going down in history as just the third president to ever get impeached (or, potentially, the first to be removed from office). And that’s what at least one former Trump insider predicted. Barbara Res, a former Trump Organization vice president, told CNN’s Brian Stelter earlier this month that her “gut” instinct is that Trump will resign.


      • Dennis Leonard says:

        Also notice this and who is she?
        “Barbara Res, a former Trump Organization vice president”


      • joebkonobi says:

        Quitting is not even in President Trump’s vocabulary. He is the leader of the movement to save America’s soul. He can no more quit that than George Washington could quit fighting the revolutionary war with a bunch of rag-tag soldiers.

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        • Dennis Leonard says:

          Another hit piece at CNN,True or False

          “Facts are not so important to his narrative. For example, that report came out a month ago and household income growth was statistically unchanged from last year, which by the government’s own analysis was just above $64,000.
          Obviously with a Democratic field so big–12 candidates on stage!–each candidate is trying to break free from the rest. And that leaves the president to continue branding the economy on his own terms.”


  11. Perot Conservative says:



  12. Somebody's Gramma says:

    This film hits the nail on the head. Thank you for sharing. I have passed it along. There is one thing Trump always got right that even now, the political establishment either can’t fathom or choose not to, and that is the concept of We the People. WE THE PEOPLE are in charge of America, NOT the political class, not the rich and famous, not the Media, not Hollywood, not Academia. It’s the regular person who works for a living, pays their taxes, raises their families, and depends upon the Freedoms our Constitution guarantees us. We aren’t, by and large, bigoted, racist, extreme, or hateful. We’re sick of being robbed by our corrupt government (taxed beyond belief), sick of their excesses and their snobbery, sick of our jobs being exported, unbridled immigration along with an enormous uptick in social services that we pay for, etc etc etc. Trump understands this fundamental concept and he appears to have never forgotten “the little people”, the worker, the regular American. We took a chance on Trump, and he has not let us down. He has kept his promises and he continues to. One thing mentioned in the film, I think by a Brit, was the idea of a civil war. We are already in a cultural civil war for sure, but we are on the cusp of a real civil war. The match that will light the coming unpleasantness will be if they circumvent the election process and try to either impeach our President or rig the upcoming election. Trump should win by a landslide, by all accounts. I like to think about what we’re going to do post-Trump. Will there be another President as great at fighting for us ever again? The bar is very high now.
    My two cents. Carry on.

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    • Ordinaryman says:

      Agree 100%


    • GP says:

      I agree with all of the above EXCEPT:

      It may be BUY American
      But it ain’t HIRE American

      Check out one of the latest Indeed Job Site commercials (spoiler alert, Praheet gets the interview and the job, Praheet is not an American-Praheet is an H1B

      And this ad is just one of many.


  13. boogywstew says:

    Are you a “Mod” or a “Rocker”? Love “Quadrophenia”!


  14. Tiffthis says:

    Great video


  15. MaineCoon says:

    It appears that the bad post I was responding to have miraculously disappeared!


  16. Baby El says:

    I grew up in Erie, PA in the ’70s and early ’80s. We didn’t have jack sh*t. Kind of a split between Kid Rock’s Michigan and Wayne & Garth. Great time to grow up in America, great place to grow up, but hard. Tried to go back in 2000, but there wasn’t much left. Found my way back home to PA, but more central.

    Its a wonderful world!!! Cheers to all you fellow Deplorables 🙂

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  17. ristvan says:

    Although I see the many similarities highlighted by the video, I think there is also a big difference.

    The many ills PDJT is trying to correct with MAGA were ‘self inflicted’ by the Uniparty from ‘inside’, and not thru loss of sovereignty. Bad trade deals, endless wars, excessive regulation, a porous border, … were created and/or tolerated by both Rs and Ds. Why I am an independent. What PDJT has done (albeit incompletely as yet as Romney proves) is take over the Republican party and turn it into the Deplorable Trumplican party. Strong and popular (as rallies show) leadership. The many MAGA fights all have fronts that run along traditional party lines. Fairly simple, clean contrasts.

