Hillary Clinton Reignites Her “Vast Russian Conspiracy Theory” Against Tulsi Gabbard…

Despite the abject nuttery, there is good news here.  Former Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is accusing current Democrat Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard of being a secret Russian agent:

“[Tulsi Gabbard is] the favorite of the Russians, and that’s assuming Jill Stein will give it up, which she might not because she’s also a Russian asset. She’s a Russian asset! I mean, totally. They know they can’t win without a third-party candidate.” (link)

The insufferable Mrs. Clinton re-initiated her vast Russian conspiracy theory during an interview with former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe.  Yes, THAT David Plouffe.

However, Clinton nuttery aside, this level of political quackery -as expressed- is not all bad news.  Clinton’s tendency to make herself stupid and small is a strong indicator: (A) she’s not stable; (B) she’s not viable; and (C) she knows she could never re-enter the race.

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522 Responses to Hillary Clinton Reignites Her “Vast Russian Conspiracy Theory” Against Tulsi Gabbard…

  1. LBS says:

    Tulsi Gabbard is one home-break in away from turning CONSERVATIVE.

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    • accurite1 says:

      No she is not don’t be fooled, she is a full fledged baby killing Democrat

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      • Newhere says:

        Maybe, but don’t be so sure. There’s a worn path from Bernie 2016 to Trump 2020. She was the FIRST to call foul on the rigged primary, by quitting her position in the DNC in protest of the treatment of Bernie, even before the Wikileaks emails ever hit the scene.

        I’ve seen it now enough to call it a thing: What the DNC did to Bernie woke up A LOT of us. Once you start looking, it all unravels.

        Gabbard is still toeing the democrat line, barely and half-heartedly, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see her WALKAWAY. In fact, this tweet comes close. She just called the party’s last nominee the epitome of corruption. You don’t come back from that. Her background is also a bit more socially conservative than others — I really don’t think identity politics and abortion on demand are her cups of tea.

        I would LOVE to see her join team Trump. Not to crowd out Pence, whose loyalty deserves respect. But perhaps on his foreign policy team. They would be unstoppable. It would be game over. Because the thing is, Bernie has some, but not all of his 2016 support. I know — because he lost me to Trump. NO ONE has proven to have the backbone, gumption, and perseverance that President Trump has. But I have a feeling that a lot of Bernie 2016 voters who haven’t (YET) made it to Trump are Tulsi 2020, because she’s the closest thing to the real deal that the dems have got on their side. If she joined team Trump, it would go a long way in sealing up the re-alignment.

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      • Gail says:

        Here is great thread about Tulsi by a very sharp researcher on Twitter. FWIW- lots of f-bombs but well researched. Don’t be fooled by Tulsi.


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      • KAR says:

        She’s a mixed bag. Wants guaranteed income for everyone, and wants our troops out of Syria — EXCEPT when Trump does it!

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      • bofh says:

        “No she is not don’t be fooled, she is a full fledged baby killing Democrat”

        Yep. But she’s a very smart one, or at least very smartly coached.

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      • PBR says:

        The entire reason Hillary said this crap is only the latest strategy of the DEms- they are trying to kindle a 3rd party candidate to split the vote.


    • chuckyschmucky says:

      She’s too attractive to be a Democrat anyway.

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    • Marko Mendoza says:

      She has a ways to go yet, IMHO.


    • ezgoer says:

      On domestic policy Tulsi is just another crazy leftist.


  2. joeknuckles says:

    While Tulsi would be the first PILF and her trashing of Hillary piques my interest even more, I still would never trust her.

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    • WhiteBoard says:

      just a GUESSSSS, but HIllary isnt stupid…

      She KNOWS her comments can immediately ELEVATE a person to the mainstream media.

      She KNOWS she is viewed as VILE by all SIDES. It may not please her to think that but it pleases her to STOP the President from gaining footing from the onslaught attack (Mueller, then Shiff, She Manhattan, Then EMolumates) and refocuing on her (server).

      The unity party republicans will pounce now to weaken the President. ALL white uniform Ms. Gabbard wears is the same as the WOMENs thing Pelosi did with AOC. Democrats scheme – Republican sleep.

      just a GUESS – Is it possible she is elevating Ms. Gabbard because she knows Tulsi can resonate a following of Bernie and Warren, mildly Biden followers (Veteran, female, etc) to UNIFY under Tulsi – NOT TO WIN… but to mass a Saul Alinsky GROUP that can be directed at the right time. Saul Principle – keep the crowd organized and mobile so that you have the mob ready when needed (2020 Russia hacked election and RIOT, antifa, occupy, march for _____;).

      Hawaii is not a place that trains anyone to love America. They view the USA as an occupier. just as some religion may allow you to lie, may another desire convince one to deceive.

      Her STAGE I started with i wont let the President PIMP out our military to Saudi Arabia
      STAGE II – calls out Kamala
      STAGE III – Hillary comments about Tulsi
      STAGE IV – TULSI returns to Saudi Arabia Pimping comment – because if Syria holds then Ukraine gas stock falls. This is a NATO BROWDER (atlantic council) unified front.

