The Last Desperate Effort to Protect “The Chosen One” Will Likely Fail (Perhaps by Design)…

Jonathan Turley asks a question today about why the media will not allow any discussion of Joe Biden’s obviously corrupt Achilles heel to be discussed.

Within his article Turley cites examples of CNN, NBC, MSNBC and a host of other mainstream news outlets that will not allow any discussion of Joe Biden’s transparently visible weakness.  He ponders ‘why’?

[…] When Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.) raised the issue on CNN, host Erin Burnett cut him off: “There is no evidence of Joe Biden doing anything wrong, and this is something that has been looked into, and I think — I want to make a point here — I think what we need to talk about right now is what did the president right now do or not do.” Other CNN hosts have repeated the line of “no evidence of wrongdoing” like a virtual incantation.

[…] For news shows on MSNBC, CNN and other cable networks, nothing is more disgusting than the mention of what Hunter Biden actually was doing in Ukraine.

[…] Joe Biden has insisted he never spoke with his son about his foreign dealings — an incredible but categorical statement. The then-vice president flew with his son on Air Force Two on an official trip to China but suggests they never discussed his son’s deal seeking $1.5 billion in investments with the state-backed Bank of China. During the trip, Hunter reportedly introduced his father to Chinese private equity executive Jonathan Li, who was part of that deal. Yet Biden insists he was never told of any business linkage or dealings.  (read more)

Perhaps here’s “why”…

Long time CTH readers will have references to hundreds of examples of the UniParty at work.  The basic elements about HOW money interacts with politics and who really controls the seats of power in DC has been discussed exhaustively.

The Big Club, is a myriad of financial interests who manipulate politics for personal power, wealth and influence.  Wall Street multinational corporations, meaning those who rely upon the constructs of corrupted ‘globalism’, make up about 75% of the overall manipulative influence over U.S. trade, financial and political policy.

National corporations, those who gain through the growth of Main Street USA, only hold about 25% of the financial influence in politics; they are vastly outgunned.  The power shift diminishing nationalism toward globalism happened over a period of 30 years +/-.

The purchased priorities of modern Democrats, that is the selling out of Main Street USA in favor of a “service driven economy”, have traditionally been aligned with the U.S. multinationals.  Wall Street’s global elite support democrats because it’s the money that matters.

To the extent that democrats have ultra-left-wing social policies the Wall Street crowd doesn’t really care.  That stuff doesn’t effect them; they can purchase ways around the nuttery and build walls around their houses etc.  It is always the money that matters to those at the head of the political table.  President Trump is the common enemy because he is weakening the multinational wealth model in favor of Main Street USA.

So, when it comes to democrat candidates, specifically the “chosen one” to represent the interests of the DNC Wall Street alignment, as we discussed back in 2017:

[…] The DNC party apparatus (donors and influence agents) will select the candidate. Then they will construct the road-map to the nomination using blockers, controlled opposition, dark horse candidates and splitters to carefully guide that chosen candidate to victory.

All-the-while the ‘others’ will be gathering the needed data to support the “chosen one”. The Democrat electorate will be oblivious to it.

The national party apparatus coordinates with the state party machines. Everything is always top down, timed, mapped out and planned by design. This doesn’t mean the downstream state party individuals need to know the specifics, because they don’t.

Back to Joe Biden.

Biden is currently “The Chosen One”.  That is to say Biden is the candidate chosen by the global power elite to protect their financial interests.  That is the answer to Johnathan Turley’s question.  That is why the U.S. corporate media, part of the system that protects the interests of the Big Club, will not allow discussion of Biden’s obvious Achilles heel.

The Big Club selected Joe Biden.  They go all-in on any of their selections, and they are going to help him regardless of how stupid they look doing it.  However, if Biden can’t deliver a win (and it looks increasingly like Biden will fail)…. well, the Club will cut him off and replace with another “chosen one”.  That’s why some people believe Hillary Clinton might re-emerge.

It is possible, but unlikely.

The Clintons are tenured club members; they might be able to lobby the members for another effort.  However, it would take an overwhelming amount of DNC Club hubris and confidence to support a Clinton -vs- Trump 2.0.

However, there is a more likely argument to be made that Biden’s failure was planned.  Coordinated by members who planned to push the Moonbattery of their useful idiots (their base) to the furthest reaches of left-wing policy; thereby creating a void that none of the current candidates could ever fill.