    Brexit is a response by the UK equivalent of Deplorables to ills imposed form ‘outside’ by unelected Eurocrats in Brussels. The UK problem has been that just under half of voters don’t seem to mind the loss of sovereignty. Other than Farage and maybe now BoJo, decades of weak leadership with no party to ‘take over’ because Brexit issues don’t cleave anywhere near existing UK party lines. That makes it very messy. Plus, as Scotland’s SNP proves, the UK isn’t as strongly united as US.

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    • railer says:

      Lib/Lab/Con is a Uniparty. We have only 2 parties in ours, they have 3. Many of us who observe British politics identified it as such at least 15 years ago (long before the concept of a Uniparty started to get traction here). Cameron actually had the stones to declare himself the “Heir to Blair” when he was standing for the big job. And when he had to form a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats, he was absolutely overjoyed because he knew conservatives would be cowed accordingly. That one clown in our host’s video calling British conservatives racist, playing the Hillary over there, was Vince Cable of the Lib Dems, a positively revolting bit of work just like her. Cameron allied with such as him.

      I’d say the parallels are exact. A Uniparty screwed the British and a Uniparty screwed us.

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    • rashomon says:

      Historically, Europe has been in conflict since forever. I have found that many of my ancestors are not at all from the areas I presumed. Many were Huguenots fleeing France and intermarrying into the British Isles and Bavaria, some with name changes, to escape persecution. The Norwegians were the only strain to remain steady until they immigrated to America during a famine. One really has to know history to understand the country-creep that took place all around Europe.

      The formation of the EU was the latest manufactured solution to keep the peace while the differences among the cultural, religious and generational interests continues to exist. Many who have lived in their communities for generations are getting tired of “foreigners” designing their future over, perhaps, manufactured problems calling for manufactured solutions..

      As in: If everyone will just shut up and mind Brussels, all those administrators behind the black glass windows who no one elected, everything will be rosy. Right.

      As Ristvan points out, the U.S. as a reasonably new nation has an internal problem. Both parties have become arrogant about their power, which unlike Europe’s monarchies and other forms of totalitarianism, has belonged to The People since the U.S. Constitution was signed. PDJT is attempting to bring control back to The People.

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  18. mugzey302 says:

    For years everybody rolled their eyes at the tinfoil-hat conspiracy nuts who tried to tell us about secret societies, the 13 blood families, the Cabal, the Illuminati, the Knights of Malta, 33 degree masons ~ things are coming to light now that make us wonder , consider, question how much of that conspiracy is true. The Prince of this world has taken hold of media ~ look at the state of Hollywood, the music industry, mainstream media, even sports – but, even so, truth is leaking out and we learn more about the darkness and depravity. And, the halls of power in Washington and around the world – the light is being held up to these places. People are noticing and becoming aware, slowly. However, the zombies on the left may never be salvaged – they will continue to be destructive and uncontrolled. Just treat them like the zombies they are – you can’t reason or debate with them, and don’t EVER turn your back on one. Just keep backing away from them. A rabid animal has more manners. I’m sure you have noticed. Truly disgusting people.

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    • We have yet to scratch the surface of the DEPTHS of DEPRAVITY within the LEFT.

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      • pyromancer76 says:

        Yes, and all their funding beginning with the Chinese communists and other global elitists — all from us, the taxpayers, through their never ending schemes to impoverish us — “global warming,” endless wars, trade imbalances, stealing manufacturing, importing “slave” labor on all levels, including the highest IT people, taking over our universities and their research projects, owning the media, taxes and regulations, etc., etc., etc. All for them and nothing for us. Just so they can live the DEPTHS OF DEPRAVITY.

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  19. KAR says:

    Nice video. Highpoint IMO at minute 6:00 when Ann Coulter says, “Right now, Donald Trump!”

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  20. Motzilla says:

    This seems relevant, and it just never gets old…..

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  21. I think someone posted this video a few weeks ago, and I watched it then. It was definitely worth a second viewing. It was nice to be reminded – as this site does daily – that one is not alone in wanting to control one’s borders, and that the desire to do so does not make one worthy of insults.

    Frightening to see for how many decades we have been steamrolled over by the powerful, and on both sides of the Atlantic. Even worse is that they are still steamrolling.