      Just a guess.

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      • Parker Longbaugh says:

        Perhaps Hillary is a stupid old drunk that is just yelling at the nonexistent children in her lawn.
        It was always the kids in the past. Just like the Russians who paid her so well.

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      • lotbusyexec says:

        Whiteboard – I’m thinking like you and TI Howard (early post by him/her or on of the newfangled identity titles). TI Howard commented earlier on this thread that he believed that Hillary Rotten Clinton concocted this to drain votes from Trump IF she (TG) runs as a third party candidate. They want desperately to get rid of Trump. All gloves are off and Dem’s will play whatever part they are told to rid this planet of our beloved Trump. HRC is a calculated, cold hearted tool – she is relentless in her hate, corruption and desire for power. People don’t fall for the “oh, Hillary is crazy…” that’s what they are expecting. Just my gut instinct.

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        • Magabear says:

          You guys are living to deep into the weeds. Hillary is just a very nasty leftist/globalist who hates anyone who doesn’t bow to her. She is an evil person who sold her soul to the evil one.

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        • WhiteBoard says:

          i think i agree. because trump is a DEMOCRAT and Republicant President. he pulled americans that voted democrat to him. Tulsi would chip into that by grabbing all the DEFECTED bernie voters that went to TRUMP after she stole the NOMINATION from HIM.

          SHe is SICK. SHE is SEEKER OF WINNING – even if she ran against a WINNER. she lost, sure, but HILLARY is someone who TRYS to WIN at ALL COST.

          If the PRESIDENT loses defected democrat voters who went for him in 2016, then it may assist his LOSS against the YET TO BE NAMED CANDIDATE. the candidate would have to be REASONABLE – MIDDLE OF THE ROAD – DEMOCRAT – and ALREADY NATIONALLY KNOWN –

          PELOSI WOULD IMMEDIATELY fill this. finger pointing – new supported with her photograph.

          any comments seeing Tulsi as a splitter assisting Pelosi would be welcomed. Democrats SCHEME , Republicans SLEEP. October 21st – Trudeau loses.

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        • Newhere says:

          I’m with you in the sense I wouldn’t put ANYTHING past Hillary Clinton.

          But Hillary fundamentally misunderstands and underestimates her true opposition — ie, thinking, down-to-earth, well-meaning Americans — and always thinks no one is smart enough to see what she’s doing. It’s not 3-D chess. She doesn’t like Tulsi Gabbard. She’s calling Tulsi a Russian asset pushed by “bots” because she thinks her blue state liberal base will believe her.

          And she’s trying to feed the beast on censorship, and on knee-jerk dismissal any inconvenient facts or people. She’s trying to discredit Gabbard, and in doing so, both highlight the need for Fake News Police and feed the idea that American influencers who cross her are treasonous assets. She thinks we’re that dumb. And/or she knows we all see right through her, but doesn’t care. Her mission is making the truth irrelevant and those who cling to it inconsequential.


          • Tom says:

            There were whispers Tulsi would run third party before the NYT and Post articles, Then the shun in the debate. The Dhimms are pushing Tulsi to run third party. Telling her she is not a Dhimm, and they don’t want her. They must not feel they can control her, but she would cause the most defections from Trump. It is as clear as day.


            • Newhere says:

              I really don’t think she’d cause Trump defections. I think she’d get disaffected lefties who’d have otherwise stayed home. I’m a Bernie defector. I’m on the Trump train, full stop. What I see her doing is validating the decision of people like me. I really think this tack she’s taking is a net positive for Trump. I could be wrong but so far that’s how I size it up!

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              • lemmonee says:

                Newhere interesting what you said about Tulsi leaving the DNC before any of Wikileaks happened last election cycle. I think that explains a lot of HRC attitude. That and Tulsi looks great in her white pantsuit, Hillary not so much. Perhaps TG will walk away. I welcome all and it doesn’t matter if your on the front of the train or just climbing aboard, we need all hands to get PDJT his second term, and fix this mess.


          • Raptors2020 says:

            Hillary, like Biden, is a creature of the donors, not the voters. Hildabeast outspent Trump by roughly $300 million, and still lost, an amazingly negative accomplishment.

            The Clinton Machine has since collapsed, due to its failure to deliver. Hillary’s only achievement, since winning the 2016 nomination by cheating Bernie, has been to make Trump’s life hell, for 2+ years, with her Steele Dossier.

            By calling poor Tulsi another Natasha, Hillary achieves two things: she reiterates her main excuse to her many angry and powerful donors why she blew their money”It’s them Ruskies, I tells ya! They’re everywhere!”, and she revels in her pyrrhic victory over Trump.


            • margarite1 says:

              Hillary lost what should – by traditional political measures – have been a slam dunk. Don’t giver her credit for being a genius. She’s a nasty bitch who has grabbed power from weaker people then threw her weight around. Without Bill she likely wouldn’t have got away with this – she at least understood this – and so she stayed married to a rapist who humiliated her and now she’s calling it “gutsy”. Gag me with a spoon.