If that Machiavellian scheme is correct, and I wouldn’t put it past the DNC/Club to create such a design, into this DNC/Club created void another “chosen one” would be inserted at the opportune moment.  This basic premise is a modification of the Democrat’s favorite rule book: (1) manufacture a crisis; and then (2) don’t let the crisis go to waste.

Regardless of all else, if the Money Managers behind the DNC Club don’t think Joe Biden can deliver, he will be replaced.

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388 Responses to The Last Desperate Effort to Protect “The Chosen One” Will Likely Fail (Perhaps by Design)…

  1. Retired IG says:

    The Uniparty must surely be weeping and gnashing their teeth down to their nubs these days. Just where is my mouth guard? OMG, our dearly beloved candidate, Joe B and his family are being exposed for the Crooks and Liars they are. And OMG, I might be the next one exposed for all of the dishonest deals I’ve made millions or billions from my in time in office. I can only wish these thoughts were even perambulating in the minds and spirits of those who know they are GUILTY.
    For myself , I find great joy in watching and reading President Trump speak his mind about all of the machinations being concocted in an attempt to bring him down to “their level.”
    Jealously it seems. President Trump, made his billions before he came into his sacred office. And his detractors in the UNIPARTY just can’t stand that our President is a self made, successful, once bankrupt person who pulled himself up from his bootstraps to be where he is now.
    Have no qualms with aspirations of the Dems to take his office. I see them as the fools that they are. Just a bunch of wanna be’s. who are like a bunch of bad lighters who just don’t strike a spark.

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    • jeff montanye says:

      i voted for trump but calling him a self-made man is not entirely true. he is a self-made president to a considerable degree, and should be admired for that, but he inherited a lot a money from his father and, arguably, could have been about as rich if he had invested it into stock index funds at the time he got it. of course he wouldn’t have been the public figure he has since become so there, apparently, was much wisdom in what appeared madness (multiple corporate bankruptcies, an odd pastiche of gambling casinos, beauty contests and reality television, etc.).


      • railer says:

        Trump’s a builder. That’s not arguable, and it’s not madness. It involves building something, not manipulating spreadsheets. You have to produce a product. You have to build.

        That’s what separates him. When he talks about his father sending him to jobsites to work with the tradesmen and build, he’s talking about building, not moneychanging. It’s the same thing Trump did with his children. They put on hardhats, pulled out engineering drawings and went to work. They built.

        That’s what separates him from the Uniparty and Big Club. He’s produced something. They’ve produced nothing but illicit gains and power for themselves.

        That’s his secret, and it ain’t no secret to the common man, who does this very thing.

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      • imkittymyers says:

        You really know very little about President Trump.

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        • Billy Two Knives says:

          I know enough about Trump to vote for him for President a second time.

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        • NC Patriot says:

          I know that in NY he was called ” the blue collar billionaire ” because he went to construction sites and got along better with the hard hats and cabbies than he did with the “upper crust elites” But he did go to their parties——-not drinking—-and learned a whole lot of stuff about a whole lot of people.

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      • usmclt says:

        I could be very wrong, but I suspect that Donald Trump, in creating his rich guy brand, has instead created a parody of a rich guy. And then he uses, quite effectively, this almost comical rich guy character as a shield to protect who he really is, the softer side of Trump if you will. Clever guy, our President.

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        • skaebne says:

          You mean like the Dark Knight?


        • NC Patriot says:

          And if you watched the talk in the WH where he FIRST told the story about writing the letters, greeting the fallen at Dover and giving the Purple Hearts——-you really saw the deeply soft side. He made me cry ! (He used his low,soft, slow “indoor voice”) 🙂

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      • bodieisland says:

        Do you have money in the stock market? Savings accounts pay $0.01% if you are lucky. I had a measly $150,000.00 and lost 1/2 of that in 2007/2008 when the market crashed. You don’t earn money by putting a million dollars into a bank account, and you still need money to live. He was given that million and is worth BILLIONS. His kids are worth millions but they too earned it. “Talking points”

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      • E, ROBOT says:

        Not so about the inheritance.


      • Jeff Montanye – most of us have moved on so far from the “Trump was given his wealth” that frankly I don’t remember every detail. HOWEVER, my recollection of the story is that the father gave Donald either one or two million dollars to go into business. I hope you understand the relation of a million to a billion. This would be like my giving you a one or two thousand dollars and you making it into one or two million. 1. That’s a pretty good return, 2. I imagine it takes a million dollars to buy a McDonald’s or other major franchise.
        Many, many millions to finance even small buildings. But the “daddy gave him his money” will always be one of the favorite canards of the Never-Trumpers who simply don’t support the things Trump supports but don’t have the brass to come out and SAY it.