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  22. Carrie says:

    Although it would have made the presentation more complicated (this is one is perfect in its conciseness and simplicity), maybe there could have been a chapter on globalism. How large corporations in particular have sought to hijack the democratic process by luring in the politicians. Lobbyists like the COC in the US and Soros in the UK (and large large ones based in Europe). The ultimate draw is cheap labor and high profit margins that they get to pocket. That as these European/US markets chose to be more and more highly regulated and restrictive about trade tariffs and environmental impact, that made corporations have things built elsewhere. (Itw oudl be nice to insert here how un -environmentally friendly those countries are too- exposing the hypocrisy) Obama was almost successful in pulling the last bit off. This is also a last ditch effort for the UK to escape the clutches of the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels (whose own tax regimes don’t affect their incomes).

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  23. Carrie says:

    Courtesy of SD:

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  24. Carrie says:

    And the latest from the UK- Boris sends 3 different letters. One that is exactly the Benn Amendment as required by the Parliament(but without his signature), one explaining that the Government doesn’t agree with the Benn Amendment, and one urging Brussels not to grant a delay.

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    • Questions:

      What “voice” represents the “UK” in “asking” the EU for ANYTHING
      … other than its Prime Minister?

      Why would its Prime Minister carry ANY message other than his OWN
      … for which he became that nation’s elected Leader?

      Because he CAVED.


      • However, NEVER trust the AP CORRUPT PROPAGANDISTS.

        The “UK” did not ask, PARLIAMENT did
        … attempting to arrogate to itself the authority of the Prime Minister.

        The “UK did not send BoJo’s letter, HE did.

        BoJo snookered Parliament on this one by “SENDING” their letter
        … as directed by the “law”
        … NOT signing it.

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  25. Doppler says:

    Great video, Sundance. Thanks. One commonality that I see can be described as “unnecessary remote controls over society.” One of the unique facets of our history and constitution is its three layers: municipal, State and Federal. Cities have always governed themselves, our states roughly resemble European states in geographical size, and they were established, first as colonies, then as free and sovereign states, before the constitution was enacted. Our constitution created a Federal Government, but our founders sought to limit its role to only those functions that made sense to the sovereign states. The result has been the greatest country ever. Looking back at the enumeration of powers, we see intelligent effort put into avoiding unnecessarily remote control over society, as had been the case with King and Parliament micromanaging aspects of colonial daily life and commerce. The EU created distant bureaucrats controlling peoples that knew them not, creating a similar bitter resentment.

    The difference between the EU and Globalism today, and the constitutional convention 220 years ago, is that globalists are a society unto themselves, and their global institutions serve primarily their own interest, while our Federal Government was created by our thirteen states, and majorities of each’s voting population. Globalists desperately want control of the US, see it as an empire they can steer for their own good, while ordinary non-globalist people want almost all of governance to come exclusively from elected representatives they feel they can vote in or out of office.

    Just as at our constitutional convention, there is today debate over displacing local and national governance with rule from afar. Globalists (and Marxists), just as nobility in the past, seek total control over dominated populations, and believe that everything should be controlled from above. Patriots understand that society grows up from the nuclear family, from neighbors achieving success together, from the absence of unnecessary control over their mutual decisions from unaccountable remote governments (whether they’re bureaucrats, central committees, Emperors or other despots). Lovers of Liberty understand that the least intrusion into individual and family-based decision-making by government authority, the least distance from governed to that authority, the greater the accountability to the governed, the better.

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    • Raptors2020 says:

      Globalism is a variation (slight) on international socialism. The Left views the Second World War as international socialism versus national socialism, communism versus facism, and they won. Any opponent to globalism is therefore a fascist: that’s why they’re so facile about slandering any and all dissenters.

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    • pyromancer76 says:

      Nicely stated, Doppler. “Patriots understand that society grows up from the nuclear family, from neighbors achieving success together, from the absence of unnecessary control over their mutual decisions from unaccountable remote governments…”

      Excellent video.

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  26. Merkin Muffley says:

    Notice that all over the world, from Italy to the UK to the US, the playbook used against these leaders has been the same.

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  27. Brian Beard says:

    That video is awesomeI made sure I posted it on a forum I frequent where there are some rabid anti Trump individuals. Im sure it wont deter them because I am quite sure it is either mental illness or some sort or delusion on their part, probably intellectualism driven. Anyway i sent it to friends too.

