President Trump MASSIVE MAGA Rally – Minneapolis, Minnesota – 8:00pm ET Livestream…

This rally could be the most epic rally so far this year.  The far-left Mayor of Minneapolis has done everything possible to block President Trump from rallying his supporters in Minnesota.  However, President Trump is undeterred, resolute, and there are tens of thousands of supporters ‘standing‘ to support the peoples’ president.

President Donald Trump will be holding the Keep America Great Rally at the Target Center.  The president is expected to speak at 7:00pm CDT / 8:00pm EDT:

Video Added:

RSBN Livestream LinkGST Livestream LinkGlobal Times Livestream Link




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713 Responses to President Trump MASSIVE MAGA Rally – Minneapolis, Minnesota – 8:00pm ET Livestream…

  1. Trump Train says:

    Man on fire. This has to have been his best rally ever.

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  2. blognificentbee says:

    Arena SILENT as POTUS tells us about “greeting the dead.”

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  3. mot2grls says:

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  4. Chip Doctor says:

    Wow! What a great and moving tribute to our military. Thank you President Trump.

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  5. blognificentbee says:

    Get your Where’s Hunter t-shirt! Parscale never misses a beat.

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  6. mauiis says:

    Lyndsey ain’t a happy camper tonight, among others.

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  7. burnett044 says:

    love and support this man while we have him for one like him may never come again as President.

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  8. tuskyou says:

    This is hard to listen to…… I can’t imagine what it’s like for POTUS and families. Anybody who thinks Trump doesn’t care or lacks feelings is an effin idiot. IIRC Obama sent form letters to families not individualized letters. Cold forms letters. WTF

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  9. Avi says:

    wow, Trump showed his warm side.
    to bad the MSM won’t show it.

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  10. flatlandgoober says:

    I have no adequate words for how much I love this President.

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  11. Rhoda R says:

    I used to work in AF Procurement before I retired. My contacts tell me that Obama wasn’t replacing the expended armaments at anything like replacement rates. Obama sounds like he was even harder on the military readiness than Carter – and I was in Army maintenance during the Carter Administration.

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      He was setting us up to be overrun. He even allowed the U. N. to come in. He was stuffing the country with muslims.

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      • Judith says:

        I remember Obama talked about bringing in EU forces to “train” our police. It was right about the time our police received “excess” military equipment and armored vehicles. Maybe Obama was preparing for a Deplorable revolution? Welp he sure got one! Lol

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        • spoogels says:

          Bringing in EU forces to train AMERICAN soldiers?
          THE greatest soldiers on earth!
          What was his agenda?
          Those wusses couldnt save their own countries in WW1 and WW2

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    • Maquis says:

      Sequestration was a treasonous farce, perpetrated by the Uniparty.

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    • spoogels says:

      What happened to all that ammo Obama bought?

      Does anyone remember how his admin bought up just about all the ammo?

      Did he ship it off to China/Russia?Ukraine etc

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    • willthesuevi says:

      Unfortunately our armed forces are still dealing with this. My Son tells me the USAF maintenance people have to routinely raid the bone yards to keep planes flying.

      It is getting better slowly but President Obama screwed our military as bad or worse than President Carter. As you know, ramping back up takes more time than depleting our stock.

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  12. The Tundra PA says:

    Never seen him slap the side of the podium for emphasis as he has done several times tonight. He is FED UP with the liberal BS.

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  13. Rhoda R says:

    Now it sounds like he’s beginning the wrap-up.


  14. Raffaella says:

    Hahaha….. so true. President finished Biden tonight.

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  15. Ono says:

    Politicians who apologize…

    Trump. 2020

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  16. margarite1 says:

    I don’t know of any politician EVER who could compete with this. INCREDIBLE!

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  17. PRESTO: Brad Parscale’s already got “Where’s Hunter” shirts for sale!

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      That Brad Parscale is something else. LOL

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    • MfM says:

      And knockoffs quickly to follow.