              This woman is HORRIBLE – I don’t think she’s playing 3-D chess against POTUS. If she were that smart she would now be POTUS.

              More likely to me is she’s jealous of Tulsi – who is everything Hillary didn’t have the guts to be. Hillary said she wanted to join the military, Tulsi hasn’t stayed married to a rapist as a career move, Tulsi is standing on her own two feet. I don’t agree with Tulsi – especially abortion – but I give her credit for doing her thing on her own.


      • mopar2016 says:

        Worthless politicians.

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    • avi says:

      Took me a few seconds, but I agree


    • 1IreneFlick3 says:

      You could be right. However, she was my rep and visited my workplace while I lived in Hawaii. Her dad ran for state office as a repub and was one of one or two GOP vs. 50 dems. He switched parties, probably to make sure to be re-elected. They’re very pro life. The local progs hated Tulsi and called her a DINO. She’s the one who traveled to Syria and was locally informed and then exposed that Obama armed ISIS, whom he called ‘the rebels’ to get away with it. Dems excoriated her for that. She very early on met with POTUS-elect at Trump Tower, but has since criticized him with fervor. So, she’s obviously not a Russian asset, but she is an enigma.

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      • dd_sc says:

        Her father became a Democrat so that he could chair committees in the Hawaii State Legislature. Never going to happen if he remained in the minority party.


      • WhiteBoard says:

        Her Enigma is a USURPER that has rubbed shoulders with military men and women, her commradery helps her blend and feel like red and blue blooded american,….

        BUT, she called for the IMPEACHMENT of the PRESIDENT…. no american or human with a heart (with the access they have to intel) would say that about their country’s leader.

        She has no honor, she is a fraud, she is a usurper. Say she is pretty and over look the facts if you want. she is angling for her IDEAL – which is hurting Hillary, and grabbing Bernie voters, and ultimately assisting Obama’s goal –

        destroy the “empire” from within.

        doubt it if you want. this site is showing us that we have a marching army of terrorists or whatever you call them on our southern border influencing the world – yet our own congress does everything it can to IGNORE IT.

        GLOBE STATE versus AMERICA

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      • whoseyore says:

        1IreneFlick3, you stated, “They’re very pro life”. When I think of pro-life, I think of against abortion. I am curious why would you say that when just the other night during the debate, Tulsi indicated her support for abortion? She just feels that it should be regulated for those seeking abortion in the third trimester (when the baby can generally live on it’s own and many times without any sort of intervention), unless a woman’s life is at risk or there would be health consequences for the woman.

        As a matter of fact, below is a quote from an interview from September 9th from this link https://hotair.com/archives/allahpundit/2019/09/09/tulsi-gabbard-yes-abortion-regulated-third-trimester/:
        Gabbard told Rubin she views abortion in a “libertarian” way, saying she doesn’t think government should be dictating women’s choices. “I think that there should be some restrictions though,” she added. Rubin asked if she had a “cutoff point,” to which she replied: “I think the third trimester. Unless a woman’s life or severe health consequences is at risk, then there shouldn’t be an abortion in the third trimester.”


  3. trapper says:

    I submit for your consideration a fourth possibility: (D) after the 2008 Democrat nomination (which she viewed as hers by entitlement after she co-presidented with Bill for 8 years) was taken away from her and given to a man (Obama; also see Michigan delegates) left her permanently scarred and unstable, losing the 2016 election to Trump (another man) tipped her over the edge and left her an obsessed lunatic who views a 2020 rematch as hers by entitlement.

    She would burn down her party to get the nomination, but in order for her to get it there must be no clear candidate by the convention and the first ballot must be hung so Hillary can take it on the second ballot without spending any of her limited energy on a primary contest. The Russians stole the election, so she will steal the nomination. All of her actions are directed to that end, tossing out the occasional comment to put her thumb on the democrat scale to keep it balanced until August.

    Smart money actually DID learn from 2016, knows 2020 will be a Trump landslide (the reason for all the impeachment hoopla – their last and only chance), and is happy to stay out of the way while Hillary sets fire to herself and anyone foolish enough to get in her way. Just look at the bunch of losers, has-beens, and never-will-be’s who are running. Seriously? Obama’s crew is sitting it out, seeing 2020 as Trump vs. anyone in a Trump landslide, and 2024 as Michelle vs. [fill in the blank]. And with that the Hillary nightmare will have ended.

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    • stripmallgrackle says:

      There’s only one way to deal with a Clinton.

      The halo of stars looks kinda presidential too, in a sugar plum sort of way. She could be the most famous “never was” of our time.


    • Newhere says:

      Excellent summation! THIS is it exactly. Bernie was a surprise “authenticity” candidate in 2016 — luckily he let himself be swept into the dust bin — but Clinton wants to smother Gabbard in the crib, lest she turn into a grassroots impediment to Clinton’s second ballot heist.