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  28. jeans2nd says:

    Ah, Katie Hopkins. How could we do without her in times such as this?

    cockwomble (countable and uncountable, plural cockwombles)

    A foolish or obnoxious person. quotations
    Patriarchal or patronising discourse, particularly between men.
    The results of any patriarchal or patronising discourse or behaviour.

    IOW – our governing “elites”
    They still don’t get it

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  29. Anita Keller says:

    Great video. Thank you Sundance.
    We the People, the America First voters need to completely take over the Republican party and make it very uncomfortable for the globalist RINOs to remain.
    The Republican party needs to become the party pf the Working Middle Class so the forgotten people have an active voice again.
    Candidate Trump won on those promises and has been delivering on his promises. But we need to help President Trump by helping ourselves.
    Get all of your America First friends to come with you to the NEXT Republican party meeting at your local and state level.
    Out number the traitors in the party ( globalist RINOs) and put one and only ONE good America First challenger to primary the traitors’ hand picked lackey.
    The traitors want multiiple candidates to SPLIT the vote so their lackey can return to DC and protect the Swamp.
    Repeat until America First has a veto prof majority in both DC and all 50 states.
    Job is not finished yet.
    Get extremely active in the voting process from registration to the final vote count. find out what you need to do in your state to be a worker at the voting precinct on election day. Stay until the final vote is counted and registered.
    Talk to everyone from now on about the need to keep our Constitutional Republic form of government that protects the rights of the individual over the communist dems desire to remove all individual rights in all areas.
    Please get busy in helping our President MAGA and KAG.


    Liked by 1 person

  30. G. Alistar says:

    There is a severe arrogance amongst the powers that be…in Britain as well as here in the USA. Few of our elected officials respect the will of the people….especially with what we saw during the Russia hoax investigation and now with the Ukraine part II. Not unlike the clown show we saw during the Kavenaugh SCOTUS hearings. Vote them out in 2020.

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  31. Beverly says:

    well I have to disagree about this video. I found it very condescending, with left-leaning commentators analyzing us as if we were an alien race and culture, and only partially informed about the Patriotic revolt in both countries. There was no mention of the fact that the collection of thieves and swine who are running the EU and the United States have shipped all of our jobs overseas, sneered at and attacked Christianity which the great majority of us belong to, and constantly denigrated both of our nations and our great cultural heritage.

    The same swine make a fetish of the privilege of self-determination for every remote foreign country and alien culture … yet We are not supposed to have that same privilege here at home.

    The same group of scum also lies about their motives because they don’t give a rat’s rear end about women’s rights or they wouldn’t make a fetish out of Islam. Ditto for gay rights. Ditto for human rights. All they care about is total power and ruling the world. Literally.

    they also don’t give a damn about labor, because they are very happy to ship all of our factory business overseas.

    and they are huge FANS of slavery because they want the world to be one gigantic plantation with them the plantation owners, rich and lolling about in their deck chairs drinking champagne while the rest of us toil in various third world hell holes under slavish conditions.

    they also want to be the Lords and masters of us and treat us here at home as their slaves. They will decide what we are allowed to say and do and even think. They will be the gods of the earth and that is their true obsession.

    We must oppose them with everything in our power. Their will to power and to enslave all of us is quite demonic.

    The most powerful and privileged of these scum is vastly inferior in a spiritual sense to the honest man who does a good day’s labor. Of course they sneer at us.

    Let us wear their contempt, their incomprehension, and their bigotry as a badge of honor. God will sort us all out in the end, the sheep from the goats.

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  32. Padric says:

    Great video for one very important reason: The people who put it together merely stringed together the interviews that tied into the narrators segue’s as to what part they were addressing next. No editorializing, no over the top hyperbole. It was like watching the movie version of a very well written research essay.

    Now, granted, for 99.9% of us, we already knew what was presented in this video but with that said, this video would be a great one to show to those libs who really are clueless as to what occurred and why it occurred because they’ve been getting their information from the major media networks out there. It would, however, be a complete waste of time to show it to the die hard libs because they’d just dismiss it with a wave of their hand and some vague argument about how the movie is “wrong” while simultaneously failing to present any facts as to why its wrong.


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