        Fred Smith, Founder and CEO of FedEx, was given one million dollars by his father to start his business. His father owned a bus company. FedEx annual revenue is upwards of 40 billion dollars annually. The problem of those who say, “Daddy gave Trump his money” is 1) envy-inspired, 2) a lack of understanding of freedom/capitalism, and 3) a hatred of both.

        Footnote to readers: get your assets somewhere that people like this can’t get them, because they are the ones who wish for government to confiscate inherited 100% of what we know as inherited wealth. (EXCEPT on THEM. You know, the ELITES who complain that someone gave Trump money but who’ve made fortunes in the Deep State.) You know, level playing field, and all.

        Thanks for weighing in, Bernie.

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        • NC Patriot says:

          He also says he paid his Dad back the initial investment. And watching him work for us “for free” can anyone doubt how hard hw worked to obtain his fortune?

          And he is losing money being president because his sons run the existing business but pledged NOT to take on any NEW ventures in foreigh countries while Dad is in office.
          Think of all that missed revenue.


      • PBR says:

        You miss the fact that his mother was the brains and energy behind the family fortune and Donald helped his dad make that money before he went on his own, so I would argue your point.

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    • Jaye says:

      CalPers – the mega-billion dollar California public employee pension fund – the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund just reported they are now heavily invested in China and the new CIO is a former Chinese citizen.

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      • Nordic Breed says:

        I wonder if California will expect the rest of the nation to bail them out when China really tanks. Chicoms are crooks and eventually things will blow up in their faces. Not to mention all the other stupid things the California politicians are up to. Proper land management would have prevented the need for the electric grid shut offs.

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      • Victoryman says:

        I wonder if Feinstein’s 20 year spy/adviser is involved here? After all, after he was “Terminated” he suddenly had a cushy job in California government as a gift if he kept quiet. Let’s investigate Feinstein (And her husband) and the cushy business deals they made with China. Quid pro quo? Did she give the Chinese “Sensitive information” through her “Employee” in return for multi million dollar contracts?


  2. Herbert Kroll says:

    Whoever will win the primary, he or she will be running along with the Four Amazones of the Apocalyps…

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  3. Republicanvet91 says:

    “Within his article Turley cites examples of CNN, NBC, MSNBC and a host of other mainstream news outlets that will not allow any discussion of Joe Biden’s transparently visible weakness. ”

    I don’t disagree Biden was the chosen one, but I suspect there is more than just that reason the media refuse to report his corruption today.

    Biden’s corruption was reported at least since 2015, but the media yawned and never brought it up to any degree that it kept Biden from entering the race, and pushed to the front.
    The media did not know Trump had been digging into Ukraine for some time, but the rumorblower spilled the beans on the chosen one being exposed.
    The media picked up on Congress harrumphing loudly about Trump and his call to Ukraine, and just played along. I think the media knows how corrupt Biden is, but if they report on that now, it shows Schiff and Pelosi and many others have pushed a sham impeachment with no basis.

    Their whole house of cards crashes if the media reports honestly on Biden’s corruption now. There was a short window they could have, but Schiff and Pelosi have gone too far for that. If the media reports honestly now, Pelosi, Schiff, Cummings, Engel and any of the leftists demanding impeachment look pretty stupid.

    In my opinion, Pelosi pulled the impeachment trigger too fast, and now they are all stuck with it. They have to carry forward. If Biden withers on the vine, no big deal, they just push another chosen one forward. They can’t have Biden just booted out now that they are impeaching Trump because it will show they ignored his corruption, which is exactly what Trump is investigating, which makes their impeachment a sham.

    It also suggests they have nobody else they think could beat Trump.

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    • jeff montanye says:

      imo elizabeth warren, the fake cherokee, is a more substantial threat to trump than ol’ gropey.


    • chipin8511 says:

      The Donald is coming for all them Pee=Losi will be next and her corrupt family…He will expose them one by one ..He will send a message to Republicans in the SENATE impeach me and I will annihilate you and your corrupt ways..Uni-party the Big Club

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      • Jederman says:

        “The Donald is coming for all them Pee=Losi will be next and her corrupt family… .”

        He may indeed do that but it would be a temporary fix (if he succeeded). In theory, they’re low hanging fruit, the errand boys, and girls, bought and paid for.

        I concur with the gist of this article, it’s about the money. Wall street has it. Let’s connect those dots, if we dare. Let’s get those facts out there, no matter who is named and who is being paid by whom.