      Yup, Trump wouldn’t get a small amount from them and they likely won’t be made in the USA, but they will be available and cheapish. Trump has never, to my knowledge, ever commented negatively to all the fake MAGA stuff. He’s not stupid. He gets the benefit of his slogan out there, without the work. No overseeing manufacturing, overseeing selling or inventory at a small margins. Pretty brilliant!


  18. Motzilla says:

    What an epic rally. President Trump was killin’ it tonight!

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  19. Chip Doctor says:

    Heavenly Father,
    Thank you for giving us President Donald Trump. We are grateful. We pray for his protection. Grant him wisdom and strength. Amen

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  20. Reserved55 says:

    Four more

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  21. tuskyou says:


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  22. ParteaGirl says:

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  23. Patience says:

    Excellent, Excellent, Excellent ! ! !

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  24. The Tundra PA says:

    Wow! 105 minutes of AWESOME!! Yowza. And finished just as strong as he started. Our LION. He is truly incredible, and we are so blessed to have him.

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  25. sickconservative says:

    Really this was absolutely awesome!

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  26. Lion2017 says:

    We love you President Trump!!

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  27. woohoowee says:

    Another barn burner:) WINNING!

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  28. Sherri Young says:

    My president ROCKS!!!!!

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  29. Louisiana Tea Rose says:

    It is surreal watching and listening to this amazing man.

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  30. Zachary Navarre says:

    What a fantastic rally.
    I listened to all of it and watched a good portion.

    These crowds never cease to blow my mind.

    Americans are smarter than all the doom and gloom people on the boards here give them credit for.

    Bring on 2020!

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  31. Kleen says:

    Obama’s anarchists are out in force attacking the police outside the arena
    Waiting for Trump’s supporters to come out of the arena

    Things could get ugly!

    Pray for our people

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  32. That was pretty epic.

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  33. patti says:

    Scumbags outside the arena.
    Burning MAGA hats, etc.
    Throwing objects at police….
    Crowd needs to exit and get to their cars.
    Objects being thrown at Mounted Police


  34. Patience says:

    Well of course the nuts are outside.
    >Fools protesting WHAT?????

    Wonder how the President gets out? The roof????

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    • margarite1 says:

      I heard Sebastian Gorka on Levin tonight and he told a story about an event that prompted him to write his new book.

      He was at his daughter’s graduation (she got multiple honors) and a girl of maybe 19 came up to him and asked him if he was Sebastian Gorka and had he worked in the WH. He said yes. Then she said to him that he was an effing nazi…etc – right in front of a bunch of people. Later he found her with relatives and told her that his relatives had been victims of Nazis and communists.

      The problem is the schools – they create these idiots. Plus they make it sound like it’s cool to hate Trump – some people see it as a social status.

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  35. mot2grls says:

    Let’s pray that this crowd gets out and home safely. I was at the Albuquerque rally that turned into a riot afterwards. The police did a great job of separating the rally goers. Let’s hope the media doesn’t encourage this.

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  36. Troublemaker10 says:

    Those aren’t protesters….

    That’s Antifa.

    I hope the police can keep them away from the rally attendees as they exist they need to keep the protesters a mile away in the future .

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  37. Kleen says:

    Soros money is being put to use. Riot outside the arena.
    Attacking police

    Rally is over now and out people are about to walk out of the arena into these thousands of violent Democrats.

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  38. tuskyou says:

    Fox showing the crowd outside the arena. Police horses wearing eye shields. Stupid protesters rushed the arena in the wrong direction so they’re a little further away according to the reporter. We’ll see….

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  39. blognificentbee says:

    I can’t believe our luck, we get an encore tomorrow night!

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  40. Kleen says:

    This is not America!

    Democrats are dangerous! Terrorists.

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  41. joeknuckles says:

    Protesters are throwing bottles at police horses. What are heinous acts being accepted as normal now?

