Ridiculous Shift – Adam Schiff No Longer Requires CIA Gossip for Impeachment Testimony…

Well, this was entirely predictable.  First the impeachment strategy needed the anonymous CIA gossiper to testify.  Then it leaked about how HPSCI Chairman Adam Shiff and his Lawfare staff actually created the “gossiper’s” silly third-hand complaint to an inspector general; who then changed ‘gossip’ rules to allow second and third-hand hearsay.

It was all becoming more brutally sketchy, and the impeachment jenga blocks were tenuous at best.  As a result, republicans were going to inquire about how the CIA gossiper constructed his complaint; and then the complaint attorney’s started saying the gossiper would not appear in person, but rather write more complaint letters instead of testifying.

The shift from sketchy testimony to “Dear Sir” letters was ridiculous in the extreme. So what happens next?  Well, this is predictable…. Chairman Adam Schiff now says there will likely be no gossiper testimony because now he doesn’t need it.  [@4:52 video]

[Transcript]  REP. SCHIFF: You know and I think initially, before the president started threatening the whistleblower, threatening others calling them traitors and spies and suggesting that you know we used to give the death penalty to traitors and spies and maybe we should think about that again. Yes we were interested in having the whistleblower come forward. Our primary–


REP. SCHIFF: Well our primary interest right now is making sure that that person is protected. Indeed, now there’s more than one whistleblower, that they are protected. And given that we already have the call record, we don’t need the whistleblower who wasn’t on the call to tell us what took place during the call. We have the best evidence of that. We do want to make sure that we identify other evidence that is pertinent to the withholding of the military support, the effort to cover this up by hiding this in a classified computer system. We want to make sure that we uncover the full details about the conditionality of either the military aid or that meeting with Ukraine’s president. It may not be necessary to take steps that might reveal the whistleblower’s identity to do that. And we’re going to make sure we protect that whistleblower.

MARGARET BRENNAN: You know who was on that July 25th call? You know all the participants?

REP. SCHIFF: I can’t say that I do. But we now know what took place on that call. We are bringing in witnesses this coming week from the National Security Council, other State Department officials, to find out what they can tell us about the conditionality of this vital military assistance to an ally. The conditionality of this vital meeting between the two presidents and the president’s effort to dig up dirt on his opponent.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Quickly, do you regret saying that we, the committee, weren’t in touch with the whistleblower?

REP. SCHIFF: I should have been much more clear and I said so the minute it was brought to my attention that I was referring to the fact that when the whistleblower filed the complaint, we had not heard from the whistleblower. We wanted to bring the whistleblower in at that time. But I should’ve been much more clear about that. (read more)

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188 Responses to Ridiculous Shift – Adam Schiff No Longer Requires CIA Gossip for Impeachment Testimony…

  1. Freepetta says:

    Schiff4brains needs to be sued for defamation and perjury!! Guantanamo would be good for ole bug eyed 👁 Schiffty.

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  2. davidberetta says:

    It’s rather Telling that this animal (Adam Shittfs), represents Hollywood. An Animal representing degenerates who pretend in life. Think about that notion.

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  3. alliwantissometruth says:

    There can’t possibly be people stupid enough to believe this absolute nonsense….

    Oh wait, democrat voters. Never mind

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    • tucker7518 says:

      Read some of the comments on “The Hill”. Dems believe this propaganda.

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    • ALEX says:

      This really is a form form of derangement at this point. The alcoholic who rips on the other drunks at the bar. It’s a circular firing squad and they can’t see it…or won’t.

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    • need24give says:

      Our democrat brothers and sisters are only reacting to what their TV is feeding them, have pity on them. May WE use our knowledge to ease and comfort them as their controllers are exposed.

      Happy Sunday!


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      • ALEX says:

        Indeed. I laugh so much I almost feel bad for those taking this serious. Shep Smith drove himself to near suicide and Don Lemon has aged twenty years….The President looks better than ever and keeps on winning.

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      • alliwantissometruth says:

        need24, I’m afraid exposing the truth will have no effect

        Feeble minded and weak willed to begin with, the quintessential democrat voter has undergone years of mind manipulation and brainwashing, first in our leftist indoctrination centers we call “schools”, and afterward by political operatives posing as journalists

        Their critical thinking skills have been replaced with an almost zombie like mindset of absolute obedience to a self destructive narrative posing as ideology

        They’re simply too far gone to suddenly snap out of it

        Our only hope is their children will rebel against their insane altruism and turn around before they head off the cliff with them

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        • need24give says:

          I understand the bleak outlook you shared. WE all have been awakened at some point. There was a period of shock and disbelief that ensued, yet WE came through. It may take longer for these lost souls, I keep hope in my heart they see the light.