        It would be satisfying to see the entire rotten dem leadership crushed for their anti-American behavior, but it would only be a “bump in the road” (to quote the most anti-America of them all).

        In fact, I’ll go so far to say that now that this hornets nest has been kicked, PT must see it through to the extent possible before he leaves office in 2024. The globalist will still be around, buying and selling pols (with a vengeance) for the next election if he doesn’t.

        A good start, as usual, is to start naming names and who they’re connected to.


  4. spoogels says:

    We’re in a permanent Coup
    An honest leftie. He gets it! The deep state coup.

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    • Child of Morning says:

      Thank you spoofers for this link.Very much worth it he read. Read the comments too. Examples of Lefties unable to drop their disdain for PDJT, but who are not able to deny what they are seeing…a corrupt MSM, IC and LE asserting their will over the people of this country.

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    • NC Patriot says:

      The article also underestimates POTUS. He will use the rule of law to uphold the Constitution————and will not use Military to protect it unless the loonie left gets way out of control.


  5. American Heritage says:

    If the international oligarchy is the real power in American politics, how do we the people get back the country the Democrats sold to them?

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  6. Dutchman says:

    I think there is another reason why Biden was the ‘chosen one’.

    There ARE pragmatists, in the Uniparty or Dem hiearchy, who realise that despite their scewed polls, the TDS and moonbatty-ness has lost them a great many, perhaps a majority of their moderate base.

    The Dems traditional playbook is for the ‘chosen one’ to appear to be ‘pulled to the left’, during the primary, and then to ‘tack center’ during the general.

    They looked around, and realised they only had,ONE candidate who could pull that off; Sleepy Joe. He is IT. The only one who, witj his ‘c’mon man’ common man schtick, can possibly try to appear moderate or centerist.

    IF he goes down, …and it will be unprecedented, and we see someone we haven’t seen up till now, like Hillary or Bloomberg, it will NOT be part of a grand plan; it will be shear desperation.

    There whole plan was to put 15 splitters,in, to dilute Bernie, this time around, which ironically they needn’t have bothered, as he appears out due to health.

    Still, as is traditional, they needed moonbat far leftist candidate to ‘gin up’their base.

    Then said candidate or candidates lose in rigged debates/primaries/caucuses,…and the chosen one centerist gets the nomination.

    Pulled to the left during the primaries, they then tack center during the general, hoping voters,will forget what they espoused during the primaries,..kinda a “just kidding”, and with a compliant media, sometimes they are,able to pull it off.

    Dems are LOATHE to change a plan, even when it is obviously failing.

    Time and time again, we have seen the beat dead horses, long after the flies and buzzards were swarming.

    They will continue to whistle past the graveyard, push Biden and dismiss his corruption, cause A) thats the PLAN, and they ALWAYS stick to the plan, and B) they simply HAVE no one else who can TRY to tack center.

    That ruse, like many others, has been exposed. They are,ALL moonbat conmies, and everybody KNOWS it.

    They are screwed, the Titanic has hit the Iceberg, and the Captain is ordering “full speed ahead!”

    They are stuck with Sleepy, corrupt Joe, and his drug addled Hunter, and thats the ‘best’ in fact ONLY candidate they have.

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    • chipin8511 says:

      Joe aka Plugs #China Joe is too stupid Obama had a muzzle on him for 8 years now it appears he has dementia he will never hold up against Trump.Trump can think quick on his feet Biden will make gaffes thus the Obama muzzle…My opinion

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      • Dutchman says:

        I disagree about the dementia. I DO NOT think its dementia, or any significant decline it cognition.
        Followed Joe for many years, he has ALWAYS buuen an idiot, who puts his mouth in motion, before engaging what little brain he has.

        Sufferers from hoof in mouth AND head up *ss, syndromes, making it very aquward for him to function.

        His ONLY schtick, ever was his act of being raised as middle class working family kid, able to ‘relate’ to us deplorables.

        “Plain speaking”, etc. I agree Donald will kick his ass, but he, believe it or not, is the BEST the Dems can come up with.


        • Biden is a bully — a wannabe hit man — and a mob front-man (for the organized crime ring that is the Democrat party since Obama. He is all-stupid, all-dirty, all the time (JUST like Obama/Soetoro; they both have the smooth, but transparently thin, exterior)


          • Dutchman says:

            He’s a FAKER, all bullies are. He’s been a fake, his whole political career.

            And, he’s all the Democrat party has. Its like in movies, when a character runs out of bullets in their pistol, so they throw it at their opponent.