      All Clinton and Big Club moves must be viewed through the lens of the second ballot dynamic.

      I agree with this 100%.

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  4. Darrell W says:

    Of all the Democrat presidential candidates I like Gabbard and Yang the best. In fact I agree with 12% of what they say.

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    • steph_gray says:

      The 12% their handlers are coaching and directing them to say, you mean.

      Sundance proved conclusively that the Republican candidates of 2016 were all controlled. The DementoRats are not just controlled, they are enslaved.


  5. T2020 says:

    Well, she picked the right month to fly in on her broom.

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  6. k4jjj says:

    I am compelled to watch an old video of her handlers throwing Hillary into her “Scooby Van” like a side of beef. I also love the modified photo of the men helping Hillary up the steps to the gallows.

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  7. History Teaches says:

    It’s all a preconceived strategy.

    You never, ever see elected swamp Democrats attack each other with such carefully parsed and direct accusations. Look at the scripted orchestrations at the town hall meetings. Or the words of Bernie at the last election. Fake dissent, but ending in whimpers rather boldness or personal outrage.

    These words were no doubt suggested or written by professional media or political operatives. It takes imagination, time and forethought to come up with succinct, incisive insults. And have an explicit objective.

    On the surface the storyline is about credibility for Democrat leadership. But Dems are always sneaky and desperate.

    This verbal assault by Tully is intended for consumption beyond the party mainstream. The independents, soft Democratic and Republican traditionalists who want an other option. With a fake patina of boldness and individuality. Not the obvious party machine clones.

    She may be sacrificing the present for the good of the party is there is a third party splitter strategy in action. But it also may be a test, waiting to see if she resonates bigly. If there is a groundswell of support perhaps she will be groomed as a quasi independent populist. The Dems doing their version of what Trump did. But of course, with the swamp dictating everything she does and says.

    Whether Hillary is a willing or just discarded figure may be irrelevant. We will have to see the next response/act.

    But it”s all premeditated. Like a wrestling challenge.

    Or, more cynically, they remind me of things ‘Triumph the insult dog’ came up with on the old Conan O’Brien show. All that was needed was the finishing line. “For me to poop on.”

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  8. Kokanee says:

    This seems scripted. Kind of like Pro Wrestling. Now Hildabeast has a reason to get in the race. She was challenged. She now has no choice but to defend her honor…. LOL!!! I think this was planned for a long time.

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  9. burnett044 says:

    when i see two Muslims fighting each other ..i sit back and enjoy it…same with any of my enemies that want to ruin my America.

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  10. Sherri Young says:

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  11. Aintree says:

    “A top aide (aka Hack) to Hillary Clinton has amplified the former secretary of state’s claim that 2020 Democratic candidate Tulsi Gabbard is a “Russian asset.”

    “If the nesting doll fits,” Merrill told a CNN reporter. “This is not some outlandish claim. This is reality. If the Russian propaganda machine, both their state media and their bot and troll operations, is backing a candidate aligned with their interests, that is just a reality, it is not speculation.”

    (Nesting dolls — which are also called stacking dolls, Matryoshka dolls, Russian Tea dolls, or Babushka Dolls — are composed of increasingly smaller wooden dolls placed one inside another.) Washington Examiner

    Meanwhile in other news in Tulsi’s 2nd District–“Police arrested 21 people and a utility pole on Kamehameha Highway was intentionally cut down overnight as protesters continue their fight today to block the installation of eight massive turbines for a wind-energy farm in Kahuku.” (Hawaii Free Press)


  12. tozerbgood8315 says:

    Looks like the Clinton Kill list just got an update


  13. tozerbgood8315 says:

    Looks like the Clinton Kill list just got an update


  14. tozerbgood8315 says:

    Looks like the Clinton Kill list just got an update


  15. tozerbgood8315 says:

    Looks like the Clinton Kill list just got an update


  16. tozerbgood8315 says:

    Looks like the Clinton Kill list just got an update


  17. tozerbgood8315 says:

    Hah! Sorry for the multiple posts.

    Guess when the computer doesn’t do anything on the first click… be patient and don’t keep clicking.

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  18. Tulsi is supposed to be having a press conference shortly! FOX says they will break in with it but who knows…..


    • tozerbgood8315 says:

      I’m sure Tucker will be all over it. It’s pretty obvious to me that He adores her


      • She was supposed to have a press conference at 6:30 ET but that never happened. Now she Is going to be on Tuckers show😲


        • tozerbgood8315 says:

          Yep. Just watched it. Tulsi says it’s a contest between her and Hillary – because Hillary can’t control Tulsi, that’s what it’s all about. So wait… does that mean Biden. Sanders, Warren, and the rest are all Hillary Puppets?

          Tucker asked her if she thinks Hillary will run, Tulsi doesn’t know, but pointing out Hillary is manipulating everything behind proxies and he media corporate allies… and of course they’re all warmongers.

          Tulsi wants all the troops to come home instead of forever fighting these “Regime Change Wars”.