        • the5thranchhand says:

          ……….actually, they need to give up ‘critical’ thinking and get back to logical or common sense thinking! Logical and common sense thinking has been around for eons.


      • mopar2016 says:

        But Bagdad Bob told us there’s no media bias.

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      • NYMinuteman says:

        This is the crux of the problem in their country right now. My friends and family refuse to watch even Fox NEWS (not the opinion shows) and they get their information from CNN, MSNBC, The NY Times and the WaPo. They think this is a DIVERSE set of sources. No matter what I show them, no matter how many times I give them clear evidence of the bias partial reporting, no matter if I show them the AMAZING things going on (like the 2017 and 2018 FISA Court decisions ripping the FBI and IC for their abuse of the 702 protocols with ILLEGAL searches) that are not even reported in the MSM — they have been brainwashed and deceived by the media. It is incredibly disheartening to see otherwise intelligent people believe that MSNBC is a NEWS channel. One friend, a DOS lawyer Deployed overseas, sends me clips from MSNBC and late night COMEDIANS and TALK SHOW HOSTS with titles like “The Truth” and “The Walls are Closing In”! He actually believes this trash. When I send him the impeccably researched work of Solomon and Fitton, he scoffs at it or just won’t read it. Liberals no longer want to know the truth. Their Stalinist impulses are emerging.

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        • uvaldegirl says:

          Dems are so blindly ignorant. I blame the media for this. Very disappointed in how biased they are and this


        • need24give says:

          We all experience this strange phenomenon, daily. Luckily, President Trump has staged things perfectly.

          FISA brings down the house.

          Their world is about to be rocked.

          To the core!

          Kid gloves, they’ll require.



  4. TeaForAll says:

    The lies keep coming, Schiff is CYA mode, I want to see him in handcuffs.

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  5. John Davis says:

    Queue up the circus music and send in the clowns. Assuming the clowns do in fact exist.

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  6. littleanniefannie says:

    He changes stories more often than a toilet-training toddler changes underwear.
    Please, give those schiffy drawers a break Adam. You need to make a massive withdrawal at a creditability ATM. You have
    ,b>zero in your account now!!

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  7. billybob says:

    What more to be said


  8. ALEX says:


    Both Presidents deny what this utter moron is alleging. So now comes testimony from the nevertrump resistance to tell us what they really meant. All done in secret. Sure thing .

    Clown World

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  9. Elric VIII says:

    Schiff is beyond the pale. He needs to be given a big dose of reality.

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  10. I never thought there was an actual person that was the “whistle blower” – looking more & more like I’m right.

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    • Coast says:

      You might be right. Regardless, I want to know everything as to who it is or all the players involved. Sounds like they want this “complaint” to go back into the shadows. It should not happen.

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    • A2 says:


      A2 says:
      October 10, 2019 at 11:12 pm
      The President said at the rally, make a t-shirt with the slogan, ‘where’s Hunter’. Change that to “where’s the whistleblower”.

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    • repsort says:

      looks like a total cia op from the start.

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    • the5thranchhand says:

      You are exactly right SkinnyWrapSue!


    • The Boss says:

      It’s “The Whistleblower Who Never Was”. Based on a WW2 intel deception using a corpse dressed as a British Military officer with “plans” for an invasion of Sardinia handcuffed to his wrist. The body washed ashore and the Nazis found it, and were faked out. Made into a movie “The Man Who Never Was”.


    • donna kovacevic says:

      My husband a Canadian as well, that does not follow american politics much, but listens to what I tell him reading Sundance, said as soon as the WB govna came out “There is no WB they made it up” right he was. Thanks to Sundance hubby is getting educated as well. Nancy we call fancy pants nut job and people know who she is.

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  11. Thomas Pritchard says:

    I know this doesn’t add any significant talking point. But?
    Why do I think of Andy Kaufman’s character on taxi, Latka. When I see schiffyface.
    Only. Latka was way smarter.

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  12. David says:

    The transcript of the call between Trump and Ukraine was the only evidence and Schiff lied about its content. Once again, Donald Trump is the only one telling the truth. Just like last time.

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  13. sunnyflower5 says:

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  14. Raptors2020 says:

    The House Republicans should now take the block position that there is no whistleblower, there never was a whistleblower. Period. It was all Schiff and only Schiff, from the beginning. Force them to produce somebody. Anybody. The Democrats promised a mountain. They will produce a molehill. At best.

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  15. David says:

    The only evidence is the transcript of the call and Schiff lied about the content of that. Once again, Donald Trump is the only person telling the truth, just like last time when Schiff lied about having evidence of collusion.

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  16. SmilinJackAbbott says:

    Schiff, his staff, and the “whistleblower” were passing around classified intel before any complaint was made and are felons. Exposure or cross-examination of the “whistleblower” must be stopped at any cost to protect them from collective prosecution. The phony “whistleblower” complaint was a post facto attempt to legalize criminal leaks.