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  42. ezgoer says:

    Going to need federal troops at rallies in blue states to protect attendees. Local politicians refuse to have enough police protection and in some locals even order police to stand aside so the violent agitators can attack. Stark difference between the quality of attendees and those haters outside.

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  43. delighteddeplorable says:

    Recognizing Tom Cotton is interesting. Perhaps a strategy in play to get more Repubs into the Trump Tent. Perfect timing what with everything else that’s happening. The smart ones will back a winner and it’s about damn time.

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    • Debra says:

      We were watching on C-SPAN. There was a shot of Cotten and his wife EXITING the event at some point after he had been visibly introduced! That VSGPDJT verbally MENTIONED him another two/three (?) times after ostensibly leaving IS interesting, and something that immediately raised my eyebrows . . .

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  44. blognificentbee says:

    Antifa rioters, with their faces obscured, should be arrested.

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  45. mot2grls says:

    Look at the contrast between the America loving patriots inside the arena and these unwashed thugs outside. This is a liberal city in action here.

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  46. neev1031 says:

    Polls are getting it all wrong once again. The crowd knows – he speaks to each and everyone. Dems are nuts to think they can compete. Can anyone question the Syria decision after this? A leader who does not hurt for every soldier who dies in the line of duty does not deserve to be C-in-C. God bless PDJT!!

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  47. burnett044 says:

    and outside the rally…antifa….


  48. hoghead says:

    It’s really amazing when you consider that this man is what, 73 years old? We all have noticed how previous presidents visibly age through their terms, but this guy is actually looking younger. I’ll bet the young bucks in his security detail have all they can do to keep up with him through the day.

    Donald Trump is thriving as President and loving every minute of it. (Can you imagine how much more he could do with the job if his communist opposition wasn’t there 24/7.)

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  49. Patience says:

    Every Democrat running for president, and every elected Democrat
    MUST be asked by the media:
    “Do you DENOUNSE the hostile protestors?”

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  50. tuskyou says:

    Looks like a lot of the patriots exited thru the skywalk back to their cars. Protesters/antifa gonna be disappointed there wasn’t a confrontation.

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    • DJ says:

      Yes, as I posted above, the attendees who used one of the three parking garages can get back to their vehicles via the skyways. Those three garages can contain vehicles for pretty much all of the attendees. However some folks who parked on surface lots nearby are the ones that you’re seeing walking among the protestors.

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    • ann says:

      They are there for the cameras, hoping to elicit images of “Repression, their imaginary Neo Nazi’s & Brutish Police” for mass media to be played on endless tape loops ,

      It’s upsetting, feel sorry for those poor police officers and their horses. What a hellish milieu they operate in.
      No wonder my LE friends were so adamantly opposed to my participating in standing up to the Resist mobs which ran rampant in 2017 with the blessing of our state & local politicians 2017.

      We have come so far in three years. 🇺🇸🦅

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      • tuskyou says:

        When I see these scenes it takes me back to the Chicago rally. Mounted police on one side and protesters spitting on my car on the other side. Trapped in the parking garage for hours. I could go on and on…… Thugs looking forward to a confrontation and if they don’t get it that negative energy gets unleashed later on some poor unsuspecting person who has nothing to do with the rally. And you’re right about the optics. Always for optics and propping up the narrative.

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        • ann says:

          Very scary.
          When Hillary, Lynch & The DNC incited paranoid delusions and xenophobia , late 2016- 2017 Resist mobs rampaged every weekend, holiday all over my city.
          People were shot,

          They declared a de facto civil war on fellow Americans who do not conform,

          To cowe the public, quash objective rational discourse & consolidate their control of our political, federal justice & Judicial system. .

          I wish spreading false information, agit prop and campaigns of psy warfare were prosecuted as criminal acts.

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        • ann says:

          Being caught in a mob have been, a bit tense. Evil has a distinct aura, one can sense it.
          Temporarily physically disabled, but i so long to attend pro trump walks . Am with you in spirit.

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