          Hmmm… I wonder what she thinks about the war on our southern border with the Cartels which has claimed many more american lived via fentanyl which apparently also comes from China.

          I seriously doubt Tulsi supports the wall.

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  19. tozerbgood8315 says:


  20. Drogers says:

    A graphically illustrated case study on why no person should day drink and tweet.

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  21. tozerbgood8315 says:

    My opinion on this if anyone is interested.

    Hillary obviously believes that if Tulsi ran 3rd party it would divide the democrat party.

    But If the Russians truly wanted to divide the democrat vote, they would be grooming Bernie. Tulsi hasn’t managed to garner enough support to do ANYTHING in this election.

    This is the same crazy assed russian meddling theory Hillary & the DNC started against Trump, only now it’s aimed at a non-warmongering democrat that they don’t like. The crazy woman STILL hasn’t figured out why she lost the election, and still doesn’t have a clue why the democrats won’t win the 2020 election. She just wants to blame it all on the russians, and that’s just crazy.

    Hell.. republicans like Tulsi better than the democrats (Tucker Carlson practically drools over her), and if she ran 3rd party, it would more likley divide the republican vote than the democrat vote.

    And Look at it this way. Let’s hypothetically assume that Hillary is right for a moment.

    And if Tulsi is a Putin tool, and Trump is a Putin tool also, and they get pitted against each other in the general election… wouldn’t that mean the Russians want a democrat to win?

    LOL – It’s absurdity at it’s very finest.

    And no I don’t believe this is a contrived thing. Because that would imply that Hillary really backs Tulsi, even though they are practically opposites. And if anything that we saw from the last debate… CNN and the majority of the DNC don’t like Tulsi. Hell, if we had some more hacked DNC emails, I bet they’d show Hillary plotting Tulsi’s political demise.

    This graph shows it all… and I rest my case.


    • Tulsi comes off as a moderate. The DNC controllers don’t want anything to do with moderates. They want 10+ candidates screaming impeach and hate PDJT. Besides her comments would invalidate the other 10+ candidates positions.

      I was suprised she got the 2nd most time on Middle East policy.

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  22. covfefe999 says:

    I just don’t get it. Tusli is polling at 1%. Why is Hillary so threatened by her? It’s almost a shame Pence is a good VP, if he weren’t Trump could pick Tulsi. 🙂


    • covfefe999 says:

      Side note, Biden is well in the lead again according to the latest poll. So much for Warren zooming ahead. This is hilarious.

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    • Newhere says:

      Because Hillary wants the nomination via super delegates on the second ballot. She’ll need a compliant field of sycophant candidates to “agree” its best for the party. All of the current field will yield. Except Tulsi. Who already stood up to the Clinton machine in the 2016 primary when — well before Wikileaks revealed the truth — Tulsi conspicuously resigned from the DNC in protest for the bias against Bernie.

      Clinton doesn’t want a runaway grassroots firebrand calling BS when she swoops in to snatch the nomination on the second ballot. So, she’s trying to make Gabbard radioactive. She wants her canceled before she can amass a following.

      I think it’s backfiring.

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    • znoxide says:

      I don’t see her as a potential republican anything, but she is the most threatening democrat. She is the only candidate that seems to be somewhat rational on the democrat side. She also has that fire and no BS approach that seems to come naturally to her.

      She would be a formidable candidate for the democrats because the media would back her despite ignoring her in the primaries.

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      • dd_sc says:

        I think a ticket of Howard Schultz – Tulsi Gabbard would have given Trump a run for his money, but the DNC was quick to dump on Schultz.

        Can’t have any anti-establishment types on the ticket.

        If Gabbard goes 3rd party, she would be like Ralph Nader in 2000. No way DNC wants that.


      • PBR says:

        Hillary doesn’t want Gabbard to be the First woman President.


    • tozerbgood8315 says:

      Ummm… have you actually checked out her policies besides the anti-war policy?
      NO WAY would Trump have ever picked her.


    • tdaly14 says:

      Tulsi is for killing babies, a gun grabber, a climate freak and no way would she be able to pull all our troops out of the ME likes she claims without a long drawn out fight within the deep state. Look at what PT has to deal with. Tulsi also believes in illegals coming in and doesn’t support borders. Can’t believe Tucker gives her so much damn air-time and ppl fall for her one damn decent policy. She’s. Leftist through and through. There’s no such thing as a moderate Democrat.


      • steph_gray says:

        Well maybe Tucker is giving her air time to hammer home that fact. (He probably also has a crush on her looks.)

        No DementoRat politician is different.


    • whoseyore says:

      Her views are totally opposite of our great president and she wants him impeached. She would NOT be a good running mate.


  23. islandpalmtrees says:

    Did Attorney General Barr and John Durham bring something home from the Ukraine? I mean to say, what do AG Barr and Prosecutor Durham HAVE since May from Ukraine? Could they have Hillary’s emails, if so then Hillary will likely have larger concerns.