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  17. All Too Much says:

    A word and a crime.
    Who knew?


  18. howardrichman says:

    Even if there were the quid-pro-quo that Schiff alleges, Trump was defending the constitution, not violating it. See my son Jesse’s commentary in today’s American Thinker. He begins:

    “Even if we assume the worst, Trump did nothing wrong in Ukraine, and nothing more than his duty. Applying pressure on Ukraine to investigate whether a past vice president of the United States engaged in a corrupt bargain that that would potentially have been an impeachable offense is the constitutional duty of anyone who has sworn to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States.”


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  19. andy says:

    we were saying this all along. The transcript speaks for itself.
    Doesnt matter how the whistle blower found out.
    its just the nature of the allegations that allow us to refer directly to the transcript.


  20. Little Berkeley Conservative says:

    Tape a tiny copy of schiff for brains to the writing end of a number two pencil.

    Gaze at his ugliness.

    Insert into pencil sharpener.


    You can also leave the pencil schiffs at antifa hangouts around town too.

    I hope they revive public hangings for convicted traitors! I’d camp out for weeks when pencil neck is found guilty of sedition and treason.


  21. pucecatt says:

    They got Nothing,Nada, zilch .. friggin nut jobs .. TRUMP 2020🇺🇸

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  22. Thurston says:

    The Republicans need to make the point very clearly that the Dems are calling the duly elected president of Ukraine a liar. Furthermore, if Zelensky is covering for Trump’s alleged corruption, then the Dems are also calling Zelensky corrupt and a fraud. See how well that plays.

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  23. Ellis says:

    Stick a fork in this faux impeachment. More and more I am convinced Trump played Schiff who then duped Pelosi. A “perfect” phone call indeed!

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    • Raptors2020 says:

      They just can’t get past their monolithic contempt for our President Trump. They continue to wait, like a child waits for Santa Claus, for Trump to make that huge mistake that they can employ to destroy him; and they’re sure that mistake will come because of their contempt. It’s that faulty and circular reasoning that justifies their hate and their unceasing blunders.


  24. jean0404 says:

    This, to my mind, is the face of mental illness. I don’t know whether to pity the man, or be afraid. Afraid, you ask? Yes, I’m afraid that his ‘constituents’ are probably as whacked out in the head as he appears to be.

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  25. Ned Zeppelin says:

    I think this impeachment “proceeding” is dead man walking. I have emailed my now Democrat congress critter, first time in office, to save her career and stay away from impeachment, “if Act Blue – who paid for her campaign – will let her.”


  26. Little Berkeley Conservative says:

    Adam please stop, I can’t breathe!


  27. cantcforest says:

    Talk to me about insurrection, insubordination, sedition, and treason. These are all reasons for PDJT to empty DC. But there are so many poor souls/sarc
    I support Barr and Durham getting all the info to support indictments and trials, but I think it’s time to face the reality that there are so many deep staters involved who aren’t turning over requested documents, slow-walking every order that PDJT issues that the time is nigh when a very large group is just disconnected from DC and sent to GITMO or Nome. How many US Marshals are available?


  28. Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

    I’m not a violent person, but when it comes to Schiff…..THROAT PUNCH.

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  29. The shift from sketchy testimony to “Dear Sir” letters was ridiculous in the extreme.

    It’s worse than that. Adam Schiff held a press conference on Sept 26th and released an August 12th LETTER from the Whistleblower, ADDRESSED to Adam Schiff at HPSCI.

    August 12, 2019
    The Honorable Adam Schiff – Chairman – Permanent Select Committee On Intelligence – United States House of Representatives.
    Dear … Chairman Schiff

    (Page 1) • I was not: a direct witness to most of the events described…

    To make matters worse, Schiff INCLUDED the Top-Secret information that had been leaked to him (with some redactions).

    (Page 2) To the best of my knowledge, the entirety of this statement is unclassified when separated from the classified enclosure. I have endeavored to apply the classification standards outlined in Executive Order (EO) 13526: and to separate out information that I know or have reason to believe is classified for national security purposes. n1
    (Page 8) Enclosure – Classified Appendix.

    Who believes that a White House CIA agent who worked with VP Joe Biden, was assigned by Brennan to keep tabs on Trump, and was represented by the top CIA-linked Whistleblower law firm, still couldn’t address a letter correctly?

    A Dear Chairman Schiff letter IS NOT the same as a Dear ICIG Robert Atkinson Complaint and Urgent-Concern-Form ?

    Schiff’s position (the letter addressed to ME wasn’t to ME. is literally, unbelievable.

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  30. Tseg says:

    I can only explain this by thinking Schiff has some creepy venereal disease that is eating up his brain and he really does not know what he is doing due to lack of grey matter.