            Sad, funny, pathetic, if it weren’t so damn serious.


    • vfm#7634 says:

      Makes sense. Although if Biden falls, I think they’ll try Fauxcahontas as backup, rather than trying to go with Hillary again.


      • Dutchman says:

        Their screwed. Over and over again, we have seen, clearly displayed, their ignorance of basic military maxims;
        No war plan survives first contact with the enemy, therefore always, Always ALWAYS have a plan ‘B”.

        They NEVER do.

        KNOW your enemy, and NEVER underestimate your enemy. They NEVER do, hence they ALWAYS do.

        Because they are Conmunists, they operate by committee, and develop their plan by concensus.

        As a result, they are loathe to change a plan, once agreed upon.

        They CAN’T go with Fauxahontas, she is like Bernie in 2016. She is supposed to gin up the base, and then loose to Biden in the rigged primary process.

        Their screwed, and they did it to themselves.


  7. spoogels says:

    Clinton WhistleBlower: FEDS Investigating Adam Schiff’s Disturbing Behavior at Ed Buck’s Meth & Sex House

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  8. spoogels says:



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  9. Jaye says:

    Who will look for any possible Hunter Biden connection and the recent heavy investment of CalPers in China, along with CalPers hiring a former Chinese national as their new Chief Investment Officer. CalPers – California public employee pension fund – is the largest sovereign wealth fund in the world.

    Is this the business Hunter Biden was steering to China since the state of California is run as an arm of the Democrat Party?

    CalPers is one more extremely over-promised and under-funded public employee pension fund – they are desperate to gain better returns or risk future collapse.

    (Californiaglobe has more information about the new CalPers CIO and his former connections to the government of the Peoples Republic of China)

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  10. Jaye says:

    For more info about the Chinese connection to CalPers: CalPers which turns its nose up at gun manufacturers in the US is now heavily invested in Chinese military support.

    …..”A troubling article published in Epoch Times in July 2019 exposed allegedly deep ties between the Chinese regime and the Chief Investment Officer at CalPERS, Yu Ben Meng. The article states that Meng’s position as deputy CIO at China’s State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE), which he occupied from 2015-2018, “have provoked controversy about the operations of the largest public retirement fund in the United States.”……

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  11. Merkin Muffley says:

    Beware of the candidate who responds to talk of his own malfeasance with threats. The Clintons were the masters of this.

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  12. cdnintx says:

    Is there an official cut off date for candidates to announce they are entering the Presidential race?


    • skaebne says:

      Not by statute. The problem is getting on the ballots — there definitely is a cutoff date for getting on the election ballots, which varies by State.
      A candidate can announce at any time with votes cast by write-in. Voters can even vote for unannounced candidates by write-in — Donald Duck, Alfred E Newman, etc.


      • depends on the state where you live. Where I live, you have to have submitted all your paperwork to be on the ballot by the preceding December 31st. And there are no write ins allowed , unless registered with the state that vote does not count.


      • fightthepols says:

        Don’t worry, they’ll make it work for Hillary if necessary. The Dems are capable of accomplishing many things Republicans cannot.


      • daylight58 says:

        You forgot Pat Paulsen 🙂
        He is deceased, but I don’t know that being alive is an impediment to getting the Democratic Party vote.
        It doesn’t seem to stop their voters.


  13. Lulu says:

    Close to 100 percent of the media are enemies to the American people and the Republic.

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  14. davecatbone says:

    “I voted for Trump, but…”

    Sure fire tell. They NEVER give up. But either do we.


  15. This, to me, is “the old way of American (and international) politics – soundly rejected by over 60 million people in 2016 and since then by many other voters throughout the world.

    Of course, the “big-bucks old white guys” who think that they actually run the show don’t care about “those meddling voters” anyway. They find absolutely nothing uninteresting about the fact that Joe Biden boasted of the high crime of extortion on national television, while at the same time making it clear that he had the full knowledge, support, and assent of Barak Obama. No, this is “situation normal” … to them. Or rather, “it used to be.”

    The Democrats lost most of their power in 2016, and will crushingly lose the rest in 2020 if not sooner, because they’ve been listening to the wrong people. They’re trying to restore the US Government (and others) into venues for international racketeering … the world that they know and are entirely accustomed to and consider to be their birthright.


  16. QuietDanTN says:

    Michelle Obama, despite all the denials.


  17. jeans2nd says:

    Democrat politicians are inherently stupid, run by others far wiser and smarter than they.
    All believe their voters are stupid, are the majority of the country, and endlessly malleable (not true in my experience).