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  24. islandpalmtrees says:

    Did Attorney General Barr and John Durham bring something home from the Ukraine? I mean to say, what do AG Barr and Prosecutor Durham HAVE since May from Ukraine? Could they have Hillary’s emails, if so then Hillary will likely have larger concerns.


  25. With my tinfoil firmly in place… why would tulsi say it’s between you and me now…why not enter the race directly???

    It’s this the Dems plan to allow cankles the opportunity to run after being challenged? Or is tulsi the 3rd Party splitter candidate they are counting on to hopefully defeat President Trump?

    I put nothing past these people!!! Maybe tulsi has been promised Secretary of Defense!

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  26. Magabear says:

    C’mon, Tulsi, you know being a demonrat is the wrong path to be on. Remember, you can’t spell democrat without the word rat. 😉


  27. Mike Robinson says:

    There’s really no concealing it: after a big expensive show of pretending to offer “candidates,” 2020 will be nothing more than an exact carbon copy of 2016, where Hillary Clinton will lose to PDJT again, despite the best election fraud money can buy. There will be no talk of it being a mistake this time when The Democratic Party, Inc. is utterly and completely crushed.

    I have no doubt that it will turn out this way, because this really is the only thing this party is left knowing how to do. Corruption long ago consumed them from within, leaving them a party which truly believes that government exists to further Organized Crime throughout the world on behalf of the tiny handful at the top. (And, as a voter who actually has voted that party before, I think that what they have become is both pathetic and disgusting.)

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    • wondering999 says:

      nice and succinct: “…a party which truly believes that government exists to further Organized Crime throughout the world on behalf of the tiny handful at the top.”


    • Newhere says:

      Here, here.

      And once you see, you can’t unsee. And a lot of people are seeing.


  28. beaujackjangles says:

    Hillary was unable to run as a pretend moderate/centrist like Bill did when he ran. Bernie forced her way too far to the left. She was never a good candidate. She was never desirable, likeable or charismatic, but….it was her turn. She had the money, she had the power and she had the machinery in place that twists arms til they break (or worse). And she would’ve won too if hadn’t been for those meddling Bernie supporters.

    I believe her plan has been to enter the race late using Bill’s fake moderate/centrist playbook. She wants desperately to come to the middle ground rescue contradicting and opposing all of the left wing lunacy that every current democrat candidate has raised a hand for on the stage. Tulsi has beaten Hillary to the punch in much same way Beto beat Corey to the punch by speaking Spanish first. Hillary desperately needs Tulsi to stand down whilst the Clintons are shopping for white horses to ride in on.

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  29. Genie says:

    I heard Tulsi hired some Russian Chipandale guys to urinate on the Scooby Van tires. Now Clinton’s “Baseless Accusation Tour” is delayed while PepBoys installs some new tires.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. It’s also an indication of how the Clinton’s politics of personal destruction is so ingrained, so knee-jerk, that she goes immediately for the jugular when anyone challenges the scheme machine she left in place after 2016. It’s also an indication of how the Media and Madame Pantsuit Von Sociopath are the Janus face of the Democratic party…

    Liked by 5 people

  31. Sun Yat Sen says:

    I question whether Tulsi Gabbard is even eligible to be president. She was born in American Samoa. According to Wikipedia birthright citizenship doesn’t apply on the islands. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable can comment with a better source.


    • Hanuman says:

      Why call it American Samoa then?


      • Sun Yat Sen says:

        From the Wikipedia page (again) it looks like the native Samoans decided on the name in 1911 to resolve a dispute over the naming of a Naval Station. It originally was called United States Naval Station Tutuila. It is still, however, unincorporated. An attempt to incorporate it in 1949 was defeated. This may be part of the answer to why there isn’t a birthright citizenship.

        I know where I live that the land deeds start out with a patent. If you go to the county register of deeds you can see the original patents of each Section of a Township and Range as copied into the books by the county scribner in the 1800’s. However, the only things that are incorporated are Villages and Cities (at least where I live). Maybe it is different for a territory as opposed to a state.

        Again, hopefully someone more knowledgeable will chime in.


  32. Allard Otten says:

    I don’t think Trump voters would flip to Tulsi. 94% favorability on pubs side.

    Tulsi and Jill Stein would pull women voters from Clinton or Warren. Also, a theory is out there that dems used to take votes for 3rd party candidates and put them in the dem column. That was kiboshed in 2016. Proof, they say, is distinct rise in vote totals for 3rd party in 2016. If true, dems do not want any more 3rd party candidates, especially women, thus the attack on both Tulsi and Stein.

    This wasn’t a wild haymaker that Tulsi landed on Clinton, either, this was a straight right to Clinton’s jaw. Tulsi can stand and deliver and whoever she’s delivering for know what they’re doing. Harris, CNN & NY times the other day and now Clinton. Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence and the 3rd time is enemy action.

    Calling out dem’s rot is a major line, here, as I see it. Short term I can see the danger of Tulsi saying F’ it, pulling some moderate house dems with her and going indie or pub. Think of that. I don’t think Tulsi is not hard core impeachment, she’s come out on both sides. If she can peel off enough dems to turn the house pub, all the BS ends and shit gets done. Best way to re-election is to show the country what a team running with a plan looks like so no one would dare wanting to risk screwing it up again.