  31. This is so wrong……..if I ever see this blow hole on the street I’m kicking him right in the teeth!!!😠😠😠

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  32. Magabear says:

    Only in 2019 America can a con man like Schiff even be taken seriously. The average used car salesman is more believable than that piece of Schiff.

    We have the phone call and the full transcript. Nothing illegal was said. This is all complete bullSchiff.

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  33. Ausonius says:

    Note the nearly constant Subjunctive Mood throughout Schiffty’s babble: “,,,may…might…should have…ought to…”.

    The Subjunctive Mood does not deal with reality, only with possible presents, pasts, or futures.

    How appropriate for lying, fantasy schemes to impeach the president! How far can DEMS fall?

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  34. JoeMeek says:

    “who then changed ‘gossip’ rules to allow second and third-hand hearsay.”

    Second and third-hand hearsay is the stuff of the Inquisitions of the Dark Ages, the Salem Witch Trials and KKK Lynch Mobs. This is as regressive and illiberal as it gets.

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      There no anonymous witnesses in the Salem Witch Trials. The accused did confront their accusers, even if the accusers’ lies and hysterics were believed. These are tactics from the Great Purge of 1938 in the Soviet Union.

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  35. chickenhawk says:

    During the early 21st century (2019), in the long embattled history of the USA (United States of America), patriotic members of the Republican party seized control of the reins of government and thwarted a seditious band of “deep state” (corrupt bureaucracy) actors attempting a soft coup. Many of the bad actors were rounded up and sent offshore to a special detention center known as Gitmo (Guantanamo Bay Naval Base). After lengthy investigations, interviews and interrogations, members of this rogue element of government were sentenced and imprisoned, according to the laws of the nation at that time. Though not a complete list, because of the many and varied state actors, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff, Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler, former CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) Director John Brennan, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former Director of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) James Comey, . . . . . .


  36. mtndesert says:

    Reading the transcript is torture. It is the typical vernacular of a lib. Sounds like Obama, Farkas, fill in blank or take your pick. Never wanting to own what they say by deflecting with,..”I think , I think that, that, they, than that, I can’t say that, that I was, at that time.” Typical lib phrase..”I think that” and “that” not in any particular order.


  37. sunnyflower5 says:

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  38. donny2837 says:

    What a day!!! Thank you Sundance.


  39. pristach says:

    Schiff is who we said he was. But Brennan’s performance here is spectacularly corrupt.

    Really this is utterly mendacious.

    I wish Stephen Miller would appear on this show to eviscerate her.


  40. California Joe says:

    The WB doesn’t want to testify under oath with Barr and Durham hot on the case! He knows that there are consequences to false testimony under oath.

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  41. Disgusted says:

    I doubt such a person “the whistleblower” ever existed. These people are completely capable of creating what they need to back up each fantasy they float by the media and their liberal followers.

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  42. icanhasbailout says:

    ok well now we’re down to rogue elements of the legislature unlawfully interfering in the execution of executive branch duties

    It’s time to arrest Schiff for this fraud perpetrated on the American people. This has gone on long enough.

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  43. Heika says:

    ok so what is going to be done about this farce to stop it immediately and hold the fraudsters to account? Where is the ‘law’? Where is the head of ‘the law’? Oh right… busy making more crap up and trying to arrest those uncovering it (like Giuliani).

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  44. joeknuckles says:

    It is obvious that Schiff takes great pleasure in telling outrageous lies. You can tell by his facial expressions when he does so. The same goes for ill-hen Omar (that is one sick chick).

    Nancy Pelosi chews her cud a little more vigorously the bigger the lie she’s telling at the time.

    Joe Biden moves his lips when he’s lying. Same with Obama.

    Comey, Clapper, McCabe, Brennan and their ilk are more accomplished liars and maybeven mix in some truths to confuse people, so we just have to disregard anything they say.

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  45. Terra says:

    I would like to refresh everyone’s memory…Trump at the beginning of August had ordered audits of foreign aide…ALL FOREIGN AIDE WAPOreported it on the 6th of August…NY times on the 7th!!! A week before the complaint. And 6 months after the Ukraine had already reopened the Burisma investigation…and were vowing to go over all past corruption investigations! The javelins mentioned in Trumps call…weren’t aide! They were purchases of weapons…a second order! Zero to do with aide!

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  46. Brian Baker says:

    At what point during this charade do the Democrats call for a secret ballot to vote on impeachment, in order to “protect” the members of Congress?


  47. Mark W says:

    Stand Up to the Coup! Mueller Perjury EXPOSED? NEW Judicial Watch Lawsuits on Biden-Ukraine-China Scandal; JW Battles Hillary Clinton in Court to Question Her On Emails AND Benghazi.


  48. jx says:

    We need the identity of the so called whistleblower. We need to know about any leakers.

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