    Should Biden fail, which i am not convinced will happen, the obvious choice is, again, more Pelosi, someone who Pelosi and Pelosi’s Mafia could easily control, and believe their voters will back 100%.

    Pelosi’s nephew, California Guvner Gavin Newsome
    Throw in a token whatsits for VP and there is the ticket


  18. Elle says:

    Sundance is spot on! And do you know how you can be sure? Go re-watch that video with George Stephanopoulos and Rudy and it becomes 100% clear that the fall of Biden is a sanctioned event.

    Watch how LONG Stephanopolous lets Rudy talk. He’s giving Rudy a PLATFORM to describe, in great detail, how dirty Biden is. And if you still have any doubts, then understand that the story first came out in Politico. I haven’t bothered to see how that date relates to other events. And perhaps (or perhaps not) significant, the footage of Biden bragging about getting the prosecutor fired came from someplace where he felt safe. This is a pure team Clinton operation. And it probably doesn’t hurt Clinton to push greedy Biden out of the international chow line. Every dollar to his crime family reduces the amount available for hers.

    And furthermore…….just this weekend… several far left Clinton lapdogs…er… “reporters” like Taibbi are stroking their chins and writing gazillion word pieces about how high and mighty they are to actually consider that perhaps they should, you know, get a clue that Biden is 100% corrupt.

    It’s a freaking brilliant move! It’s a two-fer. It throws Biden out with the trash and it makes them all look NOT CORRUPT and serious as they cluck-cluck that Biden is corrupt. Oh sure, you and I get that the Clinton Foundation will just fill Biden’s void. But don’t expect to hear that on Stephanopolous’ show.

    So the question becomes: Is Hillary going to be the candidate. Hard to know. Gabbard could play the same role that Palin did for McCain and make Clinton palatable to voters. Everyone says the socialist brats will stay home if Clinton wins, but that’s a unicorn-rainbow dream. The little socialist brats aren’t good at turning up at the polls anyway. They will just harvest their ballots and if needed cast their votes for them. Isn’t vote by mail great?

    We do know Clinton wants to run. She is still powerful and globally well connected. I don’t think SHE would allow someone like Gabbard to get in her way. Clinton is someone the Globalists would be happy to see regain power. But on the other hand, it does look like they groomed Gabbard beginning way back when. Pictures of her surfing in that NYT piece and she’s going to get that 50 million dollar donation….I mean…settlement from Google, since Google helped keep her from peaking too soon … I mean …suppressed her fakebook adverts.

    We shall see. But I will eat my hat if it is Warren. I just don’t see that happening.


  19. Gary Lacey says:

    The first inkling I had that there was something fishy about DC was when Seth Rich was murdered, that burst some storm gates, Pizza gate, it raised the question….how many congressmen were linked to evil and the answer….most Democrats….note that story was shut down in a hurry.

    Do not answer with out using a false ID and TOR. Where is the Satan Church in DC? Who in the democrat party is assossciated(beisde the podestas’), Hilliary and Bill, Obama’s?


  20. HellInAHandbasket says:

    Maybe Mittens will jump over to the Demo☭rat side and give it a go. . .?


  21. Screaming Eagle says:

    This whole Botched-Biden stick-up of the Ukraine and China has really got the Gimmydat circus leaders worried. They know behind the scenes that the guy is a moron, always has been a moron. and has left a trail of liability that even Ace Ventura could roll up and close in a New Jersey minute. He is a liability, always has been. Like Fredo Corleone, he does really dumb things, is sloppy, and his tag along son only compounds the grief that makes them vulnerable. Gimmydats are likely arranging a fishing outing for Dumb & Dumber.


  22. G says:

    The FISA abuse also gives them ways to blackmail and leverage whoever can’t be bought. Intelligence and fbi are the teeth to the blackmail threats. Helps also explain the never trumps who have exposure via FISA abuse. All ties together


  23. appraisher says:

    “[…] The DNC party apparatus (donors and influence agents) will select the candidate. Then they will construct the road-map to the nomination using blockers, controlled opposition, dark horse candidates and splitters to carefully guide that chosen candidate to victory.”

    The same can be said of McConnell, who controls the RNC…and we’ve seen it in action many times. 2016 was the outlier, when everyday Americans decided to give McConnell and his group of globalists the middle finger and pick their own candidate for a change. Which also explains why Mitch, et al refuse to throw total support behind Trump. They hate Trump (and we Deplorables that voted for him) as much as the left.


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