    Like her or not, this chick can fight. Clinton ran into one and Tulsi knocked her on her ass. This is getting good. Have to keep in mind, too, that Tulsi is active duty Army Reserve and was in tough territory in Iraq or Afghanistan, not a REMF, and met with Trump in Nov. 2016 2 weeks after the election.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Newhere says:

      Tulsi isn’t a threat to Trump. Take it from me — I’m the sort of person y’all might worry would go with Tulsi (I voted Bernie in 2016), and I’m 100% Trump.

      But at the same time — I’m a Tulsi fan, and I think her going gloves-off is great for Trump, and devastating for the democrat party. She’s a crack in the armor. She’s basically validating Trump’s entire critique. Which makes the case for Trump stronger.

      I doubt she’d run third party, but if she did, she wouldn’t siphon potential Trump voters. You have to think of the category of people we’re talking about; she’s not going to get republican never-Trumpers, because they would be never-Gabbard, too, because of their similarities. Never-Trumpers on the right want to vote for someone like Romney or Bloomberg. And the disaffected left either gets Trump, or not; for them it wouldn’t be a question of Gabbard or Trump, it would be Gabbard or staying home. So she might get disaffected lefties who didn’t quite make their way to Trump, but wouldn’t go for The Club candidate either. And it doesn’t hurt Trump if she gets those.

      Those of us formerly on the left who see what Trump is about aint gettin off the Trump train. So on balance, I think Tulsi Unleashed is all upside for Trump. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • doofusdawg says:

        Yep. Tulsi is anti establishment if nothing else. I posted months ago about her possibly joining Trump and got roasted. I think politically she is an opportunist. But she is a huge threat to the democrat party… and the republican party if she could find enough common ground to work with Trump. Personally I am for Tulsi or anybody else giving it to the establishment media and the other sectors of the corrupt political class. Now if she would say something nice about Barr or about the need to return to the rule of law then look out.


    • Former Lurker says:

      Like her or not this chick can fight?

      She was at Camp Anaconda working in the medical field in 2005 about three years after getting elected to the Hawaii state legislature at a remarkably youthful 21 years of age.

      I was an enlisted Jarhead, not Army, so I’m used to Navy Corpsmen, but I think that might mean anything from basebound paper pusher and pill roller to outside the wire on convoy and patrol combat medic.

      The only thing she mentions in the interviews I googled involved the danger of mortar attacks, living in 14 man tents in tent city that were being upgraded to trailer rooms and worrying about others who went out on “missions” that leads me to think she was what I’d categorize as a REMF, and believe me I know because I was a gold plated REMF during my deployment in OIF-1. There is no shame in it. There is a lot of tail to tooth in the military, and it is needed.

      That said, I see a lot of emphasis on her military service as a “combat veteran”, so it would be interesting to find out exactly what her duties were, perhaps from fellow enlisted soldiers who were with her in 2005. The Honolulu advertiser in 2003 says she was going to take an administrative position in a medical command. For most E-4 soldiers, I would assume that means clerking in an office or something like it.

      Her Combat Medical Badge is described by Wikipedia being awarded to medical persons in support of combat units while being engaged by the enemy. It also says “Strict adherence to this requirement and its interpretation (e.g., distant mortar rounds vs. direct small arms fire) will vary by unit.” I couldn’t find any reference to fatalities at Anaconda during 2005, but I’m sure there were mortar attacks. I’m also pretty sure that in a 15 square mile fenced in LSA, most of the REMFs were billeted towards the center for that reason. The range of a US 60mm mortar is two miles, roughly. A less mobile 81mm version has a range of about 3-1/2 miles. If Anaconda got hit by mortar rounds, depending on who dishes out awards, people safe and far inside the base miles away could be eligible. I can also tell you from being a REMF around officers dishing out awards that they can be handed out as resume enhancers.

      The Meritorious Service Medal she was awarded at end of this tour is described on Wikipedia as being a medal typically awarded to senior officers Major and up, senior Warrant officers and NCOs, and “…junior NCOs in pay grades E-6 and below is rare and typically by exception.”

      I’m sure soldiers at more remote and more frequently attacked bases considered Anaconda “in the rear with the gear”, as it had swimming pools, theaters and more of the comforts that we REMFs got in that part of the world. See this page (https://www.waywordradio.org/mortarville/) for former soldiers comparing Anaconda to the original “Mortaritaville”, Logistics Base Seitz.

      She seems very PR oriented for an E-4 GI, taking time on her “vacation to europe” (R&R leave during deployment) to volunteer (contact the Mayor of London) to sign the book of condolences on behalf of Hawaii for the London attack, in civvies, and send an article about it back to the hometown paper. It’s featured on her Wiki page.

      She got a commision going through a 57 day “accelerated OCS” course after getting on a US Senator’s staff. After that she deployed again, commanded a MP unit in Kuwait, and helped train Kuwaiti national guard. Again, honorable and completely laudable service, but hardly combat.

      I’ll leave it to those who know the difference between combat vets who have seen battle at the sharp end and us honorable but incomparably safer REMFs who were merely in combat zones to decide if she is beating the drum a little loudly on the combat vet thing.


  33. redthunder238 says:

    While I completely disagree with her politics I would split Tulsi like a well aged piece of Oak.

    Liked by 1 person

  34. Jennifer Verner says:

    Tulsi needs to take a cue from
    POTUS and sue the crap out of cankles.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. Zorro says:

    It’s pretty clear to me that sooner or later there is going to be a physical altercation in our political circus. Who are the likely first participants to square off?

    1) Gabbard vs. Clinton
    2) Nunes vs. Schiff
    3) Pelosi vs. Any Squad Member
    4) Collins vs. Nadler
    5) Rosie vs. McCabe
    6) Strzok vs. Page
    7) Trump vs. Acosta
    8) ?


  36. KAR says:

    A pure pleasure to see Gabbard tear Hillary apart! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  37. WES says:

    I have to believe that Hillary still has 100% control of the DNC. In 2016 all donations to the DNC went directly to Hillary. She then dolled out the money to the DNC as she saw fit. I haven’t seen anything that suggests anything has changed. The DNC is Hillary.

    Health wise Hillary doesn’t have the energy to run in the primaries so she has hired a bunch of Dem hacks to put on a good show.

    Unlike SD, I think Hillary still wants to be the DNC’s 2020 candidate. Let us hope she fines a new way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!

    You have to admit she is very good at screwing things up!

    After all poor Bill has to look elsewhere!

    One thing for sure, Hillary will never say “sorry”.

    Liked by 1 person

  38. bessie2003 says:

    Very glad to see that she will not be entering the 2020 race.
    She did it to herself, pulled that “vast (__fill-in-the-blank__) conspiracy” trope one too many times.

    First it was just a vast conspiracy of Bill’s victims.
    then it was the vast right wing conspiracy
    then it was the basket of deplorables
    and now it’s a vast Russian conspiracy?

    It’s still amazing how people couldn’t see her evil back then when she accused her husband’s victims as being the ones in the wrong. Thank goodness she pulled that out of the hat one too many times,

    Would never vote for or support a Gabbard candidacy as she has too many weaknesses for such an important job, but hoping this soldier stands her ground and is the one that finally puts an end to that evilness getting away with it for so long.

    Liked by 1 person

  39. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    I’m staying out of politics where pretty female candidates are running.

    However, Eleanor has a girl-crush on a lady from Hawaii.


  40. Tim says:

    Hillary just made a mistake, that anyone could make. to clarify
    this is a US Congresswoman, Tulsi Gabbard

    and this is an actual Russian Spy. Anna Chapman. Her network was spying on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. So naturally Clinton let the whole network go back to Russian. No trial.


  41. americalsgt says:

    Mixed emotions. Despise the drunkard Hillary, but don’t trust Tulsi one iota.

    Liked by 2 people

  42. islandpalmtrees says:

    I would just love to see Hillary Clinton prosecuted for one of the one-hundred things she has done much less, continue to make these remarks.

    “The State Department completed an internal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server system and cited 38 people for violations, and some may face disciplinary action.”

    Will disciplinary action will ever take place for current and past members of the DOJ, State Department and the FBI? No matter how guilty.

    Liked by 1 person

  43. JoeMeek says:

    Clearly, Hillary is going to need a bigger belfry to hold all her bats.

    Liked by 1 person

  44. Summer says:

    Stop promoting Gabbard already, folks. I am really getting tired of reading how great Tulsi is and how Trump should hire her blah blah blah.
    She is a foul-mouthed Leftist from the Uber-leftist state of Hawaii who called Trump “Putin’s bitch” and she is NOT on your side. She stands for everything we are against — from socialized medicine to gun grabbing to late term abortion.
    Been saying that for many months.

    I am glad I am not the only one.

    Liked by 3 people

  45. davidberetta says:

    One wonders why this animal (Hillary Clinton), who has been previously loaded into vans and handled as a sack of meat, could ever be back on the “stage”.

    This Hillary Clinton is a loser…twice. I wish she would GO AWAY!!!!!


  46. dd_sc says:

    Clinton joining in the narrative against anyone wanting to end endless wars and regime change foreign policy. Remember that toppling Assad is part of the Clinton-Obama Arab Spring.

    Also a bit of payback for Rep. Gabbard calling bs on the DNC rigged 2016 primary debate schedule.

    Liked by 1 person

  47. I won't back down says:

    D) insane enough to do it anyway

    Truly putting bvb the beast in hildabeast


  48. lieutenantm says:

    goodbyyyyyyyye democrats


  49. ezgoer says:

    Hillary is trying to give Tulsi a boost. She will take votes away from Biden not Warren who is the candidate Hillary is backing.


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